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When you are in-game, typing "/dance" to make your character dance.


  • 1 List of Dance references
    • 1.1 Heroes
    • 1.2 Vehicles
  • 2 References

List of Dance references[]


Hero Dance reference
Abathur Worm Dance
Alarak From Fatboy Slim – "Weapon of Choice"
Alexstrasza (Normal) Based on Electric Slide
Alexstrasza (Dragonqueen) Dragon's dance from Shrek Karaoke Party
Ana Egyptian Saidi Belly Dancing
Anduin "Hand Clap" (animation and reference itself done by Matt Parker.[1])
Anub'arak Gene Kelly's dance from "Singing in the Rain"
Artanis Vincent Vega's twist dance from "Pulp Fiction"
Arthas Unknown
Auriel Traditional Chinese ribbon dance
Azmodan Unknown
Blaze Chris Farley's Dance from Chippendales Audition
Brightwing Unknown
Cassia Unknown
Chen Barrel Walking
Cho'gall Funny Kid Wop Dance from vine
Chromie Rocky Horror Time Warp Dance
D. Va (Pilot) Unknown
D.Va (Mech) Unknown
Deathwing Unknown
Deckard Unknown
Dehaka Drake's dance from "Hotline Bling"
Diablo Unknown
E.T.C. Metal/hard rock headbanging
Falstad Unknown
Fenix Unknown
Garrosh Metal/hard rock headbanging
Gazlowe Monkey Dance from Johnny Bravo
Genji Dance from Vanilla Ice – "Ninja Rap"
Greymane (Human form) 8 Shape sword spinning
Greymane (Worgen form) Unknown
Gul'dan MC Hammer – "U Can't Touch This"
Hanzo Soran Bushi Japanese dance
Illidan Ray Lewis' dance
Imperius Limbo dance
Jaina Crystal Maiden ultimate cast from Dota 2
Jaina (Dreadlord Skin) Side Spin move in Pole Dancing
Johanna Dance from New Kids On the Block – "You Got It"
Junkrat Backpack dance from "Swish Swish"
Kael'thas Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Jump On It dance)
Kel'Thuzad Scar's moves to Coconut Song from "King Lion"
Kerrigan Mia Wallace's twist dance from "Pulp Fiction"
Kerrigan (Cheerleader skin) Dance from TWICE – "Cheer Up"
Kharazim Van Damme's dance from "Kickboxer"
Leoric Dance from Micheal Jackson – "Thriller"
Li Li Unknown
Li-Ming Dance from KARA – "Mister"
Lt. Morales Sprinkler dance move
Lt. Morales (Paramedic Skin) Unknown
Lunara Baton Twirling
Lúcio Shuffle
Maiev Hula Hoop Dance
Malfurion Dance from Man Without Hats – "Safety Dance"
Mal'Ganis Dwayne Johnson's Pec Pop
Malthael Jim Carey's head bobbing to Haddaway – "What is Love"
Medivh Jamal Anderson's Dirty Bird dance
Mephisto Egyptian hand fusion dance
Misha Arm Waving from LMFAO – "Party Rock Anthem"
Muradin Unknown
Murky Unknown
Nazeebo Traditional Congolese Dance
Nova Dance from Ariana Grande – "Problem" by Mandy Jiroux
Orphea Unknown
Probius Kirby's victory dance
Qhira Arcade dancing
Ragnaros Tina's dance from Bobs Burgers
Ragnaros (Lil'Ragnaros skin) Hand raising from rock/metal concert
Raynor Techno Viking dance
Rehgar (Orc Form) Unknown
Rehgar (Wolf Form) Snoopy's Happy Dance
Rexxar Shuffle (Running Man) dance from LMFAO – "Party Rock Anthem"
Samuro Unknown
Sgt. Hammer Unknown
Sonya Jian Sword Dancing
Stitches Unknown
Stukov Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet
Sylvanas Dance from "Beetlejuice" – "Shake Senora"
Tassadar Daft Bodies dance moves
The Butcher Unknown
The Lost Vikings Dance from "Three Amigos!"
Thrall The Haka Maori Dance
Tracer Flashdance from Micheal Sembello – "Maniac"
Tracer (Slip'n'Stream Skin) Dance from IU – YOU&I
Tychus Snoop Dogg's dance from "Drop It Like It's Hot
Tychus (Odin) Robot Dancing
Tychus (Infested Tychus skin) Bernie's Dance
Tychus (Power Drench skin) Muscle flexing
Tyrael Unknown
Tyrande Beyonce's dance from "Single Ladies"
Uther Cossack Traditional Dance
Valeera Double Sword Dancing
Valla Unknown
Valla (Deputy Skin) Country Line Dancing
Varian John Travolta's dance from Bee Gees – "You Should Be Dancing"
Whitemane Britney Spears' dance from "I'm Slave 4 U"
Xul Dance from Silly Symphonies – "The Skeleton Dance"
Yrel Dance from Cibo Matto – "Birthday Cake"
Zagara Unknown
Zarya Dab Dance
Zeratul Breakdance Windmill and Flare moves
Zul'jin Axe Gang's dance from "Kung Fu Hustle"


