How old is ayo the dancer

How old is Ayo and Teo? Ayo and Teo age.

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How old is Ayo and Teo: Ayo and Teo age are 26 years, 0 month, 26 days and 23 years, 2 month, 27 days old. Ayo was born on 30th October 1996, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Teo was born on 29th August 1999. You would love to hear many more things about Ayo and Teo that are very interesting. So, if you want to know more about Ayo and Teo, you should read this whole article. 

Ayo and Teo Personal life 

Ayo and Teo, both of them, are real siblings, and they are professional dancers. The actual names of Ayo and Teo are Ayleo Bowles and Mateo Bowles. They are hip-hop artists hailing from. The USA. They love dancing and doing stuff like rapping, Hip Hop, etc. They are very famous among youngsters and one of the world’s best music creators. Teo started doing dance and hip hop first, and later on, his brother joined him in this work. They do YouTube, which is the leading cause of their popularity among their fans.

Ayo and Teo Biography

Real NameAyleo Bowles and Mateo Bowles
NicknameAyo and Teo
Date of Birth Ayo – October 30, 1996,Teo – August 29, 1999, 
Ayo and Teo ageAyo – 26 years, 0 month, 26 days Teo – 23 years, 2 month, 27 days  
HometownAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States 
Place of birthAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States
ProfessionMusicians, dancers, and YouTubers
Networth$2 million
Height (approx)Ayo- In centimeters – 179 cm          In feet-inches – 5’9″
Teo- In centimeters – 170 cm          In feet-inches – 5’6″
Eye ColorDark Brown (Both)
Hair ColorBlack and white (Both)
Marital StatusUnmarried (Both)
School A local school in Michigan
Weight (approx)Ayo – In Pounds –  132. 2 lbs           In kilograms – 60 kg 
Teo – In Pounds –  136.6 lbs           In kilograms – 62 kg

Ayo and Teo Professional Life

Ayo and Teo are hip-hop artists, Rappers, dancers, etc. Both of them are in the same field and do their work together. Their first step toward stardom was when they started their YouTube channel in 2014. They uploaded their dancing videos, and their very first video which they uploaded went viral and gained more than a million views in the same year. After their video went viral, they thought of trying their hand in the music field and started making music. They uploaded their first music video titled “Reverse” in 2016, which also went viral, and youth went crazy over the song. In the same year, they performed in BET’s award show. And then signed their first deal with a music label called Columbia. 

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Later on, they uploaded another song named “Rolex,” which came to be one of the most successful videos of Ayo and Teo, with over 900 million views in that song. The same song was also featured in the Billboard 100 as number 20.

Ayo and Teo Net Worth

The net worth of Ayo and Teo is approximately $2 million. Most part of the income of Ayo and Teo comes from their YouTube channel, where they upload regular videos of their dancing and singing. Moreover, they have performed in many shows and concerts, which pays them well.

Ayo and Teo Facts and Information

  • Ayo and Teo are actual siblings.
  • Their most famous song was Rolex, which gained over 900 million views on their YouTube channel.
  • They are prevalent on social media, with 23k followers on Instagram and 6.23 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.
  • The most asked question about Ayo and Teo is “How old is Ayo and Teo?”. The answer to this question is that Ayo is 26 years, 0 month, 26 days old, and Teo is 23 years, 2 month, 27 days . 
  • Recently, Ayo and Teo uploaded their song “Different,” which already has 20k+ views in just a week.


In this article, we have shared some of the basic things about Ayo and Teo’s life which are very interesting. We hope that this article provides some value to your search. 

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Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More

Ayo and Teo are well-known American brother duo associated with hip-hop music. They are famous both as dancers and musicians in hip-hop culture.

Who are Ayo and Teo?


Ayleo Bowles and Mateo Bowles, prominently known as Ayo and Teo, is the hip-hop duo hailing from the United States of America. They are siblings who have emerged as a delicate dance and rap duo in recent times. The brother duo has appeared in notable artists’ music videos. They gained fame after featuring in Usher’s song No Limit and Chris Brown’s single Party. Ayo and Teo are internet sensations that have recently left their mark in hip-hop music. Power is the title of their only album. The hit singles of the brother duo include In Reverse, Rolex, Better Off Alone, Last Forever, Around The World, Up To Sum, Goin, and others. 

