How big of a dance floor do i need

How to Keep the Dance Floor Packed All Night Long

No one wants an empty dance floor at their reception. Here's how to start the party—and keep it going strong.

Pictures by Katie

Here's one wedding nightmare you might not think of until it's too late: an empty dance floor. You've booked the band or DJ, planned your playlist and specifically carved out time for dancing—so why isn't anybody on the dance floor? You don't want to force people to get out there, but, like, seriously, why isn't anybody dancing? Trust us, if you follow our advice, you won't have to deal with this wedding reception dilemma. Your guests will find their way to the dance floor naturally and willingly (and that's an understatement). Here are the 11 best ways to ensure a packed and lively dance floor the entire night. Let the party begin!

1. Set the Mood Early

Cocktail hour is a great time to get the party going. Consider hiring specialty performers. Entertainment like a mariachi band, jazz trio, bluegrass group or barbershop quartet will energize the crowd postceremony and get everyone in the mood to celebrate. Look to your love story when deciding on specialty music: Hire a brass quintet if you met in marching band, an accordion player if you took an unforgettable trip to Paris together, or get a steel drummer in honor of your upcoming Caribbean honeymoon. The main idea is to make sure your guests aren't noshing and drinking in silence.

2. Make Sure There's Enough Space

Small dance floors are too cramped and big ones make people too self-conscious. Here's a good rule of thumb: There should be at least three square feet of dance floor space for every two guests. So, if you have 150 guests, you would need a 15' x 15' dance floor; 200 guests would be about an 18' x 18' area; 400 guests calls for about 25' x 25' of space. Ask your reception site about adding on extra flooring if the standard seems too small. And one more thing—make your dance floor the focal point of the room, not tucked into a corner. By highlighting it, you send guests the message that dancing will be a big part of the evening.

3. Align Your Seating Chart

Seat friends and family who love to dance closest to the dance floor. They'll be more likely to get up and start moving early if they have easy access. And once they're out there, others will follow (some people just need a little encouragement). As for your more elderly guests, do them a favor and keep them away from the speakers. They'll appreciate it. Mind your decibel levels too. You want your friends and family out there dancing, but you also want your nondancing guests to be able to enjoy themselves without having to yell. Talk to your musicians about how they plan to handle volume and accoustics within your reception space.

4. Skip the iPod Idea

You may have the most genius playlist in mind, but there's a reason why DJs and bands are so common at weddings—they're pros at reading and interacting with the crowd, and adjusting to their mood throughout the evening. They're there to ensure everyone is dancing and having an amazing time (so you don't have to). Besides, do you really want a friend or family member getting up to grab the microphone all night to announce your cake cutting and bouquet toss? Didn't think so. If you do your homework, you'll find a band or DJ in your price range who fits your style. Trust us—it's worth the money knowing your guests will be entertained all evening.

5. Don't Limit the Genre

Even if you both truly love indie rock, there's a good percentage of your guests who probably haven't heard of Modest Mouse and won't appreciate it like you will. A playlist made up entirely of '80s dance music, rap or country is the same story. Don't get us wrong, including your favorite genre at your wedding is great, but it's important to include a little mix of everything—that way there's a little something for everyone. Your wedding is a celebration of your relationship—one that probably involves music—but it's also a time to share with your extended family. Keep them in mind when developing your playlist. Throw grandparents a nod with Frank Sinatra and give your aunts and uncles a chance to dance to a little "We Are Family"(unless you're truly averse). Seeing them enjoy the night will be well worth a few minutes of Sister Sledge.


6. Make Music Interactive

Let guests in on the fun by allowing them to request songs via the RSVP card. Or set up a poll on your wedding website and ask everyone to vote on your first dance song or the last song of the evening. You'll have everyone looking forward to the voters' choice song reveal.

7. Create a (Short) Do-Not-Play List

There's no bigger dance floor turnoff than hearing your least favorite song (ahem, "Chicken Dance"). Put together a short list of please-don't-play songs for your DJ or band to avoid. But at the same time, don't micromanage. While your music pro should know which genres you like and dislike, let them figure out the best way to mix the music.

8. Keep Your First Dance Brief

You may have fallen in love listening to "Free Bird," but imagine how long nine minutes and eight seconds will feel alone on the dance floor. (And if it's dragging for you, imagine how your guests will feel.) Pay careful attention to your favorite song's length before committing to it for your first dance. Time your song and practice dancing to it beforehand. Even four minutes can kill you if you're just rocking back and forth. If your heart is set on a certain (long) ballad, try to have it cut down to a reasonable length. Work with your DJ or band to come up with the perfect shortened version. Same goes for your parent dances too.

9. Keep Things Exciting

Surprise your guests with something unexpected, like introducing a never-seen-that-before act. Think live entertainers, like break dancers or flamenco dancers. Time it right so they make their entrance just as the toasts are wrapping up to get all your guests back up and moving on the dance floor and out of their food coma.

10. Serve Dessert (or Snacks) on the Dance Floor

Ready for this genius idea? Instead of breaking up the flow of your dance party, have your traditional cake-cutting moment earlier in the evening, say, right after toasts or your first dance, before the first course is served. That way, guests will already be seated and paying attention, while you'll still be in focused, newlywed mode (not trying to get low during "Shout"). Then, once the party gets going, have your caterer pass perfect bites of cake around the dance floor, instead of serving plated slices at people's seats or way in the back at a designated dessert table.

11. Dance!

Here's the simple truth: The most fun weddings are those at which the newlyweds are having an absolute blast. Set an example for everyone by getting your happy selves out there as soon as possible. Your guests will notice and be more likely to join you when they see how much fun you're having. And when in doubt, enlist your wedding party. Your reception will be a long, busy evening, so let your crew know beforehand how important it is to you that your guests dance, and ask them to lead the movement to the floor. That way, if you do get caught up talking to guests, they'll have your back.

Ready to turn your wedding into a party? Search bands and DJs right here.



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DANCE FLOOR for our wedding or corporate event- How big to go?

When planning a wedding reception, party, or corporate event and hiring a DJ, most clients have visions of a non-stop dance party.

Regardless of what else is on the agenda, the goal inevitably at some point (if not the main focal point) is to get as many guests on the dance floor as possible for as long as possible.

They imagine all they have to do is hire an amazing DJ, and their floor will magically be packed all night!

Yes, we believe it’s crucial to hire an experienced & talented DJ with great room awareness, but even the best DJ can only work so much magic if the logistics of the room are working directly against them.

