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You've seen him, that one at the club wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting briefs. He’s the one high above the crowd, “whinin’ and grindin” workin’ his body for all its worth. Love him or hate him, he is the icing on the cake of any gay club event. Among the pumping music, flashing lights and bad pick up lines, go-go boys can be seen rollin’, poppin’ and twerkin’ it for your viewing pleasure while collecting tips from generous onlookers. Most fantasize about taking one of these hot boys home but just as many fantasize about being the hot boy. So what does it take to be perched above the club wearing next to nothing? For those of you wondering, has put together some tips and advice on becoming a go-go dancer:
1. The Body: The physical appearance of your body is probably the most important aspect to becoming a go-go boy, since you are displaying yourself in underwear. It’s important to remember that everyone has different tastes. There is no particular body type for go-go dancing. Most clubs employ a variety of body types to cater to everyone’s preferences. From muscular to slim, from hairy to smooth, go-go dancers cater to everyone’s desires and fantasies.
2. Your Groove: Body is the first major component of go-go dancing. How you move it is the second most important. Remember, you must be able to dance to anything the DJ throws at you no matter how bad the mix. Luckily, most go-go boxes (usually a small platform or “box”) don’t allow for much foot movement. That, combined with a slippery surface from spilt cocktails can make for a hazardous performance. Most dancers plant their feet and move their torso and hips seductively. Too much movement can result in an embarrassing fall from the box onto a crowded, soaked dance floor.
3. Employment: Now that your body is on point and you can move it accordingly, searching for employment is the next step to go-go greatness. Start off by asking around at your local clubs that feature go-go dancers. The bar tender or the door man should be able to point you to the person who hires the dancers. You may also want to try emailing the club and sending them a few snap shots of yourself- in minimal clothing. A phone call to the club during off hours is also a good way to get in touch with the right people. Eventually, you will have to audition and show the club/promoter you have what it takes to be a go-go. A formal resume is never usually required.
4. The Gear: Go-go dancers spend a significant amount of money on underwear and swimwear. When searching for the perfect pair of go-go shorts, choose a pair that flatters your shape and features. Bright colors that attract attention are also a good choice. Boxer briefs, classic briefs, bikini briefs or just plain “booty shorts” are the styles of choice. Thongs can be worn depending on what you have to show off in the back. Beware that many gay clubs do not allow dancers to rock the ever popular “thong. ” Lastly, choose the right footwear. Most clubs require go-go dancers to wear shoes for safety reasons. Certain footwear can look ridiculous with underwear. Boots such as Timberlands look hot as well as certain types of sneakers. Avoid dress shoes and flip flops. Don’t forget extra long socks to stuff your tip money in.
5. The Rules: Most clubs have similar rules for go-go dancers but they can vary, depending on the city. Some cities are more liberal than others. Generally, customers are not allowed to fondle you for an extensive period of time. Your dick and ass are generally off limits to probing hands of intoxicated customers. Tipping should be done on the side of your underwear on your hip. It is up to you to control what happens between you and the customer. Crossing the line could result in being fired or worse yet, a ticket or jail time for indecent exposure or prostitution. Clubs are usually monitored by undercover police officers so it’s important to always be aware of the rules and follow them.
6. Have Fun: Lastly, have fun. Be friendly with customers. Smile. Make a connection with your audience. Pose for pictures. Customers are more likely to tip you and enjoy your performance if you look friendly and approachable. Go-go dancing can be profitable as the tips begin to accumulate but it’s never suggested to rely on it as your primary source of income. Think of it as extra money, gravy. This keeps it fun and exciting.
Go-go dancers ultimately are the hype men for the club. They stimulate the crowd by providing customers with something beautiful to look at. They showcase the male form and are a symbol of celebration of the gay lifestyle. Any top notch club has them and their popularity has grown as gay culture has grown. So, if shakin your money maker is something you are seriously considering, these six steps will have you on your way. YOCISCO advises to always use your head and never take go-go dancing too seriously. If it’s not for you, at least you can say you spent a night towering above the club in your best Calvin Kleins. (YC)

October 2012

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8 Ways to Properly Tip and Treat Your Go-Go Dancer

While living in Provincetown for the summer, I’ve been dancing in the evenings to make some extra cash. frameborder="0"]

1. Tip us

Let’s start with the obvious. We LOVE tips. If you’re worried or embarrassed about tipping us, please don’t be. If you think it’s degrading, it’s not degrading. I do it because I love to dance, I love being the center of attention, and I love people touching me. I do it because it brings me enjoyment and I feel empowered and sexy. I also do it for money. So, please, please, tip.  

