How to dance gangnam style youtube

How to Do the Gangnam Style Dance

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"Gangnam Style" is fast becoming this decade's version of the "Macarena. "

It's a catchy song and you don't need much hand-eye coordination to do the dance.

"The mindset of this dance is to dress classy and dance cheesy," Psy (the man behind "Gangnam Style") told Ellen DeGeneres.

While some people watch the music video and become overwhelmed at Psy's impressive dance skills, it's really a simple routine to learn.

"Imagine you're on a horse," Psy tells NY1 reporter Michelle Park


Source: Michelle Park


With that in mind, pick up and step down with your right foot, left foot, right foot, right foot

2. Repeat, except this time, pick up and step down with your left foot, right foot, left foot, left foot

Basically, your feet go Right, Left, Right Right, Left, Right, Left, Left over and over...

3. Your upper body, meanwhile, alternates between this horse riding motion...

4. ... and lassoing motion

5. Put it all together and you get this:

Some moves, though, just can't be taught

Watch the "Gangnam Style" music video here:

And find out more about "Gangnam Style".


PSY - Gangnam Style

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'Gangnam Style' at 10: Psy's song still a hit on YouTube

Psy performs live on NBC’s “Today” show in 2013.

(Charles Sykes / Invision / Associated Press)

Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” the hit song no one could escape back in 2012, still continues to charm.

The South Korean pop star’s ubiquitous pop song marked its 10th anniversary Friday, with seemingly no signs of giving up its spot among YouTube’s most-watched music videos.

A member of the streaming platform’s Billion Views Club, “Gangnam Style” now boasts 4.4 billion views and ranks alongside the videos for Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” The most-watched YouTube music video overall remains Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito.”

However, the rapid viewership of “Gangnam Style” set it apart from its fellow Billion Views Club members.

Exactly a decade ago, “Gangnam Style” debuted on the YouTube scene with Psy donning his signature shades and galloping at iconic spots across the titular South Korean neighborhood, including the Seoul Trade Tower and a carousel at the Seoul Children’s Grand Park. He showed off his moves in a stable, on a party bus and at the underground Coex Mall.

Naturally, the combination of an earworm and goofy-yet-accessible dance moves inspired imitators around the world.

That attention translated into YouTube views, which helped the music video quickly surpass Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” the most-viewed clip of all time on YouTube at the time.
In December 2012, “Gangnam Style” became the first music video to earn more than a billion views on the platform. That momentum continued to 2014, when the song exceeded YouTube’s 2,147,483,647-view limit. After reaching that unthinkable amount, the view counter stopped working.

The following years made way for other viral music videos, but Psy’s work held its own in other ways. “Gangnam Style” continues to be a mainstay in pop culture, inspiring a galloping dance move in the popular online video game “Fortnite” and earning a reference in Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”

On Friday, social-media users celebrated the “Gangnam Style” milestone by reflecting on their own relationships with the song.

“I’ve forgotten how bat s— wild this music video is,” one Twitter user wrote. “Gangnam Style never gets old.”

“I will always have a special relationship to Gangnam style because I think it was like, the same day that I saw the video as I first started thinking about being trans,” another user tweeted. “Thank you, psy, for giving me my early transition soundtrack.”

Earlier this year BTS’ Suga said Psy and his music helped K-pop cross over into the U.S.

“He was always someone I was grateful for. With ‘Gangnam Style,’ he paved the way for K-pop in the United States that we were able to follow his footsteps with ease,” Suga said in a May interview.

Psy and Suga collaborated on the former’s “That That.”

“Being the first artist to reach 1 billion views on YouTube was an extraordinary feeling 10 years ago and it still is today,” Psy said Friday in a statement to the platform. “To have played a role in paving the way for music of all kinds to transcend borders is a true honor.”

PSY / Sai / 싸이 - “💥Psy. YouTube star. The man who made the whole world dance Gangnam Style."

Hello everyone.
Today's review is dedicated to the unusual singer Psy.
PSY is a South Korean singer and songwriter. Very talented, charismatic singer. He is best known for his humorous videos.

