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"Do the Hippogriff"

Alternative names

"Can You Dance Like a Hippogriff?"[1]

Written by

Weird Sisters[1]

Performed by

Weird Sisters[1]



"Do the Hippogriff" (also known as "Can You Dance Like a Hippogriff?") was a song written and sung by the Weird Sisters. It was performed in the Training Grounds at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by three of the band's members and Jacob's sibling,[2] at the Valentine's Day Ball as a instrumental version (both in the 1980s),[3] and later at the Yule Ball at Hogwarts on Christmas Day of 1994. [1]

Barnaby Lee also enjoyed singing this song to his pet Knarl in the Great Hall.[4]


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Move your body like a hairy troll
(Uh Huh)

Learning to rock and roll
Spin around like a crazy elf
Dancin' by himself


Boogie down like a unicorn
No stoppin' till the break of dawn
Put your hands up in the air
Like an ogre, who just don't care

Oh! Can you dance like a hippogriff?
Na na na ma ma ny na na ny na
Flyin' off from a cliff
Na na na ma ma ny na na ny na
Swooping down to the ground
Na na na ma ma ny na na ny na
Wheel around and around and around and around
Na na na ma ma ny na na

Groove around like a scary ghost
Spooking himself the most
Shake your booty like a boggart in pain
Again and again and again
Get it on like an angry spectre
Who's definitely out to get ya'
Stamp your feet like a leprechaun
Gettin' it on, gettin' it on

Can you dance like a hippogriff?
Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Flyin' off from a cliff
Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Swooping down, to the ground
Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Wheel around and around and around and around
Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Ooh, come on
Mmm, you gotta move it
Like a groovy creature,
Creature of the night
In a flight
Ah, a creature of the night
Well, do ya' feel alright?
Do ya' feel alright?




Can you dance like a hippogriff?
Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Flyin' off from a cliff
Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Swooping down, to the ground
Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Wheel around and around and around and around ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma maaaaaaaaaaah
Come on, ah, come on,
Can dance you like a hippogriff?
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

The Weird Sisters

Behind the scenes

  • The theatrical version of the film contains only a portion of the song. A complete performance (including the "Band that needs no introduction" introduction mandated due to legal issues over the use of the Weird Sisters name) is included on the DVD.
  • The line "Dancing by himself" and the general vocalisation of the song in the film is reminiscent of the 1980s hit by Billy Idol, "Dancing with Myself".
  • At The Wizarding World of Harry Potter the Frog Choir performs this song.


  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (First mentioned) (Indirectly mentioned only)[5]
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (film) (First appearance)
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

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Notes and references

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  5. ↑ In the film Harry Potter and Parvati Patil was seen sitting on a bench next to Ronald Weasley and Padma Patil while the song was playing. In the book Parvati said "this one is good", to which Harry answered "no I don't like it" and was going to find a bench. It is sure that the song Parvati mentioned by saying "this", is "Do The Hippogriff".

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Celebrate Friday night with a 'Shrek rave' at Franklin Music Hall

December 02, 2022

The event for adults 18 and older takes place tonight at Franklin Music Hall

By Brian A. Saunders
PhillyVoice Staff

Parties Shrek

Ebony Cox/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

Franklin Music Hall is hosting a Shrek rave tonight for guests 18 and older for $30

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It's Friday, and the work week is over for most, so it's time to find some fun.

If you're willing to leave the comfort of your warm home as the weekend temperatures continue to drop, The Bowery Presents is hosting a "Shrek Rave" dance party for people to come, get loose and enjoy themselves at 9 p.m. at Franklin Music Hall.

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For $30, guests 18 years old and up can come out and enjoy the night into the early morning at the party based on the 2000s movie series produced by DreamWorks Pictures about an ogre, his human wife who morphs into an ogre and a gang of sidekicks including a talking donkey and a cat in a pair of boots.

The party is advertised as an opportunity to "just come and have fun."

"Who cares? Cool is dead."

"Shrek" debuted in theaters in 2001, grossing $267,665,011. The movie franchise produced six total films, including spinoffs "Puss in Boots" and "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish." Shrek has also become a bizarre internet fixation, with thousands of young fans posting memes, including TikToks of a giant dancing Shrek in a form-fitting leather catsuit. No word from Franklin Music Hall on whether he'll make an appearance.

The Bowery Presents: "Shrek Rave"

Dec. 2., 2022

Doors open at 9 p.m. | Tickets $30

Franklin Music Hall

421 N. Seventh Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Brian A. Saunders
PhillyVoice Staff

[email protected]

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History of the cannibal / Life style / Nezavisimaya gazeta

One of my favorite cannibal paintings… Rembrandt. Danae. 1636–1647 Hermitage

A man-eater cooks a man like a Caesar salad.

Ogre is often confused with a vampire and a sex maniac.

