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My mom's favorite joke [clean]

Q: How do you make a tissue dance?

A: Put a lil boogie in it.

What do you call a tissue dance?

A boogie

What do you call a DJ on Halloween?

The boogie-man

A boogie board was abandoned in a man-made lake.

Days or maybe even weeks go by without it interacting with anyone or anything.

It drifts mindlessly around, because no one is there to direct it. It starts to day dream about a time where it wasn't alone in a glorified pond.

A few more weeks go by of this boring life, when it suddenly ...

What did the monks chant during the electric boogie danceoff?


When I was a kid my parents would warn me if I was naughty the boogie man would get me

I was never scared though, I loved disco music

How do you make a napkin dance?

You put a little boogie in it. Dad jokes are lowkey hilarious also it’s my cake dayyy!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Two deaf guys stop off in a pub one night on the way home from their lip reading class.

Communicating by using their new lip reading skills one offers to buy the drinks and gives the money to the other who goes to the bar to get them.

At the bar he asks for two pints of lager which the barman puts on the bar and then says “that’ll be £15 please.”

The deaf guy looks shocke...

What kind of music do they play at the Mos Eisley cantina? #StarsWarsJoke

Boogie Wookie.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

How do you make a Kleeex dance?

Put a little boogie in it!

I have a little Christmastime request!! I am actually here for some good jokes for a 9 year old boy! I am looking to make him a joke book for Christmas. (Things are a little tight this year)
If anyone has a good one that's kid friendly I would really appreciate. ..

Who's the scariest dancer ever?

The Boogie Man

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Two lip-reading deaf guys walk into a pub.

One turns to the other and says (in a mongy deaf voice), "You go find a seat...I'll get the drinks in".
He walks up to the bar and says, "Bartender, could I please have two pints of lager?"
"Certainly," replies the barman, "That'll be £10."
"Ten pounds?" gasps the deaf guy, "That's a...

How do u make a tissue dance?

You put a little boogie in it.

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It drifts faster towards some pull until it eventually hits a cement wall.

It thinks, \"Finally! Someone to talk to!\" So the it decides to start a conversation, but the wall never responds.

Eventually, it realizes that the wall probably wasn't interested in talking back.

He thinks of moving on, but wants to tell his friend that he's going to do so, so he turns to the wall and says, \"Dam, I'm board.\"","p4177w":"d and unsure if he had read what he said correctly he replied, “did you say £15?”

“Yes” replies the barman.

“That’s a lots of money” he tells him.

“Yes” said the barman, “we’ve got live music tonight so it’s to cover the cost.”

“Oh!” Replies the deaf guy, “what sort of music is it? Rock n roll?…..Boogie woogie?”

“No” replies the barman, “we’ve got some country and western.”

“Oh!” Replies the deaf guy as he thanks the barman and returns to his friend with the drinks and his change. As his friend takes the money he looks at it and says “£15! That’s a lot of money.”

“Yes” he tells him, “it’s to pay for the live music tonight.”

“Oh!” His friend says, “live music? what sort is it? Rock n roll?…. Boogie woogie?”

“No,” the man tells his friend, “apparently they’ve got some cunt from Preston!”","eb4uh7":" it! Poop, pee and farts are always a winner! Thank you all for your help! Merry Christmas!!","dsaptc":" bit steep!\"
\"Oh, we've got some music on tonight,\" explains the barman, \"That includes your entry fee. \"
The deaf guy starts doing the twist and asks, \"Is it Boogie Woogie?\"
The deaf guy does his best John Travolta impression and asks, \"Is it Disco?\"
The deaf guy shrugs his shoulders, \"Well...what is it then?\"
\"Country and Western\"
The deaf guy laughs, picks up his drinks and brings them over to his friend.
\"How much were they?\" asks his friend.
\"Ten pounds.\"
\"Ten pounds?\" gasps the friend, \"That's a bit steep!\"
\"Oh, they've got some music on tonight,\" explains the first deaf guy, \"That includes our entry fee.\"
The second deaf guy starts doing the twist and asks, \"Is it Boogie Woogie?\"
The second deaf guy does his best John Travolta impression and asks, \"Is it Disco?\"
The second deaf guy shrugs his shoulders, \"Well...what is it then?\"
The first deaf guy laughs, \"Some cunt from Preston.\""};

29+ Napkin Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

A guy sits down at the bar and orders a Martini with two olives.


bartender gives him the drink, he takes out the two olives, puts them aside on a napkin, drinks the martini, asks for another. By the fourth Martini with two olives, the bartender asks the man "I don't mind, but I gotta ask....why do you ask for a Martini with two olives, then take the two olives out of it?" the man replies "My wife sent me to the store for a jar of olives but the store was closed."

What do you call a tissue that is sleeping?

A napkin

A man walks into a buffet...

He puts a sausage on his plate, and his German friend says "now you're speaking my language!".

Then, he adds a slice of pizza to his plate, and his Italian friend says "now you're speaking my language!".

