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With quarantine, everyone has been stuck at home and may be feeling a bit socially awkward now that places are slowly opening up again. So, you might be wondering, “What are the best Hip-Hop dance moves for the club these days?” Well, stop watching those long YouTube videos, I got you! Don’t worry, you won’t look stiff, you just need a quick refresher on some moves to shake that booty once everything is open again. Look, you have been in your pajamas for too long so let’s get out of bed and practice for those lively nightclubs. Here are ten moves you need to add to your repertoire to impress everyone on the dance floor, guaranteed. 

1. The “Running Man”

First up, we have the well-known African dance, The Running Man. It is pretty simple; all you have to do is bring those legs up and down with a couple of sliding steps. Once one foot comes down, the other leg has to slide back. Start with the legs, get the groove going then add some arm movements. If you want, you can even bend your leg up and outwards with some chicken arm motion. Let loose, try to arch your back with some chest movement. 

2. The “Shuffle”

I know, your thighs and calves have been out of service for a while now so let’s give those legs a work out. Fast movement, step forward, step backward with a couple crisscross and you got it. It might take a little time to get the hang of it but remember to slide your feet. Slide and bend your knees and you are all set. Those hands better not be hanging around doing nothing, move them up and down to make the move smoother and sexier. 

3. Bounce and slide

Can’t dance much? Bounce that body. You can start slowly then go crazy! Make sure to add some hands movement and side-to-side steps and BOOM no one can know you can’t dance. You can clap, snap or do anything with your hands to add some extra flavor to the move. 

Remember, go bigger or go home! Take a bigger bounce, add some arm swings and tilt your body sideways. It’s Hip-Hop, add your own special touch to each move.

4. The “Dougie”

Look, I know you might think the “Dougie” is so 2010 and no one does that anymore. But listen to me, if you make it look like Beyonce then no one can stop you. Drive that wheel with your hands with a slight flick of the wrist and there you have it. You can go slow or fast, it’s up to you. Just make sure to move those legs too. Get your knees to bend inward and outward while moving sideways. Feel the music, and remember to move your head too.

5. Body wave

The music is going to be loud and it will surround you like a wave of happiness. Let your body dance with the wave. Move your head, chest, then let your bottom follow and reverse. You can do the body wave with little leg movement but if you want to go all out, then take some big steps with your feet. Just remember that stiff back is not the move! With some sexy arm motion along your body, you will be set for some free drinks.

If you can’t do the body wave, then the arm wave is your next best bet. Make sure to move those shoulders. Have your arms out and follow an ocean wave. As the left side arm moves up then down, the other arm follows up then down. And repeat in an infinite loop until you are tired. A little body movement will make this move go smoother. 

6. The Uncontrollable booty

Shake that booty that your mama gave you! If you can twerk then go for it. Make sure to arch your back and loosen up. Nothing looks worse than a stiff back. Moving your booty left and right with some bold arm movements will get anyone’s attention. I know you have tried it in front of your bedroom mirror, so bring those moves to the club! Don’t be shy. 

If bold booty movement is too much for you, try some slight circular motions. Or up and down. But remember to bend your knees and maybe alternate steps between each leg. And don’t forget to leave your straightened-up office back at home, only use your loose and arched back. 

7. WAP

You have done it for TikTok so might as well do it live action. Be bold and embrace your night out with friends. You know WAP will be playing at every club at least once a night, so take that chance to show your hot moves. If you don’t want to go on the floor, you can still do some WAP moves standing up. Maybe take a drink or two and you won’t need convincing. 

8. Single Ladies 

Have you been in quarantine for way too long and tired of being single? Well make sure to dance to Beyonce. Some hip sideway movements and ring pointing, and you are all set. Raise that hand for all the single ladies and let all these potential others know that you are ready to mingle. 

9. “Stanky Leg”

Let those legs loose, step on one side and the let the other leg move like a spaghetti. Move your back too, I don’t want you looking like a half-cooked spaghetti. So, move that body. That includes your shoulder, some circular motion can make all the change possible. The arms can let loose with slight motions but do not distract people from seeing your impressive leg moves.  

