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(Remote Learning) German Clap Dance Lesson

(Remote Learning) German Clap Dance Lesson
Created July 2020 Michelle Johnson

Lesson Topic:

Lesson of the German Clap Dance.

Lesson Description:

**For remote learning: Students will pick between two dances to practice during the week:

German Clap Dance (in this lesson) or Line Dance

**For classroom: Teacher will focus on this dance all week.

In this lesson, the German Clap Dance is introduced.  The steps are broken down and students get a feel for the rhythm of the music. 

Learning Goals/Outcomes:

The student will be able to perform the German Clap Dance with eighty percent accuracy.

Nebraska Standards:

PE.6.1.1.a: Moves to a beat or rhythm in a dance.

Teacher Planning:

Equipment/Materials Needed:

Music for German Clap Dance

Music Playing Device


Projector (if in classroom)

Speakers (if in classroom)

Time Required for Lesson:

30 minutes

Technology Use:

__X___ YES               _____NO

Instructional Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:

Talk to the students about the country of Germany and the German Clap Dance.  

(Ex: Germany is a country in Europe.  The German Clap Dance dates back thousands of years.  It is a folk dance.  A folk dance is a dance developed by people that reflect the life of the people of a certain country or region.) 

Show them a video of this dance:


D'hammerschmledsgselin (Germany) Bobby Morganstein The Complete Multicultural Party, Vol. 18



Benefits/Explanation/Real-World Connection:

Students can perform this dance at German festivals and weddings or anytime with friends and family.

Activities (i.e. instructions, warm-up, lesson, cool-down):

Formation: A double circle, facing a partner.

**If at home, practice with family member(s)

Part 1:

Count 1: Slap your thighs.

Count 2: Clap your hands.

Count 3: Clap your partner’s right hand (to right hand).

Count 4: Slap your thighs.

Count 5: Clap your hands.

Count 6: Clap your partner’s left hand (to left hand).

Count 7: Slap your thighs.

Count 8: Clap your hands.

Count 9: Clap your partner’s hand with your right hand.

Count 10: Clap your partner’s hand with your left hand.

Count 11: Slap your thighs.

Count 12: Clap your hands.

Count 13: Slap both your partner’s hands.




Part 2:

Gallops in line of dance (LOD) with partner in loose ballroom hold

Gallop-2 & 3 & 4 &5 &6 & 7, stop

Back & 2 & 3 & 4 &5 &6 & 7, stop

Forward 2 & 3 & 4 &5 &6 & 7, stop

New partner 2 & 3 & 4 &5 &6 & 7, stop

Students repeat the dance from the top with their new partners.


Once mastered, combine part 1 and 2 with no music.


Perform total dance:

Students will perform entire dance with music.


Ask students if they have any questions over the steps.  If remote learning—they will submit what dance they picked and submit a short video of the dance one time through. 

Assessment :

Teacher will look for correct performance of dances and if students keep the rhythm. 

Supplemental Information:


Have students learn the clapping sequence without contact with their partners until you see that they have it.  Then, add the physical contact.  Start slow, and increase speed as students start to master the dance moves. 




Safety Precautions:

Make sure students do not clap hands too hard with their partner or miss their hand and hit them instead.  Keep to the rhythm of the music to keep on task and not too fast.


Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.):

This is best for middle school age students, but can be adapted for 3-5th grade.  

clap under leg dance | TikTok Search



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(Drafts🔥😵‍💫) #Sakadotnyc #sturdy #nyc #fyp #viral #blowthisup #geek #nycfyp #drill #SplashSummerVibe #ShowUrGrillSkillz #dance #bronx

2K Likes, 50 Comments. TikTok video from 3dott〽️🅾️VES🗽 ( "(Drafts🔥😵‍💫) #Sakadotnyc #sturdy #nyc #fyp #viral #blowthisup #geek #nycfyp #drill #SplashSummerVibe #ShowUrGrillSkillz #dance #bronx". 🌟under the legs🏀🌟 | C-Walk ♿️ | 360 clap 👏🏿 | .... original sound.


original sound - 👣


Mule Hango

Reply to @mlkonichi i tried my best🤣lemme know if this is helpful y’all. 🤝🤧 #fyp #foryou #tutorial #dancechallenge

216K Likes, 671 Comments. TikTok video from Mule Hango (@mulehango): "Reply to @mlkonichi i tried my best🤣lemme know if this is helpful y’all.🤝🤧 #fyp #foryou #tutorial #dancechallenge". Cough🤧x2 | jump while crossing arms & legs x2 | Right leg up🦵🏾& clap under👏🏾 | .... original sound.


original sound - Mule Hango



#duet with @redrobinlinedance #socallinedancing this is a fun one! #countrylinedancing #churchclap #linedance #country #dancing

TikTok video from ash_smashx (@ash_smashx): "#duet with @redrobinlinedance #socallinedancing this is a fun one! #countrylinedancing #churchclap #linedance #country #dancing". Spice it up with some under the leg claps. Church Clap.


