How old is johnny castle in the movie dirty dancing

How Old Baby & Johnny Are In Dirty Dancing

By Quinn Hough


Dirty Dancing features an iconic pairing in Patrick Swayze's Johnny and Jennifer Grey's Baby, but their characters are far from the same age.

Dirty Dancing features an iconic pairing in Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, but how old is Jennifer Grey, how big is their age gap, and does it make the movie problematic? Dirty Dancing is somewhat autobiographical for screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein, as it's based on her own teenage experiences. This fact only brings the question of Baby and Johnny's age difference further into the light. While the movie doesn't explicitly state the two protagonists' ages, there's enough evidence to suggest that the years between them borders on creepy.

Johnny and Baby's ages in Dirty Dancing (of which Patrick Swayze hates the best line) come into question simply by looking at Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray. The two don't even look like they're in the same age group, and the movie takes no strides to explain any part of it. While this could be a product of the time it was made, Dirty Dancing might not hold up well under today's magnifying glass in terms of its more problematic areas. So, how old is Jennifer Grey? Here's exactly how old Baby and Johnny are in Dirty Dancing, and whether their age is far too wide.

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How Old Are Baby And Johnny

How old is Jennifer Grey? Well, clues in Dirty Dancing place Johnny's age at 25 years old and Baby’s age at 17. At the beginning of Dirty Dancing on HBO, Baby's narration references the "summer of '63." Early dialogue reveals that she's planning to attend Mount Holyoke (an all-female private college in Massachusetts) to study the economics of underdeveloped countries. In the politically charged Dirty Dancing, Baby also states that she plans to join the Peace Corps shortly before laying eyes on Johnny for the first time. Some reports have suggested that Baby is supposed to be 18 or even 19 years old. However, based on iMDB's trivia notes and a 2017 interview with Grey (via Closer Weekly), it seems that Baby was presumably born in 1946 and is supposed to be 17 years old. The character doesn't actually reveal her age in Dirty Dancing, nor does Johnny ask on-camera. If Baby is indeed a minor, that would explain her father's confrontational attitude toward Mr. Castle throughout most of the film.

In Dirty Dancing, Johnny's 1938 birthdate makes him 25 years old. The character initially questions why Baby gained access to a private dancing area, but then invites her to boogie and subsequently teaches her some moves. Johnny and Baby/Frances slowly become friends while dealing with Penny's medical procedures (Jake Houseman provides the appropriate assistance), and they eventually become romantic partners. Dirty Dancing on HBO never addresses the eight-year age difference between the two characters, which makes the film somewhat controversial – both then and now – because Baby is indeed a minor. In 1963 America, though, it wasn't uncommon for men and women to commit at a young age. The focal Dirty Dancing relationship may not be appropriate, but the age gap isn't enough to make Baby's father concerned during the climactic performance. In fact, Jake Houseman essentially apologizes to Johnny.

How Old Were Patrick Swayze And Jennifer Grey During Dirty Dancing?

The late Swayze was approximately seven years older than Grey in real life. When Dirty Dancing premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1987, Roadhouse star Patrick Swayze was 34 years old and was best known for portraying Darrel "Darry" Curtis in The Outsiders and Jed Eckert in Red Dawn. As for Grey, she had just turned 27 and had previously portrayed Jeanie Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She also appeared alongside Swayze in Red Dawn as Toni Mason. In 2010, Grey won Dancing with the Stars season 11, just over a year after her Dirty Dancing co-star, Swayze, passed away at age 57 from pancreatic cancer.

Johnny And Baby’s Age Gap In Dirty Dancing Is Questionable At Best

Johnny and Baby's ages in Dirty Dancing are certainly problematic. And worse still, if she was 17 years old, and he was 25, then New York state law would deem nothing wrong with their relationship. This is a problem, as the age gap is discomforting to think about, technically legal, and would definitely raise concerned discussions were a movie to feature it today. Despite this, age gaps like in Patrick Swayze's Dirty Dancing are unfortunately too common. Movies like Licorice Pizza can get away with extensive lovers' age differences, and people seem to be forgiving of its inclusion. After all, Dirty Dancing is still a beloved and critically acclaimed movie when it comes down to it. The film is so prolific that it got a (pretty terrible) TV remake in 2017. Dirty Dancing remains popular, but when put up to today's standards, the age gap between Johnny and Baby wouldn't fly unquestioned were a script to include it today.