Then, the man has an incredible urge to sneeze. He reaches for a napkin and raises it up, and his French friend says "now you're speaking my language!".

I went to this really cool restaurant where they gave out free bandanas with the meals

My girlfriend didn't like it though. She kept saying stuff like, "You're embarrassing me" and "Please take that napkin off your head."

A man took a woman out for dinner...

but she didn't speak a word of English. They were having a great time, though, feeding each other, flirting, touching and giggling. After the meal is over, the woman draws a picture of a bed on a napkin and gives a sly wink. The man still can't figure out how she knew he was in the furniture business.

The comments in another thread were slamming Readers Digest jokes, and that's where this one came from.

I have the punchline, can't remember the joke.

My father used to tell a joke, that involved the guy talking to a priest or therapist, and he is worried about a reoccurring dream that involves him having sex with a chicken (can't remember who was doing what with who). It ends with the teller blowing a ripped up napkin all over the table.

Any help?

Calculus walks into a bar.

He sits down and orders a pint. The barman notices him scribbling some notes on a napkin and asks what he's writing.

Calculus replies, "Oh this... I'm just working on a new formula..."

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave." says the barman, "I can't let you drink and derive".

After ordering a milkshake, a man had to leave his seat in the restaurant to use the rest room.

Since he didn't want anyone to take his shake, he took a paper napkin, wrote on it, "The world's strongest weight lifter," and left it under his glass.

When he returned from making his pit stop, the glass was empty. Under it was a new napkin with a note that said

"Thanks for the treat!" It was signed, "The world's fastest runner."

A walruses car broke down.

While waiting for the mechanic to troubleshoot the problem he decided to walk to the ice cream parlor. He ordered a vanilla ice cream cone and ate it while walking back to the car shop. As he finished the last bite he realized he forgot to grab a napkin. As he desperately tried to clean his very sticky face and hands the mechanic step out of the garage. Looks like you blew a seal the mechanic said. No the walrus replied it's just ice cream .

I was in class today and asked a friend if I could have a bite of her cookie...

She took the napkin it was on, folded it over to gather all the crumbs, counted out 8 crumbs, handed them over and said,

"no, but you can have 8 bits."

What is "relative to a short sleep?"

A napkin.


You can explore napkin caf reddit one liners, including funnies and gags. Read them and you will understand what jokes are funny? Those of you who have teens can tell them clean napkin washcloth dad jokes. There are also napkin puns for kids, 5 year olds, boys and girls.

From my 4 year old: "Dad, i just realized why these things are called nappies..."

" ...because its like a napkin for your pee, so its called na-pee!"

(proud dad moment)

Pirate walks into a bar.


Bartender says, "Is that a napkin on your head?"

Pirate replies " No, it be a bounty".

What do you call a sleepy relative?

A napkin

Dating tip:

Pull out her chair at dinner and whisper, "That's not the only thing I'll be pulling out tonight." Then pull out her napkin like a true gentleman.
(doesn't work at Mc Donalds)

what do you called a insomniac's family tree


Bros, friends, amigos... If she gives you this for her address, just go ahead and move on. Toss that cocktail napkin away. Move on. THere's other fish in the sea. (feel free to add to the list)

• Drinkand Dr.

• Vicious Circle

• West 943,185th Street

• Psycho Path

• Peoples Ct.

• Nofriggin Way

My son, 9 years old told me these jokes on different days and I wrote them all down as he told them.

What did the the dancer say when he found proof:

he found evi-dance

What did the lazy person buy at the store?

A Nap-kin

What is a goldfishes favorite story?


What did the musician say when he was safe?

I'm safe and SOUND.

What do butts like to push best?


What dinosaur make the best music?

What does pizza hate to get?


Living in Greece..

Living in "Greece " now is like being a Sanitary Napkin.

You're in the most beautiful place but in a bad period..!!

What do you call a sleepy Tumblr user?


Picasso greatly influenced sanitary napkin commercials.

He also had a blue period.

What do you call a tired tumblrina?

A nap-kin.

What do you call a Russian napkin?

A so-viet

What did the sanitary napkin say to the fart?

You are the wind beneath my wings.

What do you call a sleeping paper towel?

A napkin.

What do you call the best friend of a nap?

A napkin.

Whats the best pickup line ever?

"Hey, does this napkin smell like chloroform to you?"

I used to work in a napkin factory in Russia.


I was in The Serviette Union.

I should make a blanket that looks like a paper towel.

I'll call it a napkin.

History of the ball. Ballroom etiquette

Since ancient times, people have sought to establish relationships with representatives of various circles of society (of course, within the same social stratum). For this purpose, balls were held. Ball (from French bal , Italian ballo , German Ball - to dance) - a meeting of a large society of people of both sexes for dancing.

