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Alexander “Sasha” Farber is a world famous dancer. Sasha is famous troupe member on Dancing with The Stars.

In 2020, he is sharing the stage with Kaitlyn Bristowe, Peta Murgatroyd, Anne Heche & Gleb Savchenko

Quick Facts:

Age: 36 years old

Birthday: May 9, 1984

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: Jewish

Home Town: Moscow, Russia

Residency: Los Angeles, California

Marital Status: Married

Wife: Emma Slater (m. 2018)

Girlfriend: N/A

Children/Kids: N/A

Father: Michael Farber

Mother: N/A

Siblings: Svetlana Shapshal

Height: 5ft 6 ½ (168. 9 cm).

Net worth: N/A

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Sasha was born in Moscow, Russia. He belongs to Jewish ethnicity & Australian nationality. Farber was just 2 years old when his family moved to Australia in 1986.

Additionally, he has participated in 2000 Sydney Olympics Games. Also, he is the two time winner of the Australian Youth Latin championships. Subsequently, Sasha represented Australia at the World Latin Championships.

Married Life/ Love Life

Sasha Farber is married to Emma Slater. Farber’s wife Emma Slater was once his fellow dance member from 2011-2014. The couple are very love dubby & inseparable.

 After dating for 2 years, Sasha proposed to Emma in 2016. He created a magic moment right after their dance performance in Dancing with The Stars.

Finally, the duo got married in March 25, 2018.

Sasha Farber Net Worth

In 2018, some online news portal claimed Sasha Farber’s net worth to be $300k. However, the claims might just be unrealistic. As there is no wiki source to confirm it. Therefore, Sasha’s net worth in 2020 is unknown.

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Social Media

Sasha Farber is active on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. The Dancing with The Star’s contestant has hundreds of followers. Besides, he posts small video clips of him dancing every now and then.


The best thing about doing choreography is you can take people to a different place through movement and dance.  You get to tell a story through your body with no words. That’s the best part.  When coming up with steps for a dance, each step has to have meaning for me, otherwise it’s pointless. My obstacle would be sometimes finding good music these days.

  1. Sasha Farber celebrates his birthday on May 9th.
  2. His birth sign (horoscope) is Taurus.
  3. Besides, Sasha stands at the height of 5ft 6 ½ (168.9 cm).
  4. Currently, he is one of the contestants of Dancing with The Stars.
  5. Farber has a great hair style and dressing sense.
  6. Also, his favorite food is Chinese food & chocolate mousse.
  7. Not to forget, his favorite book is Goosebumps.
  8. His favorite TV game show is Price is Right.
  9. He loves Iron Man movies & eats chocolate as his comfort food.
  10. Last but not least, Sasha’s favorite animated character is Bugs Bunny.

Sasha Farber height, weight, age. Body measurements.

Sasha Farber

Date of Birth: 9 May, 1984 (Age: 34)

Height: 170 cm or 5 ft 7 (approximately)

Weight: 69 kg or pounds (approximately)

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Sasha Farber has well shaped muscled body. He is not tall, but this small drawback doesn’t spoil his handsome look. The guy is very flexible, fast and there’s no body fat at all on his core.

Sasha Farber is known as a professional dancer from Australia. Not everyone knows that he was born in Russia and his parents moved to Australia, when the boy was just 2 years old.

From the earliest years he liked dancing and that’s why his mom took Sasha to a dancing class.

He attended ballroom dancing classes for 13 years, when finally made up a decision to start career of a dancer professionally.

Farber danced for 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and got initial recognition. Later he was pulled to his stardom, when was casted to Australian version of popular show “Dancing with the Stars”.

Now Sasha Farber is called as DWTS veteran as he took part in numerous seasons as a troupe member and as a professional dancer too. He took part in the 22nd season of DWTS, partnered with an actress Kim Fields. The couple occupied the 8th place.

Sasha Farber is happy not just in professional, but in personal life too. He has a longtime girlfriend Emma Slater, a beautiful woman and professional dancer. They are together since 2011, but their relationship was close to an end several times.

Sasha Farber

Sasha Farber has that type of a body many men envy and many girls dream to date with.

For those, who want to look so ripped as the dancer, it is necessary to keep in mind that he dances several hours per day and it is a great cardio workout.

Alongside dancing, Sasha Farber practices strength training too.

He wants to look hot on the screen. To achieve that aim, Sasha hired a personal trainer. He workouts in his own gym at home several times per week.

As Sasha is a dancer, he spends most part of the day on foot. Very often he feels pain in his joints after 10 hours of dancing.

To get rid of pain, Sasha practices stretching routine and chooses Pilates to balance his dancing workouts.

Of course, training means a lot, but it comes to almost nothing, if the nutrition is not correct.

Sasha Farber has refused from alcohol, fat meat and sweet things, but he has chicken breasts and vegetable salads daily.