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Dirty Dancing's Problematic Age Gap Isn't Alone

While the age gap in Dirty Dancing is certainly creepy, it's not the only movie to feature a problematic age gap between the two leads. Whether it's the ages of the actors themselves or the characters they play, Hollywood has pumped out plenty of iconic films that showcase uncomfortable age differences between romantic partners. Take, for example, any Woody Allen film. The romance between Colin Firth and Emma Stone in Allen's 2014 rom-com Magic in the Moonlight is a more modern example. The age gap between the two actors is 28 years, with Firth being 53 at the time and Stone being 25. While legal, the knowledge Firth was 28 when Stone was born made many viewers uncomfortable.

A more overt example of narrative enabling uncomfortable, and also illegal, age gaps is 90s classic American Beauty. American Beauty shows a 42-year-old Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey, then 39) falling in love with his teenage daughter's 16-year-old friend Angela (Mena Suvari, then 19). The 1980 Martin Scorsese drama Raging Bull shows an adult Robert de Niro fall for a 15-year-old character played by a 17-year-old actress. Finally, Entrapment, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery, showed sparks fly between the two characters, but did nothing to explain Sean Connery and Zeta-Jones' nearly 40-year age gap. The age difference in Dirty Dancing may be problematic, but it doesn't exist in a vacuum. In the end, the movie isn't alone in its depiction, and it's far from the worst offender.

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5 misconceptions about Dirty Dancing: Is Johnny Castle a pedophile?

Having revisited Dirty Dancing I realised I was harbouring misconceptions about Johnny Castle being a pedophile. 

A film that I held in high regard during my childhood; Dirty Dancing was the ultimate coming-of-age holiday romance. The unforgettable Hungry Eyes ‘gu-gung’ heart tapping and iconic lake scenes filled my heart with a sense of young love.

The narrative follows Baby (Jennifer Grey) and her family on holiday at Kellermans resort, where the elite come to relax. While there she meets dancer Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and falls madly in love with him while gyrating on his crotch.

She gets herself into this precarious position when she fills in for Johnny’s pregnant dance partner Penny, while she endures a back-street abortion.

Baby’s doctor father swoops in and saves Penny when the abortion goes awry, and presuming Johnny is the father, forbids his daughter from ever seeing him again.

Despite my feelings of love towards the film as a child as I got older and viewed it through the cynical eyes of maturity, I poured over the message it delivered and found it to be seedy.

Was Baby groomed by a dance troupe? 

Baby gives a voice of God narration over the opening scenes, illustrating how naive she was when she arrived at Kellermans holiday resort.

“That was the summer of 1963, when everybody called me ‘Baby’, and it didn’t occur to me to mind. That was before President Kennedy was shot, before the Beatles, when I couldn’t wait to join the Peace Corps, and I thought I’d never find a guy as great as my dad.”

Upon meeting the convention-defying dancer Johnny Castle, she finds herself caught in the turbulent whirlwind of first love, removing the magical sheen that clouds childhood forever.

As my pessimistic adult brain processed this information, I came the realisation that Johnny Castle is a pedophile, and the film descended into a tragic tale of innocence lost against a backdrop of romance and mambo.

This step-ball-change in perception put me off. I shied away from the film I once held close, and cast it off as yet another damaging Hollywood love story.

I was wrong.  

Articles like 11 Dirty Dancing plot holes previously solidified my beliefs, alongside the countless Google results slandering Johnny as a predator. I have decided to set the record straight by rectifying the 5 (technically 4) misconceptions I had about Dirty Dancing.

1. Johnny Castle is a Pedophile

Misconception numero uno has to be calling this film ‘Dirty Pedo’ on account of Baby being underage.

As her father said: “When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong,” and I am going to follow suit. Baby is 17 years old and due to start college, while Johnny is supposed to be 25. Despite there being a large age-gap, there is no law breaking here.

Sorry Johnny!

2. The film condones disrespect for authority and trust

I really couldn’t understand why Baby got away with disrespecting her father. It seemed as though her dad was clued in to what Johnny was doing, and this leather-clad cherub was leading her down a bad path of lies and rebellion.

What it actually does, is show that Baby has an extremely strong sense of morals and is fearless enough to stand up to wealthy white men’s discrimination.

Having the courage to respectfully disagree with your nearest and dearest  is a real testament to her strength of self and determination.

3. Baby is weak 

I figured Baby was a bit too naive and that her very name was there to drill in the dangers of teenage girls led astray by older guys…Baby is actually a feminist powerhouse.

