How to break dance steps

How to breakdance step by step

The following 3 videos will teach you how to breakdance step by step. We recommend that you watch these lessons in order as they are arranged from easiest to hardest. These moves come directly from our breakdancing courses which you should check out if you want to learn more. A word of caution, you must be careful when you attempt these moves. Be sure to study the movements very carefully and slowly and then ease into them. For other online dance classes click here.

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Beginner break dance moves

Breakdancing move #1: 3 Step
The 3 step is one of the most popular beginner break dance moves. It consist of 3 steps that are done in a circle. In this move you will start with one leg extended in front of you and then will switch the legs as fast as you can so that the other leg is extended, from there you bring the leg side where you end up in a kind of push up position. Learn how to sync the arm switches with your leg switches.

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Breakdance move #2: Corkscrew Up:
This is another cool bboy move. The corkscrew up is perfect for when you need to get up from the ground in a “cool” and smooth way. You can do this move on it’s own or from any other combination of moves.Here you will develop strength and balance as you push off the floor to spin upwards and around.

One more to go below!

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The Complete Breakdancing Course For beginners (No experience needed)
Learn simple but impressive moves step by step! You will learn footwork moves, ground moves as well as freezes. This video course has 3 modules with +3 hours of video instruction. Delivered through instant online access.
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Break dance move #3: The baby freeze
Learn how to do a baby freeze move in this video. Freezes in Breakdancing are meant to draw attention to the dancer and are usually put in at the end of some footwork combination like the 3-step above! The baby freeze is great to start out with since its small. It still requires lots of coordination and practice so take it slowly and make sure you don’t skip anything.

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The Complete Breakdancing Course For beginners (No experience needed)
Learn simple but impressive moves step by step! You will learn footwork moves, ground moves as well as freezes. This video course has 3 modules with +3 hours of video instruction. Delivered through instant online access.
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History of Breakdancing:

Breakdancing was founded by the black community and Puerto Rican kids in the 1970s. And it really became popular after James brown’s single “Get On The Good Foot” where his busted out his high energy footwork dancing. After that, the kids in New york started to copy his moves and eventually it evolved to be called b-boy or break dancing. At that time most of the style was ground footwork combinations without any of the fancy stuff you see today like windmills or back spins that are popular today. There were also breakdancing battles between gangs or clicks.

Another dance called “uprock” influenced the b-boy dancers. In this dance style, the dancers mimic fighting moves into rhythmic dance moves that opponents would use to ‘battle’ against one another.

The music is not restricted to Hip Hop anymore. These days dancers choose Techno, Jazz, electronic, pop and an other types of music that suites their style.

Other styles:
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Breakdance Moves List - Dance Poise

Breakdance is one of the most popular and eye-catching dance forms today. Here are some of the beginners breakdance moves to get you started.

Call it hip-hop dancing, B-boying or simply breaking, breakdancing is one of the most popular forms of dancing, among the youth, all over the world. It started off as an important part of the hip hop culture, along with beatboxing, rapping and DJing. The hip hop revolution is said to have started in the South Bronx, NYC. It is a free-style dance form, which requires a lot of athleticism, energy and creativity. Its experimental nature makes it difficult to make different break dance moves list, but the moves for beginners are given below in this article.

While these moves will get you started, novelty is well accepted in breakdance, so if you want to make it big in this field, you’re going to have to come up with stuff of your own.

Best Breakdance Moves Names

There are 7 basic types of moves in breakdancing: the Toprock, the Footwork, the Drops, the Floor Rock, the Power Moves, the Freezes and the Suicides. Let us look at the meaning of these types and the different moves which fall under each category.

