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How To Complete the Low Rider Challenge in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

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Fancy a wager on the Low Rider Challenge?

By Titas Khan

The Low Rider challenge in GTA San Andreas offer players with an unique rhythmic mini-game with an option to place wagers on themself. First available during the Cesar Vialpando mission, players can choose to participate in this challenge whenever and as many times as they want to.

However, before heading into this challenge, there are a few things that players should note. For example, in order to participate for the Low Rider challenge, players will first need to find a suitable vehicle for the same.


Additionally, the pace of the rhythmic beats in the challenge heavily depends upon the amount of money that the players places on their wager. While a low-amount will result in rather comfortable beat-timings, a high wager will cause the beat-timings to increase rapidly.

Having said that, let's dive in and check out how to complete the Low Rider challenge in GTA San Andreas.

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In order to get started with the Low Rider challenge, players will need to locate a suitable vehicle first. Here's a list of low-rider vehicles in GTA San Andreas:


  • Blade
  • Broadway
  • Remington
  • Savanna
  • Slamvan
  • Tahoma
  • Tornado
  • Voodoo

After collecting any one of these cars, the player will need to head over to the Unity Station in Los Santos. Upon arriving at the location, the player will find a mechanic NPC standing on the opposite side of the wall. Interacting with this NPC will allow the player to begin the Low Rider Challenge.


The main objective of this mission is ensure that the player is clicking the accurate hotkey prompts during the challenge. Needless to say, it is a fairly simple challenge and shouldn't be too much trouble to finish accurately.

However, players should note that the Low Rider challenge does not help with getting closer towards the 100% completion mark. Nevertheless, considering the amount of money that can be made by placing wagers, players should definitely give this challenge a try.

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GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Trophy Guide & Roadmap

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Trophy Roadmap

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 40-50 hours
  • Offline Trophies: 35 (1, 5, 8, 21)
  • Online Trophies: 0
  • Number of missable trophies: 3:  Who Needs Directions?,  They Can’t Stop All of Us,  Assassin
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulties available
  • Do Cheats disable trophies?: Yes, must play without cheats
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 1
  • PS4/PS5 Autopop & Save Transfer: No Save Transfer
  • PS4/PS5 Crossbuy: Yes for digital download / No for physical disc
  • Free-Roam / Level Select after Story?: Yes
  • Release Date: November 11, 2021


Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Definitive Edition Trophy Guide (aka GTA Trilogy / GTA San Andreas Remaster on PS4 and PS5). The 2021 remaster of a 17-year old classic, this definitive edition includes upgrades and quality of life updates such as updated graphics and lighting, updated driving controls, updated gunplay mechanics, a GPS system and other features.

Unlike the PS2-to-PS4 port of GTA San Andreas, cheats will disable all trophies in this version, so you will not be able to use cheats to your advantage. The game can very rarely crash, so it is recommended that you save regularly, especially when doing stuff without autosaves such as capturing gang territories or collecting oysters. It is also recommended that you play the game in Performance mode, as when played in Fidelity mode certain mission cutscenes can cause the game to crash.

You will need to get 100% Completion in order to obtain the platinum, which consists of doing all story missions, asset missions, side missions, winning all races, collecting all 4 types of collectibles, purchasing all properties and some other smaller requirements. Nothing that is required for 100% Completion is missable, so you can work towards this however you like. For more information regarding 100% completion, please see the 100% Completion Guide & Checklist.

Most other trophies fall under the 100% requirement, however there are some you will need to go out of your way to do, such as the mission-specific trophies. There are three of these in the game and these are missable. The story itself can be completed within roughly 20 hours, with the platinum requiring 35-45 hours, however it is recommended to do some side content such as Vehicle Missions early on to unlock their upgrades, rather than doing them after the story.

Step 1: Complete the Story, get missable mission-related trophies

Play through the story in any way you please, doing as much optional and side content along the way as you want. As you play, it is advised that you swap weapons when a weapon reaches Hitman skill level, as you will eventually need to fully max out all weapons. While you could simply focus on the story missions until you complete the game and do all other content afterwards, it is recommended that you complete the Vehicle Missions, as these will give you upgrades such as increased health and infinite sprint. If you do decide to do optional content as you play, do not waste your time capturing gang warfare turfs when you first unlock them, as you will lose all unlocked turfs after you first leave Los Santos.