Bring a Friend is the only extended play by the Bowles siblings. They are very famous among the youngsters for which they were nominated for the recognition of Favorite Musical YouTube Creator in the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2018. Unfortunately, Ayo and Teo could not bag the award. The Bowels brothers are still in their 20s and are widely famous on social media, with thousands of followers on each social networking platform. Their Youtube channel has 6.24 million subscribers.

Birth NameAyleo Bowles and Mateo Bowles
Birth DateAyo- October 30, 1996 (Age 24)

Teo- August 29, 1999 (Age 22)

Birth PlaceAnn Arbor, Michigan, USA
Birth SignAyo- Scorpio

Teo- Virgo

Other NamesAyo and Teo
High SchoolWillow Run High School
CollegeWashtenaw Community College
ProfessionMusicians, dancers, Youtubers
Active Years2014-Present
CountryUnited States of America
HeightAyo- 6 feet 1 inch

Teo- 5 feet 8 inches

WeightAyo- 60 kg

Teo- 62 kg

Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBlack and white
Sexual OrientationStraight
RelationshipIn relationships
Girlfriend(s)Ayo- Vanna

Teo- Cleopatra

Social Media HandlesYoutube




Net worth$2 million


What do Ayo and Teo do?

  • Ayo and Teo are American Youtubers as well as hip-hop artists. They became a recognized dance and singing duo in the States. The Bowles siblings never got proper dance training. Being the elder brother, Ayo started dancing at an early age. Following his brother’s interest, Teo joined Ayo during his dancing sessions. Apart from that, they trained themselves to play several musical instruments such as trombone, piano, drums. The duo created their self-named Youtube channel in 2011 but was not quite active initially. Gradually, they began uploading their short dance videos. 
  • Their first available video, Ayo & Teo WCC Talent Show, was released in 2014. It has 1.29 million views. Ayo and Teo’s videos got massive attention from the viewers. Their music video Rolex brought ultimate fame to the Bowles brothers. Released in May 2017, It has more than 926 million views. Eventually, international artists got attention and were featured in Usher’s No Limit and Chris Brown’s Party. Ayo and Teo released their only album, Power, in March 2021. Their mixtape titled Bring a Friend came out in August 2020.  

Personal Information

Are Ayo and Teo educated?

There is no information about their educational qualifications, but they passed Willow Run High School and attended Washtenaw Community College. Both brothers were born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Ayo’s birth date is October 30, 1996, and Teo’s birth date is August 29, 1999.


Are Ayo and Teo married?

Ayo and Teo have not married anyone yet. Ayo is in a relationship with Vanna, and Teo’s girlfriend is Cleopatra.

Net worth

What is Ayo and Teo’s net worth?

Ayo and Teo are successful dancers and musicians. Their net worth is $2 million.

  • Ayo and Teo are brothers.
  • They are hip-hop dancers and musicians.
  • Their song Rolex has 926 million views on Youtube.


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Lyubina Kuznetsova - biography, personal life, photo, news, ballroom dancing, Andrea Palomba, Instagram 2022


European vice-champion in ballroom dancing Lyubina Kuznetsova fully shares the opinion of Maya Plisetskaya about the insufficiency of one technique to conquer the dance and ballet peaks. The People's Artist believed that the main task of a dancer is to make the viewer empathize.

Childhood and youth

The future samba and foxtrot star was born on the first day of autumn 1997 years. Kuznetsova's hometown is Donetsk. Parents gave their daughter a rare name, which is the female form of the male surname Lyubin, in an effort to endow the girl with the ability to please others, to give them care and joy. The athlete has an older sister.

Lyubina's mother, Irina Timofeeva, who now owns an atelier and makes overalls, in particular uniforms for delivery services, devoted a decade and a half to ballroom dancing. When choosing a section for her youngest daughter, the woman wanted to enroll the girl in a folklore or pop dance circle, because she knew that tango and paso doble required complete dedication. But, having met former friends in the recreation center - rivals on the dance floor, who became coaches, my mother allowed Lyubina to follow in her footsteps.

