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How to Dance (Short 1953)

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Goofy learns the basics of ballroom dancing.Goofy learns the basics of ballroom dancing.Goofy learns the basics of ballroom dancing.





    • Jack Kinney
    • Milt Schaffer(story)
    • Dick Kinney(story)
  • Stars
    • Firehouse Five Plus Two
    • June Foray(voice)
    • Alan Reed(voice)
    • Jack Kinney
    • Milt Schaffer(story)
    • Dick Kinney(story)
  • Stars
    • Firehouse Five Plus Two
    • June Foray(voice)
    • Alan Reed(voice)
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      • Jack Kinney
      • Milt Schaffer(story)
      • Dick Kinney(story)
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    How to Dance with Goofy

    Goofy I have always liked, he is clumsy yet very funny and lovable. Alongside Motor Mania and Goofy Gymnastics, How to Dance is one of my favourite Goofy cartoons. With the vibrant colour palette, well-drawn character designs and fluid backgrounds, How to Dance is animated beautifully, while there is also a snappy soundtrack, thoughtful and somewhat sardonic narration(delivered to perfection by John McLeish) and many funny, imaginatively-timed moments with Goofy's chaotic but somewhat endearing attempts to ballroom dance. All in all, one of Goofy's best cartoons and certainly one of my favourites of his. 10/10 Bethany Cox



    • TheLittleSongbird
    • May 7, 2012

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    • Release date
      • July 11, 1953 (United States)
      • United States
      • English
    • Also known as
      • Jan Långben dansar
    • Production company
      • Walt Disney Productions
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    Technical specs

    • 6 minutes

      • 1. 37 : 1

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    On September 27, 1947, an historic cinema milestone occurred: Mickey Mouse and his pals Donald Duck and Goofy appeared together for the first time in a feature-length animated film, Walt Disney’s “Fun and Fancy Free.” In it, in lieu of Jack, the trio took a trip up a beanstalk where they found themselves tiny trespassers in the realm of an unpredictable giant.

    Walt Disney’s star players wander through titanic plants in the Mickey and the Beanstalk segment of “Fun and Fancy Free

    Goofy set out on that adventure with optimistic confidence–and his same jaunty stride has been captured in a golden statue gracing the Plaza Hub in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World, The Most Magical Place on Earth. Part of the “Disney Fab 50 Character Collection,” (#DisneyWorld50), Goofy’s statue is positioned in enviable proximity to the famous “Partners” bronze, celebrating Walt himself—and why not? Much like Mr. Disney’s professional path in real life, Goofy’s cartoon career has been a tale of a humble beginning resulting in world-wide fame.

    Goofy’s rise to stardom was documented both on TV (“The Goofy Success Story,” 1955) and in this 1956 Little Golden Book with art by Samuel Armstrong. (Author’s collection)

    Even though Goofy’s roles began by showcasing his simple-but-sincere naiveté, as he grew in popularity, he was given more and more responsibility in his one-reel outings. Soon he achieved not only co-star status with Mickey and Donald, but acquired an astonishing array of “skills” as well. Starting just three years after his debut, from 1935 to 1940 audiences saw Goofy doing his best as a musician, service station attendant, clock cleaner, ghost exterminator, boat builder and billposter, among other occupations. Perhaps it’s because of these fast and varied “apprenticeships” that around 1940, Goofy found his way to what many would feel to be his ultimate on-screen calling: educational film star! There may have been an inspirational show-biz mentor’s influence here, as well… 

    Walt Disney welcomes Robert Benchley to his new Burbank studio in this promotional photo for “The Reluctant Dragon” (1941).

    In 1940, Walt Disney was on the verge of moving his California film studio over the hill from Hyperion Avenue in Los Angeles to Burbank’s Buena Vista Street. To show off his beautiful, purpose-built animation campus, a feature film production was devised during which humorist Robert Benchley would “tour” the studio, showcasing the cartoon craft through his misadventures. (The script had Benchley “looking for Walt” in order to suggest an animated version of Kenneth Grahame’s “The Reluctant Dragon,” hence the name of the finished picture.) 