2. You can touch us

But tip us if you touch us. There is a fine line with regards to touching. Don’t go insane. Don’t finger our assholes. But tip, and feel free to touch, especially what we put out. By that, I mean, that if you walk over, and the go-go dancer gets on his knees presenting his crotch to you. Place the tip in his frontal area, and feel free to lightly touch. Petting the chest. That’s always fair game. A butt squeeze is also fabulous, but please remember to just tip.

3. We can hear you

While we may not necessarily talk to you (many of us will), we can absolutely hear what you’re saying. So please, do not talk shit about us directly in front of us. We do like hearing, though, “Oh my God, he’s so sexy.” So yes, feel free to say that as many times as possible.

4. Do not get up on stage with us

Sorry, love. That’s a big no-no, and also an issue with safety. If your drunk ass falls off stage and you hurt yourself, we get in big trouble. We don’t want the club to be liable. Besides, you have the whole floor to dance. Let us have our little podium.  

5. Do not fart and walk away

Seriously guys? It reeks. Please fart away from the dancers.

6. Don’t be afraid to interact

We won’t bite. I see so many guys who look like they want to interact, or a friend will come over and tip us on their behalf. We’re friendly, I promise. We’re here because we like the attention. We like flirting. Please, come on over and say hi.  

7. We prefer tips to buying us drinks

A lot of guys offer to buy me a drink. frameborder="0"]

Inside view: men's go-go

Last year we already introduced you to the work of go-go dancers. Then the heroine of the material said that the male go-go, which is considered one of the most spectacular in the club industry, is quite rare among them ... but would not be itself if it had not been eager to dispel this statement. And we found the best male dancer among them - Andrey Belorukov. Andrei told us the whole truth about modern dance aesthetics, the tastes of the public and self-realization on stage.

- Andrey, please tell us what go-go is, where is it danced and why?

— Go-go is a club direction, a kind of improvisation. Accordingly, it is danced in clubs. You can learn this direction only in dance studios. But, as with other areas, you need to look for a good teacher. Most educators, unfortunately, have little to teach. Go-go combines many directions. Basically such as strip, funk, hop, even acrobatics maybe. For most ordinary people, dancing in go clubs is like a backdrop, but for some it is still an art from which you get aesthetic pleasure.

— How did you get started with go-go?

— I don't remember how I got into it. I have been dancing for a long time, but time passes and only plans are in my head, not memories. Only driving sensations remain. But I remember that first moment when I was asked to replace one girl, they turned on the music, and I began to give myself completely to her, improvise, get high from what I was doing. It was cool! So I began to dance go-go.

It is interesting to dance go, because you can develop yourself in dance, learn to feel the music as if you are one with it. And the music is quite different! Slow, fast, various rhythms, sounds and so on.

- Do you need any special data to do this?

- The data is not important. The main thing is striving for the best. Anyone can learn. Yes, of course, the initial stage is classes and teachers, but in order to go on stage and dance in front of the audience, you need to know the basics.

— What stages of training should a go-go dancer go through?

- For me, the most correct approach is improvisation. Free improvisation! The music turns on, and as you feel it, so do you dance. In such a lesson, both the teacher and the student can discover and learn a lot in themselves. The ability to move is not required. In improvisation, when you start thinking about what you will do at this or that moment, all the thrill of the performance, unfortunately, is lost.

You also need to learn to hear music. Music is very rich in its specific moods, filled with various sounds, accents, rhythm. All this must be taught, in the future it will be easier for both the teacher and the students to work. Next, choreography is staged, and from easy to complex, and then, combining ease and complexity. Previously, they also gave separate acting lessons. Now it's all combined, and it turns out quite productively. Again, it all depends on the teacher. I set certain images, characters, types, for example, the easiest one is a fool girl or a high-ranking person. After showing a couple of examples, I turn on the music, it is desirable to start with music that is more suitable for the images you have given. Then you can change the music and images. With all this, any dancer, regardless of direction, must learn to use, listen to and beat music.

— How did you get started dancing in heels?

