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Lindsey Rodriguez 🥀

One of my favorite steps!! Remember to ask questions and what you would like to see next! #mexican #pasitosatevo #pareja #takuachecuh #latina #latino #tutorial #howto

16.5K Likes, 78 Comments. TikTok video from Lindsey Rodriguez 🥀 (@yourlittlelindsey): "One of my favorite steps!! Remember to ask questions and what you would like to see next! #mexican #pasitosatevo #pareja #takuachecuh #latina #latino #tutorial #howto". HOW TO DANCE PASITO SATEVO: | Step 1: bend knees to beat of the song | STEP 2: step in place 3x ( alternating legs ) ( Right (step) left ( step ) right (step) ALTÉRNATE (Left (step) right ( step) Left (step) | . ... El Pasito Satevo.


El Pasito Satevo - Los Vendavales de Adan Melendez


Maria Jaquez

Teaching my Mexican bf how to dance bachata. #fyp #viral #bachata #couple

TikTok video from Maria Jaquez (@8marial.j): "Teaching my Mexican bf how to dance bachata. #fyp #viral #bachata #couple". sonido original.


sonido original - Joemil El Tipo


Lindsey Rodriguez 🥀

Reply to @jazmin.medinaa now go spin besties!! 💃🏽🕺🏻 #spins #mexican #latino #latina #purobaile #takuachecuh #tutorial #hispanic

34. 3K Likes, 278 Comments. TikTok video from Lindsey Rodriguez 🥀 (@yourlittlelindsey): "Reply to @jazmin.medinaa now go spin besties!! 💃🏽🕺🏻 #spins #mexican #latino #latina #purobaile #takuachecuh #tutorial #hispanic". HOW TO DO SPINS FOR PARTNER WORK: | STEP 1: spin in a circle like normal | STEP 2: break the spin down to two steps ( right and left step ) | .... A La Antigüita.


A La Antigüita - Calibre 50


Desiree Rendon

who wants to see it in partners ? #fyp #bailes #tutorials #huapangos #banda #norteños #corridos #mx #mexicantiktok #TalkingTree

50.5K Likes, 271 Comments. TikTok video from Desiree Rendon (@desireerendon): "who wants to see it in partners ? #fyp #bailes #tutorials #huapangos #banda #norteños #corridos #mx #mexicantiktok #TalkingTree". how to do the twist in partners: | Movement: - Hips are twisting side to side -knees follow side to side - feet are on bone of the foot and twist | *this is just me showing the practice movement * | .... original sound.


original sound - eduardo♣️


Cumbia Libre

Level #1 Lesson #10 Hook Turn #cumbia #c ouplegoals #d ancelesson #l atindance #m exicandance

TikTok video from Cumbia Libre (@cumbia.libre): "Level #1 Lesson #10 Hook Turn #cumbia #couplegoals #dancelesson #latindance #mexicandance". Hook Turn | Lesson 10 | we are only showing the right hook turn.. | .... La Cumbia De La Cerveza.


La Cumbia De La Cerveza - Grupo Soñador


Fernando Ramirez

Let me know if it helps!!!#fyp #parati #viral #trend #mexicantiktok #chihuahua #bailes #bailando #blowthisup #mexico🇲🇽 #norteñas #vueltas #tutorial

24. 1K Likes, 101 Comments. TikTok video from Fernando Ramirez (@el_guapetazo): "Let me know if it helps!!!#fyp #parati #viral #trend #mexicantiktok #chihuahua #bailes #bailando #blowthisup #mexico🇲🇽 #norteñas #vueltas #tutorial". Espectacular.


Espectacular - La Energía Norteña


Fernando Ramirez

Reply to @lujan6002 Ik its not the best but atleast you have some tips🙃#fyp #parati #viral #mexicantiktok #hispanic #bailes #bailando #norteñas #norteñastutorial

61.8K Likes, 579 Comments. TikTok video from Fernando Ramirez (@el_guapetazo): "Reply to @lujan6002 Ik its not the best but atleast you have some tips🙃#fyp #parati #viral #mexicantiktok #hispanic #bailes #bailando #norteñas #norteñastutorial". Norteñas Tutorial | Tips✨✨✨ | #1: Posture | .... Fuentes de Ortiz.