While playing through the story, take note of the below 3 missions, as these have mission-specific trophies that are missable:

  • Madd Dogg’s Rhymes: Assassin 
  • Mike Toreno: Who Needs Directions? 
  • Black Project: They Can’t Stop All of Us 

Step 2: Complete all optional content for 100% Completion

With the game completed and the full map available, it’s best to focus on everything left that’s required for 100% completion. This will include all asset missions, vehicle missions, races, properties and all 4 types of collectibles, as well as several smaller requirements. A lot of the optional stuff required for 100% boils down to driving around with different conditions. It is best to do this before capturing all the gang turfs, as the unlocks from 100% completion can make that easier.

» GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition – 100% Completion Guide & Checklist

Step 3: Capture all Gang Warfare Turfs, Max all Weapon Skills and Miscellaneous Cleanup

After getting 100% completion, you will get replenishing ammo for all your weapons, and a Rhino tank will spawn under the bridge in Grove Street, both of which can help speed up the process of capturing all gang turfs. While doing this you can also work on maxing out the remaining weapon skills, or alternatively do that separately if you prefer to just use your best weapons and the Rhino for all turfs. If you haven’t earned all miscellaneous trophies, now is the time to clean them up.

Useful Tips, Tricks and Guides

  • GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition – 100% Completion Guide & Checklist
  • GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition – All Export and Import Vehicle Locations
  • GTA SAn Andreas Definitive Edition – All Tag Locations
  • GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition – All Snapshot Locations
  • GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition – All Oyster Locations
  • GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition – All Horseshoe Locations
  • GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition – All Girlfriend Locations
  • GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition – All Hidden Mission Locations

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Trophy Guide

For other GTA Trilogy Guides, refer to:

GTA III Definitive Edition Trophy Guide & Roadmap
GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition Trophy Guide & Roadmap

I Ain’t No Buster
Unlock all trophies.
Earn all other trophies in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition (PS4/PS5 Remaster) to unlock Platinum.
Getting Started
Complete “Big Smoke”.
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Big Smoke is the first mission in the game. You will need to drive to the graveyard, and then ride a bike back to Grove Street following Sweet and Ryder along the way.

With Extra Dip
Buy 8 meals from Cluckin’ Bell throughout the game.
This trophy is a little misleading, as you have to buy 8 meals in a single purchase without leaving Cluckin’ Bell. Buy 8 meals from any Cluckin’ Bell in one go for the trophy.
The End of the Line
Complete “End of the Line”.
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

End of the Line is the final mission in the game, and can be started at Sweet’s House when you have taken over at least 35% of the Gang Warfare Turfs around Los Santos. For this mission you must head to Big Smoke’s compound and steal a SWAT Truck to break inside. Fight through 4 floors of Big Smoke’s guards, before fighting Big Smoke himself. After the fight you have to fight back through the 4 floors, except with the building being on fire. Being fireproof from completing the Firefighter missions helps here. Once outside, you must follow Tenpenny in a car until Sweet drops into your car, at which point Sweet will drive and you will shoot until the end.

Hoopin’ it Up
Score at least 30 points in the basketball mini-game.
In order to play the basketball mini-game, you must pick up a basketball on one of the full basketball courts and press to start Challenge Mode. You cannot do this trophy on the small court at Sweet’s House, as you cannot enter Challenge Mode here. When in Challenge Mode, you will start with 1 minute and there will be red circles indicating where to throw from, with each basket giving you 1-2 points and 10 seconds on the clock. You throw the ball by holding and letting go at the peak of CJ’s jump. It may take a little bit to find the right timing for when to let go, but when you do it will be consistent for every ball toss from any distance.
A Legitimate Business
Export all three car lists.
After completing the mission “Customs Fast Track” for the Wang Cars asset, you will unlock Export and Import at the Easter Basin drydock. There will be 3 lists to complete, each with 10 cars to deliver. Completing all lists will grant you up to $1,444,000, depending on the quality of the vehicles you deliver.

