How to do sex dance

How To Dance Sexy: An Easy 5-Step Guide

No matter your age or general dance skills, attempting to dance sexy for the first time can make you feel incredibly awkward.

It's normal to feel a sense of shame when even thinking about dancing sexy, let alone doing it!

In order to break that mindset and start dancing sexy, you HAVE to build your confidence step-by-step.

Check out our guide below and learn how to let your inner goddess out.

1. Get In The Mood

If you want to dance sexy, you have to be in the moment.

You’re just not gonna look sexy if you’re thinking about your grocery list while you dance.

Before you get on your feet to start dancing, prep yourself by getting in your sexiest mindset by practicing some self-care!

Put on your best smokey eye, slip into that dress that makes you feel like a femme fatale, and take yourself out on a date for the night.

Jadalyn Estrada, a dancer who’s challenging herself with sexy dance classes on STEEZY, even adjusts the look of her bedroom to help set the mood.

“If you feel awkward, it’s okay,” Jadalyn says, “dim the lights, light that favorite candle of yours… whatever makes you feel comfortable!”

You see, love is more than a feeling. It’s a practice.

So show yourself some love before you start dancing – once you get moving, you’ll already feel amazing.

2. Pick Your Persona

The sexiest dancers channel a unique personality that draws you into their performance.

But if you met those dancers in person, you might find that their real life personality is totally different!

Playing a character can help you lose yourself in the moment and avoid getting too hung up on the moves.

To pick a persona, watch plenty of sexy dance videos and see what attracts you most!

Watch this video from Aliya Janell.

Pretty fierce right? She uses hard-hitting movements, high-energy songs, and more serious facial expressions to come off like a powerful lioness.

Now compare Aliya's video to this one from KAYDAY.

Here, the dancers used fluid movements, a slower song, and more expressive facials (they mouth the lyrics, make eye contact, and even smirk) to create a more sensual feel.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do it. Just decide what you think looks sexy to you, and then try stepping into that character.

If your persona is playful, you might wink, use bouncier movements, and play with your hair while you dance.

If you’re more drawn to a fierce persona, practice your best “bad b*tch” face in the mirror.

As you get familiar with your sexy persona, you’ll find yourself focusing less on your insecurities and more on having fun.

3. Master a Few Moves

Rather than trying to memorize a bunch of choreography, you wanna focus on learning a few singular moves that you can always count on.

They should be simple enough that they work with just about any sexy song, and basic enough that you can add variations to them to fit your sexy persona.

A few examples?

The Hip Roll

The Booty Dip

The Sexy Walk

Moves like these are easy to master because they don’t involve a lot of complicated footwork or difficult techniques.

If you’re looking for some basics to get started with, try taking a few classes online!

Online classes are the perfect way to learn sexy moves because you don’t have to worry about people watching you during the class – you get all of the guidance and none of the stress.

If you wanna learn the moves mentioned above (and more!), try our Sexy, Single Move Class Series on STEEZY Studio.

It’s the perfect sexy dance move starter pack for beginners.

4. Practice Your Performance

If you want to look sexy while you dance, you have to practice performing for yourself.

The sexiest dancers end up looking so good because they’re not just doing dance moves… they’re putting on a show!

First, make a playlist of your favorite songs, and find a good place to practice.

If you don’t have full length mirror already, check out this video to learn how to create your own little dance studio, right at home.

You can also use the front facing camera on your computer to watch and record yourself, or use the camera mode feature while taking a STEEZY Studio class!

Once you find a place, just turn your music up and START DANCING.

You don’t need to put together any fancy choreography. Just do what comes to you in the moment and watch yourself as you move.

You’ll start to notice that certain movements and facial expressions look as good as they feel.

And some might not work! That’s ok!

The point of watching yourself in the mirror isn’t to nail every move.

The point is to give yourself an opportunity to see yourself and realize how good you actually look!

As you watch yourself improve, your confidence levels will start growing from within.

5. Commit to Your Sexiest Self

So, you’ve spent some time dancing in the mirror and you’re falling in love with your new sexy dance skills… so what comes after love?

Commitment! Lock it down boo!

The final step to becoming a truly sexy dancer is being comfortable letting people witness you in all your glory.

For most people, this can seem like the toughest step, but think about this way:

At this point, you know you look good.

You know you feel good.

You know that you have plenty of moves under your belt that anyone would appreciate.

So take yourself out to the club with your best friends, or bring your significant other into the room to not only watch you dance, but dance with you.