A common oversight from clients when planning their wedding or corporate event is overestimating how big the dance floor needs to be in the room or event venue in relation to the number of guests.  Another mistake is not renting an actual square dance floor because they venue floor is already made of wood, concrete etc..

If room layout and dance floor size are planned incorrectly,  the dance party can sadly look like this:

At Hey Mister DJ, we specialize in keeping dance floors constantly packed in Los Angeles and the greater Southern California area. 
It’s our specialty, but there are many factors which will help or hinder the our ability to create and maintain dancing.

Room size, lighting levels, guest count, timeline floor, bar & photobooth placement etc.. which all play a crucial role in funneling guests where you want them moment by moment.

For today we are just talking specifically about dance floor SIZE and placement.

In a nutshell…the key points are these:

  • A small floor that is packed and hard to get onto always looks better than a giant floor you can’t quite fill.
  • A dance floor that is too far removed from the dinner area or logistically hard to get to may end up empty.
  • A room that has no dance floor and instead just an open wood/concrete floor is confusing to guests.

Clients always worry about if the floor will be big enough, but if you have guests dancing on the carpet that is a happy problem. In other words, the larger the dance floor the harder it is to keep it full and create the appearance of a rocking party.

Does this look inviting to you?

With these, there is no lighting on the actual floor itself and no perimeter to define where dancing begins or ends it still feels intimidating and uncomfortable to the eye.

Guests need the dance floor area to be clearly defined and separated from the rest of the room so they feel comfortable.  

With this next one, they did a great job lighting the perimeter of the room, but again, the dance floor has no defined beginning or end.  In this situation we’d use pattern & wash lighting to help create a perimeter in lieu of an actual dance floor boarder.

Lighting can help to offset this problem (See our BLOG) “Why dance floor lighting matters” but clearly defining the area you want guests to dance is always a plus and helps draw them in. Human nature dictates that people like clear direction and containment, it’s just how the brain works.
When you have 4 corners it’s easy for the brain to day “I should dance here” but when you have an open space it creates anxiety because the brain can’t map where the space begins or ends.

Now, let’s look at a room that has placed down a dance floor that is the appropriate size in relation to the room and lit it nicely to make it appealing and inviting.  They even used couches for framing and to fill in “dead” space in the room instead of adding more tiles to the floor. Your wedding planner or room designer will usually have ideas on how to utilize furniture, lighting, pipe & drape, and other elements to make a big room feel more cozy and inviting.

Keep in mind that you will maybe have about 40% of your guests dancing at any given time.
Others may be at the bar, conversing, bathroom, photo booth, updating their Instagram, eating dessert, etc.

Our Jewish wedding or Mitzvah clients are usually concerned with doing an amazing HORA (group) dance and want enough space for everyone.  But it’s a critical mistake to build a dance floor that accommodates the entire guest count for only those 10 minutes when we will be struggling the rest of the night to keep it filled.

If during the HORA some guests are on the carpet, it’s totally fine!

One of the most common situations that put clients in this challenging position is when they book a venue that is too large for their guest count.  Once the venue figures out how many tables they need and exact placement, they realize they have too much dead space, so start adding extra tiles to the dance floor to fill in space.  Now you have a HUGE floor that you’ll never be able to fill with enough guests, but the edges of the room don’t look as empty.

It’s ok to have some empty space on the perimeters of the room.  Here’s another great example of a room with a dance floor that is an appropriate size in relation to total room size:

Here is a handy chart to use as a reference based on guest count assuming that roughly 40% of your guests are dancing simultaneously:

#of guests      # of dancers      Size of dance floor

60                        14-20                 10 x 10

100                      32-40                 12 x12

150                     50-70                15 x 15

200                     78-90                18 x 18

The industry standard suggests that each wedding will need 9 sq ft per couple (that’s over 4.5 ft per person).   Example: Let’s assume a party has 200 guests. 40%, or 80 guests, will be dancing at any one time. This means that you would need approximately 360 square feet of dance floor for this party, or about a 16×20 dance floor.

If you figure 40 of 100 guests will dance, then you need about a 200 square foot dance floor. If you double that for 200 guests you would need a 400 square foot dance floor. With 300 guests you need a 600 foot dance floor.  You can see how easily that rule could get out of hand.
(When it comes to choosing your dance floor size, we have found that a 12’x12’ dance floor usually accommodates a small to medium size wedding or event. That’s 144 square feet)

However, you do have to consider other factors like the age of your guests, and how many people you really think will be dancing at one time.

Keep in mind that every event has 3 times of people:

  • Group #1: I will dance for sure no matter what! (The party starters- small in numbers but reliable)
  • Group #2: I most likely will NOT dance (Although with enough alcohol…)
  • Group #3: I am unsure/on the fence but might dance if the situation is ideal (usually the largest # of guests)

This last group is who we should always be thinking about when designing a room/event venue for a wedding, party or corporate event. Group #3 is saying “well, if I feel comfortable enough and the energy is good I will possibly jump on board” so the room must always be setup in a way that maximizes the potential for them to join.

So take this dance party for example:

If you count, there are about 45 people on the floor, and they are clearly having fun.

But because the entire room is a wood floor and there are no corners telling guests where the dance floor ends, they all spread out, and consequently it looks like it’s not a packed floor and thus not as much energy in the room as possible.

Now compare that to this dance party:

Notice that there are only about 20 people on this floor.  Almost HALF less than the previous photo but it appears to have more energy because everyone is grouped together tight because they are on a rental dance floor that has defined edges.

There is also much better lighting in this room which helps add additional energy visually.

To Recap: Hey Mister DJ always recommends having some type of dance floor for every event…even when the venue has a natural concrete or wood floor.   Again, the reason is that the perimeter creates what we call “defined space” that draws people in and helps ensure more dancing. An open area is “undefined space” and often guests feel uncomfortable dancing in such an area.

Here’s a few venues in Los Angeles area we play often that always get the dance floor size right:  

It’s counter-intuitive but when you have a SMALLER dance floor, you are likely to get MORE people dancing.   Now go out and have the best dance party ever!

Are you searching for an amazing DJ/MC for your wedding?
We service the following areas in Southern California:
Greater Los Angeles, Malibu, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Ventura, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West side, Valley, Downtown, Santa Barbara, Orange County, Anaheim, Palos Verdes, Pacific Palisades and more.

