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How to emote in Fortnite

Fortnite has great in-game mechanics that make each match a different experience. The gun and build fights can change heavily depending on where the circle closes on the map, but the banter between the players rarely changes.

Emoting or dancing is one of the elements that define Fortnite, and it can be the deadliest weapon in the game when used correctly. When you get killed during a Fortnite match, you’ll automatically start spectating the person or the squad that eliminated you from the game. While this may be a boring experience since you just got sent back to the main lobby, it has the opposite effect on the person who bested you.

Players get small chat notifications indicating that they’re being spectated. In an ideal world, players could potentially turn this into an opportunity to show their enemies’ mistakes and help them learn, but it’s just another way of putting the final nail in your enemies’ coffin. Most players who realize that they’re being spectated instantly bust out the cheekiest emote or dance in their arsenal, adding more salt to the wound.

If you’ve just started unlocking dances and emotes, it may be challenging to figure out you can use them during a match. Here’s everything you need to know about using emotes in Fortnite.

Make sure that you have emotes equipped on

Launch Fortnite and head to the main lobby, Click on “Locker” on the top side of your screen. – Screengrab via Epic GamesThe second row will be dedicated to your emotes and dances. – Screengrab via Epic GamesClick on one of the emote spots and choose a dance or an emote. – Screengrab via Epic GamesAfter choosing, you’ll need to click on “Save and Exit,” and your emotes will be ready to go for the next time you enter a match. – Screengrab via Epic Games

When you unlock emotes, you’ll also need to place them into their respective slots so you can use them during a match. You can choose the emotes you’d like to feature on your emote wheel by following these steps.

  • Launch Fortnite and head to the main lobby, where you’ll see your character.
  • Click on “Locker” on the top side of your screen.
  • Once you’re in the Locker section, you’ll see your complete loadout with skins and other cosmetics.
  • The second row will be dedicated to your emotes and dances.
  • Click on one of the emote spots and choose a dance or an emote.
  • After choosing, you’ll need to click on “Save and Exit,” and your emotes will be ready to go for the next time you enter a match.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match?

If you have your favorite emotes ready to go, all it takes is a button press to use them. The process will be different for each platform that Fortnite’s available on due to other input methods.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match on PC?

The default emote key on PC is B. This means that if you hadn’t made any changes to your keybinding, you should be able to trigger your emote wheel with the B button once you load into a match.

You’ll need to press and hold B while choosing the emote with your mouse. Let go of B when you’re on the emote that you want to use, and your character will start performing it instantly.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match on PlayStation and Xbox?

There are multiple keybind layouts for controller users, but most will have the Down Arrow button as the default emote key. You should be able to see your emote wheel when you press down the Down Arrow button during a match, and you can choose a dance or emote with your right analog stick.

Once you’re hovering around the emote you want to cast, you’ll need to press A or X, or simply let go of the arrow key and your movement stick. The process will be the same for the next-gen consoles as well, so this method basically applies to all PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S users.

If you’re using a different layout for your keybinds, you can navigate to your controller settings to inspect your hotkeys. In cases where you can’t see an emote button, you can reconfigure one of the keys.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match on iPhone/iPad and Android?

Emoting is slightly more difficult on mobile devices since you can’t use the dedicated keys on your device for dancing. It’ll take somewhat longer to emote on mobile than other devices, so make sure that you are covered on all sides.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match on Nintendo Switch?

Emoting on Nintendo Switch is almost identical to how you can emote on controllers. Press the Down Arrow button to bring up the emote wheel and use the right movement stick to choose your desired emote.

You’ll need to let go of the buttons when you’re hovering on the emote you want to cast, and your character will start emoting.