Vladimir Pervuninsky - Ball
History of balls

In Russia, balls began to be arranged by decree of Peter I in 1718. They were called assemblies and were given in turn by all the courtiers. At the assemblies, they had business conversations, smoked pipes, drank wine, played checkers and chess. Dancing was the main entertainment. It was not immediately given to our ancestors the art of easy secular communication. At first, during the breaks between dances, everyone sat as if dumb. And there were few dancers: the dances were tricky, it was necessary to bow, then squat. Wide skirts and high heels ruled out fast dance steps, but allowed them to take various poses, forming graceful pictures. BowAdolphe Ladurner (1798-1856) - Winter Palace, part of the White (Armorial) Hall, 1838

s and curtsies were the main elements of the dances.

Dance art was mastered slowly. We read from A. Pushkin in the story "Arap of Peter the Great": "During the entire length of the dance hall, ladies and gentlemen stood in two rows opposite each other; gentlemen bowed low, ladies squatted even lower: directly opposite themselves, then turning to the right, then to the left and so on". They danced anglaise, which was a pantomime: courtship of a gentleman for a lady. Gradually, the dances became more diverse, and the Polish polonaise came into use. It was based on smooth movements, bows and curtsies. The ball began with a minuet - a slow, elegant dance, but complex, only following the example of Elizabeth Petrovna, an excellent dancer, the minuet at the Russian court began to dance beautifully and gracefully. They danced the noisy and cheerful Grossfather, much loved by Peter. An excellent dancer himself, Peter loved a joke and was not averse to stirring up his clumsy courtiers. Having ordered everyone to dance, he stood in front with his lady and performed various steps to a slow melody. Gradually, the tempo of the music accelerated, Peter changed the "course" of direction, forcing the dancers to cross the hall in the opposite direction, then obliquely, then in a circle, then he directed everyone through all the rooms, then into the garden, along the paths between the flower beds and trees, returned to the house again, the orchestra greeted the exhausted dancers with a funeral march, everyone laughed.0004

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (French, 1847-1933) - Ball

Peter supervised the conduct of the assemblies. Violators of the rules Peter forced to drink in one fell swoop "Big Eagle Cup" as a punishment. The order established at the assemblies differed from European ballroom etiquette, but participation in the assemblies achieved its goal: the Russian nobles gradually got used to new customs, secular communication, and polite manners.

After the death of Peter I in Russia, the era of assemblies ended and the era of balls began. Tobacco and alcoholic drinks are a thing of the past, guests were served soft drinks: lemonade, orshad and others. Instead of checkers and chess, they played cards. Artisans were no longer invited, court etiquette became more strict. Balls were announced not by drumming, but by special invitations. The dances had their own sequence. In addition to dancing, the ball included additional entertainment: a small concert, live pictures, even an amateur performance. The ball ended with dinner.

The ball season lasted from Christmas until the last day of Shrove Tuesday, the rest of the time the balls were held on special occasions.

In addition to the imperial family, the balls were attended by court officials, diplomats, noble foreigners, officials of the highest four classes according to the "Table of Ranks". Guards officers were also obliged to go to court balls - two people from each regiment, officers were invited as dancing partners. All family members had to come with their wives and daughters.

Vladimir Pervuninsky - social event

Classification of points

Balls performed various functions, including social ones. Depending on the functions, they had their own varieties.

Court balls were usually boring. But it was necessary to attend court balls in St. Petersburg. These were official events. Stiffness and restraint were the hallmark of such balls. Thousands of important guests gathered for balls, which were held by the most eminent families of Russia.

But secular youth preferred to visit Moscow - much more relaxed, which gathered several thousand people. Such balls provided an opportunity to have fun from the heart.

The ball is a real find
For young dandies and for ladies;
A beauty awaits him with delight,
He is a holiday for cloudy fathers.
So that her daughter dresses like a doll,
An experienced mother is busy,
And so that she does not stay too long,
She is lucky to dance. (F. Koni)

Representatives of the nobility were obliged to give balls for relatives, high society acquaintances. Young girls of marriageable age began to appear. Potential brides and grooms met at the balls, matchmaking was planned. “Moscow was famous for its brides, like Vyazma for gingerbread,” wrote Pushkin.

Public balls were most often held in the provinces. Funds were collected from everyone by distributing lottery tickets. The most laid-back of the balls are family . Family balls were organized on the occasion of memorable family dates, for which invitation cards were distributed in advance. All kinds of auctions and competitions were held in the halls, and the proceeds went to help shelters. In the feature film "Anna on the Neck", the main character Anna, performed by the famous actress A. Larionova, was invited to hold such a charity lottery.

Children's balls were holidays for children and their parents. Most often arranged in private homes. Teenage girls danced merrily, starting games. It was the first appearance, the opportunity to show himself.

Masquerade balls were especially loved by the society. Mandatory attributes were masks, domino raincoats. The atmosphere of mystery was conducive to liberated communication.

