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Conflicts at the Royal Ballet have emerged in the past week over the lack of notice dancers say they are being given by the artistic director, Ross Stretton, about the roles they perform and the timing of performances.

This conflict shows that dancers need to be versatile as well as mastering great technical detail. There is far more to dancing than standing on pointes and executing a perfect arabesque. Dancers must also maintain excellent fitness, and imbue each performance with emotion.

Dancers have extensive training in classical ballet; the Royal Ballet School provides regular ballet tuition on top of standard academic work for students from the age of 11. Other schools have three-year courses for people from the age of 16. Performing arts colleges also offer tuition.

Most ballet dancers retire in their mid-thirties and move into teaching, choreography, artistic direction or the administrative side of dancing.


The entertainers' union Equity has agreements with each ballet company for how much different grades of dancer earn. Members of the corps de ballet at the Royal Ballet earn £22,000 a year in their second year at the company. This rises by £1,000 every year they stay. Soloists earn £32,500, with the first soloist getting £39,000.

Dancers who hop from company to company as guest artists negotiate their own fee for each production. As they are basically freelances, they often employ an agent to manage their work and an accountant to keep the books.


Dancers love what they do. Performing for an appreciative audience is a massive buzz, and when a production comes together it is very satisfying.

They work closely together, establishing a group bond that makes for a great working environment.

Touring companies such as the English National Ballet travel the country and sometimes abroad. Each company performs a few different productions each season, so there is little opportunity to get bored.


The concentration needed to perform can be draining. Dancing is exhausting, and even when performing in the evenings companies rehearse during the day.

Developing a new production or role is an intense process. People may have different ideas about how a role should be presented, creating potential conflict.

Great discipline is needed to train daily. Staying fit often requires exercise on top of the daily two-hour ballet classes and six-hour rehearsals of most companies.

Dancers are vulnerable to injuries, which can halt their work for long periods and even end careers.

The future

Ballet companies are trying to reach a wider audience. In 1990 what was the Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet moved to Birmingham. Touring companies such as the Northern Ballet Theatre and English National Ballet tour cities across the UK.

The pieces performed are expanding from the purely classical to a wider range, with new types of choreography and sets.

My view: Kevin O'Hare

Kevin O'Hare is company manager of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, where he was principal dancer for 10 years until he retired in 2000. As a child he was in the film Bugsy Malone before attending the Royal Ballet School from 12. Now he liaises with both ballet and administrative staff, supporting the dancers.

"I loved getting into a character when I was dancing. It can be hard work on tour when you are performing in places with very few facilities, but it is great to open ballet up to a wider audience," O'Hare says.

"Ballet is not as elitist as it has been - it's much more accessible. We are trying to get people to see new work rather than only Swan Lake, and move the art form on."

How Much Do Ballet Dancers Make

Ballet is a beautiful art performed by amazing dancers. Ballet dancers are well trained, and because of their unmatched skills, they are compensated fairly. 

A ballet dancer makes anywhere between $14,500 and $256,500 in a year. This range represents the highest and lowest earners. Most ballet dancers' salaries fall between $14,500 and $36,500. The average salary is about $1,326 per week.  

Many ballet dancers work their whole life to be a part of a prestigious company. Below, there is a breakdown of a ballet dancer's salary at each career stage and how to making money as a ballet dancer.

A Ballet Dancer's Salary

Ballet dancers are known for their hard work, dedication, and grit, but not necessarily their income. Many of the performing arts get a bad reputation for the low-income positions that employ many people within the industry. It takes a lot of time and experience to see your investment in training and practice pay off.

Salaries vary widely by region and company. If a ballet dancer is not a part of a company, their likelihood of getting paid drastically decreases. 

Here are some fast facts about ballet dancers' salaries:

  • Average yearly salary is $68,949 
  • Average yearly salary falls into the 75th percentile
  • An average salary accounts for both the highest and lowest incomes
  • About 35% of ballet dancers fall into the 25th percentile, roughly $30,000
  • Only 17% of all ballet dancing positions are paid between $58,500 and $80,500

The major takeaways from these facts are that most ballet dancers make about $30,000. Do not expect to make more than $30,000 with your first dancing gig. Earning a higher, consistent wage can be difficult, especially if your performances are freelance.

Salary is dependent on multiple factors, such as:

  • Experience
  • Skill level
  • Location or region
  • Dance company

(Source: Zip Recruiter)

Do Ballet Dancers Make A Livable Wage?

