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Hit The Quan |

By iLoveMemphis

Sex: Just A Little Drugs: None Violence: None Language: None

"Hit the Quan" refers to a dance move where the person drops down low, swings their arms and walks with a swagger. It's a reference to moves made by the rapper Rich Homie Quan.

It's a rap song with no curse words, or obvious references to drugs or violence. Besides the dance moves he raps about flexing and hot chicks.


In the video iLoveMemphis wakes up to hear that he's becoming a sensation. He heads to a local high school where everyone dances to the song.


Yo, Yah
(Hey, Buck Nasty? I like your beats!)
I finna, I finna, finna show you how to

Hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan
I said get down low and swing your arm
I said get down low and hit the Quan
I'm finna show you how to
Hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan
I said get down low and swing your arm
I said get down low and hit the Quan

I paper chase then vanish
Hit the Quan on her make her boyfriend panic
I heart Memphis, but I also love dancing
I done took off on em, I don't plan on landing
I call shots just do it like Nike
No FaceTime but the people want to Skype me
If I do time then who would really write me?
I stay on y'all mind but, oh, I think they like me
Clean pair of sneaks, with a designer belt
Please watch your step cause I'm feeling myself
Throw a flag on the play, man somebody get the ref
Cop blah la la la low, man somebody get some help
Pull up on the block

Hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan
I said get down low and swing your arms
I said get down low and hit the Quan
I'm finna show you how to
Hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan
I said get down low and swing your arms
I said get down low and hit the Quan

Pull up on the block and do the dance like crazy
This chick is hella hot but I know this chick crazy
If I think she not then that makes me crazy
We are both thots so we are both crazy
Flexing always on my agenda
Your whole team rats, your CEO is Master Splinter
Bout to hit the Quan and turn that girl into a member
Now my whole team flexing, I think we got a winner
People want to dap it up but they can't get none from me
I went to jail and snap it up, at least I had bum money
People wanna walk around me tryna steal my lingo
Just make sure when you talk about me you say he's doing his thing though

Hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan
I said get down low and swing your arm
I said get down low and hit the Quan
I'm finna show you how to
Hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan, hit the Quan
I said get down low and swing your arm
I said get down low and hit the Quan


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iHeart Memphis Talks Rich Homie Quan And His Viral Video

iHeart Memphis scored his breakout record with “Hit The Quan,” a sing-songy smash based on a popular dance by Rich Homie Quan. While some artists might be wary of being pigeonholed by the success of a trendy song, Memph is embracing the lane “Hit The Quan” is carving.

“My music is danceable,” says the 22-year-old rapper. “You have to come up with the dance first and then put the music on top of it. As long as it’s catchy, people are going to do it.” “Hit The Quan” has quickly climbed to No. 20 on the Hot 100. iHeart Memphis spoke with Billboard about creating the hottest new dance in rap.

‘Hit The Quan’ Hits Top 10 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart

How did “Hit the Quan” first come about? What’s the story behind the song?

Me personally just being myself and having fun. I’ve been a popular guy in Memphis, so I had a Memphis fanbase. And a song by Rich Homie Quan called “Flex” it came out and it was this little dance that he do. And people really like the dance, but they didn’t have a song to the dance, so I made a song to the dance called “Hit the Quan. ” I was just having fun, being myself and came up with an idea. It was actually a female — a white girl — who gave me the idea to do it, because she put me on to Rich Homie Quan. So actually, a female is the reason. I keep forgetting.

How did it go from an idea to a full-blown song? Did you hear the beat first? Come up with the words first?

I knew how I wanted it to go. Like, “Hit the Quan,” hit the quan, get down low and swing your arms. It’s really a freestyle. I really freestyled “Hit the Quan.” I freestyle a whole lot. But the hook was planned. I called my producer and I said, “Hey, can you make me a beat like Rich Homie Quan’s beat?” I wanted the tempo to be the same so I could be able to hit his dance in it. And in a couple of hours, he sent me the beat and I went to his studio that same day and I recorded it. I put it up and posted it the next day. I posted it around 5, and when I posted it, it was so many comments and so many people was just liking it.  

