How to dance on a party bus

How to throw a party in a Party Bus

We get asked all the time to help customers throw a party on the Bus. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you have the most fun possible with your party bus rental.

Step 1: Pick Your Party Bus

Not all party buses are created equal. And that’s a good thing. It’s hard to throw an epic party in a generic party bus. The last thing you want is a cookie cutter ride when your goal is an amazingly unforgettable experience for your kids, your friends, your family, or your coworkers. It’s not too far from the truth to say that picking the right party bus really sets the tone for the entire adventure.

White Rose Limo custom-builds all of their party buses, adding amenities that other companies just don’t offer. You get the comfort of real leather interiors, upgraded electronics and complimentary beverage bars. But that’s not all.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution for anything in life. That’s why we’ve built a variety of party buses for you to choose from. We have buses that can hold ten people and some that can hold up to 44 plus anything in between. And, if you do choose any of our smaller party buses, you won’t have to sacrifice the luxury. They’re all equipped with amazing amenities.

The Big Buses: #40 & #44 Luxury Party Buses

If you have a very large group of people you’d like to entertain, our big 44-passenger* buses should be your rides of choice. You and all of your friends, family, and coworkers can travel in relaxed style and comfort to and from just about anywhere in Southern California, Mexico or Nevada.

The #40 party bus is what everyone thinks about when they picture the prototypical party bus in their mind. A luxury limo-like interior wraps all of your guests in overstuffed black leather elegance. The side face-to-face seating lets everyone chat, laugh, and have fun before they even reach the destination. If you’d like to spice things up a little, turn the music on and have fun with dancer poles. And don’t forget the complimentary beverage bar stocked with all your favorites – like Bourbon, Vodka, Champagne, along with brand name sodas and orange juice (for the perfect mimosa).

The #44 Luxury Party Bus is a bright, modern take on the traditional limo bus. The creamy white interior and shiny chrome accents brighten any exciting evening. Plus multiple big- and flat-screen monitors let you show your favorite kids movies, Hollywood blockbusters, music videos, or embarrassing home movies. With the #44 the party’s guest of honor also gets an exclusive VIP area to make them feel like a king (or queen).

#30 Party Bus

Our Mini Party bus is perfect for groups that don’t need the space of a much larger party bus. Capable of holding up to 30* friends or family in luxury, our luxury party bus #30 is decked out with a black leather-lined interior, surround-sound, video screens, color changing LED-lights, and so much more. From the outside all you see is sleek black and chrome accents. Tinted windows and glossy black enamel turn this “people mover” into a VIP party machine.

Sprinter Party Bus

The Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus is the perfect way to pack all of that comfort and luxury into a tiny package. Capable of comfortably holding 16 passengers*, this little powerhouse packs a big punch. You’ll find the same leather luxury, entertainment options and complimentary beverages as you would in any of our bigger party buses, but you get it all for a significantly smaller price tag. Think of it as a comfortable step up from a traditional 10-passenger limousine. This bus is perfect for small school groups, kids headed to prom or Winter Formal, small bachelor or bachelorette parties, or social groups headed on a long road trip. There’s plenty of room to sit, chat comfortably, or even stand up and dance. And, because the Sprinter party bus is so maneuverable, it can sneak right up to the front door of your destination. That combined with the lower ground clearance make this party bus the perfect party bus for guests with mobility issues.

Step 2: Choose Between the Limo or Party Bus

Living in or around the OC means you see a fair share of Limousines and Party Buses on the freeways, at the wineries, in the stadiums or at the clubs.  So how do you decide which vehicle to rent for your special event? We’ve put together some of the pros for each to help you decide what will fit your style and budget.

