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First-Time Dance Mom needs Stage Makeup Advice

Oh Mighty Amalah!

I have a situation that involves two of your loves, “telling other people what to do with their kids” and “makeup,” so I am hoping that between you and your wonderful readers I can give off the appearance of a mom that knows what they are doing. I am the mother of a 4.5 year old who is in her first year of dance. I am more of a “hockey and marching band” kind of person, but have tried to embrace tap shoes and tutus, and even signed up for the “parent-child dance class” where I am apparently going to be in a poodle skirt for the dance recital this spring.

This has all been fine until this last week, when we got word that dance pictures are coming up and we were sent the “makeup and hair instructions.” I need to do my 4 year old’s makeup! And hair! How did I not realize this? While I technically know how to put on makeup, I haven’t worn any regularly for close to 15 years and in the last 5 or so, I don’t think I’ve used more than a chapstick, so I am at a bit of a loss as to what brands and products would be the best. We were given nothing more than some general color guidelines so I feel rather overwhelmed. Black mascara, pink/rose blush, neutral eye color, red lip. I also need a hairspray that will hold for the dances, but allow me to brush, restyle and respray between dances.

I am currently unemployed so I am watching our budget and she will only have to wear this stuff a few times a year so I would like to avoid anything super expensive but it needs to last through a recital and apply easy enough that I can get it on a 4-year-old without causing tears. We all have “combination skin” and so far our kids haven’t shown any sensitivities to soaps etc so there is nothing I am specifically avoiding. Do you think liquid lipsticks and eyeliners would be better? Are there any dance moms out there with tips on how not to blind your kid putting mascara on them?

I had to run out an purchase a few things just to make sure I had something for pictures, but I have until the end of April to get stuff for the recital. I got her her own set of brushes and some makeup wipes along with the makeup but is there anything else I should get? Gah! I am way out of my element here. HELP!!!

Thanks in advance!
-Trying to be a Dance Mom

As it has been quite a few decades since my childhood dance recitals, and none of my boy children are involved in any activities that require makeup, I am relying on what I THINK are some good basic makeup tips and also a lot of Google.

Find great video tutorials from other Dance Moms

Once you have your products, I highly recommend you also hit Google, and particularly YouTube, where you’ll find a LOT of dance/gymnastics/recital/stage makeup how-tos for kids your daughter’s age. (And no, they aren’t all outtakes from Toddlers & Tiaras or recommending you pile on 10 pounds of slap on a 4-year-old’s face.) With a little clicking, you’ll find videos that include everything from how to apply the makeup, how to preserve the makeup throughout multiple dances, to tips for keeping a wiggly preschooler still in the process. (Which: I have no idea. Good luck!)

Stage makeup shouldn’t look like makeup on stage

The important thing to remember is that stage makeup shouldn’t actually LOOK all that much like makeup on-stage. It’s just to keep facial features from getting completely washed out under the stage lights and/or photography flashes. Off-stage, yes, it can look a little jarring, but ultimately the goal is to look at the natural skin/lip/cheek coloring and just…do that, but MORE OF IT. The same color family and warmth levels, but a couple of shades darker.

Choose hypoallergenic products

As a general rule for makeup and small children, if you see a hypoallergenic option on the shelf, try to opt for that one. Even though you mention no existing allergy or sensitivity concerns, the last place you want to be testing that theory out is on her eyelids. Note that “hypoallergenic” doesn’t mean “allergy proof;” it just means the manufacturer stays away from ingredients known to cause allergies or it made it through the test groups without a lot of documented reactions. It can be difficult to parse the truth from cosmetic labels — words like natural and organic and vegan can get thrown around a lot but not actually really reflect how truly gentle the product will be for your particular skin.

Recommendations for makeup and hair for kids on stage

1. Mascara
A full-sized product’s wand will be too big for your daughter’s small lashes and a pain in the butt to apply without smudging. Look for a small travel- or sample-sized version instead. (If you know any dedicated Sephora shoppers, just ask them to look in the impulse-buy area for you, or redeem their Insider points for any mascara sample they’re offered.) You can also find packs of mini disposable wands on Amazon or at a beauty supply store. The proper wand size is probably the only thing to worry about when it comes to mascara. Just get a simple black version without a lot of marketing bells and whistles (ultra-vultra-volume! xxxxxtense thickening!!), so long as you have the proper tool to apply it to a tiny little lash line.

2. Eyeliner
I would recommend something with a soft applicator, like a liquid or gel. Pencils (particularly the more inexpensive ones) can be really hard and require a good amount of pressure to apply evenly, so I can picture a little kid not enjoying the feeling and involuntarily jerking her head away. (If you’ve already bought a pencil, you can warm/soften it up before applying by drawing a few lines on the palm of your hand or hold it in the flame of a lighter or candle for just a few seconds beforehand and then cool.) The only downside to liquid/gel eyeliners is that they can be tougher to clean up application mistakes, so I’d recommend bringing a small bottle of eye makeup remover and some Q-tips to fix up any squiggles or over-lining that happens.