Did you post the song on SoundCloud, or a video?

Nah, I had posted a video of me doing the main part that people love, the #HitTheQuanChallenge. I call it the #HitTheQuanChallenge. I had made a challenge too, so that’s another thing that made it buzz, because it’s a challenge, so people say, “Hey, I gotta try this challenge.”

What was it about RHQ’s dance for his song that made you want to do this?

Well, I know a lot of people take people’s dances because the people that make the best dances, they don’t really have good lyrics. And the people that have good lyrics, they really can’t dance. If they have both of them, those are what you call a superstar because they’re multi-talented. The people that can make people like their music and make people dance, they’re called superstars. You have to come up with the dance first and then put the music on top of it, because as long as it’s catchy, people are going to do it.

Have you met or spoken to Quan? Got any response from him about the song?

Two weeks after I made the song, his baby mama had posted it. She said she liked it and thought it was cute. And I’m sure she told Rich Homie and he went on her page and seen it. I know Rich Homie knows, though. Me being No. 8 on the Billboard chart with a song called “Hit the Quan,” Rich Homie Quan is going to be the first one to know. But his camp reached out to me. He personally hasn’t reached out to me. But his camp reached out to me and I told them that I didn’t want Rich Homie on the song because I didn’t want people to think that it was his song and outshine me. Because I had a song called “Hit the Quan,” I realized that his fans are paying me attention anyway. I would kinda be selling myself short by putting Quan on it.

Did you think about maybe doing a remix with him in it?

Yeah, most likely. I’ma just put the people who are on top of the Billboard charts with me on it, whoever on the top of the charts and have a fan base I would put them on it. I was thinking about Drake and Fetty Wap [laughs] when I thought about it. I have Future saying “Hit the Quan,” it don’t matter, man. I don’t care. I just wanna have fun and let people have fun. I’ma let the people decide who they want. 

Do you have a dance background?

I taught myself how to dance last year. I just created music I can dance to. I’ll make the world do something I know how to do. Nobody will ever, ever, ever beat my first “Hit the Quan” video, because it’s the first “Hit the Quan” video. I don’t care if they have like a whole army hitting the Quan and I don’t care if Beyoncé and Jay-Z hit the Quan and they kill it. Nothing will ever be better than the first. Like Michael Jordan. I don’t care how hard anybody play because nobody will be better than Michael Jordan. 

It’s rare that such a big hit is independently recorded and released.

The only money I’ve spent was $35 for the studio time. I owe my engineer $5 because she charged me $40. I’m trying to stand strong behind being independent. I’m making all of this happen from social media. I’ve met with every record label; they’re having a bidding war. That happened for a reason: so that I can realize what I was doing on my own.

Watch Lil Dicky’s Star-Studded $0 Music Video


What’s your favorite viral video of someone dancing to your song?

My favorite is when Chris Brown did it. I feel like he’s not sour towards an artist shining and he’s supporting and he understands it’s just fun. 

An edited version of this article originally appeared in the Sept. 26 issue of Billboard.

Rehearsal and production work "Modern dance" - online presentation

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1. Types of modern dance styles

Municipal budgetary institution
Additional education
"Center for children and youth creativity" in Almetyevsk R
Teacher of additional education Zaikina Veronika Ivanovna
Teacher of additional education Krasheninnikova Ekaterinovna
0027 Teacher of additional education Belyakova Ksenia Nikolevna
The dance exists as long as
humanity itself exists.
It did not immediately begin to be considered a form of art,
but it always reflected the cultural development of
society. Each era gave people
their "modern" dances. From the end of the 20th
th century to the present day, club dances, popular
among young people, claim modernity.
Club dance is several sets of
certain movements in one or another
style (hip-hop, locking, house, funk, etc.)
with the possibility of improvisation.
One of the main features of
listed styles is versatility, independence from
external conditions. The dance floor in this
case is not necessarily parquet,
it can be asphalt or sand.
Therefore, dances of these styles are also classified as
"street" dances.