【How to】 Dance On Fortnite Switch

really fast it's just going to select

the first one

that you just did so that's a good thing

about this or you can

select the one that you want just by

selecting with this joystick

and then choosing whichever you like

so at this point uh this is creative so

let me just give you a scroll through


these are different islands that you can

go into do not go into any one of those

just yet because you can create your own

island however there's islands that are

already made

so we're gonna go into one of the ones

that are already made so we can go into

that one for example

i think he went into that one yep he

wanted to i'm not really sure why

or we can load up our own so just going

to one of them

we're going to press y and we can enter

a code

for example i have recent islands i can

select my second option

and here i have a lot of them so i have

tilted somewhere for example

i'm just going to load that one it's one

of my favorites and we're going to let

it load

and here we go we're traveling to the

island so usually you would wait for

people to come into the island before

you started

the game but we can press right here on

the top

your plus sign scroll down and then you

can start the game just by pressing a

usually you don't want to do this unless

there's already somebody else here with


what i want to show you are the basics

of buildings this is where you guys want

to practice your building

because you get a lot of maths so to

toggle between

your wood your metal or your brick which

is the best thing that you guys can use

especially when people are firing you is

just by using these arrows right here

so on the side you guys will see these

arrows just toggle between them

so if i choose brick i can go ahead and

use brick

so if you really don't want people shots

to get through your build

you want to use brick and you want to

build around you

of course our second option is

metal metal is really great against


so using metal will save your life as

well as when you're using wood

that's really easy to break it's really


it's not that great but it's pretty

quick to build

with wood and what's the easiest thing

to get when you're playing the real game

such as squats or solos or duos so

that's why

most people use that again to place a

bounce or anything like that if you

already have it

press y press y again and there you go

you guys can just bounce so let's say

somebody's about to knock you from your


and you're gonna fall just toggle to

your builds

and then what you want to do is spam

your white button looking down so you're

looking down spam it

and you won't take any fall damage of

course i placed two things since i

spammed it a little too much

but there you go that's how you guys can

save your own lives if somebody knocks

you down if you do a really high build

other than that right now we're going to

go back to our lobby

so i can show you how to add and accept

friend requests

so we're going to go back just press

this right here we can end the game or

leave creative in this case we're

pressing to leave creative leave


so that's how to leave creative on

nintendo switch

and these instructions are basically the

same thing if you guys

move on to a playstation or xbox down

the line

the control will obviously a bit

different but the instructions are the


anyways let's just close this and i want

to show you the basics about accepting

friend requests and sending friend


so once again we're going to press this

button the plus sign

just press the plus sign and we did get

somebody else joining our thing right


but i have some friend requests i can

see those up there

so i can just press this rl and then i'm

gonna see all of these and i can toggle


add friends party up and voice chat i'm

gonna go back to party

friends i'm gonna scroll down i'm gonna

see these friend requests

i can just press a i can accept that

i can press that accept that accept if

you want to reject any

we can scroll down reject or even block

people it's going to accept all of them

and that's how to add friends right here

on your switch

so let's say i would like to friend

somebody i just played with

i can go into recent players and from

down here

i can see frozen yt and all these guys

that i don't have

so i can press this a and i can just add


of course they have to accept my friend

request in order for me to have him as

friend in epic

and remember if you want to get gifted

or if you want to give

somebody something you don't have to be

friends for at least two days on epic

so that's how we can send out friend

requests or a set friend request right


now in order to mute people let's say in

your party they're playing with you

it's pretty easy on the entire switch we

can just press the plus sign

and we can just select the friend that

we want to mute for now maybe

the microphone is a little bit off so we

can just press a on them

and we're going to see all of this just

press mute your first option and they

have been muted

you can unmute anybody just by pressing

a and on you

and there you go same deal goes if you

would like to view somebody's profile

add a nickname kick somebody from your

lobby remove friend

so you can remove them like so or even

block them

so you don't have a bunch of options

here once you guys click on the name

or you can even select to send a message

which is whisper

so right now we're just going to press b

for now i also want to show you voice


because this is important sometimes for

some reason it'll switch you to game


and not party channel so this is how to

switch between those two so only during

a game you can switch between

game channel and party channel right now

we can't but all we would have to do is

just scroll down and choose game channel

in order to go into that one or stay in

our party channel so maybe if your

