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The Best Norteño and Banda Music of 2014

Beware: what follows may contain tubas. Also accordions, clarinets, canned gunfire, protest songs, dance songs, songs about roosters, songs about drug cartels, songs using drug cartels as metaphors to make the singers seem intimidating and/or awesome and/or “authentic”, songs using roosters the same way, and amor. Lots and lots of amor. Any kind of amor you can think of, unless it’s completely unremarkable and pedestrian. That’s not how these singers do amor.

In 2014, norteño quartets and big brass bandas continued to dominate the Mexican music charts, awkwardly named “Regional Mexican” in the US and, somewhat less awkwardly, “Popular” in the motherland. (That’s “Popular” as opposed to “Pop” or “General”, both of which include Ricky Martin. We’re not talking about Ricky Martin.) Nominally these are “country” styles, but they’re a country music that borrows imagery from rap and 100-year-old folk songs, and chord changes from Tin Pan Alley and hard rock. In those regards, this music’s not too different from modern city-slicker pop country. But comparisons will only get you so far, because ultimately norteño and banda are pure pop for their audiences: Mexicans, Latino Americans, and anyone else (hi!) lucky enough to have radio stations (95.5 “El Patrón”!) that allow us to listen along. Not everything below is radio fare, but it’s all grabby like the best pop music. And while understanding Spanish can make listening more fun, particularly when cusswords are involved, it’s certainly not required.



Artist: Adriel Favela

Album: Mujeres de Tu Tipo

Label: Gerencia 360/Sony Latin


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Adriel Favela
Mujeres de Tu Tipo

Young Favela has the most soothing voice this side of Glenn Medeiros. In fact, you might have to go back to ’70s AM radio to find soothingness of this magnitude. The overconfident title song suggests Favela would benefit from spending time with Miranda Lambert’s “Girls”, but his voice is so comforting it’s impossible to dislike him. How do you hate a warm bath? For a while Favela’s second album edges toward classic MOR, with the horns in “Cómo Olvidarla” attempting Tower of Power riffs, and “Murió El Amor” threatening to become “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. But the back half delivers a string of corridos, played by an exceptional band and sung with a warmth not often associated with drug cartel honchos.


Artist: Martin Castillo

Album: Mundo de Ilusiones

Label: Gerencia 360/Sony Latin


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Martin Castillo
Mundo de Ilusiones

On the better of his two 2014 albums, Martin Castillo sings, drums, writes corridos, and leads his band with the same aim: attaining the norteño sublime. (Apologies to the late hip-hop scholar Adam Krims.) The first half of Mundo de Ilusiones (Castillo sees deeply) features a banda, and it’s pretty good, peaking early with the minor hit “Así Será”. But Castillo hits his stride on the last six songs when, joined by his quartet, he tosses off one corrido after another. Each song features one instantly memorable melody that Castillo sings over and over, meditating on the nature of illicit power, while around him the band weaves polyphonic tales of its own. This is the sierra of Castillo’s imagination: a complicated tangle of associations bespeaking a force best left implicit.


Artist: Banda Los Recoditos

Album: Sueño XXX

Label: Disa


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Banda Los Recoditos
Sueño XXX

You may have seen the advertisements for this album? Like, they were on condom wrappers? Recoditos is one of the most consistent bands around, both in terms of their quality and their sticking to themes. They never release a bad album. They never release a mind-blowing fantastic album. They tend to sing about sex, XXX-rated dreams, drinking, partying, forgetting what happened during drunken parties, and things of that nature. (Also “love”, blah blah blah.) The musicians play their gleaming arrangements with spectacular dexterity. The singers’ personalities jump off the radio. Basically they are Electric 6. Doesn’t it seem like Electric 6 should advertise on condom wrappers?


Artist: Regulo Caro

Album: Senzu-Rah

Label: Del/Sony Latin


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Regulo Caro

Hey, anyone want a whole bunch of metal guitar with their banda songs? How about some filthy-minded letras en español for the lead single? Regulo Caro knows his stuff — his degree is in business administration, but his heart is in his songs. In Senzu-Rah, he lets it all hang out, with writerly precision (he has written songs for many of the other acts on this list) and a gonzo spirit of mean-spirited fun.

