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Bollywood Dance for Beginners, with Jaya Vaswani

Bollywood Dance for Beginners, with Jaya Vaswani - DVD / streaming video

Bollywood Dance for Beginners is not a 'workout' or 'exercise' video: This is real dance instruction.  Instructor Jaya Vaswani leads you step-by-step through all the little moves -- and big ones, too -- that make Bollywood dance what it is.  This amazing instructional program includes Indian dance hand gestures, Bollywood dance moves, variations, key descriptive words you need to know to discuss this form of dance, and the full technique of expressive body language used in Bollywood dance.  There is a full Bollywood routine, a dance-along section, and more!

Created by Jaya Vaswani,

Bollywood Dance for Beginners introduces Bollywood steps and styling, as well as cultural concepts that make Bollywood music and dance so uniquely colorful. A blend of stylistic influences from within and outside Indian culture, a dazzling kaleidoscope of ancient and modern aesthetics, customs, and lore, Bollywood tradition is an ever-evolving phenomenon. Jaya s instructional program helps you learn and adopt the cultural meanings of Bollywood dance moves and gestures from the very first steps, giving you instant enjoyment of the rich social texture underlying the glamour, playfulness and optimism of Bollywood dance.

Jaya opens her program demonstrating the Namascar tradition - explaining this ancient Indian ritual of expressing gratitude for the gifts that have been given to you, and dedicating one s dance to the eternal and the divine powers of the universe.

In the section on Haasta Mudras, the hand gestures originating in the 8 styles of classical Indian dance, Jaya introduces the unique motions of the hand most commonly seen in Bollywood dance. Haasta Mudras originate in sacred forms of temple dance, so it is important to distinguish between the gestures that carry devotional meanings and the safe-to-use movements that are appropriate for secular performances.

The Bollywood Basic Steps section introduces typical Bollywood dance steps and techniques.

In the Bollywood Keywords section Jaya teaches steps, combinations, and gestures tied to particular keywords heard in Bollywood songs, such as eyes, bindi, blessing, beloved, heart, crazy, magic, flower, and many others. You will quickly learn the key concepts of Bollywood songs, capture their traditional meanings in Bollywood dance routines, and choreograph your own routines using the colorful body language of Bollywood.

Both the hand gestures and Bollywood keywords sections display all the terms and names of gestures and steps on screen, both, in their original language transliterations and translations into English.

Jaya teaches a full Bollywood dance routine that will advance your skill toward intermediate level, and offers a dance-along section where you can learn and practice a wide array of Bollywood steps and combinations that extend far beyond the basics.

8 Dance Tutorials for Easy Dance Steps for Indian Wedding You Need Before to Get Your Hands on Before Your Sangeet Night

Wedding music

Want to learn some easy dance moves to perform at the next wedding? We thought so! That’s why we bring to you these 8 tutorials that will help you rock some easy dance steps for Indian Wedding and other festivities. Take a look & get inspired!

Anchal Bhatia

CoolBluez Photography

CoolBluez Photography

Weddings in India are a lavish affair, and one cannot imagine an Indian wedding without its fair share of dances. Dancing is an integral part of any Indian marriage and symbolises the joy and festivity associated therewith. Sangeet ceremony is the one where the bride’s family members put forth dance numbers. Even the bride and the groom present a dance in front of their families just to have fun. Do you also want to learn a few easy dance steps for Indian Wedding, we share them with you.

1. Freestyle and Gidda easy dance steps for Indian wedding by Ripanpreet Sidhu

This is a very easy to understand video that teaches girls how to dance with easy breezy steps. Choreographed by Ripanpreet Sidhu, the video is meant for first-timers. Miss Sidhu has explained the steps in Hindi and in layman’s terms. The dance styles that are explained here are Giddha and freestyle. The movements of hand, legs, knees and waist are all described in detail in this video.

2. London Thumakda easy dance steps for Indian wedding by Ria

The video choreographed by Ria is perfect for beginners as she takes them slowly through basic dance moves that are very typical of Bollywood. The dance number presented in this video is from the movie Queen, and the song is London Thumakda. First, she explains about the various hand, leg, waist and hip movement sans any music. Then, the steps are repeated along with the song. The language used is English and is pretty easy to comprehend.

3. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo easy dance steps for Indian wedding by Aditi Saxena

A simple video by choreographer Aditi Saxena, it explains every dance movement and step in detail. The song selected for this tutorial is Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and is explained in English. The steps are quite basic and relate to most Bollywood dance numbers. From intricate hand and palm movements, facial expressions to swirling the waist on beats, the video is self-explanatory. Any amateur dancer or even a non-dancer can learn immensely from it.

4. Traditional easy dance steps for Indian wedding by Lakshya Dance Unlimited

This video is choreographed perfectly and shows all the traditional Indian dance moves. The swirls, hand, palm and leg movements look very feminine. These steps can easily be learned by non-dancers as well for weddings and Sangeet functions.

5. Ladies sangeet easy dance steps for Indian wedding by Parveen Sharma

Shot by an individual choreographer, this video is meant for those who want to learn dancing for ladies Sangeet. The tutorial is divided into two parts - forward and backwards. In the forward section, moving the waist along with the legs is taught. The whole movement looks very feminine and is taught in a simple way.

It basically shows a technique that’s called Lachakna In the first section, many hand movements are also shown. In the backward section, the same step is repeated, but, here, the waist movement is done backwards. Here too, hand moves are shown differently.

6. Laung Laachi easy dance steps for Indian wedding by Suraj Dance Fitness

Based on the song Laung Laachi, this video is choreographed by Suraj and it’s quite a fast one explaining many steps in a systematic manner. From hand, leg, waist to hip movement, everything is well detailed. Dancers, as well as non-dancers, can learn a lot about dancing from this video.

7. Dholak easy dance steps for Indian wedding by Praveen and Manoj Sharma

If you wish to learn to dance on dholak, then this video is meant just for you. The two choreographers here teach you basic and simple steps that can be done easily on the beat of a Dholak, a traditional instrument used at home for the Sangeet. Some movements that you can learn here are the thumb, hand, waist, and leg movements. You will learn how to move your waist and hands simultaneously while dancing to the beats of the dholak.

8. Baarat easy dance steps for Indian wedding by Praveen Sharma

For ladies that always shy away from dancing at Baraats, here is a video presented by Praveen Sharma who teaches you the nuances of dancing like a pro at Baraats. Some of the steps taught here show you at least four different movements each relating to hands and legs. Twisting of the ankles is also shown as a step. The dance steps can be done by amateurs on Bhangra songs. 

So, these are some tutorials to learn easy dance steps for an Indian wedding. You can either follow them step-by-step or mix it with some of your own steps to make it yours!

Did you all enjoy watching about these cool videos that teach you how to dance during sangeets and Baraats? Let us know through comments.

15 films about dancing for those who have stayed too long without moving

April 28, 2020 Likbez Cinema

The characters in these paintings show the wonders of owning their own bodies.

15. Magic Mike

Magic Mike

  • USA, 2012.
  • Comedy, melodrama.
  • Duration: 110 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.1.

A young man named Mike works part-time at a construction site, but his main income comes from male striptease. One day the hero meets 19‑year-old Adam and helps him get a job at the club where he works. At the same time, Mike dreams of opening his own handmade furniture production startup.

The picture is partly based on episodes from the reckless youth of Channing Tatum, who had a chance to work as a stripper in his youth. The actor even acted as one of the producers and invested his own money in the project.

Watch on iTunes →

14. Flashdance


  • USA, 1983.
  • Musical melodrama.
  • Duration: 95 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.2.

Aspiring girl Alex Owens works as a welder by day and performs exotic dances at night. The heroine dreams of studying at a dance academy, and one day a handsome man appears in her life, ready to help.

