How to dance with your wife

10 Easy Tips to Take Your Wife Dancing

In an article in U.S. News and World Report, Dr. Bernadine Healy told us about an outstanding discovery. Couples who dance together ward off Alzheimer’s disease. “Frequent dancing, which demands musical concentration and knowing where to put your feet while engaging in polite conversation, showed a robust 75 percent reduction in the risk for Alzheimer’s.”

Does that mean it’s time for you to bust out your break dancing moves from the 80s? Well, not quite. But any activities you can do with your wife that requires conversation and exercise will do wonders for your health – and your marriage. But if you are thinking about stepping out on that dance floor, here are 10 easy tips to take your wife dancing.

1. Make preparations

If you are going to do this, you might as well do it big. Your goal is nothing short of total magic. Start by planning the date. Will it be her birthday? On your anniversary? Or the best of all, a total surprise on a completely random night? Women love to be swept off their feet. Go for the random night. Arrange a babysitter without her knowledge. Think ahead to plan every scenario.

2. Choose a style

This is huge. Make or break for your whole plan. What style of dance will you be attempting? Clean club dancing? Ballroom? Salsa? Two-stepping in a country honky-tonk? The list goes on and on. Pick what you think your wife would enjoy the most. Not what you prefer. This ain’t about you. Choose a style and the remainder of your planning will be based around it.

3. Get lessons

Don’t worry about her. Women typically have an uncanny ability to dance to just about anything. If she has no experience with the style you choose, you can lead and she will no doubt pick it up quickly. Ask your sister or someone non-threatening to your wife to take lessons with you. I say non-threatening because you don’t want to be accused of doing something sneaky when you are really trying to be romantic.

4. Find a place

You have chosen your style. Now time to choose where you will break out your moves on your woman. If you want to clean club dance, find a place friendly to your age group, whatever that may be. If you want to salsa there are usually many places that dedicate a night each week just for that type of dancing. The goal is to choose a place where you both will feel comfortable. The mood is magical and the type of dancing you intend is highlighted.

5. Dress well

You have to look the part. It’s essential to the plan. If you are going ballroom dancing, break out your suit. Clean club dancing calls for in-style clothing, but just don’t overdo it. Whatever style you have chosen, dress the part. Groom yourself like it’s your wedding day all over again.

6. Mind your manners

We don’t care how comfortable your relationship has become. Tonight you will treat her like you did the very first time you took her on a date. Be on your very best behavior. She deserves nothing short of perfection from you.

7. Romance her

Tell her she is gorgeous. Give her that look that makes her know that you are in. Listen to everything she says and participate fully in the conversation. See her tonight as you did the first time you saw her. That moment she captivated every bit of your attention. She is still the same woman you couldn’t dream of living without. Let her know it.

8. Arrival

Keep it cool and don’t rush things. She still is not aware that you have taken lessons and are about to wow her. She is just happy to be getting all this wonderful attention. Find a choice place to sit. Order drinks of your choosing. Appetizers. Talk and build the mood. Build her excitement.

9. Ask her to dance

Stand up, gently take her hand, and ask her if she will do you the honor of sharing this dance. The resulting moments are left up to your imagination. It’s your responsibility from this point to make it a reality.

10. Plan B

Maybe that all sounds like a bit much to you. Possibly too expensive? Understandable. There is a plan B. Come home from work early. Prepare dinner if you can, or order her favorite food and have it ready. Set up a table and eat dinner by candlelight in a comfortable spot in your home. If you have young kids you can do this after they have gone to bed. Play soft music in the background as you do all the same things mentioned above. Then play her favorite song. Stand up just as described before and ask her to dance.

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Wedding Dance Styles for Your First Dance

Engaged couples spend a good amount of time selecting their first dance song, but have you ever consider the dance style you’d like to perform for this very special moment? What dances are popular at weddings?

Of course, the dance style of your first dance will not only depend on the first dance song you've selected, but also your skill levels. Do either of you have dance experience? Are you willing to take more than one dance lesson? We – along with our featured couples – highly recommend taking at least one dance class before the big day whether you just want to learn a few simple steps or choreograph an entire routine. While not essential, taking dance lessons with your future spouse will absolutely pay off – and it'll make for a fun date night!

One of the real wedding couples we featured on had an incredible first dance that has reached nearly 3 million views on YouTube! Be inspired by their dance, as well as their wedding décor, in the video below!

For more inspiration and to find the wedding dance style that's right for your first dance, we’ve listed some of the most popular wedding dance styles to help you decide:

The Sway

This is the typical, go-to move for those couples looking to spend little to no time preparing for their first dance and focus energy on other aspects of wedding planning. Think of this as the “slow dance” you know from the high school dance floor – a simple sway back and forth with arms wrapped around one another. It can be performed to a variety of slower songs chosen for their personal meaning. This allows for light, sentimental chatting between the pair, and a chance to relax after your “I dos.”