For a complete list of Export and Import Vehicles, please see GTA San Andreas Export and Import Vehicle Locations.

I’ll Have Two Number 9s
Reach maximum weight.
Weight refers to the Fat statistic, and you can see your stats either in the stats menu or by holding . In order to increase your weight, you will need to eat meals at any of the fast food chains – Cluckin’ Bell, Well Stacked Pizza Company and Burger Shot. You will want to eat 8 of the largest meals each time you visit a fast food place, as if you eat more than 8 you run the risk of CJ vomiting and losing all the weight he would’ve put on, plus you’ll be unable to buy food at any fast food places for 12 hours. After buying 8 of the largest meal at 3-4 different fast food places, you will hit maximum weight.
The American Dream
Purchase any house.
There are many purchasable properties in the game, and these appear on the map as a green house when they are available for purchase. Simply purchase any house for the trophy.
Pay ‘n’ Spray
Use a Pay ‘n’ Spray with wanted level.
Pay ‘n’ Sprays can be found all over the map, indicated on the map by a spray can symbol. Simply drive into one while you have a wanted level and the trophy will pop.
Bike or Biker
Complete BMX or NRG challenge.
BMX Challenge

The BMX Challenge can be started by getting on the BMX at the Glen Park Skate Park in Los Santos with a cycling skill above 20%. For this challenge you will need to collect all 19 checkpoints around the Skate Park, with each checkpoint granting you 10 seconds and you starting with 10 seconds. Several of these checkpoints will require you to bunny hop with the BMX to reach (which can be done by holding ), and it is recommended that before you do this you have a cycling skill of at least 60% if not higher, as your bunny hop jump height will increase at higher skill levels. Having too low cycling skill can make some checkpoints extremely difficult to reach.

NRG-500 Challenge

The NRG-500 Challenge can be started by getting on the NRG-500 at the dock in Easter Basin, San Fierro. For this challenge you will need to collect all 18 checkpoints within the halfpipe, with each checkpoint granting you 10 seconds and you starting with 10 seconds. Several of these checkpoints are high in the air and will require you to launch off the halfpipe at the right angle and speed to hit them in the air.

For the locations of all vehicle challenges, please see GTA San Andreas Hidden Mission Locations.

Who Needs Directions?
Find Mike Toreno without any of the referenced locations during “Mike Toreno”.

Mission: Mike Toreno (Jizzy B)

In this mission you are tasked with following the hints provided by Mike to find where he is located. Rather than following where the mission wants you to go, simply drive to the Easter Basin Airport in the southeast of San Fierro and the trophy will pop when you enter the airport runway.

Liberty City State of Mind
Complete the “Saint Mark’s Bistro” mission.
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Saint Mark’s Bistro is the last mission done for the Mafia at Caligula’s Casino. In this mission you will need to head to the Las Venturas Airport and grab a plane to fly to Liberty City. Once you arrive you will be at Saint Mark’s Bistro, where you will need to kill all the mafioso and Marco Forelli.

Swiss Army Strife
Max all weapon skills.
Weapon Skill is a rating of how well you handle certain weapons, and it applies to all pistols, machine guns, shotguns and assault rifles. All guns start at a rating of Poor (0), and work up to Gangster and eventually Hitman (1000). You will need to hit Hitman rating will all 10 eligible weapons to unlock the trophy.

Other than simply using guns you haven’t maxed, there are 2 main ways to work towards this: The first is during Gang Warfare. You will eventually need to take over all 53 Gang Warfare Turfs for Ain’t Nothing But a G Thing  and these will have you killing hundreds and hundreds of gang members, so if you actively use weapons that you haven’t maxed while doing these, you will likely max out all weapons before you have captured them all.

If however you just want to use the tank or stick to your best weapons when doing gang wars, the alternative and more direct way to level your weapons is to simply head to a safehouse with a garage and park a vehicle inside. Shoot the vehicle with a weapon you want to level until it catches fire, then let the garage close so it repairs. Repeat this for each weapon and you can complete each weapon in about 5 minutes of shooting.