(Also note that for mascara and liquid eyeliners, the expiration clock starts ticking as soon as you open them and expose the product to the air. So even if she’s not using them regularly, be prepared to buy new products every six months or so anyway to avoid clumpy, dry eye makeup. Another reason to ask for freebies from any Sephora/Ulta shoppers you know!)

3. Eyeshadow
Any cheap little palette will do here! Since you’re (thankfully) not being asked to apply crazy bold or glitter colors, you can pick up a decent neutral color at the neighborhood drugstore from whatever line you like — Maybelline, Elf, Cover Girl, etc. Note that “neutral” can mean a LOT of different colors — anything from pale pink to beige, tans, browns or greys. It really depends on your daughter’s coloring. Very pale skin will do well with a pink or soft grey, darker skin looks lovely with earth tones, olive complexions can go with creams or grey-greens, etc. Watch what the other moms are doing when it comes to applying the shadow just to her lid vs. taking it all the way up to her brow bone.

4. Blush
Think of what your daughter’s skin looks like when she actually blushes or gets flushed from the heat or physical activity. Buy that color. Since little kids don’t have super-defined cheekbones, ask your daughter to suck in and make a “fish face. ” The part of her cheeks that don’t get suck in and pop out slightly are your application guide. Apply the blush most heavily to the apples of her cheeks and lightly brush it out and upwards towards her temples.

5. Lips
I’d personally go with a matching red lipliner pencil and traditional lipstick over a liquid version, just for the staying power and a less sticky/goopy texture. To make it last, you can “prime” her lips with a few dabs of liquid foundation or an actual lip primer product — whatever you find that’s cheaper. Lip liner will also preserve the color and keep it from bleeding over the edges of her lips, so put that on first, then apply the lipstick, have her blot. (And check her teeth!!) For quick reapplications, use a small makeup brush to dab lipstick on where it rubbed off, or touch up with the lip pencil.

6. Hair
I’ll make a specific product recommendation: Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play hairspray. (Note that there’s Spray and PLAY and also Spray and STAY, both in the same red and black can so make sure you’re grabbing the right one. [I’ve made this mistake, whomp whomp.] I’m recommending the PLAY version since you mentioned the need to brush out and re-style, which is where PLAY is the champion product.) It’s a bit pricier than other hairsprays, but my lands, it’s magic stuff and a single can will probably last you YEARS of her dance career. I have very fine, child-like hair and this is my go-to spray that manages to offer a solid hold while ALSO remaining flexible. And volume! And you can do multiple applications of it without your hair EVER getting crazy stiff and straw-like or looking like your hair has been shellacked to your skull. Just gently brush it out, re-style and re-spray.

7. Other products and ideas
As for anything else? Well, I already mentioned some proper eye makeup remover and Q-tips for mascara/eyeliner oopsies. You can try wrapping the makeup wipe around the Q-tip and cleaning small smudges that way, but depending on the wipes and how waterproof the actual makeup is, you might find it’s stubborn and won’t wipe away cleanly enough. Practice at home while watching YouTube demos to see!

If your daughter is really exerting herself and you find her hair and scalp are getting sweaty and thus more difficult to cleanly restyle after a few dances, a can of dry shampoo might come in handy to freshen up her roots. (Batiste makes great dry shampoos at reasonable prices.) A small travel-sized blow dryer with a cool setting can help too, but then you’re at the mercy of available outlet plugs AND you’re potentially making a ton of noise backstage. So I’d opt for an inexpensive dry shampoo.

There are also setting sprays for face makeup that can help keep her blush and shadows in place, but I’m not 100% sure they’re worth the investment for you, given that we’re not talking full foundation/brows/contouring here. But maybe an experienced Dance Mom will disagree with that and recommend a budget-friendly option.

And finally, the most important thing is to make sure your daughter WASHES HER FACE afterwards and gets all this crap OFF. A makeup removing wipe is step one, but is by no means enough to get her delicate skin as clean as it needs to be. Use an actual facial soap or cleanser after wiping the makeup off — I like Cetaphil since it’s inexpensive, super gentle for all skin types, and easy to use.

Photo source: Depositphotos/Veresovich

Maddie Ziegler Started Doing Her Own Makeup Before 'Dance Moms'

Maddie Ziegler was only eight years old when her life changed forever. The Pittsburgh native was cast in the Lifetime show Dance Moms alongside her sister, Kenzie Ziegler, and mom, Melissa Gisoni. The show made Maddie famous in the world of competitive dance. It also got her noticed by her frequent collaborator, Sia. But dance wasn’t the only skill that Maddie showed expertise in during her tenure on the show. She also showed a keen understanding of how to use makeup.

