How to do napoleon dynamite dance

'Napoleon Dynamite' Turns 10 So Here's a Step-by-Step Guide For His "Canned Heat" Dance Routine


by Kristie Rohwedder

10 years ago, moviegoers were introduced to the eponymous hero of Napoleon Dynamite, and he changed the way we looked at chicken feet forever. (They are not feet. They are talons, GOSH.) We watched Napoleon stockpile tater tots in his cargo pant pockets, hunt for a fresh tube of Chapstick, play tetherball, feed Tina the llama, and bruise Kip's neck meat. He's a strange cat, but I'll be damned if many of us didn't grow to love him. And yeah, you read that right: As of June 11, Napoleon Dynamite is a decade old. Whoa. And in honor of this anniversary, Twentieth Century Fox Studios unveiled a Napoleon Dynamite/tetherball statue. Flippin' sweet.

Though I knew I could not compete with a life-size Napoleon statue, I wanted to celebrate ND's birthday somehow. After weighing all of my options (I could make a Vote For Pedro t-shirt! Or attempt to put my very short hair in a Deb-esque side ponytail! Or adopt a llama!), I ultimately decided to pick out all of the life-changing moves from Napoleon's dynamite (sorry not sorry) dance routine set to Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat." I may not be able to build a statue, but I can definitely handle watching a video of a dance routine over and over again.

It's been a hot minute since I've seen the movie, so I'd forgotten just how intense the choreo is. Every millisecond is screengrab worthy/a slice of magic. But! I hunkered down, analyzed the tape, and chose the best of the best. It was a grueling task, but I gave it my all. Heck yes I did.

The Hands In Pockets

The audience has no idea what they're in for.

The jump out with hands in pockets


The Throw of the Hands


The Backwards Wolverine Claw Shuffle

Quite possibly one of the more intimidating moves out there.

The pelvic thrust

It's a classic dance move for a reason.

The Shoot That Basketball Without Looking


The arms over head rocking to the side

Get into it.

The Bird Flap

Feel the wind beneath your wings.

The squat + hip swivel + arm isolations

So much power to behold.

The pose to end all poses

Only those who can truly handle this pose may strike it.

The “I see you, audience” point

Show 'em who's running this.

The overarm side clap

Go on...


The hands have a mind of their own move

This is their dance routine now.

The Swat the Bee


The Elvis/umpire “you’re outta here” move

A move steeped in nuance and complexity.

The Somersault

You've been dancing for two minutes? You're getting winded? Too bad. Can't lose steam now. Gotta kick it up a notch.

The Jazzy Slither

Like a snake with legs.

The I'm Done

When you're done, you're done.

Watch the masterpiece in its entirety here:

Don't freak out: At around the 2:17 mark, the choreo reverses. Like a mirror. That's why the routine seems longer than you remember. It's weird, yeah, but it was the clearest video I could find. Such is life.

Images: Fox Searchlight; Tumblr [2]

How to Do The Napoleon Dynamite Dance

How to Do The Napoleon Dynamite Dance

The movie Napoleon Dynamite showcased the kid’s dance in which he presents how a nerd can dance as he shows his moves over the climactic school assembly. The actor, Jon Heder, shows the world how he can dance on three different songs. However, all those three songs were mashed together as one. You can always impress your friends by copying the dance he does and showing how you can be as goofy as he was. You should just keep your knees and arms smooth and loose. From then on, you will just need to practice a little and you’ll be good to go.


  • 1

    First, face the audience and keep your hands in the front pockets. Start nodding your head as soon as the music begins. Only try to bring your thighs and knees together so that they see how stupid you can get while dancing.

  • 2

    As the lyrics of the song start, take your hands out of your pockets. And sing with the person who is singing the song. Start nodding your head and as soon as the violin part finishes say: “The boogie is for real.”

  • 3

    Now it’s time for you to raise your hands and palms. Then start clapping while looking up in the air. Drop your arms back onto the sides and start swirling towards the audience. Cycle your arms around and pretend as if you are jogging while you are stepping back.

  • 4

    Now get straight back up. Now walk forward at the same pace and then stop with your legs far apart. Then punch your left arm up in the air. Keep repeating this with both the arms, one-by-one. Right at the end, use your index finger to point at the floor.

