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Lake Geneva Top 13 Shows To See – Enjoy A Family Fun Adventure at Dancing Horses Theatre

Are you looking for top-rated, things to do in the Lake Geneva tourist area? Experience Lake Geneva’s most unique attraction! A 90-minute show perfect for all ages. Sit back in our 300-seat climate-controlled theatre and enjoy the beauty of The Dancing Horses as we take you on a magical journey. You will be dazzled by the pageantry, elaborate glitter, and rhinestone costumes of The Dancing Horses show. Our guests describe our shows as amazing, breathtaking, inspiring – and a must-see, one-of-a-kind performance! You will want to return again and again for this ever-changing show.

Our Las Vegas-style show is the culmination of a longtime dream of our owner and founder, Dana Montana. Dana wanted to share the beauty and talent of her beloved Arabian Horses with others, and after 20 years, she made it a reality! Along with her daughters, Danette and Danelle, they have worked tirelessly to produce the Dancing Horses show – a staple for any family’s list of things to do in Lake Geneva and all of Southeast WI.

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Dancing Horses Theatre
5065 Hwy 50 Delavan, Wisconsin
[email protected]

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Horse Performance Show in Lake Geneva

Enjoy a brand new show that celebrates the 2022 year with music, special effects, dancing horse, acrobatics, and more. The Lake Geneva area’s most unique family attraction. This one of a kind show is fantasy with a mix of whimsical performances. A horse performance and arts show perfect for all ages. Visually stunning, and performed in a state-of-the-art, yet intimate, 300-seat theater, this live show is truly a must-see for any horse lover. Wheelchair-accessible, and fully climate-controlled for all seasons, the venue is both comfortable and accommodating.

For a perfect day of enthralling family entertainment…plan a trip, or a Holiday Party at The Dancing Horses Theatre. Treat yourself, family, or group to a one-of-a-kind experience!


Animal Care Statement

Our amazing horses are the true stars of our show! Their care and well being are the main priority, and to that end, we engage a team of professionals including trainers, veterinary professionals, and farriers to ensure the highest level of care. The nutrition and mental health are also considered for each animal. Our property includes 20 acres of pasture to allow for turnout. While our horses are highly trained, it is also important for them to just be horses, and run and buck and play in the pastures. Our facility is also designed to accommodate our retirees and ensure their well-being throughout their life.

Animal Gardens

In addition to the Dancing Horses show, we also offer the Animal Gardens petting zoo, where families can not only pet but hold and feed many different animals including over 15 exotic species! Built on 40 acres of beautiful landscape, our scenic park has something for everyone when you’re looking for family fun in Lake Geneva or throughout Southeast WI. The Animal Gardens are open from May through October. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we hope to see you soon!


Group Activities in Lake Geneva

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The Dancing Horses Theatre would love to host your group of 20 or more! Come enjoy one of the best group activities in Lake Geneva!

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Wisconsin’s #1 Dinner Theater and Entertainment – Rated Top Group Activities in Lake Geneva

The Dancing Horses Theater OPEN YEAR ROUND, presents an enchanting Vegas-style performance unparalleled anywhere else.

From the moment the show opens until the finale, the audience of all ages sits spellbound, applauding each equine performer and trainer, exclaiming in wonder, chuckling at the humor, and even wiping the occasional tear when a moment of connection touches a heart string.

ALL Tickets: $40.00

GROUPS OF 20+: Retail Rates for The Dancing Horses Show

Backstage Passes (additional charge)
Treat yourself to a “Behind-The-Scenes” experience. Discover how we train our performing horses, ask questions of our head trainer, and go backstage to visit our horses.

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Show Times

1:00, & 7:00 pm
  • 7pm – Saturdays Only
  • Closed on Mondays
  • We will add a show date to the calendar for a Group of 25 or more.
  • Baby Barn Presentation – “Hands On” with all our new babies. The baby barn is open all day long, from June to October.

Indoor Arena, fully climate-controlled, and wheelchair accessible.


Holiday Shows begin mid-November thru January!

In the season of giving, give the gift of our Holiday Show tickets! You won’t want to miss this our spectacular holiday show brought to you by The Dancing Horses!

Three Package Choices

Includes TAX & TIP

Package A – $75.


Dinner – 2 Entrees
Country Wagon Ride*
Baby Barn*
Dancing Horses Show

Menu A
Chicken & BBQ Ribs
Potatoes & Corn
Salad & Dinner Roll
Strawberry Shortcake



*Available June – October

Package B – $60.00

Dinner – 1 Entree
(Pick one for entire Group)
Dancing Horses Show

Menu B
Turkey, OR Stuffed Chicken Breast
Vegetable & Potatoes
Salad & Dinner Roll
Strawberry Shortcake



Package C – $50.00

Box Lunch
(Pick one for Group)
Dancing Horses Show

Menu C
Beef or Turkey Croissant
Potato Salad
Fresh Fruit Salad
Dessert & lemonade!



Group Rates – 20 or more

Smaller groups less than 20 please purchase tickets online.

Spectacle in Moscow They shoot driven horses, don't they?

