How to dance sensual

How To Dance Sexy: An Easy 5-Step Guide

No matter your age or general dance skills, attempting to dance sexy for the first time can make you feel incredibly awkward.

It's normal to feel a sense of shame when even thinking about dancing sexy, let alone doing it!

In order to break that mindset and start dancing sexy, you HAVE to build your confidence step-by-step.

Check out our guide below and learn how to let your inner goddess out.

1. Get In The Mood

If you want to dance sexy, you have to be in the moment.

You’re just not gonna look sexy if you’re thinking about your grocery list while you dance.

Before you get on your feet to start dancing, prep yourself by getting in your sexiest mindset by practicing some self-care!

Put on your best smokey eye, slip into that dress that makes you feel like a femme fatale, and take yourself out on a date for the night.

Jadalyn Estrada, a dancer who’s challenging herself with sexy dance classes on STEEZY, even adjusts the look of her bedroom to help set the mood.

“If you feel awkward, it’s okay,” Jadalyn says, “dim the lights, light that favorite candle of yours… whatever makes you feel comfortable!”

You see, love is more than a feeling. It’s a practice.

So show yourself some love before you start dancing – once you get moving, you’ll already feel amazing.

2. Pick Your Persona

The sexiest dancers channel a unique personality that draws you into their performance.

But if you met those dancers in person, you might find that their real life personality is totally different!

Playing a character can help you lose yourself in the moment and avoid getting too hung up on the moves.

To pick a persona, watch plenty of sexy dance videos and see what attracts you most!

Watch this video from Aliya Janell.

Pretty fierce right? She uses hard-hitting movements, high-energy songs, and more serious facial expressions to come off like a powerful lioness.

Now compare Aliya's video to this one from KAYDAY.

Here, the dancers used fluid movements, a slower song, and more expressive facials (they mouth the lyrics, make eye contact, and even smirk) to create a more sensual feel.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do it. Just decide what you think looks sexy to you, and then try stepping into that character.

If your persona is playful, you might wink, use bouncier movements, and play with your hair while you dance.

If you’re more drawn to a fierce persona, practice your best “bad b*tch” face in the mirror.

As you get familiar with your sexy persona, you’ll find yourself focusing less on your insecurities and more on having fun.

3. Master a Few Moves

Rather than trying to memorize a bunch of choreography, you wanna focus on learning a few singular moves that you can always count on.

They should be simple enough that they work with just about any sexy song, and basic enough that you can add variations to them to fit your sexy persona.

A few examples?

The Hip Roll

The Booty Dip

The Sexy Walk

Moves like these are easy to master because they don’t involve a lot of complicated footwork or difficult techniques.

If you’re looking for some basics to get started with, try taking a few classes online!

Online classes are the perfect way to learn sexy moves because you don’t have to worry about people watching you during the class – you get all of the guidance and none of the stress.

If you wanna learn the moves mentioned above (and more!), try our Sexy, Single Move Class Series on STEEZY Studio.

It’s the perfect sexy dance move starter pack for beginners.

4. Practice Your Performance

If you want to look sexy while you dance, you have to practice performing for yourself.

The sexiest dancers end up looking so good because they’re not just doing dance moves… they’re putting on a show!

First, make a playlist of your favorite songs, and find a good place to practice.

If you don’t have full length mirror already, check out this video to learn how to create your own little dance studio, right at home.

You can also use the front facing camera on your computer to watch and record yourself, or use the camera mode feature while taking a STEEZY Studio class!

Once you find a place, just turn your music up and START DANCING.

You don’t need to put together any fancy choreography. Just do what comes to you in the moment and watch yourself as you move.

You’ll start to notice that certain movements and facial expressions look as good as they feel.

And some might not work! That’s ok!

The point of watching yourself in the mirror isn’t to nail every move.

The point is to give yourself an opportunity to see yourself and realize how good you actually look!

As you watch yourself improve, your confidence levels will start growing from within.