Ballet dancers that fall into the 25th percentile of salary ranges earn about $14 an hour, which is not a livable wage. In some regions of the country, averages are much higher, but if you take into account the cost of living in those regions, the increase is not substantial.

Below is a table showing ballet dancer salary averages from locations across the United States based on data from August 2020. The table goes on to highlight prestigious companies found in these regions as well. 

The following charge details how salaries differ in various regions of the US:



Average Salary

Companies in the Area


Indianapolis, IN


  • Cleveland Ballet
  • Cincinnati Ballet
  • Dayton Ballet

Chicago, IL


  • Joffrey Ballet
  • Chicago Ballet
  • Oklahoma Ballet

Minneapolis, MN


  • Minnesota Ballet
  • Milwaukee Ballet
  • Madison Ballet
  • James Sewell Ballet


New York, NY


  • American Ballet Theatre
  • Dance Theatre of Harlem
  • New York City Ballet
  • Ballet Hispánico

Boston, MA


  • Boston Ballet
  • New Jersey Ballet
  • Amherst Ballet Theatre Company

Washington, DC.


  • National Ballet of Washington, DC.
  • Charlotte Ballet
  • Carolina Ballet
  • The Washington Ballet


Seattle, WA


  • Paradosi Ballet Company
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet

Portland, OR


  • Oregon Ballet Theatre
  • Ballet Fantastique

San Francisco, CA


  • San Francisco Ballet
  • Nevada Ballet Theatre
  • Sacramento Ballet
  • Ballet San Jose
  • Bay Pointe Ballet


Dallas, TX


  • Texas Ballet Theater
  • Kansas City Ballet

Phoenix, AZ


  • Ballet Arizona
  • Ballet West
  • Colorado Ballet

Los Angeles, CA


  • Los Angeles Ballet
  • Anaheim Ballet




  • Atlanta Ballet
  • Atlanta Festival Ballet
  • Savannah Ballet Theatre 

New Orleans, LA


  • Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet
  • Alabama Ballet



  • Houston Ballet
  • Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre

(Source: Companies of the US)

Again, these salaries are an average of a large range of values. While there are many companies across the United States, as shown above, ballet has a strong presence in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Depending on a company's needs, you may find better luck internationally.

Other world-renowned ballet companies are:

  • Ballet Black, England
  • The Royal Ballet, England
  • Bolshoi Ballet, Russia
  • Cairo Opera Ballet Company, Egypt
  • K-Ballet, Japan
  • Tokyo Ballet, Japan
  • Hong Kong Ballet, China
  • Israel Ballet, Israel

(Source: World Ballets)

Within these regions, there are different types of ballet companies, such as:

  • Musical theater 
  • Modern dance
  • Classical
  • Neoclassical
  • Chamber ballet
  • Non-profit

The type of company largely determines the dance style that is favored in performances. Within a company, there can be jazz, hip hop, ballet, and other ensembles. A company is not limited to ballet. However, many companies are famous for their ballet performances. For instance, the Moscow Ballet is widely known for their performance of The Nutcracker.


How to Become a Professional Ballet Dancer

Most ballet dancers start fairly young when they begin their training. Most people say it is necessary to begin at a very early age to make it as a dancer, but that is a misconception.

Here are the five steps to becoming a ballet dancer:

  1. Train, train, train. 
  2. Pursue education and earn a degree in dance or fine arts. 
  3. Practice, and practice some more.
  4. Perform freelance shows to build your reputation.
  5. Try out for a company of your choosing.

Both training and practice allow you to gain experience and skill, two highly desired traits for ballet dancers. 

The companies and schools that hire ballet dancer look for the following traits:

  • Highly skilled and talented – Whether raw talent or from extensive training, dancers without real talent don't get hired.
  • Supportive and encouraging – Companies are another family, and you must be able to play nice.
  • Commitment – Practicing for hours on one dance requires dedication.
  • Artistry – Dance requires a creative and thoughtful mind.

A degree is useful after you retire from dancing, as well. Many dancers go on to be choreographers, so an understanding of dance and movement is helpful. Additionally, there is the option to teach, where again a college degree will be essential

Although a consistent paycheck comes with being hired by a company or school, many ballet dancers are self-employed. (Source: Labor Statistics)

Famous Ballet Dancers and Their Incomes

Some ballet dancers are considered outliers on the pay scales, and knowing a little more about their incomes and the companies they work for may be helpful. These outliers include famous ballet dancers making over six figures a year.