    Benchley was a celebrated writer and wit, not only a mainstay of New York’s famed Algonquin Round Table, but a Broadway and film personality as well. In Hollywood, Benchley struck celluloid gold with a series of wry, clever featurettes in which he both lectured on and demonstrated various activities of life, generally with disastrous results. After winning an Academy Award in 1935 for “How to Sleep,” Benchley wrote and starred in more than a dozen such productions, concluding with “How to Take a Vacation” in 1941. 

    Could the timing of Goofy’s first foray into instructional short subjects be more than coincidental? Perhaps, in his time on the Disney lot, Robert Benchley realized that his bumbling on-screen persona had more than met its match in Goofy, and the actor ceded his patented pedantic pratfalls to the younger (and injury-proof) animated Goof? In an idea likely hatched by Disney’s story department as a subtle tribute to Benchley’s comic mastery, it is within “The Reluctant Dragon” that the star is treated to a Moviola viewing of “How to Ride a Horse,” a showcase for equestrian “dos” and “don’ts” gamely attempted…and re-attempted by Goofy. Benchley is delighted with the lesson, and with the endorsement of the master, therefore, it seems that this was the point where Goofy took over as Tinseltown’s master of the “How To” film. 

    A selection of title cards from Goofy’s short cartoons of the 1940s and 50s

    A mere five months after “The Reluctant Dragon” premiered, Goofy undertook a “crash” course in “The Art of Skiing,” and just weeks later, conquered “The Art of Self Defense.” By 1942, Goofy had settled into a Benchley-esque rhythm, and films such as “How to Play Baseball,” “How to Swim,” “How to Fish,” “How to Be Sailor,” “How to Play Golf,” and “How to Play Football” followed in quick succession. In “The Big Wash,” Goofy tackled elephant bathing; “Aquamania” and “Freewayphobia” showcased the perils of inattentive vehicle use both on water and the asphalt shore. Gymnastics, photography, detective work, even medieval jousting were examined. In 1953, Goofy demonstrated “How to Dance” with music provided by the Firehouse 5 + 2, the popular Dixieland band made up of Disney animators and other studio personnel. That same year, perhaps as a specific nod to his footlight fore-bearer Robert Benchley, Goofy starred in his own version of “How to Sleep.”

    Goofy takes a page from his own “Aquamania” playbook, waterskiing on the Seven Seas Lagoon for this Walt Disney World souvenir “Mini Photo Print” circa 1981. (Author’s collection)

    As Goofy’s time began to be divided between film, television and in-person meetings with his fans visiting the Disney Parks, he still found time for some “How To” moments, particularly in the 1999 “Mickey Mouse Works” TV series, where there are no less than 12 “informative” episodes. In 2007, Goofy addressed the breve new (and confusing) world of entertainment technology with the short theatrical release “How to Hook Up Your Home Theater,” and in 2021, Walt Disney Animation Studios returned to this classic form with Goofy conquering three timely skills needed as the world learned “How to Stay at Home. ” Appropriately, these hilarious mini-segments were first available—for home viewing—on Disney+.      

    Though it has now been 90 years since Goofy’s 1932 debut, his stellar career, cheerful explorations and their creatively calamitous results will continue just as long as there are new topics to explore throughout the world…particularly now that “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” (50 years of Walt Disney World) has been welcoming both nostalgic returnees and brand-new guests eager to learn all about the enchantments that await them there. No matter how many diverse jobs, skills, sports and activities Goofy has encountered on screens thus far, it is safe to say that his favorite would have to be the in-person “How To Greet a Friend…” with no instruction required for a big, goof-tacular hug! 

    Page not found - Central City Children's Library. A.P. Gaidar

    Page not found - Central City Children's Library. A.P. Gaidar

    The requested information could not be found. Perhaps a site search would be helpful.

    One person, remembering Mamin-Sibiryak, once said: "Children loved him and animals were not afraid." This book includes stories and fairy tales of the writer, which he dedicated to both.
    STORIES OF AN OLD HUNTER / D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak; ill. V. Bastrykin]. - Moscow: EKSMO, 2007. - 133 p.