Party Buses:
  • Room for everyone
  • Multiple buses to choose from to fit parties of any size
  • Plenty of space to make (and enjoy) complimentary cocktails
  • Plenty of headroom (when it’s time to dance)Comfortable for long trips (like to Vegas or Wine Country)Design to allows guests to easily interact (dance, chat, laugh)
  • Affordable (especially when divided among guests)
  • Elegant luxury that can be “kicked up a notch” when it’s time to let your hair down
  • Great for any group (students to bachelorettes to seniors)
  • Perfect for making a grand statement
  • Sleek exteriors (like limos on a large scale)
  • Door-to-Venue chauffer service
  • Complimentary Decoration Services (Custom Requests*)
  • Classic
  • Beautiful
  • Elegant
  • Intimate
  • Always in fashion
  • The perfect arrival

For those that can’t decide and want the best of both worlds, we present the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo Bus – the perfect blend of size and style. It has all of the elegance and fun features you’d find in traditional stretch limousine but it’s shorter than a party bus – making it just right for your party and your budget.

Step 3: Reserve Your Vehicle

  • Invite your friends.
  • Bring your own Music or DVDs.
  • Bring extra water.
  • Bring snacks.
  • Bring a pair of socks (for dancing on the seats in the buses).
  • Climb on board.

Once you set foot in the party bus, the party begins! It’s your one-stop-shop for a great event!

Because you can fit up to 44 passengers* in our Luxury Party Buses, it’s the perfect way to celebrate any number of occasions.

  • Bachelor Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Wedding Transportation
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Club Hopping
  • Las Vegas
  • Corporate Promotions
  • Prom & Homecoming

When it comes to deciding where you want to go in the party bus don’t forget Las Vegas!  Seriously, our Party Buses are so much fun you’ll want to spend as much time in them as possible.  So why not go to Vegas?  We do several times a year.  It’s the best trip ever.  Just gas her up and enjoy the ride.  The drive goes by in a flash thanks to all the amenities—music, television, lights, and yes, even fog. Particularly artistic dancers might even have some fun with the stripper pole. Call it a ‘safety grip,’ it’s up to you.

The Party Bus is a great way to spend a fun and safe night out in Orange County, Los Angeles, Palm Springs or San Diego. Hop from club to club without having to slow down the party or worry about driving. It ensures that  everyone can have a great time and get home safely.

Prom is another popular destination for Party Buses.  Make the night truly unforgettable with a party bus that all (and we mean all) your friends can fit in. You’ll be having so much fun you’ll want to stay on the road! Who cares about prom king anyway?

*Guests can customize any party bus experience with decorations of their choice. Flowers, balloons, banners, and more can all be added—with advanced notice. Contact our helpful party bus planners to reserve a time to decorate the bus yourself, have the vendor of your choice do the work for you, or—if you purchase the decorations yourself—we can decorate at no extra charge. Want to make a splash when you arrive? Rent our special Red Carpet (usually reserved for wedding parties only) and look like Hollywood Royalty.

*How many people fit comfortably depends on the size of passengers


how to dance on party bus



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What to look for when renting a party bus

We are used to buses being used to transport passengers. You can buy a ticket here and go on a trip. But, as it turned out, there are special buses that can be rented for various events.

Party buses are all the rage right now, traveling to towns across the country and allowing groups to host their own private birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties and "just because" parties for hours on end.

Depending on the company and style of the party bus, you may have a completely different experience. So what should you keep in mind when you are going to rent a party bus? Read below to find your checklist.

What are the amenities of the party bus?

Not all party buses are the same. Some come with stocked bars, dance floors, surround sound speakers with a jukebox playlist, plenty of comfortable seating, and the more expensive ones even come with a Jacuzzi! However, very few come with all of the above cheaply, so you have to prioritize the bus. Do you want to dance a lot? Make sure you have enough space. Hot tub do you like? Get out of your way to find one. Poll your friends who are coming to your party to see what they want. The happier you and your guests are, the better the party and your experience will be.

What are the party bus rates in your area?

