How to do the bogle dance

Jamaican Dancer Latonya Styles Demonstrates 22 Authentic Dancehall Steps That Were Created By Mr Bogle

LATONYA STYLE demonstrates Dancehall Steps created by the legendary Gerald "Bogle" Levy aka Mr. Wacky (The Man, The History and The Dance) Latonya Style is a Jamaican Cultural Ambassador and Dance Extraordinaire specializing in DANCEHALL, Reggae Jam'n, AfroJam, Stylish Moves, Bumpa Twerkout, Brukout Dancehall and more. She is available Worldwide for Dance Workshops and Lectures about Dancehall and Jamaican Culture.


This Video is dedicated to Bogle, Boysie Roses and all the versatile female dancers who can do the male steps. Location: Stand Pipe, Jamaica Filmed By: Laddy Mack Edited by: Krushaz Production Dancer: Latonya Style of First Class Dancers and DanceJa LIST OF STEPS Famous Stand Up 1. Hottie Hottie Bogle 2. Pop Di Collar 3. Jerry Springer / LOY 4. Wave (Miami) / Super Bowl (New York) 5. Urkle Dance 6. Log On 7. Willie Bounce 8. Wacky Dip 9. Zip It Up 10. Stookie endorsed by Colo Colo 11. Row Di boat 12. Bogle 13. World Series / Ele 14. World Dance 15. Sesame Street 16. Back To Basics 17. Out and Bad 18. Jiggy 19. Weddy Weddy 20. Buss Di Place 21. Summer Bounce 22. Walk Wid Di Bounce
**** Edited by Azizi Powell

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"Gerald Levy (22 August 1964 – 20 January 2005), better known as Bogle and also as Bogle Dancer, Mr Bogle, Father Bogle and Mr Wacky, was a Jamaican dancehall star, dancer and choreographer. Beenie Man called Bogle "the greatest dancer of all time" and he is recognised as "part of the foundation and as an icon inside of dancehall culture. " Bogle created more dancehall moves than any other figure, he is best known for creating the Bogle dance which is named after him. His stage name, Bogle, is a reference to Paul Bogle a National Hero of Jamaica."
As a reminder, Part II of this pancocojams series presents information about Mr. Bogle and includes a YouTube video of clips of Mr. Bogle and others performing some of the dances he created. 


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1. toomuchfourU, 2014
"She is working! Get it girl!"

2. Jamaicasmostwanted, 2014
"Her hands were too high when she was doing the wave but apart from that a job well done. I especially loved her zip it up and world a dance. Cleannnnnn!!"

3. Amoy Boucher, 2015
"nice job my girl...the background inna de lane give it de authenticity"

4. Randy A, 2015
"only one more dance was missing and that was the Wacky Slide. "

5. Actor chambers, 2016
"Back in the days I got an as wipping for doing these dance , love Bogle dance too bogle, this girl did well."

6. Atonement, 2016
"The Bogle! Baddest Dance Eva. Oh So Badly!!"

7. Legushka, 2016
"name of thhe first song?)"


9. genious Williams, 2017
"Yu bad girl..... but yu leave out the badest bogle move of all times..... the,"

10. CHAMAIGNE chamaigne, 2017

10.  Naomi Soze, 2018
"Wonderful work channeling di big man Mr.Bogle... KEEP HIS LEGACY ALIVE RIP 🙏🏽"

11. Poochie Lou, 2018
"She bad pull up again rip bogle u a legend 💯"

12. Mr Mention, 2018
"I appreciate the memories of bogle from this young lady but some of the dance moves came under one umbrella which would made the list shorter plus she left off a few of bogle steps. ...wacky dip is part of the willie bounce....weddy weddy  and walk with the dip and buss di place is part of the jiggy dance...walk with the bounce is part of summer bounce...famous stand up is part of the urkel dance....sesame street is a combination of world dance and urkel dance.....she left out the gwannie gwannie dance which the pelpa dance derives from....she left out the sweep dance(he get real low and slides) that derives from the hottie hottie bogle...she left out the genie dance(he did it in the papa San video)...the mission impossible(did it when the mission impossible beat was running the place)....the dance where he uses his foot to touch the next person foot(john hype thief 75% of it and call it pon di river pon di bank)....the badda badda dance got left off also."