    There are books that seem to have always existed. This is one of them. Little ducks could cry over the story just as sincerely and selflessly in the distant past, as they will probably cry in the equally distant future. After all, in the soul of a person there will always be a place for pity and compassion.
    GRAY NECK / D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak; [ill. V. Bastrykin]. - Moscow: EKSMO, 2015. - 96 s.

    "Alyonushka's Tales" were first published in 1894-96 on the pages of "Children's Reading", one of the best magazines of that time. It was published by the famous Moscow teacher D. I. Tikhomirov. The fairy tales were published as a separate edition in 1897 and since then have been constantly reprinted in Russia.
    ALENUSHK'S TALES / D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak; artist S. Nabutovsky. - Moscow: Makhaon, 2006. - 134 p. : ill. - (Hour of a fairy tale).

    The Privalov Millions (1883) and The Mountain Nest (1984) are Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak's most famous adult novels. They managed to step over a century, so that at the beginning of our century they again become amazingly and even frighteningly modern.
    PRIVALOVSK MILLIONS / D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak. - Yekaterinburg: Socrates, 2002. - 478 p.

    His kindness and gentleness were not immediately revealed to everyone. Although even the pseudonym, firmly fused with the surname - "Mamin-Sibiryak" - sounded somehow warm, at home.
    The old wooden house of the factory priest, where the future writer was born, was located on the very border of Europe and Asia. "The watershed of the Ural Mountains" was only 14 miles away. There, in the Urals, Dmitry Narkisovich spent his childhood and youth. The best books have been written about the Urals, its extraordinary nature and people.

    Ural - "stone body, fiery heart." He always stayed with Mom. Even when he moved to St. Petersburg and became a completely metropolitan resident, or went to rest with his daughter at some fashionable resort, none of the beauties and miracles there pleased him. Everything seemed dull, devoid of brightness and color.

    Why, striving with all his heart to the Urals, he spent almost half of his life away from it. There was a reason. Sad reason. Daughter Alyonushka was born a weak, sickly girl. Even in infancy, she lost her mother. And all the care of her fell on the shoulders of her father. Mamin devoted the last years of his life entirely to his daughter. Doctors forbade Alyonushka to travel long distances, and Dmitry Narkisovich had to come to terms with this. But having taken the Urals from her father, Alyonushka gave him something else.

    And not only to him. "Alyonushka's Tales" (1894-96) are touching, poetic, poignantly beautiful. They are written with such selfless love and tenderness that they still make young readers, the same age as little Alyonushka, laugh and cry. And Mamin-Sibiryak himself once admitted: “This is my favorite book, it was written by love itself, and therefore it will survive everything else.”

    By and large, this is what happened. More than a century has passed since the appearance of fairy tales. And although "adult" novels and stories by Mamin-Sibiryak are still being published, for most readers he remains precisely a children's writer, the creator of the marvelous "Alyonushka's Tales".

    Amazing adventures await the heroes of this book - the girl Alka and her dad. The most extraordinary stories happen to them in the most ordinary places - at home, in the yard, on the street and even at school.

    The project “My big family” is funny stories from the life of a big family, in which every day is filled with noise, turmoil, discoveries, small miracles, and most importantly, care for each other and love!
    Father, mother, 7 children, 3 dogs, one cat, turtle, pigeons live in a small seaside town. Dad is a writer, Mom leads a circle, and kids and their pets get into funny situations all the time.

    Wonderful, sincere stories about a boy and his parents.
    Will be of interest to both adults and children.

    Man with wings! David Almond's favorite theme, this time in a comic version: the father of the girl Lizzie decided that he was a man of birds. And flyers from all over the world just came to the city for the competition! And Lizzy, who looks after her father like an irresponsible child, cannot stand it: she also wants to make wings and fly with her dad. What is there! Even the principal of the school will fly, Mr. Iris! Only Aunt Doreen will retain the remnants of her sanity, but . .. it seems that she also dreams of flying.

    One day, an ordinary boy suddenly told his dad that he didn't love him anymore. And he left home. Thus began this story, from which you will learn where carelessly spoken words can lead and what monsters lurk behind gloomy thoughts.