PSY is Park Jae Sang's stage name derived from the English word "psycho" (psycho, crazy).

Nickname: PSY / Sai / 싸이
Full name: Park Jae-Sang
Date of birth: December 31, 1977
Place of birth: Gangnam County, Seoul, South Korea.
Professions: singer, composer, songwriter, music producer.
Genres: dance music, hip - house, K-Pop.

💢Introduction to Psy began with his composition " Gangnam Style ".

Psy Gangnam Style

Psy Gangnam Style

Eh Sexy Lady
Oppan Gangnam style.

I think many people have learned about his work thanks to this song.

➖On November 24, 2012, "Gangnam Style" became the most viewed video in YouTube history at the time, and on December 21, 2012, for the first time in the history of YouTube and the Internet, the number of views of a single video clip ("Gangnam Style") exceeded 1 billion.
➖May 31, 2014, "Gangnam Style" video has over 2 billion views. On December 1, 2014, Google was forced to make changes to the YouTube counter code, as the number of views exceeded the then maximum allowable value.
➖The music video for this track was included in the "Guinness Book of Records" as the most liked video on the YouTube video portal in its history.

Clip for which time has become mega popular. The excitement around him did not subside for a long time. Psy woke up one day as a star. Everyone was talking about him. Huge number of views. I remember that on all TV they discussed this event. They were invited to the show.
What attracted the audience so much? What is so special in the video, in the song?
And the fact that the clip from the very first minute attracts and holds attention to the end.

Psy Gangnam Style

Psy Gangnam Style

He is full of humor. Bright, stylish outfits, dozens of dancing people. It looks like a lot of effort went into making the video.

Psy Gangnam Style

Psy middle-aged man. Slightly chubby, appears with tiger-colored glasses.

Psy Gangnam Style

Lying on the beach. Near him is a dancing boy.

Psy Gangnam Style

Psy Gangnam Style

After, Psy in the stable.

Psy Gangnam Style

Performs his dance. Which later became contagious. This movement was used almost everywhere. At parties, parties, clubs and even weddings. The dance imitates horse racing.
Some celebrities repeated the dance.

Psy & Madonna

Psy & Madonna

Britney Spears.

Psy & Britney Spears Gangnam Style

Psy & Britney Spears Gangnam Style

Psy & Britney Spears Gangnam Style

In honor of Gangnam Style , a monument was unveiled in Seoul .

Gangnam Style Monument

What is the song about?!
How Psy pretends to be successful and rich. And he tries to interest the girl.

Psy Gangnam Style

Psy Gangnam Style

The chorus of the song has been memorized by millions of people. They sang at concerts. The song is upbeat and rhythmic.
With this song Psy performed at concerts, shows. The audience sang the song along with him and danced to it. What does this say? The fact that many fell in love with this composition.
There is another version of "Gangnam Style" .
In the first one he sings a duet with girl Hyuna .

Psy & Hyuna

Psy & Hyuna

Psy & Hyuna

Psy & Hyuna

Hyuna does the majority of the song. The song turned out well. But against the backdrop of her quiet voice. The song doesn't sound that dynamic. Overall, not bad.
Another version follows. PSY - JILLSTUARTNEWYORK Dress Classy.



Where no one recognizes him until he sings Gangnam Style . It was funny to watch him teach his movements to a brutal, healthy guard.


💢Let's move on to the next song.
Song " Gentleman". 💢

Psy Gentleman

Something like a Gangnam Style song.

I'm a, I-I'm a
I'm a mother father gentleman.
I, I - I - I.
I am a mother, father, gentleman.

Many people also liked the song.

Psy Gentleman

Psy Gentleman

The clip got a lot of views in a short time.

Got about 162 million views in the first week.

The song turned out to be dynamic and bright.

Psy Gentleman

Clip with humor.
What is the clip, song about?!
Contrary behavior of the Gentleman.

Psy Gentleman

Psy does the opposite here. Don't lend a helping hand to a lady. And even more mocks, makes fun of her.