Maddie Ziegler | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Maddie Ziegler did her own makeup on ‘Dance Moms’

Fans of Dance Moms will recall that from the beginning of the show, Maddie would do her own makeup for competitions and performances. While some of the other dancers often relied on their moms, Maddie took it upon herself to make sure her face was done. Furthermore, she often did Kenzie’s makeup as well as her other teammates’, creating complex looks for the stage.

When did the ‘West Side Story’ actor start doing her own makeup?

Interestingly enough, Maddie started doing her own makeup years before Dance Moms even aired. While speaking with Teen Vogue, she admitted that her skills have certainly improved in the years since. “I think I can now confidently do my makeup,” The Fallout actor explained. “I started doing my own makeup when I was six years old. So I have continued to grow in terms of my makeup skills, but I love it so much.”

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But why is makeup such a passion for Maddie? Like dancing or acting, the Bloody Hell star enjoys how it allows her to express her creativity. “There’s no rules to makeup, so I think that’s why I also love it so much because you have so much freedom to play and sometimes I think [about] how they say art is subjective,” she continued. “I think that’s the same with makeup. I think that it’s up to your own interpretation and you can do whatever makes you happy.”

What is Maddie’s everyday look?

But what kind of makeup looks makes Maddie happy these days? She keeps it pretty simple for her everyday look, opting for a feathery brow which she achieves using a brow gel. She also likes a cream blush to give her a nice pigment. And the dancer always makes sure she loads up on sunscreen, especially because she’s based in sunny Los Angeles.

giving mermaid ?‍♀️ shop my collection at @morphebrushes @ultabeauty and soon at @target ? #morphe2xmaddie

— Maddie Ziegler (@maddieziegler) September 1, 2022

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Ziegler loves a makeup look with a fun eye

Of course, Maddie opts for a bolder look when she’s getting all dolled up for interviews, premieres, or photoshoots. Her must-have makeup look for special events? “Definitely a fun eye,” Maddie declared. “I love to do either a fun pop of color on the eye or a fun graphic liner. So that’s why I am really happy to do both of those things in my collection because that’s actually what I use the most. And it was so cool.”

Clearly, Maddie’s years of using makeup have helped her hone her skills. It’s no surprise that she recently launched yet another makeup collection with Morphe 2.

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33 make-up schemes. In ballroom dancing, makeup is almost an art.


  1. 33 make-up schemes. In ballroom dancing, makeup is almost an art.
  2. How to make up for a dance performance. Stage make-up for different categories of performers
  3. Make-up for ballroom dancing in the category "Juniors-2"
  4. Professional cosmetics for ballroom dancing. Dancer's Makeup
  • Women's Makeup
  • Children's Makeup
  • Make-up for men
  • Make-up for ballroom dancing. A photo.
  • Children's makeup for ballroom dancing. Step-by-step design of the face on the dance floor
  • Eye makeup for ballroom dancing. What is makeup for?
  • Makeup for ballroom dancing step by step. Professional Ballroom Dance Makeup
    • Basic Rule
    • Preparing the Face
    • Step by Step How to Apply Foundation
    • Eyes in Ballroom Dance Makeup
    • Lip makeup
    • Blush
  • Features of ballroom dance makeup
  • Video Ballroom dance makeup /GET READY WITH ME / children's makeup
  • 33 makeup schemes. In ballroom dancing, makeup is almost an art.

    Bright and sometimes even redundant make-up is no less a component of the image than, for example, the right hairstyle or dress. Read about small tricks of eye makeup, and what schemes are used today by top couples in the European and Latin American program, in our material on the pages of DanceSport. Ru.

    Professional stylists spend an average of half an hour to fifty minutes on make-up. And this is not the limit. After all, no matter how simple the makeup scheme is, it is a filigree work, since the tone is usually applied before the master starts shading the shadows. The make-up scheme always depends on many factors: the geometry of the face, the image on the parquet, the lighting features of the hall, etc.

    One of the main components of the competitive make-up is the lower eyeliner: (Austria), - is used almost always.It helps to better emphasize the shape of the eyes, make them brighter.0051
    photo: Spooner
    True, when liner lower eyelash line should take into account the individual tolerance of the client. Some dancers immediately say: "You don't need to line my eyes from below, I cry with eyeliner." Then the master has to look for some way out - first apply a pencil, then shadows on it, or just shadows. In MAC, for example, there is a very convenient eyeliner, which in quality resembles liquid shadows.

    In the standard, the eyeliner can be bright, but then it must be shaded with lighter shadows. But in Latin, such shading should not always be done.