5. Commit to Your Sexiest Self

So, you’ve spent some time dancing in the mirror and you’re falling in love with your new sexy dance skills… so what comes after love?

Commitment! Lock it down boo!

The final step to becoming a truly sexy dancer is being comfortable letting people witness you in all your glory.

For most people, this can seem like the toughest step, but think about this way:

At this point, you know you look good.

You know you feel good.

You know that you have plenty of moves under your belt that anyone would appreciate.

So take yourself out to the club with your best friends, or bring your significant other into the room to not only watch you dance, but dance with you.

And when you do… GO. FULL. OUT.

Follow through on every movement! Every hair flip! Every look!

If you feel a little awkward at any moment, remind yourself that you can just focus on playing your sexy character and keep on moving.

Dancing sexy is mostly about feeling sexy – and once you feel it, everyone else will too.

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There’s something so intimate and sexy about dancing for your man. Staring in his eyes while you contort your body in sensual positions always sends shivers down their spine. Ciara has become the poster woman for steamy choreography. Her video “Body Party” is like an instructional for performing the act.

We’ve looked to Cici to help us put together a list of dance moves to incorporate into your next routine! You can find them in her videos “Promise,” “Body Party,” “Love, Sex & Magic,” and “Ride.

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1. The Body Roll


Create an S-form with your body by rolling it like Ciara in her video “Promise.”

2. The Strip Tease


Tease him with your naked body, but don’t give too much away!

3. Utilitize props


Using a chair in your routine adds variety. Use it to show off the arch in your back. High heels help the legs look elongated.

4. Tricks


Putting things between your legs can be tricky, but this trick by Jamie Lee Curtis (borrowed by CiCi) in “True Lies” is a classic move and will impress him!


The Big Reveal


Surprise him and reveal your lingerie underneath your robe.

6. Crawl


No dance is complete without the sexy crawl. It ill make him feel dominant!

7. Touch


Don’t be afraid to touch your man during your dance. Get close enough to him and entice him with your girl assets.

8. Use different angles


Ciara had the right idea when she gave Future a different angle of her back then breast.

9. A leg up on the competition


Allow him to feel and explore the length of your body by dancing from the tip of your toes to the reach of your lips!

10. Hip movement


No dance is complete without gyrating hip movement. As R.Kelly would say, “Move ya body like a snake ma!”

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How to learn to dance: video lessons for those who are not afraid to try

January 28, 2017LikbezSports and Fitness

If you decide to learn how to dance, do not delay. Just repeat after the instructors the basic movements of modern, street, ballroom and social dances.

Iya Zorina

Author of Lifehacker, athlete, CCM



Answers to the main questions

Is it difficult to learn to dance?

It's really no more difficult than anything you're new to. Dance directions are very different from each other. Even if you have mastered one of them, it will be unusual for you to do the other.

However, all dances are connected with the ability to control one's body. And if this is not new to you (for example, you were engaged in martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, and even more so dancing), it will be easier for you to adapt to new movements than a beginner who is not friendly with his body.

Even if you have a fairly wooden body, you should not despair. The secret of success is constant practice.

Learning to dance from video lessons is more difficult than from courses. If your body is flexible and obedient, you can still do something similar to the movements of the instructor from the video. If not, you can quickly become disillusioned with dancing: the difference between what is shown in the video and what you will see in the mirror will be too strong.

Still worth a try. At least in order to determine the appropriate direction.

How many times a week do you dance?

Muscles may be sore at first after exercise. But, unlike strength training or running, the body does not require a recovery period.

Therefore, you can safely practice dancing all the time. One of my teachers said to dance 25 hours a day. In any case, the more you dance, the more noticeable the progress.

How to learn how to dance modern dances

From this direction we have chosen three types that can often be found in the schedules of fitness clubs and dance schools. And the first - plastic and insanely beautiful contemporary.


Abel M/

Contemporary combines elements of modern jazz, yoga and martial arts, seasoned with improvisation and attention to breathing. This is freedom and plasticity - the natural beauty of movement.