The below weapons are required to max out. Many of these can be made available at the main safehouses by collecting all collectibles for that respective island, or can alternatively all be made available for purchase at Ammu-Nation (with the final weapons unlocking after completing the mission “You’ve Had Your Chips”):

  • Pistol
  • Silenced Pistol
  • Desert Eagle
  • Tec9 or Micro SMG (both of these weapons share the same weapon skill)
  • SMG
  • Shotgun
  • Sawn-Off Shotgun
  • Combat Shotgun
  • AK-47
  • M4
School’s Out
Fully complete a vehicle school.
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

There are 4 vehicle schools in the game, 3 of which are optional and unlock after completing the mission “Deconstruction”, while the fourth – Flying School – is done during the story mission “Learning to Fly” so you will earn this normally when playing through the story if you don’t do any of the optional schools. Simply complete every lesson in a school with at least a bronze medal for this trophy.

Horror of the Santa Maria
Head into the water and dive under with , then let your oxygen and health deplete fully. You will lose all your weapons when you die (unless you’re dating Katie Zhan), so if you don’t want to lose anything either drown early into the game or after you’ve started dating Katie.
They Can’t Stop All of Us
Sneak into the underground base without setting off the alarm above ground during “Black Project”.

Mission: Black Project (The Truth)

In this mission you have to sneak into Area 69, break into the underground base and steal Black Project: the Jetpack. You will need to make it into base without setting off the alarm above ground by letting the guards or spotlights see you. You will need to go to the control room on the eastern side, so sneak along the fence going east and headshot any guards you see with your Silenced Pistol. If you need to you can shoot up to 2 spotlights, but any more than 2 and you will alert them. The guards aren’t too aware, so as long as you stay near the fence you can move without much concern.

Once you open the bunker from the control room, head into the middle of Area 69 and enter through the doors. The alarms will sound once you enter, but this is normal. You will need to complete the rest of the mission as the trophy pops upon completion. If you set off an alarm while outside simply let them kill you as there is a checkpoint right at the beginning of that section. Given the trophy doesn’t pop until after completing it, make sure to have a manual save beforehand so you can load if it doesn’t pop.

Smooth Moves
Perform a perfect dance routine.
This can be done during the dancing mini-game, which you can play during the mission “Life’s A Beach”, on dancing dates with girlfriends, or simply by entering one of the nightclubs on your own (the most accessible of which is the Alhambra in Idlewood, Los Santos).

The dancing mini-game is a simple rhythm game where you have to press the correct directional button when the arrow goes through the middle, and you will get points based on your timing. A perfect dance routine doesn’t actually require you to hit all notes, it simply requires your overall performance (indicated at the top of the screen) to having the rating of Perfect. Your rating can go from Bad, Good and Perfect, depending on how accurately you hit the notes, and as long as you end the mini-game with a Perfect rating you will get the trophy, even if you miss some notes.

What the City Needs
Complete 12 levels of Vigilante.
Vigilante missions will require any law enforcement vehicle, including the HPV-1000, Rhino and Hunter (in the case of the Hunter the mission is called Brown Thunder, but it still counts as the same thing). In order to complete it, you will need to reach and complete level 12 in one go. Each level will increase the number of criminals to kill by 1, with level 1 starting with a single criminal in a car, and level 12 having 12 criminals split across 3 cars.

The easiest way to do this is either with the Rhino or Hunter, but these will require some effort to acquire. The Rhino can be accessed from Area 69 within the Restricted Area in Las Venturas, and entering Area 69 will give you an immediate 5-star wanted level. The Hunter can be acquired either by getting all gold medals in the Flight School, or by smuggling it out of the Heli Hell checkpoint race (by flying it to Las Venturas Airport where you start the checkpoint race and letting the race fail). These vehicles will make Vigilante a joke, as the Rhino is effectively indestructible, destroys cars quickly and has a cannon, whereas the Hunter can cover ground incredibly quickly, has lock-on guns as well as rockets.