The Slow Dance (or Nightclub Two Step)

The Classic Waltz

The Swing

Ladies might consider changing out of their wedding gown and into a shorter, flowy dress with shorts underneath and comfortable shoes. Gentlemen should be wary of their shoes and take the time to remove a tighter suit jacket.

The Foxtrot

Mambo & Salsa Dance

Work with a professional to make this performance all it can be, and note that a costume change into more appropriate clothing for this ballroom dance will likely be a requirement. Note: a tango dance on wedding dance floors might also be an option, though it is a touch more sexual and serious than these two options and may not go over well as a dance at wedding events.

Hip-Hop Dance

The key to hip hop is fun and you won’t need a choreographer to make up your routine – typically, you can form one out of the moves you already know. Most modern hip-hop, rap, or R&B songs will create the perfect atmosphere for your dance. This form of wedding dancing makes a great transition into the celebration and will be enjoyed by wedding guests.

Free-Form or Mash-Up

Flash Mob

Traditionally, these are used in public as a surprise to passersby, but your guests will be just as stunned as your routine grows with the addition of bridal party members, friends, and family. Add your own personal touch, spotlight certain members, have sections of song wherein just part of the group dances, and more. Similar to a mash-up, any song selection or style will do, but it requires will participation from others and far more preparation than the other forms! 

What to do if the wife fell in love with Tango

If the wife dances in an embrace with other men at night, and if you still don't give a damn about her, then you want to figure out what it would mean. To your questions, she replies “it’s nothing like that, well, I just love to dance, and you don’t, so I have to dance without you,” which makes you kind of even guilty of her adventures. After such an accusation, of course, I want to let her go there, because she promises that she does not change, but only “dances”. In addition, she scares you with the alternative that if you are against it, then you will have to dance too. In fact, there are other alternatives, and let's think about what the real reason for her adventures is. To understand this, ask her auxiliary questions - what is tango for her? What attracts her to this dance? It is necessary to understand what exactly she likes in this occupation. Dig until you hear one of the reasons listed below:

  1. "Passion", "emotions", "feelings"

    If she says that tango is emotions, then you probably don't give them to her in your relationship. Well, it's obvious. She will not go to the dance floor for what she has without any dance floor. You probably stopped doing it. Therefore, she goes to milongas to get at least some emotions for herself from others. It would be nice to figure out what kind of emotions she gets there, but if you are not a psychologist (definitely not), then it is not easy (she hangs noodles on you and you will believe it). Or maybe you stopped wanting her, and she goes to milongas to experience passion from others. In general, emotions have left your couple and you live as friends or roommates. Play it more often, manage her emotions. Or get a divorce, because when she disappears at night with others, she is clearly unconstructive in your relationship, and if she doesn’t evoke emotions in you, then why are you together?

  2. "Unity of the whole", "feeling of unity", "understanding"

    In tango, the couple is held very tightly and moves in sync, due to this, a feeling of merging into a single whole is created. If she appreciates exactly this in tango, then she has become lonely with you. Maybe there is sex between you, but intimacy and sincere communication has become small. We need to communicate with her more, sincerely, with attention and understanding.

  3. "Acceptance", "tango is where you can be yourself"

    If she says that she likes it when a man leads, but allows her to express herself within the couple, she may not have enough “acceptance” from you. He says “You decide, only if I can do something here . ..”. Accept her and let her be who she is, don't criticize, let her reveal herself without fear, express herself. Let her be different.

  4. "Feel led"

    If she says she goes to tango to feel led, then she doesn't have you at all. And if you exist, then she does not respect you and does not obey. You have to learn to dominate, to become a man. Even if it’s too late to learn this for your relationship, it will still come in handy with the next one.

  5. "Doesn't know what will happen to her"

    Sometimes women love tango because they don't know what their partner will do to her the next moment. It tickles her nerves. They want a surprise, they want to be victims of a male, they want a man to entertain her with his creativity. You stopped doing it, stopped being a male. Turn on spontaneity, remember how to be an animal and turn on creativity in your leisure time.

  6. "Move"

    If she goes not for emotions, but for physical activity, then she probably does not have enough sex. Well, one that is at least an hour every day, energetic and rhythmic, like what she does on the dance floor. Tire her out in the right way so that she doesn't have the strength to dance.

  7. "We need to put on a dress somewhere"

    They sometimes go to milongas so that they have somewhere to put on beautiful women's clothes. This is definitely not the main reason for her campaigns. To eliminate her - take her to theaters, clubs and other places where she can be in a beautiful dress with you arm in arm.

  8. "Applause"

    If she is drawn to perform and receive applause, then she has a painful self-esteem. Praise more often. It is your concern to make her self-confident, so that she no longer wants other people's assessments. You must do so, with your attitude towards her, so that she does not want to speak.

  9. "Feel beautiful, subtly pulling the sock"

    If it seems to her that she moves beautifully on the dance floor, then in life she does not think of herself that way. Praise more often how she moves, so that she relaxes and arranges strip dances at home for you, and not at milongas for who knows.

