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Artists Joshua Elias

  • Length 8:38
  • Released 2021-02-15
  • BPM 114
  • Key E min
  • Genre Minimal / Deep Tech
  • Label Deep Tech Records

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The Evolution of Michael Jackson Dance EN – Meu WordPress

Exclusive Dance Course: The Evolution of Michael Jackson`s Dance.

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De: Ricardo Walker

Dear Friend,

I’m going to teach you in detail how to dance the 16 biggest Michael Jackson songs in 16 weeks. Maybe less.

You will be able to perform the choreography exactly like in my viral video “The Evolution of Michael Jackson’s Dance”, now with 14 Million views on You Tube and over 120 Million on Facebook.

For those who don’t know me, I am Ricardo Walker, I am a impersonator and professional dancer for 9 years. I’ve studied dance in Los Angeles and worked there with renowned names of the dance world such as Anthony Thomas, Popping John, Marie Poppings and Matt Stefanina.

I’ve done countless MJ Tribute shows in Brazil, United States and Europe and had the honor of performing and being applauded by Michael Jackson’s father and also performed and was interviewed by many national TV channels and was one of the finalists on the biggest Talent show in Latin America. (check it out at the end of this page)

I’m not telling you this for the sake of praising myself, but in order for you to understand how I got where I am today and how I’m gonna help you dance the full choreography of my viral video which contains the 16 best Michael Jackson songs.

You’re gonna learn how to perform it exactly like in the video and in less time than you can imagine.

Even if right now you’re thinking that you’re not able to move like Michael Jackson. Or even if you’re not a professional dancer and therefore you believe you’re not able to learn.

You better believe that with my method and your perseverance you will get there.

When asked "What qualities did you get where you arrived?" Michael Jackson's response was "Faith, Determination and PRACTICE."

And when asked "Knowing what you know nowadays, what would you do differently in your career?" the King of Pop's response was: "I would practice even more."

As a professional dancer for the last 9 years, I have the authority to tell you without a doubt that you only need two things to learn the most amazing Michael Jackson moves.

01- Discipline
02- Guidance


That simple.

In fact, any person who possesses those two elements will be able to develop the moves.

I’ve been practicing since I was a little and I took a long time to learn all the secrets and techniques because there was no one to teach me the hidden details.

Michael Jackson was a genius. That’s obvious. 

Hard to “copy”... but with proper guidance and discipline, the road to get there gets way easier!

My best students are the ones that possess the most discipline to practice. And that’s all you need to perform the songs of our eternal megastar.

In over 5 years of teaching, I’ve realized that many people want to learn Michael Jackson’s moves but they’re not able to do it on their own.

And that is totally normal.

They also had a hard time to find someone who knows exactly how to perform all of the dance moves in the closest way as to how Michael used to do it. And also someone who has a bulletproof step by step technique to teach all of the dance steps in great detail.

After the success of my viral video “The Evolution of Michael Jackson Dance”, several people and groups all around the world started to perform the video’s unique mix of choreographies and I have received a great number of requests to teach this unique mix.

That’s exactly why I’ve decided to create a online training program that’s gonna teach you the complete choreography of this 16 song unique mix from our idol.

In other words, this training program will help you to perform the full dance exactly as you’ve seen in the viral video “The Evolution of Michael Jackson Dance”.

Beyond that, you will discover several hidden secrets in the steps, you will develop yourself as a dancer in a way that would could only dream.

And if you’re not interested in being a professional dancer, you will without a doubt impress your friends.

Imagine how would it feel to develop those skills, impress everyone you know, and get exclusive access to the secrets behind the moves of the King of Pop?

I am sorry to tell you that there is one down side to it... I have to be honest.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.


01 - You will not want to stop dancing once you learn this.

02 - People will start to bother you everywhere asking for you to dance all the time if you start showing your new skills to your friends and acquaintances.

And guys, from personal experience, this is a real problem ok?

Every party I go to, every school I’ve ever studied at, I always have to show at least one move, so you better come to terms with it and use your new skills with responsibility ok? haha.

Well, you’ve been warned. 😉

You will learn in detail all of Michael’s secrets behind the moves of those 16 songs...

  • Don`t stop `til you get enough
  • Beat it
  • Wanna be starting something
  • Thriller
  • Billie Jean
  • The way you make me feel
  • Bad
  • Smooth criminal
  • Dangerous
  • Remember the time
  • Black or white
  • Jam
  • They Don´t care about us
  • Scream
  • 2 Bad
  • You rock my world

This is your chance to learn the best Michael Jackson moves from his 16 greatest songs.