And when you do… GO. FULL. OUT.

Follow through on every movement! Every hair flip! Every look!

If you feel a little awkward at any moment, remind yourself that you can just focus on playing your sexy character and keep on moving.

Dancing sexy is mostly about feeling sexy – and once you feel it, everyone else will too.

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Whether you want to learn how to dance sexy for your partner or just for yourself, you came to the right place. We’ll go through basic dance moves that will make you feel sexy and confident.

Anyone can learn how to dance sexy as long as you have fun with it and own your movements. Remember, feeling sexy is a state of mind so love every part of yourself and let your sexiness ooze out. I am so inspired by the instructors on our platform because they’re such empowering and confident women. Getting guidance from these ladies make it easier to feel sexy while dancing. When you’re trying to learn how to dance sexy, being in a safe space is key. So being able to try these sexy dance moves at home is really important so you can really let go. Bonus tip: wear something you feel super sexy in and watch your confidence go sky high! Show off your favorite sexy dance moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your post so we can give you some love!

Dancing in heels can be scary, but you can always start barefoot and work you way up. I started with thick wedges for my first time and I think it really helped me figure out my balance for heels dance. In this class, you’ll learn how to work a body roll and a short fierce routine. There’s power in them heels, babe.

A really popular form of sexy dancing is burlesque. In this class you’ll learn standing burlesque dance moves and some floor work. What I love about this class is that the moves cater to you, so you will execute the moves differently but I promise you, you’ll still look hot doing them.

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Grab your throne and dance on it! If you want a little more of a challenge, add a chair to your sexy dance routine. This class will take you through different ways to dance around and on a chair. Plus, there’s a bonus at the end where you’ll learn how to dance sexy for your partner while they sit on the chair 😏

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How to dance a striptease without looking funny

Night falls and the Showgirl dancer in you wakes up. And even before you have time to turn on your common sense, you already say the fatal: “Do you want me to dance a striptease for you?” He, of course, agrees. Let's lower the veil of pity over the end of this scene. It happens that each of us wants to feel like a stripper, perform a lap dance with her boyfriend and get a tip in panties. But how do you strip in a way that's really sexy, not funny (and everyone stays safe)? We share secrets!

Anastasia Maksimova





sex lessons


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Forget the acrobatics!

Pf, you say, it's obvious. And here it is not. You have no idea how many women have been injured by the duende. Bruises, torn ligaments, ankle injuries and even a concussion...

Let's agree: this is not a stage performance, but your goal is not to impress your boyfriend with a triple somersault, but to turn him on. First of all, it concerns stretching. Even if it seems to you that right now you will sit on the twine, this will not happen. Or it will, but it will be the last element that you completed. Yes, we know that when you went to the choreography circle in the third grade, you were the easiest to do the splits. But you're not in third grade, you're not hot and you don't want to risk your ligaments.

The same goes for any jumps (watch your head) and backbends (watch your back). In general, it is better to move more slowly and with a smaller amplitude than to go to the emergency room.

Don't do it without preparation

Any dance, even a house striptease, requires preparation and warming up. It is not necessary to think through the entire dance from the first to the last note, but you must have a concept for the dance.

What you need: the main set of movements you are going to perform and the order in which they are performed. It is better to rehearse the movements several times so that there are no surprises. At least once, you must run the dance alone in full dress, in order to foresee any accidents. So you will know, for example, that the floor is slippery here, it’s easy to stumble on the edge of the carpet, in this movement your dressing gown clings to the heel, and at this moment you need to be careful not to step on your boyfriend’s foot.

Wear clothes that are easy to take off

A common mistake beginner strippers make is wearing too many clothes. It seems to them that the longer they take it off, the more the dance will excite the partner's imagination.

And here we run into a problem. Jammed bra hooks are half the trouble, but the need, say, to pull off your jeans while slouching on the floor... Let's call it "death to the sex drive." Briefly about the wardrobe items that should be on you:

  • Bra. Ideally, if it has a front clasp, it will be easier to take it off, and it looks more intriguing. In fact, it is the bra that opens up incredible scope for imagination. As additional accessories, you can use a "harness" made of thin leather straps or stickers on the nipples.
  • Panties. It all depends on taste and physical data, but, in fact, thongs and tangas do not look as advantageous as you think, especially in some movements. Consider other options: lace shorts, briefs with a corset drawstring, or even panties with a cutout between the legs.
  • Stockings. You can supplement them with a belt - it will be more difficult to move with it, but the effect will be stunning.
  • Robe. From above you can put on a light silk dressing gown. Probably, it is not necessary to write that it is desirable that this is not the same one in which you lie on the sofa on Saturdays with a cat in one hand and a laptop in the other? And the point is not even the sexuality of a particular thing, but the fact that striptease is a surprise, a surprise, and your partner will see you in something that he has not seen before.