Vladimir Pervuninsky. To the sound of a waltz

Noble balls in the 19th century

Balls in the 19th century were a favorite entertainment of the public - both high society and bourgeois, and even peasants. Everyone gave balls - in proportion to their means and capabilities. The whole of St. Petersburg came to Princess Zinaida Yusupova, only colleagues gathered to the bourgeois family, but both of them were called a ball. The ball was a very expensive pleasure for the host. "I gave three balls every year and finally squandered" - says about Onegin's father. But I will not go into financial and economic details. It is more interesting to talk about what happened at the balls.

Every ball starts with an invitation. “Sometimes he was still in bed, they carried Pushkin’s notes to him, somewhat inaccurately reflects the situation: invitations to the ball could not be sent on the day of the ball - the addressees had to receive them in three weeks, and make up an answer - whether they would or not. The invitations were very concise, for example: "Prince Potemkin asks to honor him, welcome to the masquerade, this February 8, 1779 at the Anichkov House at 6 o'clock." However, all the rest of the information was superfluous - everyone already knew the other ballroom conventions. 0009

The routine of the ball was unshakable. Guests began to arrive after six or nine in the evening, some arrived at ten or midnight. After the arrival of the guests, whom the host was supposed to meet, the ball opened with a solemn polonaise, a dance-procession, in which all the guests were supposed to take part, even if they then sat all evening and all night at the card tables. In the second half of the 19th century, the polonaise was sometimes performed at the end of the ball, then the dancing began with the waltz. Then waltzes, polkas, quadrilles, mazurkas alternated. In the middle of the ball there was a dinner, to which each gentleman accompanied the lady. If the gentleman came to the ball without a lady, the hostess of the ball could ask him to escort the lady to the ball (for example, who arrived with a couple of relatives and was therefore not accompanied by a gentleman). When the couple sat down at the table, they took off their gloves and covered their knees with a napkin. Before getting up from the table, gloves were put on again, napkins were left on the backs of chairs. Then the dancing continued again. The ball usually ended with a many-hour cotillion, at the end of 19centuries, sometimes replaced by a strange dance called the square dance monster.

The ball was just beginning with the waltz, and other dances followed after it, in particular, the Hungarian, Krakowiak, Padepatiner, Padespany, Padekatre ... There was a certain dance order at the balls, and everyone knows that the so-called small dances will be followed by the first Quadrille, then, following the routine, the second, third. After the fourth quadrille and small dances, as a rule, there was a mazurka. This is a special dance. He, like the quadrille, was scheduled for all the ladies in advance, and every gentleman, every lady knew when and with whom they were dancing. It should be noted that among all the dances, the mazurka and cotillion were the most "important" invitations to the ball, for the reason that after the mazurka the gentleman led the lady to the table for dinner, where they could chat, flirt and even confess their love. Everyone had dinner in the side parlors, at small tables. At each table, guests gathered in their own company. In addition, a buffet with various dishes, champagne and other hot and cold drinks was always open at the balls.

The duty of the gentlemen was to ensure that the ladies had everything they wanted. At the same time, the gentleman must entertain the ladies and conduct small talk with them. At dinner, the guests talked about many things: about music, theater, the latest news from the gossip column, who marries whom or whom ... After dinner, they always danced the cotillon. Large boxes of flowers were brought to him. Cavaliers sorted bouquets and brought them to their ladies. After all this, the conductor of the ball and his assistants on swords brought in a lot of multi-colored ribbons (balds), as well as narrow and short ribbons with bells at the ends. The gentlemen, having dismantled the ribbons, brought them to their chosen ones, and they put one ribbon over the other over their shoulders. Moreover, men tied short narrow ribbons with bells to the ladies' hands, starting from the wrist to the elbows. “It was, let me tell you, a nice job. You bow to the gentle hand of the lady, to her fragrant body and inhale the aroma of enchanting French perfumes ... "

People came to the ball dressed smartly. Cavaliers - in a tailcoat, tuxedo or suit (depending on the decade), a white shirt and always white gloves. Moreover, in the manuals, the lady has the right to refuse a gentleman without gloves, and for a gentleman it is better to come to the ball in black gloves than without gloves at all. A boutonniere was attached to the lapel of the tailcoat. The military came in uniforms. The costumes of gentlemen depended little on fashion and were recommended to be sewn in classical forms so that the robes would last longer. Cavaliers came to the ball in boots, and only the military could afford boots, but without spurs.

Adolphe Ladurner (1798-1856) - Winter Palace, part of the White (Armial) Hall, 1838

Ladies and girls dressed in dresses according to the latest fashion, each of which was created for 1-2 balls. Ladies could choose any color for the dress (unless it was specifically agreed - for example, on January 24, 1888, an emerald ball was held in St. Petersburg, at which all those present were dressed in the appropriate color), dresses for girls were sewn in white or pastel colors - blue, pink, ivory. Gloves were matched to the dress to match the dress or white (it was considered tasteless to wear rings over gloves). Ladies could decorate themselves with a headdress - for example, a beret. The girls were encouraged to have a modest hairstyle. In any case, the neck had to be exposed. Ladies' jewelry could be anything - the main thing is that they are chosen with taste. Girls should appear at balls with a minimum amount of jewelry - a pendant around the neck, a modest bracelet.

