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[VIRAL FLASHBACK] Harlem Shake: The Internet Meme That Made Everyone Dance

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These days, it seems like anything can go viral and spread to all corners of the world via the internet. It can be a moment in a movie or a TV series. It can be a song. It can be a real life event. It can even be a dance video.

Speaking of a viral dance video, one that certainly became trending in the last few years is none other than Harlem Shake. If you somehow forgot that it existed, here's a refresher on what Harlem Shake is. 

Who knows? It might make you dance like it was 2013 all over again. 

What is Harlem Shake?

According to Know Your Meme, Harlem Shake started of as the name of an instrumental track produced by an artist named Baauer. Featuring heavy bass in its music, Harlem Shake was released in 2012.

However, it was not until 2013 that it went viral. How did it become so? Per a report by NPR, "The meme started when YouTube comedian Filthy Frank took 'Harlem Shake' by Brooklyn-based Latino producer Baauer and played off the wild dubstep drop 15 seconds into the song."

The NPR report notes that many say that the dance itself has been in existence for decades already. There are those who attribute the beginnings of Harlem Shake to a street dancer known as Al B. There are even those who say that it is all thanks to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.

Know Your Meme says that the way to do the Harlem Shake, you have to pivot "the shoulder out while popping the other shoulder out at the same time."

Filthy Frank's Harlem Shake Video

The Harlem Shake video uplaoded by video blogger Filthy Frank is credited for starting the whole viral craze. According to Know Your Meme, the video opens with four individuals dressed in latex suits while dancing to Harlem Shake.

You can watch the video below:

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Other Examples of Harlem Shake Videos

Needless to say, the original Harlem Shake dance video uplaoded by Filthy Frank has given birth to other versions of the viral dance. Celebrities, athletes, and even soldiers have contributed their version of the viral dance.

Here are some examples:

Miami Heat

Here's a video that will surely make NBA fans smile at the very least. Members of the Miami Heat took part in the viral dance and they were led by none other than Chris Bosh.

The Norwegian Army

If you ever assumed that soldiers are not the type of people to hop into a viral craze, let this video prove you wrong. Members of the Norwegian Army performed Harlem Shake and they did it outside while it was snowing, no less.

University of Texas

If you are a fan of Harlem Shake videos that involve hundreds and even thousands of people, this one done by members of the Universiy of Texas will fit the bill.

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Victoria's Top Line Dances (And How To Do 'Em)

Don't know if you know this but this week is National Line Dance week! Yes!  A week-long celebration of the songs that break the ice at a wedding or reunion that get people on the dance floor to take part in a group dance. Line Dance week is celebrated every second Monday in September and runs til Saturday.  As a Mobile DJ for many years, I've done every event imaginable - weddings, reunions, birthday parties, Quinceaneras and even a funeral (don't ask). While I didn't play a line dance song at the funeral, at every other event a line dance was performed.  I've been DJing so long I've seen a bunch come and go.  I rarely play the Rolling Stones' "Harlem Shuffle" anymore, but in the mid 90's it was the go-to line dance. And, some really came and went fast...Mississippi Cha Cha anyone? How did it all start? Well, according to the line dance folklore, the "Electric Slide," released in the late 70's, was song that started the craze.  So Crossroads what is the top line dance in the area?  Well, despite all my experience, I decided to ask local DJ JP of JP Productions (aka JP of the JP and Ingra Show on KIXS 108). The regulars were there, but there were a few surprises. So, I've compiled my own list, consulted some other mobile DJs, checked with some professional wedding crashers, talked with some professional dancers and finally have the ultimate line dance list!  Not only that, if you've never bothered to learn these incredible boot-stomping, booty- shaking gems -now is the time.  I've included a little instruction video to help things along. So, this is educational too! Let's dance!


  • 1

    Boot Scootin' Boogie - Brooks and Dunn

    Brooks and Dunn's 1991 hit is still a favorite on the dance floor. The dance itself has even been incorporated into other genres of music. At weddings, one of my goals is to entertain and play songs for everyone from 8 to 80.  This song gets the job done.  If you've never learned the "Boot Scootin' Boogie" - shame on you!

  • 2

    The Wobble - V.I.C.

    It's the 2008 song that won't go away.  V.I.C., a rapper who scored a hit the same year with "Get Silly," really hit it big with "The Wobble."  The song is popular with everyone  and works for every occasion with all types of crowds.  Clocking in just over 5 minutes, it's also one of the few song you can't cut off.  People need that last "Wait A Minute Now!" towards the end.