Psy Gentleman

Psy Gentleman

💢Hangover song. Duet with Snoop Dogg .

Hangover. Psy & Snoop Dogg.

Hangover, hangover, hangover, hangover-over-over (bend over)
Party's over, it ain't over
Hangover, hangover, hangover, hangover (bend over).
The party is over, it's not over yet.

Duets with Snoop Dogg are always interesting.

Hangover. Psy & Snoop Dogg.

The video turned out to be very funny. Psy and Snoop Dogg are hungover. But at the same time they feel happy.

Hangover. Psy & Snoop Dogg.

Hangover. Psy & Snoop Dogg.

Hangover. Psy & Snoop Dogg.

They meet elderly grandmothers at karaoke. They dance, they run. They behave inappropriately. The clip is laughable.

Hangover. Psy & Snoop Dogg.

Hangover. Psy & Snoop Dogg.

💢 Song Korea .💢

A more patriotic song. Psy in bright clothes. Behind him is a small group with dances.

Psy Korea

Psy Korea

Modu ireona jigeum modu ireona modu ireonaya keun iri ireona.
➖Before it's over, it's not over yet
Koreans, they go all the way.

💢 Right now / Right now 💢

Psy Right now

Right now
Baek pal ship do
Byoun hae dol go dol go
Ji goum bu tou mi chyou bol lan da
➖Right now!
Making a 180 degree turn,
Full circle turn.
I'm about to go crazy!

Interesting song and clip. Psy doesn't waste time. Despite being in the office, in a traffic jam, he does not forget about dancing.
💢Champion . 💢

Psy champion

Psy champion

The song has a rather familiar melody. Heard her performing " Grazy frog" .
💢Tried to find something romantic in Psy.

Psy Entertainer

Found the song. Entertainer - Artist.

The song started quietly, and then the rhythm started again. And so it is in the clip. First, a calm picture, and again in the video there is humor. Psy is a quiet, modest guy who dreams of love. His dream is coming true.

Psy Entertainer

He drives an expensive car, his girlfriend is nearby. Clip naive, a little childish.

Psy Entertainer

Psy Entertainer

💢I Luv It. I love it.💢

Psy. I love it. I love it.

Psy. I love it. I love it.

Psy. I love it. I love it.

The clip turned out to be very colorful. It has a bright decoration, unusual faces.

Psy. I love it. I love it.

Psy. I love it. I love it.

Psy. I love it. I love it.

Psy. I love it. I love it.

And again an incendiary dance with dozens of people.
💢Daddy / Dad💢

Psy Daddy

Hey! Where did you get that body from?
I got it from my DADDY

This was passed down to me from my father.

Clip with humor. In it, Psy sings about how he got such an excellent appearance.


Psy Daddy

Psy in interesting clothes. He's wearing a dance suit.

Psy Daddy

Psy New face

Yes I want some new face
New face new face new, new, new face
Yes, I want a new face
New face, new face, new, new face.

Saxophone sounds are heard in the song. The video has interesting choreography.
Psy is constantly changing image. Either he is a hotel worker, or a player, or a cook.

Psy New face

Psy New face

Psy New face

💢Napal Baji / Flared trousers. 💢

Interesting name.

Psy Napal Baji

Let's give it up live it up baby.
➖Keep a positive attitude! And live, live baby!

The song is cheerful, dancing.
Clip about the star personality. About his life. About how he is invited to various parties, events.

Psy Napal Baji

Psy Napal Baji

Psy Napal Baji

Psy Napal Baji

Psy Napal Baji

💢Psy Took part in films.💢

➖Wet dreams.
➖Dream High 2
➖K4 Superstar
➖Saturday Night Live!
With Kelly and Michael.

Psy is a really talented and charismatic performer. He can surprise, interest. In each clip he tries to do something new.
Just one song changed his life dramatically. Can he release a better song than Gangnam style? ! I don't think. But he's already a star. We recognize and love.
I enjoy watching his clips. I know there will always be something funny, funny in them.
That's all for now. Thank you all for your attention.

