How to do the roger rabbit dance

The Running Man, The Roger Rabbit, The Reebok, & The Cabbage Patch

This pancocojams post provides information about four old school Hip Hop dances from the mid to late 1980s: the Running Man, the Roger Rabbit, the Reebok, and the Cabbage Patch.

This post also showcases YouTube instructional videos of these dances. All of these videos include captions.

A few selected comments from these YouTube videos are also included in this post.

Thanks to the unknown creators of these dances, and thanks to all those who are featured in these videos. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to Howcast, the publishers of these videos on YouTube.
Click for the pancocojams post entitled "Old School Hip Hop Dance Video (Demonstrating the Smurf, The Prep, the Reebok, The Wop, The Cabbage Patch, The Happy Feet, and the Fila Dances)"

After reading the comments in this video's discussion thread and similar comments in the pancocojams post entitled "Old School Hip Hop Dance Video (Demonstrating the Smurf, The Prep, the Reebok, The Wop, The Cabbage Patch, The Happy Feet, and the Fila Dances)" whose link is given above it occurs to me that while there are basic steps for specific old school Hip Hop dances, those steps may differ within the same period of time, and/or within the same racial population [which created that dance], and/or within the same nation depending on where a person lives. Also or the same basic steps (movements) for a specific Hip Hop dance may have a different name/s within the same period of time, within the same racial population which created that dance...

Further complicating this is that it's possible that a specific old school (and new school) Hip Hop dance may have a different name even within the same geographical location (city/state) in the same period of time, and in the same racial population which created that dance within the same nation.

Also, a specific old school dance may be renamed by people in other decades before or after it becomes popular at a certain time. A contemporary dance may be given the name of an older dance even though it doesn't have all or any of the basic steps of that older dance.

1. the Running Man
"The Running Man (aka The Hungry Caterpillar), originally an African dance, is a street and fad dance that originated between late 1986–early 1987 and was performed notably by Janet Jackson in the video of her hit "Rhythm Nation" and subsequently on the Rhythm Nation World Tour and various live performances. An early performance of the dance was in a Fela Kuti concert called "Cross Examination" by one of his back-up dancers/ex-wife in Berlin in 1978.[1] Additionally, it was performed by MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, Milli Vanilli, and Vanilla Ice during their live concert shows and music videos, but achieved renewed popularity in the 2000s. It is also used in some forms of the Melbourne Shuffle dance style. It consists of a hopping or sliding step done in such a way at speed to simulate a runner."
The Wikipedia page for the Running Man dance that I accessed on April 19, 2022 is different from the one that I quoted above. Here's a portion of that entry:
"The Running Man is a street and fad dance popularized by Bobby Brown. It consists of a hopping or sliding step done in such a way at speed to simulate a runner. Notable practictionaers of the dance are MC Hammer, Janet Jackson, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, Milli Vanilli, and Vanilla Ice during their live concert shows and music videos. It achieved somewhat of a memed revival during in the 2000s, where it is performed in some manner of the Melbourne shuffle dance style. A variation of the dance can be seen in a Fela Kuti concert called "Cross Examination" by one of his back-up dancers/ex-wife in Berlin in 1978.[1]… 
Notice that there's no mention of the African origin of that dnce and not mention of it being performed by a dancer in (Nigerian afrobeat founder) Fela Kuti's group.

2. the Roger Rabbit
Roger Rabbit is a fictional animated anthropomorphic rabbit character. The character first appeared in author Gary K. Wolf's 1981 novel, Who Censored Roger Rabbit?


The book and character were later reenvisioned in Disney's hit 1988 live-action/animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In the film version, Roger is a cartoon character in Hollywood during the Golden age of American animation. The various toons live in a Los Angeles enclave known as "Toontown", and act out animated shorts in the same way human actors act out feature films. Roger is framed for the murder of a famous Hollywood film producer and owner of Toontown, and he seeks out Valiant to help clear his name...