Vehicle Dance reference
Triglav Protector Unknown
Dragon Knight Unknown
Garden Terror Dance from Micheal Jackson – "Thriller"


  1. ↑ Matt Parker on Twitter

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Hotkeys Advanced Guide - Heroes of the Storm



Welcome to our guide to the most interesting custom Hotkeys for Heroes of the Storm and the reasons behind them, from personal preference to increasing your effectiveness and survivability in some scenarios. I tried to list them in order of importance and also to include useful tips about them, when appropriate.



Default A
Suggested Left Mouse Button
Path Hotkeys → Basic
Code [Hotkeys] CommandButton10=LeftMouseButton

Attack, also called Attack Move, is a command used to choose the target of your Basic Attacks. Heroes automatically use Basic Attacks when enemies are nearby, however, this command is extremely important for manually choosing your target.

Some players like to have the Attack command on the Left Mouse Button, so that they can easily stutter-step by using their right hand and/or can have their left hand's ring finger on the Q key all the time, something that allows them to be faster at using Abilities which belong to that key (such as Blink by Tracer).

If you miss your intended target, your Hero will move towards that position and stop moving to Attack the nearest enemy. While kiting backwards and/or if the closest enemy is who you want to Attack, you can simply issue an Attack command anywhere around you, without the need to move your mouse back and forth.

Warning! If you bind the Attack command to the Left Mouse Button, the Select feature will not work anymore. If you play The Lost Vikings and/or Samuro, make sure to choose another key for it. Note that, without the Select feature, you will not be able to open the Target Info Panel as well.



Default S
Path Hotkeys → Basic

Stop is a command used to tell your Hero to stop moving but keep using Basic Attacks. Any action in queue (see Queue Command Modifier for more) will be removed.

Tank players, but not only them, will sometimes need to use Stop to accurately body-block enemy Heroes that are trying to retreat. If you use Hold for doing so, you may lose the opportunity to deal damage with your Basic Attacks, especially if you are playing Heroes who can attack while moving (for example D.Va).

Stop is the fastest tool we have to stop our Hero that is moving into a dangerous area (for example multiple Toxic Nest by Abathur) because it does not require to position your mouse accordingly.



Default H
Suggested X
Path Hotkeys → Basic
Code [Hotkeys] CommandButton12=X

Hold is a command used to make your Hero stop using Basic Attacks. In addition to that, your Hero will stop moving as well. Any action in queue (see Queue Command Modifier for more) will be removed.

There are some Heroes who gain value when you hit them with Basic Attacks, especially if your Hero has high Attack Speed (for example Tracer against Genji with Deflect active). When you see that, immediately use the Hold command.