These secrets help Sasha Farber remain healthy and look strong; he is very fast and skilful, when he is dancing on the floor.

If you want to have that kind of body, be ready to work hard!

Alexandra Kiseleva ("Dancing") - biography, photo, personal life, height and weight 2022

Biography of Alexandra Kiseleva

Model and actress Alexandra Kiseleva is a native of the Kazakh city of Aktau. Alexandra was introduced to the fashion industry by her extraordinary appearance and passion for dancing. Fame came to her after the international dance competition "Street Star" in Sweden, where, after a series of high-profile victories, she became the champion three times in the style of "vog" (a model dance based on a podium gait). nine0004 Model and dancer, star of the show "Dancing" Alexandra Kiseleva

For several years of her modeling career, Alexandra has participated in the projects of Kenzo, Gucci, Timberland, Maybelline NY, Avon, RLJewel, Estel, starred for glossy magazines Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel, Elle, Glamour, Hello, L'Etoile, Allure, VGXW, Nargis .

Photos of Alexandra Kiseleva adorned the pages of the popular glossy magazine

Alexandra successfully combined her modeling and dancing career with acting, performing on stage and acting in films. By the way, Alexandra also got on the big screen thanks to her dancing skills, starring in the films “Dance of Silence”, “Risk being seen” and “Good Boy” as a backup dancer. And in subsequent film works "By the Water" and the network detective "From the Shadows" she already got full-fledged roles. nine0004 Interview with Alexandra Kiseleva. Generation Z


Alexandra Kiseleva was born on September 29, 2002 in Aktau (Kazakhstan), but most of her childhood was spent in Moscow. She has a brother, 10 years older, and a sister, 8 years younger than Alexandra. Sister Slava also tries herself in the cinema. The actress's mother's name is Elena.

Alexandra Kiseleva with her mother and sister

In an interview, Alexandra mentioned that even as a teenager she was not a rebel, but a reasonable and conscious person, for which she first of all thanks her parents who raised her. nine0002 Dancing The starting point in Alexandra's dance career was the show-ballet studio of Alla Dukhova "TODES", where she performed as a soloist. At the age of ten, Alexandra came to the casting of the TV show "Big Dances". Having coped with all the tasks at the qualifying rounds, she entered the group of the choreographer Liki Stich. Unfortunately, she never managed to appear on the air of the Big Dances, due to her young age and the corresponding restrictions on the project (persons over 16 years old were allowed there). nine0004 Interview with Alexandra Kiseleva for fashion TV

After this incident, Alexandra had a new goal - to show by personal example that art should not have restrictions associated with age. And soon eleven-year-old Alexandra becomes the first underage artist at the annual Pirate Station music festival.

At the age of 11, Sasha performed at the "Pirate Station"

At the age of twelve, Alexandra performs at wog tournaments in Russia, fighting for victory with dancers several times older than her, and becomes the winner of more than twenty festivals. At thirteen, Kiseleva goes to Sweden, to the prestigious street style championship "Street Star", and brings victory in the "Vogue Runway" nomination from there. At fourteen, he wins another two cups in the Vogue Old Way and Vogue New Way nominations. nine0004 Sasha Kiseleva. Showreel for "Dances" on TNT

After grandiose victories in Sweden, contrary to the rules of the show, Alexandra got into the television project "Dancing", becoming the only child included in the top 20 universal dancers of our country.

Alexandra Kiseleva's career is just beginning

For her significant contribution and drawing attention to dancing among young people, in 2016 Alexandra Kiseleva was awarded the honorary title of "Dancer of the Year" from FRM. nine0002 Acting career Apart from a small role in an episode of the Sklifosovsky series, Sasha Kiseleva made her film debut in 2015 - she played a deaf and dumb dancer in the short film Dance of Silence.

Film "Dance of Silence"

She got a small role in the comedy "The Good Boy" - she played a classmate of the hero Semyon Treskunov.

Still from the film "The Good Boy"

Having “tasted” this facet of cinema, the girl decided to pursue an acting career in earnest. Since 2018, her filmography has been actively replenished with new works: the series "Teachers", "Themis Sees", "Love Them All", "Atonement". In the same year, Sasha starred in photo shoots for Cosmopolitan and Tatler. nine0004 Alexandra Kiseleva in the film "Love Them All"

Personal life of Alexandra Kiseleva

Alexandra does not cover her personal life. When asked about what kind of young people she likes, she answers that there are no clear criteria for appearance, the main thing is a conscious outlook on life.

Alexandra Kiseleva now

In 2020, the girl starred in the TV series "Let's Go" along with Mikhail Trukhin and Olga Medynich. She plays the beauty Dasha, the girlfriend of the son of the main characters and the first beauty of the school. nine0036 Dasha and I are similar in many ways: both beautiful and purposeful girls, somewhere we can seem arrogant. What makes us fundamentally different is that there has never been teenage rebellion in my life. Of the memorable moments, Alexandra celebrates her 16th birthday, which fell just on night shooting in the forest, joint work with Irina Pegova, and also acquaintance with Decl - Sasha was lucky to work with him one of the last.