  • 5

    Face left and place the left foot in front of your right foot. Now pull your arms right into your body. Then raise them both out and then start circling them clockwise. Slap your thighs as well.

  • 6

    Bend your knees a bit, and then start rolling your shoulders back. Separate your hands and then slide them into the air once again. Pretend as if you are trying to fix your hair, but don’t touch them. Then toss your head back and then put your fists down while you’re making fists.

  • 7

    Pretend you are playing a guitar in the air. And right when it is time for chorus, bend your knees and step out. And while you are doing that, keep pointing at the floor whenever necessary.

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10 interesting facts about Napoleon's dynamite


top-limit-leaders' >

ChapStick, llamas and tater tots are just a few of the things that appear in Napoleon Dynamite , the cult film made for just $400,000 grossed $44.5 million. In 2002, Brigham Young University student Jared Hess directed the black-and-white short film Wing with his classmate John Heder. The film was accepted into the Slamdance Film Festival, giving Hess the courage to turn it into a feature film. Hess used his real-life upbringing in Preston, Idaho - he had six brothers and his mom owned llamas - to form the basis of a film about a nerdy teenager named Napoleon (Heder) who encourages his friend Pedro (Efren Ramirez) to run away. for the class president.

In 2004, the indie film screened at Sundance, was quickly bought by Fox Searchlight and Paramount, and then released less than six months later. Today, the film remains so popular that in 2016, Pedro and Napoleon reunited for a commercial for Burger King. To celebrate the film's 15th anniversary, here are a few facts about the constantly quoted comedy.

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1. Deb is based on Jerush Hesse.

Jared Hess' wife Jerusha co-wrote the film and based Deb on her own life. "Her mom made her a dress when she was going to a dance in high school and she said, 'I'm not very developed yet, so my mom overcompensated and got really big, fluffy shoulders,'" Jared said. Rolling Stone . "Some guy dancing with her patted her sleeves and actually said, 'I like your sleeves...they're really big.'

Tina Majorino, who played the fictional Deb, had never done comedy before because people thought she was a dramatic actress. “The fact that Jared even let me in and read was very appealing to me,” she said. Rolling Stone . "Even though I didn't get the part, I just wanted to see what it's like to audition for a comedy because I've never done that before."

2. Napoleon's famous dance scene was the result of additional film footage.

At the end of filming Wing Hess had a minute of film left and knew that Heather liked to dance. Heather was wearing moon boots—something Hess had worn before—so they drove to the end of the dirt road. The radio was turned on in the car and "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai was playing. "I just told him to start dancing and I realized: this is how we should end the film," Hess said. Rolling Stone . “You don't expect things like that. They're just part of the creative process'.

Heather told HuffPost that he drew inspiration from Michael Jackson and the dance in front of the mirror for the scene at the end of the film. But when it came time to film the dance for the feature film, Heather felt "pressure". “I thought, ‘Oh shit! "It's not just a stupid scene," he said. PDX monthly . “This is the moment when everything comes and he makes a sacrifice for his friend. This is the whole theme of the film. Everything leads to this. Napoleon was that loser. This should be the moment he wins." Instead of hiring a choreographer, the filmmakers told him to "just figure it out". They filmed the scene three times with three different songs, including Jamiroquai's "Little L" and "Canned Heat".


Napoleon Dynamite Fans continue to flock to Preston, Idaho to tour the movie's filming locations.

Interviewed in 2016 At Salt Lake Tribune , Preston Citizen Circulation manager Rhonda Gregerson said that "at least 50 groups of fans come into the office every summer to learn more about the film." She said people come from all over the world to see Preston High School, Pedro's house and other filming locations as stops before heading to Yellowstone National Park. "If you talk to a lot of people in Preston, you'll find a lot of people who are sick of it," Gregerson said. "I still think it's great that interest in the city continues long after the film's release."

In addition to film sets, the city hosted the Napoleon Dynamite festival. In 2005, the festival drew about 6,000 people and included a potato-eating contest, a moonboot dance contest, key chains for sale, and a tetherball tournament. The festival was last held in 2008.