As the default key for the Hold command is difficult to use, I heavily recommend changing it to a different key, closer to the other keys you use. Some players like to replace Stop with Hold, but it's not optimal because you lose the opportunity to body-block without stopping your Basic Attacks.

Warning! If you bind the Hold command to the X key, the Expression Wheel feature will not work anymore unless you change its key as well, however, you will still be able to use Expressions via their dedicated keys: Taunt [J], Dance [Y], Spray [T], and Voice [I].


Attack Move Target Point

Default Disabled
Suggested Enabled for Ranged Heroes • Disabled for Melee Heroes
Path Options → Gameplay

Attack Move Target Point helps you when using the Attack [A] command. If enabled, your Hero will target the closest enemy (excluding neutral Mercenaries when idle) to your mouse cursor. If disabled, your Hero will target the closest enemy to themselves.

Warning! There is no way to tell the game that you are playing a ranged Hero or a melee Hero, so you'll have to change this setting every time you change from melee to ranged Hero, or vice versa. If you do not want to change it based on that, just stick on the value you prefer.


Smart Commands

Default Right Mouse Button
Suggested Middle Mouse Button
Path Hotkeys → Advanced → Hero Management
Code [Hotkeys] SmartCommand=MiddleMouseButton

Smart Commands behave differently based on where you click; your Hero will: Attack, Move, or Interact. Interact means using special objects (for example Healing Fountain or Portal by Medivh) or collecting things on the battlefield (such as Tributes on Cursed Hollow).

When moving backwards to kite or retreat, avoid using Smart Commands [Right Mouse Button] for doing so because misclicking your target will make you walk towards the enemy and die. When moving forward to chase, it does not matter if you misclick.

Warning! If you bind Smart Commands to the Middle Mouse Button, you may want to choose a new key for the following hotkeys: Drag Scroll, Move Minimap Camera (Normal Mode), Move Minimap Camera (Targeting Mode).


Smart Commands Through Minimap

Default Disabled
Suggested Enabled
Path Options → Gameplay

Smart Commands Through Minimap is a useful feature to avoid interacting with the Minimap by mistake. If you have it disabled, you can move your Hero by clicking on the Minimap, but at the same time you risk to sometimes accidentally move your Hero towards the enemy team when you want to retreat.

Warning! Force Move does not benefit from this feature, so it will never ignore your Minimap.


Force Move

Default Unbound
Suggested Right Mouse Button
Path Hotkeys → Basic
Code [Hotkeys] CommandButton20=RightMouseButton

Force Move means Move only. In other words, Force Move is like Smart Commands without Attack and Interact. Simple as that, but what are the real benefits of this hotkey?

If you have Force Move on the Right Mouse Button, you will not accidentally use Basic Attacks on the enemy Immortal while you are trying to dodge his scary Abilities or take a nearby Medivh's Portal that you did not want to use.

Warning! In case you choose to play with Force Move on the Right Mouse Button and Smart Commands on a weird key, Save a backup Hotkeys Profile that still allows you to use Smart Commands normally because Force Move currently has the following bugs:

  • Abathur cannot use Force Move for issuing movement orders to Evolve Monstrosity;
  • Hanzo cannot use Force Move while charging Storm Bow because it stops the channel, however, you can hold Force Move and then start charging Storm Bow instead;
  • The Lost Vikings cannot use Force Move for issuing movement orders to Longboat Raid!;
  • if you use the Queue Command Modifier to choose where to go by using Force Move with it, your Hero will follow your mouse cursor instead of going towards the chosen destination.


Use Talent

Default 1/2/3/4/5/6
Suggested Extra Mouse Button 1/2 and 1/2/3/4/5/6
Path Hotkeys → Basic
Code [Hotkeys] InventoryButtonUse0=1,BackMouseButton InventoryButtonUse0=2,ForwardMouseButton

Use Talent hotkeys are needed for Active Talents (such as Rewind on Muradin) and for Heroes who have extra Abilities baseline (for example Bone Armor on Xul), but not used for switching Hero with The Lost Vikings or Clone with Samuro. You can keep them like this or set them as you prefer. You can also have two different hotkeys for the same command. Keep in mind that the game always puts extra Abilities in the first free slot from the left, even if they are Passive effects (like Blessed Recovery on Anduin).