Let's talk about shoes separately.

Put soft heels on

On the one hand, what is a striptease without heels? They outline the foot well, tighten the calves and buttocks, but... click. And if you have linoleum in your room, then they leave depressed points.

Why do we need soft heels? First, if you do not live in a private house, then you most likely have neighbors. You know, nothing destroys romance so much as an angry aunt Valya from the third floor, who presses the bell as if she is squeezing the last drops of conscience out of you.

Secondly, when the dance is performed in a club, it's one thing, there you can hardly hear how you click, but at home the sound will be completely different.

Choose slow music

...and familiar music. You won't like it if the track suddenly stops when you haven't even untied your robe yet.

You must like this music. The ideal time is 2-3 minutes. The composition for 5 minutes will be too long, you will both get tired.

Play with your hair

Think of your hair as another of your stage props. We recommend that you pull them into a tight bun before the start of the dance, and then let your hair down. Turn your head, let him touch your curls, tickle his tips. In general, everything is in your hands. And head.

Use props, but not too much

You will need a chair to take off your stockings. Seriously, the best way to make it erotic is to put your foot on a chair, hook up the end of the stocking and pull it down.

In fact, remember the main theatrical rule: "If a gun is hanging on the stage, it will go off." No, please don't shoot anyone. The point is not to take too many props. Take one element that will complement your image.

How to dance a striptease for a loved one - tips for beginners



Reading time:

11 minutes

Greetings, dear readers! Professional striptease is an erotic, bewitching, exciting and very beautiful dance with elements of acrobatics that cannot be performed without good physical preparation and stretching. I sincerely admire dancers who can beautifully perform striptease, especially performing tricks on the pole.

How to dance a striptease at home for a loved one? Is it easy to learn, how long does it take to practice the simplest movements, what music to choose, what to wear for dancing? We will talk about everything in order today. The article will be useful not only for girls, but also for men who want to give their beloved a private dance.


The main reasons for mastering striptease

Why people dance striptease in striptease bars is absolutely clear - to earn money. At the same time, the demand for this type of dance is quite high among both men and women. If your soul mate periodically visits such establishments, then you should learn how to perform a homemade striptease and surprise her with a private dance. After such a gift, a partner is unlikely to want to visit strip bars.

If you feel that your relationship has become a little insipid, the spark of passion no longer burns with a bright flame, but quietly smolders, then this is another reason to learn how to beautifully perform stripdance. For couples who have been living together for a long time, striptease can be a breath of fresh air. An unsuspecting husband will be pleasantly surprised by such a gift from his wife.

Imagine: it is evening, the light in the room is dimmed, you and your loved one have had dinner, drank some wine. Everything is conducive to a romantic continuation. You turn on a pre-selected melody, you are already wearing beautiful lingerie, a mini dress, high heel shoes, your hair is down.

Your man is in a slight bewilderment, he is intrigued and waiting for what will happen next. And then you begin to move erotically to the beat of the music, making smooth movements with your hips, stroking your stomach and chest with your hands. Slowly take off your dress.

After you take off the last piece of clothing, you can move on to an erotic massage, and then it's not far from amazing sex. Moreover, striptease remarkably helps to start sex.

Striptease will not only help to refresh the relationship, but also to tighten the figure. Stripping exercises are very useful for the body, helping to develop its plasticity and flexibility. For half an hour of classes, about 160 kcal is burned.

It will also make you more open, liberated and help you get rid of existing complexes. Your man, admiringly watching your dance, is the best remedy for them.

So, the main reasons to learn how to perform home striptease:

  1. Relationships in a couple will become brighter, and passion will flare up with renewed vigor.
  2. Dance will help overcome complexes and dissatisfaction with your body, become more liberated and courageous.
  3. Learn to move beautifully and feel your body.
  4. Tighten your figure, get in good physical shape, develop flexibility and plasticity.

What kind of music to choose

Musical accompaniment plays an important role in striptease. A song or a melody should help the performer of an erotic dance to relax, ignite the inner fire and drive, awaken sensuality. At the same time, it is desirable that both of them like the chosen composition. It is unlikely that a partner will be able to fully enjoy the dance to a song that annoys him.