10. Steal the Spotlight, Break Dance

Don’t be afraid to steal the dance floor. If you got some crazy dance moves, show them to the world. Shine. Can you fall on the floor and get back up in an impressive, smooth way? Well, then you can show these moves at the club! 

There you have it folks, now you are ready for the clubs to open back again. Remember, let your body loose and move with the music. Make every part of your body swore for the next day. 

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Move Your



Universal Language

– Hip Hop Dance Club Members Jordan, Misaki, Mohammad, Thao, Tristan and Richie –

We all started dancing in different places and at different times—from Vietnam as a 4-year-old to Lincoln, Nebraska, as a junior in college. Everybody has a place here. Whenever somebody new wants to join, we’re like, “Yeah, welcome!” Everybody just fits in.

We come from all different backgrounds, but honestly, dance is a universal language. It’s just the language that everybody understands when they become involved with it. But our club would be really different without all of the international influence that we do have. Diversity is a huge part of hip-hop culture—it started in the Bronx and has since spread all over. It’s developed new methods and flavors in all different parts of the world. We bring those variations together and I think it gives us this complete picture of what hip-hop and hip-hop culture is today.

Free to Experiment

The first time each of us came to the club, it was a little intimidating. Dance is such an expressive thing and hip-hop is all about experimenting and trying out new moves, so it’s not easy to be comfortable doing it with a bunch of strangers. None of us knew what to expect or if our skill level would be good enough. It can be scary to jump into that type of situation. But this club is really free and welcoming, so it helped us to not care about what we looked like so much anymore. Being with everyone when they’re doing dumb stuff, or just playing around makes you feel free to experiment with new stuff and join in, too.

Coming to college is a lot different than high school in the sense that, in high school, everybody kind of knows each other. When you get to college, everybody kind of does their own thing, and if you’re not really a part of something, it can be hard to meet people. Clubs are a great way to meet people and sort of get a feel for what kind of people are at the university with you.

“Being able to connect to friends-of-friends-of-friends has definitely made the club a built-in network for us.”

Built-in Network

In our club, we collectively know a lot of people, which forms a big web of connections for all of us. Being able to connect to friends-of-friends-of-friends has definitely made the club a built-in network for us. It’s also really empowering and rejuvenating to dance together. We practice every day for at least three hours because we’re all really passionate about what we’re doing, and that bleeds into other aspects of our lives. For those of us in college, the club really represents a mental and physical release from class and homework and whatever else we have going on.

We all have different ways of describing what the club is to us. Weird, accepting, unique, passionate, more than dancing, adaptable, flexible, dynamic, or even just family are what come to mind right now. 

teaching basic movements and features of dance


Hip-hop, like any other dance direction, is best studied at a professional school. After all, only a qualified teacher will find an individual approach to a new student and teach the necessary movements. But if this is not possible, or if you want to come to class prepared, you can try to master the direction of hip-hop at home. How to dance the first movements, now we will tell.

Like any dance, hip-hop training includes getting acquainted not only with the basic movements of the style, but also with a certain philosophy. And in this direction it is special. Hip-hop came to us in the second half of the last century from the most disadvantaged areas of New York and Los Angeles. Tired of injustice, aggression and blood, teenagers, who mostly did not have the cleanest reputation, invented their own special way to resolve conflicts - with the help of dance battles and rap parties. Hip-hop is a free dance, a challenge to society and a protest against any inequality. That is why the main thing in this style is not at all the clarity of the learned movements, but the sense of rhythm, improvisation and expression of the individuality of the performer.

Getting Started: Preparation and Basic Movements

Before learning hip-hop for beginners, you should make sure that you feel comfortable doing it. According to experienced dancers, three things will help you relax and start learning:

  • Appropriate environment: flat floor, spacious room, full-length mirror.
  • Loose clothing and comfortable shoes. Nothing should hinder movement.
  • Hip-hop rhythmic music.