    In order to soften the transitions, it is necessary to choose natural brushes. In shape, they are usually not flat, but rounded, somewhat reminiscent of brushes for painting. As a matter of fact, that's what they are called, shading brushes." and brings it far beyond the outer corners of the eyes.Sometimes Christina also resorts to colored, green eyeliner to emphasize the lower borders of the eyelid.0003

    Although the dancers use different colors in their make-up, in general, the competitive make-up is quite graphic and is often limited to black and white. And the point is not only that colored shadows sometimes look unpredictable in the evening light of spotlights, but also the convenience of using this option:
    photo: Spooner
    "Color options, - says Maria Emrich - options that echo the color of the dress are possible, in latin and in standard. However, top partners on average change clothes at competitions 2-3 times, and in this case it is much more practical to use a black and white version and change only lipstick".

    Sufficiently contrasting eye makeup is preferred by Edita Daniute, who actively draws the lash line and eyelid crease. But Andra Vaidilaite, on the contrary, strives for softer eye makeup. Her scheme, rather, approaches the mysterious Smokey Ice. This popular makeup scheme involves shading with light brown shadows, which are smoothly distributed between dark and light shades.

    But if the eye makeup is a canvas, then the eyebrows are the frame, which often becomes decisive in competitive makeup: "The shape of the eyebrow should fit the shape of the face and should be proportional to the makeup, as well as the color of the eyebrows, which must be in harmony with the makeup. K For example, in soft daytime makeup there can be no place for black eyebrows. If the model’s own eyebrows are still black, then they are usually corrected with a little shadow or a pencil, "comments Maria Strelnikova-Emrich.

    Chasing fashion, choosing for yourself thin, wide, arched or rising eyebrows is not a very promising occupation. To choose the shape of the eyebrows, the geometry of the face is much more important. Makeup artists know one simple trick well. To determine where the highest point of the eyebrow is located, it is enough to attach a pencil to the tip of the nose and draw an impromptu diagonal line through the iris. It is this point that will become one of the reference points in the subsequent eye makeup.

    photo: Spooner
    True, if the laws of form in ballroom dance makeup remain unshakable, then the laws of color harmony are not always respected. Eyebrow color in competitive make-up can sometimes contradict the traditional rules of classic make-up. So, if we look at the finalists of the 2013 World Championships in the Latin American dance program, they all corrected their eyebrows with rich dark shades. And this is despite the fact that in classic makeup, a bright contrast between the color of hair and eyebrows has always been considered bad manners.

    Of course, the competition make-up scheme is connected not only with the stage specifics of ballroom dancing. It may also depend on the age category of the dancers: “The older the dancer, the less and brighter he wears makeup to look younger. As a rule, older dancers do not use eyeliner and simply draw the lower eyelash edge at the bottom with a pencil,” says Maria Strelnikova-Emrich.

    Of course, for each type of eyes (close, wide-set, etc.) there is its own signature make-up scheme. However, professional makeup artists have one little secret that will help everyone figure out where the border of a darker shade of shadows should be located approximately. By the way, many makeup artists advise doing makeup with your eyes open. No matter how good the scheme is, no matter how wonderful the transitions between shades look, it can look completely different with open eyes than with closed ones.

    Ekaterina Pechenik (photo: Spooner)
    We are all very different, and therefore there are no unambiguous answers for everyone in makeup. However, within any individual scheme, some general rules can be used. For example, to create the perfect eye makeup, the rule of a triangle will help. It is very easy to draw it.

    To do this, it is enough to connect two lines without closing your eyes. The first will go from the outer edge of the lower eyelid to the tip of the eyebrow, while the second will go from the highest point of the eyebrow along its outer tail. At the intersection of these lines, the same magic triangle is formed, beyond which the shadows should not go.

    You won't believe it, but the most daring ladies even stick adhesive tape to mark these boundaries! However, this hardly applies to the leading duets, who, although they use the services of makeup artists today, as a rule, are able to repeat any, the most complex make-up scheme, even in "field" conditions.

    How to make up for a dance performance. Stage make-up for different categories of performers

    Make-up for ballroom dancing is not always used. Girls performing in the categories "Children" and "Junior-1", according to the rules of the tracksuit of the Dance Sports Union of Russia, should not use cosmetics.

    Category "Junior-2" can do makeup, following certain rules.

    The use of cosmetics will depend on the type of dance. For hot latin, first apply bronzer or self-tanner, then foundation and powder to match skin tone. Shadows can be applied even with incongruous shades. False eyelashes are covered with mascara twice. The long black arrow is required. A bright lipstick is applied to the lips, combined with the suit. Pencil stroke in progress.

    For mothers of young dancers, they regularly hold a master class on applying makeup and hairstyles. If you follow all the rules, you can succeed on your own.

    Hair is styled differently. For classical ballroom dancing, hairstyles made on the basis of simple weaving are suitable. You can add ribbons or decorative hairpins to the strands. Often a high or low beam is used. Hairpins with beautiful tips will look great in the hair.

    Professional stylists do makeup for 30-50 minutes.

    Make-up for ballroom dances in the category "Junior-2"

    When choosing a dance look, make-up should be taken into account, which is allowed in categories starting from the age group Junior-2. According to the classification table, the Yu-2 category assumes that the eldest of the partners turns 14-15 years old this year.