For striptease, it is enough to choose 2-3 songs that both you and your partner like. During the dance, it will be comfortable for both. The first song is needed to warm up and prepare the partner for the performance. During this time, you will explain to him the rules of the game, sit him down and slowly begin to seduce him.

The remaining songs are enough to slowly finish the dance. And if you make a playlist with 20 songs, you will get an unforgettable pleasure at the end - sex with music.

There are whole collections of music for erotic dances on the Internet. For starters, you can use them. Make yourself a playlist. In the future, when you get the taste and striptease becomes an integral part of your relationship, you can update it and add new songs.

For female striptease, it is best to choose sensual, romantic songs, but they should not be too slow, so as not to inspire boredom. You can, for example, refer to the musical compositions of pop divas of the 60s. They are quite sensual and rhythmic.

I suggest you pay attention to the following compositions for women's lap dance:

  • Joe Cocker “You can leave your hat on”;
  • Sam Brown “Stop”;
  • Madonna “Justify My Love”;
  • Gwen Stefani “Luxurious”;
  • Kylie Minogue “Chocolate”;
  • Justin Timberlake “What Goes Around…Comes Around”;
  • Nene Cherry “Woman”.

Since the male striptease is more dynamic and groovy, the music should be rhythmic. Here are examples of the most suitable songs:

  • Tom Jones "Sex bomb";
  • Hot Chocolate “You sexy things”;
  • Elvis Presley "Fever";
  • Right Said Fred “I`m too sexy”;
  • Michael Jackson “In the closet”;
  • Justin Timberlake “Sexy back”.

By the way, according to Michael Jackson's music video for the song “In the closet”, men can learn how to erotically move their hips, effectively run their fingers through their hair and run their hands alluringly over their bodies.

And in the film "9 and a half weeks" the heroine Kim Basinger performed a sensual dance to the song "You can leave your hat on" by Joe Cocker. See how she moved erotically, and try to repeat.

Learning simple moves

Let's start with men, because in men's striptease the arsenal of movements is not as diverse as in women's. The most important rule is that if a man has never danced before, then it is better to simply, figuratively speaking, walk to the music.

Erotically shake your hips, make movements similar to imitation of sex, while rhythmically pulling off your shirt, tie, taking off your trousers and tearing off your underwear. At these moments, look the girl in the eyes - it is exciting.

Another option is to watch recordings of erotic male shows, learn the moves of professional strippers and try to repeat them.

There are now many different dance schools open for girls, where they also teach stripping. Choreographers take into account the level of preparation of the beginner. So if you have never done any kind of dance, you can still master the basic movements in a couple of weeks. The main thing is not to forget about physical training and regular practice.

If you do not yet have the opportunity or desire to attend strip dancing lessons, then I suggest you learn and practice a few simple and effective movements using a chair. Make smooth transitions between movements and then rehearse the dance in its entirety. By the way, do not forget to check the stability of the chair so that it is easy for you to maintain balance while dancing.

  • Kneel on the seat of a chair. From this position, lower your straight arms to the floor and twist your hips. From this position, you can bend and unbend your legs. It will look very flirtatious.

  • Sit in a chair so that your man can see you from the side. Place your hands on the floor and lift your straight legs up. Alternately bend and unbend your legs. Girls with a good stretch can pull one leg towards themselves, and take the other away so that they get a split. The movement will turn out to be very erotic if performed slowly. Do not sit on the edge of a chair - it can stagger and fall.

  • Sit on a chair facing the man. Spread your bent legs apart as wide as possible. With fast music, this movement can be performed sharply, with slow music - smoothly, moving each leg in turn. You can swing from side to side. Then rest your palms on your knees and make several circular movements with your body, sliding your palms over your body. This will make it look more sensual. By the way, this movement looks no less impressive if you perform it with your back to a man.

  • Sit on the edge of a chair with one leg out to the side. The leg should be straight. Bend over to that leg and run your hand or the accessory you're dancing with over it.

On the net you can find stripping video lessons for beginners from professional teachers. I liked a short video in which the choreographer shows a simple but effective dance sequence. I recommend watching it.

Later, when you master these simple movements and the transitions between them, you can safely improvise while performing a lap dance. And do not strive to fill the dance with complex acrobatic elements. The most important thing in home striptease is ease of execution, grace, seductive look and sexual energy.

And in order to look sexy, you have to think over your image in advance and work out the image.