Friedrich Kemmerer-Minuet 1890

The cut of ball gowns depended on fashion, but one thing remained unchanged in it - open neck and shoulders. With such a cut of the dress, neither a lady nor a girl could appear in the world without jewelry around the neck - a chain with a pendant, a necklace - something must have been worn. Felix Yusupov in his memoirs describes such a case: his parents, Count Sumarokov-Elston and Princess Yusupova, went to a performance at the Mariinsky Theater. During the intermission, the maid of honor of Empress Maria Feodorovna came into their box and asked the princess to remove the family diamond that hung around the neck of Zinaida Yusupova, since the empress did not decorate herself with a diamond of such a size that day. The princess immediately did this, but, since she had no other decoration for her neck, the married couple was forced to leave the theater.

In addition, in the 1820s-1830s. it was indecent for a lady and a girl to appear in the world without a bouquet of flowers: they carried it in their hands, in their hair, attached to a dress at the waist or on their chest. A fan was an obligatory attribute. It could be left in the ballroom in its place, it was possible to hold it in the left hand (which lies on the partner’s shoulder) during the dance. Little things were put in a bag (reticule), which was also left in its place.

As a rule, they came to the ball a little late. The host met the first guests, latecomers joined the dancers sometimes even without announcing the persons. At the ball, the ladies took small books with them to write down the sequence of dances; towards the end of the century, these books began to be given out at balls.

In addition to dancing and dinner at the balls, guests were entertained by games: calm, such as cards, cheerful and moving, such as phantoms. They often parted in the morning: "Half-sleepy in bed from the ball, he rides: and restless Petersburg has already been awakened by a drum."

Within a month after the ball, the guests had to pay a courtesy call to the hosts.

Vladimir Pervuninsky - Ball

Ballroom etiquette

Dance etiquette elements required to participate in the ball

1. Participants of the ball need to monitor their posture and hand position.

2. Be courteous both to your partner and to everyone else.

3. Collisions with other couples should be avoided and care should be taken not to hit the fixed structures and equipment of the hall.

4. It is not recommended to give consent to dance to several partners, to leave the hall before the start of the dance, to take off gloves during the dance.

5. It is not recommended to leave the dance before it is over, unless there are good reasons for doing so.

6. During the dance, it is inappropriate to diverge too far or defiantly approach each other, as well as openly embrace.

7. It is forbidden to dance a dance other than that announced by the hosts.

8. It is forbidden to break the direction of the dance.

Elements of secular etiquette necessary for participation in the ball

1. They are not late for the official ceremony - this is disrespect to the Hosts and Honored Guests.

2. The clothes of the participants of the ball must be elegant: ladies in evening dresses, gentlemen in suits, gloves are desirable.

3. Politeness, gallantry, courtesy are welcome at the ball.

4. When exchanging greetings, first the gentlemen greet the ladies with a bow, then the ladies, after the curtsy, can extend their hand for a kiss or a handshake.

5. The ball is accompanied by a certain manner of speaking. Loud, sharp conversation is unacceptable, the use of profanity is prohibited. Cavaliers are encouraged to compliment ladies.

6. At the ball it is important not only to dance beautifully, but also to walk and stand gracefully. Do not lean against walls and columns. Cavaliers should not keep their hands in their pockets. Under no circumstances should you eat! Eat sweets, fruits, etc. should only be in places specially designed for this.

7. When entering the ballroom, please turn off your mobile phones and remove your headphones.

8. In no case is it allowed to run around the hall, especially through its center.

Elements of ball etiquette required for participation in the ball

1. The clothes of participants must correspond to the class of responsibility of the ball.

2. All participants must comply with the requests and requirements of the Chief and Hall Master of Ceremonies, the Hostess and the Host of the ball.

3. The first dance, waltz of the first part is opened by the host and the hostess of the ball, all guests enter this dance after the host and the hostess have done three rounds of the waltz.

4. The invitation to dance begins with the bow of the inviting person. The answer to the invitation is also accompanied by a bow.

5. After the invitation, the gentleman takes the lady to the dance area in compliance with all the rules of etiquette.

6. When moving “under the arm”, the lady's hand should not be wrapped around the gentleman's arm, nor should it hang on the gentleman's elbow.

7. At the end of the dance, the gentleman must escort the lady to the place where he invited her or any other place at the request of the lady.

8. It is not recommended to leave the hall before the start of the dance.

9. It is not recommended to leave the dance order (partner) during the dance.

10. It is necessary, of course, to fulfill the requirements of the Chief and Hall Master of Ceremonies.

Vladimir Pervuninsky - Waltz You must appear elegantly dressed at the ball; especially the toilet of ladies should be distinguished by its sophistication. No flashy and/or strictly historical attire required. In addition, we do not seek to reconstruct any particular era, but you should dress neatly and elegantly for the ball.