The Toprock

The Toprock is a set of moves which are performed in a standing position. Toprock moves are generally easier and are used by the b-boys as a warm up before the real stuff starts. The easy moves in toprock are-

➟ Basic Toprock
➟ Side-Step
➟ Boyoing
➟ Power Step
➟ Power Step Hop
➟ Latin Rock

The Footwork

Foot work is comprises a set of moves that the dancer performs with his feet while he is standing or on the floor. Given below are some popular moves-

➟ 2 step
➟ 3 step
➟ 4 step
➟ 5 step
➟ 6 step
➟ 7 step
➟ 8 step
➟ 10 step
➟ 12 step
➟ Zulu Spins
➟ Kick-outs
➟ Spindle
➟ Swapping
➟ Shuffles
➟ Coffee Grinder

The Drops

The drops are where the dancer ‘drops’ from the standing position, down to the floor to perform the next set of moves. A dancer may ‘drop’ in the following ways-

➟ Coin Drop
➟ Knee Drop
➟ Other Knee Drop
➟ Sweep Drop
➟ Thread Drop
➟ Corkscrew

Floor Rocks

Floor rocks are transition moves that involve intricate and stylish footwork. The basic list of floor rocks has-

➟ Scissors
➟ Belly Swim
➟ Body Glide
➟ Side Slide
➟ Figure 4

The Power Moves

The power moves are where the b-boy goes into a spinning motion. They are usually the toughest moves, and the judges rate the dancer on the perfection with which he makes these moves.

➟ Flare
➟ Swipe
➟ Windmill
➟ Back Spin
➟ Side Spin
➟ Halos
➟ Head Spin
➟ Head Slides


Freeze is a technique in which the dancer momentarily pauses in a balance challenging or intriguing position. There are innumerable variations of this technique and of course, you can always come up with your own body contorting move and just hold for a couple of seconds. Some common freeze moves are-

➟ Baby Freeze
➟ Air Chair
➟ Side Chair
➟ Elbow Freeze
➟ Dead Freeze
➟ Shoulder Freeze
➟ G-Kick
➟ Head Stand
➟ Hollowback
➟ Pike
➟ Flag


Alternatively, a dancer may choose to end the dance routine by pretending to fall down and loose control of himself. To make a ‘suicide’ look effective, it must look painful, as if while performing you have really hit yourself. But yes, in trying to make it look kosher don’t just end up hurting yourself for real!

➟ Front Headflip
➟ Back Headflip
➟ Hard Drive
➟ Pencil Spin
➟ Suicide Rubberband
➟ Suicide Corkscrew
➟ Coin Drop

Other moves in the list include the Turtle, the Float, the two-handed elbow hop, the one-handed elbow hop, etc.

So this was a good long list of breakdance moves for beginners. To execute most of the moves in this list, you will need good physical strength and lots of practice. Happy breaking!

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Our Benefits

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    Break dancers are in excellent physical shape, as performing complex acrobatic movements requires special training. B-boys (as dancers call themselves) develop the strength and flexibility of the body, a sense of balance and endurance.

    • Contents
    • Origin story
    • Fundamentals of Choreography / Dance Technique
    • Championships and competitions

    History of origin

    The history of break dancing began in the late 60s in New York, in one of the poorest areas - the Bronx. At this time, electronic music was gaining popularity among young dancers who used the elements of rotation on the ground and called this direction Good Foot.

    The name B-boys and B-boying appeared thanks to the DJ Kool Herc, B-boys is an abbreviated name for Break boys - broken beat dancers.

    We recommend reading further our material on the topic: The History of Breakdance

    Fundamentals of Choreography / Dance Technique

    The base of breakdance includes many basic elements: with legs wide apart due to swinging movements of the legs. There are varieties in setting the position of the hands behind the back - this is one of the basic movements.


    Candle / Ninety Nine

    Rotation of the body on a straight arm.

    Candle / TWo thousand

    Rotation of the body on two hands.


    Rotation of the body 180 degrees and repulsion from the floor with a change of supporting hand.


    Horizontal rotation of the body on bent arms, which rest with the elbow on the press.

    Air Flare

    A 180 degree rotation of the body in which the legs constantly make circles in the air.

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