⭐Other artists.⭐




how Gangnam Style conquered the whole world — Music on DTF

How did it affect world culture?


Usually at such moments you should include some dramatic music in the background, but this is not at all the case. Another single by almost no one known outside of his native South Korea, the singer Psy suddenly swept like a storm around the world, in less than six months becoming first the most liked video on YouTube, then the most viewed video, and a little later - the first to overcome the bar of a billion views.

Today "Gangnam Style" celebrates its anniversary, and this is a great occasion to remember what happened before its release, how it influenced world culture and what memes it left behind.

Before Gangnam Style

Psy in 2010

Back in 1993, young Park Jae-sang first saw Queen performing Bohemian Rhapsody at Wembley Stadium on Korean television and decided that he would devote his life to music.

The biography of the South Korean artist, known to the whole world as Psy, in itself resembles a banal and boring story of the "golden boy": Park was born into a wealthy Seoul family from the Gangnam region (in fact, the legendary hit is a song about the singer's native region). His mother owns a chain of restaurants in Seoul, and his father is the CEO of DI Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of semiconductors and computer chips. At one time, this helped Zhe Sang knock off his mandatory military service.

Young Pak did not show much interest in studies: at school he was known as a local clown who abused vulgar jokes and periodically disrupted classes because of this. Subsequently, the future rapper dropped out first at Boston University (where he studied business administration to later take the reins of the DI Corporation), and then at the Berklee College of Music to return to South Korea for a musical career.

Psy started making music directly at the beginning of the 2000s. In 2001, at the age of 23, he released his first rap album, Psy from the Psycho World!. The debut was relatively successful and heralded Park Jae Sang as a budding provocative rookie.

From the very start of his career in his homeland, the young musician got into scandals and unpleasant situations. For his debut album, he received a fine from the Korean authorities due to the presence of “inappropriate content” in it, and a little later, in the same 2001, he was imprisoned for 25 days for possession and use of marijuana. Because of this, Psy was unable to attend his grandfather's funeral (which, according to him, he regrets to this day).

In 2002, the artist's second album, Ssa2 , was released, which also sparked discontent and controversy. Because of this, the record received a rather strict age limit, which prohibits it from being sold to persons under 19.years, and Psy himself was once again fined.

In the course of time, Park Jae-sang eventually overtook his success: his single Champion (in which, by the way, you can hear the very Axel F melody, which Crazy Frog later made famous all over the world) from the third album 3 Mai became one of the main Korean hits against the backdrop of the 2002 FIFA World Cup held in South Korea. And Psy himself finally entrenched himself in the status of a popular performer in his homeland.

But there were scandals again: many English-speaking people heard the cherished N-word in this song and were offended, not really understanding what the song was about. The reality is that word formation "ni-ga" literally translates to "you" in Korean. There is an opinion that Psy, who studied English at American universities, wrote these lines on purpose - for a provocation.

In 2003, Park Jae-sang was called up for mandatory service, from which he returned ahead of schedule - the musician took advantage of a loophole that allowed technical workers to leave the service, whose firms serve the national interest. After being released from service in 2005, Psy managed to release another album, Ssajib, which went through the age-related disputes already familiar to Psy and became a local hit, and married cellist Yoo Hye-young.

But in the end, Psai still had to return to the army - the Seoul Court decided that the musician was hiding behind his father's company to evade service, and ordered him to serve the remaining term. Jae Sang was released from service only in 2009.

Upon his return from the army, Psai began to have financial problems. He could no longer publish his own songs, and ended up signing to YG Entertainment at the urging of his wife. Its founder, Yang Hyun Suk, was a good friend of Psy.

Psy released his fifth album, PsyFive, on this label, and it again fell under the censorship rink of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Families of the Republic of Korea. For the line "life is like toxic alcohol", the lead single Right Now received a qualification of 19+. Again.

However, this did not stop the musician: the album itself burst into the charts again, and Psy received several local music awards and got to a major YG Family Concert in Osaka, breaking out to a more global audience outside of his native South Korea for the first time.