A little ritual will help you tune yourself into the wave of hip-hop: stand with your legs apart, put your hands down and close your eyes. Listen carefully to the sound of the music and try to learn to hear the beat. Rock to the beat. And now you have already mastered the first movement. Congratulations! It's time to move on to more complex elements.

The basic movements of hip-hop are swing and step. You are already familiar with the first one. Now try to put your right foot to the side and stretch your right hand up. Bend your right leg, transferring your body weight to it, and lower your arm to shoulder level. Turn the body to the left, bend the left leg, and put the right leg on the toe. Now lower your right knee, arch your back and reach your hands to the floor. When you manage to complete this combination, consider yourself a good start in hip-hop.

Sign up for a trial lesson

Here are some more basic hip-hop moves for beginners:

  • Starting position - standing, feet shoulder-width apart, and arms along the body. We squeeze the brushes into a fist and alternately bring forward one hand, then the other. Then we connect the legs bent at the knee: left hand - right leg, right leg - left hand.
  • Starting position - standing. We jump in place and cross our legs, and bend our arms as if we were rowing.
  • Starting position - standing, feet slightly wider than shoulders. We put the right leg a little back, bend the legs at the knees, which at the same time look straight. With the right hand we cover the face, with the left, folded into a fist, we put it in the region of the heart. Then at the same time we tilt our head to the right and unclench the left hand, and after that we turn the right knee and right hand to the right.
  • Starting position - standing, feet firmly pressed to the floor, knees slightly bent. We put the spread fingers of the right hand on the chest, keep the elbow parallel to the floor. We bend in an arc, as if we received a blow right in the heart. Then we make two turns in different directions, straighten our back and return to the starting position. The hand at this time falls from the heart to the waist. At the end, we throw the pelvis forward again, round the back and tighten the buttocks.

You can achieve the first results quite quickly. But when you start to study closely how to dance hip hop, you will soon notice that there are no clear movements and rules in this direction. Having mastered a few basic elements, the dancers begin to improvise, create their own combinations and dance as creative fantasy suggests.

How to continue: choosing a style

If you have mastered the first movements of hip-hop from videos and photos on the Internet, it's time to choose the direction in which you will develop further. Hip-hop culture is a wide range of dance styles that differ from each other both in elements and in general mood. The main ones are:

  • Breakdance is still popular basic style of hip-hop, on which the direction originated.
  • Popping - rhythmic contraction of various muscle groups to the music so that it looks like jolts on the performer's body;
  • Wave - smooth and plastic movements of the body, the most famous of which is the wave with hands;
  • Afro-jazz - shaking mainly the lower and most prominent part of the body in women;
  • Crump - energetic shaking of various limbs to the music so that it seems as if someone has moved into the dancer;
  • New Style, also known as freestyle, is an improvisational dance that combines not only hip-hop movements, but also elements borrowed from more than a dozen other dance styles.
  • La Style - Hip-hop, where the emphasis is on entertainment, so this style is used mainly in videos and when staging shows.
  • Ragga jazz is a dance tuned to the music: the performer's legs work under the drums, and the hands become active during the recitative.
  • Locking - an energetic dance with "locks" - freezing in different positions for a few seconds or periodically slowing down the movement.
  • Power move is a spectacular style that includes complex acrobatic elements, handstands, various twists, and transitions.
  • C-walk is a “language” dance with a criminal past that emphasizes intense and very dynamic footwork.

Women's and men's hip-hop

The next step in how to learn hip-hop without leaving home is to bring a little femininity or, conversely, brutality into your existing skills - depending on your gender accessories. The thing is that female and male hip-hop are somewhat different from each other, and, therefore, representatives of the beautiful and strong half are trained in this direction in different ways.

Hip-hop dancing for beginner girls is based on plasticity, flexibility and unobtrusive sexuality. Girls wear baggy sweatpants and hoodies on a par with men, perform sweeping movements, but their execution looks different: hips, legs and shoulders are more involved, the elements are a little smoother and sexier.

Male hip-hop, on the contrary, is more daring, energetic and sometimes even aggressive. The focus is on the work of the arms and body, acrobatic elements and movements that require strength and male endurance.