13. Kesia Isabel, 2019
"This video made me feel good. Good memories! RIP Bogle!"

14. Demetrius, 2020
"Wow she did a great job!!! She knows how to dance fi real bogle would be proud"

15.  Francine Dallas, 2020
"Job well done lady. You represented Bogle and Jamaica to the max"

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Dance moves that revolutionized dancehall

Dancehall is much more than its distinct rhythm. It’s all about style, lyrics, attitude, and as the name suggests, dances! These dances are always creative, and trendsetting, so much so that they’re recognized and imitated internationally.

Here are 10 dances that made the dancehall the place to be!


If you don’t know this dance, then your age is showing. But this dance that came about in the 1970s is still rocking after decades in the dancehall world. The complex dance requires some skill, as you’ll be using your legs, torso, and pelvis. This dance involves lifting your heels and pressing down onto your toes as you curve your legs in and out to the beat of the music


Created by famed Jamaican dancer, Bogle A. KA. Mr. Wacky, this dance is done all over the globe! It involves you pointing your hands toward the air in a flailing steady motion while moving the body back and forth in a snake-like movement. Even Buju Banton loves it! So much so he has a song for it. “Rock Bogle Dance from music sweet you, Bogle a run the place night and day”

Gully Creeper- Elephant Man

The dance is a distinguishing feature of the dancehall space. Popularly known from the 2008 Beijing Olympics when it was done by Usain Bolt. Gully creeper is a popular Jamaican dance invented by the late Ice from the Roses group. The dance consists of you bouncing on your feet while crouching.

The song ‘Gully Creeper, describes how the dance is done “Ben yuh back move up yu shoulda, Move yu foot dem like ah roller Mek up yuh face jus like ah creature”.

Willie Bounce

Willy Bounce is a dance that will have you bouncing from left to right but in a controlled swaying motion. Both feet and hands should also be moving. So basically, it’s left, right and then dip all while swaying. You can dip as low as you want or even ‘buss’ a freestyle.

The eponymous song by Elephant Man explains perfectly how the dance should be done.

“All right bring yuh hand dem gwaan like yuh mad. Then yuh double, the double the out and bad.”

Look left, look right swing yuh hand like yuh bad. Like yuh mad then yuh double, the double the out and bad…Alright stop mek a pose tek a sip shake yuh foot start do the dip”

Skip To Ma Lu

This dance has several song renditions, but they all teach you the same moves. As dancehall artiste Ding Dong would say in his rendition to Skip To Ma Lu which features Serani, “It nuh hard, da one yah easy fi catch.”

Tek Weh Yuhself

If you’re at a party and you can’t keep up with the moves, tek weh yuhself. In this dance, you’ll do little foot-tapping movements while dancing to the music and moving from side to side.

Pon Di River

You better can cross it! The dance move entails bouncing to the music and shifting from heel to toe from one imaginary line to the other while concentrating on the song’s rhythm.

World Dance/ Dancers Anthem

Dancers Anthem is a popular Jamaican dance that is known for its simple movement. The dance is done by first placing your two hands in the air, then place them in a criss-cross position after, and then placing them at your side. This can then be followed by some dance moves that are given in the song.

Listen song below.


Fling is one of the most recent dances that captured the heart of many party-goers and even non-dancers. The movements of the dance are basically flinging your shoulder forward all while maintaining a certain foot movement. The dance is rather a simple one but requires quite a bit of energy.


A dance like this will definitely keep someone in shape. Girls can often be seen at parties doing popular dance move. This dance requires immense skill and involves you knowing how to use your back and pelvis. So here’s how it works; you put your hands on your bent knees, and with an arched back you lift each leg to the beat. And with a little waist action, you’re set!

**Article written by BUZZ interns Mya Watson and Abigail Wint

Dancehall ⋆ Moscow Dance Center MDC NRG

Dancehall is a rapidly growing type of dance. He came to us from a small island in the Caribbean: from Jamaica. It would seem: it seems that it is not the largest country in the world, and not the most developed or popular, but still gave birth to a whole huge music and dance culture, which is now known all over the world.


This whole story began in the 60s. With the advent of a new musical direction, dancehall. To sum it up very strongly, it is a mix of hip-hop and reggae, which was popular in those years. This musical style gained particular popularity in 90x. Then the world-famous dancehall appeared - parties at which the whole of Kingston is now gathering.

What do people do at music parties? Of course they dance! Gradually, movements began to appear, the so-called steps, which everyone knew and danced. One day Bogle, a famous local dancer, collected them all and gave them names. And this very moment is considered to be the beginning of the dancehall as we know it now.