Fuentes de Ortiz - La Maquinaria Norteña


Priscila Montoya

Another tutorial! Hope y’all like it ! 🙏 #fyp #tutorial #salsa #salsachallenge #foryoupage #foryou #dance #latinos #nigeria #mexicana

2.2K Likes, 7 Comments. TikTok video from Priscila Montoya (@prisymontoya): "Another tutorial! Hope y’all like it ! 🙏 #fyp #tutorial #salsa #salsachallenge #foryoupage #foryou #dance #latinos #nigeria #mexicana". With a partner!! | 💃Salsa 🔥🕺 | Girls | .... Salsa.


Salsa - El Rubio Loco


Fernando Ramirez

Reply to @wtfbrodiee As requested😄#fyp #parati #viral #mexicantiktok #hispanic #mexican #bailes #bailando #quebradita #tutorial

171. 7K Likes, 664 Comments. TikTok video from Fernando Ramirez (@el_guapetazo): "Reply to @wtfbrodiee As requested😄#fyp #parati #viral #mexicantiktok #hispanic #mexican #bailes #bailando #quebradita #tutorial". original sound.


original sound - Fernando Ramirez


Desiree Rendon

do a little dance for that $$ 🍻 #fyp #bailes #bailetutorial #dancing #pico #mexicantiktok #couplestiktok @Hugo🧸

325 Likes, 6 Comments. TikTok video from Desiree Rendon (@desireerendon): "do a little dance for that $$ 🍻 #fyp #bailes #bailetutorial #dancing #pico #mexicantiktok #couplestiktok @Hugo🧸". Only type of dancing I’d do money 🤪. sonido original.


sonido original - Danieloo Guardado

Top 10 quebradita dance ideas and inspiration

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Quebradita zumba "Chilito piquin" ft. Marichuy Dance

les comparto mi primer video espero les agrade BESOS BYE.....

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Alisa’s Surprise Dance| Tribal, Bachata, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Wepa, and Quebradita

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woody bailando quebradita


Quebradita Dance

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Quebradita Dance

Quebradita Dance

Quebradita Dance

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Acrhos Dance Team (Chucho y Aris) Quebradita Oaxaca Salsa and Bachata Fest

Chucho y Aris han logrado que su equipo y la quebradita tengan otro nivel en el país y no dudamos que en el mundo. Acrhos Dance Team sorprenden a Oaxaca con ...

Dance Teams






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About dancing and "credit of trust"

Good afternoon!

Thank you very much for your work and advice that help.

Briefly, the situation is as follows:

I found a hobby - dancing, lindy hop, my fiancé at that time took up martial arts, I tried to win him over to my side - additionally do dancing together, but they are not interesting to him.

found out about a dance camp in a neighboring country - got excited about the idea, clarified whether he would be against it, answered that he was not (in tone - he would not be very pleased, but when I clarified that if there was something analogous for his hobby, he will go - he said yes, he will go, and, it turns out, he is not against my trip). offered to go together - also did not want to.

immediately upon receipt of the salary, I bought a ticket for myself, put it aside for travel, that's it, I'm ready to go) went with the guys from our city - it seems safer, I rested and recharged with energy with a bang. there is only a nuance - during my calls home I ran into a wall of cold and some kind of irritation.

when I arrived - my beloved was supposed to meet me, and met me, but when he saw that the guy from the company was helping to pull the luggage out of the train (to me, like to other girls), he was furious.

upon arrival, I received a wave of anger and indignation - what I allow myself, and so on and so forth. as it turns out, he doesn't like seeing me dancing with someone else. his point of view - as I understand it - as an association, as if they are "using" me or harassing me, but this impression does not fit in my head in any way - I'm not a thing! and it looks like disrespect to my hobby.

and Lindy is not a very contact dance (in comparison, for example, with the blues), I don't see any intimacy in it, he does. I said through sobs that this looks like an attempt to break off our engagement, and that let him think, but I will not give up dancing. reconciled, he put the engagement ring back on, but the problem was not resolved - it's like a time bomb. We agreed to go together next time, but I can’t help but dance there - otherwise what’s the point of going?