By Gilda N. Squire Gildasquire

Misty Copeland

  • First Black principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre 
  • Earns over $100,000 a year
  • Started dancing at 13

(Source: Misty: Prima Ballerina)

By Anastasiya Fedorenko

Nina Ananiashvili

  • $30,000 per performance
  • Prima ballerina
  • Training originally in figure skating
  • Studied at Moscow Choreographic Institute
  • Principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre and Houston Ballet

Sylvie Guillem

  • Highest paid female ballet dancer
  • Estimates around $850,000 per year
  • 48 years old
  • French-trained
  • Career skyrocketed in the 1980s
The Thomas Jerome Newton Project

Benjamin Millepied

  • French-trained, as well
  • Started at 8 years old
  • Danced for companies internationally
  • Net worth is around $900,000
Photograph: Peter Johns/The Guardian

Rudolf Nureyev

  • Passed away in 1993
  • Russian dancer
  • Jack of all trades in performance art
  • Estate valued at over $7 million
Keystone/ZUMA Press/age fotostock

Mikhail Baryshnikov

  • Latvian dancer
  • Began as a freelancer
  • Joined New York City Ballet
  • Transitioned to acting
  • Estimated at over $45 million in combined earnings and worth

(Source: Richest Ballet Dancers)

These famous dancers earn much more than the average ballet dancer, but it an inspiring set of numbers to strive toward during your dancing career.  


Ballet dancers are compensated quite well when they are a part of a premiere ballet company. Freelance ballet dancers make a decent wage, but it can be hard to get by depending on how steady the work is. 

On average most ballet dancers make between $14,500 and $36,500 a year. A ballet dancer's salary increases if they work in multiple companies or have additional gigs. Major talents in ballet make, on average, six figures or more in a year. 

How much do ballet soloists earn? –

Salaries for ballet soloists in the US range from $90,003 $16,640 to $68,64090,004 with an average salary of $29,120.50. The middle 29.120% of ballet soloists earn $75,68,640 while the top 29.120% earn $68,640.

How much should a ballerina weigh 5 7?

A girl who is 174 cm (5 ft 7 in) tall must weigh 49.8 kg ( 109.79 lb ). Allowed +/- 1 kilogram. nine0005

Accordingly, who is the highest paid dancer?

The salary we have listed is based on a variety of factors from productivity income, annual income and net worth.

  • Nina Ananiashvili - 30,000 dollars per performance. …
  • Sylvie Guillem - From $850,000 per year. …
  • Benjamin Millepied - $900,000 …
  • Rudolf Nureyev - $7.9 million *…
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov - $45 million.

How much do prima ballerinas earn?

Expected lifetime earnings: $1,669,920.

While famous prima ballerinas like Nina Ananiashvili can make $ 30,000 in In one performance, your average non-prima ballet dancer (who is still not that ordinary) earns about the same hourly bet like a child who flips through hamburgers in the summer. nine0005

So how much do Alvin Ailey dancers earn?

Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation Salary

Position Salary
Salary of professional dancers - 3 salaries indicated $40,871 / year
Marketing manager salary - reported 3 salary $65,489 / year
Marketing employee salary - reported 2 salary $55,788 / year
Junior staff - 2 employee reported $52,051 / year


Who is the tallest ballerina?

IMG Models signed Fabrice Calmels , the tallest ballet dancer according to Guinness World Records. Camels, the lead dancers of the Joffrey Ballet, are 6 feet 6 inches tall.

How much do prima ballerinas weigh?

Most ballerinas weigh 85 to 110 pounds (38.5 to 49.8 kg) . The weight of a dancer is important because they need to be agile on their feet. They must also perform difficult dance routines. In many performances, the ballerina is lifted by another performer.

How much does a ballerina weigh?

The average American ballerina is 5'2" to 5'8". Depending on height, weight should ideally be between 85 and 130 lbs. If we simply analyze these numbers, we would expect ballerina body mass indexes to be significantly less than the average BMI of women. nine0005

Who is the most famous prima ballerina?

Margot Fonteyn may be the world's most famous ballerina of all time; Babe Ruth from ballet. Born in May 1919 in England, Fonteyn began ballet at the age of four. She had a long career with the Royal Ballet and soon retired at the age of 42 until Rudolf Nureyev appeared on the stage.

How much do ballet instructors earn?

Ballet teacher salary

Annual salary Monthly payment
Best earnings $87,500 $7,291
75th percentile $75,000 $6,250
Medium $62,047 $5,170
25th percentile $47,500 $3.958

How much does a soloist make in NYCB?

