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First Recital

These adorable costumes were designed to have your tiniest dancers sparkle in their first recital. Find more First Recital costumes in our TWO in ONE section.

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Two In One

For your smalls to your teens and covering all genres of dance, every style in this section provides multiple costumes for the price of one.

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Tap Jazz

Your dancers are sure to shine in this collection of tap and jazz costumes featuring the perfect fusion of fashion and performance. Find even more tap and jazz costumes in our TWO in ONE section.

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From traditional favorites to unexpected characters, our Novelty section will inspire your unique recital themes.

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Exquisite tutus with delicate details and classic designs, our Ballet costume section has styles and sizes to fit your beginners to your competitive ballerinas. Find more Ballet costumes in our TWO in ONE section.

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Styles that will capture your dancers' movement, enhancing their ability to tell a story. For recitals and competitions, our Lyrical costume collection offers intricate lace, various skirt lengths, and beautiful appliqué details. Find additional Lyrical costumes in our TWO in ONE section.

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Hip Hop

Inspired by athletic and metallic fashion trends, our Hip Hop costume collection offers a wide range of styles from street fashion to chic runway inspired costumes and separates.

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Boys To Men

Outfit your boys and men in our colorful separates or compliment any dancer's look with a coordinating boy's style.

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Complete any costume or enhance your style using our wide assortment of separates and accessories.

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From Sugarplums to Snowflakes, we offer a wide range of Holiday inspired dance costumes. Your dancers are sure to light up the stage this winter season.

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Available Now

Style availability changes daily. Contact customer service for details.

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Create a memorable performance using our vibrant, age-appropriate and on trend costumes for your next competition. Find more Competition costumes in our TWO in ONE section.

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Costume Cross Over

Showcase a traditional style in an unconventional way! Our crossover section will inspire you to infuse costumes into a different dance genre, creating a dazzling new look.

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5 Star Value

Exceptional style at a competitive price that meets any performance budget.

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Hundreds of available styles in multiple sizes for customers who need costumes fast and on a budget. Shop our Clearance section for a wide range of styles from past seasons. Act quickly on your favorites - no encores. ALL SALES FINAL.

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Features of cutting and tailoring dance costumes | All articles | Planet of Talents

In this article - what you need to pay attention to when ordering a suit, as well as what will help you evaluate the quality of the finished product.

If you order a regular suit or dress from an atelier or a professional seamstress, you just need to show a photo with the selected style. In all other respects, you trust a professional and forget about the order until it is ready. With dance costumes, this number will not work.

It is important to understand that if the master sews casual and festive clothes perfectly, this does not mean at all that he will cope with tailoring a costume for a performance, where they use a special cut, seams, fabrics and accessories. Therefore, choosing a good dance costume specialist is a primary task, but not the only one: even the most experienced seamstress still cannot do without your active participation. The success of the costume largely depends on the customer, since only he has a complete idea of ​​​​how the costume should look during the performance, what movements will be performed in it, from what angle they will look at it, and much, much more.

In this article, what you need to pay attention to when ordering a suit, as well as what will help you evaluate the quality of the finished product. The article is most relevant for those who are engaged in modern and pop choreography, gymnastics. For expert opinion, we turned to Sofya Filina - a circus artist and an experienced master in tailoring complex circus transformation costumes, as well as to Varvara Demenko , artistic director of the children's theater of modern choreography "Academy of Dance" in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk, which has great experience in ordering choreographic costumes and sews a little herself.

Fabric and stitch selection:

When ordering, of course, you do not need to understand the names of fabrics or their composition, by and large, you need to determine for yourself only one thing: does the fabric stretch or not. If the suit should sit "on the figure" - it is worth giving preference to stretchy fabrics. This will make life easier for the master, since you can use a simplified cut and the suit will still “sit down”. The only thing you need to pay attention to when sewing from stretch fabrics is the seams. If you see an ordinary even “line” on an elastic fabric, the product must be returned: when tensioned, such a seam will “burst”. The fabric stretches - the seam should also stretch, therefore, on machines, a zigzag seam or a special stretch seam is used, or seams are made on an overlock (such a seam looks like two parallel even lines on the front side and a patterned wide multi-thread seam on the wrong side).

Expert comments

VD: Naturally, the most optimal fabric option in modern children's choreography is stretch. The most popular supplex, and matte. More than once at competitions I hear from the jury that glossy, acidic or too colorful fabrics look cheap and tasteless (in modern dance, this does not apply to show numbers or pop choreography, for example).

