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Addictive lyrics (:

Come get her - Rae Sremmurd #fyp #foryoupage #song

119.4K Likes, 425 Comments. TikTok video from Addictive lyrics (: (@velositions): "Come get her - Rae Sremmurd #fyp #foryoupage #song". Somebody come to the floor, it feels like we've met before Somebody come get her, she's dancin' like a str*pp*r Somebody come get her, she's dancin' like a str*pp*r Somebody come tip her, she's dancin' like a str*pp*r Somebody come get her, she's feelin' all the liquor | Addictive lyrics #184. original sound.


original sound - Addictive lyrics (:


maisy dornan

Acting like we have spare time #fakebody #somebodycomegether #shesdancinglikeastrippper @Maisie Turpie @hol @bella Xx

3K Likes, 87 Comments. TikTok video from maisy dornan (@brbjustcrying757832): "Acting like we have spare time #fakebody #somebodycomegether #shesdancinglikeastrippper @Maisie Turpie @hol @bella Xx". original sound.


original sound - <3



come get her - rae sremmurd #h4llsounds #speedsounds #spedupsounds #nightcore #spotify #spotifylyrics #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ #xyzbca #audios

61.1K Likes, 261 Comments. TikTok video from <3 (@h4llsounds): "come get her - rae sremmurd #h4llsounds #speedsounds #spedupsounds #nightcore #spotify #spotifylyrics #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ #xyzbca #audios". original sound.


original sound - <3



Somebody come get her, she's dancing like a stripper #fyp #viral

12. 4K Likes, 97 Comments. TikTok video from Lavs (@lavsesperida): "Somebody come get her, she's dancing like a stripper #fyp #viral". Come Get Her Remix.


Come Get Her Remix - saphtrap


2:02 | She's dancing like a strepeer #lifebuoykarona #musica #vaiprofycaramba #fypviral #fazsucesso #lyrical

71.6K Likes, 232 Comments. TikTok video from (@t.r.a.d.u.c.i.o.n.s): "2:02 | She's dancing like a strepeer #lifebuoykarona #musica #vaiprofycaramba #fypviral #fazsucesso #lyrical". som original.


som original -



she’s dancing like a stripper 🫡 #fyp #foryou

1. 8K Likes, 92 Comments. TikTok video from charlotte (@charlotte_humphreyx): "she’s dancing like a stripper 🫡 #fyp #foryou". original sound.


original sound - charlotte


Tahlia Hall

I’m 22 and just learnt my first tiktok dance, smashing life goals. #somebodycomegethershesdancinglikeastriper #fyp

10.1K Likes, 101 Comments. TikTok video from Tahlia Hall (@tahliaahall): "I’m 22 and just learnt my first tiktok dance, smashing life goals. #somebodycomegethershesdancinglikeastriper #fyp". original sound.


original sound - Nikki Liz♡


Tik Toker

She dancing like a stripper #fyp #meme #lol #aquasminecraft #minecraft

325 Likes, 9 Comments. TikTok video from Tik Toker (@specializednerd): "She dancing like a stripper #fyp #meme #lol #aquasminecraft #minecraft". somebody | come | get her | .... original sound.


original sound - Tik Toker



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itsluxcity - Otaku



Somebody come get her she's dancing like a $tripper #ad #fypシ #trend

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Come Get Her Remix - saphtrap

Live Laugh Love T-shirt / Ironic Hipster Inspirational Quote


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Studio "Hipster Dance" - 5 years: Dance

The games of the Football Championship of the Rostov region among youths born in 2007 have ended. The final game was held at the Rowing Canal Stadium in Rostov-on-Don. Tournament "Chess is cool!" was dedicated to the decade of the elderly. It was attended by chess players aged 55+ and 10 pupils of the Nika sports school. Age of participants - from 7 to 85 years. Students of the children's association "Orienteering" of the RCVR took part in open competitions in Novoshakhtinsk in orienteering in the discipline of cross-choice. The final of the IV All-Russian festival of children's yard football was held in Kazan. The team "Metallurg" of the Krasnosulinsky district took part in it. The traditional open competitions in orienteering "Golden Autumn-2022", organized by the District Center for Extracurricular Activities, took place on the territory of the "Three Hundred Pharmacy" map.

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"Krasnosulinsky messenger" News



Dance studio "Hipster Dance" is celebrating its 5th anniversary these days.
Exactly five years ago, Krasnosulinsk hipsters appeared on the dance floor of our city. Together with the leader and choreographer Dmitry Cherkasov, the talented guys made a splash from their first appearance. Fashionable, top choreography, stylish images and costumes, the manner of presenting yourself on stage - all this was new for our city.

