How to do the naenae dance

WATCH: Mums Absolutely #SLAY 'Whip/Nae Nae' Dance At Their Kids' High School Game!

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This Company Literally Paid to Turn ‘Whip (Nae/Nae)’ Into a Viral Dance Craze | by DJBooth


I like to consider myself a red pill type, a nearly paranoid writer who reflexively questions everything. I know that major labels secretly sign artists and then pretend like they’re still independent. I know that superstar artists make songwriters sleep in tents until they come up with hit songs. But I didn’t see this coming and I feel stupid for it.

2015 was the year of The Whip. Silentó’s anthem racked up more than half-a-billion views on YouTube, but the song’s popularity was primarily driven by a dance that would find everyone from toddlers to Ellen doing their own versions. Like the “Harlem Shake” before it, it was the internet’s “everyone gets a participation trophy” phenomenon operating at its most monstrous.

“Watch Me (Whip/Na Nae)” was far from a deeply artistic statement, it’s essentially just a compilation of buzzing dances that happens to have music in the background, but I assumed its popularity was the organic result of a catchy hook and humanity’s seemingly natural desire to dance similarly in large groups, the 2015 version of the “Macarena” or “YMCA. ” Nope. Not really.

As BusinessInsider uncovered, the whip’s popularity was the far-from-accidental work of DanceOn, a company whose job it is to quite literally create viral dance hits. (Side note, DanceOn is co-founded by Madonna, because Madonna seems to be involved in pretty much everything gross these days.)

Here’s how it works. DanceOn inks deals with artists who have dance-ready music like Silentó, then has its vast network of Vine, YouTube and Instagram dance stars do their own version. In “Whip (Nae/Nae)”’s case, approximately 50 DanceOn-paid dancers posted their own videos of the song, racking up more than 500 million additional views beyond the official video itself and launching the “Whip” dance into the broader mainstream, where even more people outside the network would continue to unwittingly make the dance more popular for free.

To the degree that the whip went viral, it’s because DanceOn hired people to go around the internet and inject it into our brains.

With ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),’ instead of one dancer driving 9 million views, 50 drove 250 million — and more outside the network.” — BusinessInsider

Well shit. My daughter was literally doing the whip last night in the kitchen and we were laughing, now I feel like a pawn in a corporate chess game. Does this mean hitting the quan and the dab are manufactured dance crazes too? No, say it ain’t so. NOT THE DAB!!! It looks like in 2016, no matter how paranoid you are, you’re not paranoid enough.

Maybe B.o.B. is right after all…

[By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter. Image via VEVO.]

Originally published at

Safe Dance Lab | GES-2

Theory and practice of street dances for everyone.

Safe Dance Lab is a dance class for beginners developed in collaboration with Battle Project production company. During 10 meetings, participants will get acquainted with five choreographic styles: krump, popping, hip-hop, breaking and locking. The organizers and teachers sought to create a comfortable and safe space where dance becomes a way to explore their own internal states and feelings, during which the participant will find an opportunity to escape from pressing problems and express themselves. nine0005

The program will end with a lecture by dancer Denis Bubnov about the history of street styles, after which everyone will be able to support the teachers at a dance jam - an organic and spontaneous format of the event, where music is constantly played, the audience gathers in circles and takes turns dancing in the center to share their knowledge and skill.

* We invite participants from 16 years old. Classes consist of lecture and practical parts and will be held twice a week for two hours. nine0004



Where: Gallery
When: 16, 18, 14: 00–16: 00


Kramp (Krump) - a variety of street dance, which originated in the southern neighborhoods of Los Angeles in the 1990s and is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated and very energetic movements. During its inception, dancers sought to escape from a life of crime and "express raw emotions in a powerful but non-violent way." However, over time, krump has become a separate subculture with its own pronounced philosophy, music and slang. nine0005


Lena Shibalova
Dancing since 2012, krump since 2013. Operates under the alias One Shot . He has been teaching for over four years. She gave master classes in Germany, Latvia, Estonia, England, Japan and other countries.