See a full list of the venues we work with often HERE

Ultimate club guide Berghain Live Berlin View from the capital of Europe

Berghain is the premier nightclub in Berlin and the world. It has a luxurious sound and a magical atmosphere, but it is mainly famous for its long queue at the entrance and ruthless and unpredictable face control. Suffice it to say that the name of the chief face controller of the club, Sven Marquardt, is widely known, there is an article about him on Wikipedia, you can find numerous interviews in publications in any language.

The most famous techno musicians and DJs on the planet perform in the club, but the club surpasses them all in celebrity. It is not an honor for the club to become a venue for the performance of a famous musician - it is an honor for a famous musician to play in Berghain.

Ordinary clubs have the concept of a headliner: say, from three to five in the morning the main guest star plays, and the rest of the time - some less significant guys. Only significant guys perform in Berghain, and their coolness is not taken into account in the schedule.

A couple of years ago, Berghain was recognized as a cultural institution and transferred to reduced taxation along with concert halls and exhibitions.

Berghain occupies this building of a former power plant:

Club Berghain. Photo: Ilya Birman

It's absolutely huge. There is only a two-story wardrobe.

I have been to Berghain three times. In this note, I tried to collect everything I know about the club so that you can understand if you need to go there, and if you already know what you need, it’s better to know what awaits you.


When I talk about Berghain, I mean the main thing that happens there - the "Club Night" (Klubnacht) parties. There are some other events, but they do not have such cultural significance.

The party starts at midnight from Saturday to Sunday and continues until Monday morning. It seems strange, but this is one continuous party, lasting more than thirty hours.

Klubnacht is pure and uncompromising techno.

During the party, you can enter and exit the club as many times as you like - you have a seal on your hand, with which you are let in without a queue and face control.

To choose a party, go to the "Program" section on the club's website. Usually the lineup is published a month and a half ahead - you can safely choose and fly on the desired weekend.

How to get there

The nearest train stops to the club are S3, S5, S7, S9 - Ostbahnhof and Warschauer Straße; metro U1 and U3 Warschauer Straße; trams M10 and M13 S Warschauer Straße:

Image: Ilya Birman

The closest walk from the tram is about seven minutes, the farthest from the metro. It seems to be about the same from electric trains.

The entrance to the club is located on this side:

Image: Ilya Birman

I marked the queue with a red wavy line. It's funny that Google's chupachups is not on the building itself, but approximately in the place where the queue begins (if it is more or less short).

Of course, there is no sign anywhere.


I recommend arriving at the start of the party or even early, at 23 Saturdays. Most likely, the queue at this time will already be solid, and for at least half an hour it will not move at all, but even with this in mind, it can turn out faster. There is a legend that at the very beginning the face control is especially strict and the chance to pass is minimal, but there are a hundred such leftist legends.

Even if a musician of particular interest to you is playing on Sunday evening, it makes sense to come to the beginning. Just leave after receiving the seal on your hand and return whenever you want - you won't have to queue again (more on that below).

If you approach the club from Warschauer Straße, you will inevitably pass by the entrance itself and the face control. Immediately confidently go to the end of the line. As far as I understand, the main thing that concerns face control is that you are your own, “in the subject”. If you try to approach the door, ask, they say, where is it, I think they will remember you and your chance to pass will decrease.

They let people in slowly, which is why they have to wait so long. You can stand for a minute or two right in front of the entrance and the face controller, wait for your fate, having no idea what is in his head, and only then hear the cherished Come or the signature Not today along with a gesture pointing towards the Warschauer Strasse.

They say that such a slow entry is an artificial delay in the queue to maintain the aura of the club's inaccessibility. But I don't believe in it. It seems to me that they simply dose out the load on security, the cashier and the wardrobe. The club needs time to "digest" the incoming flow.

Face control

There are a lot of articles on the Internet about how to look and behave in order to be let in. They are vague and contradictory, because there is no answer to this question. The same person is sometimes allowed, and sometimes not. Even in shoes, tights and a plaid shirt, they can let you in - simply because some part of the people at the party should draw attention to themselves with their absurdity. My favorite story is when one day DJs Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klok were not allowed in, the former of whom plays very often in Berghain and is published on his label.

The only recommendation I believe in is not to come drunk or in a big noisy group. But this is understandable regardless of face control. If you want to drink with friends, get together at home or in a bar.

It is unlikely that Sven Marquardt himself will let you in or not, but for the first few hours of Saturday night he constantly hangs out somewhere in the doorway, so you will surely be able to look at the legendary man up close.

Sven Marquardt, 2015. Photo added to the Living Berlin text. Photo: Lesekreis / Wikipedia

During my three trips, I noticed that I was almost the only one in line who moved to the music that you could already hear from inside when you were standing the last couple of tens of meters. But it’s more natural for me, I don’t specifically try to control it. Only when there are already a couple of people left in front of me, I stand up straight. I also take off my hood and hat at this moment - they will still ask, and I sort of demonstrate that I know the rules. I can't imagine if it affects anything.

By the way, the music that you hear at the entrance is not from the dance floor, but from the Panorama Bar. On the dance floor, everything is much tougher.

Don't cheat on face control: pretend that you don't know the person you've been chatting with for the last two hours in line, or hold a friend's hand while pretending to be a couple (supposedly gays are more welcome; this is nonsense).

There is a myth that face control will talk to you in order to understand something about you. Or ask to unbutton your clothes to see what you came in. There is even a “Berghain face control simulator” - a type of video where you need to answer questions correctly and then they tell you whether you pass or not. The “face controller” (actually, horseradish from the mountain) is near the closed door and without a queue around asks why you have come, who is playing today, and so on. This is the ultimate nonsense. I have never seen anyone questioned or undressed; the lineup generally hangs on the door.

The only questions asked of me or anyone in front of me were: ein? zwei? drei? This is if they did not understand what kind of composition you are, and want to make sure. And yes, if they have already heard that you do not speak German, they ask this question in English. There is also a myth that face control does not like when they do not speak German. Well hell knows. Of course, I say danke, but only after they let me in.

In general, relax. This is a lottery.


If they didn't let you in, don't argue or swear. Also, do not pretend that you do not understand or are terribly surprised. By doing this, you only strengthen the image of a person “out of touch”. You need to be internally fully prepared to accept a refusal as soon as you receive it, and only then think about what to do with it.

Once the girl was not allowed in, but she just went inside past the face controllers. She was taken out by the hand. Once two girls were not allowed in, they moved a couple of meters away from the entrance, but did not go anywhere. After some time, one of them was called and asked to show documents, they talked about something, and then both were invited inside. What happened there - I don't know.