Church Clap - KB


Bianca Botha

Okay so... This is Samara SA style 😂😂 #king #newchallengedance #clapback #undertheleg #gogo #samara #samarachallenge #trend #fyp #tiktoksa #foryou

985 Likes, 9 Comments. TikTok video from Bianca Botha (@bikerchickbinxy): "Okay so... This is Samara SA style 😂😂 #king #newchallengedance #clapback #undertheleg #gogo #samara #samarachallenge #trend #fyp #tiktoksa #foryou". Samsara(Part 2).


Samsara(Part 2) - Tungevaag & Raaban


Vanna Begley

#dancetutorial #sunflower

5K Likes, 29 Comments. TikTok video from Vanna Begley (@vannabegley): "#dancetutorial #sunflower". original sound.


original sound - Aüdio_Søunds



the infamous under leg clap

152 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from rhyanrusaw (@rhyanrusaw): "the infamous under leg clap". “where’s your dad?” | ✨on the dance floor✨. Where's Patreal?.


Where's Patreal? - Tik Toker



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Gimme Some - ❗️Arkansas boy😁👋🏽



#sturdy 🫠🗽#foryoupage

TikTok video from nasbinsturdy9 (@nasbinsturdy9): "#sturdy 🫠🗽#foryoupage". that underleg clap 👏🏾 messed up my rythm but i kept going . original sound.


original sound - nasbinsturdy9



dc: @armaniyoung1 💛 Everyone should be doing this dance, it’s so fun! #fyp #xyzbca

39.2K Likes, 82 Comments. TikTok video from janeencoronado (@janeencoronado): "dc: @armaniyoung1 💛 Everyone should be doing this dance, it’s so fun! #fyp #xyzbca". Number 1 👆🏽👆🏽 | Clap up, Clap under leg | x2 | .... original sound.


original sound - Aüdio_Søunds



Cute new dance by dc @emiilybatten 💜 #fyp

4.1K Likes, 67 Comments. TikTok video from andie (@andiesjourney): "Cute new dance by dc @emiilybatten 💜 #fyp". Cute dance I couldn’t do the first part clap under legs, but I got the rest of it :). ophelia dc emiilybatten.


ophelia dc emiilybatten - emily batten 🐻‍❄️🦋

You need to clap your hands correctly

Kids, with any joyful news, begin to clap their hands, thereby expressing their stormy delight. Yes, and in our adult world, we also express our admiration for the play of actors or musicians with applause, show respect to the speakers. Interestingly, clapping is the basis of many useful games and exercises that develop higher mental processes in a child.

Clapping correctly: developing interaction between the hemispheres

Such exercises improve mental activity, synchronize the work of the hemispheres, improve memorization, and increase the stability of attention.

"Ladushki". Sit opposite the baby and start: clap, two-handed clap with baby (in the second option, try clapping with crossed arms), clap, left-right clap with baby, clap, clap with right-left partner.

"Clap, cam". The child's hands are turned palms to each other all the time. Clap, strike of the right fist on the left palm, clap, strike of the left fist on the right palm. Complication: clapping, hitting the right palm on the left fist, clapping, hitting the left palm on the right fist.

Clapping correctly: developing psychomotor coordination

Its development occurs through an appeal to accuracy, expressiveness, arbitrariness of movements; increase or decrease in the speed of movements; reaction rates; sense of rhythm.

"Hands and fists". To rhythmic music, perform movements together with the baby in accordance with the poem:
Everyone has two fists.
He clapped one on the other lightly:
clap - clap - clap - clap.
Well, the palms do not lag behind,
Behind them they beat merrily:
clap - clap - clap - clap.
The fists beat faster,
How hard they try:
clap - clap - clap - clap.
And the palms are right there,
And they crumble:
clap - clap - clap - clap.
Fists let's get angry,
They began to clap loudly:
clap - clap - clap - clap.
And the palms are darlings
They also did not lag behind:
clap - clap - clap - clap.
(E. A. Alyabyeva)

"Slowly - quickly." Invite the child to clap his hands slowly - quickly; loud quiet; smoothly - sharply. Then do the same exercises with gradually increasing strength (for example, from the quietest to the loudest claps) and vice versa.

Clap the rhythm. On a sheet of paper, draw several diagrams in which the dot will indicate clap, and the space - silence (the interval to wait). First, practice with the baby to clap the rhythm according to the proposed pattern, and then to perform the rhythm only from memory.

Repeaters . The leader (adult) performs simple movements: claps his hands, knees, shoulders, under each alternately raised leg, above his head, behind his back, on his ears. The child repeats these movements, trying as quickly as possible to respond to the change of movements. The pace is gradually picking up. Then switch roles. This is a fun game for a big company. The one who did not notice the change of movement in time is eliminated, and the game continues until the winner with the fastest reaction remains.