You need a budget for a good bus, and each company approaches rates differently. Many charge by the hour, but some charge a flat rate per night. (Make sure you know what "night" means at lingo.) Also be aware of additional fees, which may be in the fine print. Some of the fees include: a gas surcharge if you want to be driven to a specific location outside of the suggested area, a cleaning fee if your group attacked the bus, and even ridiculous things like food, drink, and driver. Be sure to read the fine print before signing up for anything. Some party buses may turn out to be cheaper than it seemed at first glance.

What are the reviews and reputations of the companies?

This is very important. Even if the party bus is cheaper, if it has terrible reviews for both the bus and the drivers, you need to stay away. Never compromise your security to save money. Most of the party bus drivers are men, so if you are throwing a party for women, you should pay special attention to this. Also check out the general safety and condition of the buses. If old models are used, you can move on. The last thing you should check is how they compare with the law - have the buses been involved in accidents or illegal activities? You don't want to be involved in this.

Party buses are a great way to throw a party for your friends. It could be a temporary party since you're transporting someone away, or you could have the driver drive around your city all night while you're having fun. Either way, make sure you do your research first!

10 most party places where there is no time to sleep / Chip.Travel Blog

Krymsky Kazantip peacefully rested in the Bose, but you still can't calm down? You are not pleased with topless German pensioners in Turkey and are not touched by Thai crocodiles and transvestites. You start stamping your foot even under Agutin, and at the mini-disco in Egypt you took first place in the age group under 10 years old.

Diagnosis is clear - chronic lack of dance!

You urgently need a super-megadance event or at least a modest foam-champagne party. Therefore, here is a list of the 10 most party places on the planet. Get ready to club like a child!


One continuous non-stop party! The records of Guetta, Van Buren, Van Dyck, Benassi are played here. Just imagine - 160 km of beaches, and almost everywhere they dance and drink cocktails like it's the last time. By the way, the real name of the island is Ibiza, which means “Have fun until you drop” in Old Spanish.

The party center of Ibiza is the resort of Playa d'en Bossa. And the best hotel for dancing is Ushuaia Ibiza. Of course, you can’t come here with kids, but there is no dress code. The main thing is to go to the disco on two legs on your own.

Another area of ​​unrestrained fun in Ibiza is the area of ​​San Antonio Abad. It is adored by the British, but don't expect to see the prim and seasoned Cumberbatch there. In Ibiza, Queen Elizabeth's subjects drink like horses and party like crazy.

Café Del Mar is a place with a special history. Come here to meet the sunset with wonderful accompaniment from local DJs. Music is written specifically for each individual day and is never repeated.

The party season in Ibiza runs from May to October.


Amsterdam is alive not only with coffee shops and porn museums. The Dutch capital is one big incendiary party. And in mid-October, the Amsterdam Dance Festival is held there - a five-day mega-festival of electronic music.

Another iconic event in the world of electronic music is Sensation White. Alas, 2017 will be the final year for the festival, where it is customary to come dressed in white.

Leidseplein is the center of Amsterdam's nightlife. The best clubs of the capital are located there - Paradiso, Escape and Melkweg. By the way, the rules in Dutch clubs are quite strict - dancing continues only until 4-5 in the morning, and a decibel sensor hangs on the wall so that the peaceful sleep of the Amsterdammers is not disturbed.

Every party at The Queen's head is themed. The largest celebrations take place on the Queen's birthday (April 30), as well as during Eurovision.

Ayia Napa

The hot Cypriot town of Ayia Napa attracts 250,000 partygoers every year. Nissi Beach is a place for swimming, frankly, so-so. But at night it turns into a giant dance floor.

Ice club hosts foam parties. Do you want to be in a crowd of half-naked youth smeared with foam? That way. Another popular entertainment in the club is painting the bodies of visitors with luminescent paints. In the dark it looks very advantageous.

If you want to rock to Blue Frost and Hands Up, Red Square Russian Bar is for you. The coolest club-bar in Ayia Napa is Senior Frog. Here you will be put on a frog hat and treated to a cocktail in a green glass.