Read my note about how I got through when they didn't let me in.

Respect face control and be friendly at all times. They do not wish you harm. They carefully select people to make the party great. And they are good at it.

Shmon, cash desk

When you were let in, the following three steps of entry await you: shmon, cash desk and wardrobe.

When you come to security, don't be stupid: unzip your jacket, take out your wallet and phone. Be prepared for a total search: you will be probed everywhere, they will crawl into each compartment of your wallet.

Stickers will be put on all phone cameras: you cannot take pictures inside. Therefore, you will hardly find photos on the Internet. Respect people's right to have fun without cameras around.

One significant inconvenience is connected with this: on the tenth iPhones, the face ID stops working. It turns out that entering a password every time is an impossibly annoying hurdle.

After security - cash desk. In 2016, the entrance cost 16 €, in 2018 - 18 €. Draw your own conclusions!

I forgot to find out if it is possible to pay by card, but for some reason I am sure that it is only in cash. In general, just in case, have cash with you. They will give you change. After payment, you will get a stamp in your hand, with which you can enter the club without a queue and payment until the end of the party.


After the cash desk you enter a large room with a wardrobe. It's worth noting that most of the other clubs I've been to are entirely smaller than this space alone.

When I was in Berghain for the first time, I got some kind of number like 1540 in the wardrobe and went crazy with this number. But last time I discovered that the wardrobe, it turns out, has a second floor, which I had not even paid attention to before. That day I was given a number 3755.

In the wardrobe hall there are armchairs and all sorts of cubes where you can put things while you change. Of course, there are no changing cabins, everything is in plain sight. If you need to take off your everyday underpants and put on formal leather ones, then you do it right here.

It costs €1.5 to donate clothes to the wardrobe. Paid wardrobe is a very common practice in nightclubs. This is to make you think better. If you need something that you forgot in your jacket pocket, you will have to pay again. If you get hot and want to add something, you will have to pay again.

Just film everything that you are basically ready to film in public and turn it in. This thought may be hard to accept if you've just stood in the cold for three hours, but just trust me, you won't be cold. Most likely, you will be hot anyway.

The wardrobe number is tied to a string and can be conveniently hung around the neck.

Second and subsequent entrances

When you already have a seal and you are returning to the club, ignore the queue and go straight to the entrance. On Sunday afternoon, even from such returning people with seals, a small queue forms, but it is unlikely that you will have to stand there for more than ten minutes.

Face control will let you in, just show the seal. You just have to go through the search again. For a wardrobe, of course, you will also have to pay anew.


Dress in a way that you feel comfortable moving around and don't mind getting dirty. And wear comfortable shoes that you don't mind trampling on.

Guys. If you don't have the task of drawing attention to yourself with your outfit, wear black jeans or trousers and a T-shirt. A T-shirt is better with thin straps - it will already be hot in a T-shirt. If you are comfortable being left without a top at all, then great. I feel more physically comfortable in a light T-shirt, and I just really like the one I was wearing the last time. If you are ready to stay without pants, you can take some shorts with you or stay in shorts altogether. It is possible without panties, but this is not for everybody.

Girls. It's harder for me to give advice. Depending on the degree of emancipation, you can wear a T-shirt and jeans, or you can only have underpants. From the outside, it seems that it is convenient for those who wear light tops. There are also all kinds of sports underwear: colored underpants, bras and overalls; swimwear or something similar. Looks less provocative than ordinary underwear, and probably comfortable. Some girls wear hip bags. Apparently, this is the only place where you can store your phone if there are no pockets in your clothes.

Don't think that there are a lot of naked people here, no, just naked people, of course, pay more attention to themselves. The last time I visited, of those parts of the body that are customary to cover, I counted sixty nipples (f. ) and two penises. Compare these numbers with my wardrobe number to understand the proportion. Most people look normal. But staring or being surprised at the unusual appearance of people is not accepted. No matter how you dress, it's okay here.

You don't need sunglasses.


Smoking in the club. Even right on the dance floor, in a dense crowd. It's terrible, but what can you do. There is ventilation, but it seems that it is turned on in a very dosed way so that people are more willing to undress.

All your clothes after the club will be smoky. If you do not have the opportunity to wash it right away, it makes sense to take a garbage bag somewhere and put all the clothes that have been in Berghain into a bag to isolate it from the rest of the clothes and from the backpack:

If you smoke, you will not understand these problems. On the other hand, you have plenty of others.

Dance floor, sound and light

From the wardrobe you go to another room on the ground floor. Most of it is occupied by a bar and back streets, about them later. But right in front of you there will be a huge statue and a staircase going up, towards about the level of the third floor. That's where the dance floor is located.

There are six sound sources. Four “towers” ​​of speakers on the sides stand on the floor, and additional speakers hang in front and behind at a height of five meters above the dance floor, thanks to which all the tops are heard in detail. I recommend positioning somewhere in the middle line between the rear and front "towers" - there the sound is best:

Image: Ilya Birman

In the back of the dance floor, there are three such areas raised by half a meter (indicated by thin rectangles). The middle one has an awesome sound and you look at everyone from above. Comfortable.

The sound is wonderful, and after Berghain in other clubs you feel cheated.

Tops. The tops do not tear your ears, while every detail is heard very clearly. There is a normal stereo sound, all the details have volume! Surprisingly, it is quite possible to hear each other right in the center of the dance floor, if, of course, you speak loudly and close to your ear. Almost everywhere in other clubs, the tops sound dirty and interfere with talking, and when you leave the club in the morning you feel that your ears have been pierced and you can’t hear shit for about an hour. I used to think that it was a matter of loudness, but it turns out that it is a matter of quality: from Berghain you go out into the street - and immediately everything is fine.

Bottoms. Firstly, many ordinary clubs have brake columns. As I understand it, in order to play deep bass, you need to move a very large membrane, and sometimes it simply does not have time to move at the speed it needs. Because of this, the details in the bass are blurred, a rumble is heard instead of clarity, and sometimes there is even a feeling that the kick drum sounds later than it should. Secondly, in most clubs, in addition to speakers playing, you can also hear walls and floors shaking, tables vibrating and everything else. There is nothing like that in Berghain, you hear only music, and it's magical. Left vibrations are only audible if you go beyond the six sound sources.

I don't care about the world, and, as I understand it, neither does Berghain. In my opinion, no one is trying to somehow meaningfully shine or supplement what is happening in music with light. Of course, there are a lot of all sorts of colored lamps that somehow move, plus all sorts of patterns are sometimes projected onto the walls, but there has never been a moment when this would have made at least some impression on me. It's cool only when they turn on a lot of light in losses or between performances, and you can see how beautiful everyone is around.

