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Gummy bear 🧸 #dancetutorials @mimikliffi

52K Likes, 90 Comments. TikTok video from Meg🦋 (@meganellis29): "Gummy bear 🧸 #dancetutorials @mimikliffi". 🧸 x4 | 🧟‍♀️ | 👉🏼😮👈🏼 | .... Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~.


Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~ - ひなか



Cooper loves to dance 🕺🏼 #kidstiktok #dancingkid #kiddance #dancevideos #cutekidvideos

TikTok video from coopers.playtime (@coopers.playtime): "Cooper loves to dance 🕺🏼 #kidstiktok #dancingkid #kiddance #dancevideos #cutekidvideos". Learn to dance with me on YouTube . I Am Your Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song).


I Am Your Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) - Gummibär


John Ben

Gummy Bear Dance Just Dance Kids Dance

386 Likes, 25 Comments. TikTok video from John Ben (@mico32774): "Gummy Bear Dance Just Dance Kids Dance". original sound - John Ben.


original sound - John Ben


Erin Deane

Gummy bear 🐻 #emojidancetutorials #emojidancetutorial #emojidancer #fyp #gummybeardance

TikTok video from Erin Deane (@aniela.deane): "Gummy bear 🐻 #emojidancetutorials #emojidancetutorial #emojidancer #fyp #gummybeardance". 🧸x4 | 🐾 | 👉👄👈 | .... Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~.


Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~ - ひなか



Lets be Gummy bears 🐻 CD: @mimikliffi #sunshine☀️ #spring #dancetutorials #parandis1 #gummybear #globaltutsquad #Xlist #dance #fyp

331 Likes, 106 Comments. TikTok video from Parandis (@parandis1): "Lets be Gummy bears 🐻 CD: @mimikliffi #sunshine☀️ #spring #dancetutorials #parandis1 #gummybear #globaltutsquad #Xlist #dance #fyp". 🧟‍♀️ | 👉😽👈 | 🌪 | .... Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~.


Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~ - ひなか



Gummy bear🧸 #tutorial #dance #fyp

34. 3K Likes, 119 Comments. TikTok video from 우인 WOOIN (@w__ing_): "Gummy bear🧸 #tutorial #dance #fyp". ✋🏻🤚🏻 | ☝🏻👄☝🏻 | 🌀 | .... Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~.


Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~ - ひなか



Warming Up with #gummybears dance. #fyp #fypシ #kindergartenteacher #kindergarten #kidsoftiktok #kids

TikTok video from kinderslife (@kinderslife): "Warming Up with #gummybears dance. #fyp #fypシ #kindergartenteacher #kindergarten #kidsoftiktok #kids". Warming Up. I Am A Gummy Bear - The Gummy Bear Song.


I Am A Gummy Bear - The Gummy Bear Song - Gummy Bear



#gummybear #handschallenge #handdance #tutorial #tutoriales this #sound I think is so cute

TikTok video from go_ten_go (@go_ten_go): "#gummybear #handschallenge #handdance #tutorial #tutoriales this #sound I think is so cute". 🧸x4 | 🙅🏻🤷🏻🐾x2 | 👉😘👈 | .... Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~.


Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~ - ひなか



Gummy bear 🧸 CD: @mimikliffi #globaltutsquad #dancetutorials #fingerdance #dance #gummybear #parandis1 #fyp

256 Likes, 58 Comments. TikTok video from Parandis (@parandis1): "Gummy bear 🧸 CD: @mimikliffi #globaltutsquad #dancetutorials #fingerdance #dance #gummybear #parandis1 #fyp". 🧸x4 | 🧟‍♀️ | 👉😽👈 | .... Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~.


Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~ - ひなか



Gummy bear 🐻 #EmojiDance #emojidancetutorial #fyp

2. 1K Likes, 33 Comments. TikTok video from Janet_of_hearts💕 (@janet_of_hearts): "Gummy bear 🐻 #EmojiDance #emojidancetutorial #fyp". 🐻 | 🐻 | ⏪ | .... Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~.


Gumi gumi gumigumi ~ Bia !~ - ひなか

just dance kids gummy bear song, Uncategorized, High School, Fine Arts, Dance

just dance kids gummy bear song, Uncategorized, High School, Fine Arts, Dance

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Apr 17, 2015


Oh, I'm a gummy bear. It's a gummy bear on me every time you turn me like you got me there. I'm a jelly baby 'cause I'm a got me better oh I'm a moving you in jail and singing got me there and I got me got me coming got me there got me got me got me got me got me bear fighting by dog party by doing party pointing by door party party pop. Burning bright door and party one thing I don't want to be pointing right party pop oh I must call me bear you tell me got me better hold me every time we find me hockey got me there. I'm a jelly bear 'cause I'm a gummy bear oh I'm a moving grip and jam and singing got me better yeah bye bye baby bye bye bye for you with me I'm competing you can buy me bye bye but you really can bye bye for you give me a thousand times you can try to come and come and come here come here come here got me come on girl you got me got me there. And did you want to be my ticket I love your dance all my tea I can't get party I make love to me you need to make good on my bucket up my baby get on my knees and talk party power I'm a cut your hair yes I haven't got me down oh I'm in yummy tell me find me lucky gonna wear I'm a jelly bear 'cause I'm a gummy bear oh I'm a movie giving damn it singing got me there oh yeah oh oh oh oh oh oh my baby party me like me do me down got me there oh oh oh oh oh baby be down baby we got me there party pop. My body really came here bye guys we do this again three times you can buy me bye bye what do we do on your body with me I'm not a video baby I'm your type you can be good you got me got me got me there got me got me got me got me coming there.

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    I hate you so much - Chapter 17. Kiss me.

