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Salt Shaker by Ying Yang Twins

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  • This crunk song is thematically similar to many songs of its genre, with the singers imploring females to dance provocatively in a club setting.

  • The Ying Yang Twins are the Atlanta-based duo Kaine (Eric Jackson) and D-Roc (D'Angelo Holmes) - they're not related. They can be heard yelling "hanh" on many of their tracks, and even have a complete song called "Hanh!"

  • Regarding the line, "Call that bitch Bo Jangles," Bill "Bojangles" Robinson was a black tap dancer best known for his work in 1930s Shirley Temple movies.

  • The line, "Like Short said, let Bruce Bruce hit it!" is a reference to "Shake that Monkey" by Too $hort, which contains the line, "All them big girls get loose with it, all them skinny girls let Bruce Bruce hit it" (possible reference to Atlanta comedian Bruce Bruce). >>

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    Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 3

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Remove the salt shaker from the table. How to get rid of high blood pressure? | HEALTH: Events | HEALTH

Tatyana Zakharova

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes


"AiF-South" No. 10 07/03/2018

What is considered normal? How to choose a home blood pressure monitor? And what kind of lifestyle should be followed by those who inherited a predisposition to hypertension? Questions answered by chief freelance cardiologist of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Territory Elena Kosmacheva .

Device to help

Tatyana Zakharova, AiF-South: Elena Dmitrievna, how to choose a tonometer for home use?

Elena Kosmacheva: Today there is a large selection of electronic devices, they are easy to use and convenient. I would recommend purchasing a blood pressure monitor with a cuff on the upper arm, as those with a cuff on the wrist are considered less accurate. When buying, it is important to specify the size of the cuff. If it is too small or, conversely, too loose, the result will be erroneous. There are devices that run on batteries, from an electrical outlet, from a battery. Here I do not insist, to whom it is more convenient.

- How often do you need to measure blood pressure and how to do it correctly at home?

Products that strengthen the heart muscle, the walls of blood vessels, and also lower blood pressure: green tea, lemon, chokeberry, ginger, viburnum, cranberries, raw almonds, hot cayenne pepper (aka hot pepper), raw cocoa, turmeric, garlic, skimmed milk, spinach, unsalted sunflower seeds, beans, baked potatoes, bananas, soybeans, dark chocolate. It is worth noting that some of the products can enhance the effect of medications, it is better to consult a doctor.

- It is better to measure pressure while sitting after at least five minutes of rest. You can put your hand on the table or the back of the sofa. The blood pressure cuff should be at the level of the heart. Measurement is best done twice with an interval of 1-2 minutes. If the result differs by more than 5 mm Hg, a third measurement should be taken. The result is the average between the last two measurements. How many times a day? Depends on the individual patient. If the process of selecting therapy is underway, it is necessary to measure 2-3 times a day so that the doctor can correctly prescribe the drugs. If the patient suffers from high blood pressure, but feels well while receiving treatment, then it is necessary to resort to a tonometer only as the state of health changes. Medicines are selected in such a way that the pressure is always in the target range. Healthy people can do this at any time or also when they feel a headache. It is recommended that everyone have a home blood pressure monitor, especially those who suffer from frequent headaches, dizziness, or other signs of high blood pressure. In addition, some people do not feel pressure surges at all and feel good. Such a feature of a particular organism. Therefore, it is recommended to attend preventive examinations. Even in the clinic, when dealing with complaints of a viral infection, the patient's pressure is measured. If there is a feeling of anxiety, nausea, interruptions in the work of the heart, pain in the heart, dizziness, headache, it is necessary to check the pressure. With the systematic appearance of such symptoms, you should consult a doctor. Fever, redness of the face, and increased sweating may also occur. If high blood pressure has been bothering you for a long time, then symptoms can be swelling, shortness of breath during active work, and later even at rest.

What is normal?

- Which pressure surges are dangerous?

The norm of pressure in healthy people is below 140/90. If you have diabetes - up to 140/85. The normal heart rate for younger people is 60-80 beats per minute.