    At this age, it is advisable to use only natural, mineral cosmetics from well-known manufacturers for applying make-up. Lightness, freshness of youth and masking of problem areas are the tasks that must be performed first of all when creating a dance style for a partner. Aggressive juniors 2 can be used if a bright multi-color suit matches this.

    Important! Chasing fashion trends, choosing images that shock the public for yourself, is not a very justified occupation. It is better to proceed from individual facial features, hair color and hairstyle shape.

    What professional make-up artists offer (make-up application instructions):
    1. Cleanse the face skin with a toning lotion. This contributes to the narrowing of the pores and prevents unwanted reactions from appearing. All defects mask with concealer.
    2. Moderate use of foundation (natural), mineral powder is possible to even out the skin relief.
    3. Draw a visually even contour of the eyebrows with a pencil and fix their shape with gel. To choose the shape of the eyebrows, you should determine the location of the high point of the eyebrow. To do this, a pencil is applied to the tip of the nose and an impromptu line is drawn diagonally through the center of the eye. This point is a reference point in eye makeup.
    4. Cover eyelids with matching eye shadow up to the eyebrows. Highlight the moving eyelid with a darker shade, lighter - the lower eyelids.
    5. Elongated arrows on the outer and lower eyelids. Noticeable options are obtained by using arrows of several shades at the same time. To give a shimmering effect in the eye area, you can stick special rhinestones.
    6. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara to eyelashes. Alternatively, you can use false eyelashes.
    7. Apply lipstick and set with gloss.
    8. Blush with shimmer on the bulge of the cheekbones and glitter to complete the look.

    If the skin is too pale, a small amount of luminizer or bronzer can be used.

    Important! The ability to stand out on the floor and not look ridiculous at the same time is the main rule so that juniors 2 ballroom dance makeup can complement the dance image competently.

    Special aids

    Spectators and judges must look at the partner's eyes and lips. They need to be emphasized. Suitable super-resistant matte lipstick, glitter eyeshadow, shimmer mica.

    Make-up takes 30 minutes to an hour. The duration depends on a number of conditions:

    Dance makeup ideas (category Yu-2)

    Men's makeup

    Men's makeup for ballroom dancing is extremely reserved. Usually flesh tones are used. To add elegance, it is possible to use transparent gels for eyelashes and eyebrows. Eyeliner will be relevant for the performance of Latin dances. In this case, it is recommended to use a pencil or two-phase shadows.

    Professional cosmetics for ballroom dancing. Dancer's makeup

    Women's makeup

    In addition to the natural characteristics of the dancer, it is necessary to take into account the color of the competition dress. From afar, the color of the performer's eyes is poorly visible, but the dress is excellent, decorative cosmetics should match in tone and match the color scheme of the costume. The foundation should match the skin tone, if you plan to use self-tanner or bronzer, you need to take this into account. Lipstick can be pink, red, the main thing is that the color is saturated. The style and direction of the dance should be strictly taken into account, gentle tones are unlikely to go for tango. Consider hair color: brunettes should opt for blue, steel, brown tones, blondes - blue, pink, brown-haired women - green, bright pink shades. In order to To achieve the desired effect, use only high-quality, professional cosmetics.

    Children's make-up

    Here you can buy cosmetics for children of excellent quality. The rules for applying makeup for children are similar to adults, but remember that delicate children's skin does not need foundation, it is enough to emphasize the contour of the face with blush. Do not use aggressive colors.

    Men's makeup

    Men also use cosmetics! But for men, everything is much simpler - it is enough to apply a tone to the skin shortly before the performance, if necessary, you need to use a corrector and tint tones of powder. Eyelashes and eyebrows can be covered with a transparent gel, it is better to use two-phase shadows as an eyeliner. They need to be blended in order to highlight the eyes, but at the same time avoid a clearly defined line. Just as training ballroom shoes are necessary, it is necessary to practice applying cosmetics correctly so as not to waste time and avoid unpleasant surprises at the competition.

    Ballroom dance makeup. A photo.

    Sports ballroom dance makeup has a number of distinctive features: the use of rich color cosmetics, the choice of style is based on the style of the dance costume, the sharp emphasis on the lines of the eyes and lips so that the judges and spectators can distinguish the emotions on the faces of the dancers. Of no small importance in the field of dance make-up are special means: tanning, bronzer, all kinds of glitter and rhinestones.

    The basic rules for dance make-up are consistency and thoroughness. An important requirement is the presence of good artificial lighting, as the dance competition takes place indoors. Correct makeup for ballroom dancing is best done after creating a hairstyle. And you should start with the initial preparation of the skin, for this purpose it can be cleaned and toned with lotion, after which the skin is moisturized with cream and a make-up base is applied.