Critics smashed The Flash to smithereens, but nevertheless, the picture won popular love, and the final solo performance of the main character became one of the cult movie scenes. Tribute to the film was given by singers Geri Halliwell and Jennifer Lopez in music videos for the songs It's Raining Men and I'm Glad. The latter completely reproduces The Flash in great detail, from the costumes and choreography to the shooting angles. nine0003

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  • Musical melodrama.
  • Duration: 112 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.2.
  • A shot from the film "The Last Dance Behind Me"

    A young ballerina Sarah moves to live with her father in Chicago in an unfavorable "black" quarter after a tragedy occurs in her family. There, the girl meets a handsome African American, Derek Reynolds, who teaches her all the tricks of hip-hop. During hard training, young people themselves do not notice how they fall in love with each other. nine0003

    The film is not limited to beautifully staged dance scenes - it enters the territory of social drama, showing the contact of two dissimilar worlds and revealing, as always, the topic of racial prejudice.

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    12. Burlesque


    • USA, 2010.
    • Musical melodrama.
    • Duration: 119 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.4.

    Waitress Ali travels to Los Angeles in search of her fortune and discovers the Burlesque cabaret. Now the heroine needs to convince his co-owner Tess to give her a chance to try herself on stage.

    The project was developed for the sake of Christina Aguilera, for whom this role was the debut. But besides her, there is a living legend of cinema and music here - the singer Cher. At the same time, the musical numbers of the film skillfully echo other representatives of the genre, including "Showgirls" by Paul Verhoeven and "Cabaret" by Bob Fosse. nine0003

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    11 Step Up

    Step Up

    • USA
    • Musical melodrama.
    • Duration: 104 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.5.

    Street dancer Tyler Gage does not know where to apply his talent. After a hooligan prank, the court sentences the hero to forced labor at an art school. There he meets a girl who opens his eyes to the world around him. nine0003

    A dance melodrama in the spirit of Romeo and Juliet made Channing Tatum a star and captivated the youth. Then the picture grew to a full-fledged franchise, but without the participation of Tatum (the actor only appeared briefly in the second part).

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    10. Ema: Dance of Passion


    • Chile, 2019
    • Drama.
    • Duration: 107 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.7.
    Still from the film "Ema: Dance of Passion"

    Dancer Ema and her beloved choreographer Gaston give their adopted son back to the orphanage. After that, the heroine goes into all serious trouble: she sleeps with the new foster parents of the child and goes out into the street to dance reggaeton.

    Most of Pablo Larraín's films are devoted to the history of Chile, and "Ema" also had political motives. In addition to them, there are also beautiful dance numbers, and rather provocative erotic scenes.

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    9. Center Stage

    Center Stage

    • USA, 2000.
    • Teen drama.
    • Duration: 115 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.7.

    In the story, several talented and ambitious students must perform in front of important people from the ballet community. Therefore, the heroes need to prepare with all their might, because the result will definitely affect their future.

    Proscenium features professional dancers and ballet dancers (including Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoë Saldana, for whom it was her debut on the big screen). So the film turned out to be as realistic as possible. At the same time, the dance scenes are staged in it very effectively. nine0003

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    8. Saturday Night Fever

    Saturday Night Fever

  • Musical melodrama.
  • Duration: 118 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.8.
  • Anthony Manero, a young Italian-American, lives with his parents in Brooklyn and works in a small hardware store. However, the only thing he wants to do in life is dancing. nine0003

    "Saturday Night Fever" collected an incredible box office, the songs of the Bee Gees sounded in the film dictated fashion in disco-pop music for a long time, and the image of John Travolta had a lot of influence on young Americans of that time.

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    7. Suspiria


    • Italy, USA
    • Horror, thriller.
    • Duration: 152 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.8.
    A still from the film "Suspiria"

    A young American dancer Susie Bannion comes to Germany to enter the famous ballet school. But something sinister is going on there: the teachers of the institution are witches and worship the ancient goddesses.

    The film by Luca Guadagnino is based on the 1977 film of the same name by director Dario Argento, but the films have almost nothing in common with each other, with the exception of some characters and the beginning of the plot. The new version turned out to be much more bloody, and the dances were turned into a cruel to the point of insanity and at the same time a bewitching spectacle. nine0003

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    6. Dirty Dancing

  • Melodrama.
  • Duration: 100 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.0.
  • Seventeen-year-old Baby arrives at a remote boarding house where wealthy guests are entertained by professional dancers, among whom the prettiest is Johnny Castle. Looking at him, Baby firmly decides to learn how to dance, and gradually tender feelings arise between the girl and Johnny. nine0003

    "Dirty Dancing" was originally conceived as a low-budget film, but in the end the film was a resounding success around the world, and the song (I've Had) The Time of My Life is still considered one of the most romantic songs.

