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Turning shoes are a popular item for a number of dance styles. They elongate the line of the leg and allow dancers to turn on a variety of flooring types. In this post, we’ll go in-depth about how the turners work and what you can expect out of a turning shoe.

Types of Turning Shoes


As the name implies, there’s only a sole under the front half of the foot, leaving the heel exposed. Adjustable elastics stretch around the back of the ankle and over the arch of the foot to keep the shoe in place. The Angelo Luzio Twyla II turning shoe is an excellent example of a half-sole turning shoe.

Capezio FootUndeez

The Capezio FootUndeez are small turning shoes that look like little underwear for your feet (hence the name). These shoes only fit around the ball of the foot and are typically made from a Nylon Lycra Spandex blend with patented Exo Armor duet sole patches along the bottom. They feature one opening for the big toe, and second opening for the rest of the toes - almost like a flip flop.

Dance Paws

Dance Paws are similar to FootUndeez in that they only cover the ball of the foot, but instead of having two openings for all of the toes, they have individual openings for each toe. With a powermesh spandex upper and a suede leather pad on the bottom, Dance Paws offer a sturdy shoe to turn on.

How Long do Turning Shoes Last?

The amount of wear you can get out of a turning shoe depends on how often you dance in them, what type of floor you dance on, and how gently you treat them in general. If you wear them twice a week on proper dance flooring and treat them well, the approximate life spans of turning shoes are as follows:

Half-Sole Leather 6 Months, Canvas 6 Months

Capezio FootUndeez 4 Months

Dance Paws 9 Months

What Kind of Wear & Tear is Normal for a Turning Shoe?


Leather: These will stretch and usually wear through the pleated leather under the toes first. These shoes become marked up across the top if the dancer’s dragging their foot across the floor.

Canvas: These don’t stretch and will usually wear holes through the toes first.

Capezio FootUndeez

The pads under the foot usually wear through first (often the stitching becomes loose around the pad after extended use).

Dance Paws

The toe holes of Dance Paws typically stretch out after time and the pads under the ball of the foot can be worn through after extended use.

We hope that helped clarify some of the questions you may have had about turning shoes. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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Size Chart

US Shoe size

Brand SizeHeel to toe
420. 9

Features of ballroom dancing shoes

Features of ballroom dancing shoes

For a professional dancer, shoes are the main element of the costume. If the shoes are chosen correctly, then the dancer can safely move around the stage without fear of injury. Comfortable shoes give the dancer the opportunity to work out every movement, bringing the performance to perfection.

In the online store "Komilfo" you can buy high-quality shoes for ballroom dancing inexpensively wholesale or retail. But at the same time, it is important not to save money and choose professional ballroom dancing shoes, as they have a number of specific features. nine0005

Features of dance shoes

Ballroom dance shoes for adults and children must meet the following criteria:

1. Good grip on the floor.

To ensure tight grip with the floor, the sole of dance shoes can only be made of genuine leather (split leather). This sole looks like suede, it does not slip. The dancer in such shoes feels the floor surface well. If the sole is made of plastic, then the foot will slip, and the rubber sole will interfere with many dance elements or rotations. nine0005

2. Features of the arch support.

The arch support is an element built into the sole. Its function is to support the shape of the foot.

If in simple shoes the length of the instep reaches the middle of the foot, then in dance shoes this element has its own distinctive features for each type of dance:

  • For Latin American dances, where many movements start with the toe, shorter arch supports are used. nine0028

    3. Matching the lift of the dancer.

    The artist's foot must feel the insole throughout its entire length. Therefore, shoes for ballroom dancing need to be chosen according to the length of the artist's foot.

    4. Features of the heel.

    The heel of the ballroom dance shoes is hydraulically screwed firmly.

    The height and shape of the heel depends on the direction of the dance program. For Latin American incendiary dances, where there is a large load on the toe, thin high heels are often used. nine0005

    For beginner dancers, it is recommended to buy a heel no higher than 5 cm. This will make it possible to maintain a stable balance during the movements.

    Criteria for choosing dance shoes

    When buying a suitable pair of shoes for dancing, you need to follow a few simple rules:

    1. shoes match the size of the foot;
    2. material strength;
    3. softness and comfort;
    4. wear resistance;
    5. nine0027 attractive appearance and design.

    Material selection

    The manufacturer usually uses strong natural fabrics for dance shoes. It can be natural and artificial leather or satin.

    Satin shoes look more beautiful, bright and attractive. But keep in mind that satin gets dirty quickly and is very difficult to clean from stains, dust and dirt.

