How old is jojo from dance moms

How Old Is JoJo Siwa? This Reality Star Has Grown Up Before Our Eyes

Jojo Siwa is now 19 years old and this internet and reality star has amassed a fortune estimated to be near $20 million dollars.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Maybe you’ve heard of her, maybe you haven’t. You can bet, though, that your children have. Her name is JoJo Siwa and she has gone from an annoying TV reality star at a very young age to one of the most popular YouTube and Nickelodeon sensations in recent memory. She has her own line of hair bows, a doll brand, a beverage, a clothing line, and her own line of slime. If this sounds like a lot for one person, it is. And it’s even more amazing considering her age.


JoJo Siwa was born in Omaha, Nebraska to a lifestyle that is miles away from where she now sits. Her father Tom was a chiropractor (still is) and her mom, Jessalyn, was a dance-studio owner. By the time JoJo was two years old, the die was cast. “When my husband would come pick her up at the [dance] studio, she would not want to leave at night,” Jessalyn recalls to Rolling Stone. “She was two years old; couldn’t even dance or do anything. She was like, ‘I just want to stay with you.’”

Jessalyn also recalled JoJo’s first solo dance competition, dancing to the song “Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now,” from the musical Hairspray. While Jessalyn sprinkled glitter on her dancing daughter, Jojo wore a diaper. She was only two years old. “From then, I literally ran with it,” Jessalyn says proudly. “We had a CD player in our kitchen, so I would always be making mac and cheese, and [say], ‘Oh, let’s do a dance.’ And she would just do her dance.” Her dancing became so beloved that guests would request to see it. “I would literally wake her up [at night] and she would do her dance,” Jessalyn recalled.

This early drive turned into an eventual opportunity. Jessalyn saw this opportunity in an open call for the reality show, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. It was an elimination-style show that had kids fighting for a spot in Abby Lee Miller’s dance company. Miller was also the creator of the reality series Dance Moms.

The audition tape Jessalyn sent in impressed the show’s producers enough to bring JoJo into the competition. It wasn’t only her dancing that got her noticed, but her personality as well.

“She was one of those rare personalities that I couldn’t stop thinking about,” said the series’ executive producer Bryan Stinson. Ultimately, though, JoJo Siwa would be eliminated and finish in fifth place.

But still, her presence had been felt. “During shooting, the crew would gather in the control room to watch JoJo’s interviews live because they were so compelling,” Stinson recalled. “Producers nicknamed them ‘The JoJo Show’.”

Despite coming in a disappointing fifth place, JoJo and Jessalyn were asked to be part of the Dance Moms series. It was a move that put even more of a spotlight on both mother and daughter, and not for good reasons.

JoJo Siwa was the ultimate diva and Jessalyn was the ultimate dance mom. Miller was not pleased with either, chastising the pair for their unprofessionalism and for how they constantly crossed the line with their comments directed towards Miller, the other dance moms, and the girls in the competition.

All this negativity fit perfectly with what was to come next for JoJo Siwa – a redemption tale. JoJo’s redemption came via YouTube and it is something she has not looked back from since. JoJo launched her YouTube channel during her two-year run on the reality shows and since that time, she has earned over 12 million subscribers. That is just the tip of the iceberg.


JoJo Siwa was born on May 19, 2003, and is now 19 years old. She is in full control of her image and business with some help along the way. Things really began to jump for JoJo when she and Jessalyn met Caryn Sterling, who is now JoJo’s manager.

When they first met, Sterling was pushing jewelry her daughter had made and was looking for dancers to help promote it. JoJo was one of the dancers Sterling reached out to. Shortly after they met, Sterling got to listen to JoJo’s ideas as they pertained to her future. Sterling then had her vision of JoJo Siwa.

“I said, ‘Be careful with the choices you make through your teenage years because you’re gonna be famous,’” Sterling recalled. Jessalyn added to that, “She wanted JoJo to be a brand. And I’m like, ‘I’m in. Let’s do it.’” Boy, did they ever.

As JoJo Siwa’s YouTube channel continued to bring in big numbers, Sterling found JoJo her first big business venture – Claire’s. Sterling was able to strike a partnership with the accessories chain and that was the beginning of a very important relationship for both JoJo and the popular mall store.

Sales were beginning to dip for Claire’s and they needed some new life breathed into their name. JoJo Siwa came along with her style of bow and in 2016 the store decided to run a test to see if the product would take off. Jojo Siwa’s age was almost a plus in this way.

“The test took off immediately,” said Julie Splendoria, senior global license buyer for Claire’s. “JoJo came at such a critical moment in time, knowing that kids were so influenced by their phones,” she added. “I think it really did set the stage for retailers to get behind social media stars in a major way.”