4. Idaho passed a resolution endorsing the filmmakers.

Jerusha and Jared Hess Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

In 2005, the Idaho legislature passed a resolution praising Jared and Jerusha Hess and the city of Preston. HCR029appreciates the use of potato cards to "promote Idaho's most famous export." He extols cycling and skateboarding to promote "better air quality" and states that Kip and LaFawnduh's relationship "is a tribute to Idaho's e-commerce and tech industry. " The resolution goes on to say that those who "vote 'no' on this concurrent resolution are fucking idiots." Napoleon would be proud.

5. Napoleon was another botanist.

Sure, he was clumsy, but Napoleon wasn't as smart as other cinephiles. "He's not a genius," Heather told HuffPost. “Maybe he gets good grades, but he's not an A student; he's just socially awkward. He doesn't know how much of an outcast he is and that gives him such confidence. Sometimes he tries to be cool, but mostly he just goes for it and does it.”

6. The title sequence included several different hand combinations.

Eight months before the theatrical release, Fox Searchlight asked Hess to film a title sequence that made it clear the film was set in 2004, not the 80s or 90's. Napoleon's student certificate states that the events took place in the 2004-2005 academic year. Heather's hands move objects in and out of frame, but Fox didn't like his barbs. “A couple of weeks later they came out with a hand model that had great hands but was five or six shades darker than Jon Heder,” Hess told Art of the Title. “If you look, it’s like the hands of three different guys are there - our producer’s hands are there too.”

7. Napoleon Dynamite screwed up the Netflix algorithms.

Since 2006, Cinematch, Netflix's recommendation algorithm software, has run a competition called The Netflix Prize. Anyone who can make Cinematch's predictions at least 10 percent accurate will win $1 million. Computer scientist Len Bertoni had a hard time predicting whether people would like Napoleon Dynamite . Bertoni told New York Times the film is "polarizing" and has a Netflix rating of one or five stars. According to Bertoni, if he could accurately predict whether people would like a film, he would be much closer to winning the prize. It didn't happen to him.

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The competition finally ended in 2009 when Netflix gave the top prize to BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos, which is 10.06% better than Cinematch.


Napoleon accidentally got a bad perm.

© 2004 Twentieth Century Fox

Heather got a perm the night before filming started, but something went wrong. Heather called Jared and said, "Yes, I got a perm, but it's a little different than before," Hess said. Rolling Stone . “He showed up the day before filming and looked like Shirley Temple! The curls were huge! They didn't have much time to fix the mistake, so Hess hired Jerusha and her cousin for a re-perm. It worked, but John was not allowed to wash his hair for the next three weeks. “So he survived three weeks in the Idaho heat on this stinky diet,” Jared said. “They shot near dairy farms, there were a lot of flies; they all flew in and out of his hair.”

9. The film starred the real LaFanduha family.

Shondrella Avery played LaFawnduh, Kip's African-American girlfriend, Napoleon's (played by Aaron Ruell) older brother. Prior to filming, Hess called Avery and said, “You remember there were no blacks in Preston, Idaho, right? Do you think your family might want to be in the film? "And that's how it happened," Avery said. Los Angeles Weekly . Her real family shows up at the end when Lafandukh and Kip get married.

10. A short-lived animated series was the sequel.

In 2012, Fox aired six episodes of the Napoleon Dynamite animated series before it was cancelled. All of the original actors returned to voice their characters. The only difference between the movie and the TV series is that Kip is not married. Heather said Rolling Stone episodes are as close to a sequel as fans can get. "If you sit down and watch them back to back, you'll have a sequel," he said. "Because you have the same characters and the same actors."

interesting facts about Salt Lake City

This story has been updated for 2019.

We want to make the most of the Major League season —

January 30, 2017, 05:12

The Napoleon Dynamite team will represent the Tyumen Region in the Major League of KVN this year. Previously, KVN players played for Chelyabinsk, but the national team includes our countrymen - Evgeny Khokhlov and Artem Smirnov. correspondent met with the Tyumen half of the team right after the Sochi festival to find out about the reasons for changing the KVNO registration and plans for the tower season.



The team "Napoleon Dynamite" this year will represent the Tyumen region in the Major League of KVN. Previously, KVN players played for Chelyabinsk, but the national team includes our countrymen - Evgeny Khokhlov and Artem Smirnov. correspondent met with the Tyumen half of the team right after the Sochi festival to find out about the reasons for changing the KVNO registration and plans for the tower season.

How did the Napoleon Dynamite team come about?