Performance in Moscow

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© press service of the Center for Drama and Directing


About the performance Schedule Reviews (5)

in 1935, set in America during the Great Depression. The global economic crisis has plunged people into critically difficult circumstances, so dance marathons have become one of the types of earnings. These competitions were real tests of endurance, they could last not only for several days, but also for several weeks. In the fight for a cash prize, brave participants sacrificed their health, and sometimes their lives, for the needs of the public. Marathons were the forerunners of the reality TV genre, because they blurred the line between the game and reality. The vivid image of human life as a continuous show is even more relevant today. The performance by Ekaterina Kislova and Vladimir Pankov is a synthesis of choreographic and dramatic theater, in which the CDR actors will master the language of contemporary dance. Music from the artists of the SounDrama studio and the Central House of Artists will become an independent participant in the action, revealing the deep meaning of history, which goes beyond exclusively social problems. The leading role in the production belongs to the choreographer, who filled the performance in the soundrama genre with new expressive means.

Information provided by the Dramaturgy and Directions on Sokol

Genreramatic, dance


Date Prime Ministers25 September 2020



Ekaterina Kislova


Drama and Directing Center on Sokol

AddressLeningradsky prospekt, 71, building. G

The best reviews about the performance "Hunted horses are shot, aren't they?"


Tatiana Gorokhova

1 review, 2 ratings, rating 0


Amazing quality of production and performance. It was even embarrassing for the artists that they play it in a small basement.

September 14, 2022

Kirill Kuznetsov

1 review, 1 rating, rating 0

2Very bad

There are topics that cannot be trivialized - hunger is one of them.

In fact, more than the first half (for the second there are no comments because he could not stand it and left) of the performance, we are watching some kind of vaudeville of actors, for whom you can’t say at all that they are hungry and tired. From time to time, so that the viewer does not get bored, he is entertained by the director's "tricks" - either the characters speak with some kind of accent, or the translation does not quite correspond to what was said, then the police come through the hall, etc. The main actress is shown as a somewhat gopnitsa without any special feelings and she does not have much empathy. From the very beginning, we are shown that the man will shoot her at the end and it is also not interesting to look at it.

People liked it, especially all these subterfuges. In general, I noticed that often the worse the performance, the more people like it. At some point, I even thought that this was a meta-performance - to show the vile nature of man, that he would laugh and clap during the suffering of people. But then I looked more closely and realized - no, just traditionally bad direction and acting. It looks like a skit - show everyone in turn, show dances / songs to the actors, etc. Faith in what was happening was not created at all.

There are good performances on heavy themes - Flying Goose, Madonna and the Flower and others, but this is definitely not one of them. March 21, 2022

Asya Savina

5 reviews, 16 ratings, rating 5 It's hard to sit close - after all, the sound in this hall is not very perfect.

October 12, 2021

Nina Zheleznova

110 reviews, 114 ratings, rating 12

10Must see!

What I love about Vladimir Pankov's performances is that in his productions Music is not just decoration or addition. For him, music is a full-fledged protagonist. And often, this character is the first to appear before the viewer.

The performance “Hunted horses are shot, aren't they?” is direct proof of that. As soon as the viewer enters the theatrical buffet (namely, there he finds himself immediately after the wardrobe), he will fall into the atmosphere of America in the 20s and 30s, which is masterfully created by the musicians of the SounDrama studio.

At the end of the musical introduction, the audience is invited to the auditorium. To be honest, only at Pankov's performances did I see the actors already working hard on the stage while the audience was taking their seats. One gets the feeling that you are a little late and the performance has already begun.

Actors, like racehorses, at the limit of their abilities, cut circles around the stage, and then the dancing begins ... A mad marathon ... to the point of exhaustion, to the point of losing consciousness.

For me, this performance has become a vivid indicator of how complex and multifaceted the acting profession is. The actors involved in the performance demonstrated not only the bright talent of dramatic and comedic actors, they also have amazing vocal and choreographic skills. Yes, many actors dance and sing, but so be it! 2.5 hours non-stop! Here you have ballet, and break, and rock and roll, and tango, and much more ...

“2.5 hours of live music and non-stop dancing” sounds nice, but behind all this beauty and fun lies real drama.

"They shoot horses that have been driven, don't they?" a story about Americans caught in the grip of the global economic crisis. During the Great Depression, people in all possible and impossible ways, sometimes at the cost of their own health and even life, tried to earn at least some money. One of these methods was dance marathons, sometimes lasting several weeks.

A deep story that makes you think about many things. It's shows like this that grab me.
Bright, beautiful, stylish, musical and meaningful! You leave the theater and on the way home you reflect on everything you have seen.

