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Explore list of Funk Music Dance Moves. Discover music. Funk Music Dance Moves playlist. Get funky funky monkey dance your children will love our hit international dance and motion track. They will snort with joy as they learn the dance actions to. 2019 funk new wave songs rb hiphop playlist funk grooves hiphop rb vibes dance actions body pop lock rb funk soul funky hiphop rnb. This famous dance educational to uptown funk will inspire you to a dance exercising for amusing and exercising. Dont forget to subscribe need to have a ton of fun do you.

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Funky Music Dance Moves

Get funky funky monkey dance your kids will love our hit international dance and action song. They will giggle with joy as they learn the dance moves to.

This popular dance tutorial to uptown funk will inspire you to a dance workout for fun and exercise. Dont forget to subscribe want to have a ton of fun do you.

funk stylers vol.5 locking battle final

Funk Dancers 11

Basic Funk Dance For Men with Gustavo Ferman

💯Funky House Funky Disco House BestOfTheBest FunkyHouse 2020 feat 70's Funky Disco Dance💯

How to Do Old School Jazz Funk Moves | Jazz Dance

How To Dance In a Club - For Guys | Funky move (beginner)

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Dance Now! | Disco Funk 2 | MWC Free Classes

Funky Town - Lipps Inc / Choreography - Edson SJ / Street Summer Intensive

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars (Dance Tutorial) | Mandy Jiroux

Jazz Funk Dance Tutorial | Dari

Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk Dance Tutorial

Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars cover by Ky Baldwin

Play That Funky Music - line dance (dance & walk through)

funk .Carmen - Time To Move

Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk (Official Music Video)

Jazz Funk Beats - Compilation n°1

People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul (Remix)

Freedom - Get Up And Dance (12" Funk 1979)

Oliver Cheatham, Get Down Saturday Night (Funk 1983) Full HD !

Funk & Disco !

Stormtroopers Dance Moves & More - (Uptown Funk 2017 Edition) Bruno Mars

Funky House Funky Disco House #165💯BEST OF DEEP FUNKY HOUSE VOL. I| Mixed By JAYC

Funk Music Dance Steps

2019 funk new wave songs rb hiphop playlist funk grooves hiphop rb vibes dance moves body pop lock rb funk soul funky hiphop rnb.

Bhangra funk is a creation of danzxtreme it is very fast and rhythmic with a very festive feel to it. The recent trend of music globally is to fuse punjabi bhangra.

Dance Now! | Disco Funk 1 | MWC Free Classes

Soul Train Line Dance to Jungle Boogie (1973)

Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music | Choreography by Olga Roslyak | D. Side Dance Studio

Watch Celebrity Choreographer Jaquel Knight's Funky Soul Train Dance Tutorial! | House Party

UPTOWN FUNK - Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Dance Choreography | Jayden Rodrigues NeWest

Greatest Funk Songs - The Best Funk Hits of All Time

Jazz-Funk by Timofey PENDIK| International Dance Center

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars / Junsun Yoo Choreography

Brazilian Funk Dance - Brazilian Funk Beat Instrumental - Rio - Funk do Brasil - Zumba - Dancestepz

Funk Soul Classics

Earth Wind and Fire Mighty Mighty Funk Funky Dancing

100 Movies Dance Scenes Mashup (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars)-WTM

Funk Jazz • Funky Smooth Jazz Saxophone Music • Upbeat Jazz Instrumental Music


Best Disco Funk Mix Ever Made Non-Stop Part 1

Body Groove - Super Funk

Lipps Inc. - Funky Town [HD] 1979

Dance Now! | Disco Funk 3 | MWC Free Classes

Dancers join Funk Street Performer - Popping - Borja Catanesi

Funky, Disco & House Classics Mix ♫ 2021

⌚ 1 HOUR of FUNKY Instrumental Music (Bouncy / Dancing / Festive / Workout) LONG MIX



Funky & Disco House 70 & 80-90s Classics ' Mixed By DelMar. G @DelMar.G Music

FUNK à l'ancienne

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 About Funk Supreme

Funk Supreme aim to provide community street dance sessions in Bristol, covering the foundations of a variety of styles such as; House, Dancehall, Funk Socials, Locking and Hip Hop. We offer performance opportunities and encourage people of all ages and abilities to get involved. We also host a variety of guest workshops throughout the year, inviting experienced teachers and pioneers of these styles to Bristol.

Funk Supreme cater for social events and workshops, whether it be hen/stag parties, corporate events, kids and adult parties or team building days. Funk Supreme specialise in the social element of dance. Our intention is to energise the crowd through the beauty of dance and to bring out your inner funk.

If you would like to book a masterclass in a specific street dance technique or a social dance workshop then please visit the contact page, complete a contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.



"I fell in love with Issie after her fierce "You are Goddesses' welcome. From that moment, I don't think a single one of us felt insecure or embarrassed the entire class. Her dancehall moves were so fun. All the girls were winding and grinding and getting so involved. Issie made everyone feel so comfortable. She's vibrant and funny and I think we all fell for her. The dance routine was incredible. We learnt actual moves from Justin Bieber's 'Sorry'. I can't speak highly enough of Issie and I'd love to find myself in another one of her classes in Bristol. She's utterly brilliant. Can't recommend her highly enough" Leila

"Issie wasn't just the best dance teacher I've ever had but hands down the best teacher I've ever had. Her energy, enthusiasm, encouragement and pure joy was so inspiring during our dance class. I was on my hen do and literally had the best time ever after Issie kindly choreographed a routine to my favourite tune. All the girls laughed and sweated solidly for two hours and agreed it was the most fun thing we could do on our hen do.  Issie never got tired and kept our energy up when we were flagging. Now we're planning to do the dance at my wedding and I can't wait. Thank you so much Issie for being an amazing teacher and making our class so much fun" Alice (the bride to be )

Want to learn how to dance?