If you want to do this early on however, you will need to use a regular law enforcement vehicle, of which the HPV-100 Police Bike is the best choice. With this method you will want to use any variant of SMG (preferably with 2000+ bullets to ensure you don’t run out during the mission) and drive-by the criminals until they either get out of their cars or they blow up. The HPV-100 is great for this as you can shoot forwards as well as sideways. Be careful when they get out as they can sometimes have shotguns or rifles which will destroy your vehicle very quickly. You will inevitably get a high wanted level while doing this method, meaning you will either need to find police bribes or quickly grab another vehicle to use a Pay’N’Spray. You will also likely need to change law enforcement vehicles several times during the course of this.

Upon completing the Vigilante mission, you will increase your maximum armor.

Complete 12 levels of Paramedic.
Paramedic missions will require an Ambulance. In order to complete it, you will need to reach and complete level 12 in one go. This mission tasks you with picking up injured civilians around the map, and returning them to the hospital, granting time both on pick up and (sometimes) on drop off, with the number required to rescue going up by 1 every level. The Ambulance has very poor handling and can flip very easily, so while doing this it is recommended to drive cautiously, and brake with  when going around corners to avoid flipping. As the Ambulance can only hold 3 people at once, you will want to use your map to plan out your route each level so that you’re picking them up in an effective manner. Be careful not to run over any injured civilians or crash while moving them, as this will fail the mission.

The best location to complete this is in Angel Pines (which is where you start after completing the mission “The Green Sabre”), as the town has a hospital and is very small. By doing the mission here all the patients will be very close by and you can complete the paramedic mission very quickly.

Upon completing the Paramedic mission, you will increase your maximum health.

Rescue a Kitten Too?
Complete 12 levels of Firefighter.
Firefighter missions will require a Fire Truck, which can be found at any Fire Station or by starting a fire with molotov cocktails. In order to complete it, you will need to reach and complete level 12 in one go. Each level will increase the number of fires to put out by 1, with level 1 starting with a single car on fire, and level 12 having 3 cars on fire, all full with passengers. When you put out a burning car the passengers will get out and start running around, and you must put them out. You will receive time with every fire put out and quickly have an excess of time, so the only thing to be careful of while doing this is making sure you don’t ram into any burning cars or run over any burning passengers, as this makes you fail the mission.

Upon completing the Firefighter mission, you will become fireproof.

Yes I Speak English
Reach 50 fares in Taxi Mode.
Taxi Driver missions will require either a Taxi or Cabbie. You will need to complete an overall total of 50 fares to complete this, and it does not need to be done in a single sitting. This will simply require driving from point A to point B, picking up fares, and dropping them off.

Upon completing 50 total fares, all Taxis will be equipped with nitro and hydraulics.

Lucky Spinner
Win at least $1,000 in a single spin of the Wheel of Fortune.
The Wheel of Fortune can be found in the back left corner of the Four Dragons Casino. It is a large spinning wheel that is effectively the same as roulette but with fewer options. In order to win $1,000 in a single spin you will want to bet the maximum amount on $10, and spin it until you get a win.
What happens in Las Venturas…
Complete “Yay Ka-Boom-Boom”.
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom is the final story mission in San Fierro, and completing it will unlock Las Venturas. You will need to pick up a rigged car and take it to the drug compound next to the Driving School. Kill the guards to get inside, then park the car in the factory by the canisters and trigger the bomb. Get out of the building before it explodes, then attempt to leave the compound. You’ll be locked in, so steal the car and use it on ramp to jump out of the compound.

All Dressed Up for San Fierro
Complete “The Green Sabre”.
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

The Green Sabre is the final story mission in Los Santos, and completing it will unlock San Fierro. Head over to meet Cesar, and after the cutscene head over to Sweet and defend him against the Ballas until the mission is over.

Not a Player
Go on at least one date with every potential girlfriend.
There are 6 potential girlfriends in the game that you can date. 2 of them you will start dating automatically as part of story missions, while the other 4 can be met in the world. After meeting a girl you can date her by going to one of the love hearts on the map. You can date all 6 girls simultaneously. In order to start dating a girl, CJ’s appearance and sex appeal will need to match their preferences, with some preferring high muscle and others preferring high fat. You can avoid this however by collecting all 50 Oysters, as doing this will make it so the girls will date you regardless of CJ’s appearance and sex appeal.