I am well aware that my passion may burn out and I will like other dances or other activities, but if I cave in now, what awaits me in marriage? the state of "under the plinth" and the fear of standing up for yourself?

Dear Yana, maybe you and your readers can help, what to do to resolve this conflict without loss? And is it worth it for me to raise this issue again in order to talk with a cold head (but otherwise, in my opinion, the conflict may escalate, . .)

Thank you very much,

Best regards, N.



The thing with dancing is this: I heard from many professionals that for them "dancing always ends in bed, otherwise it's impossible." And at the same time I know a person who has been dancing with one partner in a pair for half his life (also professionally), while happily married, and for him the separation between work and "personal" works very clearly. (His partner is also married, divorced at one time, then she found a new husband, and all this time there was nothing between them.)

I believe it can be so and so. I already know that people can be very different, and feel differently, and none of them are lying - each of them is.
Therefore, if you are sure that you are perfectly able to separate your hobby and relationships and sex, I am inclined to believe that everything is so.
Your boyfriend doesn't.

Actually, the problem here is not in dancing, but in the "credit of trust". This is when a person has not done anything wrong yet, has not given him a reason not to trust him, and in his thoughts he had no - and the other is already directly sure that it is impossible to trust here!

This may be because he had a bad experience in a past relationship. Or before my eyes there was a joyless example (for example, in a family). But then we need to talk about the beta. Remind that everyone is different. In addition - to offer to look at the situation from the other side. Imagine that he has not done anything yet, and you are already expecting something bad from him. Because someone else, before him, acted badly. Isn't that fair? He would certainly be very offended if he was forced to "pay" for other people's bad deeds like this. Accordingly, let him not do this to others. You don't deserve such injustice either.

If a person is just worried, but is able to somehow work with his feelings, then such a conversation should convince and calm him down (this happens). For some, it’s really enough to talk about it, hear all the right words, and calm down.

If, after such conversations, nothing has improved, and you are afraid to touch on the topic, because you know that there will be a scandal - it's bad. This means that your partner does not trust you. And dancing has nothing to do with it. There will be no dancing, there will be something else. I think that if you fail to establish a trusting relationship between you, then there will be nothing to build a family there. The base of the family is the trust between partners. This is why they start a family. So that a person has one person in the world, in whom he does not doubt.


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- I take my readers and their letters very seriously. Please treat my work and time with the same respect!

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Relationships between partners in social dances

Who is responsible for the result in the dance

“Change!” - the teacher shouted and the girls moved on to the next partners.

In social dancing, we contact a person for no more than a few minutes. Why create a good relationship with him? Yes, because from such minutes there is a feeling from the lesson and from pair dances in general. If you can laugh with everyone, you are not afraid to mess up, you feel support, then the pleasure of dancing will be guaranteed.

I used to think that in dancing the partner is responsible for the result. After all, if he does not lead, then I do not dance. And on the one hand, it is. No impulse - no reaction from the partner. But on the other hand, does everything depend only on the man?

Imagine that you see a couple dancing. Who attracts more attention? Partner. A man in pair dances is not so noticeable. It reminds me of an artist and his painting. When we walk through the gallery, we do not see artists, we admire their works. From under the hand of a talented and skillful master, a beautiful picture will turn out.

