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Wednesday “Mashed Potato” dance scene and comparison explained

Ever since the release of the Netflix Addams Family series in November 2022, it’s been Wednesday every day of the week. The series has grown to become the platform’s biggest success story of the year, with Variety reporting that it earned more hours viewed in its first week than Stranger Things 4.

Co-created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the first four episodes were directed by Tim Burton, who also serves as an executive producer.

Of course, Wednesday Addams was already a beloved and iconic character, but audiences have hailed and championed Jenna Ortega’s fresh portrayal no end, immersed in the character’s first year at Nevermore Academy.

As more details of the series continue to be discussed, some fans have turned their attention toward the Wednesday “Mashed Potato” dance, so let’s dive in.

Wednesday © Netflix | Vlad Cioplea

Wednesday “Mashed Potato” dance scene explained

In episode 4 of Wednesday – titled Woe What a Night – Wednesday attends the school dance and, as smoke fills the dance floor, she decides to exhibit a dance routine that has taken audiences and TikTok by storm.

There has been a trend of fans imitating the dance and sharing their attempts with their followers.

However, some viewers have pointed out that the dance sequence features a move referred to as the “Mashed Potato” dance. It was a popular craze back in 1962 but was made famous by James Brown in 1959, as he used to perform the move at his live concerts.

The dance is reminiscent of the twist and has been referred to in song lyrics since its popularity in the sixties.

Audiences are arguing that Jenna utilizes the move into her iconic dance scene, just as Lisa Loring did playing Wednesday in the original The Addams Family series that ran from 1964 to 1966.

You can see both actresses perform the move in the below Instagram post with Jenna’s incorporation of it paying homage to the classic series.

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‘I choreographed that myself’

Jenna recently opened up to Netflix about the dance sequence.

“I actually felt really insecure about this,” she revealed. “I choreographed that myself, and I think it’s very obvious that I’m not a dancer or choreographer.”

Elaborating on this during an interview with Vulture, she addressed some inspirations: “I just pulled inspiration from videos of goth kids dancing in clubs in the ’80s. Lene Lovich music videos, Siouxsie and the Banshees performances, and Fosse. I feel like I gained a new level of respect for that line of work.”

Wednesday fans react

A handful of fans have already acknowledged the “Mashed Potato” dance in Wednesday on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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I've seen @jennaortega's brilliant Wednesday dance a half dozen times now, and I JUST saw that she incorporated the mashed potato foot shuffle from the Addams Family tv series. 🤯

— Robert O'Brien (@AFKnight22) December 8, 2022

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Netflix's #Wednesday Spoilers :
So happy to hear Fred Armisen's subtle impression of Jackie Coogan channeling Curly Howard.
And wot joy to see a half-second of Wednesday doing Lisa Loring's Mashed Potato, though 2 seconds more would've been even better.
It's the little Things.

— tygerstripes (@justkyla) November 29, 2022

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Wednesday is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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It’s Mashed Potato Time! – Allison's Written Words

It’s hardly the latest, it might be the greatest…and the name makes you hungry for a certain starchy food…

First Things First…

As we bring fad dance month to a close, we’ve danced the Macarena, felt the shocking (!) energy of “The Electric Slide, ran in place, and did a dance after a guy named “Freddie.”  Four dances, some of which have, despite the distinction of being a fad in their time, are still done at celebrations in 2019.  Not by everyone, but by the ones who aren’t afraid to embarrass themselves.

Like me.   I did the Running Man at a wedding once (not mine), as well as The Electric Slide at my wedding.  As for Macarena, I specifically asked for that song not to surface on the playlist.  And forget Freddie, I’m not quite that coordinated.

Trust me, it would wind up looking something totally different.

We’re staying with the 1960s this week, to a dance that was popular just a few years before Freddie did the dance he self-titled.  I’ve mentioned this one a few times in equal parts because I featured the song that coined the dance on Music Monday, and also because I talk about Troop Beverly Hills alot.

Guess what’s getting mentioned again?!

It’s The Latest, It’s The Greatest…

The Mashed Potato started a long time ago…well, if you consider 1959 to be a long time ago, when James Brown created the move and sang about it.  However, it was 1962 when Philadelphia teenager Dee Dee Sharp sang a song about it, while referencing other songs where one could do the Mashed Potato dance.   The dance took off that year, and like other dances featured this month, had a short life span…hence, it was a fad.

But of course, that leaves the really important question…

How Do You Do “The Mashed Potato”?

The Mashed Potato is a variation of The Twist (as created by Philadelphia’s own Chubby Checker), and involves turning the feet inward from a heels touching position (if you’re Ballet-mined, think standing in first position), so that the toes point toward each other.

The arms are elbows pointing out, and when you “click your heels together,” elbows point toward the floor.

There’s also a more ambitious move that actually involves lifting your feet off the floor, as seen in (you guessed it) Troop Beverly Hills…

Yeah, I feel uncoordinated just looking at this version!

“Mashed Potato Time” was not the only song that mentioned the dance, even though I’m convinced it was the primary one associated with the dance.  James Brown’s “Mashed Potatoes USA,” Nat Kendrick and the Swans’ (with vocals by Carlton “King” Coleman) “(Do the) Mashed Potatoes,” and of course the aforementioned Dee Dee Sharp’s “Mashed Potato Time,” as well as “Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)” all were inspired by the dance.

Upload via Classic Mood Experience

Upload via Alfis Mam

Upload via Marc Leroy

Fun fact about “(Do The) Mashed Potatoes” – James Brown originally recorded this song in 1959, but for contractual reasons, it was re-recorded by Nat Kendrick and the Swans.