The Roger Rabbit became a popular dance move in America in the early 1990s.[10][11] It was named after the floppy movements of the Roger Rabbit cartoon character. In movement, the Roger Rabbit dance is similar to the Running Man, but done by skipping backwards with arms performing a flapping gesture as if hooking one's thumbs on suspenders.[12]"...

3. the Reebok Dance

Note:  There's no Wikipedia page on this dance.

The transcript for the Howcast video (embedded below) indicates that the Reebok dance 1985 is named after the Reebok brand of tennis shoes "when Reeboks first came out. Again, another dance named after whatever was popular at that time. Reeboks took over in 1985, I imagine. So this dance is called the Reebok." [read the transcript under the Reebok dance video below.

Here's an excerpt that includes that 1985 time frame "when Reebok took over":
In 1982, Reebok debuted the Reebok Freestyle aerobics shoe, the first athletic shoe designed for women.[5][18] Fitness professional Gin Miller became the face of "Step Reebok," the company's aerobics fitness campaign and program.[16] The following year, Reebok's sales were $13 million.[19]

The company began expanding from tennis and aerobics shoes to running and basketball throughout the mid to late 1980s, the largest segments of the athletic footwear industry at the time.[20] Fireman bought the British-based parent company in 1984. In 1985, Reebok had its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol RBK.[15][20]

In 1986, Reebok switched its logo from the Union Jack flag it had since its founding, to the Vector logo - an abstract Union Jack streak across a race track - which mirrored the design of the side flashes of its shoes[21][22] The switch signaled the transition of the company into a performance brand as it began licensing deals with professional athletes in the NBA and NFL. [23]"...

4. the Cabbage Patch
"The Cabbage Patch is a dance involving putting both hands together in fists and moving them in a horizontal, circular motion.[1][2]

Several songs about the dance have been released:

Rare Item & the Bud Buddies - "The Cabbage Patch Dance" (1983)
Delmar Donnell - "In the Cabbage Patch" (1984)
Experience Unlimited - "Doing the Cabbage Patch" (1986)
XII - "Cabbage Patch" (1986)
R.P. Cola - "The Cabbage Patch Dance" (1987)
Gucci Crew II - "The Cabbage Patch" (1987)[3]
World Class Wreckin' Cru - "Cabbage Patch" (1987)[4]

The dance became very popular, showing up in many dance clubs in America. The dance's name is derived from the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls or the use of "cabbage" as slang for paper money. There are many online videos demonstrating how to do the dance.[5][6] The dance was originally celebratory and often associated with being super cool and rad. [7]"


Video #1: How to Do the Running Man | Hip-Hop Dancing

Howcast, Sep 10, 2012
Selected comments (numbered for referencing purposes only)
1. Julian Nailuj, 2016
"Ladies and gents, this is THE ORIGINAL RUNNING MAN, not that toe-tapping bs on social media."

2. calionetime, 2016
"Now that's the real running man. Forget the running man challenge! Kids"

3. L O, 2016
"This is the real running man, the one we did & still do when we're feeling nostalgic lol The running man challenge is more of a shuffle but glad the kids got scholarships from it :)"

4. Jesse Aguilar, 2016
"original running man dance step did by MC Hammer"

5. MITHO, 2015
"That's not exactly how we did this TWENTYFIVE YEARS AGO! ;)"

6. McFlySwatter, 2015
"+MITHO I agree.. I was watching it going umm noooo I don't think we did it like that lol"

7. shannabanana310, 2016
"Dang, was it 25 years ago? I'm just wondering why all of the old 90s dance names are being recycled with something totally different. I'm glad to see this video though. 👏"

8. SanbaiSan, 2017
"Well, feel free to post your "old-man" version then! :P"

How to Do the Roger Rabbit | Hip-Hop Dancing

Howcast, Sep 11, 2012
Selected comments (numbered for referencing purposes only)
1. JurassicClark96, 2014
"Ohhhhh this is the Bobby Brown move from Every Little Step!

Been looking for this forever! Thanks Howcast!"