- High blood pressure is more than 140/90 mmHg. Art. Normal - 120 to 80 mm Hg. Art. Any increase in pressure carries a danger, because the load on the vessels increases, above 160 - there is already a risk to life. Patients with blood pressure up to 180-200 are admitted, and against this background, a hemorrhage in the brain occurs. Unfortunately, some patients are aware of their pressure, but do not treat it and suffer complications as a result. Hypertension today is effectively treated, good drugs have been created to lower blood pressure. There are five main groups of drugs for initial treatment. They can be used as monotherapy or in combination. For each patient, treatment is selected individually. Often people start taking pills that are taken by a husband or wife, a relative, a neighbor. This is a big mistake! You can not reduce the pressure very quickly, in a short time. It is safer to do this in 2-3 stages over several weeks, and in the elderly - months, gradually accustoming the patient to a new blood pressure. If you lower it sharply, ischemia of the heart or brain may occur.

- Are there ways to prevent hypertension?

- Prevention is necessary for those who are at risk for this disease. First of all, these are people who have heredity for hypertension. If parents have high blood pressure at the age of 45, then in children the disease can overtake at the age of 30. and even earlier. Excess weight, excessive salt intake - all this leads to increased pressure. Therefore, those who suffer from hypertension should first of all normalize their weight. It is not difficult to calculate the rate: height minus 100. If the weight exceeds this indicator, it is necessary to limit the number of calories consumed during the day, reduce fat, and reduce salt intake. At present, all finished products are oversalted in our country: from bread to canned food and sausages. Homemade food is better not to salt, and the salt shaker is generally categorically removed from the table. The amount of alcohol will also have to be reduced: no more than 10 grams in terms of pure alcohol for women and no more than 15 grams in terms of pure alcohol for men once. Avoid smoking cigarettes.

And the last recommendation: regular walking - at least 45 minutes 5 times a week. It is important to avoid emotional overload, to normalize sleep and wakefulness, work and rest. In addition, the patient himself must know the individual factors that increase his pressure. For example, meteorological, psychological, biological. Secondary prevention, when the disease already exists, is aimed at preventing dangerous complications - stroke and heart attack. It consists in constant, correct treatment and adherence to a proper lifestyle. Feeling the improvement, you can not stop taking the drugs. Hypertension is a chronic disease. Having arisen once, it will not go anywhere. It is dangerous to reduce the dose of drugs on your own. Only a doctor can make such a decision.

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Alena Shomysova. SURPRISE SALT


I am Kira. No, not Knightley. Just Kira. Mom loves this name. Me too. Only there are few options with this name. Well, affectionate. Sometimes Grandma calls me Kirk. It doesn't sound like much. The instrument appears immediately. Yes, yes, exactly the one with which they gouge stones!
But I'm good. Why call me Kirka?
Although yes, I am punchy.
Also, my name is not shortened. In short, you can't imagine. "Ki" does not sound. Absolutely. "Ki" in the language of the Komi people - "hand". Well, where does it fit?
What will my name be? "Hey Ruka, go home!" Or:
"Play tag with us, Ruka!"
And if we take "Ra"? Dad says Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun god. Does that mean I'm a goddess?
This is nothing - it's good. I'll ask my girlfriends to call me Ra. On sunny days, of course.
But still there are cooler names. Let's say Dominica. Or Bogdan. These are my cousins ​​and sister. They sometimes come to visit me when I visit my grandparents. Everyone's name is Dominica Nika. And Bogdan is Body. They were lucky. You don't have to break your head.
Their mother says that Dominika means “belonging to God” and Bogdan means “God-given”.
Where are we?


My grandparents live in a neighboring village. They have a very old house. Probably as old as they are. Though they don't seem to be that ugly yet.
Walk like adults. I mean, straight forward.
Without wand. And they still go to work. And they are already pensioners. Inconsistency. It always seemed to me that pensioners sit at home, near the window, and do not go anywhere. They sit like this all day and wait for their pension so that, God forbid, they don’t miss it.
When I become a pensioner, I will have a lot of money. I will put on various jewelry and go to visit my aged girlfriends. I'll even leave decorations in the yard. Let's say I hang rings and earrings on a tree. Let the crows be fashionable too. They, the poor, cannot see pensions as their own ears.