    The next step is to shape the eyebrows with eye shadow or pencil, then apply shadow over the base on the eyelids, after which eyeliner and mascara are applied. The lips are painted at the last stage, first the lip line is drawn with a pencil, then with lipstick. The final touch is blush, which gives freshness and corrects the shape of the face.

    Makeup for ballroom dancing. Photo of step-by-step execution

    Step-by-step execution of make-up for sports ballroom dancing is invited to look at the photo:

    Children's makeup for ballroom dancing.

    Step-by-step design of the face on the dance floor
    • The girl's face should be as bright as possible, radiating confidence and strength, and therefore lipstick, mascara, blush and shadows are chosen in the most saturated tones;
    • Under make-up, it is mandatory to apply a base to match the skin color - foundation and powder;
    • Make-up colors should harmonize and complement not so much the eyes as the style of the dancer's costume. This rule works because it is the color of the outfit that is visible to the audience, and few people can see the natural data from the audience. Another nuance is the style in which the costume is chosen, because, whatever one may say, gentle pink make-up does not suit the Argentine tango at all, but the contrast of red lips and bright eyes will be the best here;
    • For the integrity of the image, in addition to the outfit, one more detail should be taken into account - the color of the hair, which is much more noticeable to the viewer than the shade of the iris. In this regard, it is better for brunettes to choose rich colors of cosmetics, for example, steel and blue, for brown-haired women - green, brown, bright pink, and for girls with light curls to face softer shades - blue, pink, yellow.

    Eye makeup for ballroom dancing. What is makeup for?

    The main principle of ballroom dance make-up is to focus the viewer's attention on the dancer's eyes and lips as much as possible, as well-applied stage make-up gives them the greatest expressiveness. Calm colors have no place in stage make-up - they should be set aside for everyday make-up.

    Of course, everyone has their own views on what cosmetics should be, how much of it should be, and in general - should it be?! Here I immediately want to note the fact that in the case when the partners do not go beyond and perform in the category "Children" and "Junior-1", there can be no talk of makeup at all. Well, in any case, this is provided for by the rules of the tracksuit of the Dance Sports Union of Russia (STSR), which were approved by the Decision of the Presidium of the All-Russian Public Sports Organization of the CTSR, on December 21, 2012. As for the age categories, starting from “Junior-2” and up to “Senior”, it is necessary to select cosmetics for stage make-up as carefully as possible, taking into account a number of points:

    • Bright colors. Lipstick can be not only red, all shades of pink look great under the color of spotlights. Eyelashes must be made up as thick as possible, it is advisable to select black mascara. It must be remembered that spotlights "eat" the brightness of makeup - that's why it is recommended to apply it in bright light.
    • Foundation should not be selected according to the natural skin color of the dancer, but according to the skin color that she will have directly at the performance. This rule is especially true if a girl uses self-tanner or bronzer.
    • Stage costume color. Unlike everyday makeup, which is matched to the color of the eyes, ballroom dance makeup is selected, first of all, to match the color of the dancer's costume. This moment is very important to take into account, because, watching the competition, the spectators, sitting a few meters from the contestants, do not see the color of their eyes. Watching the performers, the audience will certainly appreciate how bright the dancers' costumes are and how much the dancer's makeup matches her ball gown.
    • The style of the stage costume is also a very important criterion when choosing stage make-up. The ball gown for the Argentine tango is absolutely not suitable for a romantic make-up, made in pale pink shades. In this case, the best choice would be a contrasting makeup with accents on the eyes and lips.
    • Hair color must also be taken into account when choosing makeup for ballroom dancing. You need to select cosmetics for the hair color of the dancer, which she will have in competitions, and not in ordinary life. Brunettes are perfect for juicy shades of shadows - blue, steel, chocolate. Blondes will look great with softer tones, such as yellow, pink or blue eye shadow. Green, brown and hot pink shades should be chosen by brown-haired women.
    • Professional cosmetics will help create a unique image of a dancer. Firstly, in comparison with budget brands, professional cosmetics are represented by a wider variety of shades. Secondly, makeup created with professional cosmetics is more resistant to sweat - it will not "run" and will not lose its appearance after the first few minutes of the competition.
    • Rhinestones add sparkle and sparkle to a dancer's make-up. Reflecting and beautifully shimmering in the spotlights, they will undoubtedly attract the attention of the audience and the jury.

    Makeup for ballroom dancing step by step. Professional makeup for ballroom dancing

    Dancing is an art, and art requires not only talent, but also beauty. If you are engaged in ballroom dancing, then the first thing to consider in your own image is make-up, which on stage should be as bright as possible, but at the same time harmonious (this is a ballet, not a dance floor).

    In this article, we will consider in detail what kind of makeup should be applied to girls dancing ballet.

    Basic rule

    Focusing the attention of the audience on the eyes and lips of the dancer

    Beautiful makeup for ballroom dancing

    The main task of makeup for ballroom dancing is to focus the attention of the audience on the eyes and lips of the dancer. A face with such a noticeable make-up is more expressive and conveys more emotions due to the presence of bright colors on the face.