Warning! If you change Use Talent settings, remember to change the corresponding Quick Cast Hotkeys as well (check the Quick Cast Hotkeys section below).


Queue Command Modifier

Default Shift
Path Hotkeys → Advanced

Queue Command Modifier is a command that allows us to queue multiple actions that our Hero will execute in the same order they have been queued up while holding said modifier.

You can use Queue Command Modifier to speed up some actions:

  • summon your Mount right after channeling an Objective;
  • issue a Move command immediately after channeling your Mount;
  • issue a Move command directly after using the Healing Fountain;
  • issue a Move command to walk around a given area (for example an enemy Watch Tower) or just to avoid taking a dangerous path;
  • to chain multiple Abilities while playing some Heroes who can benefit from that.


Quick Cast Setting

Default Off
Suggested On
Path Hotkeys → Quick Cast Setting
Code [Settings] GlobalQuickCastMode=On

There are 3 types of Quick Cast Setting to perform actions:

  • Off: press a key to enter targeting mode and then press Choose Ability/Talent Target [Left Mouse Button] to confirm your action, resulting in more accuracy at the cost of speed;
  • On Release: hold a key to enter targeting mode and then release to confirm your action, resulting in a good compromise between speed and accuracy;
  • On: press a key to confirm your action immediately without going into targeting mode, therefore more speed at the cost of accuracy.

While it is recommended to use Quick Cast On, there are players having success with Quick Cast Off whereas Quick Cast On Release is not considered that good for many players. Choose what you prefer.

You can even change the Quick Cast Setting for a specific action. Consider using this feature to change the Quick Cast Setting for the Attack command from Use Global Setting to On. Change it for a random Hero and a random Vehicle to automatically change it for all of them.

Rich, HGC player from team Gen.G, liked to play Alarak's Discord Strike with Quick Cast Off while having the rest on Quick Cast On to avoid accidentally casting Discord Strike before Telekinesis actually happened.


Quick Cast Hotkeys

Default Unbound
Suggested Ctrl + Q/W/E/R/D/1/2/3/4/5/6
Path Hotkeys → Advanced
Code [Hotkeys] CommandButtonQuickCastOnUp00=Ctrl+Q InventoryButtonQuickCastOnUp0=Ctrl+1

Quick Cast Hotkeys allow you to play the game with multiple Quick Cast settings at the same time. When you want to cast Abilities with your default Quick Cast setting, just press their key normally. When you want to cast Abilities with a different Quick Cast setting, use a modifier (for example Q becomes Shift + Q) or a completely different key (for example Q becomes 1).

Warning! Avoid using Shift for Quick Cast Hotkeys because it is the same key used as Queue Command Modifier by default. When both features use the same key, you will have problems when trying to queue Abilities via Queue Command Modifier. In all other situations, everything will be fine because Quick Cast Hotkeys will take priority over Queue Command Modifier.

Warning! If you change Quick Cast Hotkeys, remember to change the corresponding Use Talent settings as well (check the Use Talent section above).


Quick Talent Selection Favorite

Default Ctrl + \
Suggested Ctrl + F
Path Hotkeys → Advanced → Hero Management
Code [Hotkeys] QuickHeroTalentTreeSelectionFavorite=Control+F

The ability to immediately pick a Talent as soon as your team unlocks a new Tier is important to have. If you are unable to use Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5 because they are not that easy to press for you, then you can use the Quick Talent Selection Favorite command to rapidly pick a Talent that is part of your currently selected Build. Just make sure—after taking a look at the Map you are playing on, allied Heroes, and enemy Heroes at the start of the game—that your selected Build is the one you want to be playing in that particular game.