I’ve developed this training program for any one to be able learn the moves and choreographies with little difficulty.

Some of the steps may be harder for you and others may be easier.

The important thing is that I will guide you step by step in every detail.

If you want to learn you will learn. Period.

So do not worry because if you’re capable to follow a step by step recipe, you will be able to learn to perform all of those songs in 16 weeks or less.

The greatest thing about it is that you’ll be able to re watch it on your computer or phone as many times as you want and you’ll have the chance to learn in your own time. In your own pace.

How much is this training program going to cost me?

Me and my production crew talked about this subject and all of them advised me to establish a price of only U$ 297.00 for this training program.

I was resistant because I want this training to reach the highest possible number of people.

So, in the end of the day we have decided to charge U$ 97.00. 


I know that it looks weird at first sight but I have good reasons to do that.

First, I do not want the price to become an obstacle for anyone.

Second, for real, whoever is not willing to invest U$ 97.00 in a step by step training program that will help you dance the most famous Michael Jackson choreographies in detail, in my opinion do not deserve to have access to this content.

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After your payment is completed you will receive an e-mail with all the information so that in only a few minutes you can already start to learn all the details of the viral video “The Evolution of Michael Jackson Dance”.

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Anyways... As soon as you click on the button bellow and secure your spot on this training program you will receive:

A detailed training teaching you the full unique dance choreography mix exactly as seen on the viral video “The Evolution of Michael Jackson Dance” containing dance choreographies for the 16 Michael Jackson songs bellow:

  • Don`t stop `til you get enough
  • Beat it
  • Wanna be starting something
  • Thriller
  • Billie Jean
  • The way you make me feel
  • Bad
  • Smooth criminal
  • Dangerous
  • Remember the time
  • Black or white
  • Jam
  • They Don´t care about us
  • Scream
  • 2 Bad
  • You rock my world

Now I want to invite you to give the next step. ..

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That’s all for today...

I am Ricardo Walker and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

7 day unconditional guarantee

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Association of Sports Dance Federations of the Republic of Kazakhstan

It was hard to believe, but they really flew to Shymkent and danced in such a way that their hearts skipped a beat with excitement and delight. The audience was afraid to breathe, so as not to destroy the magic that reigned in the hall, as soon as they stepped onto the floor and performed a dance, one more delightful than the other and worthy of the best halls in the world. Kazakh dancers will remember the 35th anniversary of the club "Duet" for a long time - in honor of the hero of the day (Dmitry Shut also celebrated his 65th birthday), three-time current world champions in Latin among professionals Ricardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko danced. Especially for the website, we managed to interview the champions. Each of them has their own story of a difficult path to the top and universal recognition in the world ranking of professional couples in the Latin American program, but we were talking not only about success...

- How and when did your romance with dancing develop?

Julia: It was a long time ago, in Belgorod. I first started dancing Russian folk dances in one group, and danced there for 3-4 years, and then decided to change the genre. My mother brought me to ballroom dancing, where I left my heart, my love and all of myself. There were never dancers in my family, my mother just saw that I was always spinning and spinning in front of the TV, repeating everything, copying from the screen - whether it was ballet or stage. Then my mother decided: it is necessary! And so we went to the Russian dance ensemble, and everything went from there. I am now 31 years old (counts in my mind), oh, it turns out I have been dancing for many years.

- To be a top dancer means to train and take lessons from leading coaches. What else can we advise our dancers - barre lessons, Pilates classes, fitness loads or something else? Your methodical recommendations to dancers-sportsmen.

Julia: Everything is very individual. But the most important characteristic is stretching. It is a must to do it. There should also be good physics and musicality.

Ricardo: I would recommend Girotonic to everyone - a completely new kind of fitness training. This new direction of fitness originated in the USA. The Girotonic simulator has a rather strange appearance and looks more like a medieval torture device than fitness equipment. However, it is very simple and easy to use. It is distinguished by the ability to carry out movements in three planes at once, in a circle and in a spiral. Your muscles get an extra stretch and relax. Girotonic was invented by Juliu Horváth, a classical dancer who, due to a spinal injury, was forced to retire and immerse himself in the study of oriental medicine techniques, including acupuncture and yoga. These techniques, combined with his athletic experience, led to the creation of a new method. It is the combination of movement elements from different sports - swimming, dance, yoga and ballet - that everyone can achieve greater flexibility, stamina and strength, as well as reduce back pain. We actively use it in our workouts, and we have noticed: it reduces stress well!