    Every day for the next two weeks, I visited Louis at the hospital. During this time, we were able to get closer and return those relationships that we had not had for a very long time. We could talk for hours and just as long just sit in silence and look at each other.

    It sounds strange, but if I read or heard about something like that, I would probably make a grimace of disgust, but now, when I myself feel what I have read about many times in books, I begin to understand why the heroes of the books were yourself so stupid. They were just in love and I think I'm experiencing something similar.

    On Louis' last day in the hospital, I walked into his room with balloons and a huge bag of Haribo gummy bears.
    He was still sleeping, so I carefully approached the bed and, leaning close to his ear, whispered:

    Get up and shine, handsome.

    But Tomlinson didn't think of waking up. He muttered something unintelligible, then rolled over onto his other side.

    So, we need to act differently.

    I walked around the bed and, leaning towards Louis, softly touched his cheek with my lips.

    “Good morning,” I whispered before Louis opened his eyes and smiled. “Something tells me that's exactly what you've been waiting for, Tomlinson.

    “Maybe.” A smirk appeared on Louis' lips and he turned his gaze to the balloons. - This is for me?

    “Yeah,” I nodded, tying ribbons to the headboard. - This is for you for the first time, until you can walk normally.

    - Very funny.

    “I know,” I nodded. “Actually, I brought balloons because they always do that in movies.

    “Good morning, Mr. Tomlinson,” I started, not hearing the doctor I already knew enter the room. - How are you feeling?

    “I feel much better,” Louis nodded. - When can I go home?

    "You'd better not go at all anytime soon," Mr. Clifford chuckled. You must remain in bed for a few more days. But seriously, you need to get another X-ray and you can go home.

    “Thank you, sir,” Louis nodded.

    Dr. Clifford smiled at us and, wishing us luck, left the room.

    * * *

    Two hours later, Louis and I took a taxi to his house.

    — Thank you, — he smiled when I grabbed his hand, preventing him from falling on the pavement, wet from the recent rain.

    - Would you like to come in? Louis asked a few seconds later, turning the key in the keyhole.

    - Of course.

    As soon as he opened the door, the lights in the living room came on and we heard a loud "Surprise!", after which confetti rained down on us and the living room filled with Louis' friends.

    — What are you doing here? Louis asked with a happy smile on his face as he hugged each guest in turn.

    "It's all your girlfriend," Harry snorted, handing Louis a red plastic cup. - Tonight you can thank her for this surprise...

    Harold didn't have time to finish, because he received two blows at the same time: from Louis in the left side and from me in the right shoulder.

    The Tomlinsons' living room erupted in laughter.

    “Calm down, you two,” Stiles said, rubbing his shoulder and side. - It's just a joke.

    "I missed your stupid jokes, Hazz," Louis said, pulling Harry into his arms as everyone groaned.

    A few minutes later the music started playing and everyone started dancing. Well, almost everything. Louis and I sat on the couch watching Harry dance with my classmate Jade. Styles was moving so ridiculously that I couldn't help but giggle.

    - Why are you laughing? Louis asked, leaning in to my ear.

    “And I always thought that I was the worst dancer in the world,” I smiled. "But compared to Harry...

    "He's not even drunk yet," Louis shook his head. - In an hour, he will be dancing really terribly.

    We laughed, but noticing Harry's frown, we hurriedly covered it up with a cough.

    The next song was Kiss Me and Louie asked me to slow dance.

    — And your leg?

    “I'm fine,” Louis smiled as he offered his hand to me.

    Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran

    He wrapped his arms around my waist and I clasped my arms around his neck before we began to slowly move to the beat of the music.

    “Kiss me,” Louis said at the same time as the words to the song.

    I smiled and placed a light kiss on his lips.

    Gradually the living room began to empty. Some of the guests went home, some went out into the Tomlinsons' backyard to barbecue, and Louis and I remained standing in the living room in each other's arms and moving slowly to the music.

    - I never thought you liked Ed Sheeran.

    "It's actually Lottie's disc," Tomlinson replied, holding me close. She's crazy about this guy.

    “I understand her,” I said before I noticed Louis' frown.

    — Your boyfriend, by the way, is standing right here in front of you.

    I laughed, for which Louis lightly flicked my nose.

    - Hey!

    "You're my girlfriend," Tomlinson said, staring at me, "which means you can't idolize anyone but me."

    I rolled my eyes at the guy's words and pressed my cheek against his chest.

    “As you say,” I breathed, after which he put his arms around me, clasping his hands around my waist, and we continued to move slowly.

    A couple of minutes later, Louis pulled away from me and touched my cheek with his palm.

    “I never told you this, El, but I've always liked you,” the guy said, softly tracing the line of my cheekbone with his thumb. - And I'm very glad that despite all the shit that was between us, you're still with me.

    I just smiled as I felt a warm wave envelop my body.

    Louie seemed to know exactly how I felt. I understood this from his barely distinguishable gaze in the twilight.

    Louis gently pushed me onto the couch, and the next moment his body covered mine. His lips pressed against mine before my hand slipped under his shirt.

    “Oh…” someone said, and at the same moment, a light came on in the living room.

    Harry stood with his back against the wall and looked at us with a smirk.

    “Shame on you for doing this in front of everyone.” He jokingly shook his finger at us.

    “We didn't have time to do anything thanks to you,” I muttered as I pulled away from Louis, “so shut up.

    Stiles laughed and plopped down on the couch between Louis and me, bruising us a bit in the process.

    “You are so sweet.” He put one hand on Tomlinson's shoulder and the other on mine. “But I don't think you should continue your tenderness here. Be good kids and go upstairs.

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