How do you vote for someone on dancing with the stars

How to vote on Dancing with the Stars 2022

DANCING with the Stars is back for its 31st season on an all-new network.

As the stars compete for the Mirrorball Trophy, fans want to know how they can vote for their favorite contestants.


Dancing with the Stars is back for its 31st seasonCredit: Instagram/ dancingwiththestars

How can I vote for contestants on Dancing With the Stars 2022?

On Dancing with the Stars, America's votes and the judges' scores are what help contestants advance.

While fans might not have control over the judges' score, they are able to vote up to 20 times for their favorite celebrity pairing.

To do so, fans can vote during the show via text or online at

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The SMS keywords to text include:

  • Text CHARLI to 21523 to vote for Charli D’Amelio
  • Text CHERYL to 21523 to vote for Cheryl Ladd
  • Text DANIEL to 21523 to vote for Daniel Durant
  • Text GABBY to 21523 to vote for Gabby Windey
  • Text HEIDI to 21523 to vote for Heidi D’Amelio
  • Text JASON to 21523 to vote for Jason Lewis
  • Text JESSIE to 21523 to vote for Jessie James Decker
  • Text JORDIN to 21523 to vote for Jordin Sparks
  • Text JOSEPH to 21523 to vote for Joseph Baena
  • Text SAM to 21523 to vote for Sam Champion
  • Text SELMA to 21523 to vote for Selma Blair
  • Text SHANGELA to 21523 to vote for Shangela
  • Text TERESA to 21523 to vote for Teresa Giudice
  • Text TREVOR to 21523 to vote for Trevor Donovan
  • Text VINNY to 21523 to vote for Vinny Guadagnino
  • Text WAYNE to 21523 to vote for Wayne Brady

The voting goes live at the start of the show and ends after the last dance of the episode.

How can I watch season 31 of DWTS?

The past few seasons of DWTS have been some of the most controversial in the show's history, with many surprised it returned for its 31st season after it was dropped by ABC.

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However, the show is back to making history as the first-ever live series on Disney+.

Fans can watch all the action live Mondays, starting at 8pm EST on the streaming service.


Fans can vote for DWTS pairings online or by textingCredit: Instagram/ dancingwiththestars

Who is the host of DWTS season 31?

In 2020, Tyra Banks made headlines after she replaced Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews as host.

After two solo seasons, Banks will be joined by season 19 Mirrorball champion Alfonso Ribeiro.

"'Dancing with the Stars' has been such an important part of my life for so many years, and I am ecstatic to officially re-join this tight-knit family as co-host," the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum said in a press release, via Good Morning America.

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He went on to add that he hopes his  "longstanding friendship" with Banks will resonate with viewers.

The pair previously met in 1993 on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when she starred as Jackie Ames.

How to Vote in Dancing With The Stars 2022

by E24

Dancing With The Stars:- The dancing with the stars’ voting procedure plays a major character for a candidates to be in the show.  By the rules of this show, every candidates duo have to act their practiced dance act in order to full with the remaining candidates. And the couple with lesser votes will receive evicted every week. Until now 30 seasons have been successfully fully. And the voting procedure has been the same ever since. The 31st Season is going on. If you’re not aware of the voting in the show we’ll tell you regarding the Dancing With The Stars Voting way and how you may join in every voting manner.

But, you can make a bit of effort to be sure your most like candidates remains until the last of the season. Don’t worry!! you just demand a duo of minutes to vote from your phone or computer for your probably candidates and yes, your vote matters. Let’s get began with the informations.

Dancing With The Stars 2022


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  • 5 How to Vote in Dancing with the Stars 2022 by Text Message?

The 31st season of Dancing with the Stars launching completely on Disney plus. This jump to streaming took with it a alter in the voting system. Audience can now vote for their most liked duo on Disney plus also by the generally SMS text message way. To vote for Dancing with the Stars utilizing Disney plus, go to disney From there, sign in utilizing your Disney+, ABC, or Disney account. If you do not have any of these handles, you can make a free Disney account on the voting page by pressing “Sign In,” entering your email and verifying the address. You don’t need a paid Disney plus account to vote for Dancing with the Stars.

Once you are logged in, follow the on-screen rule to vote for the duo you desire to look win the coveted Mirrorball Trophy. You receive 10 votes per voting process. 10 for online and 10 for SMS. But, you can only vote while Dancing with the Stars is airing. The livestream on Disney+ starts every Monday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Once the livestream ends, voting is closed. So if you take a fancy to to assist your faves, make sure to vote previously!

Dancing With The Stars 2022 Details

Name Of The Article How to Vote in Dancing With The Stars 2022 – DWTS S31 Voting Methods
How to Vote in Dancing With The Stars 2022 Click Here
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Official Website dwtsvote.

Dancing With The Stars Voting

In order to move next in this dancing competition candidates have to bypass the eliminations of the show. The candidates having the minimum score after evaluating their dance presentations receives eliminate from the show. There are many methods in which you can vote for the candidates of the show. So following time you can utilize one of the next manner to cast your vote for the finishing candidates in the show.