Yulia: Yes, you can develop muscle strength and flexibility with this machine. The body becomes very coordinated.

- How many hours per day and days per week do you train?

Julia: We live by dancing, so our day is built around dancing. We practice ourselves, teach a little, not so much, and take a lot of lessons. We have a very high pace of training.

- And the high pace of tournaments, championships. How often do you, according to your status, have to attend tournaments?

Julia: It all depends on the tournament schedule. For example, there is the "Asian Tour", when 5 tournaments take place within two weeks. And everyone wants to see us, to see other top pairs. In a month, on average, - 1-2 times we definitely have competitions. Plus, we dance all kinds of show programs.

- Do you have favorite venues and tournaments?

Julia: There are a lot of them, and they are all so different! In Germany, in Mannheim, this is the International Dance Masters tournament. In Russia - the Kremlin Cup, in America - Ohio Star Ball and our national championship, in Japan - Tokyo Open ... All tournaments have their own flavor, we like to dance everywhere.

Ricardo: There is a very beautiful tournament in the Royal Albert Hall, the Blackpool Dance Festival is also something unimaginable! So everywhere there are places where they dance very well, and I can’t say which tournament is our favorite.

- It seemed to me that today there are unreasonably few people in the hall. Does it somehow offend you? Or are you one of those artists who are ready to dance even for two spectators in the hall?

Julia: Absolutely right! Yes, of course, we were glad that someone came at all (laughs). We know that the arrival of dancers of such a level turned out to be the first time, and the people did not particularly believe until the last that we could come. Probably everyone was just confused.

- If you could identify a key moment in your career, what would it be?

Ricardo: For me it's always a loss. It is the loss that motivates me and shows how far we are from winning or from the first place. When you lose, there is a certain drive to move on and work, practice.

Julia: Ricardo, we won 3 worlds, what's next?

Ricardo: We haven't won the UK Open or Blackpool Festival yet. So we still have a long way to go!

Julia: Of course, there is always room for development. We always analyze which competitions feel good; we study videos a lot and understand how much further we can go and add. My key moment is a huge love for dance. I gave my whole life to him, all my time, all my childhood went into training. I always wanted to be the best and certainly win. And I love doing it!

- The question is not about dancing. Every woman loves jewelry. If you were a decoration, what would you be?

Yulia: Interesting question... (smiles, looking at Ricardo. He is the first to react and exclaims: “Only a diamond, a unique diamond!”) I think yes, I am a diamond, but not a big diamond, but always with highlight. I am unique, but not flashy. I'm very modest, really (laughs).

- And Ricardo's question: if you were a car, what would you be?

Ricardo: Oh! I'm a car fanatic! I would be a red Ferrari, Bugatti or Lamborghini - in a word, an exclusively Italian car. I love Formula 1, I love the speed and power, coupled with the beauty and grace of these cars.

- Both of you are in a position where you can afford a lot. Do you like beautiful clothes and shopping? Where do you dress?

Julia: Unfortunately, we don't have time to go shopping specifically. We get it like this: where there is an opportunity, we shop there. Basically, this is duty free, because we spend a lot of time on flights. Hong Kong has a lot of duty free. There is a favorite Outlet in New York - there is a good choice and generally expanse for the eyes. If you like something and there is an opportunity, we take it and buy it.

- You have amazing costumes. Who creates them?

Julia: Today, many designers in the world are engaged in dance costumes. I look, track and choose those who are most suitable for me. I like the American brand Jordy. I have used it many times and it is always very convenient. A lot of my costumes are made by Espen Sahlberg and Jordy sews them. As for shoes, I also experiment a lot, now I am making a special model of Juliya shoes from the Ray Rose brand so that it fits and does not wear out for a long time, and so that the foot does not hurt. It's not easy to calculate, test, start production, but we are trying. I chose Ray Rose already 7 years ago, so we make shoes even more beautiful with them. I - for a glass heel, for a slightly larger sole for a wide foot, and we also make soft bridges so that the fingers do not get crushed. That is, my special model Juliya is being developed, and it will be available soon. I plan on launching my own tonic and lotion very soon, I already use one that I really like because it does not stain costumes much. In general, in the future, look for all the information on Facebook!

- What about hair and makeup - do you do everything yourself?

Julia: I experiment a lot despite all my experience. I do something different all the time. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes better. Ricardo always notes this and says that he likes it. He has a more classic look. As for hair, I have my own hairdresser who travels with me a lot to all the important tournaments. We also love experiments. I don’t know how much I have tried, but I am always different. When I myself go to the show, I make it much easier - the classic head (laughs).