She stands up for the oppressed and tries to put her best foot forward. She might be spoilt and entitled, but Baby is no coward.

Given that her awakening to ‘how the other half live’ happened in her first two days of staying at Kellermans, she is able to point out stereotyping and prejudice from a mile away.

Baby calls out her dad, stands up for her beliefs and refuses to let social status bother her – while dreaming of joining the Peace Corps and learning a whole dance routine.

She puts herself out to help someone else, fights her fear of dance and performance and rumbles a couple of petty wallet thieves because of it! That’s pretty good going.

4. Johnny is just as bad as Robbie

When Johnny first swaggers in and knocks Robbie’s napkins on the floor, you figure he is the bad apple. He seems to be ruthless with Baby by constantly undermining her abilities and making her appear to be less than what she is – perhaps Swayze played this role so believably because of their famous disagreements in real life.

Robbie is utterly awful as far as characters go. He sexually assaults Lisa and refuses any help to Penny despite being ‘well-off’ and sleeps with the adulteress.

If anyone is a villain it is Baby’s father, whose prejudice and judgement causes a disequilibrium of disastrous consequences.

5. Lisa is the most unlikable character in the whole movie 

Lisa’s character is fuelled by a lack of attention, something which is explicitly dealt with when she finds out Baby slept with Johnny.

Starved of fatherly-attention and clearly pitted against her sister, Lisa is struggling under the societal pressures to be like her conforming and mostly-silent mother. With her focus firmly on fashion and coral shoes, Lisa has been conditioned to accept the world as it comes.

Baby, who is favoured by her father, has been raised with the belief that she can directly affect the world from a position of privilege. Lisa happily participates in the pageant of Kellerman’s wealthy guests, encouraging all to “join hands, hearts and voices” – while Baby gatecrashes it with an influx of cuban dance rhythms and diversity (well, as much diversity as they would allow).

Lisa is admittedly very annoying, but the hatred I had for her is rapidly ebbing away…





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Hard facts: everything we know about the Dirty Dancing remake

Patrick Swayze (Johnny) and Jennifer Gray (Frances "Baby" Houseman) in Dirty Dancing (1987)

Thirty years ago Johnny Castle and Frances Houseman made their first appearances on the big screen with their maddeningly sensual and energetic dance performances. The project, which was originally planned as a low-budget melodrama (the picture took only about $6 million to produce) with a touch of sexuality, has become a cult classic (the box office alone in the first year amounted to more than $170 million). Dirty Dancing made Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, millions of girls and women fall in love with superstars, and inspired hundreds of thousands of dancers around the world. nine0003

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Original poster for Dirty Dancing (1987)

The official poster for the remake appeared in March 2017.

The remake was planned for a long time. Some part of the "preparatory work" was carried out in 2009. It was then that Baby of the 87th year, actress Jennifer Gray (for her role in "Dirty Dancing" became the most successful in her career) refused to act in the new version, giving the authors of the project tough advice "to make your own movie, and not repeat the path once passed" . In 2009th, the main star of the original film, actor Patrick Swayze, who died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, did not become. Today, the remake crew says that the new interpretation of "Dirty Dancing" is a tribute to the great actor's respect and talent.

The new Frances Houseman ─ a typical representative of the "golden youth" who was brought together by chance with a poor but proud professional dancer ─ will appear in the guise of Abigail Breslin. She was only 10 years old when she starred in Little Miss Sunshine and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress (one of the youngest nominees in film history). Continuing to act in films (in Taste of Life, for example, she joined Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart, and in the romantic comedy Yes, Maybe, she played the daughter of the hero Ryan Reynolds), she says that she wants to become a designer and ( or?) by a veterinarian. Perhaps the remake of "Dirty Dancing" will become for her the point of opening new horizons in the cinematic field. nine0003

Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

The girl grew up a little...

... and dyed her hair brown for the new film

Jennifer Green played young Frances Houseman at 27, and she was 10 years older than her on-screen heroine (by the way, it was for this role that the actress received the only nomination for a film award in her career - the Golden Globe). Abigail Breslin is 21 and much closer in age and emotional state to Baby. Nevertheless, the choice of the casting director of the picture cannot but surprise. nine0003

Jennifer Gray ("Dirty Dancing, 1987)

Abigail Breslin ("Dirty Dancing, 2017)" (relevant for the XXI century).