There will be a lot of people on the dance floor, and, oddly enough, on the second night there will be much more people than on the first. You will be hurt, you will be hurt. You will be touched by sweaty people, people will be touched by sweaty you. Someone accidentally spills water on you. People will step on your feet, and you will step on someone else. Apologize and you will be smiled at. Accept others' apologies with a smile. It's all high, take it. Just be careful not to hit anyone's cigarette.

It's always dark on the dance floor, even on Sunday afternoon - the windows are closed with something. The whole party is the night.


Here is a typical Clubnacht schedule, which I was on last time:

Screenshot from the Berghain website

As I wrote, the lineup is usually known for a month and a half, but the club publishes the exact schedule only a couple of days before the party . You can plan when you will dance and when you will sleep.

Usually a party consists of a sequence of DJ sets lasting three to four hours, but sometimes there are live events. All the lives that I met in their schedules were from 4 to 5 in the morning from Saturday to Sunday. For some reason, it's always exactly one o'clock, and for some reason at that time.

The DJ plays his set non-stop, but the sets don't mix together. When one's time is up, he gradually puts on lighter music, often without a beat at all; the lighters turn on more light - all this gives a certain solemnity to the change of DJs. People applaud the outgoing and incoming DJ at the same time. A new DJ usually starts his set with something mysterious, also without a beat, the light gradually goes out, and everyone is waiting for what will happen next. And then there will be the next four hours of movement.

Panorama Bar

If you go up the big staircase on the side of the dance floor to about 4 floors and go forward, you will get to the Panorama Bar. The windows of this bar offer a panorama of the queue to the club!

Panorama is the largest of Berghain's bars and the only one with music. It has its own lineup, which is published in the same way as the lineup of the main dance floor.

Since the music on it never attracted me, I never even made my way into its middle, so I have little idea what is happening inside. There are sofas around the perimeter, or rather, something similar to long benches, where you can sit or lie down.

Bars, nooks and crannies

There are a few more bars and many nooks and crannies.

On the first floor, where there is an entrance and a wardrobe, if you don't go up the stairs to the dance floor, but go left, there is a large area with a bar, seats and nooks and crannies. There is a roar from the dance floor.

At the level of the dance floor, to the right of it, there is a large bar, there are many sofas and there is also a large swing in the form of a platform three by three meters, suspended on chains. There, people lazily lie on top of each other and sway.

From there, a small ladder leads up somewhere. Next to it is, it seems, the only sign in the entire club - "Eis bar" (Eis bar). Yes, if you go up there, there is an ice cream bar. Tired and satisfied people also sit and lie in it.

On the opposite side of the dance floor there is a small bar at the entrance to the toilet. There are also a lot of places to sit around and a lot of people.

On the floor where the Panorama bar is located, there are a huge number of chill-out zones, including one where there is almost complete silence and light. Among all these zones there is one more bar. There are more nooks and crannies around the Panorama Bar and around this one more bar.

One of the chill-out areas is two-story, and from it there is an exit to the balcony that hangs over the Panorama Bar. It is dark on this balcony and there is where to lie down.

I don't know what they sell in bars. There is no food there, it seems that only some people take chips sometimes. I am not interested in alcohol. And in Germany they drink water from the tap (see toilets below), so it makes no sense to go to a bar for it.

Nooks and crannies are dark places where people just lie, talk, have sex, or otherwise have a good time.

But besides the numerous nooks and crannies, Berghain has Dark Rooms. Here I completely screwed up: I found out about them after I visited the club three times, where I had no idea about their existence. The legend says that it is impossible to find them, only someone can drag you there. Allegedly, in some inconspicuous places there are dark, dark passages to rooms where it is absolutely dark, and there all the most indecent things take place. In general, if you are in a club, look.


Toilets, as is often the case in nightclubs, are not segregated by gender. They are mostly large and seem to be the brightest places in the club. There you can also see how beautiful everything is.

In addition to the lockable cubicles, there are open areas with wash basins and a long urinal. There is an eternal queue. Urinals give the guys a significant advantage: there is enough for everyone, but the stalls are always busy. The girls have to wait a long time, although the bravest ones don't hesitate to use the urinals either (if this information shocks you, then you probably shouldn't go to Berghain).

Most of all I went to the toilet to wash and drink. You collect palms full of water, pour it on your head. Then you drink again. Ready for the next exit to the dance floor.

Sometimes people lock themselves in booths of 3-4 people. As far as I understand, they take something forbidden there. I'm not up to date. But there is nothing to worry about: no one will try to feed you something. Just take care of yourself.

Safety and comfort

From my description, you might get the impression that there are quite a few strange people doing strange things. This may give rise to a feeling of insecurity: it is not clear what to expect from such people.

I don't know. For all the time in Berghain, I never once had the feeling that I was in danger. I did not see any fight, or verbal skirmish, or even just people who would look at each other with displeasure; I did not see anyone harassing anyone; I haven't seen people who look like they need help.

In general, it seems to me that free people who do not care, but just do what they want, is normal, not strange. It is strange, on the contrary, that one has to go to special places for this.

I don't know anything about drugs and their effects - it just so happens that this part of life bypassed me completely. Therefore, I cannot even estimate what part of the people there accept something. But I did not see a single person who seemed inadequate to me or whom it would be unpleasant for me to come into contact with.

I haven't seen a single guard in Berghain yet.

As far as comfort is concerned, this is simply not the place where people come for everyday comfort. It is normal that some types of entertainment, especially bodily, are associated with discomfort. When you go snowboarding, you can freeze or get hurt, and when hiking, people generally live in tents.

Of course there is no Wi-Fi in the club. But cellular communication catches well.

Ilya Birman ■

How I got to Berghain

Russian designer and DJ Ilya Birman made several trips to Berlin specifically to visit the Berghain club, which he calls "the main nightclub in the world. " Once Ilya wrote a note about how he got into this club when face control refused him. Read more →

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Class 9000 9000 Grade


Ready translation Trouble With Horns / Trouble with the Horns: Chapter 5 - Dancefloor . From what others have told me, this city was an important stop for the cargo barges that brought timber downriver before they reached the capital downstream. Due to the city's strategic importance, it had a rather large stone wall compared to its population. The stone caught the red rays of the sunset in a very beautiful manner and I found myself smiling at the scene.