Grandmother talks very little about her childhood.
Almost nothing. Well, the gypsies came to their village every summer - they occupied the entire bank of the river. All so dark, long-haired, in colorful clothes.
Grandmother, oh, how scared it was to go to their camp. All the children were then frightened: if you were disobedient, the gypsies would put them on their gibberish and take them away forever. Here was my grandmother walking along the camp, and her heart was beating like that of a driven horse: tuk-tuk-tuktuk-tuk. It always seemed to her that they were about to grab her and hide her in a pile of clothes. And she won't find her way home anymore. Therefore, the grandmother did not lag behind her older brother, and for greater fidelity, she grabbed the floor of his jacket. But she was crazy about gypsies. How beautifully they sang, how they danced!
Will I also forget about everything that happens to me? Is this summer, for example? I'll definitely forget. I have a hole in my head. But a good memory ... a tablet. On it I will write down all my summer. Unless some gypsy steals.
Tablet, I mean.


A postwoman lives in our house. She works hard. The whole day delivers the same parcels. And he doesn’t put them in plain sight, but hides them: either in the closet, or on the stove, or under the bed. The parcels are apparently very valuable: we are not allowed to approach them even a millimeter. And for insurance, the postman hides the parcels again and again so that we definitely won’t find them.
But finally she collapses from fatigue right at the workplace and falls into a dead sleep. Then we get the parcels and admire them. They are light as fluff. And shaggy like fur coats. We stroke them, and for some reason they squeak. The postman immediately comes running on her furry paws. And the parcels are again slipping out of our hands.

Slow-witted mother

The wagtail made a nest right under the roof of our house. The chicks are always hungry and ask for food. This is how they stretch their necks like pipes, and squeak plaintively. Mom flies to them again with food.
A worm sticks out of its beak. I flutter side by side, right in front of the nest, and watch. Wagtail gave it a helping hand. And she gave it. And this. And for some reason she didn't give it. Apparently, he did not carry firewood. Although where does the firewood come from? He doesn't have the slightest bit of strength. Should I go, bring some porridge? And then my mother is quite clueless.

It's a voice!

I'm terribly, terribly afraid of spiders. When I see a spider, I become cottony, like a piece of cloud.
I squint very hard. And I start squealing like a grandfather's chainsaw.
It seems to me that my voice at that moment cuts through everything in its path: the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and the trees in the garden. Everything but the spider itself. The spider calmly approaches me and climbs onto my leg. She walks back and forth on it. Like a host.
Rough legs mince over my skin. It tickles me, but it's not funny at all. I count the seconds when the spider will cling to me and start drinking my blood. But he is slow. Probably waiting for me to die of fear myself. And then he gets to work.
But in the end they always save me. Even passersby. Well, who can resist such a screech?
It's a voice!


I have girlfriends - Liza and Ksyusha. Sisters.
They live in a neighboring house. They are younger than me and obey in everything. They follow me everywhere. Like curly lambs for their mother. Well, there is nowhere to hide from them! I go to my grandmother - they follow me. I go to the street - they are right there. I went to a strawberry clearing - they followed. No privacy!
I have to play with dolls with my girlfriends. I'm already big, I can not play. But they can't do it without me. I show how to swaddle Lyalya, give water and lay the bainki. Oh, and I'm tired for the whole day. And I also look after my friends when my girlfriends go home for a quiet hour.
Cunning, they don't take with them. As if I really want to babysit so much lal.
Today my girlfriends didn't come all day long.
Let's go visit your aunt. At least they brought me some of their own. And then with one Lyalya it’s boring ...

fashion show

Nika is still a fashionista! She watches fashion shows, and then she teaches me: this and that is more suitable for you. And this is like a scarecrow, take it off quickly before the boys see it.
I'm tired of listening to her advice and offended.
Silence. Nika figured it out. And she got mad at me too. But soon we got tired of playing dumb.
And Nika suggested a new game. Come on, he says, let's make our models and come up with an outfit for them ourselves. I asked from what. Nika said: from what we find in the grass.
We found only grass in the grass. Several colors. And leaves. Our models turned out to be slender - from the cuff. I dressed my beauty in a sorrel bolero, a plantain leaf skirt, and a geranium flower hat. Nika put a bell on her model's head and designed her an evening dress made from dandelion leaves.
Opened Nick's show. Her model walked the runway from the board several times. Then my model was processed. Nika twisted her mouth and at the end of the show announced her verdict: unfashionable.
Oh right?! Then your model has worthless clothes too! Leaves and flowers scattered over the grass, as if things rejected by the designer. The fashion show didn't work out right from the start. Next time, it’s better to connect your grandmother. I'll wear her!