In the season the tiny Greek island never stops having fun. Parties start in the afternoon, and the people are rocking until the morning. Nightlife in Mykonos is most active from the second half of April to the first half of October.

Cavo Paradiso is a dance floor right on the edge of a cliff with a crazy view of the Aegean at night. The best DJs and dancers with a sense of rhythm are at the Space Mykonos Xperience club.


Unexpectedly - but the Icelandic capital, where only lovers of polar lights and fans of Björk used to come, now attracts clubbers like a magnet. Party life here is thoroughly decent. There are no five-story clubs at all, and all disco bars are located on the Laugavegur shopping street.

Kaffibarinn is the most famous bar in Reykjavik. The main guests are musicians and hipsters, but they play alternative and electropop here. Bar Ananas is a local tropical resort. Indoors, a warm breeze will blow over you and a fruit-alcohol cocktail will warm you up. And even the floor here is sprinkled with sand.

Reykjavik hosts major music festivals - Iceland Airwaves. Sónar Reykjavík, Secret Solstice and ATP Iceland. An important point for those who like to dance to shofe: Iceland is a country with very expensive alcohol. Therefore, buy drinks during happy hours - usually before 23:00.


Bodrum is the capital of the Turkish party. And the gem of Bodrum is the largest and most beautiful disco in Europe - the Halikarnas club. The highlight of the club is its spectacular location - right on the coast, overlooking the sea and the Bodrum fortress. And the laser show that lights up the sky over Halikarnas nightly will keep you from getting lost, even if you see a little double.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Bodrum is buried in foam, and on Sundays Ladies Nights are held, when the entrance to the clubs for girls is half the price. During the season, life in Bodrum starts after midnight and ends at 6 am. The only thing that confuses tourists is space prices.

Koh Phangan

The Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Beach on this Thai island is a crazy yet relaxed celebration of dance, a healthy body and cheerful colorful buckets of alcohol. You will have to club for three days in a row with a short break for sleep: discos usually start at midnight and end at one in the afternoon. The event is also called sprat party - in the high season 30 thousand tourists come here, in the low season - 8 thousand.

Full Moon Party is held every month. As the name implies, on a full moon. So that people do not get bored during the other phases of the Earth's satellite, Halfmoon party, Blackmoon party, Shiva Moon Party are organized on Koh Phangan.


Only 2,000 people live in the Croatian town of Novalja on the island of Pag. And from the parties that are held on its beaches, the whole of Europe vibrates! And no wonder - Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tiësto play here.

The most famous club in Pag is Papaya. It often organizes alcoholic parties on the high seas. The Aquarius club was created for a crazy breakaway. The club has two stages, excellent acoustics and light, and the space is designed for 300 people.

In July, the Hideout Music Festival takes place at the Aquarius and Papaya clubs. A little more calm and respectable club Kalypso is a cozy lounge area for guests and access to the beach, where at night even the most serious guys have fun with house and techno.

Twice a year, at the end of June and in the winter before Lent, Pag hosts carnivals with songs, masquerades and refreshments.

Rimini Riccione

From Rimini to Riccione stretches a string of 250 bars and clubs. That same coveted flyer for the best party in life will definitely find you. And take a break from courage on Monday - the so-called dead day.

The official opening of the party season in Rimini Riccione usually takes place on the second Saturday in June. During the peak season (July-August), special buses run between the disco bars all night long. "Disco" routes are distinguished by colors.

Riccione is famous for its beach parties. The most famous are Mojito Beach, Beach Cafe Riccione and Beach Planet Riccione.


South Beach in Miami is home to some really cool electronic music festivals. The most popular of them is Ultra, which gathers a crowd of 70,000 ravers.

Models in discreet bikinis, snow-white beds and gorgeous sunset views, that's Nikki Beach. Another glamorous place is the BED Miami club. It’s worth dressing up here like on the red carpet, and it’s not a fact that they will let you in. Less pompous, but more fun place - Space.

Learn more