Apparently there were three reasons for the existence of the walls, wars with other nations, deterrence from raids by savage tribes and from the flight of thieves with precious goods, the biggest reason of them... Creatively named dark lands in the south. A chain of low, rough mountains that seemed to have a permanent cover of mist flowing through its many jagged valleys. These mist-drenched valleys brought terrors that forced even the hardiest adventurers to stay under the protection of the city at night.

The thought of mist swirling at night, hiding death and horror... well, I was very grateful to have found Jill and Aurugma's group. Being outside in shit like this would suck. I didn't want to be eaten by some creepy horror.

When we got to the gate, the guards only glanced at us and let us inside. They looked very bored, so I assumed that there were not many barriers to entry into this city. As soon as we were inside, I was treated to a spectacle that you see in many anime on this subject. Directly outside the walls was the market square, where people lazily gathered during the day. The Inhumans were freely roaming around, so there seemed to be a high chance that I could use my demonic form if I wanted to, what a relief.

- We are going to leave the wagon that Augurm has been pulling for two days at our guild house and then go to the inn to stay overnight. Jill told me as I walked beside her.

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow, “Won’t you stay at the guild house?”

She shook her head, “No. Our Guild is expanding too fast. The house is too small and usually only used for storage with a few guards stopping there to stop break-ins from other guilds. Most of us have settled in nearby inns, many of which are our own. Which makes me ask, did you help us today. We might have lost one or two of our men, but we came out with minor injuries because you helped with these giants. Do you want us to pay for your room tonight?"

I hesitated for a second, realizing that yes, I have no money, and if it wasn't for Jill's generosity, I would be sleeping in the alley. Damn, I needed a source of income!

- Please! I said, nodding enthusiastically.

Jill gave me a knowing smile, but made no comment on my apparent lack of a plan to come here.

Traveling around the city was pleasant, and their guild was quite close to the gate through which we entered. The guild house itself was a fairly standard medieval town house with a small warehouse occupying the back of the lot. A short passage led us to a warehouse, where the group began unloading crates of goods from a small cart. It didn't take long, and once everything was neatly stacked against the wall, we hurried on again. They had been driving for several days, and they were itching to get back on their feet and have something to drink.

They chose a hotel a hundred meters down the street and we all stumbled through the door. I was the last to enter and almost immediately was stunned by what I found. Now, usually when you imagine a medieval fantasy tavern, you think of a big wooden bar with a gray-haired old man behind it. You think of the rough wooden tables strewn about, the straw strewn across the ground, and the smoke from the stove billowing through the low rafters.

There was nothing like this here, except for a large wooden bar. It's like someone transplanted the club from the city center into this world and then gave it fantasy. There was even a mirror behind the bar, where bottles of expensive-looking liquor stood on the shelves. In the corner stood a stage on which an orchestra played. The dance floor occupied a decent piece of floor in front of the stage. There were even semi-circular booths along the walls and high tables with tall stools in the center of the room.

Fantasy elements come with the theme and decor. It was not made of metal and plastic, but of wood and crude steel. Trophies from dungeons and boss kills hung from the high ceiling and walls. Lighting was provided by magical lamps that wandered aimlessly under the ceiling like fireflies. The bar was a huge piece of wood carved in the shape of a Chinese dragon.

I just adored him. I already adored this whole setting. This was my place!

“Wow,” I breathed as I followed Jill and the others to a large booth at the end of the hall.

- Seeing an adventure hotel for the first time? she asked with a knowing smile.

- Yes. Oh yeah. First day in the game. That is so cool! But why is this so? I thought the developers were really into their immersion and knowledge and such? - I asked.

She chuckled as I was ushered into the next booth, “That's right, because it belongs to an adventurer. An incredible woman named Darb. She decided she was tired of doing things differently and made this place instead. There are even actual toilets. She paid a few magicians a nice penny each to make them, let me tell you. This idea also spread, even to the capital.”

- Wow! I love it. I'm so engrossed. What is this music? I asked while looking at a group of people who were obviously adventurers too.

Pretty good. Some songs you may recognize outside of the game, some you may not recognize inside the game. They fought for a while until someone changed a spell meant to deal sonic damage into a sonic amplifying spell. You will see it when they start playing. Big blue balls that pulsate. All this, frankly, is very impressive. she said softly.

- Yes wow. I'm definitely impressed. I said, looking forward to music and drinks.

At that moment, Augurm walked up to the table where everyone was chatting and said: “I paid for the rooms. Darb says hi to Jill. Now I must go and find my chair."

After the report, he again walked away, slightly shaking the room with his steps. Grabbing a larger chair from a pile in the corner, he dragged it towards us and sat down with a dull thud. I thought it was a good thing that this Lady Darb thought about how to accommodate the larger races.

When he sat down and was happy, Augurm leaned over impatiently: “she told you about this place, didn't she? But did she tell you that Darb is her sister? They have an awesome duet. "

- Oh really? - I asked, addressing the question to Jill.

- Yes. I won't walk around even though we talked about it. That would be rude,” she said, her eyes flashing.

We chatted in the booth for a few minutes before an NPC waitress came over and asked us if we wanted anything. For the Party, we ordered a bunch of food that was offered that day, as well as drinks for everyone. The drinks were another surprise.

There was one or two sweet drinks, as well as traditional mead, ale and wine. Jill promised there would be more in the future, but it would take time to put into circulation. I got half a pint of honey to get drunk but not drunk when the dance floor opens. Nobody wanted to dance with the drunken disaster I used to turn into when I got drunk.

It was incredibly interesting to talk to this group. Their guild was a strange hybrid of pve and mercantilism. They had hands that were focused on meeting the modern needs of adventurers who discovered that, in fact, toilet paper was a must. The solutions they came up with were incredibly interesting. The toilets were magical in the sense that even though it had been explained many times by the enthusiastic young magician, I still didn't understand.

The guy seemed more interested in impressing me, and in a strange way I appreciated his interest. He didn't interest me because he was a dude, but the thought that I was worthy of being hit on by that polite, nervous magician was cool.

It was during his enthusiastic explanation of the light above us that I saw someone who really caught my attention. The chick who greeted me so rudely as soon as I entered the game was now sitting alone at the bar drinking one of those sugary drinks I mentioned earlier.

I watched with interest as she tossed her long fiery hair aside to reach her purse, extracting it from the many folds of her strange attire. My glass remained halfway between the table and my mouth as I watched her take a sip, then put down her drink and unbutton her robe around her neck.