    - Soooo, my friends! - Dad said. Today is Sunday! We remove mom from all household chores!
    Not words, but the dream of any mother! And this book is a real gift to any very busy dad who wants to spend time with his child. And do it efficiently and profitably. Short stories are chosen in such a way that they will help you put off all your business, relax, sit on the sofa and read with your baby.
    What's inside?
    12 funny stories about naughty children!
    Sometimes every child is imaginative, has a sweet tooth, can sneak, experience night terrors and be lazy. No need to scold the guys for this. It is better to read them fairy tale stories about the same as they are modern children. And then discuss these stories, remember your childhood and laugh together. You can read one story a night - 15-20 minutes. And then be sure to dedicate 5 minutes to the discussion.
    The stories about dads read by dads are instructive and interesting. But the main thing is that they are about the fact that dad is always there, even when he is very busy. And he will always come to the rescue.
    Modern psychologists advise to “treat” naughty children not at all with persuasion and prohibitions ... they advise treating them with fairy tales!
    Tales of the “Very Busy Dad” are small. And the benefits are great!

    “Once upon a time there was a big, big family: dad, mom and eight children… And they also lived with a small truck, which they all loved very much. Why not love - after all, the truck fed the whole family!” This is how the writer introduces her characters. She tells about the life of a large family in which parents always find a common language with their children. The author does not hide that she loves her characters, and her love is transmitted to readers.
    “Dad, Mom, Grandmother, Eight Children and a Truck” is a book for family reading, in which life lessons are presented to a young reader without moralizing and edification, with humor. She is the child of kindness, perseverance, cohesion and an easy attitude to the difficulties that arise.

    Alexander Raskin's book includes short and funny, instructive and funny stories about childhood that dad tells his little daughter Sasha. In each such story, little dad behaves like the most ordinary boy: it happens that he is capricious and greedy, boasts or is a coward, and he also composes poetry, trains dogs, plays ping-pong, loves to read and draw very much. And although little dad lives in a different, long-standing world, he himself is real and understandable, not at all ideal, and therefore immediately inspires confidence and sympathy.

    We are always at work. We don't have time to talk about important things. This is “lucky” because we don’t know what to talk about with our children. “What are the grades at school?” is sometimes the only question we ask them for some reason. Although we have something to say and ask, and there is something to teach, and to learn ourselves. After all, parents are not born, they learn to be.
    This book is for dads and sons. This is an opportunity to learn about fatherhood, or at least get to know each other a little better: the two of you from the vast world of men in which your son will live.

    Before you is a completely unusual book.
    Firstly, it is addressed to dads - to those wonderful fathers who understand that in addition to work, they also need to take care of their children, otherwise they will grow up in fatherlessness.
    Secondly, this is really a book for family reading. The stories told here can be interesting for both adults and children. They will certainly give rise to joint conversations and joint reflections.
    Thirdly, these fairy tales are designed for children of different ages. Some stories can be read early, some later. This book can be with you and your child for years to come.
    Finally, fairy tales are written by the famous writer and TV presenter Andrey Maksimov. And his books for parents, and his fairy tales are like no other.
    Enjoy and useful joint reading with children!

    A wonderful colorful large format book with adorable teddy bears on the cover that every child will love! Touching poems about dad, written in simple accessible language, will tell you how wonderful and pleasant it is to spend time with your beloved parents. This book will please both parents and young readers.

    So the day came when Sonya Grushina, nicknamed Tail, became a first-grader! Of course, at first she was a little uncomfortable. But as soon as she realized how many funny adventures awaited her, how many friends she would find at school, then there was no trace of her fears! Firstly, the road to school itself is full of magic. Secondly, at school they teach not only to read, write and count, but also to discover talents in themselves. And funny incidents seem to be pouring into a backpack!

    In children's books by Klaus Hagerup, reality always coexists with fiction, with things that can never happen in the real world. So this book tells an unusual and at the same time the most ordinary story that could happen anywhere and with anyone. The main condition is to love reading books!

    The book includes stories about schoolchildren, about their cheerful, carefree, but sometimes difficult life.

    The characters of the mischievous and at the same time very serious story “Troika minus” find themselves in the most common situations for school life. First love, control, three with a minus ... Overcoming internal fears, struggling with their own pride, cruelty, cowardice, the guys learn true friendship and mutual assistance, love and generosity of soul. But how difficult this study is given to them!
    It is worth hoping that, sincerely empathizing with the heroes of the book, young readers will answer for themselves the most important moral questions.