Eugene: Artem and I used to play in different Tyumen teams. Artem played for such fairly well-known in the city "oil and gas" teams "Boots", "Ilyusha", "Peers", I - for the team "Nalegke". Then he created the Evgeny Khokhlov mono-team, where Artem was a guest actor. At the end of 2014, guys from the Chelyabinsk team Napoleon Dynamite wrote to us on VKontakte, who, after a season in the Ural League, decided to slightly change the composition and structure of the performance. They invited us to their place.

Artem: The first joint performance was at the Winter Cup in Tyumen. The audience liked us, then took second place. After the festival in Sochi, they played another season in the Ural League - they won. Then there was a quick relegation from the Premier League, a year in the First. Last year we reached the semi-finals of the Premiere. Of course, I associate the main merits of the team with our appearance. ( laugh )

Evgeniy: We really somehow successfully fit into the team, became friends with everyone, we are cool and have fun together.

Evgeniy: It's simple - insufficient funding in the Chelyabinsk region. This is a very costly business, and the higher the status of the league, the more money needs to be invested. Apparently, the Chelyabinsk region did not have much interest in promoting the team, so when they offered help in the Tyumen region, we agreed. There were no objections from the Chelyabinsk part of the team. In addition, we know the people we are working with very well. The new director of our team, Irina Neuimina, the director of Soyuz, has vast experience in Major League games, knowledge of the structure of the AMIK company.

Artem: It has become more comfortable to work, now we have more time for creativity. All administrative tasks have been removed from us, other people are doing this, we don’t have to worry about anything ourselves.

When you went to the festival in Sochi, did you understand that you were provided with experience and game practice, or did you still doubt?

Eugene: When you come to Sochi, you can't be sure of anything, it all depends on you. This year there was one team that never played in the official leagues, but, nevertheless, almost got into the festival's gala concert and eventually made it to the "premiere".

Artem: At the same time, there is an example when a team that reached the semi-finals of the Major League did not qualify for the season. Of course, we were following the Premier League, we even half-jokingly told some of the “tower” teams that we would play with them and win, but there was no 100% certainty.

Evgeniy: Let's put it this way - we drove with a goal, but without confidence.

You managed to play in the First League, in the Premier League, your debut in the Premier League is ahead. From a KVN player's point of view, what are the differences between the leagues?

Eugene: There is no huge difference between the First League and the Premier League, because these are TV leagues, and they ask you as a member of the TV league. It's props and costumes - everything you use should be at a higher level than regional or central league games. When it comes to material, in any league it's important that it's funny.

Artem: In the central or regional leagues there can be "inside" jokes that are understandable only to the audience in the hall. In television leagues, the idea is that because the coverage of the territory is greater, the jokes should be more general, accessible to residents of all regions.

Evgeniy: All leagues were created, roughly speaking, so that the team would sooner or later get into the Major League and look good there. The task of league editors is to teach you how to play KVN so that you correspond to the level of the "tower". Somewhere from the teams they ask more, somewhere a little less. We worked well and comfortably both in the First League and in the Premier League. Last year we managed to play in our Zapsib league - we liked it very much, everything is organized at a high level. The technical equipment, the hall, the audience from Tyumen - all this is noted by the teams coming from other regions.

Major League ahead. Tune in to a more adult hall?

Evgeniy: Playing in the Premier League, we didn't come up with any kind of youth jokes, rather, we were always tuned in to a more adult audience - we ourselves are quite a few years old by Kvnov standards. Of course, each hall has its own specifics, but for this there are editors who will help, suggest which jokes are more suitable, which ones, perhaps, should be excluded.

This year Aidar Garayev is the editor of the Major League. Will you have some kind of cronyism from a fellow countryman? In general, how do you assess his appointment as editor?

Artem: No, there will be no blat.

Eugene: I worked a lot with Aidar - he edited the regional cups, the Zapsib league. He's not the kind of editor who does favors for anyone. Aidar is a very adequate and fair person, the management of AMIK did not fail by appointing him as an editor. It was always comfortable to work with him, I hope that this will not change in the “tower”, but I don’t think that we have any bonuses.

How do you plan to surprise in the Major League? Will the style change with the change of registration?

Artem: No, the style will not change, it will remain the same. Actually, we will surprise them.