Salary. The New York City Ballet's principal dancers' minimum wages are at their highest during the weeks when the artists perform in front of an audience. This is a minimum of $2,341 per week . For rehearsal weeks, the minimum rate has dropped to $1,980 per week, or 50 percent of individual contract salary, whichever is greater.

How much does Misty Copeland weigh?

As part of the Studio's troupe, she performed the Pas de Deux in Tchaikovsky's opera The Sleeping Beauty. Eight months after joining the company, she was offline for almost a year due to a stress fracture in her lower back. When Copeland joined the company, she weighed 108 pounds (49.0 kg) (she is 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m) tall).

Who did Rudolf Nureyev marry? nine0049
Rudolf Nureyev
Active years 1958-1992
Height 173 cm (5'8")
Partner(s) Eric Brun (1961–1986, Brun's death) Robert Tracy (1978–1993, Nureyev's death)

What is the Horton technique?

The Horton Dance Technique, now commonly known as the Horton Technique, has no style in itself. Technique emphasizes the integrity of the body, an anatomical approach to dance that incorporates the flexibility, strength, coordination, body and spatial awareness of to provide unrestricted dramatic freedom of expression.

How much are Alvin Ailey tickets?

Tickets start at $29

Public engagement is Ailey's heart, and the long-awaited return of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater to their home stage is cause for rejoicing. nine0005

Are all Alvin Ailey dancers black?

In the early years of , all performers were African American , reflecting its founder's commitment to providing a place where black dancers can escape pervasive discrimination. However, in 1963 the troupe became racially integrated as Ailey protested against quotas and discrimination of any kind.

How tall is an average professional ballerina?

The average height of an American ballerina is 5'2" to 5'8" . Weight should ideally be between 85 and 130 pounds depending on height. If we simply analyze these numbers, we would expect ballerina body mass indexes to be significantly less than the average BMI of women.

Can tall girls be ballerinas?

The height requirements for dancers are indeed determined by the hiring ballet companies. The average height of most ballet companies for a woman is approximately 167 cm . However, in Europe, some companies require women to be no taller than the traditional 165 cm, while others have a minimum height of 173 cm.

Do ballerinas' feet deform?

Long-term damage to dancers' feet has been recognized for years and even became known as a condition called "ballet dancers' feet". Due to the constant load on the lower limbs; jumps and landings; twists, twists and tensions for unnatural body positions, ballet dancers' legs ...

How much should a 5'5" ballerina weigh?

This "look" is said to be able to create perfect ballet lines and expressive movements on stage. The average height of an American ballerina is between 5'2" and 5'8". Depending on height, weight should ideally be between 85 and 130 lbs.

Can a ballerina be fat?

Can fat people dance ballet? nine0003 Yes . … I used to be quite heavy and still dance, and now being not so heavy but still dancing gave me some insight into the issue of being overweight and adult ballet.

What is the ideal ballet body?

Profile of a traditional, ideal ballet body: Long elegant limbs . Strong, flexible back . Straight legs , neither crouched nor crouched.

Why is Anna Pavlova important? nine0082

Was the leading dancer of the Imperial Russian Ballet and the Russian Ballet of Sergei Diaghilev. Pavlova received the most recognition for creating the role of the Dying Swan. and with her own company became the first ballerina to tour the world, including performances in South America, India and Australia.

Who is the youngest prima ballerina?

Meet the nation's youngest professional ballerina: 16-year-old Marla Minadeo of Cleveland Ballet . Marla Minadeo, the youngest professional ballerina in the country, has a schedule that literally keeps her on her toes.

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“I had to postpone my wedding because of the coronavirus” | Article

A week ago, ballerina Natalya Osipova and her fiancé, dancer and choreographer Jason Kittelberger, were supposed to get married. But due to the coronavirus, the celebration had to be postponed. However, as well as several projects and dozens of tours. The ballerina spoke about this in an interview with Izvestia.

— Natasha, tell us how you are spending quarantine? Where in the world are you and what is the situation there?

- I'm at home in London, caught quarantine at the height of the season. We just had performances of "Swan Lake", and all of them were abruptly canceled. I've been in isolation for over a month now. nine0334 In London, the situation is quite tough: despite the fact that we have four dogs to walk with, the police have already turned us home with them several times. Here, the observance of the quarantine is monitored very closely, especially in public places.