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    5. Girl


    • Belgium, Netherlands
    • Drama.
    • Duration: 105 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.2.

    Lara, a transgender ballerina, is getting ready for a sex change operation and at the same time studying at a dance school. All this is hard for the heroine: she is taciturn, withdrawn, anxious and constantly torturing her own body.

    The painting has been accused of promoting unhealthy practices and setting a bad example for transgender teenagers. Nevertheless, the provocative film took the prize in the Un Certain Regard program of the Cannes Film Festival and many other awards around the world. Critics unanimously noted the amazing performance of the young dancer Victor Polster, who played the main role. nine0003

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  • Tragicomedy.
  • Duration: 88 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.2.
  • A shot from the film "Male Striptease"

    Six steelworking friends lose their jobs and can't find a new one. Then one of them comes up with a brilliant idea: instead of living on welfare and feeling sorry for himself, organize his own erotic show for women. Only now the heroes cannot boast of an excellent figure or knowledge of choreography. nine0003

    Don't judge Peter Cattaneo's film by its title: audiences expecting a rock-hard comedy will be disappointed. But those who love restrained British humor, on the contrary, will be very happy. At least the fact that she once received 12 nominations for the BAFTA award speaks about the level of the picture, of which she won four.

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    3. Billy Elliot

    Billy Elliot

    • United Kingdom nine0014
    • Drama.
    • Duration: 110 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.7.

    Boy Billy Elliot from a small mining town takes up ballet instead of boxing. The problem is that the father and elder brother of the hero consider dancing to be a deed unworthy of a man.

    The main role in the film was played by the talented debutant actor Jamie Bell, who managed to bypass more than two thousand competitors in the casting, and the film itself has many juicy and incendiary musical moments. Not surprisingly, Billy Elliot was nominated for many important film awards around the world, and later grew into a musical of the same name. nine0003

    2. Shall we dance?

    Shall we dansu?

    • Japan, 1996
    • Romantic comedy, melodrama.
    • Duration: 136 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.7.

    A modest Japanese employee notices a pretty stranger in the window. It turns out that the woman runs a ballroom dance studio. The hero decides to enroll there, after which a series of comical and melodramatic events follow.

    The picture of the Japanese director Masayuki Suo made a splash in his homeland. Some time later, a Hollywood remake of the same name was released, which looked rather strange outside the national cultural context. The fact is that in Japan, ballroom dancing is considered a very compromising hobby, which cannot be said about the United States at all. nine0003

    1. Black Swan

    Black Swan

    • USA, 2010.
    • Drama, psychological thriller.
    • Duration: 103 minutes.
    • IMDb: 8.0.
    A still from the film "The Black Swan"

    Young ballerina Nina gets the lead role in the forthcoming production of "Swan Lake". But the girl lacks relaxedness and self-confidence, and the manic desire for creative perfection only hinders her. The most unpleasant thing is that a competitor suddenly appears, capable of taking away all the parties from the heroine. nine0003

    Darren Aronofsky's work tells not only about the exhausting work of ballerinas, but also about the dark side that the heroine has to find and unleash in order to perform the difficult part of the Black Swan. The film was a sensational success and was awarded an acting Oscar for Natalie Portman, as well as four more statuette nominations.

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    Actors who can dance and do it well: photo

    To read 13 min Views 3.2k. Posted by Updated

    It's no secret that the basis of acting is the ability to transform into other people. But besides this ability, there are other factors that make a top-level professional out of an ordinary performer. In the face of fierce competition, modern artists must not only portray their heroes with talent, but also sing, dance and play the pipe. Here is a list with photos of actors and actresses who can dance beautifully.