A young man, accepting invitations to a ball, at the same time undertakes to dance. In the event of a shortage of gentlemen, the obligation to dance falls on everyone. To express displeasure or to let it be noticed that you are dancing out of necessity is extremely indecent. On the contrary, whoever wants to become the darling of society must indulge in pleasure with all his soul and dance without exception with every lady.

Eugenio Lucas Villamil (1858-19)18) - Dancing in the palace - Baile en palacio, 1894

There is nothing funnier than young people playing the role of old people and not dancing, out of a desire to show that they do not find any pleasure in this entertainment. They then act clearly impolite and indecent, especially when they later dance with the chosen young lady, showing that their aversion to dancing does not exist at all. Such a manner of behaving offends the other ladies, and the gentleman deserves to be rejected by the lady he has chosen. In any case, it would not hurt the preferred person to take the above advice as a rule - this is the best way to make the gentleman feel all the indelicacy, all the ridiculous side of such behavior and at the same time protect yourself from the hostile looks of other ladies.

The gentleman inviting the lady to the dance approaches her and, bowing gracefully, makes an invitation in the most polite and delicate form: "Let me have the pleasure of inviting you to [dance]. " If the invitee is well known to you, then simply: "Do not deny me the pleasure of dancing with you."

It is extremely indecent to invite a lady to whom you are not represented. To do this, it is best to either find a person who agrees to introduce you, or, as a last resort, introduce yourself.

When a gentleman invites a lady, she bows her head in agreement, saying: "with pleasure", "good", or: "I'm sorry, I already promised", or: "I'm already dancing." A lady who does not want to dance with any gentleman should not resort to the trick: "I'm tired" and then accept the invitation of another. So she can get herself in big trouble. The cavalier, who was refused, will probably follow whether the reason was really fatigue or simply unwillingness to dance with him. Not a single well-bred person should allow herself, refusing one gentleman, to immediately go dancing with another. If a lady accidentally forgot that she gave her word, and the time she goes to dance with another gentleman is the first, then she should apologize. To get out of this unpleasant situation, it is best to completely abandon the dance or leave the first gentleman to dance another dance with her. In any case, this situation is very awkward and unpleasant, and the ladies should have avoided it by writing down the names of the gentlemen who invited her on special cards of various types and devices, depending on the fashion, hanging on a fan chain or crocheted to the bodice.

Eduardo Leon Garrido (1856-1949) - El Bale (dance)

To invite a lady and forget about it later is not only the most unforgivable impoliteness, but simply rudeness on the part of the gentleman; in such a case, he quite rightly incurs the wrath of the invited and the severe censure of the whole society.

On the other hand, the lady left without an invitation should calmly endure this little trouble and not show her displeasure: not a single feature of her face should betray her disappointment and bad mood. She needs to look like she is looking at the dancers with great pleasure.

It also goes without saying that a gentleman who invited a lady and was refused has no right to immediately, in the presence of this lady, invite another to dance. That would be the height of indecency.

When inviting, you should look into the eyes of a lady, then she will definitely understand that you are addressing her. But if your bow was taken personally not by the one you wanted to invite, in no case show your disappointment, and even more so do not say: "I did not want to invite you"; observe the rules of decency and learn to blame yourself first of all for awkwardness, and not others; and even better - do not blame, but come out of them with humor.

In a situation where your companion is invited to a dance by your acquaintance, you invite his lady so that she will not be left alone.

Sir William Quiller Orchardson (1832-1910) - Her First Dance, 1884

In the dance the woman is led by her partner and all mistakes must be taken personally; if a couple accidentally hit another couple, then the man apologizes - after all, he is the leader. During the dance, the partners should not be too far apart, but should not cling to each other. Dancing with a lady wearing a low-cut dress, a man cannot afford to hold her by her bare shoulders or back; in this case, the most successful position for the hands is on the side, at the waist.

It is considered the height of faux pas to come to the evening with your lady and dance all the time with others. Do not be surprised if by the end of the evening she would rather have someone else walk her home. However, it is indecent for a lady to dance a lot with the same gentleman; you can accept two or three invitations from one gentleman, especially if this gentleman is one of your acquaintances and if the dances are different. The same applies to men. It is indecent to constantly invite the same lady.

Don't forget for a moment at the ball that the facial expression should be cheerful and kind. A sad or angry face at a ball is the same as dancing at a wake.

In general, at a ball one should behave modestly, dance gracefully and strictly observe decency; jumping, breaking, taking cutesy poses would mean exposing yourself in the eyes of some as an object worthy of ridicule, and in the eyes of others - an object worthy of pity.

A lady should not approach the buffet except arm in arm with a gentleman who gives the order to give her what she wants.

At the end of the dance, the gentleman must bow to the lady and bring her to the place or offer to take her to the buffet. Taking the lady to her place, the gentleman should bow and move away, but not stay to talk with her. In turn, the lady, taken by the gentleman to the place, should not hold the gentleman to talk with her.