Anton Gorchakov, teacher at Spicy Salsa, compares the relationship of partners in dance with the relationship of a man and a woman in real life:

“Dancing is a projection of the life positions of men and women. If a man constantly shifts responsibility from himself to women, then in dancing he will say: “Yes, that’s all she is.”
There is another kind of men who, even in the event of a complete "trash" from the partner, will take the blame: "I did it wrong." What a man in life, such he will be in dancing. This also applies to girls.
I am convinced that both are responsible for the dance. Partner in terms of dribbling, musicality and safety, and partner in terms of following.
A heavy cross is also hanging on the girl as a couple's decoration.
But it is important for the partner to give the girl the opportunity to decorate the dance.

Anton Gorchakov

Spicy Salsa dance school teacher

“A dance couple is a union, so the responsibility is divided exactly in half. Leading, following, and communication between partners are also important. Sometimes people dance just a basic step, but there is such chemistry inside that you can’t think of anything else! The main thing is that the dance brings pleasure to both. It's great when people get high, relax and rejoice in the process of dancing.

Nastya Gorchakova

Spicy Salsa dance school teacher

Partner and partner code

Spicy Salsa teachers and I created something like a code for partner and partner.

This is a list of do's and don'ts to make dancing as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for both.

Partner's Code

Dance with your partner, not with yourself. Pay attention to the girl during the dance, look into her eyes.

There are partners who “on the wave of their success” are thinking about how to make this or that new movement. At the same time, the girl feels like a simulator for working out. Don't be such a partner!

Keep your partner safe. Make sure that the girl does not hurt herself about you, does not crash into anyone.

Don't dance if you've already had a lot to drink and have difficulty coordinating your movements.

Feel the edge. Yes, bachata and salsa are hot dances, but don't stoop to obscenities.

Smell good so that your partner will enjoy dancing with you. Fresh breath is the key to success. Take a change of t-shirt and deodorant with you to the party.

Do not criticize or correct your partner. Don't ask how long she's been dancing. If a girl did something wrong, you don’t need to stop and show what you specifically wanted to do in reality. If it doesn't work, keep dancing. You can try to repeat the element after a few eights. If it doesn't work again, then don't try again.

It's great if the partner can dance the female part too. It's hard to lead a movement that you don't physically know how to perform. When you know how to dance the female part, then for your part you can already understand where to push, what to pull, how to lead.

Partner Code

Follow your partner. If the partner does not listen to the partner, then the dance union will not work.

You are the berry on the cake, so decorate the dance. But jewelry should not interfere with the partner.

Set the mood. Smile at your partner, play with your eyes, add a touch of flirting. Beautiful movements are not the most important thing.

Try not to show incredible tension on your face.

Clothing must not interfere with the dance. Do not wear a short skirt that constantly rides up. Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in.

Be tolerant of other people's mistakes. Do not let comments about the lead and dance. Do not say the phrase: "I did not feel your guidance here." If the partner did not go for the figure, this already means that most likely there was a jamb in charge. The partner understands this very well. It is better to treat mistakes with a smile and laughter. You can suggest trying to complete the figure again.

If you sit at a party with a sad face, then no one will invite you. Ask yourself to dance. After all, you came to the party to dance!

Tell your partner if something is not clear, painful, unpleasant.

Develop in other dance styles: reggaeton and twerk are good for bachata and salsa because they develop the core and hips.

“If you want to develop, it's not enough to go to pair dances twice a week.
It is important to work on the body comprehensively: stretch, strengthen the back muscles, because supports are popular in bachata, as well as things that require good stretching, plastics. Choose activities to your liking: plastic, feminine style, yoga, Pilates, etc.”

Nastya Gorchakova

Spicy Salsa dance teacher

Recently I was at a party at Spicy and saw why I liked dancing with this or that partner.

Well, most of all I enjoyed dancing with a person who was on the same wavelength with me.

We were glad that we had time to perform a complex combination into music, rested in the base when we got tired, sometimes we just let go of each other and danced freely!

Feel respect and sympathy for your partner, be calm and confident, and then the dance will become a pleasant meeting for both of you.

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