friends are telling you that they're

talking maybe you don't hear them they

don't hear you you might be in the wrong

channel so just

select whichever channel makes sense to

you so right now for example we're gonna


blue face here from our party just to

show you how that's done

now we don't always have to go there if

we want to kick somebody from our party

you can just highlight them like so

we're gonna press

a on top of them we're gonna go into

manage and we can just kick them

and that's how you guys can kick anybody

from here you guys can also kick them by

going to the side

and just selecting them and then

choosing to kick

down here below so you could do it those

two ways to kick people from your party

right now what we're gonna do is select

something else so we're gonna go

right into duos pressing a

and then x to ready up since there's two

of us

we don't really have to fill or don't

fail that's also important that you guys

may notice on the right hand side

on the right hand side it will say don't


or fail it's important to fail if you're

in squad so everybody is in there

and don't fail it doesn't really matter

if there's only two of you or maybe

there's a full squad already you don't

have to put in fail so right now i'm

just gonna jump

out we're gonna glide

we have one of friends that selected

where to go however we can also select

where to go maybe we like a part of the


that it's really interesting to us so

i'm just going to deploy

right here there we go my glider and

just by pressing this minus sign

on the left side side we're going to see

the map so i'm gonna press that

and here's the entire map so i can

select anywhere on the map

using my joystick right here and to

choose pleasant park i can just press a

so once i put that on top of pleasant

park or let's say i want to choose the

middle of the map

i can go right here press a and he's

going to see that

so i'm going to press this and i'm going

to see my pin

right here that's how you can place pins

on your map here in fortnite so again

we can just press this then with our

joystick we can select anywhere on the


and we can just press a to select it we

can get out of there just by pressing

our minus sign again

so right now i can see my pin all the

way over there and i can see how far

away i am i can always go back to my map

and highlight something else so maybe i

want to go

salty tower so i can highlight that

press a

and again i can just get out of it and

there we go that would be somewhere else

so that's over there

now something else that it's really

really good if you're looking maybe

at some danger coming you're gonna tell

your teammates that something

really bad's happening or you see people

around you you can highlight where they


so let's say somebody's in that house i

want to highlight that see this arrow on

your left

i can just press that it can alert

people and they can see that they can

see i'm alerting i'm

saying go over there go over there so

although they might not hear you because

you don't have a mic you can say that

because this is alerting them that

somebody's there

so although i didn't see somebody today

this time

that's how you let them know to jump

obviously it's the letter b

here so you can jump now to crouch down

just do this just press down on this


and we can move around

now he gave me a lot of shield which is


to get back up just press that again and

keep going

and the most important thing about

fortnite is just switching and getting

materials you need materials so this

tree let's take this tree

now don't waste your time digging up

walls to in order to get brick

because that's way too slow what you

guys want to do

is get brick from rocks it's going to be

a lot faster

we can toggle between our harvesting

tool and our guns just by pressing x

remember to look for shields we can

select our shield

and we can drink it if i didn't have

full shield already but it's good to

keep it

so once it gets shot i can just drink

that up now depending which season you

guys get in you might have cars you

might not

but you guys can also getting some of

the cars not all of them

and they do have gas we can go to gas

pumps and all that but that's

depending on which season you're

starting so i'm not gonna go over that

too much

again if you get shot it's good to

circle yourself

and then jump and then press this in

order to make this there

so this is the most basic build you can

do in order to protect yourself

if you ever get shot now let's say we

fired a few rounds right

let's fire those rounds you do want to

recharge your gun so in order to do that

you have to press y so just press y

recharge your gun

so it's full of ammo again and we can


it's the one of the worst things that

can happen is that you see someone

you start firing all of a sudden you

need to recharge your gun

because he ran out so what you want to

do is recharge

all your guns before you get into a

fight just by pressing

y so select your gun and then just press


anyways these are the bare basics about


if you guys have any comments questions

you guys can write down here in comments


and if you guys would like to learn a

little bit more a little more


into fortnite make sure to watch my

other video on the intermediate

and advanced levels in fortnite this has

been the bare basics

into fortnite this will get you started

in killing people

anyways that would be it for this video

if you guys have any questions comments

you guys can write down here in comments


don't forget subscribe and rate thank






How to dance in Fortnite on PC ▷ ➡️ Creative Stop ▷ ➡️

During the last matches in Fortnite , you saw many players create real virtual flash mobs while going crazy with crazy dances. You would also like to participate in these events, but, unfortunately, you are new to this game and still do not know all the teams well.

