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Perreo, which is danced mostly by the young people- coming from socially weak classes, represents probably one of the most energetic and expressive forms of dancing.

The room is filled with erotic of the body language of young people when they are dancing perreo; they simulate sexual activities explicitly through according gestures and movements.

Rivalry stands at the center of the dance, one cannot deal with it alone, but only with partners or rivals. That is why it is common for two men to dance with one woman, one being behind her and the other one in front of her, whereby at the end she can pick one of them, the one that really makes her sweat.

This dance does not know any taboos, removing physical restraint and shyness that are otherwise present in controlled, prudish dance forms of rather distanced dance style usually typical of the better off social classes.

When dancing perreo one is constantly looking for body and skin contact with a dance partner, turning it into a "ritual of physical closeness". Constant rubbing against each other passes on strength, warmth and energy, thus defending young bodies against constraints and restrictions and letting out their desire for freedom.

More Info about Perreo:

  • Origin of Perreo
  • Physical aesthetics and the right outfit
  • Content of Reggaeton
  • Figures of Perreo
  • Influence of Reggaeton and Perreo on youth
  • Critique: Prejudices against Perreo

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 More Info about Perreo:

  Origin of Perreo

  Aesthetics and Outfit

 • Content of Reggaeton

 • Figures of the dance

 • Influence on youth

 • Critique of Perreo


Small circle. A group of friends always hanging together. Gang, clique or crew, very common in the reggaeton scene.

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How to learn to dance reggaeton?

Posted on by HRTrain

A bit of history

Reggaeton is a genre of music, not dance moves. It was brought to Panama by Jamaican workers in the 70s of the 20th century. At the same time, Jamaican songs began to be translated into Spanish. Some time later, the first Spanish-speaking rapper released discs in which he mixed reggae with hip-hop.

Today, reggaeton has become a national treasure in Puerto Rico, and has recently been used for an election campaign. In recent years, it has spread widely even in America.


Today the dance has managed to change a lot of names, has been both phreaking and grinding, even perreo. This became its most common name.

Perreo is a dance in which two people dance imitating sexual rubbing against each other, with the girl's back to the partner. Apparently, the dance reminded the Puerto Ricans of dogs (perro - dog) so much that they named it after him. Such licentiousness in Puerto Rico is only welcome, although in Europe this dance met with ardent condemnation. It was believed that this dance is vulgar, wild and humiliating, but soon reggae music sounded from everywhere.

How to dance it

How to reproduce the movements is up to the reggae dancers themselves. Fuzzy movements, reminiscent of friction, close contact of bodies - all this resembles intimacy with a hint of dance. Or a dance with a hint of intimacy. It was for this appearance of reggae dance in Europe that it was received with hostility. After all, it is young people who are especially prone to bad influences who dance reggae. But if you look closely, you can see that the touches never end, the bodies do not press, and it is this understatement that creates the effect of a dirty dance, which can only be achieved by long training, but not by improvisation.

Whatever it was, the perreo is just one of many variations of dancing to reggae music. Yes, the music is meant to express the sexual energy that overwhelms you, but you need to dance in the way that the rhythm tells you.

We listen to reggae

More than two hundred performers work in this direction, but DJs choose and put on only what they like, and because it seems that the music is monotonous. Don't trust first impressions.

It's worth appreciating reggae in its development to understand how diverse it can be. Start with ShabbaRanks "DemBow". This is practically the progenitor of reggae music, more modern songs are frenzied Spanish recitative and one-word pounding, as in the song Daddy Yankee-Gasolina. There are also more melodic variations with soul elements: Don Omar - Senor De La Noche, En su Nota. There are also quite slow ones, if I may say so about reggae: Alexis y Fido - Tu No Sabes. Reggae is often mixed with other dance and music styles, such as AndyMontanez-Se Le Ve, which is a combination of salsa and reggae.

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What are the working hours?

what is hidden in the names of dances and how to distinguish them Blog

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Articles about the Dominican Republic

Each dance is unique and inimitable. Rhythms, movements, emotions - Caribbean dances give dancers a pleasure that has no comparison. And if you have the opportunity to try dancing at least one of them, do it! Try, feel, learn. So a new World will open before you, in which you will want to return again and again.


It was music. She pulled me in and called me after her. I was standing in a dark alley in a new country for me. Everything I wanted to know and feel. Carefully stepping, I went to the sounds.

The melody was tender, filled with sadness. The sadness that comes to the heart after separation. Finally I saw people. They were couples. Their bodies were tightly intertwined, they moved smoothly and unhurriedly to the beat of the enchanting music.

“One, two, three, four... kick. One, two, three, four... kick.”
"Ba-cha-ta" - someone whispered softly in his ear. I turned around and his hands were already on my waist. I pushed aside my thoughts and trusted my partner. "I can't," I whispered softly.
“Nothing needs to be done. Just listen to my body and move to the beat. I will think. For the fourth time, the thigh goes up. Smoothly, as if you want to lightly hurt someone.

This is how I met BACHATA . More than 8 years have passed since that evening, and bachata has become for me one of the symbols of the Dominican Republic.

The name of the dance comes from the Spanish bachata or cumbachata. These were poor people's parties with obligatory copious libations. Such gatherings were held in the courtyards of houses or simply on the street in the shade of trees. The musical style and dance of the same name originated here in the Dominican Republic and spread widely in the Caribbean.

Musically, bachata is difficult to confuse with other dances. Danced for 4 counts with an emphasis on the last one. According to the execution technique, everything is simple: four side steps, and at the moment of emphasis, the movement of the hip in a spiral upwards. Bachata is always a closed position and close contact. There are very few turns, a lot of lateral penetrations and “throwing” the lady from side to side.