Default F1
Suggested Shift + Tab
Path Hotkeys → Advanced → Hero Management
Code [Hotkeys] QuickHeroTalentPanel=Shift+Tab

Compared to looking at Talents, looking at Stats is rarely useful during the game. When enemy Heroes are missing, you can check if their Self-Healing/Shielding is going up or not to find out if they are fighting against neutral Mercenaries out of vision. For balance reasons, Siege Damage does not go up when Heroes are fighting against neutral Mercenaries.


Quick Talent Panel

Default F2
Suggested Tab
Path Hotkeys → Advanced → Hero Management
Code [Hotkeys] QuickHeroTalentPanel=Tab

With the change suggested here, you will be able to quickly check Talents without the need to change page at the start of every game and without having to press Tab twice for opening the Talents panel and then closing it. In addition to that, accidentally pressing Tab will not hinder your gameplay that much because releasing the Tab key will immediately close the Leader Panel again.


Quick Death Recap Panel

Default F3
Suggested Ctrl + Tab
Path Hotkeys → Advanced → Hero Management
Code [Hotkeys] QuickHeroTalentPanel=Ctrl+Tab

Death Recap does not really need to be opened fast, so you can either use a less important key or key combination or keep it unassigned and thus open it by clicking on the corresponding icon on the user interface while your Hero is dead.


Follow Current Selection

Default L
Suggested C
Path Hotkeys → Advanced → Camera
Code [Hotkeys] CameraFollow=C

Follow Current Selection is a command that allows you to switch between Camera Follow—called Locked Camera by the community—enabled and disabled. When disabled, your camera will not follow your Hero but you will be free to move it. When enabled, your camera will follow your Hero but you will not be free to move it.

Even if it is heavily recommended to play with Camera Follow disabled because it stops your camera when your Hero reaches the screen borders, some players do not like it because they suffer motion sickness and/or because it requires additional mouse movement.

If you really like and/or need it, however, we recommend a little change that, if used correctly, will basically negate the major weakness of playing with Camera Follow enabled. First of all, you need to change key for toggling Camera Follow because the L key is difficult to use. Second, you have to be ready to turn Camera Follow off when needed (for example E.T.C. preparing to use Stage Dive) or this change will be useless.



Default Space
Path Hotkeys → Advanced → Hero Management

Spotlight is a command that marks your Hero with a blue beam, sometimes helpful for finding your Hero when you are playing without Camera Follow enabled and too many things are happening on your screen.

If you do not like the Spotlight feature, you can unbind it without fear of losing the Center Current Selection command that is on the same key but corresponds to a different command that belongs to the Camera section.


Camera Location

Default Jump To with F5-F8 and Shift + F5-F8; Create with Ctrl + F5-F8 and Ctrl + Shift + F5-F8
Suggested Jump To with F1-F8; Create with Shift + F1-F8
Alternative Jump To with F1-F4 and Shift + F1-F4; Create with Ctrl + F1-F4 and Ctrl + Shift + F1-F4
Path Hotkeys → Advanced → Camera
Code [Hotkeys] CameraSave0=Shift+F1 CameraView0=F1

Camera Location is a feature that allows you to save the position of your camera and be able to quickly jump there when needed, something that is extremely useful when playing Abathur's Calldown: MULE and you want rapidly check the state of your Structures in multiple lanes as well as when playing other Heroes and you want to quickly see what is going on somewhere else.


Camera Turn

Default Unbound
Suggested Left Turn with Insert; Right Turn with Delete
Path Not Available
Code [Hotkeys] CameraTurnLeft=Insert CameraTurnRight=Delete

Camera Turn consists of two commands that allow you to rotate your camera by 45% degrees, something that is not that useful while playing but can be great for taking screenshots, casting games, or recording videos. You can use this feature not only while playing the game, but also while being an Observer in a Custom Game or while watching Replays.

