How to do a strip dance for your man video

How To Strip For Your Man: 8 Simple Steps

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Performing a striptease for your man is one of many wonderful ways to spice up your sex life. However if you don’t prepare properly for it, then it can awkward, weird and really nerve-wracking. So follow the guidelines in this tutorial on how to strip for your man and before you know it, you’ll almost be ready to start working in a club!

How To Strip: The Preparation

The most important part of stripping for your man is getting ready so that the whole thing goes really smoothly and flows naturally. The last thing you want to do is to be stumbling around in front of your man turning on the music and setting up a chair for him…

The Where – If your bedroom is big enough, then you should ideally strip for your man there as he will automatically associate it with sex and all things naughty, but if not, then your living room will have to do.

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What You Wear – Next, you need to think about what you are going to wear so that you look hot. Choose a pair of sexy stockings, bra and panties, that you know will turn your man on. Over these, wear a skirt that’s easy to slip out of. For your top, the easiest is something like a blazer that you can take off without much effort.

Learn: How to choose really sexy lingerie.

The key when choosing your clothes is that your underwear can be super tight and sexy, but your outerwear needs to be fairly loose and simple to remove.

What shoes or boots you wear is truly up to you. They should accent your legs, so heels are almost always best…but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing heels, don’t feel like you have to, just go barefoot instead.

Also: How to dress sexy

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The Mood – Next it’s time to pay attention to the mood. Bright lights are a big no-no. Subtle, subdued lighting is what you want. So if you have a dimmer, then you are in luck. If not, then you will need to turn off the light and use candles instead.

Alternatively, you can throw a sheet over a lamp to give the same effect (just make sure not to start any fires!).

Additionally, you can try lighting some incense/scented candles for some nice smells while performing your striptease for your man.

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The last part of setting the mood is choosing the right music. Do your best to find out what type of music really turns your man on. It could turn out to be some cheesy top 40 songs or even heavy metal. Whatever it is, try your best to find out what it is.

These 22 lap dance songs will give you some inspiration.

We’ve also made this sex songs playlist with over 400 tracks!

First Time? – If this is your first time stripping for your man, then you may be a little nervous at the idea. There’s a simple solution to all of this…try having a glass of wine before doing it. It will help to make everything go smoothly. Just make sure to only make it 1 glass though, any more and you will end up getting drunk…which won’t make for very sexy stripping.

The last thing you are going to need is a chair for your man to sit in. Okay, now that we have everything, time to learn how to actually strip for your man…

How To Strip For Him

1. You are going to start off by grabbing your man’s wrist and leading him to the chair, from wherever else you are in your house/apartment. When you get there, push him down firmly into the chair so that he knows that you are in charge.

This requires you to be a bit dominant. We have put together a guide on how to be sexually dominant.

2. Next give him a quick kiss so that he knows you aren’t being too serious (even though you are still definitely the one in charge)…

3. Afterwards, slowly and seductively walk a few steps away from him making sure to accentuate your hips as you do. Then stop, look over your shoulder at him and lower your jacket to the floor.

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4. Next, take a step back towards your man. Then put your hands on either side of your hips and slowly start to lower your skirt to the floor. As you do, start to bend down towards the ground making sure to give your man a bird’s eye view of your ass.

The slower you do all of this the better.

5. If you are feeling confident at this stage, then it’s just a case of putting your hands on your hips and slowly rotating your hips right in front of him. If he tries to touch or grab you, then swat his hands away and wave your finger in his face. You can do this while facing him or while you have your back to him.

6. Another very sexy move is to straddle one of his legs, sit down on it and seductively grind up and down it.

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7. Once you are done doing this, again slowly walk away from your man. Stop when you are a few feet away and then slowly start to undo your bra with your back to him. Start by slipping the shoulder straps down before undoing it from behind your back. When you’re done, throw it at your man before turning around and slowly walking back to him.

8. Sit down on his knee and start grinding on it again, and just go from there. Or you can stay grinding on his knee until you make yourself cum.

You’ll find that it’s a good idea to try this all out on your own first to get an idea of what is easy to do and what needs some work to perfect. The first few times that you do strip for your man, you may them to be a little awkward and not go perfectly well. But with time and practice, you will eventually get really smooth and sexy at it.

Making It Super Hot

Once you have mastered the actual stripping part, then it’s time to graduate to some sexy foreplay or even use some of these powerful sex tips on him.