In an interview, a native of Donetsk repeatedly said that preparing for performances and competitions, in which she was involved from the age of five, did not leave time for stupid things in adolescence, for which she is grateful to her parents and coaches. After graduating from school, Lyubina entered the specialty "choreography" of the Institute of Philology, History and Arts of the Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy of the Crimean Federal University named after V. I. Vernadsky.


As a child, Lyubina did not like to learn and refine the elements of dance, but now the girl understands that creativity and improvisation are impossible without mastering the technique. Also, a native of Donetsk liked to dance Latin more than the European standard.

Kuznetsova believes that the advantage of ballroom dancing over ballet is the lack of requirements for height and weight - it is enough to look aesthetically pleasing. But there are requirements for the age of the start of a sports career. Lyubina is convinced that a dancer who started at 18-20 will never reach international heights.

Kuznetsova herself achieved the greatest success in 2017, during which she became the champion of Russia, Ukraine, the World Cup winner, the champion of Eastern Europe and the vice-champion at the European Championship in ballroom dancing. At this time, Vladimir Litvinov was Lyubina's partner.

Since 2018, Kuznetsova has been performing at international competitions for Italy, paired with Andrea Palomba, a native of the country of spaghetti, wine and opera. Lyubina calls her partner the kindest guy she has ever met in her life, but she has to take on the organizational side of the performances. The couple's coaches are Evgeny Ryupin and Yana Pokrovskaya.

At the Winter Star 2021 tournament held in Moscow on the last day of January 2021, Lyubina and Andrea took third place; A total of 40 couples participated in the competition. At the Kremlin Cup in July 2021, Kuznetsova and Palomba, this time performing for Russia, became seventh in Latin American dances among amateur contestants.

Since 2015, Lyubina has been working as a coach for children dancers and believes that a mentor should set an example for his students not only on the dance floor, but also in life. In 2020, a native of Donetsk acted as a referee for the first time: the girl was entrusted with judging the Dance Sport Champions Tour online tournament.

Personal life

Little is known about the sportswoman's personal life. Lyubina is not married. The girl in all interviews spoke about her dislike for flights, but during the 2020 lockdown caused by the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, she came to the conclusion that flying is better than sitting at home without getting out.

As if in compensation for the period of self-isolation, at the end of 2021, Kuznetsova not only danced herself and taught classes with students, but also attended the performance “Breath of Memory” at the Pushkin Theater as a spectator, and also participated in a number of social events - from the presentation of a charity fund award "A star on the palm" before the meeting of the leaders of the "Up" project of the "United Russia" party. At the parent company, Lyubina, who is 165 cm tall and weighs 54 kg, regularly acts as a model.

The sportswoman has repeatedly confessed her love for animals, especially dogs and cats, and distinguishes perseverance and emotionality from her qualities. Kuznetsova often sings at home and thinks she could excel in vocals.

Lyubina Kuznetsova now

On January 16, 2022, the Russia-1 TV channel launched the 13th season of the Dancing with the Stars show, in which waltz and rumba professionals pair up with film, theater and vocal luminaries. Lyubina's partner was 16-year-old singer Vanya Dmitrienko, who won the Golden Gramophone award in 2021. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, published at the end of December 2021, Andrei Malakhov again became the host of the project, and the jury retained its backbone. As in the previous two seasons, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Egor Druzhinin and Daria Zlatopolskaya were entrusted with evaluating the performances of the participants. The fourth judge was Vladimir Varnava.

On New Year's Eve, the silver medalist of the Kremlin Cup in Latin American dancing posted a rehearsal video with Dmitrienko on her Instagram page. Kuznetsova stated with a smile that for the first time in her biography she dances hip-hop, but the sense of rhythm gained while learning the cha-cha-cha dance helps her to master new movements.

Interesting facts

  • The sportswoman's surname is the third most common in Russia after Smirnov and Ivanov.
  • Although Lyubina's Instagram account has a photo session with a cigarette by Moscow photographer Anna Ilyina, Kuznetsova has never tried tobacco in her life.
  • The namesake of the dancer is Lyubina Gaiduk-Velkovich, German writer, author of works in the Upper Lusatian language.
  • Alexander Viktorovich Achkasov, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Driving Schools of Russia, deputy of the Council of the Lyublino District - the godfather of Lyubina Kuznetsova.
  • In December 2021, the Donetsk community of Moscow named Lyubina's mother "Person of the Year" in the "Woman Entrepreneur" category.

Lyubina Kuznetsova - biography, news, personal life, photo

Lyubina Andreevna Kuznetsova. She was born on September 1, 1997 in Donetsk. Russian dancer, choreographer. Champion of the RTS 2017, vice-champion of Europe WDC AL, semi-finalist of the UK Open and Blackpool Dance Festival, silver medalist of the Kremlin Cup in Latin American dances.

Lyubina Kuznetsova was born on September 1, 1997 in Donetsk.

Mother has her own atelier, she is engaged in tailoring of various overalls and textiles for restaurants.

Her mother gave her the name Lyubina - she wanted her daughter to be loved by everyone.

Her mother used to be a dancer and has been dancing for 15 years. It was at the suggestion of her mother and Lyubina that she took up ballroom dancing at an early age. At the age of 5, her mother brought her to the Palace of Pioneers in Donetsk, where her former colleagues were teachers, with whom she danced together. “I have been dancing since the age of five, and since then the biggest punishment for me is not to dance! Dancing for me is life! I can’t turn off thoughts about them at all, ”Lubina admitted.

Since childhood, she has always traveled to competitions. She became the champion of Ukraine in sports ballroom dancing, the finalist of the European Championship.

Most of all she likes latin, although she also dances well in the standard (waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, Viennese waltz), because, according to Lyubina, in Latin American dances she manages to express herself and her temperament.

Lyubina Kuznetsova - RTS 2017 champion, WDC AL vice-champion of Europe, semi-finalist of the UK Open and Blackpool Dance Festival, and silver medalist of the Kremlin Cup in Latin American dances.

“Most of all I remember the Kremlin Cup, because I dreamed about it... The Kremlin Cup is the greatest honor that can be for a dancer, in my opinion... In second place I have Blackpool, although it is considered prestigious. This tournament is almost 100 years old, and few dancers from Russia got into the semi-finals there, ”Lubina shared.

Teamed up with the Russians. Then the Italian Andrea Palomba became her partner, for some time they represented Italy in tournaments.

In 2019, a couple of Lyubina Kuznetsova and Andrea Palombo successfully performed in Moscow at the Kremlin Palace at the Latin American Dance World Cup.

Lyubina Kuznetsova and Andrea Palombo

As Lyubina Kuznetsova noted in an interview, it is important for her to convey emotions to the audience with her dance, to evoke a response from the public: “I really want to go out, dance for my own pleasure, show my maximum , to give some piece of my soul, my love for dance, my desire to constantly dance . .. I want from my dance not only the result in the form of points and judges' marks, but I want to convey my feelings to the public so that the viewer wants to go out and dance himself so that he gets the same pleasure that I get. I want to cling, touch the soul with my dance. Not just go out and compete, but still leave some mark. When you see a record, like someone, for example, Michael Jackson, sings and dances, you also want to go out and sing and dance like that, it is so magnificent, contagious, done with amazing skill and soul. I really want to learn how to achieve such an effect with my dance.

Lyubina Kuznetsova teaches dance to children. Her pupils have repeatedly taken high places in prestigious competitions. About her coaching approach, she said: “If we don’t talk about technical issues, then I try to instill in them a desire for dancing. So that they do not just move, not just dance, but understand that these are emotions. Of course, they are children, and it is not always easy for them to understand these points. But if you convey this from an early age, then it becomes easier for them. It's important for me".

While teaching, she keeps herself in excellent dancing shape.

Lyubina Kuznetsova

Golden Gramophone by Vanya Dmitrienko. In addition to them, actors Maria Mironova, Dmitry Kharatyan, Marina Zudina, Alexandra Rebenok, Alexandra Revenko, Anatoly Bely, Valery Nikolaev, Olga Medynich, TV presenter Vladimir Marconi appeared in the project. The jury members included Daria Zlatopolskaya, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Yegor Druzhinin and Vladimir Varnava. The host of the show was Andrey Malakhov.

Lyubina Kuznetsova and Vanya Dmitrienko

Lyubina Kuznetsova's height: 165 centimeters.

Personal life of Lubina Kuznetsova:

Not married.

She gets great pleasure from communication with animals - she especially likes dogs and cats.

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