How to do lil b cooking dance

Everything You Need to Know About Doing the Cooking Dance

Now that Lil B's signature dance has proved its staying power, it's time to crank some Cooking Music and make sure your wrist game reaches its full potential.

Chris Schonberger

There have been many food-themed dance crazes through the ages, from the Mashed Potato to the Peppermint Stick. But none captures the joys of culinary creativity as fully as the cooking dance, a trend that can be traced back to rapper and Internet legend Lil B (a.k.a., the Based God).

Lil B refers to many of his songs as Cooking Music, and they’re helpfully labelled as such on his YouTube page. These songs provide the ideal soundtrack for the cooking dance, which essentially involves simulating various kitchen maneuvers—whipping a pot, putting a tray into the oven, spooning food onto a plate—to the beat of the music. Part of the fun is trying to figure what, exactly, the dancer is imagining he’s doing while performing each move. Pounding out a schnitzel? Slicing pineapple of the top of an al pastor spit? Plating a modernist dessert?

After the Based God set the table, the cooking dance exploded as a viral sensation around 2011, starting with amateur YouTube videos and spreading to athletes and other celebrities who busted it out as shorthand for cultural savvy. But what’s most remarkable is it’s longevity—from Little Leaguers to the Aubrey “360 with the wrist” Graham, people have embraced the simplicity of the dance and transformed it from a flash-in-the-pan meme to something far more powerful.

Here at First We Feast, we believe there should be more dancing in the food world. Why don’t more “rock star” chefs have rock star moves when they’re tweezering microgreens onto a plate? And why don’t more restaurants have impromptu 50 Cent dance breaks like Ricardo’s Steak House in East Harlem?

If you love the kitchen and you love to dance, the cooking dance is for you. Here’s what you need to know to master the art.

There are only two appropriate things to say while doing the cooking dance.

One is “let that boy cook.” The other is “swag.”

Garish, impractical jewlery will only enhance your chances of cooking-dance success.

Soulja Boy, tell ’em.

You can flaunt your cooking cred by incorporating moves from your favorite celebrity chefs.

Emeril was doing the cooking dance long before Lil B uttered his first “swag,” tbh.

The cooking dance is appropriate for celebrating life’s triumphs, like scoring a goal in an international soccer matches…

Spread the cooking gospel to the world.

…or scoring a touchdown.

NFL Sundays are practically dancing feasts.

The most important ingredient you can bring to the dance is energy.

Don’t limit yourself to the cooking music of Lil B.

It is acceptable to do the cooking dance while holding actual food.

Some fine Internet denizens have created these GIFs to demonstrate.

When possible, coordinate your cooking with friends.

Every chef de cuisine of dancing could use a sous chef.

Or a whole

brigade of sous, sauciers, and chefs de partie.

The VCU men’s basketball team shows us how it’s done.

When in doubt, look to the Based God.

Don’t forget that eating is a part of cooking.

This move is particularly good for beginners with no rhythm.

Remember that the cooking dance is sort of about drugs, but it’s okay.

When 2 Chainz said he “made a million, off a dinner fork,” he wasn’t talking about making soufflés. He was talking about cooking crack. When visualizing your own cooking dance moves, you should probably focus on motions you’re more familiar with, like beating Betty Crocker brownie mix.

Keep it G-rated.

C’mon, Nicki—the cooking dance is for the kids!


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Lil B threatens to place curse on James Harden again over cooking dance

With the NBA playoffs officially underway, Bay Area rapper Lil B has already begun threatening to place his infamous curse on star players. Although, his latest target is someone who has dealt with the hex before.

During the postseason two years ago, Lil B said he was placing his “BasedGod Curse” on Harden because Harden stole his cooking dance and used it as an on-court celebration. Lil B, a Golden State Warriors fan, later said he was lifting the hex after Harden struggled in the Western Conference Finals and his Houston Rockets lost to the Warriors.

Harden, who scored 37 points in a blowout win over the Oklahoma City Thunder Sunday night, is still doing the cooking celebration. And Lil B doesn’t like it.

James harden please calm down with the lil b cooking dance sports celebration congrats for the okc win but watch the curse – Lil B


Lil B is bound to try and curse any star player who faces the Warriors, and that could end up being Harden. One of the other superstars the rapper claims to have cursed is now off the hook for obvious reasons, but Harden should be careful what he wishes for. We all saw what happened last time Lil B committed to throwing off his game.