JoJo Siwa’s star was on the rise even at a young age. Her YouTube channel was blowing up, she was in business with Claire’s, and now Nickelodeon was calling. They were looking for someone to be the voice for the “tween girl” and JoJo was a perfect fit. “It’s always been that kids admire their parents, admire politicians, best friends, athletes, celebrities,” claimed Pam Kaufman, president of consumer products at Viacom/Nickelodeon. “All of a sudden, the latest research that came into our room said that next to parents, the most important and influential people in kids’ lives were influencers.

She starred in JoJo’s Juice for Nickelodeon as well as made appearances on a number of other series such as Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp Special, School of Rock (TV series), MTV Cribs, The JoJo & BowBow Show Show, and The Kendall K. & Friends Show. Through it all, though, JoJo never forgets what got her started. “I never forget where I came from with YouTube,” JoJo explained to Rolling Stone in 2019. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”


In JoJo’s short 19 years she has amassed a nice little fortune while making her stamp on the world. JoJo Siwa’s net worth is estimated at $20 million dollars but that figure may actually be low. Fans claim that because she has sold in the neighborhood of 40 million bow ribbons that it pushes her net worth much higher. Why quibble over a few million?

How Old Is JoJo Siwa From 'Dance Moms' Now and What Is She Doing in 2019?

Fans of reality television and dancing alike have been keeping up with Dance Moms for years. The show originally featured Abby Lee Miller and a handful of talented kids attending her dance school in the hopes of becoming stars. While not too many viewers expected kids starring on a Lifetime series to have their big break, many did — and some children, like Maddie Ziegler, have grown up to be huge stars and work with masters of the entertainment industry.

Another little girl who started under Abby Lee Miller’s tutelage and has since grown into a huge star is JoJo Siwa. Here’s how old she is now and what we can expect from her in 2019.

Today, JoJo is 15 years old

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While we remember Maddie Ziegler all the way back in Season 1 of Dance Moms, the fantastic dancer had new competition in town once Season 5 began. International Business Times reminds us JoJo came onto the reality TV scene with Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition during Season 2. And though she was the youngest competitor at just 9 years old, she was certainly a dancer to watch. She made it to the top five dancers of the show before making appearances on Dance Moms and joining Abby Lee’s team  and it seems she still maintains a tight relationship with Abby to this day.

Today, JoJo is 15 years old and still growing in popularity more than ever before. While her dancing brought her to our television screens, it’s her big bows, spunky personality, and determination to be a star that has grown her fan base. As she moves through her teen years, many are expecting great things from her.

She’s grown popular through YouTube and other social media

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There’s a reason you may be hearing more about JoJo today than you ever did through Dance Moms — and that’s because she’s grown a massive following through social media. Not only does she still dance, but JoJo has since released songs she’s written and has her own line of bows she’s produced for Claire’s. She’s also signed with Nickelodeon and has made appearances on various TV shows owned by the network while also developing a line of products with them.

Her online presence seems to be her strongest venture thus far, however. According to USA Today, she has millions of subscribers on both YouTube and Instagram — and her mom is helping her along the way as well. As Jessalynn Siwa (who we’ve seen on Dance Moms in the past) told the publication regarding JoJo’s social media networking, “The greatest thing about it is she literally was doing it all herself, from filming to editing to thumbnails to producing. To see her have the success is really just the cherry on top.” Jessalynn also helps JoJo stay on track for school and manages what she’s producing online.

What’s she doing in 2019?

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So, what can we expect from JoJo in 2019? According to her website, she’s recently released an EP titled “D.R.E.A.M.” and seems to be focusing on an intense performance scheduled for the future. She’s announced her D.R.E.A.M. tour, which evidently isn’t her first time traveling the world while partnered with Nickelodeon. She’s also helped out with U.S. SlimeFest events and has toured through Mexico, Australia, and the U.K. with the network — so we’re betting more travel and worldwide reach is in her plans for 2019 and beyond.

JoJo may no longer be associated with Dance Moms, but it appears she still has Abby Lee Miller in her corner to celebrate in her successes, too. People reports more recently, Abby Lee was celebrating her 52nd birthday with JoJo and mother Jessalynn by her side — and from Instagram we saw they all also spent the New Year together.

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Jessalyn Siwa Bio, Family, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Measurements


Profession: Entrepreneur
Date of birth: December 08, 1974
Age: 47
Net worth: 2 million
Place of birth: Iowa
Height (m): 1. 55
Religion: Christianity
Marital status: Married

Jessalyn Siwa is a famous mother, dancer, dance teacher and media personality. Many of you may have known her if you watched the American reality show Dance Moms. She next appeared on the show with JoJo's daughter Siwa and was eliminated at 9week. Also, her other oldest son is Jayden Siwa, an American social media influencer and real estate agent.