  • You can vote Online
  • Vote using App
  • Vote utilizing Text
  • Additionally, vote from a Toll-Free number

DWTS 2022 Voting Methods

Dancing with the Stars season 31 shares 2 voting process, which are –

  • Online Voting
  • Text Message

Lets know the step by step process to vote for your most liked DWTS contestant online, compiled  by the SMS numbers to save them.

DWTS Online Vote 2022

So to cast your vote online for this season you just demand to go by these easy tips.

  1. Visit to the official portal.
  2. Then log in utilizing your Disney plus handle. If you don’t have a Disney plus account just log in utilizing your email id.
  3. Now search for the show.
  4. Go to the voting procedure.
  5. In the voting methods choose the candidates whom you take a fancy to cast your vote.
  6. Then submit your vote.
  7. The voter will have a maximum of votes equal to the contestants acting that night.
  8. They can whole utilize all votes for one duo or can contribute them.
  9. For an instance, if 5 contestants are acting one night then they will have 5 votes per voter per voting medium.

That’s it, you have successfully cast your vote in the DWTS season 31 online.

How to Vote in Dancing with the Stars 2022 Online?

You can vote for your most liked candidates by easily next the beneath tips –

  • Visit to
  • Log in  for a free account or login to your Disney plus account
  • Comply the on-screen instructions to vote for your favorite couple
  • Note: You get 10 votes per voting method

How to Vote in Dancing with the Stars 2022 by Text Message?

Easily send in a text message which will be the duo 1st name / promote keyword to 25123. Search the correct format for each duo beneath-

Serial Contestant Text Message
1 Charli D’Amelio CHARLI to 21523
2 Daniel Durant DANIEL to 21523
3 Heidi D’Amelio HEIDI to 21523
4 Jordin Sparks JORDIN to 21523
5 Shangela SHANGELA to 21523
6 Sam Champion SAM to 21523
7 Joseph Baena JOSEPH to 21523
8 Wayne Brady WAYNE to 21523
9 Gabby Windey GABBY to 21523
10 Trevor Donovan TREVOR to 21523
11 Selma Blair SELMA to 21523
12 Jessie James Decker JESSIE to 21523
13 Teresa Giudice TERESA to 21523
14 Vinny Guadagnino VINNY to 21523
15 Cheryl Ladd CHERYL to 21523
16 Jason Lewis JASON to 21523

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participants of the show "Dancing with the Stars" - about the first day of the competition

January 21, 2022 10:47 Dmitry Bakeev, Yulia Kiseleva

A new season of the show "Dancing with the Stars" has started on the TV channel "Russia 1". On the main dance floor of the country there are ten star participants paired with professional dancers. The favorites of the first issue were the actor Anatoly Bely and his partner Inna Svechnikova.

10 star couples, where one of the participants is a professional dancer and mentor, and the second is a popular artist, but an absolute beginner in choreography. “People famous all over the country come here, find themselves in completely new circumstances and put in a phenomenal amount of work. Artists work out 18 hours a day,” recalls Daria Zlatopolskaya, jury member of the Dancing with the Stars show.

Dmitry Kharatyan, Marina Zudina, Alexandra Revenko, Maria Mironova, Anatoly Bely, Valery Nikolaev, Olga Medynich, Alexandra Rebenok, Vladimir Markoni and Vanya Dmitrienko demonstrate their skills on the parquet in front of the whole country. Each number in "Dancing with the Stars" is like a mesmerizing scene from a movie, with bright effects and an unexpected change of image during the performance.

"Dancing is one plus! I lost a lot of weight during this time," notes Alexandra Rebenok. The actress so effectively twisted her hips to the rhythms of a passionate rumba that she received high scores from the jury, and "bypassed" the other participants, leaving behind Maria Mironova and even Dmitry Kharatyan with his incendiary quickstep.

"Of course, we had mistakes, but that's normal for the first exit. We're not going to stop!" - People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Kharatyan comments on the first dance number.

However, according to the results of the first competitive day, actor Anatoly Bely showed the "highest class" on the floor. And if the leader of the release feels confident, then the performer of the hit "You are Venus, I am Jupiter" Van Dmitrienko and showman Vladimir Markoni should already be worried. For their performances, they received the lowest scores and ended up at the bottom of the standings. But the artists did not lose their optimism and desire to win. According to the singer Vanya Dmitrienko, he was satisfied with his performance.

It is up to the viewers to decide who to leave on the project and who to say goodbye to. Until Sunday, send a free SMS with the participant number to 9395.

Vote and participate in the grandiose flash mob "Russia is dancing at home". Go to the groups of popular social networks of our TV channel, watch tasks from the participants of the show, repeat the movements, shoot videos, put the hashtag #ROSSIYATANTSUETDOMA and look at yourself in our program.