    Men's leather shoes are more practical and easy to clean. The most practical are shoes made of genuine leather, which are moderately stretched when worn, the foot breathes in them, and their treatment with shoe cream returns them to their original appearance. nine0005

    Color features

    Many ladies who compete try to choose skin-colored shoes that can hide the flaws made during the execution of movements. Shoes in black or white, on the contrary, will emphasize all the movements of the legs. They can only be worn by dancers who are confident in their abilities.

    Moscow dance store Komilfo offers to buy dance shoes of any kind, color and design style. Site managers will help you place an order and arrange delivery in a convenient way. nine0005

    dance sandals

    1. Forum
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    3. Shopping and fashion

    I know it's probably stupid, but I still want to hear opinions, I'm under the impression of multiple views of latinos. dancing, bachata, etc. the legs of dancers in special shoes look so beautiful ... The question is: do you think it’s just to buy these and put them on like festive ones or stupidly?

    Well, they are made especially for dancing. To withstand the load for example. And good sandals are not cheap at all. And then they all have their heel closed. A lot of people don't like it0005

    of course stupid. you can only walk in them on the parquet floor, because you will erase the silicone headband there on the asphalt after 3 meters. and the sole there is soft, leather, to feel the parquet. erase and grind it too, for the same 3 meters. is it worth it? destroy professional shoes on asphalt and puddles...
    and it's not cheap
    and then, it's clear that these are not just shoes. so it will look weird. You don't buy pointe shoes to go to the park, do you? but the shape of the same ballet flats like.

    I don't like open heels. By the way, yes, I think they are comfortable.

    yes, they are comfortable. very comfortable to dance

    They should not be worn outside. The sole will come off. Even on the floor they fly only like that.
    The second from the picture fell into complete disrepair during the training season. Yes, they are training, from ordinary matter. In real life they don't look that good.

    But they look good for performances and are extremely comfortable when fitted correctly.

    Like festive - why not? Comfortable and danceable. Certainly not to cut through the street, but we don't go to the festival every day. The sole is suede.
    but there are ordinary shoes that look like dance shoes.

    Author, look at such shapes among ordinary shoes. They are. For example, the Spanish brand hispanitas has shoes of similar shapes in its collections.
    Not so long ago I bought evening barefoot and here they were called dance shoes. The heel is higher of course, but the shape of the heel really evokes such associations. nine0005

    Real dance shoes cannot have silicone heels, soles and heels are lined with chrome leather.

    I'm from dancing) So, I wore my Dancefox on the street - well, I should have))) In principle, no one sews such comfortable and soft ones from ordinary ones. And secondly, their sole, as already mentioned, is not intended for asphalt - it will simply be erased. My daughter wore her shoes in the country, because. children grow up quickly and it made no sense to leave shoes for the next year.

    Thank you for your opinions! It wouldn’t even occur to me to walk down the street in such, only by car to the place of the party, I can’t even imagine how I’ll walk down the street in such, it will be funny, we have more and more people walking in sneakers And you know, today I accidentally fell a look at such , but not dance, but just in the shoe department, tried it on, comfortable and very bright on my feet, I already bought it. , but gold), by the way, I like to dance, and not expensive, I won’t wear it for a long time anyway, for a couple of times. nine0005

    So they would have said right away))) we are taking a dancing girl right in a dress and shoes in a car, and it happens that there are puddles on our hands to the doors of the hall.
    How many cm is the heel on these shoes?

    heel 9 cm

    Strictly speaking, you can't walk outside the parquet AT ALL in special dance shoes. Not a step. Because not only the shoe deteriorates, but also the parquet in the dance hall. Therefore, they usually change shoes into such shoes directly in the hall.
    And your shoes are very nice, a good choice. Good luck with having fun and dancing in them! nine0005

    Not a heel but a heel cap. Stretches on the heel.

    Why were they called names? Stylistically identified...

    I took out the shoes, I didn't find anything pulling on the heel.

    I also heard for the first time, no matter how much I danced. Although the idea is probably good: something like "galoshes", so that you can take a couple of steps on the asphalt.

    what do galoshes have to do with it? the heel cap is put on the heel, which ends with a piece of leather and you can’t dance on it. nine0089 even a simple plastic heel can damage the parquet, so silicone heel caps are used. They wear out quickly and need to be changed frequently. no one in their right mind will do a couple of steps on asphalt in dance shoes

    It is bought separately. If you really need, I can get my pictures.