31-year-old Colt Pratts, who will have to endure a difficult comparison with the screen image of Patrick Swayze's Johnny Castle, is still an unknown actor (he has a couple of TV series and several Broadway musicals to his credit). He got the main role in the remake of Dirty Dancing thanks to his dancing skills: Colt is a professional dancer, and even performed as backup dancers in the team of the singer Pink for several years. nine0003

Colt Pratts in the Pink Try video (2012)

Dirty Dancing fans will have one more reason for nostalgia: the remake will feature the original soundtrack. The creepy composition by Frankie Previte and Donald Markowitz, The Time of My Life, is an 1987 Oscar winner (“Best Song for a Film”), and it will be especially pleasant to hear it, albeit in a new arrangement. In the meantime, the actors enjoy the music (and the demonstration of their own plasticity), generously advertising on their own Instagrams (an extremist organization banned in Russia). nine0003

@abbienormal9 ─ microblog Abigail Breslin

@coltprattes ─ Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia) by Colt Pratts

Who else will we see in the remake?

Sarah Hyland from Vampire Academy played Baby's older sister Lisa Houseman...

... and Trevor Einhorn ─ Neil Kellerman, grandson of boarding house owner Max Kellerman and friend of Baby

Johnny's dance partner, Penny, was played by Nicole Scherzinger, actress, model and vocalist for the Pussycat Dolls. nine0003

Deborah Messing, who played Baby's mother, Marjorie Houseman, admitted that it was Dirty Dancing that inspired her to become an actress.

Katey Sagal, one of the "voices" of the animated series "Futurama", embodied on the screen the image of the judge of the dance competition Vivian Pressman.

There are few spoilers so far, so fans are waiting for the continuation of the story with special trepidation and wondering what happened to Baby and Johnny after the final dance at the end of the film. They say that the 2017 version is very different from its “predecessor”: Wayne Blair made every effort not to step on the rake that the prequel of the original stumbled on - Dirty Dancing 2: Hawaiian Nights, which almost completely duplicates the well-known plot. The TV version is longer than the original, and for this extra time, the creators promise a lot of new information about their favorite characters. At the same time, all magical key moments in the remake are preserved. nine0003

The iconic Dirty Dancing scenes reimagined

Johnny and Baby dancing on a log over a stream to practice the necessary balance skill

Practicing the classic support in the lake: if you fall, it won't hurt at all

Final Dirty Dancing

Photo: Getty Images, archives of press services

Evgenia Karpovskaya

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Jennifer Gray Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth, Patrick Swayze

Famous Usa Actresses nine0003

Jennifer Gray is an American actress who rose to fame in 1986 with her role as Jeanie Bueller in the teen comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Later, in 1987, she played Frances "Baby" Houseman in the romantic drama Dirty Dancing.

Some of her TV credits include Red Dawn (1984), The Cotton Club (1984), Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989), Bounce (2000), Redbelt (2008), The Wind Rises (2013), In Your Eyes ( 2014), Duck Duck Goose (2018) and Bittersweet Symphony (2019). She currently portrayed Janelle in the ongoing ABC series The Conners.

Jennifer Gray Age and birthday, how old is Jennifer Gray?

Jennifer Gray is 60 years old as of 2020. She was born on March 26, 1960 in Manhattan, New York at United States c. She celebrates her birthday every year on March 26th. Her acquaintance with the world sign is Aries.

Jennifer Gray Height and Weight

Gray is a woman of average height, besides, in the photographs she seems quite tall. She stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m). She also weighs 132 pounds (60 kg).

Jennifer Gray Education

Gray attended the Dalton School, a private school in Manhattan. There she studied dance and acting. She went to the same school as actress Tracy Pollan.

She graduated in 1978 and entered the Neighborhood Playhouse Theater School in Manhattan, where she trained as an actress for two years. nine0003

Jennifer Gray's family

Gray is the daughter of Oscar-winning film actor Joel Gray and former actress and singer Jo Wilder. Her father is best known for playing the master of ceremonies in the musical cabaret Kander & Ebb.


She has a brother named James Katz or cook James. He is the chef. However, little is known about him, as he kept his life out of the public eye.

Jennifer Gray Husband, Jennifer Gray still married? nine0091

Gray is married to actor and director Clark Gregg. They tied the knot on July 21, 2001. She once shared a screen with her husband in Road to Christmas in 2006. The couple have a daughter, Stella Gregg, who was born on December 3, 2001. Jennifer had a brief relationship with actor Michael J. Fox and journalist George Stephanopoulos. Unfortunately, Gray and Clark's marriage hit rock, with the duo announcing their divorce on July 3, 2020 as a result.