And then, in 2012, it happened...

Gangnam Style

EP Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part 1 was released on July 15, 2012. The EP also included the track Gangnam Style, which was accompanied by a music video in which Psy danced incendiary and did strange things in his usual manner. The success of Gangnam Style was stunning by the standards of the Internet ten years ago - the track flew around literally all its nooks and crannies and broke far beyond it, playing literally from everywhere.

Gangnam Style broke all possible records: three months after its release, it became the most liked video on YouTube, losing this position only four years later (and only Despacito managed to break the retention record of 1444 days). A little later, in December 2012, Gangnam Style crossed the one billion views mark for the first time in the history of the platform.

With almost four and a half billion views as of this writing, the clip remained the most viewed video until 2017, but still holds the longest record of 1689days.

Two years later, Gangnam Style was viewed enough times to reach the technical limit of the YouTube view counter - Google ended up having to upgrade the counter from 32-bit to 64-bit.

Naturally, YouTube could not ignore such a phenomenon and made Gangnam Style the main theme of Youtube Rewind 2012 - according to many, the best rewind for the entire existence of the platform.

Gangnam Style has become a worldwide phenomenon for a long time: he was adored and hated.

Mostly hated for the transcendent omnipresence, but more still adored - so much so that a flash mob with a massive dance performance by a South Korean singer went like a wave around the world. It was massively performed by ordinary people in large cities, it was danced by students of world-famous colleges and universities, even the British military danced it.

Russia did not bypass the flash mob either.

Of course, an incredible number of parodies of various kinds appeared on the main hit of the year, on all possible topics and in all possible languages. Everyone has tried on Gangnam Style - from mothers with children and the US military in Afghanistan to Gandalf, Batman and Deadpool.

And Marvel itself liked Psy's video so much that a parody of the dance performed by Deadpool appeared as one of the alternative covers of the first issue of Avengers in 2012.

Of course, the clip was also parodied in various shows. For example, the popularity of Psy was joked in South Park.

Nevertheless, Gangnam Style did not particularly gain a foothold in memes: it came out already at the end of the era of rage comics, so finding not the most numerous meme creations of Internet users on this topic is now not so easy.

But not impossible.

Separately, it is worth noting an interesting coincidence in which many instantly found a relationship - Gangnam Style passed the mark of 1 billion views on December 21, 2012.

Surprisingly, on this day, according to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world was supposed to come, and some saw in the video of the South Korean singer a kind of fulfillment of Nostradamus' prediction about the end of the world.

After Gangnam Style

The end of the world did not happen.

The world has moved into 2013, and at the same time, global interest in Psai gradually began to subside. His new video GENTLEMAN, released in April 2013, could not even get close to the hype around Gangnam Style, and a little later, the public finally switched to a new favorite in the face of What Does the Fox Say? Ylvis group. Subsequently, Park Jae-sang released three more full-length albums and recorded several feats with eminent Western musicians, but outside the circle of connoisseurs of Korean music, this was of little interest to anyone.

The era of Gangnam Style passed as quickly as it began.

Nevertheless, he left his mark on the history of Gangnam Style. The phrase Oppan Gangnam Style itself was included in the Yale Book of Quotations in 2012, the Korean government subsequently awarded Psai with the Order of Cultural Merit, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the popularity of the clip "a force for world peace." In 2015, a monument appeared in Seoul - a statue of Gangnam Style, and in 2017, an article was published on the MIT website that compared the spread of Gangnam Style around the world to a pandemic.

Echoes of Gangnam Style's popularity can be heard and seen now, albeit in very peculiar ways - for example, in 2021, Gangnam Style registered in Fortnite in the form of an emotion, and in 2022, an excerpt of the song was suddenly heard on the air of "Buzzer".

Park himself, in his opinion, is now "living his best life." According to him, the period after Gangnam Style was the most difficult in his life, because then life turned into a pursuit of a new hit that could beat previous records.

Learn more