2. tracy smith, 2015
"Like Rosie Perez at the start of "Do the Right Thing. "

3. Denise DeniseHuxtable, 2017
"he put some "stank" on it at the end I see you"
"Stank" is an African American form of the word stink (to smell badly). "Stank" means to "really stink."

"Put some stank on it" means to add your own variations, style, or flair to what you are doing, and in so doing make it better. An relatively oldish African American saying from around the 1970s or so is that a person "added their own flavor to the mix". In the case of dancing, this may mean that you are dancing harder (more energetically) and/or dancing more sensuously. When people are very energetic in their dancing they tend to sweat. When a lot of people in a room dance energetically, they and that room starts to stink (smell funky). "Stank" here is a positive that means the same thing as "funk" (or "funky"). That's why people who sing or dance funky, and music that is funky" are usually considered positives in African American culture.

4. 0e0, 2019
"it's a pretty corny dance nowadays without that....i think she's contractually obligated to give it a bit more credibility

my corny is too strong...wholesome"

5. Hellofacutie, 2020
"This is the dance move that Oaktown 357 did with MC hammer!"

Video #2: How to Do the Reebok | Hip-Hop Dancing

Howcast, Sep 21, 2012
Here's the transcript of this video:
I'm back with my friends. My friends, my friends. I'm back. We are going to show you a dance called the Reebok.

1985, when Reeboks first came out. Again, another dance named after whatever was popular at that time. Reeboks took over in 1985, I imagine. So this dance is called the Reebok.

We're going to start with the feet first. Right leg, your left, my right. Picking up the right leg, we're going to go in, step down. One, pick it up again, and two, and you're going to do three steps. Right, left, right. Let's try it on this side, and down. Back, down, and left, right, left. Good. So you can already tell your body's rocking a little bit. Just keep that motion.

Let's try it again. Six, seven, eight, and one, two, three, and four, and five, six, seven, and eight.

Now let's add arms. Arms are whatever you want. Some people punch opposite arm and leg, and bring it around. Some people use both arms the whole time. Pick whichever one you like, and do that. You're free to do so. So we have five, slowly with the arms, seven, eight. You want to go away. One, two, three, and four, and five, six, seven, again. And one, two, three, and four, and five, six, and seven, and eight.

Let's try it with music."
Selected comments (numbered for referencing purposes only)
1. Gemini Blaze, 2012
"Was always wondering what the name was when Will Smith was doing it back in Fresh Prince days. .."

2. Ariana Villegas, 2013
"This step doesn't call Reebok, this step is Cabbage patch!!"

3. danielle amara, 2013
"yes you need to look deeply in oldskool dictionary reebok is more rambo dance more gang and this is the cabbage patch plz"

4. Sean Asher, 2014
"nooooooo, this is not the reebok!! old skoolers are laughing hard at this video
sorry, but you guys are doing the cabbage patch."

5. Chocolate _ Deluxe, 2017
"Sean Asher - This is the REEBOK!"

6. Urban Beatz, 2017
"+Phony Braxton no its not"

7. GLjunior, 2015
"that's the Reebok, the cabbage patch you stand still and move your hands in a stirring motion"

8. James Kent, 2017
"so I'm guessing this was the cabbage patch and then changed to the Reebok"

Video #3: How to Do the Cabbage Patch | Hip-Hop Dancing

Howcast, Sep 24, 2012
Selected comments (numbered for referencing purposes only)
1. Kenpachi, 2012
"this isn't the cabbage patch i know..."

2. Shakaama, 2012
"i've watched 4 videos already, and this is the closest they get to actually doing the cabbage patch. it's not a 4 count. it's a 2 & 3 count."

3. meiyin09, 2015
"This is the West Coast Cabbage Patch."

4. Azizi Powell, 2020
"Kenpachi, I showed this video to my daughter and she said this is how she remembers doing the Cabbage Patch (in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the 1980s.)

(We're African American, btw.)"