    What are the most interesting lessons at school? For some guys - mathematics, for others - geography, for others - literature. But there is nothing more exciting than the lessons of Laughter, especially if they are taught by the most cheerful teacher in the world - the writer Leonid Kaminsky. From mischievous and curious childish stories, he collected a real collection of school humor.

    In funny and funny stories everything is pure truth. All this, of course, happened to him when he was little. Well, maybe he added something, just a little bit. Now it’s not easy for his little daughter to believe that dad tamed a dog in childhood, hunted a tiger, and even once ... bit a professor. That he, too, was once late for school, invented all sorts of fables for teachers, was offended by the funny nicknames that they came up with . .. But still, it's great that dads are not born adults right away and that while they are small, they look so much like their children .

    The collection includes poems about the Motherland, about school and family, about studies and vacations, and many funny poems.

    Memories of school years are stored in the memory of every person. Lessons and breaks, excursions and extensions, exams and the last call - whatever the years of study may seem, over time we remember this time with warmth and awe. What desks and textbooks did our grandmothers have? What subjects did our mothers study? Who were accepted as pioneers and why were dad's parents called to school? Are the schools of the 21st century so different from the schools of the 20th century? We would like to talk about all this and much more with our readers.

    Kind, funny, touching, childishly naive prose - wonderful, fascinating reading, completely capturing the reader's attention from the first pages of reading.

    Return to literature

    During these years, he does not forget that he is still a journalist, and periodically published in newspapers. And then he finally got lucky. Fate was pleased to introduce him to Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak. At that time, he was looking for a person who could write a book on biology in an entertaining way. It was here that Larry's supervisor, Academician L. Berg, offered his subordinate to write an exciting children's book.
    Yan Leonidovich set to work with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. He wrote quickly, keeping in touch with Samuil Yakovlevich. So the story "The Extraordinary Adventures of Karik and Vali" was born.
    The book was published in 1937, but only with the help of Marshak, as the editors refused to accept it. But then came the laudatory reviews. In 1940, it was re-published with illustrations by Georgy Fitingof, classic today.

    Correspondence with Stalin

    On December 19At the age of 40, Joseph Vissarionovich received a letter in which he promised that the work of an anonymous author was intended only for the leader. And he does not require any awards, and he will send the first story only in short chapters, so as not to tire his high reader. Indeed, seven chapters of the story "Heavenly Guest" were sent. It said that a Martian had arrived on Earth. He meets, gets acquainted and talks with intellectuals, workers, collective farmers. He reads the newspapers and concludes that there are quite a lot of holidays and idle talk on Earth, and the present day is left out of attention, that laws are meaningless, and horrendous poverty reigns in the country. Culture, in his opinion, is falling apart. Nothing new is created in theaters and literature, just as in science. And the press is under the yoke of stupid censorship. Pretty soon the author was found. Ian Larry was sentenced for fifteen years in prison for anti-Soviet remarks. And he naively assumed that Stalin did not know what was happening in the country, and wanted to open his eyes to the true state of affairs.


    Stalin died in 1953, but only three years later, after serving his term in the camps, Jan Larry returned to literature. He began writing for children again, publishing in magazines. If in 1926 Jan Larry's stories "Yurka", "Radio Engineer", "First Arrest", "Delegation", "Politkontroller Misha" appeared, now novels are printed.
    In 1961, the story "Notes of a Schoolgirl" was published, and a little later - "The Amazing Journey of Cook and Cookie". They were not reprinted anymore, it is impossible to find them in libraries.