How to say that everything is right and you would like a hand to open How to dance in Fortnite for PC ? Don't worry, you just went through the right lesson at the right time, as I'm going to explain everything to you in detail. In the following chapters, I will explain in detail how to add dance emoticons in closet Fortnite, and how to find the key that allows you to dance in the game. I will also explain what to do to get the new dances in Fortnite as these specific emotes can be obtained in-game using V-Bucks, Fortnite's virtual currency. But we are fine and will not immediately stop the stages.

Now that you understand what I'm going to talk about, are you ready to start? Are you comfortable sitting in front of your computer? Excellent! At this stage, I suggest that you take a few minutes of free time and read the following lines carefully so that your attempt is successful. I wish you good reading and, most importantly, fun!

Add emote to the box

The first thing to do if you want to know what the key is Press to dance in the fort with PC to start the game so you can add replay all " wall cabinet or partition, dedicated to personalizing your virtual avatar

To do this, select the icon thrower epic games that you will find in the Windows desktop or macOS Launchpad, and once you are logged into your account, press the 9 button0003 starts with which you will find in the video game Fortnite .

When the game starts, select the game mode you are interested in by clicking on it (for example, press Battle Royale ), then press the Esc button to display the lobby screen .

Now go to section closet to add replay from dance to hotkeys that you will assign later as I will explain in the next chapter.

To do this, click on the menu item wall cabinet is located in the top bar, after which, the corresponding section replay click on the symbol (+) and select the emotions of the dance that you have opened by clicking on them. Then confirm the addition by pressing save and exit .

You can add up to 6 to replay to its "wheel"; This, as I will illustrate in a later chapter, can be activated in-game by pressing a pre-assigned key or one you have configured.

Check the keybinds

Once you have added replay dance in closet , go to the menu settings to see the control section and find out which key to press to dance in Fortnite (a key that, as we will soon we will see, you can also change as you wish).

To continue, press the menu symbol ( ) is located in the upper right corner, then in the corresponding drop-down menu on the screen, press gear symbol, to see section settings . Now press arrow symbol located at the top to see the map entry . This is the section referring to the list of all assigned game controls and corresponding preset keys.

As you can see, the key used to dance in Fortnite is called replay ; by default this is assigned to key (B) . However, if you want to change this automatic assignment, click on wording (B) and then press the keyboard key you want to set as the command for the dance.

In the dedicated key mapping screen see also item Cabinet Emote Slot and also the one called Repeat Last Emote . replay in progress. These keys are not assigned by default (as you can see, the wording exists Not assigned ). Then click on it to assign a key to your liking.

If, on the other hand, you have connected the controller to your PC, click on the controller symbol located on the tab at the top: in this way you can see which relative key is for the dance. In this case you must press the button Down arrow .

How do you tell if you want to play fortnite with a controller but don't know how to connect it to your PC? Therefore, I suggest that you read the procedure that I have provided in some of my guides on this topic, in which I have explained how to connect a PS3 keyboard to your PC, PS4.Xbox 360 or one Xbox One.

Finally, if you have changed the default assignments for Fortnite commands regarding keyboard usage (controller commands cannot be reset), press the Esc button to return to the main menu and, on the screen you are viewing, press the item to save to confirm your changes.

Dance in Fortnite for PC

Now that you have identified the team required to dance in Fortnite for PC, you can start a new game via screen lobby by pressing the button juego you see in the lower right corner.

Once the game has started, dance on Fortnite just press the button (B) i.e. the default key or previously assigned key.

Clicking on the corresponding button, as you can see, will open a virtual wheel, with which you can choose by clicking on it, the dance you want your character to perform, or replay You want to express yourself with

If you have also assigned commands Wardrobe Emote Slot and repeat the last emote , you can press them to make your character dance with one of override previously assigned to closet.

Get new dances in Fortnite

Fortnite This is a free game, but it gives you the opportunity to buy items related to the aesthetics of the characters. They are available in rotation in section Buy items and you can buy it through V-Bucks, virtual currency available with real money or unlocked directly in the game after completing certain tasks.