Bogdan is bored all the time. Either he doesn’t want to play mother-daughter with us, or he doesn’t want to take our dolls for a walk. He will come up to his mother and cries out like a wolf cub: "I'm bored-oo-oo-oo-learning."
How can his mother help him? She is not a boy, she will not run with him and climb everywhere.
Today Bogdan felt homesick again. Howled, howled, howled, howled, and then ran up to us and said: I have an idea. Nick and I got interested.
And he: let's make a headquarters.
Our headquarters turned out just right. And the place is good - on a hillock, and around the ditches. Not a single enemy will pick up. There are few enemies so far - the neighbor girls. And nothing that they were my girlfriends yesterday. Time puts everything in its place.
I got tired of sitting at the headquarters quickly. And we began to hunt down our enemies. As soon as they came out of their hiding place, we attacked them. And they ran away. We have never been able to catch them.
Otherwise they would have been taken prisoner. And ... they would have let him go back.
It's too tight for us at headquarters. The prisoners were still to be kept, watered, fed...
By the evening we had already forgotten about our enemies and began to calmly ride down the hill. Head over heels.
Soon our clothes turned green from the grass. Nika and I laugh at each other, pulling blades of grass out of our hair. And Bogdan looks, looks at us, and again for his own: “Suuuuuuuuuuchno!”

Summer cafe

We asked my grandmother for a summer cafe. She mysteriously flashed her spectacled eyes and said:
“There will be a cafe for you!” Grandma gave us supplies.
A broom for me, a rake for Nike, a cart for Bogdan.
And led us to the garden. The garden shook with fear. And the birds scattered from the branches in all directions.
We removed last year's foliage and some rubbish. They set up a table and benches. They hung flowers in flowerpots on the trees. Then they helped Grandma set the table. She took out our favorite cups and saucers from the sideboard. They only come out on holidays. As bright as the colors of the rainbow. Mine is yellow, Nika's is red, Bogdan's is green. And adults don't care what color to drink from.
We are sitting in a cafe, drinking tea. With pancakes. Birds sing in the foliage, they returned back. The garden sways to their songs. And we are silent. Not because our mouths are full. I just want to be quiet.
Listen to the breath of the wind and be silent. It's like a butterfly finally emerging from its cocoon and spreading its stiff wings. Ahead - a whole life! And you are already tired. Here we are the same. Like tired butterflies.

Head not hands

Bird cherry understands me best of all. I trust her with all my secrets. They are buried under its roots.
It is convenient to hide in the bird cherry foliage. I have a favorite bitch. Almost like a bench. I sit on it and think. Closing your eyes.
Thinking about tomorrow. Or yesterday.
What's the difference? The main thing, I think. I'm like a squirrel in a wheel. I'm running somewhere. And why all this?
I need to find my jacket, it makes me look more serious. And put on a serious hat. With wide brim, mother. Mom recently bought me new markers. I wonder where they go? Exactly, I gave them to Bogdan, he loves to draw so much.
I also like to draw. Especially cats. Oh, I forgot to feed Musya! Okay, it won't disappear.
Will chew grass in case of emergency. By any chance I won't meet a dragonfly today? When she sits and folds her wings like that, she's so beautiful. I will be the most beautiful when I go to school in a new dress and shoes. "Kira, what a cuirass you are!" a real parrot would tell me.
Parrots swear so funny! I also like to swear, especially with boys! They are as stubborn as click beetles. But this year I'll click them all, I promise. Grandma promised to take me to the beach. I'll swim, I'll go ashore - and water is like water off a duck's back. Water doesn't seem to tickle. And then who is tickling me now? It looks like the tips of the wings. Have the waxwings arrived?
Ah, those are just leaves. Look what brats!
They interfere with work. The head is not the hands.