    Such cosmetics, firstly, have a denser structure than "homemade" ones, so they last longer, and secondly, they are distinguished by the saturation of shades. Everyday makeup should be postponed - it is unacceptable here. Consider the main points of bright stage makeup.

    Preparing the face

    Face in ballroom dance make-up

    The foundation is chosen not for the natural skin tone of the dancer, but for the color that the skin will acquire during the performance when using a bronzer.

    Foundation and powder must have a dense structure, so only professional cosmetics should be preferred.

    Do not apply makeup in daylight, as the light in the hall is very different from it - you should find a room with the brightest lighting, and then evaluate the work by looking at yourself in the mirror in the performance hall. Before applying makeup, it is advisable to wipe the face with a tonic lotion.

    Step-by-step instructions - apply foundation on the face

    1. Mask the face with a resistant foundation, wait for it to be absorbed.
    2. Now apply light loose powder on those areas of the face that need to be brightened to give it more expressiveness - the area around the eyes, nose, chin, center of the forehead.
    3. Use a darker shade of powder to correct the oval of the face.

    Ballroom dance eyes

    Make-up should be as bright as possible

    Eyes in ballroom eye makeup

    Make-up should be as bright as possible, and this requires some skill in application, because bright tones must be applied very carefully - any mistake will be clearly visible.

    Bright colors need to be chosen as correctly as possible so that they match your image. Of course, it is desirable to choose shadows, taking into account the color of the hair and eyes (especially hair).

    So, brunettes need to choose blue, purple, steel, chocolate, burgundy tones, blondes are recommended to give preference to pink (and there are so many tones of pink that it is not difficult to choose a rich and bright pink), yellow, blue, and brown-haired women - green, bright pink, brown.

    Be sure to use black, preferably liquid eyeliner, which makes the eyes even more expressive. If the eyes are convex, then you need to completely circle them with eyeliner, but girls with a small slit in the eyes are not recommended to do this.

    In addition, the eyeliner helps to reshape the eyes - lift the drooping corners, make them rounder or give the shape of an almond. To draw arrows, you can purchase a special thin brush, which is used by makeup artists when creating makeup. Be careful with lower eyeliner - too much eyeliner can make your eyes look a bit heavy.

    Eyelashes . Girls dancing ballet, without fail, stick eyelashes, which gives expressiveness to the face.

    To begin with, your own eyelashes are stained, then false ones are glued with a thin line of glue, and then covered with several more layers of mascara. Be careful with glue, as an excess of it is visible on the eyelids. Use glue with a thin toothpick.

    Rhinestones in ballroom dance makeup

    The role of rhinestones in eye makeup. Rhinestones are bright and creative, which is why many dancers use them in eye makeup. It is important not to overdo it here, as an excess of rhinestones will turn you into a peacock instead of a mysterious beauty with sparkling eyes. Rhinestones are applied to the corners of the eyes, along the eyelash line, on the area under the eyebrow, etc.

    If you use rhinestones in a more abundant amount, do not overdo it with shadows and eyeliner - everything should be in harmony.

    Eyebrows. The eyebrow line is highlighted either with a pencil or with shadows - if it is undesirable to use a black eyebrow pencil in everyday makeup, then this is not important in stage makeup. Although, of course, too black eyebrows on a blonde, even on stage, will look somewhat sharp.

    Lip makeup

    Ballroom dance lips

    Lip makeup should be bright, but it is not necessary to use red lipstick - you can choose from numerous rich shades of fuchsia pink.

    Also in this case, you can not do without a pencil, which you need to trace the contour of the lips. It is better to choose a pencil a tone darker than the shade of lipstick. It is allowed to go a little beyond the contour of the lips, if the lips are thin, which becomes noticeable when using rich lipstick.

    Shading the corners of the lips with a pencil will help to make them juicy. In order for the lip makeup to be brighter, make-up artists are recommended to apply gloss over lipstick.


    Of course, you can't do without blush - they add expressiveness and liveliness to the face, because often when using foundation or powder, the face seems too pale.

    Blush pick up very carefully and try not to abuse them. Brown blush is best suited for a stage look, as reddish shades will look somewhat tasteless.

    Of course, in order to make up for ballroom dancing, you will need high-quality and durable professional cosmetics. Below we will look at which brands of cosmetics are the most popular.

    Features of ballroom dance make-up

    Make-up for ballroom dancing and ballroom dancing sports tournaments is fundamentally different from everyday. The kind of cosmetics that are chic for everyday life will not work correctly on stage. There are a number of reasons for this:

    1. In everyday life, you do not have to go in for sports without first removing your makeup. Performing on stage is hard work, and athletes sweat, which greatly affects the make-up for ballroom dancing.
    2. Everyday life is no place for overly bright looks, so the choice of shades for everyday cosmetics is much more modest than for the stage.
    3. In everyday life, there is practically no chance of being exposed to spotlights that make ordinary cosmetics behave unpredictably. Most likely, guessing with the resulting color will not work.
    4. In everyday life, they do not practice bright highlighting of individual features.

