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There's no better way to start the day than with a stack of tender, fluffy pancakes! This recipe is the only pancake recipe you need - top with maple syrup or dress it up with berries and whipped topping!

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There's something so satisfying about sitting down to a tall, beautiful stack of pancakes. Whether it's dripping in maple syrup or topped with a mountain of berries, it's the perfect way to get your day started.

But you don't want that gorgeous, satisfying stack of flapjacks to let you down. You want them to taste as good as they look....and let's be honest, not every pancake does. (In fact, I still cringe about the cardboard-y, tough pancake box mix I tried awhile back....never again!)

Thanks to the secret ingredient in these pancakes, they're sure to be soft and fluffy and fulfill your expectations of a delicious pancake!

Why are these the best pancakes?

I tested several recipes (see photo below) to see what the best pancake was. I tested using different fats (butter vs oil), various amounts of leavening agent (baking powder) and tried a couple different liquids.

What I ended up liking the very best was using butter as the fat and using something carbonated for the liquid (soda or seltzer water)! I really think that was the secret ingredient that made these SO deliciously fluffy and tender.

I love a good recipe testing session - brings me back to my food science days!

What do you need to make pancakes?

  • Flour - I use all purpose flour.
  • Salt
  • Baking Powder - Be sure to check the expiration date on baking powder. If it isn't fresh, you won't get the rise you want in the pancakes!
  • Eggs - I use large-sided eggs.
  • Butter - I use salted butter.
  • Lemon-Lime Soda - You can use lemon-lime soda, diet lemon-lime soda or plain seltzer water.

How do you make pancakes?

Before you begin, grab a skillet, a pancake flipper and either butter or vegetable oil. You'll need these items as the pancakes cook.

Time to mix up the pancakes! First, mix the dry ingredients. Then add in the eggs, melted butter and soda. Stir until it's combined, but a few lumps remain (see photo on the far right below). Heat the skillet - time to cook!

Use a large cookie scoop or a ¼ cup measuring cup to scoop the pancake batter to your hot skillet. Once the pancake has lots of bubbles on top, flip the pancake. Let it cook another minute or two until it's golden brown. Repeat until the batter is gone!

How to store leftover pancakes

Your first option would be to place the pancakes in an airtight container or baggie and refrigerate them for up to 3 days. When you’re ready to enjoy, simply pop a couple in the microwave and warm until heated through.

And the second option would be to place a couple pancakes in small freezer bags to grab when you’re in a hurry. Then, you’ll microwave them and have a delicious start to your day with very little work.

What are some of the best ways to serve pancakes?

Ohhhh the possibilities!! Pancakes are so fun because you can add flavor to the actual pancake or on top! For example, you can make Strawberry Pancakes for a fruity twist or sprinkle blueberries onto the pancake batter as it cooks.

Or, for you super sweet toothers, add chocolate chips as the batter cooks and top with chocolate syrup and whipped topping!

Of course, you can top with the classic maple syrup, but there are endless other options! My favorite way to eat pancakes is topped with a scoop of peanut butter and syrup, but I also love them served with fresh sliced strawberries!

Complete your breakfast menu!

Looking for a couple more items to add to your breakfast menu? My Hawaiian Roll Breakfast Sliders are always a favorite. And for something extra special, this Raspberry Cheesecake French Toast Casserole is a winner for sure!

I love serving Kolaches with breakfast - it was one of my favorite recipes growing up and still is! And a side of fruit, like these Frozen Fruit Cups is a great way to round out a delicious breakfast meal!

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There's no better way to start the day than with a stack of tender, fluffy pancakes! This recipe is the only pancake recipe you need - top with maple syrup or dress it up with berries and whipped topping!

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Prep Time 10 mins

Cook Time (if cooking 3 pancakes at a time) 20 mins

Course Breakfast, brunch

Cuisine American

Servings 20 4-inch pancakes

  • skillet

  • 2 c flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ c butter melted
  • 1 ⅔ c lemon-lime soda OR carbonated water
  • In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, salt and baking powder.

  • Then add the eggs, melted butter and soda (or carbonated water).