If you prefer to learn this difficult direction from videos, it is better to initially choose hip hop training, where the movements will be performed by a dancer of your gender. Together with the right technique, you will be able to capture the gender characteristics of the choreographic elements.

A few more secrets

Learning to dance hip-hop at home, without classes with a professional teacher, is not easy, but real. Especially if you add training with a few more components. Here, as in learning a foreign language, only complete immersion in the culture will help. So, here are some tips from “experienced” hiphopers who have mastered a lot not under the guidance of a qualified mentor, but at home by the mirror:

  • Videos with basic exercises will help you master some of the moves, but for additional skills, it is better to turn to online courses. Hip-hop lessons for beginners are regularly held online, often live.
  • Hiphop parties and hangouts will help you melt into this culture and make new acquaintances. Yes, of course, everyone will laugh at your first dances, but no one drags you to the center of the circle. While you're learning, watch the pros dance, adopt a style, and memorize some moves to practice at home.
  • Clear training regimen. Only with regular practice can you achieve results. In addition, our body is set to a certain schedule, and if you exercise at a certain time, it will prepare for stress. As experienced dancers note, the optimal duration of even home workouts is two hours. This is enough for warming up, and for the lesson itself, and for stretching after.
  • Additional physical activities. If you are in the mood not just for basic hip-hop movements, but for serious hip-hop elements with tricks, strengthening the muscles of the whole body is indispensable. You will need strong arms, strong core muscles, and no extra weight. This can be achieved by exercising in the gym or additional weight training at home.
  • Compliance with safety regulations. Be sure to dance in comfortable non-slip shoes and loose clothing. Do not start training without a proper warm-up, and when practicing acrobatic elements, lay something soft on the floor.

Video tutorials will be enough to learn how to dance hip-hop. But to become a real dancer, you need to study the subculture from the inside. It is believed that a hiphoper has achieved true mastery when he is in perfect control of his body, does not “slow down” on the dance floor, knows how to improvise and select universal movements for any music. Hip-hop dance lends itself only to the very persistent and disciplined, those who are able to understand and accept its "philosophy of freedom".

Do not forget that there are many professionals around who are ready to help you take your first steps in hip-hop or improve the skills you learned at home. Qualified teachers of the La Boca dance club will find an individual approach to you, work out with you the technique of performing movements and even acrobatic elements. You don't have to go far: "La Boca" is located in the very center of St. Petersburg - on "Petrogradka"

Video: basic hip-hop movements

How to dance in a club for a guy. How to dance at a guy’s disco: Be

Break Dance for guys

hip-hop for guys

Dubstep for guys

Tectonics for guys

Leshinka for guys

Loking for guys

exists The conventional wisdom is that dancing is for guys what football is for women: not a typical activity. However, it is professional dancers who know that this myth was invented by people who do not know how to or have never tried to dance. In modern culture, a guy who can dance is able to attract a lot of attention, not only from skeptical men, but also from interested girls. “If you want to conquer a woman, learn to dance,” Al Pacino once said, and he was right.

Street dancing for guys

Street dancing for guys is popular outside of time and space. No one will doubt the masculinity and viability of a guy if he dances break, tectonics, waving, locking, electric boogie, jumping or is a performer of another hip-hop style. In addition, the modern fashion for making videos allows you to show your own skills within a community that is not limited to a city, country or continent. You can start learning street dancing at home, using video classes. Hip-hop culture is rich in trends, directions and styles, everyone will find something of their own. The former popularity of the break can now be argued with techno dancing, which arose in connection with the advent of a huge amount of electronic music. For beginners, we note that the basics of waving or tooting are easier and faster to learn when compared with the classics of the lower break. It will be possible to gradually increase the skill and complexity of the dance, so for a modern hip-hop techno guy, it is an ideal option to prove himself in dance without worrying about a drop in his own popularity.