Have fun!

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19 Sexy Moves for Newbies to Undress Like a Stripper

If you’re looking for beginners’ strip routine and tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to do a strip tease and turn him on like crazy.

Have you been dying to deliver a sexy strip tease show to your man, but you’re not exactly sure how to go about it? Relax—it isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems.

What exactly is a strip tease?

A strip tease is putting on a seductive act for someone *or multiple people* in which you remove your clothes piece by piece. Burlesque dancers perform these strip tease acts to music.

It’s different than a lap dance because a strip tease is more of a visual experience with no touching involved. You don’t have to be a good dancer to undress for your partner. Just be yourself!

You’re a sexy, smart, bombshell of a lover—so why not strip for your man? If you’re in a long-term relationship, then you already know that, while the promise of a well-guided orgasm and the comfort that comes with not having to shave your vagina every time you have sex is awesome, it can also get a little too routine.

Your man has likely seen you naked hundreds of times by now, making any “out of the box” sex seem out of this world.

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 5 months or 5 years, stripping is a simple way to add a little something extra to the bedroom… if you’re brave enough! [Read: How to give a sexy lap dance for your man he’ll never forget]

Liquid courage for a strip tease

In a way, stripping is a little bit like dirty talking: uncomfortable at first, but way too much fun once you get into it. If you don’t fancy yourself a natural dancer or are feeling shy, a glass of wine *or, let’s be real: a shot of vodka* certainly won’t hurt your cause. 

Just make sure it’s 1 shot and not 10! Falling down drunk while stripping will definitely make an impression, but not one he’s likely to cherish in his “best sex ever” memory bank. [Read: 50 sexy, naughty things you can say when you talk dirty to your guy]

How to strip tease for your man 101: Beginner strip routine and tips

As with most things in the bedroom, confidence is absolutely pivotal when it comes to learning how to strip.

Let’s face it: unless you were a drama major in college, putting on a show in the bedroom seems more like an embarrassing memory you’d like to quickly forget than a sexual accomplishment. 

Pump yourself up by practicing in a mirror for a few days leading up to the big show. Pick your music, know your cues, and really get into it. You know you’re sexy, so work it! [Read: The girls’ guide to strip clubs and female strippers]

And if all else fails? Fake it! *Your confidence, not your orgasm!*


Prep your music

When it comes to learning how to strip and making your preparations, your music will be a key ingredient. Stay away from songs that will seem “funny,” or have no rhythm to them. Stick with classic stripping playlists and dubstep stylings.

Just look for a few Spotify stripping playlists and pick one that you like. Remember to practice your song *or songs* in a mirror, so you know the routine. This is great for him to watch, and great for your confidence! [Read: Role playing ideas for couples and how to dress in a costume he’ll love]

2. Set the mood

Preparing to strip for your man involves more than just peeling your clothes off. It requires a mood—an ambiance! Choose the location of your strip-down and set the mood. We’re talking music, candles, and a setting. 

Do you intend to do a proper striptease with him on a chair or couch, or are you going to let him lay on the bed, stroking himself as he watches you from across the room?

Will there be roleplay involved? Figure out a game plan before the big day!


Layer your look for a sexy strip down

Stripping out of your jammies? Not exactly intoxicating. When it comes to putting on a show for your man, you want to pull out all the stops.

Unlike wearing slinky lingerie, when it comes to stripping, the more clothes you have on, the better—to start with, anyway. Think of stripping like climaxing to orgasm: there has to be a buildup of torturous teasing before you get to the big finish.

Your look matters, so when we say “layer,” don’t even think about layering with your comfy granny sweater. When you think of how to strip for your man, you want your look to exude sex. 

Think: your sexiest lingerie, complete with garter and knee-high stockings, sexy high heels, hair done up *and let down for dramatic effect during your strip*, all hiding beneath your short skirt and tucked-in button-up.

The slower you unbutton, the more lust your guy’s going to feel.

You could also opt for an old-school pin-up strip down, dolling yourself up with victory rolls, red lips, and a vintage dress and corset. [Read: How to dress for sex and look sexy in bed when your man comes over]

How to strip tease: Getting down to it

Here it is, the moment he’s been waiting for: your big strip tease! Start with the music on and the partners in place and begin your big strip show.

1. Strut into position

Let your man know you’re confident in your moves by doing the classic girl walk *head held high, shoulders back, and hips going from side to side*.