  • Whisk until combined (a few lumps in the batter is fine).

  • Using a ¼ cup measuring cup, scoop the batter onto a hot greased griddle.

  • Flip the pancakes when the bubbles form on top of the pancake.

  • Cook the second side until golden brown.

  • Enjoy right away, refrigerate for up to 5 days or freeze in well-sealed freezer bags for those mornings you need something quick!

Keyword pancakes

Tried this recipe?Follow me at @dancearoundthekitchen.kelsey and let me know how you liked it!

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A Step-by-Step Guide to "Pancaking" Your Pointe Shoes

From left: Misty Copeland, Ebony Williams and Ashley Murphy in pancaked shoes. Photo by Nathan Sayers for Pointe.


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July 26, 2018

No two pairs of pointe shoes are the same, from their shanks to their boxes, their color to their shine. To make an array of shoes more uniform or to get them to a shade closer to your skin tone, dance teachers might ask that you “pancake” your pointe shoes before going onstage. But what does that entail, exactly? We’re here to show you.

(Fun fact: Dancers used to cover their shoes with a thick base called pancake makeup, which is where the term “pancaking” came from.)

Materials needed:

  • a bottle of pink calamine lotion (if you’re trying to match pink tights) or a bottle of liquid foundation that matches your skin tone
  • a wedge-shaped makeup sponge
  • a bowl or plate
  • a paper towel
  • pointe shoes


  • Fold the paper towel so that it’s thick enough to absorb the calamine lotion/foundation without any seeping through.
  • Shake the bottle of calamine lotion or foundation to ensure it’s well-mixed.
  • Pour about three seconds’ worth of calamine lotion or foundation into your bowl or onto your plate. (Less is more! You don’t want to over-do it, or your shoes will take forever to dry.)
  • If your pointe shoes are well-worn, tidy up any frayed satin by trimming it with scissors.


  1. Dip one side of your makeup sponge into the calamine/foundation.
  2. Blot the makeup sponge on the paper towel to eliminate any excess calamine/foundation, which will prevent splotchy streaks on the satin.
  3. Hold your pointe shoe from the inside. With long and light sweeping strokes, begin to paint the shoe, starting with the top of the box.
  4. Work your way around the shoe, using the corners of the makeup sponge to reach satin that’s creased or wrinkled. Be sure to paint the fabric that cases the drawstring, as well.
  5. To color the ribbons, lay each ribbon flat over your open palm, making sure that the outside of the ribbon is facing up. Using the same long and light sweeping motions, apply the calamine/foundation from one end to the other. (Don’t forget the section of the ribbon closest to the shoe.)
  6. Hang the shoes by the heels to dry. For best results, let them dry for at least one hour before wearing them.
  7. Touch up the calamine/foundation as needed. Often, marks from the stage can be dulled by a fresh coat of color.

Short beautiful poems about Maslenitsa for children » Page 5 of 7

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Poems about Maslenitsa for children. Children's poems about carnival

All the kids rejoice,
They lead a round dance,
This means Maslenitsa
Comes to visit us.

Ruddy pancakes
She brings a gift
And smart spring

Mom baked pancakes,
I gave it to all the kids.
They are very tasty
And with stuffing inside.

So we celebrate Maslenitsa,
We begin our round dance.
Let's sing and dance,
See off Zimushka quickly.

Rush the pancakes,
They're hot!
These are the farewells to winter,
Celebrations are not without reason...

Maslenitsa is coming to us
And he will take pancakes with him,
We will see off the winter
And meet the spring as soon as possible.

The sun is already shining brightly,
Soon we will be walking in the park
And the ice is about to melt,
And everything around will blossom!

Pancakes were baked for Maslenitsa,
May everyone be happy and healthy,
May spring hurry to us,
May it bring warmth and joy!

Spring is knocking on our house.
It's definitely not up to sleep!
Let's sing and dance,
Drive away the cold.

And then we'll come home
And drink tea with pancakes.
Mom bakes them skillfully.
It will be fun and delicious!

Pancake Mountain is huge,
For all - relatives, friends,
The winter has passed cold:
Hurry to us soon!