- There is a concept of "champion dress". Do you sell your costumes, track their fate, do you see them at tournaments?

Julia: Of course we see! At the World Championships, I always say: "This dress will bring you good luck!". And then they tell me: “We won!”. So the “champion dress” always works (laughs)!

- What are the current trends in the dance world? Many couples who dance latin? Or maybe the standard is at its peak? Is there a revival of attention to the "top ten"? Pro Am, Freestyle? What genres are on the rise in the world?

Ricardo: I think Pro Am is at its peak. In all countries, not only in America, Pro Am is developing phenomenally.

Julia: Yes, I agree with Ricardo. People come to Pro Am dancing self-sufficient, accustomed to achieving success, and of course they enjoy dancing. Dancing generally does everything, and you can go to the fitness club just for support. Form, tone - all this is dancing. Pro Am is in favor today. "Ten"? I don’t think it’s developing much, because it’s very difficult - financially, first of all. Ricardo and I, at times, do not have enough time to practice in Latin, we do not have enough time to dig into the dance, to bring something else into the dance. I feel like I don't have enough time. And the “ten” is just an incredible load.

- Do you stage your amazing shows yourself?

Julia: We have several teachers who help us. We try to use different knowledge so that there is no obvious handwriting. They experiment on us, try their ideas and support on us. If we pull, we leave. No, we're trying something else. We use all our possibilities.

- Somehow a commentator on a serious tournament on TV said that today ballroom dancing is more and more moving into acrobatics and sports. And the ideal of the female body in dancing is a pumped figure and a strong body. At your speech today, I personally got a different impression. Yes, muscles, but it's still more like ballet than acrobatics. Maybe I'm wrong? Or do you consciously strive to have more art in your performances than sports?

Julia: I think there is more art. But! Behind this is a great sport. Never show how hard it is. But you need to bring all this into art, into art. Yes, the structure of my body allows me to perform ballet, but the body is also very athletic. For example, jive, this is a more sporty dance, it has art, but less. I think the ideal of dance is a mix of everything. Then there will be good dancing when you show more than one style, you know? It is necessary to add given motion to Latin, a little African style, and a little Brazilian. Everything should be, then the dancing will be cool.

- Is there any universal advice for those dancers who may have experienced a number of failures in sports and suddenly decided to quit. Is there always a chance to achieve a new result? What to do in moments of disappointment with yourself?

Julia: You need to do a test: write down what is done and what is not done in dancing. And I'm more than sure that "not done" can be translated into "done". This cannot be, because always, if you do something, there will be a result. And there will be success. If it's not there, then something is missing. Well, plus you need motivation: you need to watch videos, go to ballet if possible, listen to music and read stories of successful people - whatever! But the main thing is a test to understand what are “pluses” and what are “minuses”, what is important, what is not. And then everything is simply displayed and, perhaps, it will turn out in general that dancing is not quite the main thing, then there is no result and there will not be. It will be like a hobby, and the result will be no further than the semi-final or quarter. We put our whole lives on our result. Are you ready for the same?

- What is your definition of dance?

Julia: For me, dance is an expression of my emotions through the movement of my body. But also dance is something super-higher, which grows in you all the time and opens up more and more, develops over the years. That is, in dancing there is no limit.

Ricardo: For me dancing is like a religion, like life, like falling in love. Sometimes there is a moment of a decline in emotions, and you don’t want to do anything, you are upset about something, but all the same, your love for dancing leads you to training. You look, and in a day you are in perfect order!

- What inspires you today to be who you are?

Ricardo: Julia! Dance with her.

Julia: Dance with Ricardo! When we got together, I understood that a partner of such a high class is a dream, and I still had to live up to this trust.

- Can you advise the guys something else?

Ricardo: Good luck! In addition to all the work that we have, it's good to have luck. When you work and you get results, that's good. But I believe in luck. God bless everyone! We did not grow up in the richest families, neither I nor Yulia. I worked at one time as a waiter, Yulia started teaching and learning from the age of 11, but this is all the experience that is worth a lot. Learn, train and may luck favor you!

Julia: I wish everyone to take lessons and have the opportunity to study with the best teachers. Once it was a great happiness for me to take 1-2 lessons from Brian Watson!

- ... and today our guys also danced on the same floor with the world champions! For them, it is already a feeling of success that they stood next to you, this is very important and a great success.