    The last book

    In 1970 the magazine "Murzilka" published Jan Larry's story "Brave Tilly" - notes of a puppy, written with humor, which the writer's conclusion did not destroy.
    This was his last work.
    Ian Larry died in 1977 in Leningrad. Unfortunately, even his century passed unnoticed. There was not a single publication in 2000, and this is very sad, because the writer was very good.
    Internet resource was used4/detskiy-pisatel-yan-larri-biografiya-spisok-knig-osobennosti-tvorchestva

  • Five Years (1930)
  • Window to the Future (1930)
  • "How It Was" (1930)
  • Notes of a Horseman (1931)
  • "Land of the Happy" (1931)
  • "The Extraordinary Adventures of Karik and Vali" (1937)
  • "The Riddle of Plain Water" (1939)
  • Heavenly Guest (1940-1941)
  • The Adventures of Cook and Kukka (1961)
  • Notes of a Schoolgirl (1961)
  • The story "In the trenches of Stalingrad" is the author's front-line diary, in which he describes the hard battles and hardships during the war. The main characters are soldiers and their commanders who lost comrades, overcame pain and fear, showing great courage. All of them are different, but united by one goal - to defend the Motherland, to defend Stalingrad! The story "In the trenches of Stalingrad" is dedicated to the heroic defense of the city in 1942-1943. The film "Soldiers" in 1957 is based on this touching and poignant story.

    Read the book:

    This story is a masterpiece of Russian "military prose". One of the most heartfelt and tragic works about the Great Patriotic War. An amazing, deep and touching book that turns the soul inside out. Sergeant Major Fedor Vaskov with a detachment of five female anti-aircraft gunners meet with a German sabotage group. How much you need to love your homeland, how much courage you have in yourself to give your life for the sake of the lives of other generations? Screen adaptation 1972 years has already become a classic of Russian cinema. In the film, the characters of the heroines and the whole horror of the events in the center of which they were most reliably conveyed.

    Read the book:

    "They fought for the Motherland" - a work for all time. Actions take place in 1942. Our troops are retreating, in fact leaving the locals to fend for themselves. The command gives the task to occupy and hold the height in the middle of the steppe. With difficulty digging trenches in the rocky ground, the regiment's soldiers set up positions and repulse the first tank attack with grenades and anti-tank rifles. What were the people like? What did you feel? How did you behave in difficult conditions? Read and remember at what cost we got the Victory! The Soviet film by Sergei Bondarchuk based on the novel of the same name by Mikhail Sholokhov became the best film according to the poll of the Soviet Screen magazine in 1976 year. Filming took place from May to October 1974 in the Volgograd region.

    Read the book:

    The brightest and most successful is the story “The Star” by E. Kazakevich This is an amazing prose ballad about the war. The author himself considered it “depressingly ordinary”, but the former front-line soldiers found in it details very familiar from their military past: the protracted waiting of those who did not return from the mission, and the feeling of piercing pain from the bitterness of loss ...

    Read a book:

    This book is about the amazing fate of your age, who lived a short, but interesting and courageous life. This book is about the famous Gulya Koroleva, a talented actress, a famous heroine of the Great Patriotic War and simply a charming, sensitive and wise person, for whom the concepts of love for the Motherland and human dignity were not just grandiloquent phrases, but the true and natural meaning of all life. Be sure to read this book! After all, the life of every person is an open book. And even more so the life of such an outstanding personality as Gulya was.
    A book written by E.Ya. Ilyina (1901–1964), was first published in 1945 and has since gone through many editions.

    Read the book:

    The story "The Son of the Regiment" will tell you, young reader, about the fate of a simple peasant boy Vanya Solntsev, from whom the war took away everything: relatives and friends, home and childhood itself. Together with him you will go through many trials and know the joy of deeds in the name of victory over the enemy. The story "The Son of the Regiment" was written by a great Soviet artist, a wonderful master of words. You will read it with interest and excitement, for it is a truthful, fascinating and bright book.

    Read the book: /3

    Not a single army in the world had such a work as “Vasily Terkin”, a book created during the war for warring soldiers. The soldiers wrote to the author: “Comrade. Tvardovsky! Why was our Vasily Terkin wounded? How did he get into the hospital? After all, he so successfully shot down a fascist plane and was not injured. What, he caught a cold and ended up in the hospital with a runny nose? So our Terkin is not such a guy. So bad, don't write like that about Terkin. Terkin should always be with us at the forefront, cheerful, resourceful, courageous and determined fellow. Greetings! We are waiting soon from the Terkin hospital” . .. Readers' letters went to A. T. Tvardovsky throughout the war, and then after its end, until the death of the author.