Choosing an image

Despite the fact that during a striptease clothes are removed or torn off rather quickly, its choice should be approached seriously. Choose clothes depending on the chosen image.

For male striptease, you can choose one of the looks:

  1. Classic. A business suit will do here, and if not, then just a shirt with a tie and trousers.
  2. Comedy. This image is suitable for cheerful men with a good sense of humor, whose ladies are also not deprived of it. You can use wigs, huge glasses.
  3. Role playing. Many women are in awe of men in uniform. Therefore, you can choose the image of a policeman, a fireman. True, you will have to spend time looking for a form.

Whatever image a man chooses, the most important thing in striptease is underwear. The ideal option is, of course, thongs. But if a man has a beer belly or he is simply not ready to put on a thong for his lady, then you should give preference to ordinary men's swimming trunks or boxer shorts.

For women, the classic version of sexy lingerie is lace thong and bra. To keep the intrigue, the linen should be hidden under the clothes, which will be easily and erotically thrown to the floor. It can be:

  • a ready-made outfit from a sex shop;
  • light short dressing gown;
  • shirt and miniskirt;
  • mini dress.

Do not wear clothes that can be removed over the head or have many fasteners. The process of undressing will take a long time and will not look erotic.

One of the important elements of the image is shoes. Striptease dancing in shoes with heels or platform. It is not necessary to choose heels with a height of 20 cm. Ordinary classic shoes with heels of the usual height will do. And for the image of a femme fatale, you can wear high boots.

Various accessories, such as elbow-length gloves, a half-mask or dark-rimmed glasses, look very erotic on a striptease girl.

Stockings will give an additional sexuality to the image. But it is problematic to remove them quickly and beautifully during the dance. But you can stay in stockings at the end of a private show. Your man is sure to turn it on.

There are 2 more important elements of the image left:

  1. Hair. Do not make complex hairstyles and abuse fixing varnishes or styling gels. Loose and slightly wavy curls look best. Alternatively, you can make a tail, which during the dance will be dissolved with a spectacular movement of the hand.
  2. Make-up. Men love with their eyes. And during the dance, they not only carefully look at the half-naked female body, but also pay a lot of attention to the face of their partner. The look of a woman should be alluring, seductive, lips slightly parted. The right makeup will help make the image even sexier. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Emphasis should be placed either on the eyes or on the lips. Do not combine smokey ice and red lipstick. Pick one.

Creating the environment

The surrounding space and conditions for private dancing help to create an appropriate erotic mood. Conditions to pay special attention to:

  1. Lighting. The light must be dimmed. The light source, located behind the striptease performer, makes the girl more slender and mysterious. Red lighting is ideal for erotic dance. It can be a lamp or candles. The more candles, the better.
  2. Aroma oils. Properly selected aroma oils can create a relaxing and exciting atmosphere in the room. The main thing is that their smell does not irritate your soul mate. I recommend using ylang-ylang, jasmine or patchouli oils.
  3. Space. There should be enough free space in the room to perform the dance. Remove everything that can get in the way and that you can hit during the strip dance.

Advice from professionals

In a business like striptease, you should listen to the advice of professionals so that the private dance turns out to be really sensual and erotic, and does not look like a funny parody. Especially if it is performed for the first time.


  1. Spend at least a week rehearsing the dance.
  2. Dance in front of a mirror to see how your movements look from the outside. The main thing is to learn how to move your hips smoothly.
  3. Don't forget your hands. They should be part of the dance. It is best to lightly stroke your stomach or chest with your hands.
  4. Use furniture items to dance with. The most popular and win-win option is a chair. Just make sure it's strong and stable. You can also lean against the wall and erotically slide down it.
  5. Alternate smooth movements with sharper ones.
  6. Set a rule for your loved one - no touching during the erotic dance. This will really excite him.


  1. Do not strip in home clothes. Think about what can turn your beloved on and give her a whole erotic show.
  2. Practice all movements thoroughly. It is best to do this in front of a mirror. Try to remove one item of clothing in different ways and choose the best one.
  3. Do not wear socks! It looks unaesthetic and even ridiculous when a man stands without trousers in his socks.
  4. While dancing, tease your companion. Remember that physical contact is very important for women. Come up to her, kiss, stroke and move away again to continue the dance.
  5. Actively involve your beloved in the dance. Place her on a chair and dance at a short distance, approaching and showing off the most delicious parts of the body. When you take off all your clothes, without stopping the music, proceed to undress your girlfriend. This will turn her on even more.
  6. It looks much more spectacular when a man rips off his clothes.

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