Promising dance for guys

Not for all guys, dancing is a way of expressing themselves. Someone just wants to learn how to frame girls. And there is nothing better for this than dancing. It is enough just to be able to take side steps to slow music paired with a girl to stand out among rivals. But, if you spend a little time and learn how to lead in salsa, hustle or kizomba ... then the girls themselves will start walking in a crowd, begging for a free dance. It really is. For every four generations of girls dancing social dances, there is only one generation of men. This means that the demand for partners is high. The most enjoyable pair dances for men are kizomba, hustle, salsa, bachata and rumba. You can learn the basic steps at home, but it’s better to immediately go to a dance class, where you can meet a lot of interesting people and potential partners, as well as work out your technique and communication skills.

Contempo for guys

There are a huge number of TV shows about various dances on TV. And men in these programs are not uncommon. A fairly large percentage of them realize themselves within the framework of contemporary dance (modern dance). This is something like a free interpretation of ballet with a lot of lifts in pairs, jumps and a demonstration of stretching. Dancing can be difficult. This is true, in order to achieve a good stretch and learn to lift a partner over your head with outstretched arms, you need to have perseverance, strength and endurance. Contempo for guys can be a real test of wealth and masculinity. The advantages of contempo are that, despite the kinship with ballet, the dance does not cause a stream of unhealthy criticism from the notorious crowd.


Dancing for guys doesn't have to be connected with memories of the children's ballroom club, which my mother made me go to in the fifth grade. Modern culture provides a wide range of self-expression through dance, through which you can improve the quality of life and expand the range of your interests.

This video is about how to dance a guy in a club and disco. Pay attention to the fact that people are still sitting and will not dare to enter the dance floor in any way. Only this guy lights up and defuses the situation. This guy dances really well.

Dance for yourself, not to please others

Dance for yourself, not for others . If you're dancing to get girls' attention, you're wasting your time.

Even if the guy is a cool dancer and is a professional dancer , all the people around absolutely do not care about it. So enjoy the process and dance only for your own enjoyment.

It is not necessary to go to special clubs

Watch the first video, the guy dances cool in the club just expressing himself openly. He doesn't think about movements. He is relaxed. You can just jump in place to the beat of the music. It is not necessary to enroll in any special circles or sections in order to be able to dance. You can dance just as cool now.

In order to understand how to learn to dance, a guy does not need to spend a lot of money on a teacher.

How I love to dance

I really like dancing at discotheques funny, clumsy, like a bear stepped on my foot . And because I like it, people around me like it too. And if not, it's their problem and theirs alone. It's all about your interpretation and perception. Have the right perception and you will always know how a guy should dance in a disco.

Video bomb “Guy lights up on the street”

One day my friend and I were walking around the bay and saw a flash mob. Couples from the local dance studio danced around. Dima went to the middle and showed his master class, gave everyone free lessons . I filmed it with my cell phone. I liked his dancing more than the dances of the couples around. People applauded Dima. You can also dance in the club. You can watch a video of how this guy dances cool on the street here. Enjoy watching.

Dancing is a good time in the club , especially when you're tired of meeting girls and just want to relax. Tired of dancing - don't dance. If you feel that during the dance it becomes uncomfortable and worsens, do not force yourself.

Video “Two guys burn in public places”

Extreme dances from two daredevils

It is harder to dance in public places, as social pressure is felt. But we are not one of those who avoid such places. In this video you will see how I dance. Here my friend and I danced at McDonald's in the square. Specially chose places where there are more people. The dancing was not very professional, to say the least.

You can watch videos of these guys dancing endlessly. Just enjoy watching.

As soon as I enter a club, I like to dance first.

Today's video tutorials are a little unusual, as they are designed exclusively for guys. Although the girls will find in them useful information for reflection.