5. Mandeep Dhaliwal, 2019
"this isn’t even the real cabbage patch smh..."

6. Prodigal Son, 2019
"Lol. I love this. I love the way he moves and his expressions. And how he lowkey chased her at the end. I’m over here laughing like a little kid. That was funny"

7. onecutesweetypie, 2019
"These two are great!!! Awesome tutorial and fun video!! Love it!!"

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A list of hip hop dance moves as collected by FraGue Moser-Kindler

The list of names of hip hop dance moves below is what I learned in my journey with hip hop dance. It is not complete and will never be as our dances are still alive and growing every day. So there are potential new steps created every day.

Bold is the name of the move that I consider the correct one. Most of the time it’s the name I got taught.

(In parenthesis there are alternative names when written next to the name or general comments when in the back of the line).

In italic letters, I added additional info when I have it. The name after an s stand for source, meaning who I learned the move from. o stands for origin and is used whenever a move is from another style imported into hip hop.

Some of the names have a link. It leads you to a clip of the move.

And this is me, busting some hip hop moves at Flavourama. Quite a while ago.

Before you check out the list…

If you want to find out how to make the most out of the moves you already know, grab a free copy of 7 Questions To Ask Every Move when signing up for my email list, or take a look at some of the concepts I presented here on the blog.

List of Hip Hop Steps and Moves

  1. The Wop. s Link
  2. Running Man (Link doing the Running Man).
  3. Mike Tyson. s Tarek
  4. Gucci. s Buddha Stretch
  5. Smurf. s Buddha Stretch & Mr. Wiggles (2 different versions)
  6. Steve Martin (Link doing it). s Marcio Ratinho
  7. Robocop. s Suga Pop
  8. Stomp. s Link
  9. BK Bounce (Brooklyn Bounce, Criss Cross). s Buddha Stretch
  10. Basketball.
  11. ATL/A-Town Stomp. s Buddha Stretch
  12. Harlem Shake. s Link
  13. Dice Game. s Marcio Ratinho
  14. Roger Rabbit (Reject). s Budda Stretch
  15. Bart Simpson. s Buddha Stretch
  16. The Prep. s Link
  17. Wu-Tang. s Buddha Stretch
  18. Bankhead Bounce. s Link
  19. Monastery. s Yuljah (It is spelled differently in the clip, but I believe that is a typo)
  20. The Snake.
  21. Janet Jackson (Janet, Barbie). s Marcio Ratinho
  22. Kick Ball Change (Flintstone). s Storm
  23. The Guess.
  24. Party Machine/Spongebob/Criss Cross. s Buddha Stretch
  25. Leo Walk. s Flomaster o Locking
  26. Shamrock. s Niako
  27. C-Walk. s Buddha Stretch o Gang Ritual
  28. Fila/Rambo. s Buddha Stretch
  29. Walk it out. s Buddha Stretch
  30. Tone Whop. s Buddha Stretch
  31. Pepper Seed. s Link o Dancehall
  32. Penguin. s V-cell
  33. Upstairs Downstairs (Up & Down).
  34. Funky Penguin.
  35. Happy Feet. s Link
  36. Crazy Legs. s Peppi Meilinger
  37. Toss it up. s Buddha Stretch
  38. The Freak. s da Bürgermasta
  39. Patty Duke. s Mister Wiggles
  40. Brooklyn Stomp.
  41. Pacman (Crab).
  42. Lite Feet.
  43. Bizmarkie. s El Fonky Juice
  44. James Brown (Good Foot). s Storm
  45. Baseball Bat.
  46. Bad One.
  47. Chicken Noodle Soup.
  48. Al-Be.
  49. Old Man. s Storm o Popping
  50. Rocksteady.
  51. Dougie.
  52. Chicken Neck. s Brian Green
  53. Cat Daddy (Tina Turner).
  54. Ney Ney (Nae Nae). s Link
  55. Alf. s Suga Pop
  56. Bobby Brown (Cold Duck). s Suga Pop
  57. Sophisticated Sissy. s Suga Pop
  58. Cabbage Patch. s Suga Pop
  59. Camel Walk. (Kamel Walk) s Suga Pop
  60. Holly Pill. s Mister Wiggles
  61. Walking Backwards. s Mister Wiggles
  62. Spanish Freak. s Mister Wiggles
  63. Reebok. s Link
  64. Gigolo. s Link
  65. Butterfly. s Buddha Stretch o Dancehall
  66. Run It. s Buddha Stretch

I also have a list of moves and steps from house dance, and another one for breakdance/breaking.