Here is a clip with a contemporary combination. Give it a try, just be sure to warm up and stretch well before you teach.

And here is the second part:

By the way, about the warm-up. In the video below - a full lesson with a warm-up, stretching and analysis of the combination. In English, but everything is clear and without translation.

If you do not have time to repeat or consider how some movement is done, set the speed to 0. 25.

If you like combinations but can't repeat them yet, here are some more videos of routine contemporary lessons.

You will most likely have to do the same in the dance school before you can perform beautiful combinations.

Strip plastic

Many people confuse pole exercises and strip plastic. The second is just a sensual dance that can be performed without a pole.

Doing strip plastic, you will not stand at the barre and pull the toe. Everything here is based on the natural sexuality of the female body. Of course, many teachers diversify strip plastic with elements of contemporary or modern, Latin American dances and other areas, but it all depends on the teacher.

How beautiful your dance will look again depends on how well you know how to control your body, how mobile your joints are and how stretched your muscles and tendons are.

In the video below there is an analysis of the combination. Not too simple, but very sensual and beautiful. And you don't have to move on the floor, so your knees don't get hurt.

And here is a playlist with strip plastic lessons from different dance schools. There are both individual movements and combinations.

And one more, simpler combination. Try it if the first one doesn't work.

Belly dance (bellydance)


This is a sensual and beautiful dance that, among other things, helps to develop plasticity and even get rid of some health problems.

There are a lot of belly dance lessons on YouTube. Below are some of them.

The basic movements are explained here very clearly:

And the second part:

Below is a playlist with five lessons for beginners from another teacher.

How to learn to dance street dance


Hip-hop has only been around for about 50 years. But during this time, many trends and styles have appeared, with different elements, plasticity, and special features.

In addition, modern hip-hop is often complemented by movements from other dance styles, which provides even richer vocabulary and original combinations.

But before you come up with your own combinations, you need to master the basics. In the playlist below you will find basic moves, steps and many combinations. They explain everything in an accessible way. If you can't make it, slow down the video speed.

The next big playlist videos explain the concepts of inertia, manipulation and isolation in hip-hop. There's also a story about improvisation, battle behavior if you're up for it, and a few variations of ground hip-hop moves (on the floor) to diversify your combinations.



Breakdancing consists of different elements: tricks and power movements on the floor, waves, fixations, and also changes in the levels at which the dance is performed.

Here on this channel there is training in different styles: Waving, King Tut, Robot, - analysis of the technique of power elements and basic movements at different levels.

Below is a video detailing the 6 steps element from Footwork.

And here you can see how the "turtle" is performed.

Here is a voluminous playlist, which contains quite a lot of breakdance elements with a detailed analysis of the technique of dance and strength elements.


Lauren Wood/

Sexy dance in which you need to actively work the buttocks, hips, stomach and arms. In this playlist you will find several lessons with analysis of twerk movements.

How to learn to dance ballroom dancing


At least once in your life, you will surely need a waltz. Moreover, it is not so difficult to dance it at an amateur level.

Here are four good lessons that will teach you how to hold your hands and do the basic waltz steps in pairs or individually.

How to learn to dance social dances

Social dances are not designed for competition, but for communication between partners and enjoyment. Improvisation is welcome here, through which the dancer can express himself, his feelings and emotions.


This dance comes from the Dominican Republic. He is very sensual and sometimes erotic. The basis of bachata is four steps with an emphasis on the last one. In the dance, there are rotations and throws of the partner, small lifts.

Despite the fact that bachata is a pair dance, solo combinations can also be taught. For example, if you don't have a partner yet.

In the video below - an overview of the main steps. Where to transfer body weight, how to hold hands, how to focus - everything is told in the most detailed way.

And here is a variation of bachata from the same teacher.

Below is a playlist for those who want to dance bachata together. These are Dominican bachata lessons from the Imagine dance school.


This is a passionate couple dance from Africa, more specifically from Angola. Now it is performed all over the world and is especially popular in France and Portugal.