Simply taking a girl on a date is sufficient for the trophy, it does not matter how the date ends up. The trophy will pop immediately upon starting the date with the 6th girl.

For a complete list of all Potential Girlfriends, please see GTA San Andreas Potential Girlfriend Locations.

What are the Odds
Win a race in Inside Track Betting.
There are 2 Inside Track Betting shops in the game, and both are on the first island. One is underneath the bridge in Downtown, Los Santos, and the other is located in the town of Montgomery, Red County. Inside these betting shops you can interact with the machine to place a bet on a horse, with betting odds between 1/2 and 1/12. Simply bet however much you like on whichever horse you like until you win.

If you want to make easy money, you can save nearby, bet all your money on the horse with the highest odds, then save if you win or load if you lose.

Double or Nothin’
Put all your money or the maximum bet on red or black and win.
This can be done at any of the roulette tables in Four Dragons Casino. Bet the maximum amount for the table on either red or black, and repeat this until you win. It’s a 50/50 chance when betting all on red or black, so it shouldn’t take many attempts to get this.
Stealth kill all enemies in the mission “Madd Dogg’s Rhymes”.

Mission: Madd Dogg’s Rhymes (OG Loc)

In this mission you will need to break into Madd Dogg’s mansion, steal his rhyme book and return to OG Loc. For this trophy, you must complete the mansion section of the mission without alerting any guards and killing them only with stealth. For the first half of the mansion you will need to use the knife to get stealth kills (hold while crouching and behind an enemy until CJ raises his arm, then attack), and on the way back you will be able to get a Silenced Pistol from the first guard which you can use to kill the remaining ones.

If you get spotted at all you will not get this trophy, even if you manage to still get stealth kills with the knife after alerting them. There is a checkpoint the moment you enter the mansion, so if at any point you get spotted while inside, simply let them kill you to try again. The trophy will pop as soon as you leave the mansion, so if it doesn’t pop you will need to load your previous save and try it again.

Original Gangster
Reach maximum respect.
Respect is a stat that can be viewed in the stat menu or by holding . You can increase your respect primarily by doing story missions and by capturing gang turfs. You likely won’t hit maximum respect just off the story missions, but you will get this while capturing all turfs necessary for Ain’t Nothing But a G Thing  .
Today Was a Good Day
Go 24 hours (in game) without breaking the law, being wanted, killing or harming anyone.
The best way to do this is to simply wait for 24 minutes. You may get this naturally while doing other things, but it is unlikely as killing or harming anyone, stealing cars or getting a wanted level will reset the timer.
Public Enemy No. 1
Reach 6 wanted stars.
Before you are able to do this, you will need to complete the mission “Fender Ketchup” in Las Venturas, as prior to this you can only get a maximum of 5 wanted stars.

The easiest way to get a 6-star wanted level is to break into Area 69 west of Las Venturas and stealing the Rhino tank. By breaking into Area 69, you will get an automatic 5-star wanted level, and with the tank you will very quickly attain a 6-star wanted level by destroying everything that attacks you.

Chick Magnet
Achieve maximum sex appeal.
Sex Appeal is a stat that can be viewed in the stat menu or by holding . Your sex appeal will increase based on your clothing, tattoos, haircut and vehicle you are driving. Your clothing, tattoos and haircut can give you a maximum of 50% sex appeal, whilst the car you are driving can give you the other 50% (the sex appeal from your car will still apply as long as you’re nearby the car, you don’t have to be actively driving it).

The best way to get this is to buy the fanciest clothes and haircut you can, and then head to a tattoo parlor. Buy all the tattoos you can, and then swap between two tattoos on the same body part. Every time you put on a new tattoo it will give you an extra 1% sex appeal, so repeat this until your base sex appeal is at 50%. Once it is at 50%, you will want to get yourself a sports car like the Turismo, Cheetah or Infernus, which will grand the other 50% sex appeal immediately.