  • 3

    The Cupid Shuffle - Cupid

    In 2007, Louisiana artist Cupid had everyone shuffling across the party dance floor with "The Cupid Shuffle." And, In 2021, Louisiana artist Cupid still has everyone shuffling across the party dance floor with "The Cupid Shuffle."  Sometimes this one is little less harsh than the Wobble to kick the party off, so thank you Cupid! The dance moves aren't that hard either...

  • 4

    Copperhead Road - Steve Earle

    Steve Earle's 1988 classic country/rock song about a Vietnam vet has had a long line dance shelf-life. It's bagpipe-y start is a call for all Copperoad-ers hit the dance floor.  This dance works best with boots.

  • 5

    Cha Cha Slide - DJ Casper

    There's a lot of directions in the "Cha Cha Slide," but no one seems to mind.  Most people fake the dance moves to you get to the easy "Cha Cha" part.  I've played the dance remix version, but I think the original works best.

  • 6

    Footloose- Kenny Loggins/Blake Shelton

    When I discuss this one with JP from JP Productions the biggest questions was...which version do you play? Since about 2015, I've played the twangy Blake Shelton remake from the remake of the movie "Footloose" in 2011.  JP prefers the Loggins classic. Which ever one you hear - they still work.

  • 7

    Macarena - Los Del Rio

    AHHHHH Macarena! This was THE line dance of the mid 90s, but despite fading a bit in the early 2000s, the Macarena still works in the '20.  I usually say at holiday parties, "This may be your only chance to do the Macarena this year." This usually gets people up on the dance floor...AHHHHH Macarena!

  • 8

    Bunny Hop - The Entourage

    Back in 2003, when the "Bunny Hop" was released, I was at radio station where we did a Bunny Hop Til You Drop contest.  With the easy steps and mid tempo beat of the song, people bunny hopped for a long time. If you haven't done this one in awhile...check out the video...

  • 9

    Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus

    The first big hit for Billy Ray Cyrus was also a big line dance.  How big?! Big enough to make our list.  That's pretty big.  I think Billy Ray's mullet was a big selling point. And, the dance is pretty simple...

  • 10

    Return of Mack - Mark Morrison

    JP (from JP Productions) informed me that one of my favorite songs from the 90s is a line dance here in the Crossroads!  Count me in! I'm going to watch the video to learn right now!

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Hip hop dance school Phoenix (Zelenograd)

Hip-hop at Phoenix Dance Studio, Zelenograd Hip-hop at Phoenix Dance Studio, Zelenograd Hip-hop at Phoenix Dance Studio, Zelenograd Hip-hop at Phoenix Dance Studio, Zelenograd Hip-hop at Phoenix Dance Studio, Zelenograd Hip-hop at Phoenix Dance Studio, Zelenograd

What is hip-hop

Hip-hop is a street subculture that originated in 1974. Afrika Bambaataa was the first to identify the five pillars of hip-hop culture: MCing, DJing, breaking, graffiti and knowledge.

How hip-hop dance style was formed a little later. Buddha Stretch, who is one of the founders of this direction, says that hip-hop dance appeared by the end of 1984.

By this time, the era of breakdance and funk styles (bboying, funkstyles) had come to an end, the funk and disco music styles were no longer so popular, they were replaced by hip-hop music. The music has changed, the dance has changed. The birthplace of hip-hop dance was New York, where various social dances such as The Prep, Rambo (The Fila) and many others were danced in various clubs in Harlem. A significant number of them were invented back in the 70s, when the funk era was in its heyday, over time they changed, acquired new details, were performed a little differently.

Hip-hop dance is based on a groove (groove) - this is a feeling of body movement to the beat of the music, for a dancer it is not only some kind of constant movement that keeps pace, and on which basic movements are then superimposed, but also a deeper sense of belonging to the music. No groove, no hip-hop.

Hip-hop dance studio Phoenix

Learn to dance hip-hop in Zelenograd with us! In our classes, you will learn a lot of new, interesting and useful things about the culture of hip-hop, master the basic swings and movements. You will definitely dance delicious choreographies and routines, learn to improvise and improve your physical shape.
Hip-hop will help you to become more self-confident, to overcome the internal clamps. Our classes have a positive and relaxed atmosphere. Our teacher perfectly explains and pays attention to each student, so you are guaranteed growth and development in hip-hop.

Dress code: clean change of shoes, loose tops, sweatpants/leggings.