3. Papping

Papping (pop; from the English Poppin') -
dance style based on the
rapid contraction technique and
muscle relaxation, creating
the effect of a sharp flinch in the dancer's body
- dad or hit. This
is done continuously to the rhythm of the
music combined with various movements and
A dancer performing
is called a popper. Popping
in Russia for a long time
is wrong
was called "upper breakdance". Papping is also used as a general
term for a group of
related styles that
are often combined with
popping to give
more variety in

5. Locking

Locking (translated from English
"blocking, locking") - one of the directions
, separated from
hip-hop, based on its technique
large amplitude movements,
turns, jumps, throwing hands
and legs. Locking is performed at
high speed and with a large
recoil. Almost none of the
battles goes without locking.

6. House

House is dynamic and positive
dance style.
He was born when house music appeared
- in the 80s of XX. House music is very fast,
rhythmic, energetic, and the same is
the style of dance born by it - House. This
style is made up of dance moves from breakdance,
hip-hop, jazz, disco, latin, making it
one of the most interesting and popular
dance styles.

7. Electro

Electro is an active body bounce,
high speed, high
range of motion, turns,
movement is much more complex than in
milky-way direction. Note,
that in the Electro style, that
dancer is good who hears the music
perfectly and can show it through his
body. Of the movements in the style of Electro
, we note modified butterflies, and
work with hands smoothly
turning into king-tutt, all
movements of this dance look
interesting, not a bit like
milky-way, and if there are similarities, then
only from afar, if anyone
will carefully analyze dance
to find common points of both

8. Jumpstyle

Jumpstyle (born Jumpstyle from English.
jump - jump) is a dance style that has spread in Europe in the last
years, mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium,
and also in northern Germany and France.
Dances are held to energetic
electronic music, each dancer performs
jumping movements in his own manner to the rhythm of the music
, for which
style and got its name.
If there are several dancers, they must not
touch the partner.
Non-synchronous actions
by different dancers are encouraged.

9. Contempo

Contempo (Contemporary, Contemporary) is a modern, constantly emerging style
in which the search for expressive forms
continues. Contempo is not a single
unambiguous style, but a combination of
dance techniques from Western
(classical dance, jazz modern) and
Eastern (qigong, tai chi quan, yoga)
movement arts.
Features of contempo: alternation of
tense stretched muscles and
abrupt release, relaxation, work
with breathing, falls and rises,
abrupt stops (often on straight legs
), balancing, contradiction
and emotions.

11. Contact improvisation

Contact improvisation is a dance in which
improvisation is built around the point of contact with a partner.
Contact improvisation is
one of the forms of free dance.
Dance has existed and exists in the cultural traditions of all
human societies. Over the long history of mankind, it has constantly changed
, reflecting cultural development.
There is a huge variety of types, styles and forms of dance.
Dance is used as a way of self-expression, social communication,
for religious purposes, as a competitive sport, as a
demonstration art form.

13. Movement is life! Move! Dance! And be healthy!!!

English Russian Rules

What is the name of the youth dance?


is a spectacular dance that combines amazing plasticity and the complexity of acrobatic stunts. Its main properties are improvisation, originality and incendiary.

Breakdancing represents the dance direction of hip-hop culture and includes many styles. Its execution requires good coordination, physical endurance, a sense of rhythm and flexibility. In movements that include improvisational transitions from original plastique to acrobatic elements with spins on the head, jumps on the arms and turns around his body, the dancer not only demonstrates mastery, but also splashes out his emotions and energy.


This is a movement-based dance style that imitates the postures and facial expressions of Vogue models. Vogue has Hispanic and African American roots. This dance originated over fifty years ago and was intended to express gay culture. Nowadays, vogue, which has already lost its pronounced sexual coloring, is danced by both boys and girls. Once this direction was little known, but now this amazing style, which includes hip-hop, acrobatics and model poses, has gained great popularity among young people.


Popping is a dance designed to create an illusion. Everyone can make their dreams and fantasies come true. You just need to be persistent and believe in yourself.

Popping is a dance style based on pop and hit movements, built on the alternation of rapid contraction and relaxation of the dancer's muscles. Popping is called the dance of illusion, since many of its types (robot, wave, strobing) create the impression of unreality of what is happening.


Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau / Modern dance appeared as a kind of protest against ballet, against the fabulousness of its forms. For each representative of modern dance, it was not the main form, it was important to convey to the viewer a certain meaning, experience, emotions. The basic principles of modern dance: the rejection of the canons, the embodiment of new themes and plots with original dance-plastic means. modern, can be summarized as a concentration not only on the movements of the body, but also on the sensations that arise in the process of dancing, and on the state of mind. It is sometimes called the dance for the head, the philosophical dance. The goal of modernity is harmony in the body, in the soul and in the head, as well as between these three components. There are many movements that look relaxed, slow, sometimes yoga-like. On the basis of modern dance, all sorts of new techniques arise. For example, Afro-modern (ethnic version), trapeze dance or all kinds of mixtures of modern with stage movement, vocals, martial arts, pantomime. Modern accepts absolutely any sound design. Modern is not just a technique, it is a worldview.

Types of street dances are also quite diverse and interesting. This is a modern folk dance direction. The main type of street dance is hip-hop.

He was born in the USA and is now widely used throughout the world. Hip-hop competitions of various sizes are held. This type combines the individuality and originality of the dancer. Breakdance is very popular. This dance was also born on the street. This direction is characterized by the so-called battles, which are held on the streets of cities, as well as at large concert venues.

Contemporary dances are developing rapidly. Each person chooses for himself the direction that can cheer him up.


What styles are included in the directions of modern choreography?

Modern choreography includes jazz, jazz modern, modern, contemporary, experimental choreography. It also includes contact improvisation.

Anna, these are modern dances, but not modern choreography.

Which contemporary dancer can be singled out to understand the beauty of this dance?

Contemporary dance (contemporary, contemporary) is a direction of modern dance that combines elements of Western dance (classical dance, modern jazz), as well as Eastern art (qigong, yoga, tai chi quan). The main thing in contempo is self-expression.
Contemporary dance is inward, not outward.
The basis of this dance was laid by Isadora Duncan. A serious role in the development of the direction was played by dancers Marie Rambert and Martha Graham, choreographers Rudolf von Laban and Merce Cunningham.
Among the Russian names should be listed such as: Olga Pona, Tatyana Baganova, Nikolai Ogryzkov, Alexandra Kukin, Sergey Smirnov, Alexander Gurvich, Evgeny Panfilov, Gennady Abramov, Alexander Pepelyaev, Elena Prokopieva, Alexander Lyubashin.

What is the difference between Contemporary and Modern Choreography?
In your opinion, what are the main criteria that a modern dance school should meet?
How to find your style in music?

I gave my son an electric guitar for his birthday. The child jointly studied four a cords common among the people. Six months have passed, now he has all the programs and a microphone. rock style began to captivate him. Now he has started writing his own music. I don't even know where the curve will take him next. The main thing inspired him to treat it as a hobby. And the moment of bitter disappointment did not come for him. From not recognizing his talent of the general public. And what comes after that we all know.

What are the main types of art?

Depending on the material means by which works of art are constructed, three groups of art forms objectively arise:

there are those who deploy their images in space;

2) temporal (verbal and musical), where images are built in time, not in real space;

Modern specific classification of art covers arts and crafts, painting, architecture, sculpture, theater, music, film art.

However, art itself does not exist outside of time and society, in its content it is socially and inextricably linked with the national tradition and era.


Types of dance styles

Dance is a special kind of art in which human body movements act as instruments for expressing feelings, emotions and images, usually accompanied by music. The dance originates in the most ancient religious rites of the ancestors of modern man. The art of dance has developed and improved over the millennia, so it would be frivolous to consider it only entertainment and a way to have a good time.

Dance is body language. All dance movements have their own meaning, it is not just a set of movements, it is a way to say something to people around. Nowadays, there are a huge number of dance styles.

Types of dance directions

Ballet, ballroom dancing, historical, folk dances, modern, erotic, Latin American dances, hustle, swing. Dancing, like the rest of the art, is constantly progressing and reflecting the realities of our time and fashion trends.