Click on the Folder icon to open the Hotkeys folder containing all your Profiles and then use a text editor to open the Profile you want to modify, copy the code above and paste it in the Hotkeys section. If you cannot click on the Folder icon, you should first click on Create Profile and follow the steps to create a new Profile. To get the name of a key, bind it to something else and then copy its value.



  • 23 Nov. 2021: Guide improved.
    • Quick Cast Hotkeys section modified.
    • Quick Stats Panel section added.
    • Quick Talents Panel section modified.
    • Quick Death Recap section added.
    • Camera Location section modified.
  • 05 Jun. 2021: Guide created.

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90,000 Tempest in 9 minutes. Summary of Shakespeare's play

The play takes place on a secluded island, where all fictional characters are transferred from different countries.

Ship at sea. Storm. Thunder and lightning. The ship's crew tries to save him, but noble passengers - the Neapolitan king Alonzo, his brother Sebastian and son Ferdinand, the Duke of Milan Antonio and the nobles accompanying the king distract the sailors from work. The boatswain sends passengers to their cabins in the most unflattering terms. When the virtuous old adviser to the king, Gonzalo, tries to yell at him, the sailor replies: “These roaring waves don’t care about kings! March to the cabins!” However, the efforts of the crew lead to nothing - to the plaintive cries of some and the curses of others, the ship sinks. This sight breaks the heart of fifteen-year-old Miranda, daughter of the mighty wizard Prospero. She and her father live on an island, on the shores of which an unfortunate ship crashes. Miranda begs her father to use his art and pacify the sea. Prospero reassures his daughter: "By the power of my art / I arranged it so that everyone remained alive." An imaginary shipwreck is conjured by a magician to arrange the fate of his beloved daughter. For the first time, he decides to tell Miranda the story of their appearance on the island. Twelve years ago, Prospero, at that time the Duke of Milan, was deposed from the throne by his brother Antonio with the support of the Neapolitan king Alonzo, to whom the usurper undertook to pay tribute. The villains, however, did not dare to kill Prospero right away: the duke was loved by the people. He, along with his daughter, was put on an unusable ship and thrown into the open sea. They were saved only thanks to Gonzalo - the compassionate nobleman provided them with supplies, and most importantly, says the magician, "he allowed me / To take with him those tomes / Which I value above the duchy." These books are the source of Prospero's magical power. After a forced voyage, the duke and his daughter ended up on an island that was already inhabited: the disgusting Caliban, the son of the evil sorceress Sycorax, who was expelled from Algeria for numerous evil deeds, and the air spirit Ariel lived on it. The witch tried to force Ariel to serve herself, but he "was too pure to carry out / Her orders are bestial and evil." For this, Sycorax trapped Ariel in a splintered pine tree, where he suffered for many years without hope of release, since the old sorceress died. Prospero freed the beautiful and powerful spirit, but obliged him to serve himself in gratitude, promising freedom in the future. Caliban became Prospero's slave, doing all the menial work.


At first, the magician tried to "civilize" the ugly savage, taught him to speak, but could not defeat his base nature. Father puts Miranda into a magical dream. Ariel appears. It was he who defeated the Neapolitan fleet returning from Tunisia, where the king was celebrating his daughter's wedding with the Tunisian king. It was he who drove the royal ship to the island and played a shipwreck, locked the crew in the hold and euthanized, and scattered the noble passengers along the coast. Prince Ferdinand is left alone in a deserted place. Prospero orders Ariel to turn into a sea nymph, and visible only to the magician himself, and with sweet singing to lure Ferdinand to the cave in which the father and daughter live. Then Prospero calls for Caliban. Caliban, who believes that he "got this island by right / From his mother", and the wizard robbed him, is rude to his master, and he in response showers him with reproaches and terrible threats. The evil freak is forced to obey. The invisible Ariel appears, he sings, the spirits echo him. Drawn by magical music, Ariel is followed by Ferdinand. Miranda is delighted: “What is this? Spirit? Oh God, / How beautiful he is! Ferdinand, in turn, seeing Miranda, takes her for a goddess, the daughter of Prospero is so beautiful and sweet. He announces that he is the king of Naples, since his father has just died in the waves, and he wants to make Miranda the queen of Naples. Prospero is pleased with the mutual inclination of the young people. “They,” he says, “are fascinated by each other. But one must / Create obstacles for their love, / In order not to devalue it with ease. The old man puts on a harshness and accuses the prince of imposture. Despite the touching pleas of his daughter, he defeats the resisting Ferdinand with the help of witchcraft and turns him into slavery. Ferdinand, however, is pleased: "From my prison, at least for a glimpse / I can see this girl." Miranda consoles him. The magician praises his assistant Ariel and promises him a speedy freedom, while giving new instructions.