Hip-hop in our studio teaches Lyuba Ushkanova.


Room 454 (Zelenograd, building 454)

  • Wednesday, 17:00
  • Friday, 17:00
  • Saturday, 13:00

Anna Uzdovskaya

My daughter and I went to hip-hop. The teacher is attentive, charming and incendiary. Very professional presentation. Convenient location of the studio and a good room. We will continue to go there.


After 1.5 months of hip-hop at the Phoenix studio, a lot has changed. Outside the hall, I began to feel a little more confident, I'm not afraid to walk down the street and dance, dance at home and outside the home. The most difficult thing at the beginning of training was to learn all the basics, to use the same hands when dancing, not to make any awkward movements. After I learned a little from the basics, it became easier to dance and move, especially when you immediately understand what is being asked of you. Most of all, I like that Natasha talks to us on an equal footing, there is no such thing as talking like with an adult teacher. She is always ready to help with the movements, explain them in an accessible way if necessary and help in any situation


Let me start by saying that I liked the studio right away. You walk in and the atmosphere is immediately friendly, the hall is beautiful. I started dancing hip-hop, a completely unfamiliar style for me, so of course it was difficult to start. Much seemed very complicated and incomprehensible at first sight. But Natasha herself dances wonderfully, and explains it clearly enough for a beginner like me. And most importantly, you can see how she gets high from dancing, from classes, and it charges. I also got to classes with several other teachers - they are all talented, very positive and experts in their field. Girls come to classes with the same goal: to learn to dance, so it’s comfortable and fun with them. The groups are not numerous, which is also convenient, the teacher manages to devote time to everyone. I like everything. I started to feel a little more confident and I'm not as afraid to go out dancing somewhere outside the studio as I used to be. Yes, and when you dance such a style as hip-hop, you feel a little cooler or something))

Hip Hop with Any

Hip Hop with Any

Load more videos

Have questions? Call: +79697776829

Our contacts are here.

Sign up for a lesson!

The Rolling Stones - "Harlem Shuffle" (1986)

The Rolling Stones - "Harlem Shuffle" (1986)

The Rolling Stones - "Harlem Shuffle" (Bob Relf/Earl Nelson)

The Dirty Work Album (1986)

  • The Rolling Stones' Favorite Songs #10

The only cover on my list of favorite songs RS .

"Harlem Shuffle" was released as the pilot single for one of the few albums I disliked by the Rolling Stones . The fact in itself is noteworthy - for 20 years rollers have not launched pilots with cover versions. Is this not evidence of a creative crisis?

However, the crisis of Stones in the 80s is described in detail both by the rollers themselves and by numerous interpreters, so I will only note the fact itself - the cover became the best song of a rather dull album.

Suggested this song for recording Keith Richards . He liked the Harlem Shuffle for a long time and he was sure that this Shuffle was the perfect match for Mick Jagger's vocals. So it happened - Mic , unexpectedly for Richards easily agreed. Recording went smoothly and fun, which was by no means characteristic of the then rollers. In those days, disputes and quarrels between Keith and Mik arose at every step and for any reason.

In this case, everything immediately went like clockwork - the musicians got rid of it to the fullest, the record pulsates with vitality, the characteristic masculinity of rolling and gushing energy.

In addition to the rolls themselves, the keyboardist Chuck Leavell took part in the recording (ex - The Allman Brothers Band ), Ivan Neville - synthesizer and backing vocals (one of the famous Neville Brothers ) + an amazing gang of backing vocalists - except for Mika and also Keith Neville , backing vocals were: Bobby Womack, Don Covey, Patty Skalfa (future wife of Bruce Springsteen ) and Tom Waits .

A few words about the original version. The original song was recorded at 1963 R&B duo Bob & Earl .

Then this song almost failed, taking 44th place on the Billboard chart, but its re-release in 1969 entered the Billboard top ten.

Performed by The Rolling Stones , the song climbed to number 4 on the Billboard charts.

A few words about the name: Harlem Shuffle - the name of a popular dance in the 60s. Harlem is an area in New York where "African Americans" live. "Shuffle" - a leisurely walk (literally - shuffling your feet), in addition, this word denotes a special arrangement of rhythmic accents when performing a rhythm and blues square.

If we try to find a suitable idiom for this word in modern Russian, then the word "tusovka" (one of the slang meanings shuffle - to shuffle cards) will be the closest in meaning.

One of the best video clips of the 80s was filmed for the song, featuring animated and live characters.

Learn more