Then take a look at our class timetable and pop along to one of our classes!

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Need somebody to get the party started?

Then why not hire us to lead your evening with social dances, soul trains and all round funkyness! Complete a contact form clearly stating the date and a brief description of your event. Funk Supreme will offer a specific package to suit your needs,

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After training with a range of pioneers in a variety of street dance styles, Funk Supreme is able to offer workshops in Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, Funk Social dances and B-boying/girling.

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Is it possible to learn how to dance jazz-funk on your own?

Jazz funk refers to dances that belong to clubs and are particularly incendiary. On the dance floor, jazz-funk gives the dancer the opportunity to express all their emotions, energy and give all their best. This dance style is suitable for all dance lovers: stylish guys and graceful girls.

This dance style was created using elements of jazz, hip-hop, waking, locking, etc. It is a diverse style, in which impulsive dance movements are smoothly replaced by plastic ones, and swift ones are slowed down.

Lack of practical experience makes learning any dance difficult. Jazz-funk, as an ambitious style, is no exception, and therefore there are certain difficulties. The best way to learn jazz-funk technique is to get the help of a professional, who is not a problem to find, given his popularity among dance lovers. A good choreographer, with his professional advice, will greatly facilitate the development of dance technique, speed it up and make the learning process more enjoyable for the student.

The process of learning jazz-funk depends on lack of time or other reasons that prevent attendance. There is no need to get upset because of such a combination of circumstances. If there is a great desire to learn how to dance jazz-funk, then it is quite possible to do it yourself.

If you don’t have dance practice behind you, then you have the opportunity to learn how to dance jazz funk in Lviv, many different dance studios spread this style, the dance school in Lviv One Life also conducts jazz funk lessons, and if you hurry, then You can also join the beginner group.

Nowadays, the Internet offers a lot of videos to users. Video lessons can be purchased on DVD. Those who wish should only know that proven materials should be chosen so that money is not thrown away in vain.

To master this style, a dancer needs to be in good physical shape and appropriate choreographic training. The lack of such skills makes the desire to learn how to dance jazz-funk on your own more difficult.

First of all, it will take much longer to master the dance style. Two or three lessons, or a superficial study of video materials, is not enough to reach the level of a professional dancer.

Next is another difficulty, which is that a beginner dancer is more difficult to grasp the style. In addition to the movements used, he is required to maintain proper posture, the exact location of the limbs, as well as sparks in the eyes.

The difficulty that arises when you want to learn to dance jazz-funk on your own is an individual look at dances. Any dancer has certain mistakes that are noticed only by an outsider's eye.

A positive aspect of learning jazz-funk technique with a personal teacher is the shortcomings noticed in time and expert advice on how to correct them. When dance styles are studied with the help of video lessons, there will be no help in correcting shortcomings and errors.

Learning how to dance jazz-funk on your own using video material acquired can be easier for a person who has a fire of passionate desire burning inside. In this situation, any activity will bring sincere pleasure, tangible benefits, and the student will feel much more confident, having a great mood, and also an excellent shape.

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Jazz-funk dance (Todes school)

Jazz-funk dance style

Jazz-funk dance is a unique fusion of beautiful elements from other dance styles, which, at first glance, may not fit together. This is exactly what makes him so free, independent and popular. It has a large number of wave-like movements. Jazz-funk dance has no restrictions and rules, this makes it possible to express what is needed in it. This is a dance of contrasts, where sharp, daring movements are suddenly replaced by gentle and smooth ones, absorbing the interest of the public.

The history of jazz funk

It originated in America at the beginning of the 21st century and in this short period of time has become a fundamental dance in the world of show business. Its founders are 3 choreographers - Bobby Newberry, Brian Friedman and Kevin Meyer, who showed the whole world how attractive and harmonious hip-hop movements can look if you add a soft manner of performance, plasticity and dynamism to them.

The main features of the jazz-funk style

This is the creativity and showiness shown in the performance. Despite the fact that Jazz-Funk dance has embodied the techniques of various dance styles of the current version, this style has its own face. Distinct sharp movements smoothly turn into soft and measured ones. Each choreographer puts his inimitable personality, character and emotions into this style.

Many American pop stars - Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and others - danced in the jazz-funk style. In the outrageous appearances of Lady Gaga on stage with a team of dancers, elements of jazz-funk can be easily recognized.

Jazz-funk: why such popularity?

The popularity of jazz funk is due to the fact that he borrowed the best manners from each dance style. The ability to compose and express your own emotions on the go makes the dance very energetic, lively, expressive, dynamic, often exciting fantasies. The dancer gets the opportunity to express himself through the body.

One of the inherent hallmarks of this modern dance is impetuosity. The impulse is created in the upper part of the dancer's torso and passes to other parts of the body. The body makes an active movement to the side or forward. Such unexpected vigor of plasticity invariably attracts the interest of the public. Another characteristic of jazz-funk is movement with a transition from bold broken lines to smooth and gentle ones. Such a manner of movement represents coherence and harmony.

In the Jazz-Funk style, it is quite difficult to make out individual details, this dance style obeys only the rhythm, it lives while the music is playing. Jazz funk is a great means of self-expression outside of limited social and any other conventions.

Music for jazz-funk choreography

When choosing music for the practice of this dance direction, it makes sense to concentrate on the tracks of such popular artists as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Shakira and others. Some young choreographers and dancers who put on Jazz-Funk numbers and post their videos online most often choose songs from the works of these artists themselves for their performances.

Would jazz funk suit you?

Jazz-Funk is a great opportunity for self-expression outside of social norms and rules.

This style of movement is not easy to do - it requires good physical shape, preparation, stamina and some acrobatic skills.

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