And already on Sunday, December 23, at 17:50 we will find out who will leave the race and who will continue to fight for the title of the best dance couple in the country. This will be a new stage of the TV project "Dancing with the Stars".

Dmitry Bakeev, Yulia Kiseleva, "Morning of Russia"

television premiere Dancing with the Stars Russia 1 show flash mob society news

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The winners of the semi-finals of the show "Dancing with the Stars" were DAVA and Daria Paley

February 14, 2021 20:00

The winners of the semi-final edition of the grandiose show "Dancing with the Stars" were DAVA and Daria Paley.

On Valentine's Day, February 14, the theme of the semi-final release of the show "Dancing with the Stars" was, of course, love. Participants declared their love for each other, families, spectators and dancing. And the winners of this edition were DAVA and Daria Paley.

The final of the tournament is getting closer, the couples are leaving the race one by one. But at the same time, it's getting hotter on the floor. In the last program, the audience parted ways with two couples Igor Mirkurbanov and Daria Shelyganova and Dmitry Dyuzhev and Maria Smolnikova.

In this semi-final episode, after the votes were counted, the couple Evgeny Morozov and Inna Svechnikova were in last place and, according to the conditions of the competition, had to leave the show. “It was the most sensual couple of the project. Each of their dances was about love,” said Daria Zlatopolskaya.

At parting, the couple gave the audience a sunny and passionate salsa. “In order to love someone, you must first of all love yourself,” says Evgeny Morozov and thanked his partner for an amazing dance life.

In the last round, this couple, with a childish dance from the life of clockwork dolls, rushed to the top of the tournament table in a not childish way. But their heroes grew up, entered the world of adult feelings and true love. "Well, you lit it! Well done," the host Andrey Malakhov praised the guys. "The number looked easy and reckless. You look gorgeous. Swing is a very hard dance, but it does not tolerate hasty ones," Yegor Druzhinin advised the participants.

These participants are in complete love harmony. She teaches him to dance, and he teaches her to sing. Maybe that's why this dance couple is confidently moving forward, leaving rivals behind. "Jazz can be very different, now we had rock and roll jazz," explained Yegor Druzhinin. “I really want you to really tell the story of Sergey Lazarev with your body in the final,” Daria Zlatopolskaya turned to Sergey.

They fell in love with the project so much that they even danced in the street for random spectators who gave them their love and their voices in return. From a butterfly dance, this couple moves on to a human love story. “I really liked the number, it was very diligent. You really try. Only more confidence in the support,” Yegor Druzhinin advised Alexander.

Last time Nikolai Tsiskaridze criticized the stage outfit of Ekaterina Guseva, now the guys decided to radically change their image and start a completely new game - an elegant chess game. "This style really suits you. This is your number," Garik Rudnik emphasized. “I liked the meaning in this number. Katino’s desire to break into this particular dance prevailed. You are not ashamed of anything and show off your form,” praised the actress Nikolai Tsiskaridze.

If a theater and film actor rehearses around the clock, this means that he truly loves his profession, and if at the same time he is in great demand among directors and producers, then this love is mutual. The guys performed a piercing dance, and contemporary allows you to demonstrate your acting talents to the maximum. "You coped with the task and did not leave the image. On a five-point system - 5," Garik Rudnik praised Anton.

The following members performed in completely new roles and almost blew up the dance floor. “You have demonstrated absolute success. And by using the dog, you just killed all the spectators,” said Yegor Druzhinin.

On the creative path of this couple there were hot passions, and conflicts, and separations, and reconciliations. It is not easy to get along with two stylish personalities, especially if they live in parallel worlds. Yanina impressed Daria Zlatopolskaya with her courage: "I want to say bravo to you, because this is really a real partnership." "This is one of the best performances I've seen today," said Garik Rudnik.

The judges kept these participants in a "black body" for a long time, not giving them high marks, but the passionate tango in the last round made the jury take a fresh look at this couple. What is going on in the minds of lovers was clearly shown by DAVA and Daria. Their number was supported by the special guest of "Dancing with the Stars" Philip Kirkorov with Igor Nikolaev's song "A Little Sorry". "DAVA danced an extraordinary dance and showed part of his soul. Be real, it really suits you," said Daria Zlatopolskaya.

Preliminary results of the fourth competitive day:

Two pairs close the standings: Alexander ST Stepanov - Evgenia Tolstaya and Anton Shagin - Ulyana Maksimkina. Only audience votes will decide everything! After all, ahead is the season finale, where we will say goodbye to three couples at once.

The final result of this tour will be known in a week, when the total votes of the jury and the audience will be determined. The couples who are at the end of the standings will leave the project.

Vote for your favorites and take part in the flash mob #RussiaDancingAtHome!. Watch dance lessons from the stars of the project on the social networks of the TV channel "Russia 1", repeat and post on your pages in the hashtag #ROSSIYATANTSUETDOMA.

Learn more