Jennifer Gray Net Worth

Jennifer has been in the film industry for over three decades. She has no doubt amassed a huge fortune, with most of her fortune coming from her acting career. Gray's net worth is estimated at $10 million.

Jennifer Gray photo

Jennifer Gray Measurements and Facts

Here are some interesting facts and body measurements you should know about Jennifer Grey.

Jennifer Gray Bio and Wiki

  • Full names: Jennifer Eliza-Alice Gray : Aries.
  • Date of birth : March 26, 1960
  • Place of birth : Manhattan, New York, USA.
  • Birthday : March 26

Jennifer Gray Measurements

  • Measurements : 34-24-32
  • Height / How tall? : *** or unknown
  • Weight : 132 lb (60 kg)
  • Eye color : Light brown
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Husband / Spouse : Married to Clark Gregg (married 2001, separated 2020).
  • Children : Daughter (Stella Gregg, born December 3, 2001).

Jennifer Gray Networth and Salary

  • Net Worth : $10 Million
  • Source of Income : Acting

Gray House and Cars

0138 Residence : Venice, California.
  • Passenger cars: Car brand will be updated
  • Jennifer Gray Career

    Gray made her debut in the Dr. Pepper commercial at the age of 19. She later made her film debut in 1984 in a small role in Recklessness. In the same year, she played a small role in Francis Ford Coppola's The Cotton Club and starred in the war film Red Dawn. In 18985, Gray appeared in American Flyers. nine0003

    Loading ... Loading ...

    In the 1986 comedy 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Gray played the role of jealous sister Jeanie Bueller. The following year, she played Frances "Baby" Houseman in Dirty Dancing opposite Patrick Swayze. For this role, she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

    In September 2011, Gray appeared in the movie "Bling Ring" as Iris Garvey, mother of Zach Garvey. Later, on 5 and 6 November 2011, she replaced Chief Justice Len Goodman on the BBC One television show Dancing with the Stars. nine0003

    She played Judy Meyers on Red Oaks from 2014 to 2017. In 2018, she starred in the film Unconfirmed; The film was released on February 8, 2019.

    Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze

    In 1987, Gray and Patrick shared the screen in the romantic drama Dirty Dancing, where Patrick played Francis "Baby" Houseman. It's a coming-of-age story: After spending a summer at the Catskills resort with his family, Francis "Baby" Houseman falls in love with dance instructor Johnny Castle. Her role in the film brought her fame, in addition, for this role she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress. nine0003

    Jennifer Gray Dancing with the Stars

    Gray was a contestant on the eleventh season of Dancing with the Stars. She partnered with professional dancer Derek Howe and the two won, making Derek Howe the first contestant to win the competition three times.

    Jennifer Gray Accident

    On August 5, 1987, Jennifer suffered a serious spinal injury in a car accident in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, while on holiday with actor Matthew Broderick; whom she began dating semi-secretly during the filming of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. nine0003

    Crash occurred when Broderick, driving a rental BMW, swerved into the wrong lane and collided head-on with a Volvo driven by a local mother and daughter, Margaret Doherty, 63, and Anna Gallagher, 28; who died instantly in the crash. Matthew Broderick was later convicted of reckless driving and fined $175. Jennifer's spinal cord was compressed and the surgeon inserted a titanium plate around her neck to stabilize her.

    Jennifer Gray Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp was in a relationship with dirty dancing star Jennifer Gray around 1989. According to rumors, they were engaged. True or not, the couple did not last long.

    Jennifer Gray Cancer

    While recovering from her accident, her surgeon found a suspicious white spot on her thyroid using MRI. The nodule was malignant. She underwent two surgeries to cure the disease. Now she is cancer free.

    Jennifer Gray Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing is an American romantic drama dance film 19'87, written by Eleanor Bergstein. Starring Patrick Swayze and Grey. Jennifer played the role of Frances "Baby" Houseman. Its sequels may come out before the end of 2020.

    Jennifer Gray Ferris Bueller

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a 1986 American teen comedy film written, co-produced and directed by John Hughes. On Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Jennifer played the role of Jeanie Bueller.

    Jennifer Gray Red Dawn

    Red Dawn is a film set in an alternate timeline in which the United States is being invaded by the Soviet Union and its Cuban and Nicaraguan allies. nine0003

    However, the beginning of the Third World War is not fully worked out. Red Dawn follows a group of American high school students who resist occupation by guerrilla warfare, naming themselves "The Wolverines" after their school mascot.