Instructor Alex Kornilov will teach you club dance lessons for guys, so watch and listen carefully. Most men think they know how to dance in a disco and behave very relaxed, sometimes even too much. Others, on the contrary, are shy and are always concerned about not seeming ridiculous. Both behaviors are unnecessary extremes. In fact, to become your own in any company, to feel confident in a disco, while causing admiration, and not irritation among girls, is quite real. And only three aspects will help you in this: technicality, a sense of rhythm and energy. The first aspect is developed by methodical repetition of movements. Spend at least half an hour dancing every day. Soon angular and unusual movements will look harmonious and natural. It is also very important to feel the rhythm. Listen to music and let it pass through you. Let it sound in you as often as possible. Move and live to the rhythm of the music. And most importantly, put energy into your dance. Technically perfected, but "dead" movements will not please you or those around you. In general, watch club dance lessons for guys and learn how to dance in a disco to become the king of the dance floor.

This video is about dancing in pairs. Here you will find not only tips on dance technique, but also recommendations on how to meet a girl you like at a disco, how to behave when a girl has shown interest in you or, on the contrary, remained indifferent.

For some reason, there is no second lesson on the Internet. If you suddenly find it, write to us about it in the comments.

Look also here:

People who are seriously interested in learning how to dance in a club are hard not to envy. The search for the answer to the question is a strong proof of free time, which they spend a lot of fun.

A good dance is based on a musical composition. In any city there are a huge number of nightclubs. Pops in them sounds occasionally, in the first place is electronic music. Many do not know how to move the body when an electronic musical composition is playing. They sit at a table and drink liquor in anticipation of a suitable motive.

There are two ways to solve the problem. The first involves changing one's own attitude to the music played in clubs. The second suggests finding a nightclub where the DJ works according to the wishes of the crowd.

Today's club youth, despite their loyalty to popular musical styles, enthusiastically welcomes retro sets and intelligently reworked pop.

DJs strive to satisfy the wishes of young people, and administrators worry about the attendance of establishments. Finding a nightclub with the right music is easy. But, another question arises - “how to dance to it”?

Step by step action plan

  • Get started with popular club music. Download some songs and listen for a few days. The player will help. Accompany the audition with dancing. Let it sound when you work or communicate.
  • You will have a few favorite works and decide your own direction. If you want to move while the music is playing, do it for pleasure. You can't force yourself.
  • Then move on to more active actions. Visit a nightclub and take a closer look at the dance floor. Surely, there is a dancer on it, whose movements will appeal to you. It remains to adopt them imperceptibly.
  • After such an outing, pay special attention to homework. At home, carefully work out the movements borrowed from an experienced dancer. Try to improvise, because the character and atmosphere of the dance depends on the DJ and the dancers.
  • You will learn to dance well with time. If this seems not enough, sign up for a dance school and take your skills to the next level.

You will achieve great success in the club if you loosen up and feel how to control your own body. Sometimes a person is not given to become a dancer. I think there are only a few. Almost every nightclub lover can conquer the pinnacle of club dancing.

Many guys want to learn how to dance cool in clubs because they don't want to look ridiculous in front of their friends. Even people who occasionally drop into nightclubs dance perfectly if they follow the rules.

Club dances are varied, it is not difficult to find the right style that will make you look decent on the dance floor.

You can bring originality and uniqueness to the style by successfully combining elements of various dances.

Professional dance schools

  1. Lessons in the direction of your choice will teach you how to dance, meet people, help you lose a few pounds, improve your physical health and have fun.
  2. Regular training will teach you to relax, make your movements free and uninhibited. If there was stiffness and constraint, such ballast will pass.
  3. Choose your school carefully. If you like a certain option, be sure to attend a free class, inspect the dance hall and chat with the teachers.
  4. You won't be able to dance professionally right away. It will take no more than ten lessons to prepare for dancing at the disco. Just repeat the movements learned in the lesson at home.

Home Workout for Guys

  1. If you don't have time for dance school, train at home. In terms of effectiveness, homeschooling is slightly worse. The main thing is the desire to learn to dance.
  2. There is a wide selection of instructional videos on the internet that will teach you the secrets of professional dancers.
  3. During home workouts, constantly look at yourself in the mirror to control your movements and make them perfect. Home training alone is not enough; constant practice on a real site will be required.