With butter, honey and caviar
Eat a big pile of pancakes,
Greet Maslenitsa,
Invite all your friends for tea!

Spring is already coming,
The New Year is behind us!
Let's burn Shrove Tuesday,
And bake pancakes in butter.

Let's all have fun,
In our snow lane!
Let's roll down the hill,
Let's walk a lot!

Delicious, fluffy pancakes,
We all baked together.
We will dip in jam,
celebrate Maslenitsa.

Songs to sing and dance,
We won't let anyone get bored.
There are treats for everyone,
So success awaits in life.

Colorful colors on the square of the fair,
All around entertainment, songs and dances,
Here they play a contest, and there - in the lottery,
Buying pancakes, hurry up soon

Today we have time to say goodbye to winter,
We will laugh, go sledding,
After all, Shrovetide is an ancient rite,
Which everyone in our country is happy about!

Everyone loves Maslenitsa,
It will bring doubly
Loud laughter, fun, happiness,
And hot pancakes with butter!

The mood is the best,
Let success reign in business,
The family gathers
Let this holiday always be.

Why is he smiling like that?
Because it's Maslenitsa!
Why is he laughing so hard?
Do you feel like dancing all the time?

Because from sleep
Spring wakes up!
Soon we will burn the winter,
And we will bring spring to us!

We bake pancakes all day,
They are very tasty.
We celebrate Maslenitsa,
Pour raspberry tea.

Our treats are ready,
Condensed milk and jams for them.
Can be with meat and mushrooms,
We will share it with you!

Winter-winter will rush off,
We must, we must hurry:
Bake pancakes, yes - bake,
Treat friends, relatives,

So that everything becomes warm for us,
So that everything becomes light,
So that spring comes soon,
The sun, joy - brought!

Poems about Maslenitsa for children. Poems about Maslenitsa for children

Our fire flared up,
It illuminates everything,
And the warmth of that fire
Drives away the winter!

Shrovetide is red with pancakes,
Red with pies, fun!
The one who burns the winter -
Spring will come soon!

The sun shines round like a pancake!
We want to honor him today!
May joy come to us,
Happiness and warmth!
Happy Shrove Tuesday
The sun has come to us!

A ruddy, fragrant pancake
We will celebrate Maslenitsa.
Back to the cold winter
To see off the kingdom of ice.

Will hear merry songs
And the beautiful spring will come.
It will breathe its warmth on everything
And it will enliven nature.

There are pancakes on the table.
Here with jam, here with caviar.
Let's bake pies,
Maslenitsa, come!

Hurry to join us in a round dance,
Maslenitsa is coming:
She is seeing the winter off,
And calling spring soon.

Goodbye winter, your time has passed!
Spring comes with timid steps,
And a merry stream from our yard
Snow is running down. You can say goodbye to the cold.

We will meet spring festively, warmly,
With a cheerful game, song and pancakes,
To know that we have been waiting for it for a long time,
And we miss the warmth with frozen hearts.

Here is an event -
Maslenitsa is coming to us.
And spring will soon follow her,
And winter, let it go.

We are tired of the blizzards.
And the frost bit us.
And now we want to
Have a carnival here.

Let's bake more pancakes,
Let's see off the winter.
And spring, towards spring
Friendly, joyful run.

We will bake pancakes,
Tasty treats to all loved ones.
With both sour cream and raspberries,
Cranberries, peach, viburnum.

Openwork and thin,
Our sonorous children.
We celebrate Maslenitsa,
We sing a song together.

We will meet the arrival of spring
Delicious pancakes!
Hurry up to the table,
Help us!

Melt the ice everywhere,
To get off faster,
Streams will run around,
It will become more fun!

Maslenitsa came to us,
Baked delicious pancakes,
She treats everyone,
Laughter is heard from everywhere.

Come visit me,
Put the kettle on to boil,
We'll sit down at the table with you,
Come in, don't stand at the door.

Everyone bakes pancakes in the oven,
They see off the winter together.
Shrovetide is burned with a song
And spring-red is met.