She, along with her daughter Jojo, joined the elite Abby Lee Dance Company team in the fifth season of Dance Mom. After they left the show, her daughter signed a consumer agreement with Nickelodeon. You all might want to know about her relationship status, career and net worth. Want to know more information about the dancer then keep scrolling.

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Eddie Kay Thomas girlfriend

Signature: Jessalynn Siwa and her dancer daughter Jojo Siwa.
Source: YouTube

Jessalyn Siwa: biography, family and career

The dancer was born on December 8, 1974 as Jessalynn Lombardi under the zodiac sign Sagittarius in Iowa, USA. She was born as the daughter of her late mother Cathy Lombardi, a hairdresser. In addition, her mother passed away from colon cancer. Her father worked for a waste company. She grew up with her sister named Tessa Medinger. Moreover, she holds an American citizenship and is of mixed ethnicity unknown.

Jojo's mom is a talented dancer and worked as a dance coach for many years. For about two decades, she owned the Underground Dance Factory, which closed in 2016. Because she works as a dance coach but didn't make her career a profession, she ran Just Dance Co. According to sources, she is currently a manager at HOMG POP! He also hosts the Success With Jess podcast, which you can listen to on Spotify, as well as on the YouTube channel of the same name.

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Jessalyn Siwa: personal life and husband

The media personality is a happy married woman. She married her husband named Tom Siwa. The couple has been married since October 2, 1998 and have been together for over two decades. As we mentioned earlier, they had two children from their marriage. They are the eldest son Jayden Siwa (b. May 20, 2000) and the youngest daughter Joel Joanie "JoJo" Siwa, born on 19May 2003 In addition, the family moved from Omaha, Nebraska, to California to improve their children's careers. In addition, she pets three dogs named Bowbow, Coco and Lulu.

Signature: Jessalyn Siwa with her family.
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How much is Jessalyn Siwa worth?

Talking about her earnings, she earns a good income from her active work in the entertainment industry. Her main source of income is her job as a manager. The media personality also hosts a podcast of the same name, Success with Jess, on YouTube. Thus, her net worth is estimated at around $2 million.

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Jessalyn Siwa: social media profiles and body measurements

She is very active on various social media with verified accounts. On Instagram, she has an account @jessalynnsiwa with 1.5 million followers. She has a Twitter account @jessalynnsiwas with 105.5k followers. Also, she passes by a Facebook account with 21k followers.

The celebrity's wife is of average build with unknown bust or waist measurements. Her body reaches a height of 5 feet 1 inch or 1.55 meters and weighs about 67 kg. She has blonde hair and a beautiful pair of hazel eyes.

JoJo from 'Dance Moms' now - catch up with the popular star today

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We all met JoJo Siwa when she was trying to become famous on Dance Moms and now that the popular series is back for its eighth season, many wonder about JoJo's trajectory to fame and where the 16-year-old is now.

Although many young performers have peaked on the Abby Miller Dance Competition Series, this rainbow-clad 16-year-old is just getting started. In fact, she was recently named one of Time Magazine's Most Influential People on the Internet to Reach $12 Million.

Source: YouTube / Lifetime

This is where JoJo Siwa of Dance Moms is now.

JoJo and her iconic oversized bow have been battling in the dance world since she first appeared in Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition in 2013. Abby later recruited JoJo to appear in Dance Moms and compete for a permanent spot on her prestigious team.

Between her stellar dance moves, her grandiose personality and her dynamic Pol-la alter ego, JoJo quickly made a name for himself and attracted more than just Abby's attention. While the 13-year-old competed in Dance Moms in 2016, she multi-tasked and built her presence on Youtube.

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"Boomerang", a song about online bullying she released along with a colorful and dance video on Youtube, caught JoJo's attention and today the video has over 700 million views. Her iconic bows led JoJo to collaborate with fashion accessory company Claire's in 2016.

However, the teen star's latest collaboration with the brand, a makeup kit, was withdrawn after the FDA issued an asbestos warning. She also collaborates with J.K. Penny on a line of bedroom accessories and décor, as well as products such as shoes, bandages, and a doll in her likeness for Target and Walmart.

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JoJo Siwa is currently on his first big concert tour.

JoJo strives to deliver useful and authentic messages through its music and content, which greatly contributes to its widespread popularity among children aged 4 to 13. "My best trait is making other people happy, which is what I enjoy doing," she said. in an interview with Today , "To make other people happy, to make other people feel better."

She also rose to prominence by adopting a stance many age-defying stars: JoJo fulfills her age and plays with youth, unlike the countless teen stars who land in the spotlight to act older. "I see people my age, who act much older and try to be someone or someone they are not, and I'm so sad because I don't understand why when you're 15 you're trying to be 22,' she said.

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