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Adorable Bunny Rabbit Dancing Delights the Internet


By Alice Gibbs

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One very special rabbit's dance moves have really caught the attention of the internet after a viral video on TikTok received million of views.

Bella Ewens is the mind behind the much-loved TikTok and Instagram accounts Bunnydayoff, where millions of followers delight in the antics of her animals.

On her website, Ewens says what began as a fun time dancing with her bunnies quickly gained traction and sensation around the world. In a range of gorgeous outfits, the super cute rabbits can be seen dancing to a range of popular songs.

Ewens told Newsweek: "My inspiration in my bunny sensation videos comes from my love for animals. Ever since I was a small child, I have had a fascination with animals of all kinds. I love the absolutely soul filling cute sensation that overcomes me when I see my pets do something hilarious. "

In a favorite video with over 20 million views, the fluffy bunny named Bubble boogies to Cyndi Lauper's 1983 hit "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," much to the delight of TikTok users.

Shared last week, the video now has 4.5 million likes and thousands of comments. One commenter wrote: "This floof makes my day," while another said: "This is exactly what I needed to see today."

The American Veterinary Medical Association says rabbits are clean, affectionate, and sociable animals that make excellent house pets. The American public seems to agree, the American Pet Products Association 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey reported that small animals are owned by five percent of U.S. households, up one percentage point from the previous survey.

An estimated 6.2 million households own small animals as pets. Among small pet owners, the three most popular types of small animals owned are rabbits (28 percent), guinea pigs (27 percent), and hamsters (27 percent).

Based in Los Angeles, Ewens also runs accounts showcasing bunnies and kittens up for adoption in the area.

But it isn't just TikTok famous pets that can play dress up. Ewens' web shop Paws Mood sells everything from bunny-sized baseball caps to toys and human clothing featuring the much-loved rabbits. "We focus on more trendy and niche pet products that you won't typically see in your chain retail pet stores," explained Ewens.

The store also aims to give back, Ewens explained: "We donate five percent of our net sales income to animal shelter resources. Most recently, we donated our 2021 five percent sales income to Much Love Animal Rescue, which focuses on taking in, sheltering, and giving medical attention to at-risk pets on the euthanasia list and then providing resources to get these pets loving homes."

Ewens continues to share frequent updates of her fluffy friends, with new videos of her dancing bunnies appearing online almost every day, including a bunny with a beautiful pink bow and one dancing along in sunglasses.

Thrilled TikTok users like, comment, and share the feel-good content. In one comment, a user wrote: "You know, I was having a really hard morning but this pushed me through."

Screengrabs from the much-loved video of the dancing bunny. Hilarious viral videos of dancing rabbits have delighted the internet. bunnydayoff/TikTok

Update 03/22/22 at 06:50 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include images, video and comment from the original poster.

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The rabbit sings and dances, during the dance his ears and hands glow, and his eyes move. Funny dances with a rabbit develop a sense of rhythm and physical activity in a child. It will cheer up every child.

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The rabbit sings and dances, during the dance his ears and hands glow, and his eyes move. Funny dances with a rabbit develop a sense of rhythm and physical activity in a child. It will cheer up every child.

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