June 20, 2021

Liza Ef

44 reviews, 44 ratings, rating 4


, is not it". But the more the performance is praised, the more I am afraid to watch it: high expectations often lead to deep disappointment. But it was still interesting to see how this material could be brought to life on stage, especially after Sydney Pollack's acclaimed film with Jane Fonda, and Horace McCoy's novel has long passed into the cult category.
In general, I finally decided.
The performance begins already in the theatre's café, where musicians from the SounDrama studio immerse us in the world of American jazz of the 1930s. When the audience is invited to enter the hall, it seems that the performance is already underway. And it's been going on for a long time. So long ago that new viewers just come to replace the old ones.
Perhaps this is one of the few performances where people in the hall are not just outside observers, but full participants in what is happening. At some point, I completely felt myself in the shoes of a bored slacker who casually went to a dance marathon and indifferently watched the sophisticated mockery of exhausted people. The feeling, let me tell you, was unpleasant.
But I'm not saying that the performance is bad, on the contrary: it's great. In a miraculous way, everything has grown together in it: the exciting content, and the virtuoso direction of Vladimir Pankov, and the set design of Maxim Obrezkov, and the choreography of Ekaterina Kislova. And of course the actors! First of all, of course Seseg Khapsasova, in the role of Gloria. It seems that everything is subject to this actress: both jazz vocals and choreography, and her dramatic talent and charisma hypnotically draw attention to her.
But in this production, it's probably not fair to single out anyone in particular. All participants in the performance are laid out in full. The production is based on the absolute interaction of one and all. The action is crowded on the stage - and it spills out into the hall, the audience is already unbearable to sit on chairs - and they do not go to dance on the stage. And the action is also adorned with live music from the SounDrama studio, light masterfully staged by Anna Korotkova, and the spectacular work of video artist Kirill Pleshkevich.
The performance now brings the audience to a boiling point, then douses them with ice water. The production of the Dramatist and Directing Center "Hunted horses are shot, isn't it" was created not for rest and relaxation, but for spiritual work and empathy.
In general, if you haven't seen it, be sure to check it out. For two and a half hours you will plunge into real art, but it will not be easy two and a half hours.

June 17, 2021

All reviews0003

Autumn forecast: up to -30% for weekend plans in Moscow

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School Classics Festival


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But how do you teach a horse to dance? What does it take to make her dance? If you want to teach a friend how to move to the rhythm of the music, keep reading.


  • 1 What is piaffe?
  • 2 How are dancing horses formed?
  • 3 Dancing horses of Spain

What is piaffe?

To teach a horse to dance, the first thing to do is figure out what a piaffe is. Also. This movement is similar to the trot of a horse moving over a point. . Based on years of training, the horse naturally lowers the hips, transfers weight to the hindquarters, and raises the right side to follow the music. This way they can compete in the best piaffe competitions in the world.

But this does not mean that only some horses can dance. In fact, anyone can learn the piaffe by learning a trick that must always end with a prize for the animal . Likewise, respect and patience are key to making the horse feel willing to learn and not afraid of possible reprisals. We must never forget that they are animals, that they have feelings and therefore deserve our respect.

How are dancing horses formed?

As soon as this becomes known, it's time to get to work, or rather, sit on our horse 🙂. So we will follow this step by step:

  1. The first thing we will do is take it for a walk . Short walk. The point is not to tire him, but to relax him a little. It is known that it is much easier to work with a calm animal than with a nervous one. The first will pay attention to us; the other chooses not to.
  2. Then, We will fit it and pull out . We will move his shoulders and hips and ask him to raise and lower his head. We will do this several times, giving you a few seconds of rest between exercise and exercise.
    In the event that he does not do this, or if it is difficult for him to do so, instead of asking him so much, we can ask him to stand up and just shake his head; then we put him down and then ask him again to stand up and move his hips. Thus, if we ask him one thing at a time, it will probably be much easier for him to absorb what we teach him.
  3. Now put a halter on the horse and tie a rope . In the beginning, a simple halter and leash will do; later we can use the bridle and saddle to connect one side of the rein to the right side of the horse. To make it easier for us, we can use both side reins, which we will connect from the loin ring to the circumference of the same side about 23 cm below the back of the animal. We will tie his tail with an elastic band so that he does not interfere with us.
  4. After that, stop the horse so that the wall or fence is on the right. We will put it on the left side . With the help of a dressage whip, we must reach his hind legs. We touch the left hind leg until it stands up, and then we offer it a prize. Repeat the same with the right hind leg.
  5. Next, we put on a bridle or saddle, as well as side reins. We will ask you to lift left, right, left and reward you with . The answer should be fast, but the same, if we see that it costs you, we will come back and slow down. It's not about making the horse perfect: perfection doesn't exist. It's about teaching him something while trying to have fun, and he won't do it if we ask him for more than he is capable of doing at the moment.
  6. Finally, what we're going to do is touch his front legs . If you are nervous, we will let you lower your head or lower yourself; so calm down. On the contrary, if we see him animated, we will lift him up to make him feel proud. If he behaves well and, above all, takes a step like a dance, we will give him the prize he deserves and let him rest.

Lessons should last approximately ten minutes. , no longer needed. Don't let your horse feel frustrated as it will lose interest in learning to dance. In addition, I insist, we must be very patient. It may be weeks before we see an animal learning this.

Spain's Dancing Horses

In Spain we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy a show of dancing horses.

Learn more