- Oh, heels! In history, the first to stand on heels were men. Yes, this is a forgotten story. Nowadays, it's a savagery. Not so long ago, around 2010-11, the Ukrainian group "Cossacks" appeared, so they largely broke the stereotype of men in heels. It was very cool. After their appearance, the hype began, everyone who was not too lazy got up on stilettos and tried to dance, but it just didn’t work out very well. The story of how I came to this is a long one. But I know for sure, if you don’t know how, don’t disgrace yourself, but just work until you get the result. For girls, heels are femininity and confidence. For me, it is confidence and nothing more. With their help, I can show both the feminine and the masculine side of the dance, but only in the choreography and its performance. But most often, many guys, standing on their heels, turn on the girl and, alas, it is disgusting to look at it at times. For me, dancing in heels is still an art, not everyone can do it, and not everyone can even walk in high heels beautifully or confidently. I still work in heels. Few people recognize me in real life. For the stage, dancing is one world for me, and life is another.

— And how do the audience react to this?

- A guy in heels is wild for most. Standing on heels, you still need to have a masculine side, to give power. Yes, I was ridiculed many times when I first went on stage. But when I started dancing, doing tricks, everyone fell silent, opening their mouths. After that, it happened, and the men came up and shook hands, saying thank you for showing the aesthetics. Yes, many are against such aesthetics, but many are for it. It all depends on how you present everything that you do. Yes, there were ups and downs. But criticism and people's opinion helped me to move forward. I am not at all embarrassed by rudeness in my address, because it makes me better.

— And what is the state of dance culture in Russia compared to, for example, the West?

- This is a very large and serious topic that requires discussion. But, if in a nutshell, then two years ago the culture in dances suffered and limped. This applies to modern dance, classical and folk dance - another aesthetic that has been given in educational institutions for a long time, and everything is in order with this. But after some time, cool choreographers and just wonderful people appeared who began to bring development to modern dances. They also began to conduct master classes by Western choreographers, and you can learn a lot from them. And many thanks for this, of course, to Anastasia Motova, who made a great contribution to the development of each choreographer, bringing Western dancers to Russia. Now I see the development, the growth of dance culture, both in St. Petersburg and throughout Russia, and this is cool. The question is, of course, that few people take what they give. But some take the maximum and do something of their own, and quite progressively.

Pole dancing, striptease - how to dance; man pole dance |

Yuri Proshin from Arkhangelsk chose a pole instead of a barbell - in such an atypical way for men, he decided to maintain physical fitness. Acrobatics really requires stamina and agility. And let for the uninitiated, everything looks like a striptease - in fact, these are hard workouts in which all muscle groups are involved. Although without huge heels - nowhere.

Pole dance is a type of dance that uses one or two poles. The performance combines elements of choreography, gymnastics, and acrobatics. Often mistakenly confused with striptease.

Of course, you could go to the gym for strong muscles, but for the creative personality of Yuri Proshin - he works as an actor in the drama theater - it seemed too boring.

- The main difference from the pieces of iron is that you cannot choose the weight here. You are still working with your weight. Well, you can't get away from him. You have to lift yourself up, just in different positions.

All muscles are involved in pole dance. After a month of training, Yuri felt the result. So he was drawn into pole acrobatics. For the ninth month he has been training surrounded by girls. For Arkhangelsk, a man in such classes is a rarity, which is also confirmed by Nadezhda Istomina, head of the Soul Club studio:

- When Yura wrote, I remember sending this message to all my coaches: “Look, a boy wrote to us!” But I so wanted him to try himself, because for other cities it is normal that a man dances on a pole.

The coach gives Yuri a more difficult load. It is easier for men to perform the power elements of the dance. The main profession prepared Yuri for pole dance. As we have already said, he is a drama theater actor:

— And it helped me a lot that I had also encountered acrobatics before, and it seems that I have no problems with a sense of balance. I know how to fall safely, it also helped a lot. I’ll tell you a secret: in order to fall safely, you need to quickly lie down, says Yuri Proshin.

The actor always loved the language of movement and dancing, but 20 cm high heels became a test...

— I thought: my God, how high. In fact, dance shoes, they are specially designed for this, and it is very comfortable to stand and walk on them. And there are elements that are really easier and safer to do in strips than just with a bare leg.

Hobbies are not the most common in male circles, but Yuri Proshin is not afraid of a wave of hate. Relatives accept all his hobbies.

- Friends support, mother supports, but does not understand why strips. At work, they got used to me that I was constantly doing something incomprehensible. So, they giggle, but in a kind way.

Earlier we told the story of hairdresser Nadezhda Semyonova, who at the age of 57 also decided to master pole acrobatics. She went to pole dance out of pure curiosity, but over time she was so carried away by this direction that she even installed a pole at home.