This is a theatrical performance where the character, his feelings, emotions and thoughts are expressed by the artists through dance movements, plasticity, gestures and facial expressions. There are such types of ballet: classical, romantic and modern.

Ballroom dancing

Includes two types of program:

They are performed in pairs by a man and a woman. Ballroom dancing is popular all over the world.

Historical dances

This direction includes dances of past centuries, which are performed to this day and come to us from the Renaissance (allemande, contradans, pavane), Baroque (minuet) and from the 19th century (mazurka, polonaise , quadrille).

Folk direction

Each nationality has its own dances that reflect the character, traditions and customs of the people. The folk ones include: hopak, krakovyak, polka, lezginka, gypsy, round dance, chardash, trepak and many others.

Swing is a style that was born in the early 20th century based on African American dance traditions. Almost all dances of this direction suggest a jazz syncopated rhythm. Types of swing: Charleston, blues, jive, rock and roll, boogie-woogie and that's not all.

Hustle is a couple dance performed to disco music. Learning how to dance the hustle is very simple, anyone can perform it, it is based on improvisation. Varieties of hustle: sports, freestyle, show hustle, jack and jill, double hustle, ladies hustle.

Erotic dancing

Belly dance, striptease.

Striptease is a dance involving gradual exposure of the dancer's body. Most often, such a dance is performed using a pylon (pole).

Modern styles

Someone prefers only the newest and most modern types of dance styles.

The list of the most relevant styles among young people today looks like this:

Club dances

Dance directions: electrodance, house, jumpstyle, R&B, trance and tectonics - these are directions for those who like to light up at discos and club parties. Electrodance and trance dance to electronic music. The movements are energetic and expressive, performed at high speed and with a large amplitude.

Tektonik is a combination of elements of electrodance, popping, techno and hip-hop, i. e. jumps, leg swings and active arm movements. The dance is very energetic, suitable only for young people, while it is rather monotonous and monotonous.

Street dancing

Street dance styles are hip-hop, breakdance, popping, locking.

Hip-hop is not just a dance, it is a youth subculture that assumes its own style not only in music and dance, but also in the manner of dressing, as well as the use of slang and its own philosophy. Hip-hop combines completely different dance styles. The dance looks very simple, but in fact, it takes hard practice to learn how to dance hip-hop. Good physical preparation and endurance are necessary, since the load falls on all muscle groups.

Breakdance is the perfect dance for boys, boys and young men. This is not only a dance, it is a sport, in addition to dance movements, there are elements of acrobatics and gymnastics. Breakdance classes develop strength, endurance, self-confidence, plasticity and form a beautiful muscular body.

Modern ballet

Contemporary dancing barefoot. This dance is based on the martial arts of the East. Contemporary perform solo, duet, in pairs or as a group. The main thing in this type of dance is self-expression.

Latin American dances

Types of dance styles of Latin American origin: bachata, Argentinean tango, merengue, mambo, salsa, lambada, flamenco, capoeira, bolero.

Bachata is one of the most popular Latin dances today, just like capoeira. Bachata is a pair dance.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines acrobatics, kicks and is performed to music. Among Latin American dances there are such types of dance directions where they stamp their feet and clap their hands, for example, the famous flamenco. This dance is performed to the guitar with percussion, sometimes the dancers use castanets.

Modern dances for girls

Strip plastic is a direction for girls without complexes or for those who want to get rid of them. Strip plastic is the key to a beautiful figure. This type of dance will allow you to gain self-confidence, liberate yourself, become irresistible in the eyes of your beloved man.

Dances for children

The types of dance directions for children are slightly different from those offered for adults. These are hip-hop, go-go, belly dance, tectonics, breakdance, ballroom dancing, classical ballet, jazz, modern, dances of the peoples of the world and so on. For children, dancing is very useful, they will help improve posture, promote physical development and form a beautiful figure. Children learn everything much faster than adults, they have more energy and a more flexible body. In the modern world, there are various types of dance styles. The pictures in this article show some of them. Gradually, dance styles develop, improve, new ones appear on their basis, as each generation seeks to express itself, its thoughts and feelings in its own way. Nowadays, people of all ages, from children to seniors, can find a dance style that suits them.

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