Matt Cibula


Artist: Nena Guzman

Album: La Iniciativa

Label: Del/Sony Latin


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Nena Guzman
La Iniciativa

A forthright singer who lets her brass players take care of the sentimental stuff, Guzman doesn’t do melodrama, or even vibrato. Sometimes she veers close to telenovela territory — playing the other woman in “Yo Soy La Amante”, she cattily reveals her identity to the first woman, then offers to be her assistant — but even then she sounds cheerful and warm. Corralling her small band is a different story. Though tuba, accordion, and bajo sexto are all technically playing the same songs, they’re locked in a battle to see who can improvise the most notes. Using her syllables to keep time, Guzman strides with authority through a solid batch of corridos, love songs, hate songs, and the requisite cumbia.

4-1, plus honorable mention

Artist: Noel Torres

Album: La Balanza

Label: Gerencia 360/Sony Latin


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Noel Torres
La Balanza

Torres’s whirling dervish accordion and propulsive band were musical highlights a year ago. This year’s La Balanza is an unwelcome step toward respectability — it’s a touch less surprising and it flags near the end. But Jesse “El Pulpo” Esquivel is still pounding the skins in a way that makes music writers write things like “pounding the skins”, and Torres stages a couple coups. Coup #1 is hitting the charts with “Amanecí Con Ganas”, a funny scenario involving a spoiled rich girl, her gun-toting father, and an alarmed Torres in the role of profane farm boy Westley. Coup #2, “El Cambio”, pays tribute to Mexico’s autodefensas, the local self-defense militias standing up to cartels and Mexico’s corrupt government. In the U.S., with our overheated 2nd Amendment rhetoric and open carry wingnuts, a song like this might make you cringe. But its anthemic melody is undeniable, and it shows Torres experimenting like few other norteño songwriters.


Artist: El Komander

Album: Cazador

Label: Twiins


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El Komander

With his aviator shades, fealty to country living, and endorsement of la mota, Alfredo Ríos could almost be Eric Church, if Church had Brantley Gilbert’s vocal range and described gangland killings in gory detail. For Cazador, Ríos has dialed down the gore but not the substance abuse. His band plays wonderfully loose and shaggy norteño, augmented by demented horns that jump out of nowhere and sound like they’re two hits away from falling down. Lead song “Toquezones de Cannabis” sets the tone; its abrupt tempo shifts will either make you laugh uncontrollably or start freaking out. Despite having about eight notes at its disposal, Ríos’s voice has charisma to burn. He only fools himself into trying to sing pretty once, on the mariachi ballad “Descansa Mi Amor”, where his ideal of love is a whispering frog.


Artist: La Nueva Rebelión

Album: Me Hicieron Mas Fuerte

Label: LR


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La Nueva Rebelión
Me Hicieron Mas Fuerte

They’re 26 hours drunk, their songs are full of second-hand hoods, and they have very defensive notions of justice and vengeance. Is La Nueva Rebelión the only rock’n’roll band that matters? I don’t wanna overstate my case for the aesthetic achievements of their corrido lyrics, partly because I don’t understand the nuances of Spanish, partly because “aesthetic achievement” only matters if it brings the songs to life. That’s where Rebelión excel. They populate their songs with as lively an assortment of characters and life lessons as Springsteen or Jay-Z or whoever your favorite world creator is. That energy spills over into their music, with the singers harmonizing at crooked intervals, the accordion and bajo sexto filling every bit of sonic space, and the drummer, g-d bless him, flailing like Tommy Lee tearing up a hotel room.