Eugene: This is the best answer! ( laughs at me) In fact, indeed, the images, the ruler - all this will be preserved. Although, who knows… Before the 1/8 finals of the Premier League last year, we also didn’t think that we would dance, but we had to.

How do you rate your opponents? Still, there are last year's finalists, returning "Raisas", debutants with archives of jokes...

Eugene: We adequately evaluate. It will be, I think, a boring season - all the teams are interesting, diverse, some with an unusual style. In particular, an interesting 1/8 finals is ahead, where we are just playing with Rais.

Artem: By the way, we talked a lot with the "Rais" at the festival, we became friends - good girls. Judging by the festival, they will be very funny.

Evgeny: If we talk about our chances in the 1/8 finals and beyond, then I think that you can't play in KVN without counting on winning. But for now, we're not guessing anything.

Artem: In general, it is not customary to say that we are going to beat the girls…

Do you want to say that you will beat the boys?

Evgeny and Artem: We will beat the boys, yes, we will try. ( laugh )

Do you work with outside writers, or is the team writing most of the jokes?

Eugene: Almost any team has author's help from outside. But we do not work with strangers, but with our friends - Ruslan Sadikov, Maxim Morozov, Evgeny Biksharimov. Kirill Kokovkin and Alexander Alymov have joined us even now.

Artem: It's difficult to work exclusively with the team - all the same, there must be third-party people who will say what is funny and what is not. Sometimes in the team some kind of joke seems to be successful, and a person from the outside will notice in time that we went a little wrong. But we work together with the authors. There is no such thing as ready-made jokes being brought to us: writing them is a common process. They never took other people's jokes, the situation for some team to make claims to us after the performance is impossible even theoretically.

Evgeniy: Besides, it's hard to get such jokes from someone that would suit us. And our jokes would also be difficult to give to someone. All team members have a bright personality, jokes are written for specific people, specific types.

Artem: Sometimes it's hard for us to come up with jokes that would suit us.

You are already being compared and will be compared with the Tyumen champions of the club - Soyuz. Is it rather a plus for your team or a minus?

Artem: They are still comparing, but as soon as we have the results, they will stop. Previously, for example, the teams "City of Pyatigorsk" and "SOK" were compared, but when Olya and the guys started winning, no one said that this was the second "SOK".

Eugene: Again, they compare us with a good team. Just as the topic of jokes at Gorod Pyatigorsk differed from that of SOK, so our performances differ from those of the Soyuz. We have our mood.

Artem: Soyuz had an emphasis on vocals, we seem to focus more on acting. They are very serious vocalists, and we… we are not very serious. ( laughs ) Well, the subject of the jokes: Soyuz joked more about foreign policy.

By the way, are you planning to joke about politics?

Artem: We talk more about our problems.

Evgeniy: In no league have editors demanded political jokes from us. Most teams have foreign policy jokes, and the fact that we won't have them is perhaps even a plus for us. But if we come up with a funny one, we’ll joke about politics too.

What films or programs do you consider to be examples of good humor?

Artem: If from domestic content, then "ProjectorParisHilton". I also watch a lot of stand-up, including Western.

Evgeniy: Yes, and our stand-up is quite normal, it is developing now. I still sometimes watch the Jimmy Fallon show - they made Evening Urgant based on it. “Moscow Nights” is also interesting - not so much with humor, but with what the guys do.

What about your favorite KVN teams?

Eugene: My favorite is Fyodor Dvinyatin. And the Megapolis team likes it now - when they played, due to my age, I did not always understand what they were doing. "BAK-Partners" was still a powerful team.

Artem: The very first favorite team from childhood is the Makhachkala Tramps, from the more modern ones - Fedor Dvinyatin.

After two years on TV, have you been recognized on the street?

Artem: No, not really. Somehow they found out in the mall, some guy ran up, said: “Oh, Napoleon Dynamite!”. Probably the kvnschik himself. The Premier League comes out in the summer, at night, not many people watch it all the time.

What do you do outside of KVN?

Artem: We mainly organize events and write scripts. It is impossible to combine games with permanent work. Before Napoleon Dynamite, when KVN was more of a hobby, I was the head of the equipment department in a company selling building materials. I do not regret that I left a stable job - I had to make a choice, I made it in favor of KVN.

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