Ain’t Nothing But a G Thing
Own all gang warfare turfs, properties and have $1,000,000.
Gang Warfare Turfs

Note: Gang Warfare becomes available to you after completing the mission “Doberman”, but you will lose access to Gang Warfare for a significant portion of the game shortly after this, so do not waste your time capturing turfs as soon as you unlock it. Once you return to Los Santos and do the mission “Home Coming”, you will be able to capture turfs again but you will lose all previously held turfs. There are 53 Gang Turfs in total, and they will be held by the Ballas (Purple), Los Santos Vagos (Yellow) and Grove Street Family (Green) once you take them over.

In order to capture a turf, you must first kill 3 members of that gang within the colored section on the map while on foot to initiate a gang war. Once a gang war starts, there will be 3 waves of gangsters who will spawn to attack you, with weapons spanning from Pistols, Micro SMGs, SMGs and AK-47s. The darker colored gang turfs will have more gangsters defending it with better weapons, while the lighter colored gang turfs will have fewer gangsters with weaker weapons.

While capturing gang turfs, the waves of gangsters will generally spawn out of your view, so you can control where they spawn by looking in the direction you don’t want them to spawn. By doing this you can force them to spawn together and funnel towards you, making them easier to kill. You can also utilize walls to peek around and shoot gangsters without them being able to attack you easily. Also make sure to crouch when shooting to increase your aim.

Some smaller gang turfs can be difficult to capture due to Ballas or Vagos not spawning in them, in which case you can lead those that spawn outside the area into it by making them hostile and luring them to the gang turf before killing them.

As there are so many turfs, you can use this as a chance to level up your weapon skills to work towards Swiss Army Strife . If you don’t want to focus on leveling weapons while doing this, you can just use your best weapons alongside Molotov Cocktails, as these can burn an entire wave of gangsters with a well-placed shot (however it is recommended to have completed the Firefighter mission to become fireproof if you intend to use molotovs). Alternatively, if you have already gotten 100% completion you can use the Rhino tank that spawns under the Ganton bridge to make quick work of these gang turfs.

It is worthwhile making sure you are currently dating Katie Zhan before doing the gang turfs, as dying while she is your girlfriend will allow you to keep all your weapons.


There are 24 Properties and 5 Hotel Suites that you can buy across the map. These will appear on the map as a green house when they are available for purchase, or a red house if it’s not yet available. Purchasing all 29 locations will cost a total of $879,000, and they will all be available for purchase after completing the mission “Learning to Fly”.


Even with the cost of buying all properties, $1,000,000 shouldn’t be an issue to acquire. Completing all race tournaments grants $1,000,000, completing all export lists can give up to $1,444,000 and getting 100% completion gives $1,000,000, not to mention all the money you will make doing all the missions and other content.

Earn 100% completion.
100% completion is what you’ll be working towards the whole time while playing this, and will be the majority of your playtime. Your completion percentage can be seen at any time at the bottom of the stats screen in the miscellaneous section. In order to get 100% completion, you will need to complete the following:
  • Complete all 98 Story Missions
  • Complete all 26 Asset Missions
  • Complete all 3 Vehicle Challenges
  • Complete all 6 Vehicle Missions
  • Complete all 19 Race Tournaments
  • Complete all 6 Checkpoint Races
  • Complete all 4 Stadium Events
  • Get at least bronze in all 4 Vehicle Schools
  • Tag all 100 Gang Tags
  • Take all 50 Snapshots
  • Collect all 50 Horseshoes
  • Collect all 50 Oysters
  • Complete all 3 Export and Import lists
  • Complete all 4 weapon challenges at Ammu-Nation
  • Purchase all 24 Properties and 5 Hotel Suites
  • Learn all moves from the 3 Gyms

None of this is missable and can be done at any time and at your own leisure.

Getting 100% completion will also unlock the following, which can help for some miscellaneous trophies if you haven’t done them yet:

  • $1,000,000
  • Replenishing ammo in all weapons
  • Double vehicle strength
  • Hydra on the roof of Sweet’s house
  • Rhino underneath the bridge on Grove Street

For a complete guide towards 100%, please see GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition – 100% Completion Guide & Checklist.

…Here we go again
Start a new game after getting 100% on a save file.
After getting 100% completion (see Remastered  ), simply pause the game and start a new game for the trophy. You can reload your 100% save immediately after.

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