It seems to me that people are already starting to go crazy with all this. The other day at six o'clock in the evening we again went for a walk with the dogs - there were simply a huge number of people in the park! I had to return home - it was impossible to pass so as not to intersect with someone close. Judging in general, everything is the same with us as everywhere else: a maximum of 1-2 people enter the store, or they use the delivery of products. nine0005

Due to the coronavirus

Prima ballerina Natalia Osipova performing her program "Easy Breathing"

Photo: RIA Novosti/Ekaterina Chesnokova

Has the cancellation of the tour hit your budget?

Of course, this is a very difficult time for all artists, especially for those who do not work in the theater on a permanent basis. This does not apply to me - I receive a salary. But freelancers suffered big losses. But my salary at the Royal Ballet is by no means a huge amount of money. nine0335 I don't have enough to live in London, besides I pay off the loan for the house. The rest of the income I get from projects, programs, tours. And now everything that was planned for the summer has been canceled: performances in Paris, tours in Japan and Korea, performances at the American Ballet Theater in New York. The same "Benoit de la Danse" in Moscow - everything flew off. What will happen next is unclear. Even if theaters open, will people go to see performances?

— How do you keep yourself in shape?

- I work with students by zoom. There were always a lot of people who wanted to work out, listen to some advice. Artists have requests for such classes. Now the time has just been freed up for this, plus you can keep yourself in good shape - while you are learning, you are working on yourself. It's hard to keep yourself in shape and make you work for two hours a day, but when you teach girls and guys, work with them, it's much easier and more enjoyable.

For the past two weeks, my fiancé Jason and I have been staging, improvising, recording. And before that, both were in complete depression ...

- With your fiancé? Are you engaged?

— Yes, my fiancé's name is Jason Kittelberger, he is a dancer, choreographer and director. We've been together for two years now. Our union gave me not only love, but also inspiration.

Photo: Global Look Press/Anatoly Lomokhov

Natalya Osipova and Jason Kittelberger during a rehearsal

— How did he propose to you?

- Our engagement was very funny. We went to Australia, I was sure that he would give me a ring. I remember sitting on the beach, he was worried ... But when I started to say something and took out the box, I started to have a wild panic, I realized that I was completely unprepared, I said something inappropriate. He took offense at me. It happened twice (laughs) . After the second, he told me that he was closing this topic for the time being. And then I kind of got mad at him too. About a month later we were standing at the airport - we were leaving for projects. I felt so bad that we were about to part, such a strong aching feeling in my soul ... I told him: “Give me my ring now!” He proposed to me at the airport and we parted ways. nine0335 It was very nice, like in a movie, everyone was looking at us.

— When will the wedding take place?

- It was supposed to take place a week ago, but it had to be postponed due to the coronavirus.

— Last year you worked on a production of Two Feet about the ballerina Olga Spesivtseva. Are there any plans to bring this performance to Moscow and arrange at least a couple of days of shows, as was the case with The Mother ballet?

- Two Feet, like The Mother, Jason and I directed and produced ourselves. I have an idea to bring it to Moscow, we are talking about it with various festivals. The performance is complex in terms of scenery: water drips from the ceiling, scenes change, many light projections. It will take a lot of work to bring it. nine0005

Due to the coronavirus

Theater and ballet production of The Mother

Photo: Global Look Press/Anatoly Lomokhov

— It's time for you to open your own company so that there are no problems with tours.

- I have a production company, but it does not work at full capacity, a lot of organizational issues need to be resolved. At least find a good director. I am a creative person, and documentation, lease issues, agreements are not my profile. I have assistants, colleagues, but I can't cope without a smart director. nine0005

- In an interview with Izvestia, you said that you dream of the roles of Nastasya Filippovna and Anna Karenina. Were there any offers?

I am now more hooked on the Idiot. Putting it on is my personal idea, I want to implement it with the help of my own company. Now I'm looking for a director and choreographer for this project. The work is not easy, deep - there are very, very few masters who can stage such a performance.

— Are you preparing new programs for London theaters? nine0082

- Sadler's Wells Theater and Linbury Theater (this is the second stage in the Royal Ballet) asked me to think about new programs for them. We were negotiating projects for next year. But now everything has been put on pause and will move indefinitely. We don't know when theaters will open.

In addition, in September, the release of the play "Carmen" was to take place in Manchester, this is actually a prepared work. But the premiere was canceled - everyone is sure that no one will buy tickets now. Thus, three new projects for the next year are frozen. nine0335

Due to the coronavirus

Natalia Osipova as Tatiana in the Royal Ballet Onegin by John Cranko at the Royal Opera House

Photo: Getty Images/ Robbie Jack/Corbis

— You said that not all choreographers are ready to trust in the process of preparing a dance. Can you do it for your fiancé?