Yulia: Yes, I remember from myself how I dreamed of being close to the champions, breathing the same air with them, it immediately seemed to me that I was already dancing better because of this alone! Dance and believe in yourself!

Prepared by Irina Bureeva, especially for www.

How to delete information about Ricardo Milos

Ricardo, if you are reading this, please contact us. We will help.

Outline of the article

  • Who is Ricardo Milos
  • Should something be deleted
  • Reputation problems
  • Strengths
  • What can be done Photo

    Ricardo Milos is a Brazilian stripper who became popular in 2010 when a video of him dancing in a thong and a red bandana was circulating on the Internet. Then the viral video became popular in the US and Canada, but was quickly forgotten.

    The meme received its second wind in 2016. Then users of the video hosting Nico Nico Douga (Japanese YouTube) made a parody - they put the song Butterfly by on the dance of Ricardo Milos. This tune is known from the musical game Dance Dance Revolution. So the gaming community joined the spread of the meme.

    Everything is fine, just “Arzamas bread” released cakes with Ricardo Milos

    By the summer of 2018, memes with dancing Ricardo Milos reached VKontakte, although Runet knew them a year before.

    Something similar will be held later in Nur-Sultan, but on a larger scale. Photo

    The popularity of the Brazilian stripper has reached the point that a flash mob has begun in Russia to rename objects in Google Maps. This is how the “Church-chapel of Ricardo Milos”, “SPbGASU named after A.I. Ricardo Milos" and so on.

    The viral popularity of Ricardo Milos is not going to subside. At the same time, the Internet knows little about the person who created the meme. What is happening to him? Happy or not your fame? Does viral content get in the way?

    Negativity prevents you from flexing like Ricardo? Order legal removal

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    Should something be deleted

    Let's say Ricardo Milos applied to Reputation. What would we do? The case of Ricardo Milos cannot be viewed through the established prism of reputation management. The reason is clear - there is no negative as such.


    Deletion Specialist at Reputation.Moscow

    I would not advise Ricardo Milos to try to delete all this information. It must be admitted that the content has spread so much that it is unrealistic to remove it. This is fraught with a war with sites. Even the most careful deletion attempts will be instantly noticed, which will spur meme authors and Internet pranksters. It turns out such an escalation of the conflict, only instead of shells - pictures and videos.

    Viral content has spread over the Internet so much that it is not possible to remove it.

    Reputation problems

    Information hunger. Despite the abundance of content, the Internet does not know much about Ricardo Milos. He seems to be a good dancer and lives in Brazil. In the media, the biography of a human meme is limited to three standard paragraphs, reprinted from each other.

    Ignoring a personal brand. While the image is formed without the participation of Ricardo Milos. There is a starting point - the famous video (released back in 2010), everything else is built around it. To become a full-fledged personal brand builder, you need to break the informational silence.

    Closeness of the person. Ricardo Milos is closed for comments, no one knows how to contact him. Until April 2019, the stripper ignored questions from fans in the thematic group.

    Man-meme was contacted for the first time since 2012. Screenshot

    Ricardo Milos asked not to send memes with his participation by mail. He also mentioned that the parodies are based on a commercial video. Accordingly, the distribution of memes can be punished by law. The message provoked a new wave of discussions.

    There are problems with Ricardo Milos, but they do not progress into a negative. This can be used to improve your online reputation.


    Media interest. For blogs and entertainment media, Ricardo Milos is a traffic magnet. Therefore, they actively replicate the news about him. Information from Ricardo Milos himself will instantly scatter in the media and take the first lines of search results. So most of the unwanted links will move to the second or third page of the issue.

    Loyal audience. Such a non-toxic and creative community is yet to be found. The audience will accept any information from Ricardo Milos if it is given sincerely. There are different options for interaction and monetization: starting with streams, ending with live ones at thematic festivals.

    Humanity. Ricardo Milos is a living person, not a faceless corporation. This gives an advantage for working with reputation. A person is able to put pressure on emotions, communicate informally with the audience, and such behavior will be perceived naturally. In this regard, the reputation of a person is more flexible than the image of a business.

    Ricardo Milos got in touch, which is great. There is a positive precedent and a first step towards information openness. If there is a request for a certain personality from the Internet, it is better to use this to build a personal brand.

    What can be done

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    Admirers. The community is interested in the life of Ricardo Milos: what kind of person he is, his hobbies, what he did after shooting the legendary video. You can release a voluminous post on your personal blog, shoot a video message, stream, and so on. It is better to give information in portions so that the community has time to replicate messages.

    Learn more