If you have already bought or purchased enough V-Bucks, you can buy them replay available Buy items by clicking on the item to buy and clicking the buy button. Alternatively, if you have Season Pass you can get something by replaying as a reward, level up.

If, on the other hand, you do not have enough V-Bucks to buy the emote you are interested in, you must buy this in-game currency by clicking on the symbol (+) on the top right side of the Fortnite main screen to see the packs to purchase them (prices start from €4. 99).

In this sense, if you want me to V-Bucks you need to unlock the parts to replay I strongly recommend that you read my guide on how to get V-Bucks in which I have provided you with various tips and tricks on how how to get this virtual currency.

how to dance on pc, tutorial, music, iconics, real life, epic with sound, all emotes in english, hinged


  1. Fortnite dance and emotes expenses
  2. general dances and emotes
  3. unusual emotes and dancing
  4. Sizzlin'
  5. Call Me
  6. Feelin' Jaunty
  7. Rock Paper Scissors
  8. Ikonik dance
  9. Air Horn
  10. T-Pose
  11. Fist0183 Launched by Epic Games in July 2017, Fortnite, a free-to-play cross-platform battle royale game, has gained worldwide popularity in a short period of time thanks to its vivid storyline, high-tech graphics, and the introduction of new game modes. Also in the gameplay of the "Royal Battle" there is an opportunity to express yourself through dance emotions. Many Fortnite dances are an item required to complete quests.

    Fortnite 9 dance and emotes spending0016

    Part of the gameplay of Fortnite belongs entirely to music. These are special promotions that precede the launch of a separate season, and collaborations with leading musicians invited to special events in the gaming space, and emotions, with the help of which each gamer can celebrate a victory over an opponent or greet a friendly team.

    Emotes can be created by Fortnite players, game fans or anyone else.

    Also, the developers use the names, songs and dance moves of the star performers from show business. The table shows all types of dances that can be used by gamers.

    Dancing & emotions grading and pricing in Fortnite
    Feature Price Where to buy
    Standard Free Fortnite game
    Unusual 200 V-Bucks Fortnite Game Store
    Rare 500 V-Bucks Fortnite Game Store
    Epic 800 V-Bucks Fortnite Game Store

    General dances and emotes

    The start of the game in Fortnite is marked by a free emote "Dancing!". Each new user gets the opportunity to mark their presence in the Royal Battles with simple dance moves.

    Unusual emotions and dances

    Unusual dancing & emotions are available to players for the in-game currency - V-Bucks. Musical compositions have their own unique style and are designed to characterize a particular action of a gamer.


    You can try roasting burger meat with Sizzlin’. And then perform this dance with a team of friends, intimidating rivals. The Burger Lord first appeared in the 9th season of Fortnite.

    Call Me

    Stay connected even when you are not in the game. The Call Me emote will tell your teammates that it's time to take a timeout and reload the guns.

    Feelin' Jaunty

    Season 11 of Fortnite introduces the Winner's Walk. Step along with Feelin' Jaunty towards your dream, overcoming obstacles.

    Rock Paper Scissors

    Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with your friends to determine the winner in a fair competition. This emote first appeared in the 3rd season of Fortnite.

    Ikonik dance

    Gamers' favorite character Ikonik performs the best dances of Fortnite Season 8.

    Air Horn

    The trumpet call of the Air Horn, announcing your location, will help your teammates find you. But this furious sound can also attract game rivals.


    Freeze in a T-pose with your arms wide apart and your opponent may not be able to distinguish you from part of the game landscape.

    Fist Pump

    Fortnite season 5 has a Winner emote. Energetic waving of the arms during the dance will tell you that this skating rink is behind you.

    Slap Happy

    Happy dance claps can tell about your good mood and good spirits before the upcoming match.

    Raining Doubloons

    A rain of real doubloons (gold coins) that a lucky player scatters with both hands is an emote added to the game during the celebration of St. Patrick's Day.


    The Jubilation dance is one of the brightest emote in the game. Its unusual rarity will allow you to express a good mood in full force.