- I can taste it. It sets the right atmosphere, movement, but when I get to a performance, I always interpret it in my own way. I do not change the scheme and pattern of movements, but I perform them differently, male and female sensations are different. nine0334 Recently we did a work together on the music of Sibelius for my concert in London. It turned out to be a very beautiful duet.

— The play The Mother, which you performed several times in Russia, was not to the liking of many. Why do you think?

— It is not easy to perceive — some like it very much, some don't like it at all. For me personally, this is an expensive job, a deep interesting role. For choreographer Artur Pita and I, this is not the first joint performance, I love him dearly and am always ready to cooperate in any genre. nine0005

I heard a lot from my fellow artists that there is no dance in this production. But for me, that's what makes it interesting. For a ballerina who almost always performs classical dances, it is not easy to go on stage and keep the audience in suspense for an hour and a half. Much harder than dancing. You have to live through all these emotions, suffering, this is a real dramatic role. I like that in this work I faced completely new tasks. Although I could not speak, it was necessary to play a performance.

- This was the claim of the Russian viewer. They expected dances, but did not receive.

- In Russia, if they hear my name, they certainly expect me to fly, jump, twist fouettes and do something sophisticated. In London, for example, if a spectator goes to Sadler's Wells Theatre, he realizes that he will not see classical dance. And in Russia there are simply no such sites. The next time I make performances like this, I will try to inform the public as best as possible about what the production is about and how it looks. nine0005

— Last fall, in an interview with Izvestia, ballerina Evgenia Obraztsova spoke about how dismissive the British are towards Russians. Have you experienced arrogance while living and working in London?

— I think that everyone has a very individual perception, and the situations in which you find yourself are always different. I have been living and working in London for five years, during which time I have not had a single unpleasant incident, a single conflict with the director or artists. In many ways, this was facilitated by the fact that I matured, changed priorities. When I was younger and worked in Russia, I always proved something to someone, freaked out, cursed with someone. It was absolutely not worth it. nine0335

Due to the coronavirus

Ballet dancers Jason Kittelberger and Natalya Osipova

Photo: RIA Novosti/Ekaterina Chesnokova

Today everyone in the theater treats me very well, with respect - both colleagues and the audience. I have a lot of great English fans. The same attitude towards Vadim Muntagirov, a Russian dancer who works for us. There was, perhaps, only one situation when they tried to throw a stone at us. When the play “Margarita and Armand” was on, which we danced with Vladimir Shklyarov, the “Skripals case” was in full swing. I remember some Briton came backstage and made a very stupid joke about the Russians. But our director quickly reined him in and answered very cleverly. nine0335 I then realized that our company, where Russians, Argentines, Italians, Spaniards, Japanese work, is a huge family.

Of course, I fully admit that someone may be tactless, but this does not depend on nationality. Probably, there are not very good British, as well as not very good Russians.

— Last year, the film "Frenchman" was released in Russia. The following phrase sounded in it: "A great ballerina is always a terrible character, because everything is subordinated to one goal - hard labor." Do you agree? nine0082

— I think that ballerinas are beautiful, interesting, deep girls. To dance the part honestly, you need to think a lot about what kind of heroine you embody, what situation she is in. Therefore, many dancers are very interesting as individuals. But ballerinas have a lot of selfishness - ambitions, everything is fixated on themselves. If you do not work on yourself, you can quietly swim to the shores of a big ego.

— Do you have a complex character?

I am normal and simple, on the one hand, but on the other, very emotional. I can throw a tantrum at my boyfriend for no reason, say: “You don’t love me anymore!” nine0335 For example, Jason works, and I know it very well, but I call him with a complaint: “Well, why don't you call?! Have you forgotten about me?" Then I sit and think: "Well, I'm an idiot." Or, for example, my mother will tell me something, and I will answer and hang up. Then I'll think about it and call back in an hour, I'm sorry. This is also selfishness, fixation on oneself, the conviction that everyone should pay attention to you, ask how you are doing, what's wrong with you ... Jason sometimes says to me: "Leave your ballerina greatness at the door, please." So I'm struggling with it. I seem to be getting a little better. nine0335

Information from Izvestia

Natalya Osipova graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, after which she was accepted into the troupe of the Bolshoi Theater.

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