2. Come over to a chair you’ve set up as your stripping station

Gyrate your hips to the music, play with your hair, and then offer a sexy smirk as you set your high heel on the chair. This gives him a great view of what’s hiding under your skirt and shows off your thighs.

3. Taking it off

While maintaining your sexy, dance-like rhythm strip tease, rock your hips until you’ve turned completely away from him and strip off your first layer—your shirt.

Throw the shirt over your shoulder so it falls onto your man’s lap.

4. Remove your skirt

Maintaining your dance, bend over *far over!* until your bum is at a perfect curve, and slowly slide your skirt down your thighs.

Make sure to caress your bottom as you bring your hands back up. Men love watching a woman caress her sexy body, so play up the breast touching and thigh rubbing when appropriate. [Read: 34 physical turn-ons about a girl’s body that arouse a guy instantly]

5. Continue moving your hips side to side, feeling the music, playing with your hair, and biting your lips

You want your guy to know you’re really into how sexy you feel. Try backing up against the wall, or chair, and slowly sliding down as you move to the music.

6. Remove your shoes

Get your foot back up on your stool and drop your shoe to the ground. Slowly start peeling off your silky stockings and garter.

We emphasize: slowly. Keep eye contact during this step. The more eye contact, the more intense your sexy strip-down will be. [Read: What are bedroom eyes? How to master the seductive look when you stare at someone]

7. Remove your bra

Employ a tactic similar to what you used to remove your shirt, by spinning around and slowly unclasping your bra.

Let it fall to the floor and cover your breasts with your hands. Turn back around and let your man feel teased by the thought of seeing you topless in a mere moment.

While dancing to the music, slowly remove your hands from your breasts, and lose them in your tousled hair. [Read: 25 things girls do that guys find sexy and irresistible]

8. Get those panties off! 

Once you feel your man is sufficiently teased, keep going with your strip tease by start slipping your underwear off.

You can do this by once again bending over and giving him a doggy-style view of your goods or, for the less balance-inclined, simply standing facing him and teasing the panties down your legs. 

Once removed, those feeling especially naughty may choose to hold their panties by their teeth as they continue gyrating, or make their way over to their man. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy craves to see in his girl]

9. It’s sexy time! 

Some say the best way to finish off the strip is with oral sex, but we say do whatever feels right!

If you go the “lap dance” route and have yourself all hot and bothered, simply return to the lap dance once you’ve removed all your clothes and hop on top! [Read: How to give good head – The biggest guide and 50+ blowjob secret tips]

General guidelines and ideas for your strip tease

Now that you know the step-by-step actions to take when you perform your strip tease for your man, you need to remember some general guidelines too so you can make your performance even more memorable.

10. Use a lot of eye contact

When you are performing for your man, you can use your eyes as a tool for both connecting and teasing him.

When you stare directly into his eyes for a prolonged amount of time, it shows confidence, and that is very sexy to a man. It will also make the two of you feel closer. As they say, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” [Read: Eye fucking and how to master the secrets of intense eye contact]

11. Take your time and go slowly

Make sure you choose your costume/clothes very carefully. You don’t want to rush your strip tease routine because you want him to really enjoy it. So, remember to take off each piece of clothing very slowly.

This will help build anticipation in him. If you’re working with a prop or a sex toy, you can also use this in your routine by exploring how you can play with it in different ways. [Read: Seductive tease – 20 tantalizing ways to blow your lover’s mind]

12. Assume a persona

To make your strip tease even more fun, try to assume a different persona. In other words, pretend that you are not you.

You could pretend to be a sexy French dominatrix or a hot Russian spy. Putting a little acting into the strip tease will make it more exciting.

13. Dim the lights

While you can do your strip tease in broad daylight, it’s not as sexy to do it that way. It’s best to do it in a darkened room.

If you have a dimmer or smart lights, you can use that. If not, you can shut off all the lights and light some candles. That way, it will be even sexier with the flicker of the candlelight. This light is also more flattering and sets the tone.

14. Tie your man down before you start

If you really want to get kinky with your strip tease, you could command control before you start by tying him down somewhere while he watches.