Noisy, joyful, cheerful
The holiday is celebrated…
And Forgiveness Sunday
The week ends.

So it was customary among the people,
Following the noisy week,
Great Lent follows -
It's time for quiet humility.

Let winter not frown,
Let February not frown -
The sun shone brighter,
March pancakes woke up.

Maslenitsa is coming to us
The snowdrop will soon bloom,
And every day it gets more beautiful, more beautiful
Our joyful sun!

Smells like fresh pancakes -
Mom bakes them in the morning.
After all, Winter, saying goodbye to us,
Runs away from the yard.

Who - sour cream, who - condensed milk,
Who - jam for pancakes?
Young, wonderful, sonorous
We can already hear the voice -

That Spring comes from a fairy tale,
Wakes up a bear and hedgehogs.
Get the sled out quick!
March is almost at the door!

And we were waiting for Maslenitsa
And baked pancakes,
And we invited spring
Come to us as soon as possible!

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Pages ( 5 of 7 ): 1234 5 67

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Maslenitsa, a traditional holiday of seeing off winter, is one of the most long-awaited events of the change of seasons. We have selected some of the most notable offers from St. Petersburg restaurants.

Spices and joys

Boyars and noblewomen are invited this week to the restaurant “Spices and joys – to meet the long-awaited spring. On Sunday, March 6, they will dance here, win prizes in a funny shooting range, dance with beautiful girls, and, of course, Pancake week treats have also been prepared. Ruddy pancakes and festive dishes for adults and children promise to be hospitable in Russian. Having played and danced from the heart, children can take part in thematic entertainment - needlewomen will teach how to create Shrovetide crafts. Well, at the end, according to tradition, they will appease spring - burn a scarecrow and watch the performance of a buffoon juggler. Ticket price: for children - 800 rubles (a portion of pancakes is included), for adults - 500 rubles (a drink is included).


Dvor Tomato

Shrovetide is a Russian holiday in honor of the arrival of spring, and its most recognizable attribute is pancakes. This week, the Dvor Pomidor restaurant invites you to try a special menu. For lunch with family and friends - pancakes with chicken giblets and mushrooms, pancakes with smoked salmon and pancakes with banana and chocolate. And of course, at the end of the week, you can join the farewell to winter at the Dvor Pomidor restaurant.

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Cafe Claret

On February 28, Shrove week starts at Cafe Claret. Brand chef Alexander Bogdanov welcomes Maslenitsa with a collection of author's pancakes. The chef focuses on original ingredients, playing with textures and intriguing flavor combinations. Here they bake pancakes from cornmeal with an emulsion of apple and gravlax salmon; openwork pancakes with homemade cottage cheese cream, herbs and beef tartare; pancakes from Jerusalem artichoke with porcini mushrooms and pancakes with three types of caviar and rustic sour cream. And if you wish, you can try fluffy pancakes on orange water with airy Castelmagno cheese cream, fresh berries and smoked pine nuts. For those who adhere to more traditional tastes, the pancake menu included a classic of the Maslenitsa genre - a stack of five pancakes with additives to choose from: with red, black or pike caviar, or with sour cream, jam, condensed milk or honey.



The classic tastes of Maslenitsa in the author's interpretation of Alexander Bogdanov - this will be the Maslenitsa week at the Marius restaurant. From February 28 to March 5, they will be serving pancakes stuffed with marbled beef and smoked root vegetable sauce; pancakes with minced red fish with aged sour cream and caviar and pancakes with potatoes and porcini mushrooms. For lovers of sweets, pancakes with mousse of berries and nuts will be baked. Connoisseurs of classic Shrovetide tastes will love the traditional version - a stack of five pancakes. As an addition to pancakes, guests can choose red, black or pike caviar, or sour cream, jam, condensed milk or honey.


Wheat pancakes with mussel stew, buckwheat pancakes with trout and stracciatella and pancakes with cherries and chocolate ganache – the Flor restaurant prepared a special menu for Maslenitsa. For those who love sweet pancakes, chef Aleksey Dokuchaev has prepared buckwheat pancakes, which are accompanied by cherry compote and Belgian chocolate ganache.

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