"Musica de amargue" - music of bitterness, words about unrequited love, the desire to prolong the minutes of meetings - all this makes bachata an unusually sensual dance.


Another popular dance that the whole country dances is SALSA . Salsa comes from the Spanish Salsa - sauce. This dance tastes spicy and spicy like chili sauce. The temperament of salsa is a spark of expression, it is a palette of accents and a fairly high tempo.

There are several versions regarding the name "salsa". So, according to one of them, a group performing Cuban music performed in a small club in Miami. She turned the people on so much that everyone started shouting: “Salsa! Salsa!”, implying that the music was as spicy and hot as the sauce used to season the dishes in this establishment.

According to another version, the name goes back to the well-known at the beginning of the century dance "Echale Salsita". In the late 60s, a concert was held in the United States, at which Latin American musicians presented the "new boogaloo rhythm" - nothing more than a Cuban dream mixed with merengue, cha-cha-cha, mambo and boogie-woogie. Watching people from different parts of America dance to the new rhythm, Tito Puente said: "Esto es una gran salsa!", Which literally translates as "Great sauce!". The great sonero meant that, just like in a sauce, various ingredients were mixed in rhythm and a particularly “tasty” mixture was born.

It doesn't matter which version you choose. All of them somehow agree on one thing: salsa is a mixture of different Latin American styles and rhythms.

If we talk about what dance figures are typical for salsa, it is worth noting that over the years the dance has undergone changes. For example, in the early 20s, salsa resembled a slower version of rumba, and in the 40s in New York, jazz and blues motifs change the character of the dance, and it manifests itself in the main step.

Technically Salsa is not difficult. The main thing is to openly express your emotions and feelings. Here and intrigue, and courtship, and refusal. Salsa is like a little story of two, embodied in dance. And despite the fact that the figures are repeated, with each new partner something unique and inimitable is born.

Since Cuba is the birthplace of salsa, Cuban sleep can be considered one of its varieties.

The world learned about this dance back in the 30s of the 20th century, it can be considered the "grandfather" of modern salsa, both dance and music.

Son is a pair dance with different rhythmic patterns. The main feature is that it is danced on contratiempo, they begin to move at the expense of four and eight. The dream is like a slow-motion version of salsa. Musically combines Spanish folk romance and African rhythms.

According to one version, the name of the dance goes back to the Latin “sonare” – to play, to sing. According to another version, this was the name of the dance form in Mexico in the 18th century.

According to the performance technique, chasse steps, stops and rotations predominate, and the dancers in a pair hardly touch each other.

There are four main varieties of Sona:

Montuno - rustic substyle, more free than the others. Guaracha - fast, with a special basic step: crosswise with weight transfer between the legs. Changui - springy step. Traditional - elegant slow sleep.


Have you ever tasted airy white sweets made from egg whites? Yes, yes, they are the most that are called Meringues. Delicate and crispy figurines have won the hearts of many sweet tooth around the world.

Is it pure coincidence that a dance born in the Dominican Republic has the same name with a difference in the last letter?

In Spanish, merengue means “meringue”, and “meringue” in turn goes back to French and means “kiss”.

Born in the Dominican Republic, this extremely sensual and incendiary dance is also called MERENGUE . He attracts with his temperament and expression. And the movements are so light that it looks like meringues melting in your mouth.

However, the issue of origin causes a lot of controversy. I will outline only the most interesting versions of the appearance of merengue in the Dominican Republic.

In 1844, a melody was played to commemorate the victory of the Dominican troops over the Haitians. It was she who inspired the appearance of dance in the province of Cibao. Rumor has it that this cheerful song made fun of one commander of the Dominican regiment, who fled the battlefield. mid 19century, this melody became beloved and popular and replaced other rhythms of that time.

According to another version, the name goes back to the name of the figure of the Cuban dance upa habanera.

However, the most plausible version involves the participation of slaves cultivating sugarcane plantations. According to it, working slaves were chained to each other so that they would not escape. So they pulled one leg. For the slaves to work at a certain pace, the overseer beat them with rods, setting the speed.

Merengue is a very rhythmic dance. And this rhythm is able to influence. So, for example, in the history of the Dominican Republic, the fact is known that the political slogans of the famous dictator Trujillo sounded to the rhythms of merengue.

As a dance, the merengue uses a large number of figures and ornaments. Especially often used are circular movements of the hips, rotation of the body, movement of the shoulders at an accelerated pace. Many of them go back to the folklore version of the dance.


Reggaeton was first discovered in the 1970s, when immigrants from Jamaica brought with them the reggae musical style, which was new to the United States. It combined elements of different cultures: hip-hop, rap, techno.

Reggaeton is such a dynamic and charming dance that it's hard to stand still if you hear its rhythms. The movements are often frank and frivolous so that some may even seem vulgar. It is no coincidence that in the United States the authorities categorically forbade the development of this style. The dance movements were not in accordance with the moral principles of the government, and all attempts to organize reggaeton discos were severely suppressed by the police.

The name is derived from the name of the musical style "reggae" plus the magnifying suffix "ton". Reggae, in turn, comes from the term "pere-pere", which means "rags" or "torn clothes", and this is the first key to understanding the style and character of Reggaeton.

It can be danced both solo and in pairs. Double reggaeton is singled out in a separate category, where elements of salsa and bachata are captured. The greatest attention is paid to the legs and stomach - legs, hips move constantly. To all this, movements of the arms, shoulders and the whole body are added. It turns out a bold and beautiful dance.

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