Hungry years - the peak of his activity.

He blossomed in the Leningrad blockade. Then he ate everyone in a row and did not look back at conscience and morality.

There were no cannibals in his family. The Soviet authorities made him a cannibal. Not even Soviet power itself, but its temporary difficulties with food.

In addition, it is also from a gentle attitude to food. Russians call food even more tenderly than they call their close relatives or pets.

Meat. Hen. Fish. Bread. Cutlet. Kashka. Dumplings. Salad. Compote. Omelet. Testicle. Milk. Sour cream. Oil. Soup. Seagulls. Coffee. Potato. Carrot. cabbage. Apple. Pear. Garlic. Luchok. Herring. Vodka. Kwasok. Pivko. Vodichka. Cucumber. Tomato. Pie. Candy. Cake.

And this is not all tender Russian names of food.

Then it is transferred to human organs, which are not named as affectionately as food, but still more tender than their original names, and one also wants to try them.

Cannibals are divided by gender: some eat only men, others only women. But sometimes they have gender reshuffle, and then those who ate men now eat women, and those who ate women eat only men. But there is no gender harmony - the cannibal does not eat women and men at the same time.

He started with men, then moved on to women, but then went back to men again.

At one time he ate everyone, but then he began to eat selectively - either people of the same nationality, or the same profession, or the same appearance.

Then he ate only the military.

Then only the cops.

Then only communists.

Then only those who are tall. Above eighty meters.

Then again everyone.

Then only blondes.

He is not alone. There are other cannibals around. He did not immediately, but he found them. They couldn't make friends. They are embarrassed that they are cannibals, but sometimes they bring each other something tasty from their personal reserves.

Among the cannibals there are different directions. There are those who only look like cannibals, but they themselves do not eat people. They are like exhibitionists and only frighten people with their outward resemblance to a cannibal.

Another direction of cannibals eats likenesses of people. They eat either dolls or figures of people that they themselves make from dough or plasticine. Or from wax. There are even special restaurants for these cannibals, where they cook fried or boiled figures of people from fish, meat and potatoes.

Other cannibals attack sculptures of people and paintings of people. Of course, they are cultural vandals, but still it's better than eating directly people.

Rembrandt's Danae, Van Gogh's Self-Portrait with a Bandaged Ear and a Pipe, and Repin's Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan were most affected by such cannibals. Such cannibals pass themselves off as cultural vandals. They are safer to be cultural vandals than cannibals. For cultural vandalism, if caught, they give much less than for cannibalism.

Why these paintings?

About the paintings of Van Gogh and Repin is understandable. It was as if an ogre had already been there, who had bitten something off the characters of these paintings and began to eat, and the ogre naturally wants to continue further.

But Rembrandt's Danae is still not as full and appetizing as the women from the paintings of Rubens, and it is not entirely clear how she can attract an ogre. Cannibal tastes are not yet fully understood.

An ogre does not have a specialist in him, like a sex maniac or a vampire. Mankind seems to be embarrassed to study the cannibal. Mankind believes that the cannibal has now become marginalized and not as widespread as a sex maniac or a vampire. Perhaps the cannibal is still sometimes found somewhere in Africa or South America, but in Europe it is almost gone.

Humanity is wrong. The cannibal is not only in the distant past, or in fairy tales, or somewhere in Africa. Yes, he mimicked, changed, is no longer so dangerous, reduced to a cultural destroyer or other perverts. But he is.

But humanity is not ready to admit its mistake and study cannibalism as vampirism or sexual perversions.

Ogre uses this.

The cannibal gets more freedom and opportunities for action because humanity is not ready to study it.

There are cannibals who try to eat films and cartoons where the characters are people.

Of course, these are primarily porn films and Japanese hentai animation. There is a lot of naked body that provokes and calls not only for sex, but also for food. But lately, something has changed. The cannibal was drawn to Russian patriotic cinema with Stalin and the Vikings.

Patriots of Russia should be more careful. What they consider to be spiritual food is often the most common cannibal food.

The film "Vysotsky" especially excites cannibals. Several times, cannibals attacked the screens of cinemas where this film was shown.

There is an entire food industry specifically for cannibals. Just because humanity does not believe in the existence of cannibals and does not want to study them, it knows practically nothing about this industry.

Cannibals eat everything that looks like people. They eat dolls and toy soldiers. Cannibals are proud of it. They are proud of humanism and political correctness - that they have changed and do not eat people, but only their likenesses and images.

Not only Barbie dolls, Ken dolls, silicone Dolly and tin soldiers are made for cannibals. In the online stores of the MDL network (shops for cannibals), cannibals can find a lot of delicious things for them: people from ice cream, people from chocolate, people from wheat flour and many more likenesses of people.