During these five years, the dancers of "Hipster Dance" have achieved a lot! These are performances at all the iconic events of our city, and a huge number of victories at various festivals and competitions, and two incredible solo shows "Joker", which showed a fusion of choreography, theatrical art and gave the audience a whole firework of new images and numbers. Hipsters have become headliners at many international and all-Russian festivals and competitions. And their number "Joker" became the hallmark of the team and was repeatedly recognized as the best number.
"Hipster Dance" is not only the dancers themselves and their leader. This is a whole team of professionals working with the team all the time.
Sergey Dovgiy, where multimedia support for all hipster projects, Vladimir Tsarev, singer, composer and showman, with whom hipsters have made many interesting collaborations. And their joint number "I`ll Stay" became one of the hits. Olga Nikitenko, costume designer and creator of many images for dance performances. Vitalina Dovgaya, in whose handmade costumes hipsters are dancing now. Glory to Rein, with whom the jubilees have been collaborating all this time and who has done a lot for the hipsters! This is the American choreographer and dancer Aaron Choi, with whom "Hipster Dance" is working now and with whom they staged a special anniversary number "Dance", which will premiere very soon.
Dance studio "Hipster Dance" is immensely grateful to all of them! And these are far from all the talented people to whom HD dancers say: "Thank you!" these days. All those who helped the hipsters, with whom our dancers have worked all these years, will appear in the anniversary film-concert "Dance is Life", which has been completed. Spectators are waiting for a lot of surprises, a lot of interesting stories from the hipster life, a lot of memories and congratulations from people important to the team. And, of course, there will be a lot of dancing! The film turned out to be bright and colorful, filled with emotions and real feelings, like everything our Krasnosulin hipsters do!
"Hipster Dance" team thanks "Krasnosulinsky Vestnik" newspaper for support and partnership!

The premiere of the concert film about the life of hipsters and people who made their dreams come true, watch soon on all Internet platforms in social networks and on YouTube channels: dance studio "Hipster Dance", city Palace of Culture, creative studio "D. Records" and KTRK "Sulin TV". However, there will be another surprise. The film is planned to be shown on the big screen. But more on that later. Follow the news on the pages and online accounts of the Krasnosulinsky Vestnik newspaper, as well as in the Hipster Dance groups and the City Palace of Culture on OK and VK social networks.

Dmitry Cherkasov.

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Do hipsters dance? Find out with Los Tones!

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  • So, I'm chilling in the town hall, waiting for old buddy Kurt Vile to play some tunes, when the conversation with my concert buddy turned to hipsters and their dancing. She (the hipster) was surprised at the number of dumb vintage hipsters at a recent music concert who couldn't dance to 60s music. No one could even make a turn! I didn't agree with her premise (I was a hipster too) and didn't pay much attention to it because hipsters don't care about things that don't directly concern them, and also because I thought hipsters didn't dance. The hypothesis moved from "hipsters can't dance" to "do hipsters dance?"

    So tonight (January 24, 2014) I'm taking her to The Standard to see what hipsters do with 60s music when it's played the way it was in the 60s, before DJs have become the fetish they are today. A stellar line-up of contemporary garage psychedelics includes downright groovy and dance tunes Los Tones , whose band typeface reminds me of Jackrabbit Slims, and whose music reminds me of when I was a cowboy with a rainbow-shooting star gear on horseback on horseback down Norton Street in Leichhardt. Yes, it was a dream I once had, but it was definitely the music that was playing.

    This will not only be an evening of amazing music, but also a test to see if hipsters dance when faced with cool, underground, vintage music that you can dance to. Of course it's not dance music, because it's made by to be danced to. This is applied sociology. Hipsterology 101, so to speak.

    Los Tones will be backed by Black Springs , the band that loaned their Deerhunter galactic chime for Day Ravies and Velvet Cave this past weekend, in which I can confirm they stole the night from the headliners, which may have been a little too edgy. Also in support are Smoke and Silver is rooted in alternative rock radio, but don't hold it against them. It's an interesting mix of psychedelic blues and over-produced rock music that should play well live, especially on The Standard.

    Situated above Lo-Fi and also above a tiny restaurant (or is which lo-fi? I can't figure it out), The Standard has become home to a million wonderful local and foreign guests over the past year, boasts a lot of space and super professional sound system with attentive staff on the mixers.

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