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Everyone dances: 18 hip-hop dances

18 major hip-hop dances of the 21st century. After all, our culture is not only breakdancing

Soulja Boy "Crank That"

Solja's best hit, which brought him so much money and popularity that he still cannot recover. There is nothing difficult in the movements: jumping from side to side, quick waves with hands and the image of a fight. Choreographers cry at parties, but you have fun - that's the main thing. For greater effect, put on clothes five sizes larger, throw a flip phone in your pocket and write your name on the glasses with a school proofreader.

Cali Swag District "Teach Me How to Dougie"

"The Dougie" is a classic, a lifestyle and a long history. Back in the 80s Doug. E Fresh performed a funny dance, Cam'ron in 2002 had sex and danced "The Dougie" in the film "Pay in Full", then Lil Wil took over the baton, and in 2010 the band Cali Swag District released the video "Teach Me How To Dougie. Later, Billboard invited the team to their place so that the guys showed all the difficult moments in detail and, finally, taught you. Stroke your head, sway on your feet, twist your arms as if tossing pancakes in a pan.

GS Boyz "Stanky Legg"

If you spent the whole day in baggy pants, then, of course, you need to freshen the air there. But how to do that? There is an exit! Do the stanky legg! GS Boyz say it helps. So try it, it's still summer. For example, USA football player Josie Altidore was sweating so much during the match that he decided to celebrate the goal with "airing".

YG "Toot It And Boot It"

Before "My Nigga", YG had another hit with "Toot It And Boot It". A song about a young lady for one night, so the movements are appropriate. Show how you slept with a girl and then kicked her out.

Audio Push "Teach Me How To Jerk"

No, the Audio Push track is not about masturbation, as the title might suggest. District Michael Jacksons, stretch your ankles! You still won't be able to perform such a difficult dance the first time, even after watching the tutorial.

Lil B "I Cook"

God-like Lil B has been making dishes out of thin air for 4 years. Mom will teach this dance best. There is another great plus: you don’t know how to cook real food - after watching it, it can turn out. Here is the confirmation.

ISA “Moving Like Berney”

Imagine you are a tired zombie walking home from class with a heavy briefcase on your shoulders.

F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz) "Swag Surfin'"

Check out the quality of your swag and start surfing. Lil Wayne caught the wave too.

Down AKA Kilo "Lean Like A Cholo"

The dance of the little ducklings performed by the massive Latin gangster attracts girls, according to him. Actually, you can dance better if you don't weigh 200 kg.

3rd FLO aka Dem Heizman Boiz "Do The Heizman"

"Does the bitch smell bad? Do a heizman is a useful thing. You can also scare off robbers in this way or jump rope.

Webstar, Young B, AG aka The Voice of Harlem "Chicken Noodle Soup"

Translated name means "Chicken Noodle Soup". It seems that we understood the idea: dance on the street, as if something got into your trousers, and earn better money for food.

DEM Franchize Boyz “Lean wit it, Rock Wit it”

Cupid “Cupid Shuffle

after the presented dance of the grandmother will be hated, because the task will be hated - feet on the floor.

DJ Unk "Walk It Out"

When you have to tiptoe to the fridge at night, walking it out is the best way.

Young Dro, T.I. "Shoulder Lean"

"Everyone dances with their shoulders" or "How Neo dodged bullets."

Busta Rhymes "Arab Money"

The plot is as follows: Arab sheiks throw coins from the windows of skyscrapers - you catch. Rej3ctz Cat Daddy There is a feeling that the dance was invented especially for her.

Rowdy Rebbel, Bobby Shmurda "Shmoney Dance"

The beautiful dance "Shmoney" became known to the streets after the "Hot Nigga" video blew up the Internet. It is difficult to describe it, it seems that the movements are arbitrary.

It seems that the entire collection was made for this vine. A New York drill gangster prances to Drake's gentle song "From Time".

*Bonus* Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith "The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dance"

Let's consolidate the past, add new elements. Congratulations, you will now be a star at #AVG and any other event. Just ask everyone to move away, then start rocking.

Safe Dance Lab | GES-2

Theory and practice of street dances for everyone.