Four centimeters of happiness

They say that happiness cannot be measured. And I don't believe. I will prove to everyone that this is not so.
I walk with a ruler all day long. I measured everything.
Favorite toys, TV, shorts, a box for creativity, books, clothes… Even mom and dad. And grandma and grandpa. Only in the photo. My line will not reach live.
What did I forget? House? No, of course it's a blessing.
But more for mom and dad. Garden? Also not that.
Of course! How could I forget? Happiness - that's it! Sun! Exactly four centimeters!
It tickles me in the morning with its rays, laughs with me, jumps. It's a pity the sun is not a ball. Don't catch him.

Bunny hotel

Grandpa went to the forest. For mushrooms. There he met a hare. So gray and fluffy. Why not white? It turns out that he wears a white fur coat only in winter. And in the summer he puts on a gray coat. Why not pink? What God gave. The hare was just having lunch.
What? Semolina porridge and bread. Grandpa told the hare about me. And the hare sent me a present.
Bread and butter. Why didn't you bring me the bunny, grandfather?

Surprise salt shaker

One morning my grandmother put a wooden salt shaker in front of me. duck. There was a note inside. The note contained a riddle: "A full supply of ptarmigans." I don't know the answer. Grandma said: think. She must have gotten tired of answering my questions. And she decided to torture me herself.
Attacked the wrong one. I will find a clue. Not with your own head, so someone else's. "Google to the rescue. But Google choked on my question. He's not that much of a know-it-all. I'd rather go to my grandfather. He already knows everything about partridges.
Grandfather said that partridges are found in the forest. And in winter they hide under the snow. But there is no supply in the snow. The supplier is a cupboard for dishes. And where did the partridge come from? This means that the delivery man is not a delivery man, and partridges are not partridges. That's how grandpa talks. And I clap my ears.
It turns out, some white things in some closet. The closet opens and you see them.
This is already my reasoning. Grandpa smiled. And then it dawned on me! Those are teeth! True, grandfather's are not so white...
I ran to my grandmother. Said a clue. And in response, she only mysteriously flashed her eyeglasses.
The next morning, my grandmother handed me the salt shaker again. Well, I do not! I'd rather look for answers to my own questions. Grandma, leave yourself a riddle!

Blue whale

Today I woke up because someone was looking at me.
I opened my eyes, and there was a huge eye in the window. And he looks so cheeky. Like he's smiling. Here I am, how big, and you are an insect. And your house is Bukashkin. Well, just like me when I look into the anthill.
I jumped off the bed to get a better look at who the eye belongs to. But the eye is gone.
Most likely it was a blue whale. They say that once a century it brings it to our region. Swim on his back! When I sail back home, I will be a hundred and six years old. No one wants to play with an old woman. Then I'll have to sit by the window. I'd rather stay at home!


I finally got to the beach. He is special here.
Grains of sand are tiny pebbles. There are more stones at the bend of the river. And there are shells! The most beautiful ones I usually take with me. And I'll look today too.
Here she is! I have never seen one so special.
Like a shepherd's horn from a fairy tale. The shell chirped softly. It was like she called out to me. And I decided to visit her.
You know, nothing special. I walked along a long corridor with diamond walls. She entered a large hall, in the middle - a tiny throne, on the throne - a tiny-bellied princess. She made me very happy. She began to squeal in some incomprehensible language. Like a bird. Then she showed me her rooms. Boredom - no toys. Just all kinds of necklaces, rings and all that. Nika would be dumbfounded. And at least something for me.
In parting, the princess gave me her crown. She was so small that I immediately lost her. I also invited the princess to visit. I hope she doesn't come. I have no idea how to receive such a guest.