You could handcuff him to a chair or tie him to the bed. Either way, have him sit down and tell him you’re about to give him a show. Tell him he’s not allowed to touch you until you are all done. [Read: How to tease your boyfriend – 15 sexy tips to leave him stiff]

15. Find a strip tease tutor to learn from

As silly as it might sound, you can probably find a professional stripper to learn from. Creating your own strip tease can be fun, but if you want to take your sexy dance routine to the next level, then you can look to a professional for some guidance.

You can take a strip tease class or watch a burlesque dancer do their routine online. They will give you some ideas for your own. This is a great idea for beginner strip routines and tips.

16. Practice

Since you’re not a professional stripper, you can’t expect to do a flawless strip tease the first time you try. So, if you really want to impress your man, you should do some practicing until you feel comfortable. Y

ou want to have all of your moves down as well as you can. You can also practice stripping in front of a mirror. It can be fun and even a turn-on for you.

[Read: How to make yourself horny – 25 very powerful ways to get wet fast]

Learning how to strip for your man may seem daunting at first, but when it comes down to it, stripping is just choreographed dancing that leads to amazing sex. What’s so scary about that? So, now is your chance to go for it and make him go crazy with lust for you!

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how to dance a striptease at home, video lessons of a striptease

It is quite difficult to dance a striptease. You need to have a beautiful fit and slender body, be able to move beautifully, have good stretching and plasticity, and for this you need to do a lot, constantly train. You can watch this dance only in specialized places, clubs or on show programs, where it can be performed as a separate number.

Erotic dance got its modern look quite recently. But he already seduces not only men, but also many women. Most of them would like to be able to dance it not professionally for the stage or work, but for themselves, showing small shows at home. How to learn to dance striptease at home? If you want to get basic skills, learn some beautiful plastic movements, then this can be done without even leaving your home. nine0003

What does the video tell about homework?

For those who want to learn how to dance striptease at home, professional choreographers have developed a range of striptease lessons for beginners. They are aimed at those who have never done any kind of dance, especially strip dancing. Therefore, classes begin with the very basics. You should also not forget about physical training, so you should constantly perform various exercises to develop the plasticity of your body. What you need to do, you can learn from a special video. nine0003

What skills will the lessons give?

Striptease lessons at home will help you relax, learn how to move beautifully, work with your body correctly, study it well. Every woman can learn to dance a striptease from a video. To do this, it is not necessary to have a pole at home, you can build numbers on improvisation, using any elements of clothing, chairs, walls, floors.

You should learn striptease for many reasons:

  1. You will become an opening, you will stop being complex and shy. nine0020
  2. Bring your physical data in perfect condition. Only 30 minutes of classes already burn 160 kcal.

So you can combine pleasant with useful: to learn how to move beautifully and get the perfect body - this is exactly what many women dream of.

How to learn to dance according to the rules?

To properly dance a striptease means not only to faithfully repeat all the learned movements, but also to liberate one's inner state, to master the art of seduction. If you want to conquer, surprise your man, you will have to develop all the necessary skills. Professionals will tell you how to do it best. Two weeks of intensive training and you will already have all the necessary skills. nine0003

A video on how to dance a striptease correctly will introduce you to all the necessary elements, tell you what are the rules for performing an erotic dance. You will be advised on what clothes to use, what may be useful for the performance, how to choose the right shoes - all aspects that are necessary for the dance to become truly exciting and sexy.

Learning how to dance strip dance using video for beginners is necessary for those who decide to master this art form, but cannot attend classes in the studio for any reason. Thanks to new technologies, you can learn a lot without leaving your home. Perhaps in the future you will want to dive deeper into the study of dance, to master more complex, advanced skills. nine0003

Don't be afraid to learn striptease for beginners - please yourself and your partner. Arrange an unforgettable romantic evening that will pleasantly surprise and refresh relationships. Remember that dancing skills are always valuable, moreover, having learned the basics, you will be able to develop in the future in any other dance, thanks to the plasticity and flexibility that will appear with daily practice.

Video lessons

Katrin Selezneva

Teacher of modern and classical dance, participant of international competitions. Teaching activity in dance schools for 8 years.

Striptease lesson: how to make a spicy gift - Relationships

Striptease as a gift is controversial. Someone will be delighted with such a present, and someone will be shocked. Experts told which men would appreciate a spicy gift, and also gave advice and basic lessons on how to prepare a private dance on your own and how to create an appropriate atmosphere for home striptease. nine0055

From Western films, we clearly understood - a striptease as a gift will please any man. Yes, and a woman, if we are talking about a private dance, performed by a man. Ladies even take strip dancing lessons themselves to surprise their beloved at home, and expect such a foreplay to be appreciated and received with gratitude. But in real life is not so clear cut.