It is dangerous to work with the grid if

it does not have a stretch base, since the fabric is very delicate and often breaks from tension. We in the team had a sad experience when, when moving, the mesh was instantly torn along the seam, because of which it had to be duplicated, and more than once. (Duplicate - use an iron to glue an additional layer of fabric - dublerin - from the wrong side to increase the strength of the main fabric or seams - author's note)

You also need to pay attention to the combination of several colors in one suit, since they can be stained when washed. And if contrasting colors were used, such as white and red, then the white part of the suit may become pink.

S.F. .: Unlike dance costumes, shiny fabrics are welcome in gymnastic costumes if they match the idea. Even sequined fabric on a knitted basis is possible. In gymnastics, fabric painting is now widespread, when patterns and overflows are made on a monochromatic basis with acrylic paints on fabric. Another sewing move when creating gymnastic costumes is appliqués. But when using them, it is important that the fabrics have the same extensibility as the base. The finished product should not lose elasticity, so all elements are sewn in a zigzag.

Cut features:

The main difference between a well-tailored dance costume and casual wear is that it is not

hinders movement. When tilting, raising arms and legs, the fabric does not pull anywhere, does not wrinkle, does not rise or protrude. If the fabric itself does not solve these problems due to elasticity, additional

are added when cutting

details - gussets (see figure 1). In the case when the gussets visually spoil the suit, sometimes the bottom of the armhole is left unsewn, which is also

gives freedom of movement.

It happens that you need to add elasticity on the back, so that when bending, twisting, nothing pulls. Then a special slot is made in the middle of the back (see Figure 2) - this is a fold on the fabric or a cut, which, thanks to a special “patch”, looks invisible.

Expert comments:

С.Ф.: I try not to make suits with sleeves for myself, there is an interesting alternative - long gloves. If the order is for a suit with sleeves, then I do not insert gussets, the elasticity of the fabric is usually enough. But the pattern itself in the armhole should be made as accurately as possible so that the fabric does not stretch at a distance from the armpit, but also does not tighten the shoulder. When sewing overalls, you should not choose styles with a front seam: it does not allow you to sag in the back and unaesthetically divides the bikini area in half.

VD: Since a professional fashion center sews costumes for my team, at first I encountered the fact that they fit the costume perfectly to the body ... And after six months it becomes small for the child! Therefore, now we definitely make a margin on the leg and sleeve, we do not strive for a perfectly fitting option, since children often have to wear someone else's costume (when one child replaces the missing one), and the figures of all children are different.

Fittings, fasteners, decorative elements

Where to place the clasp? Ideally, nowhere. If you cannot do without a fastener, you need to choose a place where it will not interfere. Perform a somersault - discuss with the master that you can not place the clasp on the neck or back, there are supports - the clasp on the side seam is also unacceptable, etc. The same applies to decorative elements - rhinestones, sequins, beads, etc. The main thing is to select high-quality accessories that will withstand repeated increased loads on the product.

Expert comments:

E.D.: If you have to make fasteners, then buttons, buttons, and hooks are suitable. It is desirable to alternate the hooks by the sides (so that not all the hooks are on one side, but the "hooks" on the other, otherwise there is a risk of unfastening). We use zippers in the most exceptional cases: secret zippers break very often, and if the children are small, they pull the lock, holes remain. Tractor zipper is more durable, but it is rather rough in appearance and uncomfortable to the body.

If we talk about rhinestones - definitely sewn on! Glue then on the stage will have to be collected.

S.F.: For me, the most comfortable type of closure is the “drop” on the button on the back. In gymnastic suits, a huge number of rhinestones (up to a thousand) are used. It is clear that such a volume cannot be sewn by hand, so adhesive ones are used. I use hot fix rhinestones: if the quality is good, then they hold tight and do not fall off even after machine washing. Also, the usual sequin braid is used to finish the costumes, but it does not stretch, and in order to maintain the elasticity of the costume, it is necessary to sew it not in a straight line, but in a zigzag or wave-like manner.

To summarize:

Your task as a customer is to give the master the most complete information about how the suit should look and what properties it should have. To do this, it is necessary to present the performance in all details - take into account all movements, movements, hairstyle, lighting, interaction with props, scenery, etc. You also need to remember about safety, convenience and choose high-quality fabrics and accessories so that the suit can withstand all the tests and not let you down at the most crucial moment.

We wish you beautiful and successful performances!

Adelya Rakhmatulina

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Costume for ballroom dancing Dance&Sport N089-2 38\128\134 oil Black with pink

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