My heart did a little backflip for a moment as my imagination ran wild, but I was disappointed. She let the robe fall to her waist, where it was stopped from falling completely by a belt. She tied it at the back with a clasp to keep it out of the way. Instead of being topless, which was my imagination, she was wearing a tight tank top, as well as what seemed to be a real bra. I envied the bra. Well, I was jealous of the bra for where it was, but also because I wanted real support for those new boobs of mine.

Her incredible orange eyes met mine, a spark as she lifted her head, and it was as if we had just been connected by hot lightning. She looked away quickly, but I saw her eyes widen in the realization of the moment, as did mine. The unwelcome memory of her cheeky behavior this morning left me breathless. Damn it, she was attractive.

When I managed to take my eyes off her, I found that Jill was watching me with a cheerful expression.

- Do I have to tell Chester you're not interested? she whispered in my ear.

- Oh, his name is Chester? I casually asked, trying to hide my embarrassment at being caught.

- Indeed. she chuckled softly, leaning back with a cheerful expression.

- Don't judge me. I retorted automatically.

- Oh, I'm not judging at all. I have absolutely no problem with lesbians, and anyone who does... I'll point Aurugma to them. she said, grinning wickedly, then turned to Aurughm, "Aurugm right?"

Lesbian? I was a guy in real life, so I was straight, right? Right? I had no idea how to be a lesbian. To do this, I had to shave the side, right? And very large leather boots.

- Hmm? Aurum boomed, turning in his chair to look at Jill.

- If any of our young friends start to resent the fact that our new friend is a lesbian, will you impale them with your giant spear? she said with a gallows grin.

Damn, that woman was scary!

- Yes. I will take care of it. he said, mirroring her expression for a moment before giving me a softer one, “If you have any problems, I will fix it. With the same prejudice they showed you."

- EM... stop. Wow, thanks guys, I said, blushing slightly at how my new friends were closing ranks around me so quickly. They were good people.

“No problem sister,” Jill said, squeezing my shoulder.

After that, it became much easier for me to talk. Chester stopped explaining the details of the magical toilets to me and instead turned to the girl with the many knives, who occasionally gave him longing glances.

Food and drink came and we got stuck. It was good food, not the best, but it was Fantasyland and you couldn't just order a spice you forgot and have it show up on your doorstep ten minutes later by little happiness delivery men.

Unfortunately for my new friends, I was not the best conversationalist. I couldn't help myself as my eyes and attention continued to drift towards the fiery haired girl, as if she was exerting some sort of attraction specifically for me. I watched her pretty coolly turn down some dude who drank too much, but other than that she kept to herself, her food and her drink. I wanted to talk to her, but at that moment I was too scared. The whole thing with the girl made my usual self-confidence shake a little.

By the time we finished our meal and my glass was empty, the band started playing and a few regulars started dancing on the floor in front of them. The music was really a mixture of things I knew from the outside of the game and things that were created inside. I caught myself smiling and moving slightly along with a few songs. I had problems with music. This problem was that if the track had a good rhythm, I couldn't stop myself from moving and tapping along with it. If I had not caught myself in time, then in a few moments I would already be halfway to the dance floor.

Jill, noticing that I was jumping to the beat, and with a knowing laugh, stepped aside with a playful bow so that I could leave the booth. I thanked her with a pleased and guilty expression and quickly slipped out to let her sit back down. I went down to the dance floor with anxiety and great excitement. I always had friends when I was dancing in a club or something like that, but I really really wanted to be there right now, so I told the little knot of fear in my stomach to go fuck. I wanted to see how this body moves!

I stood on the edge and closed my eyes for a moment, feeling the rhythm and letting my body move a little as he liked, and then opened my eyes with a smile. Hell yes, let's do it. I was hot, I was excited. It's time to disgrace!

I melted into these movements, allowing my new body to show me how it loves to move when the bass beats through it. Some of my normal movements slipped in, but it all seemed to work, so I just let my mind go. Fuck everyone else I just wanted to have some fun! After a couple of songs, I found my rhythm and happily danced alone. It was strange how close this experience was to dancing in a club in the real world. Also, quite rudely, I found myself learning the difference between being on the dance floor as a guy and being on the dance floor as a girl. Some dude's hand was on my ass.

I tried to move away, but the guy followed me, rubbing against me from behind. I stopped dancing, turned around and looked up at him. I formed a universal gesture for fuck you in my fist and squished it down his nose, following him with a defiant look. His eyes widened and he looked like he was ready to stir things up and make a scene when someone stepped between us.

The fiery-haired girl was there, and she gently but firmly pushed him away, pressing her hand to her chest, then turned to me and... oh. She had a wide smug grin on her face that took my breath away. I felt pressure on my lips and realized that I was biting them quite hard. Damn it, she was so hot! I don't just mean that her hair looked like real fire. She had that attitude that made me... Well, it made me wet, which was a whole new experience...

The guy was trying to figure out if he wanted to start shitting with her right now as she pulled my hand further onto the dance floor. After making sure we had a seat, she looked into my eyes and gave me another cheeky smile before putting her hand on my waist. I didn't pull away, instead I leaned slightly towards her. I liked her hand there, though I was too overwhelmed by the warm tension in my chest and stomach to back out if I wanted to.

Finally pulling myself together, I smiled warmly in the eyes of my savior and hugged her neck, starting to dance to a new song that was already playing. I got a satisfied smile in return, and just like that we danced together, swaying and swaying to the music. My heart was pounding, partly because of the music and dancing, but mostly because this chick was awakening something in me that I didn't hope to suppress. Hell, she was great, and not only that, but she was haunting me.

She was good, a lot better than me at dancing, but it wasn't some choreographic thing where the moves were set in stone. I was here to have some fun and it looks like she was too. My arms were still around her neck, and the feel of my soft skin next to hers was incredible. My eyes slid to her neck where my hands touched them. She was long and slender, with dips and curves that just needed to be kissed.

Meanwhile, her arms tightly wrapped around my waist, making me realize how thin she is. It was so different from what I was used to. I loved that feeling as I twisted or pumped my hips and there was a lot of friction as her hands caught me. It was wonderful. I got more drunk on her than ever from drinking, and I wanted more.

As we danced, we moved closer until we were delightfully pressed against each other from chest to hips. My nerves sang with excitement, and because of her slight advantage over me in height, I found myself looking into her sparkling eyes. When I saw them, filled with a burning desire that I knew was reflected in my own gaze, I felt an instant surge of confidence.

