How much to tip for lap dance

101 Your Guide to Tipping

Tipping, toking, greasing: all synonymous for sliding money to an employee for a job well done or to insure that a pending job becomes a job well done. Some claim that “tip” is an acronym for “To Insure Prompt Service” or “To Insure Proper Service” or “To Improve Performance.” In truth, tip is a slang term, origin unknown, and leaving tips has become a customary part of the American culture. In certain industries, the bulk of an employee's wages comes from customer tips.

Just how much are you expected to tip someone? What is a good tip? What is a poor tip? Do you tip before a service or afterward? Use the examples below for an idea of what is appropriate.

$2 per drink is a respectable tip for a bartender. If you are sitting at a bar playing the machines and you hit a jackpot, it is customary to tip your bartender more than normal – 10% of your winnings is generous.

When you're playing table games, you can tip the dealer in two ways. You can give a hand-in, which is to say that you hand the dealer cash or casino chips, or you can tip in the form of a bet. In blackjack and other table games, you simply put your bet inside the betting circle and the dealer's bet just above it. In craps, you just toss your bet to the stickman and instruct him where to put it, saying it's a bet for the dealers. If you're receiving good service or are winning, you are expected to tip. The amount is entirely up to you but it is customary to tip according to the denomination you're betting. If you're betting $10 a hand, a $1 tip is okay. If you're betting $1,000 a hand, a $1 tip is not okay.

A $3-5 tip for a valet attendant is fairly standard. $10 is generous. $20 is very generous. You may tip the valet when you're dropping your car off, picking your car up, or both. If you want a primo parking spot and to insure a speedy pick-up, tip when you drop your car off. But if you do that, your tip shouldn't be the bare minimum. If you tip up front, the valet will make a notation on your tip on the ticket, so you won't be expected to tip on the way out again (unless of course you want to).

Tip a taxi driver at least 10% of your fare. If the fare is under $10, throw them a couple bucks. Limo drivers expect 20% of the fare and at least $20-40 for shorter rides. If a driver is chauffeuring you for the entire evening, a minimum of $75-80 is expected.

When you're playing table games in a casino, the drinks are free. Tipping $1-2 per drink from your cocktail server is appropriate. $5 is a good tip. Anything over $5 is a great tip.

Bellmen and Concierges offer a variety of services and tipping varies from service to service. You should pay $1-2 per piece of luggage transported to your room, with a minimum of $5. Tip appropriately if they obtain hard-to-get items for your trip. If you're not sure the appropriate amount, ask.

You should place $3-5 on your bed for your maid each morning. If you leave the room a disaster, more money is appropriate.

There's never a maximum for how much you should tip a stripper. If you've ordered a stripper in your hotel room for a bachelor party, she doesn't want $1 bills; she expects at least $20s. If you're getting a lap dance in a club, she'll give you a price up front for a dance. Typically it's $20/dance. If you take a stripper to a private room, $100 will get you three songs. An additional tip or buying her a drink is encouraged.

VIP Hosts provide various services including bypassing the lines into a club, sitting you at a table and introducing you to the cocktail server, making hard-to-get reservations, and booking tickets to events labeled as “sold out.” They may provide relatively brief contact time or they may watch after you for the entire evening. Tips vary, but $70-1,000 is appropriate based on the amount of time they spend with you and the amount of money that your group spends

The average tip in restaurants in the US is 15% of the bill, but 18-20% is more commonly given. Nevada tax is nearly 8%, so for a quick calculation, take the tax, double it, and add a little.

Whether you get a massage or a manicure, it is customary to tip a salon attendant 20% of the bill.

Again, tipping is the fuel that drives the Las Vegas service industry. It is not customary in many foreign countries, but in America, tipping is expected in the professions listed above. Enjoy!

How Does Tipping at a Gentlemen's Club Work?

When you rally the guys (or girls!) for a night out at the strip club, the odds are that you’re all hoping to have an epically good time. And while no doubt setting yourself up to party with the hottest ladies of Dallas at Baby Dolls is a surefire win, there are a few other things you should know for a first-class strip club experience.

Sure, our ladies are here to show you and your crew a good time, but at the end of the night, they’re professionals – and a little respect goes a long way. That means coming to the club well-prepared with knowledge of strip club etiquette basics, and that includes how to tip dancers for their hard work and top-notch talent.

Even among seasoned strip club enthusiasts, tipping can be somewhat confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. From your friendly team at Baby Dolls, here’s everything you need to know about when, how, and why to tip the next lovely lady that treats you to a show at the strip club.

How to Tip at a Strip Club

Tipping at a strip club isn’t as much of a mystery as it’s made out to be, the basic rules of tipping etiquette are pretty straightforward. First and foremost, remember this: while it’s true that the majority of dancers have a genuine love for entertaining, it’s also their job.

A genuinely talented entertainer knows how to make it all look easy, whether they’re rocking the main stage or settling into your lap for a one-on-one performance. But the truth is that it’s a job that requires its fair share of hard work, dedication, and talent. So, when a dancer at your favorite strip club leaves you picking your jaw up off the floor, a little “thank you” in the form of a tip is a good call.

To help you avoid any embarrassing errors, we’ve rounded up the go-to guidelines for how tipping at a gentlemen’s club works:

  1. If you have a seat at the stage, keep your tips steady.

If you’re sitting around the stage, strip club etiquette says that tipping is a must, and fair, consistent tipping is the best approach to take. Generally, the rule of thumb is at least a dollar or two per song per performer. If there’s a performance that turns up the heat, you can bet that the dancers will be thrilled to see you show how much you loved it – so feel free to express your enthusiasm in tips!

  1. If you’re with a group, you should all be tipping.

Don’t be the big group of guests that leaves the tips to just one guy or gal. Instead, everyone in your party should be participating in tipping. After all, every single one of you is enjoying the show, right?

  1. Remember that a lap dance usually comes with a house rate and a tip.

Depending on where your go, most lap dances have a flat per-dance cost. But on top of that, giving your dancer a tip is highly encouraged (and appreciated).

  1. Don’t forget the strip club host or hostess.

Are you hoping to take your strip club experience to the next level? The club host or hostess is your best bet because they’re the ones that can set up all the VIP perks. Make sure you set aside $10-20 to tip them as well, especially if they’ve helped you host an event.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you’re still feeling uncertain about strip club tipping protocol, like where to put the money or when to give it to the dancers, just ask! Strip club staff are always happy to help you be the best guest you can be.

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When it comes to the rules of tipping at a strip club, look at it this way: you should have such an incredible time that you want nothing more to show your appreciation with a generously-sized tip. If you aren’t finding yourself ready to “make it rain,” then it might be time to find yourself a new gentlemen’s club – or better yet, just head to Baby Dolls.

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If a client never tips a stripper in the evening, he will no longer be allowed into the club

And a dancer who does not present a new dance program to the public every month can be fired without warning

Frankly speaking, we have an interest in striptease diminished a little. And I think it's not that the regulars of nightclubs are fed up with this kind of entertainment. It just looks like striptease - once a rare trump card - has been traded for nothing. And now you can contemplate the simple movements of half-naked beauties in almost any bar where there are more than two tables. Yes, and the price for such an unpretentious show, our girls wring the European. Although, as you understand, they are far from the European level. Nevertheless, in the West, interest in striptease does not disappear. For the same price as ours, you can see much more interesting and frank performances there.

“A twenty-five-year-old stripper is considered an old woman”

My interlocutor Tatyana, a stripper with twelve years of experience, danced in clubs in Europe and even for several years in the United States, which is very rare for our compatriots. Unlike most women, Tatyana does not hide the fact that she is thirty-one years old. And he is not going to end his career.

- If I go to Europe again, I'm thinking of dancing for another five years, - says Tatyana. - Why Europe? Because in Ukraine they won’t take me to any institution. I feel old here. By our standards, 25 years for a striptease is an advanced age. I know only one 36-year-old stripper, who also has two children. But this is an exception to the rule. Usually girls 18-20 years old dance with us. Those who are older and have been dancing with us for five years either give up this occupation or go abroad.

-- I have heard that abroad, thirty years is not the age limit for a striptease dancer.

-- In Europe, and especially in the United States, eighteen-year-old girls dance only in small provincial clubs or in peep shows. By the way, peep shows there are radically different from ours. Around the round stage are booths, the client buys a token for a certain time - from a minute to ten. Entering the booth, a man throws a token into the machine, and the curtain on the window automatically opens. After the time has elapsed, the curtain will also close automatically. And on the stage all the time a group of girls is dancing, frankly demonstrating their charms. Usually their change behind glass lasts about an hour. But for such aspiring girls, large prestigious clubs are closed. There you need to have very good external data, dance well, have work experience and your own original numbers.

In addition, the owners of Western establishments value girls who are popular with the public. With us, everything is built on getting rid of the dancer in three months, without really paying her, taking on a new girl and saving on her in the same way. When I got to the United States and was taken to the club, at twenty-four I was the youngest there. And I was even more surprised to learn that some women have been dancing in this club for seven or eight years! And the average age of the dancers is about thirty. And there were dancers and older ones.

“In order to impress the client, some dancers extract chains and handkerchiefs from that very place”

-- What is it about thirty-year-old strippers that fascinate the men there so much?

-- Just don't think that there are clubs all around where dancers in their thirties perform - there are some where you see girls no older than twenty. By and large, age, if a woman has the conditions to take care of herself, does not play a special role. Another thing is the charm that a mature woman has. I assure you, dancers my age dance much sexier than young girls! The dance of a young girl can be compared to the attack of a cobra - lightning fast, discouraging, but lasting a fraction of a second. And the work of a more mature dancer is the magic of a boa constrictor, which looks into the eyes of the victim so that she cannot tear herself away from him until she dies.

-- Is that why they dance there for seven years in one place?

-- European and American clubs have a completely different culture of perception. Usually the same club, located in one or another area of ​​the city, becomes a place of entertainment for a relatively constant group of people. So the dancers have fans, even their own support group. Most of the visitors know the names and stage nicknames of the girls. And when the dancer's appearance on the stage is announced, the hall explodes with applause and loud shouts. From the strippers themselves, this requires a lot of stress: after all, missing a performance on some evening, they disappoint their customers who came to see their idol. So you have to dance with a high temperature, and during critical days.

-- Are there any striptease rules in the West that differ from ours?

-- In our establishments, there have never been any special rules regarding the dance itself. Basically, they're all based on money -- what's the price per exit, the percentage of the tip, and so on And on stage, the girls do what they want. Therefore, some national features of striptease appeared - among the girls of many establishments there is an unspoken rule that you cannot make open poses in front of the client (in other words, spread your legs). For some reason, it is not customary for us to completely undress on stage, only topless (although abroad in most establishments a stripper undresses completely on stage). Only consumant women can sit with clients in a bikini, and sometimes without a top. Our girls, on the other hand, undress completely only in a private dance, and the prices for it reach one hundred dollars! For what?! This is a complete distortion of what is accepted all over the world. If a private is ordered there, then the stripper must dance in such a way as to bring the client to orgasm. So there you not only have to spread your legs, but also demonstrate quite frank things, for example, imitate self-satisfaction.

To distribute three hundred tips, men buy themselves cheap beer

-- As for local features, the first thing that catches your eye is the silicone busts of almost all the dancers, -- continues Tatyana. - That's the way they do it. The client must look at what he does not see in everyday life. Every stripper must renew their number every month. You can modify the old one, but some novelty must be present. If the dancer is too lazy, she can be fired even without warning. Therefore, Western strippers can do a lot: cross splits, handstand, bridge from a standing position. This is not a complete list of tricks. And this is thirty years old! In our country, not all eighteen-year-olds can boast of at least one of these exercises.

I'm not talking about the dances themselves, which the girls come up with. Some, during a performance in front of the public, pull out a long chain, a handkerchief or a thin synthetic scarf from that very place. The girls who worked for us in the club, in pairs, did a number with candles, dousing each other with melted wax, and at the end of the performance, standing on the bridge, they set up candles for themselves, you know where. Someone in the process of dancing paints the body with paint and allows clients to do it. Very many, dancing, "play" with the whole body - chest, buttocks and more spicy parts of the body. Our girls, on the contrary, seem to be afraid to touch their bodies. But it really excites the client.

-- You were thinking about money. Do you receive tips?

-- Everywhere girls give some percentage of tips, sometimes very small, to the cashier of the establishment. There are clubs where the money fees of dancers are very small. But this does not affect the financial situation of the girls. There is an iron rule: the client is obliged to give the dancer a tip. This is monitored by administrators. And be sure, if the client did not give a tip to the dancer tonight, they will not be allowed into the institution tomorrow. Only this almost never happens - everyone leaves a tip.

This is especially true for Americans. Sometimes a client is content with a glass of inexpensive beer or a cocktail for ten dollars, but gives away three hundred and three tips. In general, in the United States, tips are not perceived as a handout, but as a sign of gratitude. And the more prestigious the institution, the higher the tip.

Here I had to deal with a different state of affairs. The girls of one club told how once they worked out two phonograms for a group of young people, but did not receive a tip. When the guests were gently hinted that it is customary in the institution to thank for dancing, they heard in response: “After all, we paid for the entrance!” And in one new establishment, another extreme is observed: if a client wants to tip a stripper, then a vigilant administrator will stop him, saying that you are not accepted with us. By this, the management is trying to show that the institution is not in poverty and pays the girls so much money that they do not need tips. This is the grossest delusion.

-- How about a present or an intimacy with a client? Is it accepted abroad?

-- A present is a personal matter for everyone. But this does not mean at all that the client requires intimacy from the girl. By the way, dancers are not forbidden to have sex with a client there. At the same time, this is not particularly encouraged. In some of our establishments, the administrators themselves sometimes almost in an ultimatum form force the strippers to provide intimate services to the right client, they say, if you don’t oversleep, you won’t work tomorrow. How can you work with such an attitude? Therefore, our striptease is so inexpressive, banal and not exciting at all. A pity


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"For many men you are a therapist in a thong!": revelations of a pole dancer

How does a stripper live? And what if she is in a relationship? Some professions are condemned in society in vain - did you know that striptease does not mean subsequent sex at all? However, let our heroine tell about everything herself.

Vita Zorina


Real Stories

XXX industry

Candid Stories


1. How did you decide to work in a strip club?

I danced for many years, but at the age of 18 I broke my right knee, and my professional career was cut short. Then I owned my own studio for a short time. Others did not want to hire me, fearing that I would lure students away. And then a friend suggested going to learn pole dancing - pole dance. At some point, everything happened: my husband and I needed additional income, and the studio and the strip club had one parking lot. And we decided why not?

2. And what is the schedule?

Complex. The club worked day and night, my shifts were night shifts. I worked from seven in the evening until three in the morning. There must be at least four shifts per week, otherwise you need to pay a fee for the opportunity to work.

3. What was the process like?

I came with a ready-made haircut, changed clothes, painted and went on stage. There were two poles, during the session you had to dance at one, at the second, and then go down to the bar. There were several of us, we changed.

4. Is it very profitable?

Of course! There's an entrance fee, there's a tip, plus I flirt with men so they'll fork out for a lap dance.

Your personality as a stripper is not the same as your usual one, you have to behave differently. You have to flirt, spin, and no one cares that you are married - for clients you are single, otherwise you will not earn anything. I was the embodiment of their fantasies, and if they told me “I want a dominatrix” . .. I became her.

5. What is included in a lap dance?

This is a dance in the VIP room for a separate fee. There are sofas and it's semi-dark. No sex!

My signature move is handstand. Before this, I always take off my shoes (the 15 cm platform is terribly uncomfortable), put my hands on the floor and stand on them, then kneel down to him. Looks much better in real life than in the description.

6. Did you undress at the dance?

I have large breasts, so in principle men could imagine what was hidden under the suit. Sometimes I danced topless if there were few people in the club. But in general, I made money without undressing.

7. And how much did you earn per night?

The club did not pay me, everything was based on tips. We, in fact, rented a place on the stage and paid ourselves at the end of the shift from 10 to 500 dollars (the less often you perform, the more). And you also had to leave a tip to the DJ, otherwise you would later dance to an 8-minute song about sandwiches. I was earning a lot, up to $500 a night, because I wear size 50 and everyone else wears size 40. You could say I stood out.

8. What kind of visitors did you come?

Various. Military, farmers, workers, businessmen. There was always some unpleasant type that we tried to avoid. Such people always want to be touched (and if they touch, they will be taken out immediately), try to take a phone number and ask what you do after work. What am I doing, going to a 24-hour fast food restaurant for dinner!

9. Have you ever felt uncomfortable or unsafe?

Everything was fine with security, but there was some discomfort. The first night I was terrified, afraid to fall off the platform and all that. But when I started dancing, everything was immediately forgotten.

10. Did the visitors try to grab you?

It happened. But my father is a retired police officer, so I know how to stand up for myself. If a person tries to grab me, he ends up on the floor with a heel at his throat. I let him go, and when the guard asked if everything was fine with me, I replied that the question was not for me.

11. What do people think wrong about strip clubs?

Many women think that if a man goes there, he cheats. But nothing happens there! For many, I'm just a therapist in a thong. They talk about what is happening in life.

12. Do you remember any of your clients?

One of them was about 70 years old, he was very nice, and we thought he had forgotten here. He ordered a private dance and said that his wife had died, and he wanted to communicate. I almost burst into tears, but restrained myself so as not to smear my makeup.

13. Did you enjoy being on stage?

Yes, I became passionate and open, which is why the cash flow did not dry up. And before that, I was very modest.

14. What do you dislike about this job?

Drama. It happens that someone takes away the client. One day there was a fight in the locker room, and then the girl sprayed another pepper spray in her face. Everyone suffered.

And I always have to stick plasters on my feet and hardly walk the next day.

15. What did the husband think?

One day he came to a club and sat in a bar with beer. When I finished the dance (no one knew that this was my husband), I approached him as if I were an ordinary visitor. He gave me a tip and said that with this money we would have dinner together later.

One day I came home, changed, and we went to a restaurant.

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