    Video Ballroom dance makeup /GET READY WITH ME / kids makeup

    step-by-step instructions and 20 make-up ideas with photos

    Pregnancy and childbirth seriously change a woman's life. Changes affect almost all areas of life. Today we will talk about a new approach to make-up


    • Make-up features of a young mother
    • Quick makeup: step by step photo tutorial
    • Express makeup for a young mother: ideas and photos
    • The minimum set of cosmetics for a young mother

    A new stage in life often inspires us to personal restructuring. And not only internal. I want to refresh my haircut, make an unusual make-up. We will talk about the latter in the context of the birth of a child.

    Make-up features of a young mother

    If you conduct a mini-survey of others, the majority will agree that it is most common to see young mothers with simple and natural make-up, which is not overloaded with accents.


    This is really one of the best options. And the opinion that mothers need to make up more restrained, refusing bright colors and other catchy beauty solutions, has nothing to do with it. No one forbids them to use red lipstick, black eyeliner and bright shadows to create looks that will cheer you up and make you feel beautiful even in a turbulent stream of new troubles.


    Another thing is that young mothers do not have much free time and energy. Therefore, the most useful for them are life hacks for quick makeup and simple ways to create beautiful makeup.


    Choose from 2 in 1 BB or CC creams; foundation creams with a moisturizing effect are also suitable, that is, makeup combined with care. In a critical time pressure, you can neglect the day cream and apply only BB. You will get an even and fresh tone and at the same time relieve the skin of dryness.


    Another must have is concealer. Without this tool, a young mother's cosmetic bag will be incomplete: sleepless nights next to the child make themselves felt in the form of dark circles under the eyes that require masking.

    © maybelline


    Eyebrow correction determines the overall mood of the image. Therefore, it is better not to sacrifice eyebrow makeup. Otherwise, the face is unlikely to give the impression of a well-groomed.



    Liquid eyeliner and multicolor palettes can be put aside for a while. More benefit will be from a soft eyeliner, which can quickly draw the contour of the eyes.


    You can also use it to create a light haze and cat eye in the simplest version of this make-up - we talked about its intricacies in this video.

    An ideal pair of pencils will be mascara that “opens” the eye.



    Moisturizing balm is useful for every day. This product cares for delicate skin and gives it an attractive shine.

    © kiehls

    Lipsticks are best chosen so that makeup can be applied with fingertips.


    Tints and mousses like Lo-Fi from Urban Decay are also suitable for a quick make-up.

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    Quick makeup: step by step photo tutorial

    1. 1


      Moisturize the skin with a day cream and apply foundation, evenly spreading it over the face.

      © Makeup. ru

      Use concealer to spot-cover any imperfections that remain visible; it is best to draw it on the tip of a thin brush and work with it targeted.


      Next, blend on the apples of the cheeks or under the cheekbones for an easy face correction with a little blush.


    2. 2


      To quickly tidy up your eyebrows, take a tinted mascara and comb the hairs in the right direction - as a result, the eyebrows will acquire the desired shape and more pronounced color. You will get a soft accent.


    3. 3


      After using a primer, spread the base shade of eye shadow over the eyelids (best with a shimmer to refresh the look due to the shimmer effect). Try, for example, shadows from Urban Decay.


      Next, line the inner contour of the eyelids with a pencil, work out the space between the eyelashes, and also emphasize the lash line from the outside.

      If desired, the lines can be softened or smudged with a brush. Finish off your makeup with mascara.


    4. 4


      At the end, lightly tint the lips with moisturizing lipstick or balm.


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    Express make-up for a young mother: ideas and photos

    Daytime make-up for a walk with a baby

    © abbey_victoriaaaa

    Even tone with a slight shine on the cheekbones, underlined brows and painted over - this minimum is enough to look fresh. Such a make-up can be done in 5 minutes.

    Evening make-up for dinner

    © sasha_make_up

    For a young mother who has planned to go out, evening make-up can be done in express mode. Spread the foundation with a sponge, blend the blush with a large powder brush, lightly line the eyebrows with a pencil or shadows. Add a haze of shadows to the base makeup - a medium shade of brown with a shimmer will do. At the end, tint the eyelashes with mascara - the image is ready.

    Fresh makeup with a bright accent

    © maayanhogeg

    If you want to create a cheerful, cheerful look, add color to your makeup. For example, with lipstick. Its application is a matter of minutes. Mascara and light eyebrow makeup will complement this accent.

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    The minimum set of cosmetics for a young mother: a review of funds

    The necessary minimum should be in every young mother's cosmetic bag. Without these funds, in the opinion of the editors, it is impossible to do.