    Tom Hiddleston

    • Night Administrator, Coriolanus, Hollow Crown

    The British actor, who became famous all over the world for his role as Loki, has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to move perfectly to any music. His plasticity and sense of rhythm fascinate at first sight. There are a lot of dancing Tom videos on the World Wide Web. The video in which Hiddleston swings his hips looks especially hot. Fans are sure that he could easily dance even in the Dance Pole style. But the most surprising thing is that the star does not have a professional choreographic education. In an interview, Tom said that he acquired dancing skills through studying at a theater school. nine0003

    Sam Rockwell

    • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Richard Jewell Case, Fossey/Verdon

    The winner of the film award "Oscar" has long earned the fame of a dancing performer, because in almost all films with his participation there are scenes with incendiary movements to the music. Rockwell himself is ironic about this fact and claims that he turned out to be a better dancer than an actor. According to Sam, he started dancing at a young age to impress girls and still can't stop. Knowledgeable people call his dance style a mixture of Charleston, shuffle and breakdancing. nine0003

    Channing Tatum

    • The Oath, Dear John, The Hateful Eight

    Before flying to the top of the Hollywood movie Olympus, Channing had several different jobs: he was a construction worker, a clothing salesman, an assistant in a veterinary clinic, and a model. And all this time there was dancing in his life (he even managed to work as a stripper). Tatum's undeniable dancing talent was noticed by director Ann Fletcher, who in 2006 invited him to the lead role in the film Step Up. nine0003

    Later, the actor took part in the sequel Step Up: The Streets. After some time, Steven Soderbergh also decided to use the skill of Channing and his experience as an exotic dancer and entrusted him with the main role in the movie Magic Mike, and a few years later the sequel Magic Mike XXL appeared.

    Chris Messina

    • News Service, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​Julie & Julia Cooking Happiness Recipe

    The creators of The Mindy Project made full use of this foreign artist's dancing talent. The hero of Chris has repeatedly demonstrated the wonders of plasticity and sense of rhythm. And the shots where he dances a striptease to the song Try Again performed by Aaliyah made more than one woman's heart tremble. nine0003

    The actor himself, in an interview with Volture, said that the preparation for the shooting of this scene took place under the guidance of a professional choreographer, but he honed all the movements to perfection at home. It was easy enough to do, because as a child, the artist dreamed of becoming a professional dancer and even took part in the competition "Mr. Dance of the United States."

    Christopher Walken

    • Catch Me If You Can, Seven Psychopaths, The Deer Hunter

    The renowned performer, a real legend of Hollywood, has said more than once that he considers himself a dancer turned artist. The thing is that long before becoming a cult film actor, he was tap dancing in a New York nightclub. By the way, Christopher is a stage name that has stuck with Walken ever since.

    At the moment, the star has participated in more than 200 films, and in at least 57 films the audience has the opportunity to see how he moves to the music. In addition, the performer demonstrated his talent as a great dancer by starring in the Fatboy Slim Weapon Of Choice video. nine0003

    Donald Faison

    • Clueless, City Girls, New Jersey Cases

    This American actor made our list thanks to one dance, but what a dance. On Scrubs, Dr. Christopher Turk, brilliantly played by Faison, moves incendiary to Bell Biv DeVoe's Poison. In an interview with Movie Fone, Donald said that he had never specifically trained in dancing, but he naturally had a great sense of rhythm. nine0003

    Moreover, the artist assured that he invented all the movements of the composition literally on the go. Now this dance can be seen in the game Fortnite (it is available to all gamers in the form of the Default Dance Inspiration emote).

    Kevin Bacon

    • Dallas Shots, A Few Good Guys, Murder in the First Degree

    Kevin managed to demonstrate his outstanding dancing talent in the film Free (1984). His hero, young rebel Ren McCormack, decides to challenge the patriarchal foundations of society and does this through dance and music. Bacon said that he performed almost all the dances on his own, and only a couple of times the director insisted on an understudy, which terribly angered the actor. nine0003

    Hugh Jackman

    • Logan, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Real Steel

    This popular actor is known for his versatility. He can handle absolutely any role: from the ferocious Wolverine to the noble Jean Valjean and the dreamer-adventurer Phineas Taylor Barnum. But Jackman began his career with musicals, where you have to not only sing, but also move to the music.