When The Mashed Potatoes Are Done…

As the popularity peaked and fell off after 1963, in Australia, the Mashed Potato found its way into 1964’s “Mashed Potato” by Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs.  It’s been mentioned in other songs, there’s been variations (The Monster Mash dance is a variant of Mashed Potato), and of course, it was in Troop Beverly Hills.

And on the local television front, they’re doing it!

Upload via asite4u2c

Upload via James Copeland

Like all fad dances, this was one born of a song, and stuck around long enough to make an impact, only to go away as quickly as it came in.

And Now, You!

Have you ever done (or witnessed) The Mashed Potato, or listened to any of the music associated with it?  Sound off in the comments below, or be social on social media!

As we close out fad dance month, I’ve already compiled the topics for next month’s theme, which I will reveal on Monday evening at 8 pm EDT!

Be sure to stir those mashed potatoes (if you don’t like lumps), and have a great day!


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Mashed Potato -

Mashed Potato , according to the English meaning "mashed potatoes" is a dance popular in the early 1960s, during the era of twist and rock and roll music.

In France it was preferably called puree .


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Dance and music success

Mashed Potato, introduced in 1962, is part of a series of popular dances that accompanied rock and roll's worldwide success and which followed the turn in an attempt to replicate its success. The American song It's Mashed Potato Time (en) (1962) by Dee Dee Sharp is one of the first to refer to it; (Make) Mash(en) Nat Kendrick and the Swans and Mashed Potatoes USA(en) with the help of James Brown. Mashed potatoes are also mentioned in the success " Vacation » Connie Francis the same year, then Do You Love Me by The Contours, Dancin' Party by Chubby Checker, Let's Dance by Chris Montes, Harry the Hairy Ape by Ray Stevens or even Land of a Thousand Dances by Chris Kenner.

In France, mashed potatoes were launched by Johnny Hallyday on stage at Olympia on autumn 1962 years, preceded by 45 rpm, from the back cover of Lee Holliday photos of retailers how to dance to Johnny's song It's Mashed Potatoes (an adaptation of the title Little Bitty Pretty One by Bobby Day). The Yeye singers and bands used this dance for a while in 1962-1963 before it quickly fell into oblivion. Frédéric Quinonero, Johnny Lives 50 Years Scenes , 2012, Editions L'Archipel, p. 67, quote: "Johnny, led by eight dancers, tries to impose a new Charleston-like dance, mashed potatoes..."

  • ↑ - Johnny HALLYDAY / Accessed January 16, 2021 .
  • ↑ - Johnny HALLYDAY (verso) / as of 16 January 2021 . nine0016
  • ↑ Robert "Bob" Lampard and Jean-Louis Rancourel: Johnny Hallyday's first complete discography , Delville edition, 1982, p. 20
  • External links

    • [video] Johnny Hallyday Olympia 62 Mashed Potatoes
    • [video] Johnny Hallyday Mashed Potatoes
    • This is puree. Song text.


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    Hey potatoes — Claude François

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    Hey potatoes

    Mashed potatoes


    Mashed potatoes hey, hey hey hey he... hey hey hey hey
    Mashed potatoes hey
    Tu me rabâche les mêmes choses tout les soirs hey hey au lieu de broyer du noir
    viens donc broyer des potatoes
    Mais tu n'm'écoute même pas ça y est tu remet ça
    Tu cause tu causes et patati et patatoes

    Hey pendant qu'une fille elle danse le mached potatoes
    Hey hey hey hey tu vas voir t'oublieras tout et pour cause
    Car tu peux pas, peux pas toucher, peux pas tâter, peux pas patatoes

    Hey ça y est ça marche tu danse le mached potatoes potatoes hey

    Hey pendant qu'une fille elle danse le mached potatoes
    Hey hey hey hey tu vas voir t'oublieras tout et pour cause
    Car tu peux pas, peux pas toucher, peux pas tâter, peux pas patatoes

    Hey ça y est ça marche tu danse le mach potatoes
    Mashed potatoes. ..
    hey hey hey hey... hey hey hey hey

    Mashed potatoes, hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
    Mashed potatoes, hey
    You tell me the same thing every night.
    Hey, stop “rubbing” all this negativity 2

    Hey, hey, hey, instead of “grinding” all this negativity, it’s better to “crush potatoes”
    You don’t even have to listen to me, it will take you over
    And therefore, and therefore, and "patati" and "patato" 3

    Hey, like the girl who dances Mashed potatoes
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, you will see that you will forget about everything and therefore
    Because you will dance until you lose your pulse, until you drop and "patato" (blah blah blah)

    Hey, and it works, you dance like you're crushing potatoes
    Mashed potatoes ...
    hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
    Mashed potatoes hey

    Hey, like the girl who dances Mashed potatoes
    hey hey hey hey you'll see that you will forget about everything and therefore
    Because you will dance until you lose your pulse, until you drop and “patato” (blah blah blah)

    Hey, and it works, you dance like you're crushing potatoes
    Mashed potatoes . ..
    hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

    Translated by Claude Francois - Claude Francois fan club

    Like the translation?

    Hey Potatoes Lyrics Rating: 5 / 5 1 opinions nine0005

    Belles! Belles! Belles!

    Claude François

    Tracklist (4)

    • Belles belles belles
    • Moi, je pense encore à toi
    • Venus en blue-jeans
    • nine0015 Hey potatoes

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