    Read a book:

    Before you is the first edition of the novel "Young Guard", which may have cost its author - Alexander Fadeev - life. During the Second World War, A. Fadeev was a correspondent for Pravda and Sovinformburo. After the liberation of the city of Krasnodon, he came to the city and got acquainted with the activities of the underground organization "Young Guard" and was shocked by the feat of yesterday's schoolchildren. At 19In 1945, a novel of the same name with the name of an underground organization was published, which received the widest popular recognition, but in 1947 it was subjected to sharp criticism in the newspaper Pravda ...
    heroic struggle against the German invaders in the occupied Krasnodon.

    Read the book:
    http://lib. ru/RUSSLIT/FADEEW/mol_gwardiya.txt

    Mars is called the "Red Planet" due to the fact that there is a lot of rust in the Martian soil. But once Mars was the "Blue Planet" - rivers flowed on its surface, which flowed into the seas and oceans. And maybe even the “Green Planet”, because, perhaps, there was life on Mars even before it appeared on Earth. You will learn about the history of Mars and how people will populate it in our lesson!
    The lesson is conducted by the “School of Astronomy”, Yekaterinburg.


    We bring to your attention the intellectual game "Astronomicon"!
    For this game, the participants are divided into several teams. Participants are invited to answer questions from various topics about space.
    Come, it will be interesting and INFORMATION!
    The “School of Astronomy”, Yekaterinburg, holds an intellectual game.


    Did you know that astronauts undergo psychological training before going into space?
    Would you like to try too? A real training for future astronauts!
    Come, it will be VERY interesting!

    The training is conducted by an employee of the Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance.


    Do you want to plunge into the world of positive and go into space orbit?
    Brushes, paints, master class from a real artist, creative atmosphere, relaxing music… and voila… you are already in SPACE!!!
    Memories of the evening spent will remain not only in memory, but also on paper! Creativity will bring inspiration, clarity and relaxation! Let's create together!


    It's time to go with Dunno to the moon! You are ready?
    During our interactive performance, young explorers are waiting for INTERESTING experiments and FUN experiments that will help unravel the secrets of the Moon!


    At this event, the kids, along with the heroes from fairy tales, will go on a journey through the spring forest to wake up the sun.
    Funny songs, finger games and educational poems will be waiting for them on the way!


    “Flight through the Book Galaxy”: educational QUEST. You are a team of travelers in space. You will have to solve many tasks, puzzles, overcome obstacles.
    Only your team can do this!


    Reading upside down - nameless star: together with a gnome astronomer, you will plunge into the amazing world of the constellations and make an INCREDIBLE journey through a thousand suns!

    REGISTRATION at 19:10

    We invite you to the musical KINOmix!
    Here we will prepare together and have fun to become astronauts.
    You will need to dance a lot, sing and test your intelligence in a movie quiz. After all, an astronaut must be able to do everything!


    A huge number of stars shining to us from space is completely impossible to remember. And an ordinary person will not be able to say what we will see above our heads tomorrow, in a week or a month .. At our master class, the participants themselves will make a map of the starry sky from paper, according to which they will be able to determine the star pattern above their heads for any time of the year!
    The master class is conducted by the “School of Astronomy”, Yekaterinburg.

    REGISTRATION at 18:20

    Children aged 14-15 are invited to the scientific and educational QUIZ “Finger to the sky”. Six teams of 5 people are formed. Fascinating, scientific and informative questions of the QUIZ will allow participants to show off their knowledge and help them become even smarter and more erudite.
    We are waiting for your applications for participation and forward for new knowledge!

    REGISTRATION at 20:00

    Space does not leave anyone indifferent, each person has his own!
    On Library Night, we invite you to dream up at the Plasticine Space site and make your own unique craft on the theme of space! Come, it will be INTERESTING!