    This was never a problem for the young performer, because from an early age he was fond of singing and dancing. The skills acquired in childhood were also useful in Hollywood: in the musicals Les Misérables and The Greatest Showman, he brilliantly demonstrated his singing and dancing abilities. nine0003

    Alfonso Ribeiro

    • The Prince of Bel-Air, Magnum P.I., Big Time Rush

    Alfonso, known to most viewers for his role as Carlton Banks in the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, began his creative career with dancing. The first glory came to him at the age of 8 years. It was then that he landed a role in the Broadway musical The Tap Dance Kid, playing a tap dancer. He later appeared as a dancer in a Pepsi commercial alongside Michael Jackson. In addition, Ribeiro has won at 19th season of the American television show Dancing with the Stars.

    Ryan Gosling

    • Stupid Love, Notebook, Blade Runner 2049

    The star of the musical "La La Land" has been dancing and singing since childhood. This is evidenced by videos in which young Ryan moves incendiary to a variety of music.

    Charlize Theron

    • Monster, Devil's Advocate, War Diver

    Our list of photos of actors and actresses who can dance is continued by the amazing Charlize Theron. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a ballerina. For this reason, her parents enrolled her in a ballet school at the age of 6. At the age of 13, the future star entered the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, and after 3 years she joined the Joffrey Ballet in New York.

    However, the girl had to say goodbye to her dream of a dancing career: at the age of 19, Charlize injured her knee. Nevertheless, the acquired choreographic skills were very useful to her during the filming of many films. Remember at least the picture "Aeon Flux". It is impossible to convey in words how elegant, plastic and graceful the heroine Theron looks. And how amazing was the dance between Charlize and Channing Tatum at the 2013 Academy Awards! nine0003

    Vin Diesel

    • Bloodshot, The Chronicles of Riddick, Find Me Guilty

    At 53, the star of the Fast and the Furious franchise remains one of the most brutal actors, and his movie characters are constantly fighting evil and saving the world. But in his youth, Vin did not at all resemble himself today. He was a skinny guy with curly hair and wore R&B outfits. And he also danced break dance and filmed all this "disgrace" on video.

    Passions subsided with age, but the love for dancing did not go away: the actor periodically uploads videos on his personal pages, where he moves incredibly plastically and rhythmically to the music. So we can hope that the directors will someday appreciate this talent of the artist and use it to the fullest in the cinema. nine0003

    Elisabeth Moss

    • The Handmaid's Tale, Top of the Lake, The Invisible Man

    The star of the series "Mad Men" did not plan to connect his life with the cinema. From an early age, she stood at the ballet barre and dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. She has studied at the Westside School of Ballet and the School of American Ballet. In addition, Elizabeth took lessons from the famous Susan Farrell, who is considered the last muse of George Balanchine. However, the passion for acting outweighed the passion for dancing, and Moss completely devoted herself to acting. nine0003

    Columbus Short

    • Street Dance, Dance Brotherhood, Cadillac Records

    The names of many films in which this foreign performer has played speak for themselves. They are about the art of dance, which Columbus masters to perfection. No wonder he was a choreographer and dancer in the team of Britney Spears.

    Diane Kruger

    • Inglourious Basterds, Mister Nobody, Troy
    • nine0021

      This famous actress also dreamed about the glory of Maya Plisetskaya in her childhood and attended a specialized school. But I had to say goodbye to my dreams after a severe knee injury. Today, dancing Diane can be seen in the thriller "Obsession", the drama "Farewell, Bafana" and other films.

      Mads Mikkelsen

      • Doctor Strange, Hannibal, Hunt

      This Danish performer, winner of the Palme d'Or and the Saturn Award, is one of the famous dancers. Mads stepped onto the acting path quite late: he received his first film role at almost 30 years old. And before that, he was engaged in gymnastics and dancing, and even graduated from the Gothenburg Ballet Academy. nine0003

      Joseph Gordon-Levit

      • 10 Things I Hate About You, The Dark Knight Rises, Life Is Beautiful

      In the film "500 Days of Summer" Joseph demonstrated to the whole world the ability to dance beautifully. Together with actress Zooey Deschanel, he performed an incredibly romantic dance. And from the Saturday Night Live show, the artist's fans learned that even a striptease was up to him: he felt so relaxed and confident in front of the public. nine0003