    The Floss Dance could be obtained in Fortnite Season 2 by completing the 49 Battle Pass. It was first performed by the teenager Backpack Kid, who became a member of the show Katy Perry.

    Rare Dancing & Emotions

    Rare dancing & emotions are available to players for in-game currency V-Bucks in the Fortnite in-game store. Each of them has a unique style and is designed to characterize one or another action of the gamer.

    Knee Slapper

    Cowboy dancing in the Wild West appeared in the game in the 6th season. Clap to the beat of your own rhythmic dance moves.

    Fancy Feet

    Move, move, move, and your feet will lead you to victory with the Fancy Feet emote.

    On the Hook

    The rare "On the Hook" emote will show who pulled the ice rink. If your opponent is On the Hook, victory is in your pocket. Dance and drag the caught fish.

    Orange Justice

    The Orange Judgment Dance was introduced in Season 4. There are several versions of his appearance in Fortnite.

    One of them tells about a boy in an orange shirt who became the first performer of a dance he invented.

    In his version of Orange Justice and appeared on the Internet.


    The Baller sports emote appeared in the 4th game season and immediately fell in love with all Fortnite gamers.


    The "Boneless" dance was presented by the famous UFC fighter Conor McGregor, after which Boneless appeared in the in-game store and became the favorite emote of the players.


    "Perpetual motion", "Fidget" - as soon as they do not call this emote. Enough time has passed since its appearance in the game, but the popularity of Rambunctious among Fortnite players is only growing.

    Keep it Mello

    Marshmallow Dance was added to the game after the DJ Marshmallow event. To get it, you had to pass the tests of the Concert. Marshmallow energy is charged with positive emotions and drive. Raise your hand and you will feel a surge of vivacity along with DJ Mello.


    Fans of "Aerobics" developers have introduced emote Zany. This dance can be found in the Fortnite in-game store.


    Emote Wiggle's undulating motions will help you secure your victory in the best possible way. The Hinged Dance can be purchased from the Fortnite in-game store.

    Electro Swing

    Swing and get electro powered. Old school fans will find dance Electro Swing in the Fortnite in-game store.

    Epic Dancing & Emotions

    Epic dancing & emotions are available to players for the in-game currency V-Bucks in the Fortnite in-game store. Each musical composition has a unique style and is designed to characterize one or another action of the hero.


    "Dance of the Nutcracker" appeared in the 7th game season under the motto: "For someone to dance like cracking nuts." Suitable for Nutcracker or Shell skin.

    True Heart

    Disco emote "True Heart" is dynamic and spectacular. Creates a light moody flair. Will decorate the locker of any hero or heroine of Fortnite.

    Phone It In

    Phone It In is an epic emote for jazz lovers. It's called "Saxophonist". High-quality emote for the heroes of Fortnite.


    The energy of dance and vitality for lovers of movement and vivid emotions is presented by the developers in the form of Vivacious.


    Zombie emote from girl band Necrophilia found its way into Fortnite. The incarnation of Reanimated in the gaming space went with a bang. The high-quality emote appealed to both experienced Battle Royale players and new gamers.

    Smooth Moves

    A high-quality Smooth Moves launch pad emote will allow you to arrange a real dance-battle. Everyone who finds themselves in the rhythm of this dance will feel like stylish and fashionable characters.

    Boogie Down

    Dance with everyone using the free emote Boogie Down. To get it, you need to enable two-step authorization in the game.


    The American series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has become another emote supplier for Battle Royale. Stylish and incendiary music has made Fresh the favorite dance of Fortnite gamers.

    Star Power

    Energetic emote Star Power is enhanced with rainbow radiance. Whoever uses it is a real superstar. No autographs please.

    Llama Bell

    Emote Llama Bell is dedicated to the most important symbol of the Fortnite game - Lama. The game legend says that the one who uses this emote finds Lam more often, and Lama is a mysterious and random creature.

    Disco Fever

    Passionate disco came to Fortnite from the distant 70s. 20th century

    However, Disco Fever is still able to make anyone who wants to be the star of the dance floor.

    Electro Shuffle

    Electro Shuffle has an original artist, a teenage girl. Thanks to her, the incendiary emote has become a great addition to the Fortnite dance collection. Express yourself on the battlefield!