On the other side of the island, Alonzo mourns his son. Gonzalo clumsily tries to console the king. Antonio and Sebastian are joking with the elderly courtier. They blame Alonzo for the misfortunes that have occurred. To the sounds of solemn music, the invisible Ariel appears. He casts a magical dream on the king and nobles, but the two villains - Sebastian and the usurper Antonio - remain awake. Antonio incites Sebastian to fratricide, he promises him a reward for his help. The swords are already drawn, but Ariel intervenes, as always to the music: he wakes up Gonzalo, and he wakes everyone else. The unscrupulous couple manages to somehow get out.

Caliban encounters Trinculo the jester and Stefano, the drunk royal butler, in the forest. The latter immediately treats the freak with wine from the saved bottle. Caliban is happy, he declares Stefano his god.

Ferdinand, enslaved by Prospero, drags logs. Miranda seeks to help him. Between young people there is a gentle explanation. Touched by Prospero, he is imperceptibly watching them.


Caliban invites Stefano to kill Prospero and take over the island. The whole company is drunk. They are not so hot even when they are sober, and then Ariel starts fooling and confusing them.

A set table appears in front of the king and his retinue to strange music, but when they want to start eating, everything disappears, Ariel appears in the form of a harpy to the peals of thunder. He reproaches those present for the crime committed against Prospero and, frightening with terrible torments, calls for repentance. Alonzo, his brother and Antonio go crazy.

Prospero announces to Ferdinand that all his torments are only a test of love, which he passed with honor. Prospero promises his daughter as a wife to the prince, but for now, in order to distract young people from immodest thoughts, he orders Ariel and other spirits to play an allegorical performance in front of them, of course, with singing and dancing. At the end of the ghostly performance, the named father-in-law tells the prince: “We are created from the same substance / As our dreams. And surrounded by sleep / Our whole little life.

Led by Caliban, enter Stefano and Trinculo. In vain the savage calls them to decisive action - greedy Europeans prefer to pull off the rope specially for this occasion the bright rags hung out by Ariel. Spirits appear in the form of hounds, invisible Prospero and Ariel incite them to unlucky thieves. They run away screaming.