Artist: Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda

Album: Soy Lo Que Quiero…Indispensable

Label: Fonovisa

Image: jpg

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Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda
Soy Lo Que Quiero…Indispensable

Indispensable is a shiny pop album in caballero drag. That’s true of most major label banda albums anymore, but this one has an advantage: the best singer on the continent. A young man blessed with a voice dusty as the Sierra, Álvarez sings 12 short songs with a mix of high melodrama and lived-in naturalism. Lead single “Te Hubieras Ido Antes” is a good example — listen to the way his voice tugs against the stately waltz laid down by the banda, falling behind the beat almost immediately. For a delicious moment it’s unclear whether he’ll make it out of the chorus. Eventually he does, big surprise, and goes on to some very happy flirtations with cumbia, corrido, and a woman with “Ojos Verdes” who inspires a gorgeous midtempo love song. “Hoy mi pena ya no duele”, sings Álvarez — “Today my pain doesn’t hurt.” I feel the same way whenever Indispensable is playing.

Also worthwhile:

Los Tigres Del Norte – Realidades (Fonovisa)

Diana Reyes – Mis Mejores Duranguenses (DR)

Los Rieleros del Norte – En Tus Manos (Goldfink/Sony)

La Adictiva Banda San José de Mesillas – Disfruté Engañarte (Sony Latin)



Artist: Los Horóscopos de Durango


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Los Horóscopos de Durango
“Las Chicas Malas”

Having jettisoned duranguense three albums ago, the Terrazas sisters throw themselves into Jenni Rivera mode, putting their banda musicians’ fingers to work as they embark on a wild night of drinking and, if the video can be believed, destructive pillow fights. Sometimes after the song has ended, I can still hear the screaming.


Artist: Calibre 50 feat. El Komander


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Calibre 50 feat. El Komander
“Qué Tiene De Malo”

It’s not often a protest song hits #1 on any chart. But when two of Sinaloan corrido music’s leading flamethrowers teamed up for this ode to free speech, they topped the radio charts in Mexico. Granted, it’s sort of a self-serving protest. Both Calibre and Komander have been fined or banned in various Mexican localities, for the crime of “inciting violence” with their music, when really all they’ve ever tried to incite was the purchase of Calibre and Komander records. So they wrote this song on behalf of all hard-working citizens who enjoy listening to songs about drug murders. They wrote it for YOU! It’s sort of like when Anthrax did “Startin’ Up a Posse”, only much better — the whole thing swings like some fearsome pendular tuba.


Artist: La Trakalosa De Monterrey


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La Trakalosa De Monterrey
“Mi Padrino El Diablo”

You know the old story. Kid runs away from his abusive dad, falls asleep in a drainage ditch, wakes up to a Companion of Black touching his forehead, and joins a new family: the Devil’s family! What could possibly go wrong? From Faust to Coraline, Robert Johnson to Tom Hagen, the myth finds its way to “Mi Padrino” and its 40-odd-million YouTube views. La Trakalosa mix a small band texture with brass fanfares, an exciting gimmick that became al corriente this year — see also Los Buitres de Culiacán’s best songs.


Artist: Gerardo Ortiz


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Gerardo Ortiz
“Eres Una Niña”

Like Adriel Favela, Ortiz could stand to sit down with Miranda Lambert’s “Girls”, but we’ll cut him some slack since he released his own 16-song masterpiece a year ago. Its third single, a chivalrous offer to kiss the extremities of a young woman until she screams the word “Gerardo”, innovates by sticking bachata guitar into the Sinaloan banda mix. Its melody is long and winding like Ortiz’s gilded tongue. Even though the current face of regional Mexican music isn’t really directing his song at me, it still sets my heart aflutter.


Artist: Alacranes Musical

Image: http://images.