And if you are ready to dig deeper into the possibilities that your moves offer, check out my book Dance Smart, which covers 36 concepts to work with your moves.

Corporate event WHO FRAME ROGER RABBIT?!

Late 80s Hollywood comedy Who Framed Roger Rabbit?! the first to bring together both live and cartoon characters. As a result, she received three Oscars.

The action takes place in Los Angeles, outside the window of 1947. Stage, jazz and a lot of dancing... Only on this unusual evening, guests will be able to try on the role of detectives and try to unravel the main intrigue: "Who framed Roger Rabbit?!" .

Favorite Disney cartoons among ordinary guests. Black and white dress code and rainbow confetti. Live piano playing interspersed with electronic sound of modern hits. Dance numbers and performances of virtuoso illusionists. Unique jazz singing and silent artistic mimes. Tonight is a mesmerizing night of contrasts in Toontown.

The program starts at the door, where guests are greeted by charming dancers, animators and life-size puppets. Mandatory attribute - snapshot for memory. Throughout the evening, an on-site photo studio operates in the foyer, a special installation with equipment and light, complemented by a bright themed brand wall. It also offers additional props for shooting: you can try on several images using variations of photo props, masks, hats, boas, dummies of a Thompson machine gun, and more. At the request of the Client, the final pictures can be processed in accordance with the theme of the holiday, and at the end of the party each guest will take a commemorative photo with them.

The entourage will be complemented by posters pasted throughout the hall with the characters from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, stands with brochures reminding guests of the main intrigues of the film, numerous balloons and flower bouquets.

The gathering of guests takes place to the accompaniment of a pianist. But with the advent of the presenter, live music is replaced by electronic music and a DJ takes over the job.

For excitement, the participants of the holiday will be offered to try their luck in the lottery: all you have to do is write your names on the cards and put them in Mima's hat. At the culmination of the party, the lucky winner of a valuable prize will be determined.

The story of Roger Rabbit runs throughout the entertainment program. Themed music or performance can be abruptly interrupted for another interactive competition, the completion of which will bring guests closer to the answer to the main riddle. The brightest end of the holiday will be the most dynamic of the competitions - a dance battle. The piquancy of the situation is given by the confrontation between the men's and women's teams, the participants of the event are waiting for a real "battle of the sexes"!

The main symbol of the party is the star of the club "Ink and Paints" Jessica Rabbit. In her dazzling red dress, she will debut with the original soundtrack of the film, and will continue the performance with several blocks of jazz compositions.

An equally bright character who came to us from Roger Rabbit is little Betty Boop. Betty is wearing a short black sequined dress, a large feather adorns her hair, and fishnet tights emphasize her playful nature. This evening, little Betty will perform her best dance numbers for the audience.

Masterfully throughout the evening, not only the host will work with the audience, but also his faithful assistants - inimitable mimes that can make anyone laugh, and Disney cartoons, sloppy imitating all the guests of the holiday.

Traditionally, we offer to organize a Mafia gaming table or an outdoor casino with roulette and Blackjack in a separate room.

The fun is in full swing, and now comes the solemn moment: the collective cutting of a giant corporate cake, made to order. The takeaway of the delicacy passes through a fiery path of pyrotechnic fountains under multi-colored confetti with serpentine. One hundred percent "WOW-effect", unforgettable emotions and unique photo frames!

Avatar Jessica Rabbit dancing from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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