Lesson for beginners

How a guy should behave in a club

  1. If you are in a club, try to relax. Don't think that dancing will be unfashionable. Release emotions and have fun. It will turn out to move beautifully if the movements are relaxed and confident.
  2. Listen to the rhythm on the dance floor. Strive to match his movements. Improvise. If you constantly dance in a pattern, it will quickly get boring.
  3. Only a person with a flexible body and excellent plasticity dances beautifully. Keep fit by exercising and exercising.

With simple recommendations, any guy can quickly learn to dance. If you manage to put your soul into the dance, the fair sex will surely shower you with admiring glances. A beautiful dance will help you get to know your body and get to know the inner world.

Club dances amaze with their variety. They help girls make contact with guys, which often leads to the beginning of a romantic relationship. Some fashionistas try to stand out from the crowd with the help of dancing, moving attractively and gracefully.

Let's imagine that you are in a beautiful nightclub. You are sitting at a table, drinking tequila, your favorite musical composition starts playing. Under the influence of incomprehensible forces, you slowly rise and move towards the dance floor. What's next?

  • Listen carefully to the rhythm. If you manage to imbue them, the dance will turn out elegant and graceful. A person who is out of rhythm brings disharmony to the site.
  • Get rid of uncertainty and relax. Uninhibited movements look beautiful. During the dance, have fun without stuffing your head with thoughts.
  • The first movements are always slow. In the first measure, do not swing your arms, such movements are very tiring. By the middle of the dance program, you will be tired.
  • During the dance, it is not recommended to shoot with your eyes to the sides. In nightclubs, use this weapon with care.
  • Do not copy the movements of other dancers. Dare to improvise, make the movements original and unique.

I will add that only girls with a flexible and plastic body can move beautifully. If everyday life is not very active, at work you have to sit at the table for hours, the body's reaction to going to the club can be unpredictable. It's easy to avoid this. Do morning exercises daily and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Video tutorial for beginners

Based on personal experience, I would like to note that girls behave more relaxed and free on the dance floor. Sometimes there are shy people. If you are one of them, enroll in a dance school. By attending classes, under the guidance of a teacher, you will get rid of complexes and free your body.

Benefits of dancing

Any girl wants her leisure time to be rich, interesting and useful. Many of the fair sex attend a dance school. Very good, because it is a guarantee of good physical and psychological health.

According to doctors, dancing should be practiced regardless of profession, age or gender. Movement tones blood vessels, muscles and joints, which has a positive effect on well-being. Scientists have proven that people who regularly attend dance classes or dance at home have strong immunity and a stable metabolism.

Dancing helps to eliminate problems associated with the spine. Posture becomes perfectly even. If you are interested,

Your friends constantly attend various parties and discos, and you, sitting at home, are tormented by the question of how a guy should dance in a club? Are you afraid to look stupid and ridiculous because you don’t know how to move at all? Then this article is for you. After reading it, you can easily find the answer to the question of how to dance in a club.

First you need to decide on the dance direction that you want to master. The choice is huge: hip-hop, salsa, latin, R "n" b and much more. In order to find out what kind of movements a guy needs to make on the dance floor, sign up for a dance school. You can easily find friends there, get a charge of vivacity and just have fun and usefully spend time. If you want to lose a couple of extra pounds, dancing will help you do it easily. Thanks to classes at school, your gait will become more relaxed and free, internal clamps and complexes will disappear. You will become more liberated, stop being ashamed of your movements.

It is important that dance lessons are taught by professionals. Visit a trial lesson and find out the opinion of those who have been studying there for a long time about the school. Do not choose the cheapest training, because good can not be cheap. To control your body, it is enough to exercise a couple of times a week. Don't be afraid to make mistakes! After all, they are made by everyone who is just learning to dance. Be sure to repeat the learned movements at home. The main thing is to enjoy the beauty of your body and music!

If for some reason you cannot enroll in a dance school, but really want to learn how to dance in a club for a guy, if you dream of becoming more relaxed and able to make beautiful movements, try learning this yourself at home or at a disco .

While in the club, carefully watch the guys dancing on the dance floor, try to remember these movements and repeat them at home to the music.

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