    Thank you

    they have a special soft sole.

    well, in my latin shoes, heels wear out quickly without a silicone heel cap.

    Then I really don't know, because no matter how much I practiced dancing here, I never saw this even with our teachers and professional dancers and never heard of it. They dance on their own heels. However, the last on dance shoes (for ballroom and latin, at least those that I have seen) is molded so that you move more on the toe. the heel, as it were, for balance (I don’t know how to explain it, despite the fact that the sole is flexible).
    Can I have a link to this silicone headband? nine0005

    Please. Or a link to what kind of animal it is.

    It's strange, almost everyone in our hustle wears shoes with heeled caps, I bought shoes three times in different stores - they immediately offered heels. Shoes - latina.
    the photo is bad but you can see it:

    very beautiful and normal sole.

    I'm dancing latin now, I have sandals like those from your link 2, only in gold. I put on prevention and I dance on the pavement without any problems. Around me, a lot of people wear these in their lives, every day, with prevention and heels - for several years. Comfortable and elegant. nine0089 I have these, 8 cm heel:

    When buying shoes, I immediately put on these heels, 150 r. Are standing. Transparent silicone, protect the heel from abrasion, I dance even on asphalt.

    You don't need to explain to me about the step in the dance - I have been dancing for many years. I'm too lazy to make a link, honestly, to fight with the iPad. Yandex has it.
    Many shoes do not have a heel. That's where you need a slinger. It used to be so often. The sole is flexible because the arch support is shortened to the middle of the arch of the foot. This is necessary in order to look crooked in the dance of the stop and to be able to pull the toe
    Rev. Here is protector&hl=ru&newwindow=1&client=safari&tbo=d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=laMwUITGJpKQ4gTDn4GgBA&ved=0CC0Q_AUoAQ&biw=1024&bih=672#biv=i|22;d|qfp3cmHN400dd5:

    And who protects the sole from abrasion on asphalt?

    http://www.|22;d|cm nine0005

    What makes you dance on asphalt? Find a club with a normal parquet

    Subtle prevention, installed in the workshop.

    Are you laughing? In addition to the club, milongas and other things, I also dance by the pool in hotels, on board stages and on the embankment in Gorky Park. Wherever you want. Otherwise, what's the point in all these dances?
    But I have no idea what it's for! How are the skate covers? You can't dance on the floor in them. nine0005

    Why don't you just buy shoes with a strap, indestructible soles and heels? The dance ones are so sensitive, don't you feel sorry for them?

    Well, in general, I have 10 pairs for dancing, four professional, the rest are ordinary, but similar to prof. Shoes. It’s not a pity, and in fact, dancing in professional shoes is more convenient and elegant

    well, if you don’t feel sorry for special shoes to kill on boards in parks, then there’s nothing to say, I just don’t understand the attitude to shoes. Yes, and the legs are also a pity. even on smooth marble it is hard for the feet to dance in professional shoes, and you are talking about asphalt and boards. Can't your feet feel all the uneven surfaces? I couldn't - you feel every bulge. nine0005

    You are so categorical, it's amazing! No, it's not a pity, because she is absolutely not killed. My shoes are a few years old and they all look very good. I repeat the reason - I change pairs often and use prevention. With her, I do not experience any discomfort on different surfaces. On the contrary, I am more comfortable on harder surfaces than parquet, the grip is better. Yes, and there are no irregularities where I dance, no ...

    Yes, hello
    It’s convenient for you, it’s not convenient for me and that’s all
    My categoricalness was expressed in inconsistency with your views? How many people - so many ideas

    Do you hear yourself? Read your answers (in fact - raids), and you will understand what is categorical.
    On the topic - the author, I hope I helped you, a lot of dancers wear safety shoes both in the feast and in the world.

    What if the shoes don't have heels? Then it is clear. All of mine (and which I saw) had heels. only leather.

    Lizon, or something (judging by the way the photos are inserted)

    I'm dancing .. to be honest, it would be interesting for me to see people with such shoes "in everyday life". Well, it's like seeing a person on the street in totami shoes or spikes for running))) it seems that no one walks in Czech shoes ..

    Although, it's a matter of habit. Everyone is walking around in sneakers.

    look how tender, don't say a word.
    this mass of yours somehow passed by me. Serious dancers don't wear parquet shoes either to the feast or to the world

    Epta, but here are all serious dancers? And you too? I will disappoint you, from those serious ones with whom I communicate and know personally - the world champions in tango from Argentina and in ballroom latina from Germany - they wore professional shoes on vacation in Cancun.

    Learn more

  • .