Ariel tells Prospero about the torments of criminal madmen. He feels sorry for them. Prospero is also not a stranger to compassion - he only wanted to bring the villains to repentance: "Although I am cruelly offended by them, / But a noble mind extinguishes anger / And mercy is stronger than revenge." He orders to bring the king and his retinue to him. Ariel disappears. Left alone, Prospero talks about his decision to leave magic, break his wand and drown the magical books. Alonzo and his retinue appear to the solemn music. Prospero performs his last magic - he removes the spell of madness from his offenders and appears before them in all his grandeur and with ducal regalia. Alonzo asks his forgiveness. Prospero promises Sebastian and Antonio to keep silent about their criminal intent against the king. They are frightened by the magician's omniscience. Prospero embraces Gonzalo and praises him. Ariel, not without sadness, is released into the wild and flies away with a cheerful song. Prospero consoles the king, showing him his son - he is alive and well, he and Miranda play chess in the cave and talk tenderly. Miranda, seeing the new arrivals, is delighted: “Oh, a miracle! / What a multitude of beautiful faces! / How beautiful the human race! And how good / That new world, where there are such people!” The wedding has been decided. The thoughtful Gonzalo proclaims: “Is not the Duke of Milan expelled from Milan for his descendants / to reign in Naples? Oh, rejoice! Sailors come with the miracle of the rescued ship. He is ready to sail. Ariel brings the disenchanted Caliban, Stefano and Trinculo. Everyone makes fun of them. Prospero forgives the thieves on the condition that they clean up the cave. Kadiban is full of remorse: “I will fulfill everything. I will earn forgiveness / And I will become smarter in the future. Triple donkey! / I considered a worthless drunkard a god!” Prospero invites everyone to spend the night in his cave in order to sail to Naples in the morning "for the marriage of children." From there, he is going to return to Milan "to contemplate death at leisure." He asks Ariel to perform the last service - to conjure a fair wind, and says goodbye to him. In the epilogue, Prospero addresses the audience: "All are sinners, all forgiveness is waiting, / May your judgment be merciful."

Retold by I. A. Bystrov. Source: All the masterpieces of world literature in brief. Plots and characters. Foreign literature of ancient eras, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance / Ed. and comp. V. I. Novikov. - M.: Olympus: ACT, 1997. - 848 p.

Theatre. • Shakespeare's play “The Tempest” translated anew

In the photo: Stefano, Triculya and Caliban are dancing. Cycle "The Tempest", artist Johann Heinrich Ramberg

Shakespeare's play "The Tempest" has been translated anew. A modern translation into Russian of one of the last works of the great bard, consonant with today, was performed by playwright and translator Tatyana Tulchinskaya.

“The Tempest,” one of Shakespeare's last plays, a testament of sorts to a playwright, is undeservedly underestimated. – told the magazine THEATER. Tatyana Tulchinskaya. – It does not have a Hamletian scale, but it continues exactly the Hamletian story, bringing it to another level of understanding. Prospero is such a post-Hamlet, facing the same challenge, trying to understand: what should a person do in the face of evil? The protagonist of "The Tempest" finds his own, different solution. The issue of revenge and mercy, retribution and forgiveness makes the play incredibly modern.

Let us recall that in Russia there are several monumental translations of The Tempest - Mikhail Kuzmin in 1930, Tatyana Shchepkina-Kupernik in 1940, Mikhail Donskoy in 1960, Hosea Soroka in 1990. Until now, the translation made in 2013 by Grigory Kruzhkov was considered the most modern.

“Without analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of these works, I will say that my version simply does not fit into this series, it is made according to other principles. Tulchinskaya continued. – This is not a translation in the strict sense, but a translation-adaptation, an arrangement with a high degree of freedom (I warn you right away: the spirit of Ariel is a girl…) We are used to directorial, stage versions that are far from the original – there are a lot of wonderful examples in the modern theater. Here a literary version is offered - by means of a living, modern language, with a disregard for the letter, but with the desire to preserve the Shakespearean spirit, to achieve the “inaccurate accuracy” that Chukovsky called for. Seriously speaking, Shakespearean high verse, with a counterpoint of despicable prose in the mouths of less exalted characters, dizzying twists and turns of tragicomedy, where laughter coexists with tears, rudeness with tenderness, betrayal with fidelity, wisdom with idiocy, and, of course, a happy fairy tale ending - all this whirlwind itself is fantastically modern and relevant, we can only catch…”.

As it became known to the magazine THEATR., the text of the newly translated play will soon be published in a number of literary and art magazines. In addition, according to the translator, she has already received proposals for the production from regional theaters.

“I am very happy that my friend and co-author, Tatyana Tulchinskaya, has taken on the task of translating and adapting The Storm. – told the magazine THEATER. translator Olga Varshaver. – Tatyana has a unique talent to make the text modern, without detracting from its natural merits. Shakespeare for ages 10+ is by no means a sandbox game.

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