Mom's helper

Mom has a birthday today. I want to surprise her. First, I will make her a wonderful wreath of flowers that have finally appeared in the flower bed. Mom has been waiting for them for so long that she will surely be delighted with the wreath. I'll put it on the windowsill.
In the sun it looks even more beautiful.
Now let's clean the garden. Mom said that only the carrots remained to be peeled. I'm already big, I can handle it. That's it. The bed is like new! Not a single weed is visible. True, the carrots are also not visible. Apparently it hasn't come out yet.
What else to do? I'll paint the fence. Mom was tired yesterday, did not have time to finish. What paint would you choose? Yellow will be just right. That's it. Oh, and the fence is blue! Well, nothing, blue and yellow looks good too.
What a fine fellow I am! Mom's Helper! She got lucky with me. Here she goes. Now I will rejoice!

Wind gate

Our gate is usually silent. Maybe she's thinking about something. And she is not up to us. Doesn't even swear when we swing on it. Or we clap hard.
And doesn't even try to talk to us.
But it happens that a very strong wind rises.
And the gate is being transformed. She starts to dance some strange dance. Like the savages. In addition, he sings a cheerful song. It seems to me that the gate is windy. And her song too. But still, he doesn't want to know us. Although we also have the wind in our heads.


I'm going home somehow. Here he is already on the mountain - the size of a little finger. And yet it's still far away. If I had wings, one moment - and at home. And with the feet - stomp and stomp. Plus it's uphill. Why do we live so far away?
And then I spotted an umbrella not far from the road.
It was unusual, with a dome of white flowers.
I tore my umbrella out of the grass. And he tore me off the ground and carried me right through the air! My heart immediately skipped a beat. I didn't think it would be so scary. But I quickly got used to it and even tried to wave with one hand. Like a one-winged bird. All the children threw back their heads - I can't fly silently. They looked at me with their mouths open. And the dogs, and the dogs! The dogs choked with barking. Maybe from a distance I look like a bone?
The whole world froze in amazement. And I flew to myself and thought: how lucky this umbrella was found. Now everyone wants to be friends with me.

Secret of the pen

Nobody wants to be friends with me! Again, I quarreled with everyone. Smashed. My character is like this. Not character, but some kind of explosion. And it all started because of a secret that Bogdan told Nika. Nika for me.
And I - to my girlfriends. Well, what is this secret that everyone knows about? And for some reason, I was the only one to blame!
I'll have my own secret - I won't tell anyone. Even under torture.
Oh, whose ear is sticking out of the grass? Did a bunny jump from the forest, with a present? Ah, that's not an eye...
Long feather. What to do with him? I'll hide it in my stash. This pen is magical. It belongs to an invisible bird that flies to me at night. And he sings his songs to me. And I see magical dreams, where I also fly . .. No one has such a secret.
I will not reveal my secret to anyone. Unless I whisper in Nick's ear. Little bit.

Dad's treasure

I drew mom and dad. Mom smiles. And for some reason dad is angry. He spent the whole day fumbling over the plane. I attached each detail carefully, like a dragonfly's wing. And he wiped sweat from his forehead. This is hard business.
In the evening we would launch a plane. And we would watch how it circles above us. And dad would be happy, as in childhood.
But it didn't get to the evening. And it's all Kitty's fault. He stole my fluffy. Well, it's a keychain. And let's run around the house. I am behind him. Kitty made several pirouettes around the living room. And turned into my father's room. I almost got him. But Kotik wanted to get away from me so much that he flew straight through the air. Flew a locker, a sofa, a nightstand.
And then he ran out of fuel. And he plopped down with fluffy right on dad's treasure.
You should have seen daddy's face! It turned purple like a boletus. And eyes. Her eyes almost burst into tears, as in childhood.
I felt very sorry for my dad. Truth. I would give him another plane. But I know: he needed this one, white, with a star.


Autumn is slowly coming. It's time to pull out the cache. Tin box from under tea.
The lid is difficult to open - the cache resists. This is my summer. Fancy leaf with a tree inside. Cedar cone. Stone in the shape of a heart. Magic pen. Dried butterfly. Tiny key. Flattened bell. Faded cornflower. They all look at me sadly. And I almost cry. So I want eternal summer. But that doesn't happen.
I leave them alone and run to the clearing behind the house. I know that dandelions still grow there. I grab a sunny flower and run back before it has time to turn gray and scatter in the wind. I put a bright yellow lump in my hiding place and bury it back under the bird cherry roots. May the sun always shine there until next summer.

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