Steps, lots of hip work and close contact with partner. Sometimes very tight. For example, in the style of tarraxinha, a slower and more sensual version of this social dance.

Here is a playlist of kizomba lessons.

And another playlist with videos from another dance studio.

That's it. If you have favorite tutorial videos, share them in the comments to the article.
*Activities of Meta Platforms Inc. and its social networks Facebook and Instagram are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Kizomba sensual dance - history, basic steps, training, tips for beginners, clothes, shoes, solo, in pairs, music, hits

Kizomba sensual dance looks very sexy and romantic, as if sparks fly between partners. Anyone can learn it, because it does not have complex movements and ligaments that are worth memorizing. There are several features of this dance.

What is the kizomba dance?

A slow dance that involves close contact of partners is called kizomba. It runs slowly and smoothly. It appeared back in the early 80s, and has achieved wide popularity only now. The sensual Kizomba dance took a bit of traditional Cuban movements and the famous tango, which is why it is also called "African tango". Many dance schools offer kizomba classes.

The history of kizomba

In different sources you can find different information regarding the origin of this sensual dance. The version that the real homeland of kizomba is Angola looks more reliable, but there are options that this happened in Cape Verde and distant Sao Tome. In order not to be specific, it is often said that this dance originated in Africa. The history of kizomba dance is directly connected with musical groups, under the hits of which passionate movements were danced, for example, Johnny Ramos, Suzanna Lubrano, Kassav '.

Until the 90s, until the dance came to Europe, it changed and transformed, so many movements from different styles are “mixed” in it. Initially, the kizomba dance existed only at parties of migrants and students from African countries. Over time, it became more common, first conquering England. In 2009, the first kizomba championship was held in Warsaw.

What is the difference between kizomba and bachata?

Many people confuse these two styles, so it is important to understand the main differences between these styles.

  1. Bachata uses different links and transitions that are not found in kizomba.
  2. Describing the difference between bachata and kizomba, it is worth noting that these styles have different music, rhythm and tempo.
  3. It has already been said where kizomba originated, but bachata appeared in the Dominican Republic and first spread to Latin America.

Kizomba dance style

Kizomba is a couples love dance that can be admired on the streets of Brazil, Portugal and Angola. The kizomba style involves an exchange of energy with a partner, since the bodies are very close during the dance, that the partners even have to close their eyes, because it can be difficult to look at each other. Kizomba dance has the following features:

  1. Throughout the dance, close contact is maintained between the partners.
  2. The main movements are focused on the lower body: legs, hips and buttocks. Kizomba uses small movements of the legs below the knees, such as numerous turns, steps and throws.
  3. The direction of movement can be recognized by the turn of the foot. During the dance, the hips move with a large amplitude.
  4. The partner with his right hand hugs the partner behind her back, and her left hand is located on his neck.

Kizomba solo

The girl in a couple is an adornment that attracts the eyes of people who watch the dancing couple. Women's kizomba style is taught in separate lessons, and they include different exercises designed to develop certain muscles, which in most cases are underdeveloped. To dance kizomba beautifully, a woman must develop her lumbar muscles and relax her hips. In addition, dancers are learning different ways to "decorate" the movements of the dance, for example, they can be made softer or, conversely, sharp.

Kizomba in a couple

Traditionally, kizomba is considered a pair dance, it is also called a kind of “communication” through body movements. Of great importance is the interaction, where the partner leads, and the girl dutifully follows, complementing the dance with her movements. Kizomba with a partner requires participants to be consistent, have a sense of rhythm, and be able to interact with each other. When a couple converges and they establish contact, from the outside it looks like they are a single whole.

How to learn to dance kizomba?