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Alacranes Musical
“Zapateado Encabronado #3”

10 reasons you shouldn’t listen to this song: 1) The video endorses cockfighting. 2) The two drummers, while not explicitly endorsing cockfighting, sure make a lot of scritchy scratchy sounds that may or may not imitate agitated cocks scampering around mid-fight. 3) The song’s repetitive accordion+sax+synth riffs could drive you to drink. 4) I, for instance, am cracking open a bottle of Buchanan’s. Come over! 5) If you get drunk and start messing with cocks, Alacranes Musical will not help clean up your mess. 6) There’s no bass or even tuba in this song, so Alacranes Musical are clearly ripping off “When Doves Cry”, which also had no bass or even tuba. 7) “When Cocks Cry”. This song made me type that. 8) The third installment in a saga is always the weakest. 9) Oh wait, Toy Story. 10) OMG, are you remembering a cockfighting sequence in one of the Toy Story movies? It was like in a flashback, Sarah McLachlan was singing about sad cocks…WHAT ON EARTH AM I THINKING OF???


Artist: El Komander


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List Number: 3

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El Komander
“Soy De Rancho”

Back in April at the EMP Pop Conference in Seattle (home to FM 99.3 “La Gran D”), Professor Josh Kun described how people’s mobility — across borders, or from country to city and back again — is central to the mezcla of genres known as “Regional Mexican”. Alfredo Ríos, “El Komander”, agrees. “Sí, Señor, yo soy de rancho,” he tells a US border official, right before Ríos’s tuba player farts in the guy’s face. Over furious accordion and a ramshackle acoustic waltz, Ríos goes on to describe a ranchera paradise full of singing cocks and weed-covered hills, but also admits his fondness for citified flashy brands and fast cars that may or may not have been afforded by those weed-covered hills. A man for all people! The people agreed, making this his first top ten hit in the US.


Artist: Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda


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Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda
“Y Así Fue”

Julión Álvarez sings his love songs with a smoky warble that makes him sound twice his age. Makes sense, since on paper this hit — rubbing shoulders with Romeo and Enrique on the Hot Latin chart — could be an ace pre-Beatles pop song, complete with those magic changes and a tune that’s unforgettable because it simply follows those chords around. But in the world of banda, those pop chords, along with the band’s relentless syncopated rhythms and the recording’s knife-like sheen, make this song sound utterly contemporary. Think “In the Still of the Night”, only faster, hornier, and hornier — Álvarez and his ladyfriend give it up on the first date, and so they go from there.


Artist: La Nueva Rebelión


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List Number: 1

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La Nueva Rebelión
“Me Hicieron Mas Fuerte”

Lately, certain corrido bands have rocked harder and wilder than most rockers claiming the title. (Like, for instance, Good Time Rockin’ Jack White — his latest is OK, in the way reading someone’s dissertation is OK.) It’s still rare, though, to catch the norteño guys playing songs that would, in any other context, be considered rock music, which makes the title single from La Nueva Rebelión’s latest such a blast. Literally — the video’s body count is high. This manifesto of vengeful resolve opens with a trio texture straight from the Minutemen, and then the accordion kicks in — you always thought the Minutemen needed an accordion, right? The band launches into a power waltz, built on a chord change I think Black Flag once used, with both singers’ voices straaaaaaaaining into the chorus, shouting threats at their haters until the instruments have no choice but to collapse. It’s the most exciting four minutes of music this year. Trigger warning: things don’t end well for the horse.

Also worthwhile:

Marco Flores Y La Número 1 Banda Jerez – “Soy El Bueno”

Banda MS – “Hermosa Experiencia” (Discos Sabinas)

Regulo Caro – “Soltero Disponible” (Del/Sony Latin)

Los Buitres de Culiacán – “Mejor Soltero” (Sony Latin)

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10 Best Corridos & Regional Mexican Songs of 2021


For a few years now we’ve witnessed an insurrection unfolding in the realm of regional Mexican music. As with every generation of artists, the disruptive and rejuvenating jolt of the tumbado wave has stirred controversy among traditionalists while attracting legions of new fans fascinated by the majesty and cultural significance of corridos, norteño, rancheras, banda sinaloense, and so much more. While many newcomers associate this music with rancho life and boozy parental catharsis, the reality is that listeners across all generations and walks of life connect to the storytelling of these borderland mavericks. Corridos and banda have never needed saving, but they are certainly evolving.