I know a cannibal. This is my literary critic friend. He hid for a long time that he was a cannibal. But then it accidentally opened up. I once caught him when he was eating chocolate mentha. Such figures are not made from chocolate. From chocolate they make a hare, Santa Claus. And even if an ordinary person comes across a chocolate cop and an ordinary person wants to eat it, then there will be no chocolate cop with such rapture - grunting, rumbling, smacking, sniffing, burping, squealing with pleasure and all smeared in chocolate.

He could no longer hide the fact that he was a cannibal.

And then he confessed that he was a cannibal.

He became a cannibal under the Soviet regime from the wretchedness of the assortment of Soviet food. There was always a shortage of something so salty - nuts, chips, pickled vegetables, smoked fish.

He hasn't eaten anything for almost a year. And then he attacked the man.

It was a classmate at the Literary Institute. He bit off a little of her ear and quite a bit of her index finger.

The scandal was hushed up. He blamed it all on alcohol. The bitten off parts of the body were sewn to her in Sklifosovsky. A united classmate forgave him and even then almost married him.

But he realized that he was not ready to eat people. For almost a year he endured without food. He could no longer eat ordinary food, but he was still not ready to eat people.

But then he could not stand it and attacked a fellow student at the Literary Institute, whom he bit off a bit of his nose and cheek.

Once again he got away with it. Again, he blamed everything on alcohol, again the united classmate was restored in Sklifosovsky, and they even remained friends and often talked about literature and went together to literary evenings.

Then he calmed down and began to eat likenesses of people. It was also a transgression, but still a transgression without direct contact with a living body.

First he ate a Barbie doll.

Then a tin soldier of the Napoleonic troops. Once he ate a brunette, which he molded from sea silt and algae. Then he ate firefighters and brown-haired women, which he made from rice flour.

After a long search, he finally found his niche in cannibalism - chocolate.

Sometimes, of course, it draws on a living body of flesh and blood. But he is a cannibal of a new generation! He is not some bloodthirsty monster from the dark ages of mankind with gore on his lips and a gnawed human bone under his arm! He knows how to control himself and limit himself to a chocolate figure.

In addition, the profession of a literary critic stimulates to eat the writer not only on paper, but also live. But even here you need to be able to control yourself.

From a familiar literary critic, I learned a lot of interesting things about the life of cannibals.

Sometimes cannibals lose their bearings and instead of "Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan" they attack and start eating the paintings "Tea drinking in Mytishchi" by Perov and "The merchant's wife for tea" by Kustodiev. But this rarely happens. Basically, cannibals do not confuse “their” paintings with others.

Cannibals, like homosexuals and vampires, consider themselves a caste that deeply knows human nature. Cannibals have their own secret signs. If vampires dance at the first meeting, then cannibals sniff.

Cannibals are optimistic. They have changed, and the attitude towards them must also change. They will no longer be afraid and tell terrible tales about them.

They will be perceived as something between the humane orderlies of the human forest and representatives of an innocent hobby like philatelists.

Sports and entertainment event with parents "Adventures in the Emerald City"


- creation of a favorable emotional atmosphere in the process of sports entertainment;

- promotion of a healthy lifestyle, family involvement in physical education and sports.


- education of mutual assistance, courage, dexterity, strength;

- increased interest in systematic physical education and sports;

- to establish unity in the approach to health promotion of the parent and kindergarten;

- to cultivate a competitive spirit.

Equipment: “Fruits and vegetables” set, two children's shovels, two baskets, four cones, two balls, two fabric sleeves (passage tunnel), two hoops, artificial flowers with a diameter of 30 cm, a basket of apples with wishes, jump ropes (present).

Characters: parents of the senior group and parents of the preparatory group, leading educator, Ellie, Scarecrow, Woodcutter, Lion, Cannibal, Sorceress.

Preliminary training:

1. Dance "Crows" (children of the preparatory group).

2. Dance "Hurricane" (children of the preparatory group).

3. Dance "Merry mice" (children of the senior group).

4. Dance “Cannibal Breakfast” (children of the senior group).

5. Dance "Sleepy flowers" (children of the preparatory and senior groups).

6. Final song.

Event progress.

Welcome speech of the Head

Teams of parents enter. Rebuilding, sit down.

(Dance with canvases. Music by I. Krutoy.)

Ellie enters.

Ellie: Oh, where did I get to?

Host: You are in a kindergarten. What is your name?

Ellie: My name is Ellie. During a hurricane I was brought to you. How can I get back home to mom and dad?

Narrator: We have a kind sorceress in the Emerald City. She knows and knows everything. It can be reached by a magical path.

Ellie: Friends, can you help me find a good sorceress?

Host: Of course, we will go together, because interesting adventures await us along the way. You are ready?

(Teams answer.)

Ellie: Adventure? Then I suggest doing magic exercises to gain strength before the road.