It is not easy for beginners to loosen up and immediately catch the movements of a new frank dance, but experienced dancers and teachers reveal several secrets. Use the tips for beginners kizombu:

  1. You should decide on the style, of which, according to many dancers, there are three. The traditional Angolan style is characterized by a stronger grip in the arms and a bend in the waist, as well as circular movements. Another type of kizomba comes from Portugal, and here stands out a strong interaction in the chest area, isolation in the pelvic area and more bent knees. The French style is characterized by the vertical position of the body. All these styles can be mixed and changed throughout the song.
  2. Practice is of great importance, and you can dance not only with a partner, but also alone. Learn to make accents, play with pauses, rhythm, and so on. All this will develop an intuitive response to music.
  3. Learning kizomba also includes the correct use of intros and endings in music, which many do not pay attention to. These inserts are in most cases calm and are needed in order to set the tone for the main part of the song.
  4. Play with a combination of slow and fast steps. Moving at the same pace is boring, so it’s better to “play around”. There are many movements that can be played with music.
  5. Learn to express emotions while dancing and this is not only romance and sexuality. There are many examples of dancers using kizomba to express sadness, sadness, aggression, fear, and so on. All this makes the composition especially beautiful.
  6. Kizomba dance allows for the simple idea of ​​repetition. Choose two consecutive steps from the movement and repeat them twice before continuing or ending the movement. As a result, you can get the original picture.
  7. To make the dance more expressive, slow it down. This trick is perfect for ending a phrase in a song and dragging out the moment. To create a beautiful contrast, you can simply slow down one step. Experiment in this direction to diversify your dance and learn to improvise.
  8. You can use accelerations to decorate kizomba, but it is important to be relaxed during this so that the movements seem easy.
  9. In the kizomba dance, a change in direction of movement will look beautiful, which will help to realize many interesting ideas. Experts recommend learning to look at yourself, as if from the outside, in order to create a new beautiful figure.
  10. You can add passion and make your partner freeze with appropriate pauses. To do this, it is important to learn to understand and feel the music and have a good balance. It is worth noting that if the music allows, then you can stretch the pause even for several accounts.
  11. To avoid repetition in your own dance, it is recommended to divide the movements into small components and insert other steps between them. This will help make the dance more creative.

Kizomba dance school

To learn how to feel your body and perform the basic movements of this gentle dance, you can sign up for lessons at special schools. There will be no problem finding a partner and suitable music. Teachers will teach you how to perform basic kizomba steps, how to move your hips correctly, and how to interact with partners. Schools often organize performances and competitions, as well as hold master classes where you can prove yourself.

How to learn kizomba at home?

If it is not possible to go to school for lessons, you can start learning at home. For this, there are a large number of video lessons where experienced dancers tell and show how to perform the steps correctly, what are the features, and so on. Self-learning kizomba will be more difficult and will require more time. In addition, no one forbids going to master classes where you can test your skills.

Kizomba dance - parties

The name of this dance is translated as "party", which explains the fact that dance evenings are held all over the world, where people just relax and dance as their heart desires. It will be a great learning to dance kizomba, because every participant at parties shows all his chips. Like any other social dance, kizomba at such evenings can be danced with an unfamiliar partner. Parties are based on improvisation, which helps people to relax. When becoming a couple, people do not know how their dance will look like in the end.

Kizomba - music

The compositions used in kizomba have a rhythm that is clearly audible. They are built on dance squares, which in most cases go to eight counts. To learn how to dance kizombu musically, consider the following recommendations:

  1. You need to dance to the rhythm. Experienced dancers may start with a count of "1" and this is considered professionalism.
  2. Steps are taken when a clear rhythm is heard, and if it is not, then the time of smooth movements of the hips and the like.
  3. You should listen to music as often as possible, which will help you quickly highlight the rhythm, find eights, and so on.

There are many collections for those who like to dance sensual dances. Kizomba Popular Hits:

  • Kataleya - Dava Tudo;
  • Vem Ca–Bheaven;
  • Kaysha-Diamonds;
  • Jey V - Te Kurto Bué;
  • Mika Mendes ft Maryza – Sem Limite;
  • Parar o tempo – Ravidson feat. Mika Mendes.

Kizomba clothes

For a sensual dance, girls choose for themselves outfits that emphasize the figure, but do not restrict movement, for example, a tight-fitting top and skirt, or a dress with a slit.

Learn more