Where: Gallery
When: 23, 24, 14: 00–16: 00


Papping ( Popping ) - dance style, growing from earlier forms called boogaloo (boogaloo) and originated in California. The peculiarity of the style lies in the process of muscle contraction, which creates the effect of a sharp flinch in the dancer's body - pop (from English pop - "clap") or hit (from English hit - "hit"). The movement is carried out continuously in the rhythm of the music in combination with various movements and postures.


Ruslan Petrov
Works under the pseudonym Twist . Dancing experience - 15 years, teaching - 7. Participant in the show "Dancing" on TNT. nine0027


Where: Gallery
When: November 30, Dec 2, 14: 00–16: 00


hip-hop-one of the most “free” street styles , which became popular due to the development of the musical genre of the same name. The dance incorporated the techniques of breakdancing, locking, popping. The basis of the movements is the groove - a rhythmic sensation that makes the body move to the beat of the music.


Egor Sokolov
Works under the pseudonym EGO . Founder of Studio P.L.U.R. DC. Choreographer of the show "Dancing" on TNT (seasons 2-4). Resident of the dance center "PRODANCES". Teaching experience - 17 years. Breaking This style requires great strength, stretching and body control, because a significant part of the dance takes place in the stalls - on the floor. nine0005


Slav Dimov
Works under the pseudonym Bolgarin. He started his dancing career in 2002 in Bulgaria. Breaking teacher at Leader Sport and Tauras-Fitness fitness centers, dance schools Right Dance and Effort . Participated in performances and theatrical productions. He gave master classes in Russia and Europe.


Where: Galleries
When: 14, 16 Dec, 14:00-16:00


Locking (from English lock - “lock”) is a combination of fast movements and fading in improvisational positions for a short time, after which the dance continues at the same speed. This style is based on quick and sharp hand gestures and more relaxed movements of the hips and legs.


Vladimir Gudym
Works under the pseudonym Vovan Gudym. Choreographer of the "Dances" project and curator of the "New Dances" project on TNT. Movement Leader Locking4life Russia and project team ID Crew. Competition Winner Juste Debout 2017 .

Lecture on the history of street styles from Denis Bubnov

Where: Gallery
When: 21 Dec, 14: 00–16: 30


The program will end with a lecture by Denis Bubnov on the history of street styles, where participants will be able to reinforce their knowledge about already studied choreographic directions with new facts. nine0005


Denis Bubnov
Dancer (experience - 17 years), teacher, musician. As part of his master classes, he regularly lectures on the history of hip-hop culture. She is the author of theoretical and practical educational online materials for dancers.

Dance Jam

Where: Galleries
When: 21 Dec, 17:30–19:30

and take turns going to the center to show their knowledge and skills or just share their dance. nine0005

Within the framework of our laboratory, jam was invented so that participants could open up even more, get to know each other, exchange energy and experience gained in the classroom. Those who wish can come and support the dancers along with the teachers.


Battle Project
A dance production company that has been organizing various events from local intensives and jams to international gatherings and large-scale events on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater for more than 12 years. nine0005


Anton Pashulya
One of the founders of the krump movement in the former CIS. Dance experience - 18 years, 17 of them in krump. Choreographer of the show "Dancing" on TNT and the opening of "Formula 1" in Saudi Arabia.

Nastya Skvirya
Dancer (over 14 years of experience) and teacher (over 11 years). The main direction is hip-hop.

Dance — ZIL Cultural Center (Moscow)


FLOW KEEPERZ CREW movements, physical training, the development of plasticity, coordination, musicality and artistry. Street dance is a very popular dance direction for children and youth, which allows you to relax, believe in yourself, learn a sense of rhythm and self-expression. Dancers […]

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Variety dance

Variety and sports dance is a combination of different styles and trends, dances based on classical, jazz and folk music, rock and roll and hip hop. In the process of training, we create a new dance language influenced by various dance styles and new musical material. Classes include: the educational process, staging work, preparation of concert programs for performances. We are a pop and sports dance ensemble […]

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Dances of the peoples of the world

National dances are dances created by the people and widespread in everyday life, which are both part of the national culture and the world heritage. Dances of the peoples of the world for those who love exotic and originality, who are ready to learn the traditions of other peoples and bring something of their own to the dance, who appreciate improvisation and self-expression in dance. Our studios:

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Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance is a kind of dance art that is in constant search for new forms of dance and movement.

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