Clapping correctly: developing attention

Clapping is often used in games with rules as a conditional signal. This is how voluntary attention develops, the speed of its switching, auditory concentration, speed of reaction.

Zoo. Invite the baby to stand on one leg like a heron for one clap of the leader, to back up like a crayfish for two, to jump like a frog for three, to fly like a butterfly for four, to waddle like a penguin for five.

"Race" . The leader's claps serve as a conditional signal for changing the action: stop - continue moving - change direction - change the type of movement (for example, from walking to running). Don't forget about fun music!

Clap the right way: develop your ear

There are a lot of options for playing here, and they all require the baby to keep his ears on top.

"Don't miss it!". The facilitator announces a topic, such as fruit, and reads out a list of 10 different words. The kid should listen carefully and whenever the name of the fruit is found among the words, immediately clap your hands. If you are entertaining a company of children, then the game is repeated for elimination until the most attentive remains. Each time the theme changes: dishes, clothes, professions, seasons, days of the week. A more complex version of topics: what happens to be red (prickly, sweet), who can fly, swim, etc.

Clapping the right way: developing spatial awareness

Toddlers often find it difficult to master simple concepts, and games help with this.

"Up - Down". At your command, the child claps his hands in front of him, behind his back, above his head, near the floor, to the right, to the left. Standing, squatting, lying on the stomach and on the back. An adult sets the pace, at first slowly, then with acceleration.

Clapping properly: developing memory

In school, a child will have to learn a lot by ear. Train!

"One - clap, two - clap." An adult, hiding behind a screen, claps his hands a certain number of times. The kid at this time counts and remembers. Then performs the required number of claps.

Clapping correctly: we develop coordination of movements and speech

Logorhythmic exercises contribute to the development of speech, the development of the ability to combine movements and speech, coordinate them, subordinate them to a single rhythm, help to get rid of emotional and motor tightness.

Feel the rhythm. The kid, together with the adult, claps each syllable of the poem with his hands. For the first attempts, the well-known poem by Agnia Barto is suitable for everyone:

"In syllables" . When teaching literacy, show your child that words are made up of syllables. There are short words (from one syllable, for example DAY) and clap one syllable once; words consisting of two or three syllables (LAM-PA, KA-RAN-DASH) and make one clap for each syllable; long words consisting of four syllables (BE-LO-SI-PED) and clap four times.

Clapping correctly: developing the expressiveness of facial expressions

Rhythmic exercises help relieve fatigue, develop creative imagination. They can be included in the complex of morning exercises, after daytime sleep, during the day as physical exercises.

The author of the poems is V. I. Kovalko.

Hands up!
Hands up!
(Clap above.)
Hands up! Clap! Clap!
(Clap above.)
On the knees - slap, slap!
(Slapping on the knees. )
Now pat on the shoulders!
(Slap your hands on the shoulders.)
Slap yourself on the sides!
(Slaps on the sides.)
We can clap behind!
(Clapping behind the back.)
Let's clap in front of us!
(Claps in front of you.)
We can turn to the right! We can go left!
(clapping hands on the right and left)
And let's put our hands crosswise.
(Arms crossed over chest.)

What impression did this article make on you?

Clapping as a mirror of psychological differences between the sexes: man_woman — LiveJournal

Consider typical examples.

Here is a typical female clapping:

And here:

And here:



And this is how men usually clap (we look not at speed, but at technique):

Conclusion: palms/fingers are bent, touching asymmetrically, but diagonally. When struck, the palm touches on one side, and on the other hand, the palm, fingers or the base of the fingers. Those. There is no such thing as fingers touching.

And now let's see what "clapping" is and why it is done at all:

Applause is usually a sign of approval expressed by the public by clapping hands to create a sound .

You can try it yourself and see that the "male clapping style" generates significantly more sound than the "female clapping style" and therefore it is a much more effective way to show sympathy and applause.

According to my long-term observations, at least 80% of men use the "male way", and at least 80% of women use the "female" way.

There are several questions:

Poll #1778626 Clapping

Open to: All , detailed results viewable to: All . Participants: 108

Intersexual clapping - how do you do it?

View Answers

I am a man and I clap like a man.

31 (29.5%)

I am a man and I clap like a woman.

1 (1.0%)

I am a woman and I clap like a man.

58 (55.2%)

I am a woman and I clap like a woman.

10 (9.5%)

I'm embarrassed to fire and just want to see the results.

5 (4.8%)

2. Why is this so? Is there any reason for these differences? Is it possible to draw some more or less distant conclusions from these differences?

3. Bonus question for idiots/babofegurs who see a troll in every post. Since you will see the ghost of trollism in any post, then there is nothing to lose. Therefore, I will ask some burning questions especially for you: How long will women continue to ineffectively express their sympathies? Does this speak of the coldness and insincerity of the female sex? Is it possible to identify a coffee-sponsored male baboid by the style of a man's clapping? How do women hope to get respect and equal pay for high and medium skilled jobs if they can't even clap their hands properly?


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