Safe Dance Lab is a dance class for beginners developed in collaboration with Battle Project production company. During 10 meetings, participants will get acquainted with five choreographic styles: krump, popping, hip-hop, breaking and locking. The organizers and teachers sought to create a comfortable and safe space where dance becomes a way to explore their own internal states and feelings, during which the participant will find an opportunity to escape from pressing problems and express themselves.

The program will end with a lecture by dancer Denis Bubnov about the history of street styles, after which everyone will be able to support the teachers at a dance jam - an organic and spontaneous format of the event, where music is constantly played, the audience gathers in circles and takes turns dancing in the center to share their knowledge and skill.

* We invite participants from 16 years old. Classes consist of lecture and practical parts and will be held twice a week for two hours.



Where: Gallery
When: 16, 18: 00–16: 00


KRAMP (KRUMP) - CHARTSITITION - CHARTS - CHAR originated in the southern neighborhoods of Los Angeles in the 1990s and is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated and very energetic movements. During its inception, dancers sought to escape from a life of crime and "express raw emotions in a powerful but non-violent way." However, over time, krump has become a separate subculture with its own pronounced philosophy, music and slang.


Lena Shibalova
Dancing since 2012, krump since 2013. Operates under the alias One Shot . He has been teaching for over four years. She gave master classes in Germany, Latvia, Estonia, England, Japan and other countries.


Where: Gallery
When: 23, 24, 14: 00–16: 00


Papping ) - dance style, dance style, dancing from earlier forms. called boogaloo (boogaloo) and originated in California. The peculiarity of the style lies in the process of muscle contraction, which creates the effect of a sharp flinch in the body of the dancer - pop (from English pop - "cotton") or hit (from English hit - "hit"). The movement is carried out continuously in the rhythm of the music in combination with various movements and postures.


Ruslan Petrov
Works under the pseudonym Twist . Dancing experience - 15 years, teaching - 7. Participant in the show "Dancing" on TNT.

Hip Hop

Where: Galleries
When: Nov 30, Dec 2, 2pm-4pm

became popular due to the development of the musical genre of the same name. The dance incorporated the techniques of breakdancing, locking, popping. The basis of the movements is the groove - a rhythmic sensation that makes the body move to the beat of the music.


Egor Sokolov
Works under the alias EGO . Founder of Studio P.L.U.R. DC. Choreographer of the show "Dancing" on TNT (seasons 2-4). Resident of the dance center "PRODANCES". Teaching experience - 17 years.


Where: Galleries
When: 6, 7 Dec, 14:00-16:00

Breaking is the progenitor of all street dances, which has been developing for more than 70 years. This style requires great strength, stretching and body control, because a significant part of the dance takes place in the stalls - on the floor.


Slav Dimov
Works under the pseudonym Bolgarin. He started his dancing career in 2002 in Bulgaria. Breaking teacher at Leader Sport and Tauras-Fitness fitness centers, dance schools Right Dance and Effort . Participated in performances and theatrical productions. He gave master classes in Russia and Europe.


Where: Galleries
When: 14, 16 Dec, 14:00-16:00

Locking (from English lock - "lock") is a combination of fast movements and fading in improvisational positions for a short time, after which the dance continues at the same speed. This style is based on quick and sharp hand gestures and more relaxed movements of the hips and legs.


Vladimir Gudym
Works under the pseudonym Vovan Gudym. Choreographer of the "Dances" project and curator of the "New Dances" project on TNT. Movement Leader Locking4life Russia and project team ID Crew. Competition Winner Juste Debout 2017 .

Lecture on the history of street styles from Denis Bubnov

Where: Gallery
When: 21 Dec, 14: 00–16: 30

The program will end with a lecture by Denis Bubnov on the history of street styles, on which participants are participants will be able to reinforce the knowledge gained about already studied choreographic directions with new facts.


Denis Bubnov
Dancer (experience - 17 years), teacher, musician. As part of his master classes, he regularly lectures on the history of hip-hop culture. She is the author of theoretical and practical educational online materials for dancers.

Teachers' Dance Jam

Where: Galleries
When: 21 Dec, 17:30–19:30

At the end of the program, participants will be able to support the teachers in a circle dance jam and take turns demonstrating their skills in the center.


Battle Project
A dance production company that has been organizing various events from local intensives and jams to international gatherings and large-scale events on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater for more than 12 years.


Anton Pashulya
One of the founders of the krump movement in the former CIS.

Learn more