As it is considered indecent to speak incessantly over the ear of your lady during a dance, it would certainly be awkward and impolite not to say a few words to her.

At the end of the evening, the gentleman must take his lady home.

Vladimir Pervuninsky - Stranger
Information also required at the ball:
Fan language the fan is unfolded, the lady waves it off - "I'm married";

the fan closes - "you are indifferent to me";

one petal opens - "be satisfied with my friendship";

the fan is fully opened - "you are my idol. "

If the interlocutor asks for a fan (although this is actually a very obscene request):

file with the upper end - sympathy and love;

submit with a pen - contempt;

file open, feathers forward - ask for love.

Flower language0015 At the beginning of the XIX century. Alexander's bouquets were in fashion - by the name of the Russian emperor:
Lilie - lily;
Eicheln - acorns;
Xeranthenun - amaranth;
Accazie - acacia;
Nelke - carnation;
Dreifaltigkeitsblume - funny (pansies) eyes;
Epheu - ivy;
Rose - rose;
the first letters of the names of these colors make up the name Alexander.

Flower symbols

cornflower - fidelity, sincerity;
jasmine - purity;
daisy - patience, sadness;
"bear ears" - they are looking to deceive you;
reseda - momentary bliss;
wild rose - simplicity;
white rose - innocence;
tulip - pride and ingratitude;
violet - modesty and friendship;
nails - coquetry;
aster - greatness;
cockerels - calmness;
poppy - memories;
sunflower - the more I see, the more I love;
white carnation - chastity;
pink carnation - marriage;
laurel - the triumph of eternal chastity;
hyacinth - peace of mind;
lily of the valley - a symbol of the coming of Christ, the immaculate conception.

There were postcards with images of flowers. On such postcards, you could simply put your initials and send it. The flower itself was the text:

poppy - let's keep our secret;
clover flowers - to marry or not;
clover leaf - waiting for an answer.


About Turkey in 47 Facts

Traveler Tanya Gendel spent three months in Turkey east to the west. Throughout November, she lived among Turkish students in Cappadocia and managed to notice many interesting features about the people and the country. Tanya shares her observations about who the Turks are and how they live with 34travel.

1. Here it is customary to take off your shoes before entering the house, so each apartment has a real shoe store and, interestingly, no one will steal shoes! Why take up extra space in the apartment and pollute it, the Turks say, if there is plenty of space for shoes on the landing?

2. Turkish cuisine is one of the best! You can’t just pick up and stop eating – so you have to walk a lot! Both men and women are excellent cooks. Moreover, in modern families they are engaged in cooking “in a European way” - whoever comes home from work first, cooks.

3. It is impossible to imagine a day without a glass of tea, but what is there a glass - such a good teapot. Even dubious fans of teas will drink it there three or four times a day. Moreover, it is customary to drink tea not after a meal, but during or just like that. By the way, making tea is a separate issue. This is not just a bag of boiling water for you to pour. A whole book can be written about this process - except that the Chinese have become more sophisticated.

4. Men call each other "kanka" all the time, which means something like "bro." And this is how they address both close friends and just acquaintances, from whom you need something and you show increased respect. Appeal so only to equal in age.

5. After a couple of visits to the store, you know the name of the seller, and he knows your name. “Would you like some bread, milk and a bag of tangerines (at € 0.25 per kilo!), as usual?” - will always cheer you up in the morning.

6. The Turks are very fond of using the very useful word "very": very beautiful, very good (çok güzel, çok iyi). They explain this by the fact that by nature they are extremely emotional and just words to describe them are always not enough.

7. The most common word in the language is güzel. Universal word! It means good, and tasty, and beautiful. And the girl guzel, and the weather guzel, and baklava guzel, and everything in general guzel. Guzel country!

8. The expression “garbage recycling” here causes big eyes and misunderstanding of what is happening. In Turkey, no one cares about separating waste.

9. Each purchase (even in a package) is put in a bag for you and at the exit in one big bag. Maybe even two! If you buy only bread and milk, you will receive three packages. All this is free in any store and market. And of course they also have a special bag for bags in the kitchen.

10. In Turkish there is no division into “he” and “she”. It is possible to understand that we are talking about a man or a woman only on the basis of the name or polite addresses like “miss” and “sir”.

11. Wherever you go, you will see a portrait of Atatürk, the father of the Turkish people. And not alone. After Allah, he is in an honorable second place, and for the unbelievers, even in the first.

12. The main unspoken rule about Atatürk is not to say anything bad about Atatürk. In no case!

13. Over time, you get used to seeing yogurt not as a dessert, but as a normal addition to food. Anyone, even soup. And the Turks claim that it was they who invented it about 1500 years ago. The usual sweet fruit yogurt is also sold here, but it is not very popular and is not as cheap as the plain one.

14. Gradually you get used to the sounds of adhan - the call to prayer, and this music from mosques stops waking you up at night. Although at first waking up at night will be a dubious pleasure.