Almost twenty years later, dancehall, as a musical style and as a dance style, has developed to incredible proportions, a large-scale dance base has formed. If earlier there were no more than fifty steps, now their number is already in the thousands, and dance teams not only from Jamaica, but already from all over the world, come up with more and more every day. But do not be afraid ahead of time: to dance a dancehall, it is not necessary to learn them all, it is enough to know at least some.

Styles in style

Now, within this basic dance style, many directions have appeared with their own characteristic features.

For example badman. The word itself speaks of what the dance is about. Jamaica is an unsafe country, armed clashes between residents of different districts and street gangs are constantly taking place there. And badman is just a representative of such a group. This sub-style is characterized by a special aggressive attitude (attitude), harsh music, and the dance uses steps depicting weapons or an attack (dancehall is a very plot dance, and in many steps it is typical to display objects or actions).

Or seductive and sexy female dancehall. He dances, most often, to lyrical music. As the name suggests, girls. It is characterized by smoothness, softness. The main movements are waves and vines (wine), that is, rotations of the hips. It also has taps, but traditionally only girls can perform them, for men, women's dancehall is a taboo.

In contrast to the previous sub-style, there is Dancehall queen style. This is perhaps the most spectacular dancehall direction, which is also danced only by girls. Here, in addition to the steps, there is also acrobatics, headstands, splits and everything in the same spirit, and the music is more aggressive, with a hard beat.

These are just a few of the main popular trends, but there are many more within the style. Everyone can find in it what is close to him. You can be gentle, you can be dangerous, sexy or aggressive, lyrical or dynamic. Dancehall allows each dancer to be himself and find something close to you.

Now this culture is gaining momentum. Almost every weekend there are dancehall events (battles, parties). There will be a place for freestyle dance lovers, choreographers, and those who just love to dance. Dancehall is a style that is literally invented on the street by people for people. Therefore, it is fun and it is close to everyone.
Dance School MDC NRG

Banking - the best books

What do we know about people who make financial history? Nothing but stereotypes. Are they making money out of nothing? In a way, yes. Some of them started the path to wealth with a few tens of dollars. Perhaps it was not without luck. But few people know that the first and most important investments quants made in their time were in education and self-development. People at the top of the financial pyramid are not magicians. These are mathematicians and physicists, chess players and brilliant players - whether in poker, in blackjack. And the game on Wall Street, in which they bet billions, is based on incomprehensible mathematical models and the most complex computer programs.

This book is a masterpiece of journalism, not just a search for the cause of the financial tragedy of 2007, but a gripping story of ambition and pride, and a warning about the future of Wall Street.

Who is this book for
For everyone who is already connected or wants to connect their future with the economy, funds and investments.

For the inquisitive - those who do not really understand the mechanisms of Wall Street, but understand that it would be wrong to pass by such a layer of financial culture.

For connoisseurs of a good style - this is an excellent journalistic work, an exciting business novel, not inferior in intensity to the detective genre.

Chip book
Finally, we will find out who and how arranged the financial crisis of 2007.

From the author
Peter Muller is the eccentric manager of Process Driven Trading, a privately held hedge fund at Morgan Stanley. A talented mathematician who likes to play keyboards for passengers on the New York subway from time to time. In 2007, he returned to the office after a long "sabbatical" and began hatching ambitious plans for expanding operations and astronomical profit growth.

Ken Griffin, diehard manager of Citadel Investment Group, one of the largest and most successful Chicago hedge funds in the world. Before the crash, Griffin could afford small indulgences like buying an $80 million Jasper Johns painting or getting married at the Palace of Versailles.

Cliff Asness, sharp-tongued and explosive, founder of AQR Capital Management, a hedge fund that managed almost $40 billion at the time of the crash. On the eve of the disaster, the Asness fund had to complete the paperwork for an IPO.

Boaz Weinstein, eminent chess player, blackjack card counter and all-powerful derivatives trader at Deutsche Bank, founder of the Saba fund (Hebrew for "wise grandfather"), the bank's internal hedge fund, which became one of the most influential under his leadership on the planet and now juggling $30 billion worth of positions.

Jim Simons, reclusive, highly secretive billionaire, manager of Renaissance Technologies, the most successful hedge fund in history. His cryptic investment techniques were developed by scientists poached from cryptanalysis and computer speech recognition labs.

Ed Thorp, godfather of the quants. In the 1950s, as a professor of mathematics, Thorp used his scientific knowledge to "hack" blackjack and drew analogies between gambling and the investment business. He later became the first math genius to figure out how to use these skills to make millions on Wall Street.

Aaron Brown, an investment manager who used his mathematical talent to completely bankrupt the Wall Street old guard in their signature game, Liar's Poker.

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