  10. "Beat the Music"

    False. Who wants to dance music - dances alone. You don't need a man for this. Ask further until she confesses why she needs strangers at night.

There may be several reasons. She will not immediately say the main one, but the main one is always there. She is usually sad, so she hides it even from herself. When you understand the reason, you will understand what to do.

Dear husband of a woman who goes to cuddle with other men at night and goes to international festivals to cuddle with other men, if you exist… then not completely. You do not fulfill all the functions of a husband. There is a problem in your relationship, and you can do something, something is not too late. If you communicate more and more carefully with your wife, you will understand her better and understand what to do. If not, then there will be no deep intimacy, you will live as neighbors.

p.s. advice to women will be a separate article

(c) Andrey Krylov 2018.

Dancing with your wife. Why dream of dancing with my wife

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Why dream about dancing with my wife - This portal will come to the rescue with a full interpretation of sleep I dreamed about dancing with my wife according to different dream books.

Try to carefully recreate your dream, pay attention to everything that surrounded you, maybe objects, also embody something.

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Seeing your wife in a dream means unfinished business and strife in the house.

To dream that your wife is unusually friendly means that you will profit from some important and risky business transaction.

For a wife to dream that her husband beats her with a whip, predicts that some of her unsuccessful actions will cause her severe condemnation in the house, and then general disorder and turmoil.

According to the dream book Miller's Dream Book

Beating your wife is infidelity.

Subordinates - obedience.

Strangers - an unknown villain, and beating yourself is expensive.

Beaten to be from subordinates or dead - illness, loss, mourning.

According to the dream book Egyptian dream book

If a man sees his wife in a dream, the dream warns him of his wife's illness, from which she will recover pretty soon. If a woman sees herself as the wife of a stranger, the dream portends that she will never be alone.

According to the dream book English dream book

Fight with her - to reconciliation;
swear - to the illness of one of the spouses.

According to the dream book Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov

Fraud; beautiful - happiness // quarrel; smart - chores; in rags - worries; sick - pleasure; to beat is an insult; fight - reconciliation; swearing with her is a disease of one of the spouses; caresses - profit.

According to the dream book Dream Interpretation Veles

If you dreamed that your wife was going to bed, then you (will) have a strong and good family. To avoid any problems, drink coffee from one cup in the morning.

If you dreamed that your wife was cooking, then in the near future you will experience indigestion. To avoid this, swallow a few black peppercorns before your next meal.

According to the dream book Dream Interpretation Maya

The dream in which you see your husband making love to someone else's wife naturally gives you a reason for suspicion and, as a result, portends sooner or later a major showdown to find out the true state of affairs. Seeing or meeting someone else's wife in your house portends a family scandal.

To dream that someone else's wife is unusually friendly with your spouse means that soon you will receive a decent amount of money from your husband, but you will not get from him what source they came from. If in a dream a strange wife accuses you of having a love affair with her husband and publicly insults you, this predicts that the husband will have a reason to accuse you of poor performance of his household and marital duties.

For a young girl to see herself in a dream as a wife portends a happy marriage with an ideal, in her opinion, man and wonderful, healthy children. If a husband sets other wives as an example for you in a dream, this is a sign that you, not wanting to hear such statements in reality, will do everything in order to get rid of your own shortcomings and thereby receive well-deserved compliments in the family.

According to the dream book Dream interpretation alphabetically

The ex-wife dreams of oblivion. A wife in a scandal is dreaming - to reconciliation.

According to the dream book Dream Interpreter

Wife (the one in reality) - To good luck and help. Quarreling with his wife - to improve relations. Sick - get well. Died - will be healthy. Gives birth - will help in business. Sleeping with her is pleasant thoughts and love. Kissing - to a quarrel.

According to the dream book Esoteric dream book

To see a wife in a dream - to quarrel with her / deceit.

Hitting her means something good, but only for her.

Seeing a pregnant wife is fortunate.

The patient - to deceit.

The old one is in trouble.

Caress her, hug her - either anger or a big failure.

Mute to see - the news of someone's death.

Selling a wife - to a quarrel

According to the dream book Noble dream book

Husband to see his wife: most often means a reminder of unfinished business or accumulated problems.

An affectionate, happy wife: a sign that your affairs promise to go uphill in the near future.

Adultery or jealousy in a dream: - are a warning that a lack of attention on your part may adversely affect your relationship in life.

If you have no hobbies on the side, then cheating in a dream: - can symbolize your excessive busyness with business or time spent on friends.

Beating your wife or quarreling noisily with her: a sign that your nervous tension has subsided, so that in reality you are not threatened with serious conflicts.

According to the dream book Dream interpretation of the twentieth century

If you see your spouse in a dream, you will probably experience disappointment at work soon. It is possible that discord in the family will completely deprive you of the desire to engage in professional activities. But if your wife smiles in a dream, the crisis will not last long, and you will safely solve all your problems.

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