(Exercise the song "Get to exercise")

Ellie: Well friends. health okay?

Parents: Thank you for charging.

(Teams to the song "Good mood" move along the yellow brick path. Sit down.)

(Dance of the crows. Music of Todes.)

(The Scarecrow comes out. "Music of the Scarecrow".)

Scarecrow : Whoosh, whoosh. Get mad here!

I feel at home in the garden!

And inside of me - straw!

That's why there is no mind

But there are plenty of other talents!

Good afternoon!

Ellie: Can you speak?

Scarecrow: I learned when I quarreled with a crow here.

How many of you! My name is Scarecrow. Well, more precisely, they called me that: after all, I have to scare the crows.

Ellie: I am Ellie. And this one, my friends. We're going to the good sorceress. I really want to go home.

Scarecrow: To the good sorceress? It's very wonderful!

Ellie: Scarecrow, why are you so confused? Is there anything we can help you with?

Scarecrow: That would be very nice! In my garden after the hurricane there was a mess, all the fruits and vegetables were mixed up.

Ellie: Don't worry Scarecrow. My friends and I will help you clean up the garden. That's right guys!

Commands : Yes!

Host: Friends, we have a very responsible job ahead of us

Fruit and Vegetable Relay

The first team member takes a shovel and runs to a hoop containing fruits and vegetables. He takes what he is assigned to lead, puts it on a shovel and returns back. Passing the shovel to someone else. So until the last player. The first team to finish the relay raises their hand.

Scarecrow: What good fellows you are! Cleaned up my garden. Thank you!

Ellie: Please, but we have to get on the road.

(Parents and Ellie move along the yellow path to the song "Good mood")

(Woodcutter enters. Woodcutter music.)

Woodcutter: Me from iron

The blacksmith made me.

He gave me an axe,

He taught me how to cut.

But a living heart

He didn't put it in my chest.

How can I live without a heart

How can I love and live?

Ellie: I'm Ellie and these are my friends. We will help you hear how your heart beats.

Woodcutter: I dream about my heart

Friends, I know everything about it.

Ellie: In order for the heart to be healthy

It needs to be trained and played sports.

Sports game "Jumper"

The first player of the team sits on the fitball and jumps around the cone, moving to the next player. Passes the fitball and stands at the end of the column. The team that finishes first raises their hand.

Lumberjack: Oh, how my heart beats. Friends, what good fellows you are! You are very friendly and funny. I even wanted to smile at you.

Game "Smile to the one on the right"

Smile to the one on the right.

Smile to the one on the left.

Hug the one on the right.

Hug the one on the left.

You stroke the one on the right.

You stroke the one on the left.

Shake the palm of the one on the right.

Shake the palm of the one on the left.

Ellie: Dear Woodcutter, we are very glad that we helped you, but we must hurry.

Lumberjack: Goodbye friends!

(Ellie and her parents move along the yellow path to the song "Good mood")

(Dance of the mice. The song "Mouse Kokoshka")

(After the dance, a lion jumps out. The mice scare him.)

Lion: I live like a miserable coward in the world.

Who will help the poor lion?

Ellie: (talking to the lion) We'll help you. True friends?

(Answer from parents.)

No need to be cowardly, only courage will help you make real friends!

Ellie: Well, in order to become brave, you have to pass a difficult test.

Leo: Will you walk it with me?

Vedas: Of course. We will help you guys.

Tunnel game

The first player of the team crawls the tunnel, runs back and passes the baton to another team member. So until the last player.

Leo: I feel like I am filled with strength and courage. Rrr….

Ellie: Friends, look, the castle is already visible.

Lion: Wait, I heard that the Ogre lives around this corner.

Ellie: Don't worry lion, we can handle it.

Leo: Good luck guys!

(Dance of the cannibals.)

The cannibal comes out.

Cannibal: Who is that making noise here? Probably dinner came to me himself.

Ellie: Dear Cannibal, don't eat us. We're going to the castle

Cannibal: I don't know anything!!!!

I am a lonely cannibal.

I am not happy with a hearty dinner

Everyone around me is afraid,

But I really need a friend.

Everyone is afraid of me. Nobody talks to me. I don't have friends. No one to even play with.

Ellie: Cannibal, do you want to play with your friends?

Cannibal: Yes!

Game "Snake"

The first player of the team snakes around the cones, returns to the next player of the team. And so on until the last player. The game continues until the whole team has snaked around the cones.

Cannibal: Friends, I really enjoyed playing with you. Walk along the magical path, and it will lead you to the castle to the good sorceress. But be careful not to smell the flowers in the sleepy field. And then you will fall asleep forever. Leave quickly.

(Dance of flowers.) Music by I. Krutoy.

Ellie: Wake up friends. We need to hurry .. The guys urgently need to collect all the sleepy flowers on the field.

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