15. Only one style of road crossing is accepted and successfully works here - “kamikaze-style”. The bottom line is that you need to run across in a matter of centimeters from flying cars. Zebras, traffic lights? What's this?

16. There is a Turkish flag in your room. All other rooms too. There is no apartment in Turkey without the Turkish flag, as well as a shop, a shop, and even more so a state institution. If suddenly there is no flag in the room, it means that it hangs in our hearts, the Turks say.

17. Instead of "ok" they say the local "tamam" here.

18. When you meet, you hug everyone and kiss your cheeks three times. Men and women - it doesn't matter, they love to smack here.

19. On the street, it is quite possible to meet two guys walking hand in hand: men here express their friendship in this way and easily hug each other and kiss on the cheek. At the same time, it is considered indecent to show great tenderness to each other on the streets. The maximum is to hold hands and smack on the cheeks. In Istanbul, morals, of course, are not so strict.

20. Olives, cheese, scrambled eggs, yogurt - the standard breakfast of any rogue. Even if you are a student and the wind is walking in your pocket, these holy foods will always be in your refrigerator. Then you already eat pasta like a normal person.

21. In Turkish there is an unusual expression "to drink a cigarette". The verb "içmek" means both "drink" and "smoke" at the same time, because the Turks do not have a separate word for smoking, so "let's go have a drink" will be a mystery to you - will you get a glass of water or a hookah?

22. Although alcohol is not prohibited in the country, it is so expensive that drinking a can of beer with friends comes out in a good amount. Is that the local "Efes" is not so affordable, and even then in big cities. A good locally produced wine in Cappadocia starts from €6.

23. All this baklava, kunefe and other Turkish delights are also very expensive.

24. After eating in a more or less decent establishment, you always expect wet wipes with a very pronounced aroma of lemon cologne along with the bill. They even have a special name - "colony".

25. There are a lot of common words in our languages ​​- shower, sofa, hat, vase, ticket. And even a cishotka and a sack. And there are similar-sounding words with different meanings: a woman in Turkish means father (with an emphasis on the second “a”), a mess is a glass, a button accordion is a woman, a tavern is a pumpkin, a brick is straw, a fist is an ear, tobacco is a plate and a barn - castle! And "Baran" is a completely ordinary and not at all funny male name.

26. In Turkish there is a cool word "nazlanmak", in Russian there is no analogue, but it means to pretend to be indifferent when in fact something really worries you. Saying "no" when you really want to say "yes". Such passion!

27. Refined sugar is ubiquitous, and in cafes each cube is most often packed in a separate piece of paper. Here with the usual bulk can be a problem. And you can’t find beets in the whole country, so you can’t make borscht here.

28. If you bite into a kebab, you might find french fries inside!

29. Turks' favorite pastime is to play backgammon while drinking tea. This is how hours can pass.

30. Turks are very fond of singing and many have naturally good voices. And they sing often - cooking, cleaning the house, sitting at the table and, of course, in the shower.

31. Any foreigner who knows at least half a word of Turkish immediately arouses emotion and joy. One “merhab” (“hello”) is enough to make you smile all day long. In general, foreigners are treated kindly here, they always try to help (but this may not be so pronounced in the most touristic places).

32. Kurds - a people living in Eastern Turkey, often from mountainous and inaccessible regions of the country, causes hostility here, albeit hidden.

33. Outwardly, the Turks are very different from each other: from dark brunettes with swarthy skin, as we used to imagine them, to fair-skinned blonds, whom even the Turks themselves often mistake for Europeans.

34. A special object of male pride in the generation over 45 is a mustache. As soon as the uncle begins to turn gray, he immediately grows a dashing mustache and is considered handsome.

35. Turks highly value friendship and will do anything for a friend. The most important thing is the parents. Turks are self-critical and have a good sense of humor. Moreover, the blacker and sarcastic the joke, the more it is appreciated. Black humor rules in Turkey.

37. Turks are quite polite in dealing with each other, especially in small towns. And they are very fond of exchanging phrases, standing together in line or waiting for the green light of a traffic light.

38. Turks are extremely proud of their hospitality, and a traveler here can easily be invited to visit at least to drink tea.


39. Here they love plump girls, in Turkey there is a saying that describes the beauty of a woman: “She was so beautiful that she had to turn around to enter the door.

40. Almost all men smoke, women less often, but also do not shun. Hookahs are ubiquitous here.

41. All rumors that Slavic girls in Turkey are considered girls of "easy virtue" are not greatly exaggerated. Therefore, girls named Natasha will have to somehow hide their name.

42. In small towns and in traditional families, toilet water is still preferred over toilet paper.

43. Most of the women do not cover their heads, but recently a fashion for headscarves has appeared among young people, which is not connected with religion. At the same time, another light and fluffy scarf is placed under the scarf, which creates the effect of a huge head. This is considered beautiful.

44. Shoe shiners can be found in Istanbul, and this is not a tourist attraction.

45. At the entrance to almost every city there is a huge sculpture associated with the main occupation in this city.

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