Corridos tumbados and their many sibling hybrids have manifested in two distinct flavors: the stateside melding of bajo sexto and maleanteo-heavy rap flows (Natanael Cano and the whole Rancho Humilde gang), and the Mexican mashes of organic instruments with glossy trap production (La Plebada). Of course, plenty exists in between and beyond, but the changing sonic landscape has opened new avenues for creative exploration that non-Mexican artists like Bad Bunny, C. Tangana, and Snoop Dogg have gladly hopped aboard. New markets have also opened up—just look at Central America, where banda sinaloense and corridos are bigger than ever. And challenging the genre’s stale boy’s club dynamics, brash women like Chiquis Rivera, Ely Quintero, and Ivonne Galaz have started taking up more space in the spotlight.

Most importantly, these new conversations are encouraging fans and gatekeepers to question their own prejudices and bestow some overdue flowers upon the legends that raised us. Calibre 50’s Vamos Bien LP received widespread critical praise across Mexican media this year, while recent releases from Los Pikadientes de Caborca have boldly embraced cumbia, reggaeton, and even Indian bangra. And no major music festival lineup is complete nowadays without including a beloved grupero ensemble, like Mi Banda El Mexicano at this year’s Trópico in Acapulco or Banda MS at the upcoming Vive Latino.For an even deeper look at how corridos are changing and growing, here are some of our favorite regional Mexican music releases from 2021. The order of selection was based on the input of the Remezcla editorial team and our amazing music writers.

Stream Remezcla’s 50 Best Songs of 2021 here.

10. Karol G - "200 Copas"

Pausing her usual brand of pop-driven reggaeton, Karol G presents a turn to her first corridos tumbado on her latest album KG0516. Opening with a personal dedication to a close friend, “200 Copas” finds its inspiration in joining your girls in the process of healing after heartbreak. Co-written with longtime collaborator Ovy On The Drums and Danny Felix, the track raises a glass—or 200—to women who stand at the ready to help their friends, and themselves, through the process of letting go and moving on by celebrating platonic love in friendships, self-worth, and freedom found in exiting unfulfilling relationships. — Jeanette Diaz

9. ElArturo - “El Wey Fui Yo”

Though corridos tumbados have been making headlines for years now, the slick, riveting hybrids sprouting across regional Mexican music extend far beyond traditional bajo sexto compositions. Delivering one of the poppiest explorations of the movement to date, ElArturo dove into rancheras tumbadas on his effervescent debut LP Y Qué, where the lead single “El Wey Fui Yo” emerged as a trap-laced mariachi ode to the one that got away. The deliciously catchy track was produced by 3KMKZ, who builds an immersive wall of sound with guitar, horns, mariachi strings, and thumping digital percussion, all while ElArturo reimagines the Mexican torch song into TikTok-able pop gold. – Richard Villegas

8. El Pilux - “El Combo” feat. Zamu, Kid Pistola

When Sonora’s El Pilux delivered the delectably textured trap-corrido mashup of “El Combo,” he unwittingly gave us one of the tumbado era’s freshest and most effortless gems to date. Bajo sexto strings glide over booming kicks and crackling snares as he recounts a night out with the boys—cups overflowing with whiskey and a couple of magic tokes to balance everything out. Stylish features from Zamu and Kid Pistola permeate the track in laidback desert cool, swirling in a sexy, boozy maelstrom of corridos, laidback raps, auto-tune, and norteño bravado to boot. – Richard Villegas

7. Gera MX ft. Christian Nodal - "Botella Tras Botella"

Earlier this year, Monterrey rapper and newcomer Gerardo Daniel Torres Montante (aka Gera MX) and regional favorite Christian Nodal made history with the stunner “Botella Tras Botella.” The track became the first song in the regional Mexican genre to ever land a spot on the Billboard Hot 100, and all for a good reason. It’s led by a foundational hook that could easily go head-to-head any top-shelf, heart-wrenching country hit (“Botella tras botella ando tomando pa’ olvidarme de ella”) and sealed with Montante’s ‘90s Mexican hip-hop meets modern, trap-like flow. – Nayeli Portillo