It turns out that some people don't want to receive street music as a present, and it doesn't matter who will perform it. Especially if outsiders are present during the dance. Psychologists warn that a stripper is a gift to a man who experiences any kind of sexual complex. sphere, will only remind him of the problem. Therefore, it is important to consider who and in what situation to do such a gift. nine0003

MORE: Reset All: Best Striptease Scenes in Movies

humiliated. It can cause shame, embarrassment if it happens in public, kill holiday mood. Therefore, a woman must find out in advance what will be reaction. If a couple can visit a strip club together and freely discuss such topics, then perhaps the gift will be received positively,” says the head of the psychotherapeutic department of the clinic "Insight" Igor Lyakh (Novosibirsk). nine0003

Giving a striptease to a boss, colleague or business partner — unacceptable, etiquette specialist Evgenia Skiba (Barnaul) is sure. "In business situations, most people behave with restraint. This is allowed in some creative company. Among people who are merry and jokers in life. They can recognize by behavior, manner brightly, look unusual. They do it themselves such gifts, and appreciate if they are congratulated by a stripper, ”explains expert. Housewives and sportswomen: who learns striptease

Professional dancer and owner of a striptease agency Alexei Zhorkin in his own experience confidently declares that most of the orders are just the same as gifts. Of these, a lot for the boss of any gender. Strippers and strippers are often invited to February 23, March 8, hen parties, stag parties, birthdays, and once, in his memory, they ordered for a wedding.

“There is a negative reaction. The husband begins to be shy, because he does not know how his wife will react if behave uninhibited with the artist. Therefore, we ask that they break through the soil in advance. Or we ask you to leave the room so that they do not embarrass you with your presence. It happens that the people themselves, to whom they give, are asked to stop the dance. This was at a bachelorette party with a very moral bride. In this case, the artist can continue the dance for the public. But more often the reaction is good,” says Zhorkin. nine0003

A large proportion of couples believe that the teasing dance able to increase the degree of passion and diversify routine family life. But also here experts advise to approach carefully, and take into account the many factors: from the situation, the occasion to the current state of the relationship. The last one is perhaps the most important.

“There are troubles in family relationships — routine, ritual, adaptation. When a married couple begins to limit fantasies about each other, then such an important part of sexuality as flirting disappears. Many industries exist for due to the fact that this flirting is provided, for example, by Internet dating. That's why many women at one time were so carried away by half-dance that in their relationship novelty, mystery appeared, things connected with fantasy appeared. Usually it strengthens the couple, ”Lyakh believes. nine0003

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flirting, then the reaction to the striptease of the wife or girl is likely to be positive, and she will achieve the desired effect. And if such an important component is no longer there, a woman runs the risk of causing discontent or other negative emotions that before this was restrained, the psychologist warns.

As strip dance choreographer Marina Ignatenko said, most often women apply for lessons when they find out that a man is looking “on the side” or go to strip bars. And then, having learned the strip, they draw attention to myself. nine0003

“A woman becomes more self-confident, her gait becomes more graceful. A woman begins to change from the inside, they begin to look at her differently, her man feels it, thinks what has changed in her and thinks about her, the choreographer says.

If you want to dance a striptease, she advises you to take at least a few lessons dancers to master the basic set of movements, and then act with an eye on their own opportunities and benefits. So, if a girl has flexibility, then be sure use twine and braces. And if a woman has long beautiful hair, then dance it out. nine0003

In general, the basic set of strip dance elements is simple - "kitty", backbends, stretching, half twine (twine for those who can afford it), half-bridge, touching yourself. Basically, almost anyone can do it.

But we must remember that home striptease is a small show, therefore, appropriate attire is important (you can buy a role-playing costume in a sex shop or just put on a beautiful set of underwear and stockings), manicure, pedicure, makeup, hairstyle.

Especially for readers, the choreographer told how to prepare for home striptease on her own, and showed the basic movements. We start with a warm-up and train plasticity. nine0003

According to Ignatenko, striptease is impossible without heels. Ideally, you need to stand on strips - shoes with a platform that professional women use. If there are no similar shoes and you don’t want to buy specially, you can do without a platform, but heels are required, and as high as possible.

Learn more