      Jennifer Garner

      • Dallas Buyers Club, Love, Simon, Second Chance

      The actress, firmly established at the heights of Hollywood, is also famous for her ability to move perfectly to the music. The fact is that from the age of 3 she studied at the ballet studio, where her parents assigned her. Young Jennifer liked to dance, but she never wanted to become a professional ballerina. Nevertheless, the skills acquired in childhood did not disappear without a trace. And in the film "From 13 to 30" Garner was able to demonstrate her dancing skills to the whole world. nine0003

      Penélope Cruz

      • All About My Mother, Cocaine, Twice Born

      The sultry Spaniard who managed to conquer Hollywood is also among the actresses who dance well. And all because in childhood and adolescence she dreamed of becoming a ballerina. To achieve what she wanted, Penelope attended the Spanish National Conservatory for 9 years, where she studied classical ballet. She also took Spanish ballet lessons at Christina Rota's school. The actress demonstrated her excellent choreographic abilities in many films, for example, in the dramas Noel and Chromophobia. nine0003

      Zoe Saldana

      • Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, Star Trek

      The path of this actress to the heights of the film Olympus began with a role in the film "Proscenium", which tells about young and ambitious dancers. The invitation to this project was not at all accidental, since Zoe was professionally engaged in ballet from an early age. In the Dominican Republic, where her family lived for several years, she graduated from one of the most prestigious choreographic schools. In addition, the star is sure that she would never have received a role in Avatar if it were not for her ballet past. She spoke about this in an interview with The New York Times. nine0003

      Amy Adams

      • Arrival, Sharp Objects, Fighter

      Just like many of her colleagues, Amy began her career with ballet lessons. She attended the David Taylor Dance Studio located in Castle Rock, Colorado. But when her family moved to Atlanta, Amy abandoned choreography and became interested in theater. The artist demonstrated her dancing skills in the musicals The Muppets and Enchanted, in the comedy-drama American Hustle and other projects. nine0003

      Jean-Claude Van Damme

      • Bloodsport, AWOL, Seeking Adventure

      The action movie star of the 80s and 90s of the last century also has professional ballet training. For five years he stood at the barre, and it is from there that his famous stretch originates. The actor has repeatedly said in an interview that a person with a ballet past can cope with any difficulties.

      Kim Basinger

      • L. A. Confidential, Getting Married, Goodfellas

      The celebrity absorbed her love for choreography together with the milk of her mother, who was a dancer. For several years she was a student at the ballet studio and was thinking about following in the footsteps of her parent. But the modeling business and the career of an artist turned out to be much more tempting. However, in 9 ½ Weeks and Never Say Never Again, Kim proved that her dance lessons didn't go unnoticed. nine0003

      Tom Holland

      • Spider-Man: Far From Home, Camouflage and Espionage, Avengers: Endgame

      It is no coincidence that this young, but already incredibly popular performer got into our list. After all, from an early age he took private lessons in choreography, and then became a student at the hip-hop studio Nifty Feet Dance School. One of the performances of young Holland was noticed by the famous choreographer Lynn Page and invited him to the musical Billy Elliot. According to Tom himself, it was his dancing and sports experience that helped him get the role of Spiderman. nine0003

      Catherine Zeta-Jones

      • The Mask of Zorro, Taste of Life, Ocean's Twelve

      This Oscar-winning actress began choreography at the age of 4, and at the age of 15 she joined the musical and dance project Pajama Game. Participation in the musical "42nd Street" soon followed. Also, the dancing star can be seen in the musical film "Chicago". But Katherine looks especially chic in the adventure film "The Mask of Zorro" in the scene where she, along with Antonio Banderas, will perform a passionate tango. nine0003

      To be honest, the photo list of actors and actresses who can dance is endless. Stars with amazing choreographic skills include Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Bradley Cooper, Neve Campbell, Jenna Elfman, Neil Patrick Harris, Megan Mullally, Summer Glau and many more. Russian artists do not lag behind their foreign colleagues. Egor Druzhinin, Maria Poroshina, Daria Sagalova, Alexandra Ursulyak, Ivan Stebunov, Artem Tkachenko, Aristarkh Venes - these are just a few performers from a huge number who can dance.

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