6. Los Aptos - "Enamorado"

Falling in love means accepting euphoria along with heartache, a gamble most of us take without fully taking it into consideration. Fort Wayne, Indiana’s singer-songwriter Juan Ortega came close to expressing this with “Enamorado,” channeling the duality of ecstasy and agony at the heart of this feeling. In the process, the 18-year-old and his band helped cement a new subgenre of regional Mexican music by delivering a pensive and melodic sierreño ballad that was equally sweet and melancholic. — Marcos Hassan


5. Junior H - “La Bestia”

In the context of the corridos tumbados movement, Junior H is one of its biggest success stories. His rise among the ranks of singers is one for the books, and “La Bestia” might be viewed as a peak. Considering it’s a six-and-a-half-minute song, “La Bestia” kept it simple to showcase the melancholy in Junior H’s vocals and lyrics, yet enhanced by the way each instrument goes in and out of the mix. The song showcased how Junior can take the genre into the future. –Marcos Hassan

4. Natanael Cano - "Diamantes"

Leading a new generation of regional, Natanael Cano solidifies his place at the forefront of the genre with his latest album A Mis 20. Having experimented into the worlds of reggaeton and Latin trap, his latest marks a return to what Natanael is sought after for—a versatile, but solid track-listing of corridos tumbados. “Diamantes,” the opening standout single for the young star, trades his usual faster-paced style to introduce the album with a slower, ballad-like take infused with guitar riffs and introspection that uses the relaxed time for an intimate reflection on his rapid trajectory to the top. — Jeanette Diaz

3. DannyLux - "El Dueño de tu Amor"

TikTok has undoubtedly become a breeding ground for future stars, and DannyLux can attest to that. The Palm Spring native’s music career was kickstarted when Eslabon Armado found a cover on TikTok and invited him to collaborate on a song. DannyLux uses music to channel his emotions, a mixture of sadness, hopelessness, love, and in other instances, joy. Tellingly “Dueño Tu Amor” comes on the bright side of things; an affirmation of love, desire, and a commitment to the love of his life. – Felipe Maia

2. Itzel Vida - "Vida Movida (Feat. Grupo Diez 4tro)"

“Vida Movida” splices Northern California’s Grupo Diez 4tro’s love for heavy-hitting drill with Itzel Vida’s knack for the salient narrative balladry found in traditional corridos. Vida’s skyward croons, vocalist Jesus Moreno’s candid bars, and guitarist Nabs’s old-school riffs culminate to recount two tales about living life in constant survival mode. At its center lies an affirmation of sorts—“Me seguiré preparando pa’ seguir avanzando/Quiero verme en unos años, yo me adapto a cualquier cambio/Sea bueno o sea malo”–grounding it in a harsh reality that so many grapple and come face-to-face with every day. – Nayeli Portillo

1. Ivonne Galaz - “Voy En Camino”

Corridos, at their core, are all about honest, gritty storytelling that offers a peek into a performer’s soul. With the title track from her debut album Voy En Camino, Rancho Humilde signee Ivonne Galaz did just that, unspooling the tangled emotions of a young star on the rise uncertain of where she’s headed but very much on her way. Feeling the history-making weight of womanhood within the largely impenetrable boys club of Mexican regional music, “Voy En Camino” is chuck full of shout-outs to Galaz’s mother and haters, both of whom taught her to persevere and grind harder. Ivonne Galaz aims to follow in the footsteps of trailblazers like Jenni Rivera and Ana Gabriel—women who’ve lived and performed on their own terms, following the rules until they could no longer be contained. – Richard Villegas

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During this time, Davis deliberately avoided listening to the band's new material, stating that he would work on the lyrics after the music was recorded.

Traditional music includes mariachi, banda, norteño, ranchera and corridos; On a daily basis, most Mexicans listen to contemporary music such as pop, rock, etc.

Our music is designed to release aggression, and the people who listen to it are also needed, but it's not our fault.

The music of this singer does not limit his listener to the syndrome of a soul tormented by love.

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