    A special place in the work of Vladimir Konashevich is occupied by illustrations for the works of Korney Chukovsky. His magnificent illustrations are in spirit deeply akin to Chukovsky's texts.
    V. Konashevich began illustrating children's books quite by accident - he drew pictures for each letter of the alphabet for his three-year-old daughter. According to colleagues, "no other illustrator of children's literature, perhaps, has presented such a stormy flow of multi-colored fantasies. "
    There is a lot of movement in the artist's drawings, he skillfully and organically uses color and drawn font, the lines of the drawing are clear, but not dry. One gets the feeling that Konashevich went there himself and saw everything with his own eyes. Here you are looking.

    Died Tatyana Legat, Soviet ballerina and Honored Artist of the RSFSR | Legat

    01/27/2022 18:41:00

    Legat, Year

    Died Tatyana Legat, Soviet ballerina and Honored Artist of the RSFSR Tatyana Legat died in the 88th year of her life

    Legatma died

    near life

    The famous Soviet ballerina Tatyana Legatumerla in a Moscow hospital. The representative of the legendary ballet dynasty was 87 years old. “We regret to inform you that today, January 27, 2022, Tatyana Nikolaevna Legat died at the age of 88,” says

    website of the Mikhailovsky Theatre. Legat graduated from the Leningrad Choreographic School in 1953. After she began dancing at the Mariinsky Theater, where she worked until the end of the 70s. The ballerina managed to work as a teacher-tutor at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater in Moscow and as a teacher-tutor at the Boston Ballet in the United States. Since 2010, she has worked at the Mikhailovsky Theater in St. Petersburg.

    Read more:
    @kpru »

    The famous Soviet ballerina Tatyana Legat died The famous Soviet ballerina Tatyana Legat died0003

    The Investigative Committee completed the case against those involved in the murder of the head of the Ingush Center for Emergencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

    The criminal case was sent for trial

    Famous Soviet ballerina Tatyana Legat died Famous Soviet ballerina, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Tatyana Legat died in Moscow 9003

    The famous Soviet ballerina Tatyana Legat died The famous Soviet ballerina, Merited Artist of the RSFSR Tatyana Legat died in Moscow

    Tried for theft, wanted for a terrorist attack: The dark past of Volochkova's lover was revealed Tried for theft, wanted for a terrorist attack: The dark past of Volochkova's lover was revealed Ballerina is going to marry a criminal What happens to women? Breaking bad, crazy, they rush at the feet of any little man, just to get married! Whoever gets dragged into their house. .. they lower the bar of self-esteem to zero... oh, Nastya.... fool... So what? For another 10 years, we will observe her personal life. And her life is beautiful -2 lemons for a vacation in the Maldives. I have to earn this money for 20 years, neither drink nor eat. And she’s done well - with one movement of her legs and frictions she earns in one night. You know, it's also a talent. So it's good Even smart people can be mistaken and mistaken in other people. And, this stupid twine, all the more😎

    Ani Lorak showed her slender body in a wet bathing suit The fans came to the conclusion that the artist finally reached the tropical resort.

    “Five minutes to a husband”: Volochkova got married to a guy she barely knew Anastasia Volochkova, shortly before the New Year, found her love: the ballerina met Sergei Kuznetsov on the program “Let's Get Married” What to marry, what to go for water. Nastya, you get married every year😁😁😁

    Mishustin approved the composition of the operational working group on coronavirus Mishustin approved the composition of the operational working group on coronavirus. news Mishustin operational group coronavirus

    Soviet ballerina Tatyana Legat Photo: Mikhailovsky Theater website The famous Soviet ballerina Tatyana Legat died in a Moscow hospital...(0) Anastasia met Bathhouse attendant from the Moscow region Sergei Kuznetsov in the studio of the Let's Get Married! program.

    The representative of the legendary ballet dynasty was 87 years old. «We regret to inform you that today, January 27, 2022, Tatyana Nikolaevna Legat died at the age of 88,», says the website of the Mikhailovsky Theatre. Interfax reported on the ballerina's death, citing information from Tatyana's daughter Alena Solovieva. Legate at 1953 she graduated from the Leningrad Choreographic School. Legat was admitted to one of the Moscow hospitals and died a few days later. After she began dancing at the Mariinsky Theater, where she worked until the end of the 70s. Before hospitalization, she led an active life. The ballerina managed to work as a teacher-tutor at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater in Moscow and as a teacher-tutor at the Boston Ballet in the United States.

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