My head lifted an inch so that our lips touched, and my perception of the world narrowed dramatically. The contact between us sang to me with a soft, raw burning feeling that I desperately craved for more. She growled into our kiss and pulled me closer to her body as her warm lips moved gently over mine. God, what did I feel? How can you kiss so damn good on the dance floor? Was it what the chicks felt all along, or was it something else?

I struggled to keep dancing when the sensation of our kiss made my skin burn with desire for her and I almost screamed in sadness when she pulled away. She turned, making her way through the crowd of dancers to the edge of the platform. Did I do something wrong? I stood there, abandoned and almost sick with disappointment, when I saw her turn to me.

Through the crowd I saw her raise an eyebrow and nod her head towards the door leading to the back of the hotel. O! I felt a sly smile bloom on my face and followed her off the dance floor. I vaguely noticed that Jill was watching me from behind her drink in the booth. She knew exactly where I was going.

Stepping out into the cool night air, I looked around for the fiery-haired girl and saw her disappear into a nook behind the stables. I was a little scared, maybe this is a trap? Is she going to try to stab me again?

As I cautiously followed her into a secluded corner, she turned around and smiled shyly. There was no sword, and I realized that at the moment she did not have any weapons at all. She must also have known that I was a melee fighter, so that was pretty brave of her.

Walking slowly towards me, she said softly, “I don't usually do this, but... you turn me on. I want you."

- Oh, - I chuckled warmly, "I thought that all this time, only I felt like that."

- Yes, definitely only you, she breathed, rolling her eyes and placing her hand on my stomach.

Attention! Further and until the end of the chapter there will be a sex scene, if you are not pleased to read this, then you can move on to the next chapter, according to the plot you will not miss anything.

She slowly pushed me back until my back was against the wall and her hand on my stomach, as it were, sent beautiful little sparks of heat radiating into my body. I reached for her hips as she leaned forward, closing the last distance between our bodies. Our lips connected with fire to match my fists and her hair as we tried to recognize each other again with warm lips and teasing tongues.

I felt a movement in my stomach as her gentle hands began to unbutton my shirt from bottom to top. Something about the way she kept kissing me with such force while concentrating on the buttons added fuel to the fire that burned in my heart. An involuntary sob escaped my throat as her slender fingers finally reached the skin of my stomach and thighs. She started drawing swirling patterns on my skin that drove me crazy. I snarled in desire and frustration at the way she teased me and tightened my grip on her hips, using that to flip us over so that our positions were reversed.

Now, with her back against the wall and not me, she hasn't lost a bit of her cockiness. Instead, she bit my bottom lip with a husky laugh. Oh, that voice of hers. It wasn't as raw and sexy as mine, but it still sent a slight shiver of anticipation down my spine.

She let go of my lip, gently running her tongue over where it was slightly swollen as her hands changed course over my burning skin. They gradually moved up until they ran into my bonds, finding them loose from the dance we shared earlier. Her fingers deftly worked on it, pulling off the wrap until she freed my boobs. Her lips pulled away from mine, and I groaned at their absence. Again, with that low and hoarse laugh, her lips fell on my neck, covering my delicate skin with slow soft kisses and down to the collarbone.

She paid special attention to her, even stopping to whisper, "You're beautiful. "

Something in my heart thumped like a drum when she called me that word, and one of my hands left her thigh of its own accord to go into her hair. Her hair was so soft and warm. They were like fire and seemed to radiate their own warmth. Or maybe that's why I was aroused.

With the new control I found in her hair, I made her kiss my breasts. That first touch of her tongue on my nipple changed my life. Changed everything. I would have fallen into the dust if she hadn't changed our positions again, pinning me against the wall again. It wasn't that my nipples were too sensitive, although the way her tongue and lips worked proved that it was true, no, it was a glow in my heart that almost brought me to my knees. I leaned back and enjoyed her attention, breathing heavily.

Oh shit, she was moving again. Her hands slid along the curves of my sides as she knelt in front of me. She looked at me through the darkness of the evening with her fiery eyes narrowed in a sly smirk, and then with one easy movement, she unbuttoned my pants. Oh god, it was all I could do to not beg her to go faster. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, she pulled them down until she had enough free access, then looked up, her expression asking for permission. I nodded impatiently, completely brushing aside any words, not that we often exchanged them, and she gave me a bright cheeky smile before ducking inside.

Her tongue teasingly slid over the outermost folds for a moment and I groaned, my pelvis heaving up on its own, seeking more substantial contact. Another hot laugh and she pushed me back onto the rough wooden planks, her blessed tongue following her. This time she dived a little deeper, warming me in a way that was all too familiar to me, but now it was me underneath that tongue. The circular motion around my clit brought surprised dizzy laughter from my lips and she again had to push my unruly hips back.

Oh my God, I need her to stop teasing me! I ran my fingers through her hair again, this time with both hands, but she resisted my initial thrust into her throbbing need, and I had to relent. Her hair was so incredibly soft and I was content to feel it between my fingers, even when she was seriously working on me.

Her tongue moved nimbly, drawing a line here and pressing there with a skill I almost envied, until I began to let out short, breathless, incredulous gasps. Is that what I've been missing all this damned time? Isn't that what people were talking about when they told me about the loving sex they had with their partners? I have always enjoyed the giving, the worship of my partner, when I brought her to orgasm, but I never understood what it was. I had to charge by the hour all these years!

She pulled back for a moment to look at me from under my thighs, a devilish grin on her face for a moment before she returned, and suddenly I didn't have time to think about the past. It was just that sweet bond between us when she showed me how much she adored my body. She showed me how much she enjoyed our dancing and wordless flirting, she showed me pleasure, and then with a wide flat press of her tongue on my most sensitive area, I flew away.

Blinding bursts of sensation pierced me with self-forgetfulness, and my mind went blank for a moment as I was lost to everything but my orgasm. I vaguely heard myself moaning in the cold night air as she continued to gently urge me to reach new heights until I had to wriggle out of her arms to keep from passing out. My legs were trembling and my heart was pounding in my chest. It wasn't.... there were no words. She quickly stood up when she saw me trembling and wrapped her arms around me to keep me from falling as I was shaken again and again by the jolts of pleasure she gave me.

We remained in this position for ages as I slowly recovered from the experience and my body slowly returned to my control.

When my face was buried in her neck like this, my words sounded muffled.

- Beware, someone who looks like a demon when she's angry shouldn't use words like saint: "she teased."

- Mmmm, whatever.

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