Actors of the series "Let's go"

Kiseleva also announced a project that is being developed by the mentor of the show "Dancing" Miguel, along with the screenwriter of the comedy "Slave", in which she takes part. The girl hinted that the film will be somewhat similar to the Hollywood musical Step Up.

Best movies

  • 2020: Let's go
  • 2019: Teachers
  • 2019: "Love Them All"
  • 2016: "Good Boy"

Alexandra Akimova - biography, personal life, photo, news, "Dancing with the Stars", Valery Nikolaev, "Instagram" 2022


Alexandra Akimova is a Russian dancer and choreographer, as well as a participant in the reality show Dancing with the Stars. The girl is a professional in her field, she won first place in prestigious competitions, and also teaches rhythm and ballroom dancing for children and adults in her own studio.

Childhood and youth

The biography of Alexandra Olegovna Akimova began on December 29, 1992 in Moscow. The girl's parents, Svetlana and Oleg Akimov, made sure that their daughter was in business, and at an early age they sent her to ballroom dancing, where she especially showed herself in the Latin American direction: samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha. nine0005

At the same time, Sasha received her education at school No. 236 named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Grigory Ivanovich Shchedrin, and then studied management at the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation.

After receiving her diploma, the girl remained to work at the university as a document specialist, staying there until 2012.


In 2010 Alexandra and her partner Vladimir Litvin actively competed in dance tournaments such as the Cup of Friendship and the Empire Cup, and a year later in the same competitions she performed in tandem with Anton Azanov. nine0005

Seeking great opportunities, the talented dancer moved to Toronto, where she taught at Dance Life Studios, but returned to her homeland a year later.

At the Open Classification Tournament ORO MO RTS Akimova performed with Maxim Svyatobatko, qualifying in the category of Latin American dance, and in 2015, together with Denis Akimov, she participated in the Winter Tale.

In 2016, Akimova competed at the Russian professional championship, three years later she entered the national championship in the direction of Exhibition. Together with Dmitry Zharov, the girl took second place, losing the championship to Denis Tagintsev and Ekaterina Krysanova. nine0005

A year later, the dancer began teaching, working at the Baby Club Novye Vodniki company, and at the same time she acted as a coach at the Kurchatov School.

Together with partner Stefan Oradej, Alexandra participated in the World Champion Exhibion ​​tournament in 2021, where she won first place, thus becoming the world champion.

Now Alexandra teaches ballroom dancing, focuses on foxtrot and waltz, trains according to the Latin American program, and also puts on concert and wedding numbers. nine0005

Dancing with the Stars

In 2021, Akimova was invited to become the choreographer of the 12th season of the show Dancing with the Stars on the Rossiya-1 TV channel. After six weeks of competition, only five couples remained on the dance floor, who had to perform in a trio in the super final, that is, a professional choreographer also joined the star duet.

Alexandra performed in the main "number for three" together with the finalists Sergey Lazarev and Ekaterina Osipova. The incendiary samba, which completed the performance of the trios, impressed the audience and sophisticated jury members, as a result of which DAVA with Daria Paley and Lazarev with Osipova became the leaders of the tournament table. nine0005

However, the next round tipped the balance in favor of the second pair, thus making them the winners of the project.

Personal life

The spectacular dancer develops profiles on Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte, where she regularly publishes beautiful professional photos, motivating posts about achieving her goals, as well as photos from dance tournaments and the site of the Dancing with the Stars show ". The girl often appears in the photo with handsome men, but does not comment on the details of her personal life, preferring to leave the private private. nine0005

The teacher prefers to devote his free time to active recreation - he rides a snowboard, is fond of paragliding and masters horseback riding. The Muscovite does not hide her love for traveling abroad and is happy to share her photo reports with the sights of London, Toronto and Barcelona.

Alexandra's faithful companion Jesse, a French bulldog, enjoys special love and affection.

Alexandra Akimova now

In 2022, Alexandra Akimova joined the list of participants in the 13th season of the popular Dancing with the Stars project. This time the girl acted as a contestant, not a coach. Her partner was the actor and star of the film "Birthday Bourgeois" Valery Nikolaev. nine0005

The new season, like the previous ones, has an impressive cast of stars. The choreographic successes of Dmitry Kharatyan, Anatoly Bely, Maria Mironova, Olga Medynich, Alexandra Revenko, Marina Zudina, Alexandra Rebenok, humorist and showman Vladimir Markoni and singer Vanya Dmitrienko were closely watched by their numerous fans, as well as the audience and the jury of the show.

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