    Promotional dances and emotions

    In addition to paid store dancing & emotions, there are also promotional compositions in the game. Among them are:

    1. Boogie Down. In 2018, the developer Epic Games presented a free emoji dance, which could be received by every user of the Royal Battle by enabling 2-factor authentication to protect the game account. The news was launched on the official Twitter of the developer.
    2. Freestylin'. This free emote was given out to Fortnite gamers for linking their game account to Twitch Prime in 2018.
    3. Hot Marat. The new Hot Marat emote was created as a result of a collaboration between Epic Games and Disney in 2018. Each player could get it for free as part of an ongoing promotion in the in-game store.
    4. Take the Elf. The free "Christmas Mood" emote was timed to coincide with the New Year's Fortnite 14 Days Challenge, and every player could get it for free for completed tasks in 2019.

    List of all dances and emotes

    Battle Royale Fortnite has multiple seasons, each with its own distinct dancing & emotions.

    Season 7

    Season 7 Emotion Dance:

    • Golf Clap;
    • Shimmer;
    • Mic Drop;
    • Get Funky;
    • Free Flow;
    • Cat Flip;
    • Point It Out;
    • Backstroke;
    • Ground Pound;
    • Accolades;
    • WayPoint;
    • Wing Tip;
    • Clean Groove;
    • Crackdown;
    • Fandangle;
    • JamBoree;
    • Knee Slapper;
    • Mime Time;
    • Overdrive;
    • Showstopper;
    • Unwrapped;
    • Marsh Walk;
    • Take the Elf;
    • Keep It Mello;
    • Air Horn;
    • Bobbin';
    • Cheer Up;
    • Daydream;
    • Flux;
    • Lazy Shuffle;
    • Mind Blown;
    • Shaolin Sit-Up;
    • Glowsticks;
    • IDK;
    • Slick;
    • Whirlwind.

    season 6

    Season 6 dance emotions:

    • Regal Wave;
    • Running Man;
    • Slitherin';
    • Flamenko;
    • Glitter Up;
    • Bombastic;
    • Behold;
    • Busy;
    • Crazy Feet;
    • Criss Cross;
    • Drop the Bass;
    • Denied;
    • Electro Swing;
    • Headbanger;
    • Hot Marat;
    • Howl;
    • Llamacadabra;
    • Phone It In;
    • Scorecard;
    • Smooth Moves;
    • Something Stinks;
    • Spike it;
    • Sprinkler;
    • Tai Chi;
    • T-Pose;
    • Treat Yourself.

    Season 5

    Season 5 Emotes:

    • Gentleman's Dab;
    • You're Awesome;
    • Swipe It;
    • Calculated;
    • Breakdown;
    • Boogie Down;
    • Capoeira;
    • Fancy Feet;
    • Flipping' Incredible;
    • Go! Go! Go!
    • Hand Signals;
    • On the Hook;
    • Hula;
    • Intensity;
    • Job well done;
    • Living large;
    • Llama Bell;
    • Pumpernickel;
    • Shake it Up;
    • Hot Stuff;
    • Dance Therapy;
    • Praise the Tomato;
    • Twist;
    • Work it out;
    • Battle Call;
    • Fist Pump;
    • Hitchhiker;
    • My Idol;
    • Vivacious.

    Season 4

    Season 4 Emotion Dance:

    • Orange Justice;
    • Popcorn;
    • Respect;
    • Hype;
    • Groove Jam;
    • Baller;
    • Boneless;
    • Bring it;
    • Chicken;
    • Click!;
    • Infinite Dab;
    • Dip;
    • Eagle;
    • Freestylin;
    • Kick Ups;
    • Laugh it Up;
    • Pop Lock;
    • Rambunctious;
    • Rawr;
    • Red Card;
    • Rock Paper Scissors;
    • Rocket Spinner;
    • Snap;
    • Sparkler;
    • Squat Kick;
    • Star Power;
    • Take 14;
    • Thumbs Up/Down;
    • Tidy;
    • True Heart;
    • Waterworks;
    • Zany.

    Season 3

    Season 3 Emotes: