How much is bts permission to dance concert

BTS' 'Permission to Dance on Stage' Broadcast Grosses $32.6 Million

Scoring tickets to one of the first BTS concerts in three years may be next-to-impossible, but plenty of fans of the global K-pop group were able to catch the group’s Seoul-set show at their local cinema.

In a rare, one-night-only event, HYBE and Trafalgar Releasing brought the concert to movie theaters across the country to blockbuster results. At the global box office, the limited engagement of “BTS Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul” raked in $32.6 million from 3,711 cinemas in 75 worldwide theatrical markets. For context, the concert screening brought in more money in a single day than some pandemic-era Hollywood movies generated in their entire opening weekends.

Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst with Comscore, called those figures “astonishing” and “unprecedented.”

“For a one-day gross to come in at this level, particularly the global number, is mind boggling and speaks to the power of a one-chance-only event to drive moviegoers to the cinema,” Dergarabedian said.

Unlike “Break the Silence: The Movie,” a documentary about BTS stars RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook as they embarked on their 2019 tour, this weekend’s screening wasn’t a traditional feature film. Instead, ticket buyers were treated to a live-stream — which was tape delayed in some locations given the time change — of BTS’s concert at Olympic Stadium in South Korea.

In North America, “BTS Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul” played in 803 theaters and earned roughly $6.84 million on Saturday. Those returns translate to $8,500 per venue, the weekend’s second-best theater average following “The Batman” at $15,621 per venue.

Making those ticket sales more impressive, “BTS Permission to Dance on Stage” managed to crack the top five on domestic box office charts despite playing in fewer than 1,000 locations. It landed in third place behind Robert Pattinson’s superhero adventure “The Batman” (which collected $66 million from 4,417 venues over the weekend) and Tom Holland’s video game adaptation “Uncharted” (which generated $9. 2 million from 3,725 locations over the weekend).

In the U.S. and Canada, tickets went for $35 — which is steeper than the average $9 ticket price in North America. Higher prices did not appear to deter anyone. Multiplexes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston and Chicago were especially busy, with many reporting multiple sold-out screenings.

HYBE 360 president DJ Kim said, “As the pandemic made it difficult to access the concert venue, we wanted to create an opportunity for fans to gather and watch the concert together. We came up with the idea of ‘live-viewing’ at cinemas and are delighted to offer an alternative experience for fans to enjoy the concert live.”

Marc Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar Releasing added, “It’s a testament to both the overwhelmingly dedicated fandom of the ARMY and the overall return to cinemas on a global scale.”

‘BTS Permission To Dance’ Live Concert To Fill Box Office Void – Specialty Preview – Deadline

A BTS concert in Seoul this weekend will hit a milestone, with tickets for Saturday’s theatrical event in the U. S. priced at what might be a record $35 and the show poised to become the highest-grossing worldwide event-cinema release ever.

Trafalgar Releasing will present two Saturday screenings of BTS Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul on some 700 screens in the U.S. and Canada and 3,000 screens worldwide. Shows to some territories including North America will be tape-delayed given the time difference. (If it were live to the U.S., it would screen at 3:45 a.m. ET.) The ticket price is premium for theaters but dwarfed by the outlay required for in-person concert tickets, if you can get them. It’s why exhibitors really like this growing space.

“I am very encouraged there is a live concert. It’s selling very, very well, and we are adding screens where we can,” said Sonny Gourley, VP Film at Marcus Theatres. “I know it’s BTS, but maybe we have got something here [for] someone who does not want to pay hundreds of dollars. I wish I could tell you that the next Billy Joel and Foo Fighters [concerts] are in our theaters.

“We go to where the live technology is installed and to the best venues and the best markets,” said Trafalgar CEO Marc Allenby. The distributor has worked with the massively popular K-pop group on previous films, “so we have a good understanding of where their fan base is.” It said BTS’ 2019 Burn the Stage, with theatrical grosses of roughly $18.5M, holds the worldwide record for event cinema, defined as an engagement of less than one week.

A Cinemark rep said the chain’s been seeing “great enthusiasm” on social and through ticket sales for this stop on the latest world tour series headlined by the pop icons.

Meanwhile, the Telugu-Hindi film Radhe Shyam opens on at least 750 screens, a much wider-than-average release for an Indian film and in fact the widest release of the weekend. It’s also welcome — as The Batman soldiers on amid zero new wide releases and a sprinkling of indie films. “It’s been rocky,” Gourley said.

The period romantic drama is written and directed by Radha Krishna Kumar and stars Prabhas and Pooja Hegde.

The large Indian film business produces movies in dozens of languages and has been a stalwart of the North America box office, with as many as two or three films arriving day-and-date with India each weekend now that Covid has waned. They play big circuits (the only foreign films not shown in arthouses) often in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil versions.

AMC’s Nikkole Denson-Randolph, SVP Content Strategy & Inclusive Programming, said the largest U.S. chain has been focused on the space for at least a decade, starting small and expanding to more than 100 theaters nationally working with about 30 distributors. It also plays films in Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali or Gujarati, depending on the market.

Sooryavanishi, ’83 and Antim – The Final Truth have been the best recent performers, with Gangubai Kathiawadi opening at No. 11 at the box office two weeks ago and holding well last weekend.

Radhe Shyam, presented by Great India Films, happened to be a highly anticipated pic. RRR, opening March 25, is expected to be one of the biggest in some time.

“It’s a segment that we emphasize,” said Marcus Theatres’ Gorley, particularly Telugu –for which he said St. Louis is the circuit’s biggest market.

Indian audiences typically don’t lean on traditional film marketing but word of mouth from family overseas coupled with community grassroots marketing often driven by favorite stars and directors. They tend to be front-loaded and are booked for weeks at a time.

Justin McDaniel, Cinemark’s SVP Global Content Strategy, touts Indian cinema’s “steady and avidly loyal fan base” and said the circuit has found success in various U.S. markets for “Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Pollywood and Mollywood movies” – referring, respectively, to regional Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Pashto and Malayalam productions. “We look forward to building on our program’s performance and delivering more of these diverse films… including the upcoming release of the highly anticipated RRR.

Below is the Radhe Shyam trailer. There’s no version available with English subtitles, though the films in theaters all have them.

Elsewhere in specialty:

Netflix presents The Adam Project at 25 Cinemark theaters and streaming. The family sci-fi adventure directed by Stranger Things and Free Guy‘s Shawn Levy opened at the Bay Theater last Friday and held a one-night preview event at 220 Cinemark locations on Wednesday. That included a live Q&A with star Ryan Reynolds. He plays a time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self (Walker Scobell) and his late father to come to terms with his past while saving the future. Also starring Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana and Catherine Keener. Deadline review here.

(Netflix also noted that The Power of the Dog moved to 75 theaters in 40+ cities with Oscar showcases at several circuits, and said this brings the “cumulative” number of screens the film has run on since release, but not at the same time, to nearly 2,000.)

Screen Media presents mystery thriller Gold from Anthony Hayes on about 160 screens. Written by Hayes and Polly Smith. Staring Zac Efron with Susie Porter and Hayes. In the not-too-distant future, two drifters traveling through the desert stumble across the biggest gold nugget ever found and dream of immense wealth. One leaves to secure the tools to dig it out. The other keeps watch, enduring a harsh climate, wild dogs and mysterious intruders while battling a sinking suspicion.

SuperLTD presents comedy-horror All My Friends Hate Me on 27 screens. Directed by Andrew Gaynord. Written by Tom Palmer and Tom Stourton. The college-reunion-goes-awry pic that premiered at Tribeca has a 92% with critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Stournton stars as Pete, whose old gang from college is throwing him a birthday party out in the countryside. He grows increasingly unnerved by his friends’ inside jokes and snarky comments as the atmosphere goes from awkward to terrifying.

Magnolia Pictures presents sci-fi drama Ultrasound by Rob Schroeder in five theaters (LA, Chicago, Seattle, Tulsa, Birmingham). Based on cartoonist Conor Stechschulte’s graphic novel, Generous Bosom. Stechschulte wrote the screenplay. Glen (Vincent Kartheiser) has car trouble driving home late in a rainstorm. He seeks help at the home of an oddly friendly middle-aged man, Arthur (Bob Stephenson), and his younger wife, Cyndi (Chelsea Lopez). The couple pours him a drink, and then more drinks, followed by an unexpected offer that Glen can’t refuse. It’s an 81% with critics on RT.

And Blue Fox Entertainment Presents documentary I Am Here by Jordy Sank, a profile of 98-year-old South African holocaust survivor Ella Blumenthal as she reveals to her family her astonishing life journey and her unwavering appreciation of life. In 82 theaters.

How can I watch BTS concert 2021 for free? –

On their YT, Weverse and VLIVE channel, BTS has a lot of free stuff for everyone.

Also, how can I attend BTS Muster 2021?

BTS 2021 MUSTER Sowoozoo tickets can be purchased from the Weverse store. Tickets can be purchased until June 13 at 07:30 AM KST, which is around 4:30 AM EST. ARMY members have two options for purchasing this ticket.

How long is the BTS concert then?

A BTS concert tour can last up to three hours. Expect up to 20 songs during the BTS stadium tour show, plus at least one encore song. Encores can include up to five songs, so be sure to stick around until the very end.

So how can I see BTS live? PVR Cinemas recently took to their official Twitter account and informed fans that permission for BTS's "Dancing on Stage" concert will be broadcast live at PVR Cinemas. The BTS Army in India can watch the live broadcast of the concert on March 12, 2022. Get ready for the beat with BTS!

Will BTS ever perform in India? As we know, BTS India Tour is due to start in July 2022 and they will perform in various arenas across India.


How many fees does BTS have?

In the eight years of their journey, BTS held five camps. BTS' sixth camp was supposed to take place in 2020 but was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

BTS collection same as Festa?

Gathering is essentially a concert, but with the added magic of BTS. Songs they don't usually play (like old but golden songs or Festa songs) and often contain little skits or cute costumes. Often you have seen these clips in YouTube video compilations because they are so iconic.

How can I watch BTS online?

For online ARMY

Tickets will be available on the Weverse store. After purchasing, you must go to the live stream page and log in with the Weverse store account that was used to purchase the ticket. Enter a nickname, validate your ticket and enjoy the show.

Are lightsticks sold at concerts?

These days, if you have the desire to join the "wave", you can buy your own lightstick at almost every concert venue, as well as from official online stores and third-party online sellers. But they won't be cheap. Most official light sticks sell for between $40 and $60.

Which gig sold out the fastest?

Concert 2015 (South Korea) - EXO Planet #2 - EXO'luxion sold out (67,040 0.4 tickets) in 2017 seconds, which was a record and at the time was the fastest sold-out concert in the world, although EXO breaks again world record in XNUMX with their new concert tour.

Can you take a picture with BTS?

However, BTS fans rarely see the group taking pictures with fans. The group is managed by BigHit Entertainment and for all their success, there are a few strict rules that they must follow. Some have speculated that the band is not allowed to regularly take pictures with fans.

What is single screen streaming?

One view delayed streaming is a replay of the previous day's live stream. Don't miss the chance to see BTS online again!

How much are BTS online concert tickets?

Live concert tickets are available on the website and PVR app and cost between Rs 1500 to Rs 4200. The recording of the concert can also be seen at a lower price of Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,800.

Where is BTS now?

The K-pop singers are currently on a short hiatus at their home in South Korea.

Which k-pop group came to India?

All about Blackswan: A band featuring India's first Kpop idol, Shreya Lenka.

In which state do BTS come to India?

In India, BTS is going to perform in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The exact venue where they are going to perform will be announced shortly by the organizers in India.

Which members of BTS are famous in India?

According to Big Data Hallyu Market Research 2021, BTS's Jeon Jungkook is the most popular Korean entertainment star in India.

What is Army Zip BTS?

ARMY ZIP is the global official ARMY membership. Every year, BTS fans have the opportunity to make an annual fee to join the official BTS fan club. This is a global membership, meaning it is open to fans in South Korea and abroad. With membership, BTS fans become official members of ARMY.

Where does BTS live now in 2021?

He owns a luxurious apartment in Gangnam, South Korea. With a minimalist interior and dedicated art room, the apartment is reportedly worth $4. 55 million. See photos here.

BTS will disband in 2026?

BTS will remain under their Big Hit Entertainment label until 2026, it was announced on Wednesday (October 17). The seven members of BTS - RM, Jimin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, and V - have renewed their contracts with Big Hit for another seven years, extending their current contracts that expire next year.

How much is the BTS collection ticket?

A standard Muster ticket costs 49,500 44.30 won, which is approximately 3226 US dollars (Rs 4), while a 59,500K ticket costs 53.30 3886 won, approximately 65.8 US dollars (about 79.1 rupees). - 59.0 million dollars).

Why is it called BTS gathering?

Previously, BTS hosted five such "Musters", a gathering of BTS ARMYs who call their bandmates OT7 or One True 7, and this year's festival was named after the Korean title of their song "Microcosmos".

What is the 4th BTS gathering?

BTS 4th Muster: Happy Ever After was the 4th BTS fanclub event. It was held from January 13 to 2018, 14 in South Korea. The DVD was released on October 2018, 31 and the Blu-ray was released on November 2018, 21.

How long does the dance last until the concert is allowed?

During the 2.5 hour concert, which was also streamed live to international viewers via Weverse, they performed 21 songs including "Fire", "Dope", "Blue & Grey", "Black Swan" and "Blood Sweat" Tears.

Is there any chance that BTS will come to India?

They recently released a successful album, after which they are going to the BTS World Tour 2022 concert.

Group name BTS (Bangtan Seoyeondang)
BTA India tour dates August 2022
BTS concert venue in India Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi (NCR)
Ticket price Not yet disclosed
Music genre K-pop

Where can I see BTS's permission for a dance concert?

How to watch BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Las Vegas?

  • Tickets will be available at the Weverse store.
  • Then you should go to the live streaming website.
  • And then log in with the Weverse store account required to purchase tickets.
  • Where are tickets sold?
    How long before the concert do I need to buy tickets?
    Is the age limit strictly looked at?
    Is the e-ticket secure?
    Does the e-ticket need to be printed in color?
    What is M&G?
    How do I get an autograph?
    Can I bring my camera?
    Can I bring water?
    Is there any way to go to the concert with a backpack?
    Approximately how long does it take to arrive to be closer to the stage?
    Can I only log in once? Or in, out, back in?
    What songs will be played?
    What is merch?
    What is funk?
    What is a slam?
    Is there always slam in funk?
    How to dress?
    When will the concert end?

    Where are tickets sold?

    At the box office of the concert venue and on sites specializing in the sale of tickets. It makes no sense for the organizers to hide this information from you, so all the necessary links are usually present in the official meeting of the event.

    The main thing is to think ten times before buying tickets from your hands so as not to fall for the bait of scammers, which have become especially numerous lately, and avoid unverified sites that the organizer does not mention anywhere.

    How long before the concert do I need to buy tickets?

    If you really want to go to this concert, it makes sense to take care of the purchase as early as possible. In some cases, the price of tickets rises closer to the concert, and on the day of the event it is consistently higher. And if the performer you want to listen to live is popular in your city, there is a chance that tickets will run out long before the concert.

    However, do not panic too much on this issue: there are not so many artists in such demand. Even if the organizer escalates the situation and writes that tickets are running out, remember that tickets, as a rule, go on sale in waves up to the appointed date.

    Is the age limit strictly looked at?

    Documents are usually not viewed. When a distraught crowd of fans is rushing into all the entrances, the guards are not up to checking passports. However, there are exceptions.

    Is the e-ticket secure?

    There are people for whom an electronic ticket is the most convenient way to get to a concert. But when buying an electronic ticket, you need to consider whether you are ready to face a number of difficulties and misunderstandings.

    It happens that the reader accepts such tickets with grief in half. Sometimes it turns out that you stand in line for several hours exactly at the entrance where electronic tickets are not accepted at all. In the practice of the author of the article, there was also such a case when the guards took an unfamiliar piece of paper for a fake and somehow agreed to let them through to the concert almost half an hour later, when it was useless to fight for the coveted place near the fence.

    If that's important to you, stick with traditional tickets (and they look prettier).

    Does the e-ticket need to be printed in color?

    Not at all. The most important part of an electronic and any other ticket is a barcode, and as of 2016 barcodes are not made in color.

    By the way, if you find it difficult to resist the temptation to post a fresh ticket for your favorite group on social networks, don't forget to hide the barcode. Attackers can use it to get to the concert before you and thus cancel the real ticket.

    What is M&G?

    M&G is Meet & Greet, a backstage get-together where you can take pictures with your idols, get their autographs, tell them how much you love them and give them something to remember. Meet-n-grit also includes other bonuses, such as being at the soundcheck. This is an optional part of the concert, but the organizers often hold contests and draws that allow you to get a coveted invitation.

    Some top performers sell tickets to meet and grit, and it's quite expensive.

    How to get an autograph?

    If you didn't manage to get to meet-n-grit, don't despair. Sometimes the organizers arrange autograph sessions for popular artists. Entrance to such events can be both free and won in some competition.

    If it doesn't work out here, you can try to stay after the concert and wait for the musicians at the service entrance. The option, frankly, is very flimsy: some performers love this form of attention and sincerely try to please the fans, but in most cases, the musicians are simply not up to it, because there is most likely another plane, another city and another concert ahead.

    The most ethically dubious option for especially arrogant and intrusive is to guard the artist at the airport or at the hotel.

    In the end, you can just rethink the importance of the marker squiggle and hope to catch a pick, drumsticks, setlist or any other piece of happy memories at the concert.

    Can I bring a camera?

    In many cases, any filming is formally prohibited, but in practice the pattern is this: the larger and more professional your equipment, the less likely it is to bring it to the concert. For example, there are usually no problems with shooting on mobile equipment (except that half of the audience will hate you for a spade-shaped tablet raised in the first row), and simple soap dishes also do not raise questions.

    But you can bring a SLR camera only if you are an accredited photographer or this is a very small concert.

    Can I bring water?

    At most concerts, all liquids are taken away at the entrance. There is also the following brutal practice, especially common at summer festivals: the guards ask you to open the bottle, check if there is alcohol inside, and do not give the cap, leaving you at a loss with a full bottle of water, very difficult to transport in festival conditions.

    In hot weather, a spare cap is a must-have.

    Is there any way to go to the concert with a backpack?

    There are two significant factors in this matter. The first is common sense (you understand that a huge backpack is not the best equipment for a concert, even if the guards do not have any questions for you?). The second is the specifics of the concert venue. In most cases, a small urban backpack does not become a problem for the owner, but there are also places where they will be asked to hand it over to the wardrobe, and in some places it is also paid.

    For security reasons inspection is present almost everywhere. In general, it is better to clarify the issues of carrying certain things with the organizers or representatives of the site. Sometimes such things are written on tickets.

    Approximately how long does it take to arrive to be closer to the stage?

    It is difficult to give even an approximate answer to this question. You need to evaluate the popularity of a particular artist, as well as the size and enthusiasm of the fandom.

    In some cases, the most devoted fans line up in the morning or even spend the night outside the building. If you follow an artist's career or even remotely imagine his target audience, such pandemoniums are easily predictable. Groups of performers on social networks are very helpful in assessing the scale of the disaster: there you can always find a discussion of the planned arrival time, and closer to the concert, people begin to upload photos of the line at the entrance, according to which you can figure out whether it is worth leaving the house now or if you can get stuck a little more in the Internet.

    It is also worth remembering the element of luck: a good place in the queue does not guarantee you a good place in the hall. A good life hack for concert queues: make a lot of music friends, and one day they might be in the right place at the right time and call you thirty people ahead.

    When you joyfully run into the hall and choose a seat, remember (or rather study in advance) how the musicians usually stand on the stage. Let's say if your favorite keyboard player prefers to sit on the right side of the stage, then it's logical for you to try to find a place on the right.

    Can I only log in once? Or in, out, back in?

    Re-entry to concerts in the vast majority of cases is paid. The exception is festivals, where a special bracelet is put on your wrist after the ticket has been validated. In some places at the entrance you will be stamped on your wrist, which will allow you to calmly leave the hall and return, but everything is individual.

    What songs will be played?

    As a rule, within the same tour setlists at different concerts do not differ much from each other, so for a rough idea of ​​the evening's program, you will only need to look at a couple of setlists from previous performances. Setlists of many musicians are posted on the site The site is good not only for its simplicity and efficiency, but also for various interesting features: you can study statistics on songs, albums and artists and read comments on the performed compositions (for example, that such and such a song was performed for the first time since 2005, and in such and such song soloist forgot the words).

    What is merch?

    Merch - fan paraphernalia, that is, t-shirts, badges, posters and any other things with the image of the band, for which the musicians and their managers have enough imagination. Before concerts, merch is often sold in a special pavilion inside the building. If you want to buy something with the image of your favorite artist and have the necessary funds (and merch is usually expensive), you should not wait until the end of the concert: it is not a fact that the pavilion will still work.

    In fact, it is much easier to contact the artist's online store, which is usually present on his website and works around the clock.

    What is funk?

    Fanka (fan zone) - a fenced area, which, as a rule, is located closest to the stage. There are only standing seats in the fan zone, so do not pay attention if a row and a seat suddenly appear on your ticket, but this is not displayed on the hall map. Even at concerts, there is sometimes a so-called dance partner, which goes right after the fan zone.

    We have collected the main pros and cons of the zones of typical concert venues in a special navigator. However, do not forget that it is better to clarify this question for a specific hall in which the concert will take place.

    What is a slam?

    Slam - an aggressive human mess in front of the stage, in which all kinds of pushes, kicks and jumps take place. On the one hand, slam is considered to be a positive audience reaction to music, and some people really love this action. Nevertheless, this is a very dangerous phenomenon, fraught with serious injuries. This is especially true for people who are not accustomed to this method of collective expression of approval. Sometimes slam is accompanied by stage diving (in other words, when a musician dives into the crowd).

    Is there always slam in funk?

    Not always. If at your first concert you are going to listen to metal, grunge, punk and other heavy genres, soberly assess your physical fitness and do not go into the thick of it (usually the first rows in the center). In other cases, there may not be a slam.

    It is difficult, but it is important to try to assess the adequacy of the people around you. You can see from some people a mile away that they will start to run amok from the very first chords. And there is also a softened version of the slam, when the participants follow a certain ethic: they do not seek to cause real harm to others and help those who have fallen to rise.

    If you suddenly feel that you are weakening, and the chaos around you does not think to calm down, try to get out of the epicenter, step aside and come to your senses.

    How to dress?

    The ideal option is comfortable clothing without outstanding details and accessories. In the dark, among the raging crowd, it is unlikely that anyone will evaluate your outfit, so you should not wear your best and newest things (they can get soaked, dirty and even torn).

    Avoid large earrings, shawls and scarves, spikes of all kinds, high heels and open shoes. It is hot at concerts even in the cold season, so do not overdo it with warming. Comfortable shoes are essential, even if you don't plan on queuing for hours for the perfect spot. Fragile and valuable things are best left at home or at least more securely hidden. Long hair should be collected to make life easier for yourself and the people around you.

    Most of these tips are relevant for the fan zone and the dance floor. If you have seating, you can afford a little more.

    When will the concert end?

    Find out the start time and add at least three or even four hours. The concert itself is unlikely to last that long (usually 90-120 minutes depending on the setlist), but be aware that concerts rarely start on time. In addition, many concerts have an opening act (ie a lesser-known band performing in front of the main performer) that lasts just under an hour.

    After big gigs there is a danger of getting stuck at the exit or in the cloakroom. This is especially true for stadiums, where people are released in portions, by sectors.

    Learn more