    Jennifer Gray House

    House is a television medical drama that originally aired on the Fox network for eight seasons. November 16, 2004 to May 21, 2012

    The show's protagonist is Dr. Gregory House Hugh Laurie, an unconventional, misanthropic medical genius who, despite his addiction to painkillers, leads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. Jennifer plays the role of Abby. nine0003

    Jennifer Gray Death

    News of Jennifer's death quickly spread in 2016, causing concern among her fans. This news was later confirmed as a complete hoax.

    Jennifer Gray Surgery

    Gray underwent two rhinoplasty procedures, also known as rhinoplasty, in the early 1990s. The procedures led to major changes in her appearance, which negatively affected her career. Even her close friends might not recognize her due to the change in appearance. nine0003

    Speaking of experience, she said; “I entered the operating room as a celebrity - and came out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible.”

    Jennifer Gray Young

    Young Jennifer

    Jennifer Gray Films and Series

    2019: Sweet-Holy Symphony (Eleanor Roberts)
    2018: Duck Duck Goose (Edna (Voice)) 9008 9008 (Joyce)
    2014: In your eyes

    2013: The Wind RISES (Ms. Kurokava (Voice))
    2008: Red Belt (Lucy Weiss)
    2008 : Cate (Caroline)

    2002: Ritual (Doctor Alice Dodgson)
    2000: Bounce (Janice Herrero)
    1997: Red meat (Candice)

    thousand ninety -ninety -six: portraits of killer (Elein Taylor)
    thousand nine hundred and fifth year: knot of dwellers (methad Forrester)
    1992: Wind (Kate Bass)

    1989: Brodwey Loach (Lovey Lou)
    1988: Gandar (Brusnika (Voice)
    1987: Dirty dances (Francis "Baby" Househaman)

    1986: Ferris Bueller Day Off (Gini Bueller)
    1985: American Airmen (Leslie)

    1984: Reckless (Katie Bennario)
    Red Dawn9 (Tony Mason) 9003
    Cotton Club0090 Jennifer Gray TV shows


    Conners (Janelle)


    Grey's Anatomy (Carol Dickinson)

    2017 Who do you think you are?



    Lip sync battle


    Red Oaks (Judy Meyers)


    Dancing with the Stars (Guest Judge)
    Glitter Ring (Iris Garvey)


    Dancing with the Stars (Season 11 Winner)
    House (abbey)


    New adventures of old Christina (Tracy)


    Fines and FERB (different voices)


    John from Zincinnati (Daphne, Bride Meyer)


    Road to Christmas (Claire Jameson)


    This is both, you know, you know li . .. (Jennifer Grey)


    Outrage (Sally Casey)
    Since you left (Patty Reed)


    Friends (Mindy)
    Fallen Angels (Ginger Allen)
    Wesets Waltz (Robin Wizo)

    1993: Murder case
    1991: eyes of a witness


    Murder in Mississy (Rita Schverner)
    Criminal Justice (Liz Carter)
    If Shoes Fit (Kelly Carter/Prudence)

    1986: Equalizer (Valerie Jacobs)
    1985: ABC Afterschool Special (Laura Eller)
    ABC Afterschool Special (Carol Durate)

    Jennifer Gray FAQ

    Who is Jennifer Grey?

    Gray is a famous actress who gained wide recognition after starring in the movie "Dirty Dancing" as Frances "Baby" Houseman

    how old is Winnie from Jersey Shore

    How old is Jennifer Grey?

    As of 2020 Gray is 60 years old. She was born on March 26, 1960.

    How old was Jennifer Gray in dirty dancing? nine0091

    Gray was 27 years old when she played Baby in Dirty Dancing.

    How tall is Jennifer Grey?

    Celebrated actress 5'3".

    Is Jennifer Gray married?

    She was married to Clark Gregg. However, on July 3, 2020, they announced that they had separated amicably and were in the process of divorcing.

    How much is Jennifer Grey?

    Grey's net worth is approximately $10 million. This amount was received for her leading roles in the entertainment industry. nine0003

    Where does Jennifer Gray live?

    She is from Venice, California, USA, we will upload photos of her home as soon as we have them.

    Is Jennifer Gray dead or alive?

    Gray is alive and well. There were no reports of her illness or health problems.

    Where is Gray now?

    Gray is still active in the creative entertainment industry and is an actor in a current comedy series. Conners.

    Learn more