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How to emote in Fortnite

Fortnite has great in-game mechanics that make each match a different experience. The gun and build fights can change heavily depending on where the circle closes on the map, but the banter between the players rarely changes.

Emoting or dancing is one of the elements that define Fortnite, and it can be the deadliest weapon in the game when used correctly. When you get killed during a Fortnite match, you’ll automatically start spectating the person or the squad that eliminated you from the game. While this may be a boring experience since you just got sent back to the main lobby, it has the opposite effect on the person who bested you.

Players get small chat notifications indicating that they’re being spectated. In an ideal world, players could potentially turn this into an opportunity to show their enemies’ mistakes and help them learn, but it’s just another way of putting the final nail in your enemies’ coffin. Most players who realize that they’re being spectated instantly bust out the cheekiest emote or dance in their arsenal, adding more salt to the wound.

If you’ve just started unlocking dances and emotes, it may be challenging to figure out you can use them during a match. Here’s everything you need to know about using emotes in Fortnite.

Make sure that you have emotes equipped on

Launch Fortnite and head to the main lobby, Click on “Locker” on the top side of your screen. – Screengrab via Epic GamesThe second row will be dedicated to your emotes and dances. – Screengrab via Epic GamesClick on one of the emote spots and choose a dance or an emote. – Screengrab via Epic GamesAfter choosing, you’ll need to click on “Save and Exit,” and your emotes will be ready to go for the next time you enter a match. – Screengrab via Epic Games

When you unlock emotes, you’ll also need to place them into their respective slots so you can use them during a match. You can choose the emotes you’d like to feature on your emote wheel by following these steps.

  • Launch Fortnite and head to the main lobby, where you’ll see your character.
  • Click on “Locker” on the top side of your screen.
  • Once you’re in the Locker section, you’ll see your complete loadout with skins and other cosmetics.
  • The second row will be dedicated to your emotes and dances.
  • Click on one of the emote spots and choose a dance or an emote.
  • After choosing, you’ll need to click on “Save and Exit,” and your emotes will be ready to go for the next time you enter a match.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match?

If you have your favorite emotes ready to go, all it takes is a button press to use them. The process will be different for each platform that Fortnite’s available on due to other input methods.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match on PC?

The default emote key on PC is B. This means that if you hadn’t made any changes to your keybinding, you should be able to trigger your emote wheel with the B button once you load into a match.

You’ll need to press and hold B while choosing the emote with your mouse. Let go of B when you’re on the emote that you want to use, and your character will start performing it instantly.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match on PlayStation and Xbox?

There are multiple keybind layouts for controller users, but most will have the Down Arrow button as the default emote key. You should be able to see your emote wheel when you press down the Down Arrow button during a match, and you can choose a dance or emote with your right analog stick.

Once you’re hovering around the emote you want to cast, you’ll need to press A or X, or simply let go of the arrow key and your movement stick. The process will be the same for the next-gen consoles as well, so this method basically applies to all PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S users.

If you’re using a different layout for your keybinds, you can navigate to your controller settings to inspect your hotkeys. In cases where you can’t see an emote button, you can reconfigure one of the keys.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match on iPhone/iPad and Android?

Emoting is slightly more difficult on mobile devices since you can’t use the dedicated keys on your device for dancing. It’ll take somewhat longer to emote on mobile than other devices, so make sure that you are covered on all sides.

How can you emote during a 

Fortnite match on Nintendo Switch?

Emoting on Nintendo Switch is almost identical to how you can emote on controllers. Press the Down Arrow button to bring up the emote wheel and use the right movement stick to choose your desired emote.

You’ll need to let go of the buttons when you’re hovering on the emote you want to cast, and your character will start emoting.

Fortnite: Battle Royale - How to emote (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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Our how to emote in Fortnite: Battle Royale page will help you dance and express yourself in-game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Don't get us wrong, outlasting the competition and fighting for supremacy should always be your ultimate objective in Fortnite: Battle Royale, but sometimes you just need to bust out a move and add some flair to your firefights.

Dancing in front of a downed enemy is a perfect way to assert your dominance, or you can taunt an enemy over in the distance before landing that crisp and deadly headshot. There are plenty of other options to play with too. You can wave to try and make friends, or hop onto a holographic rocket and go wild.

Emoting in Fornite: Battle Royale might not seem important at first, but it’s a fantastic way to spice up a game and add some lighthearted fun to an otherwise intense fight to the death.

If you’re new to the game it can difficult to figure out exactly how to emote or dance. Here’s what you need to know about doing both, along with advice on how to expand your emote collection.

How to emote

PS4 and Xbox One

Here’s how to emote on console.

  • Hold the down arrow key on your controller while in game.
  • This will bring up an emote wheel.
  • Use the right analogue stick to select which emote you want to use, hover over it and press [A] or [X].
  • You’ll perform the chosen emote!


How to emote on PC.

  • With keyboard and mouse you’ll need to press [B] while in game.
  • This will bring up the emote wheel.
  • Select an emote with your mouse.
  • You’ll perform the emote!

It’s worth noting that if you’ve only unlocked one emote then you’ll automatically perform it when trying to access the emote wheel.

Is a win really a win if you don’t look good while doing it? Always look your best with the Flippin' Sexy emote. Available in the store now!

Fortnite (@FortniteGame) March 16, 2018

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How to unlock more emotes

To unlock more emotes in Fortnite: Battle Royale, you’ve got a limited number of options. You can either purchase them using V-Bucks from the Item Shop, or progress your Battle Pass by playing the game and earning EXP.

Both options require shelling out real-world currency, and if you're OK with that then your best bet would be to purchase the Battle Pass. It’s not too expensive and you’ll earn plenty of unique cosmetic goodies as you play, making it a worthwhile purchase for those of you who can’t get enough of the game.

Check out our Battle Pass guide, along with our Levelling page to learn more about the rewards you can earn, and how to get hold of them faster!

Fortnite dances and emotes - what are Fortnite 2022 emotes

All dances in Fortinte

Fortnite dances and emotes can be obtained by purchasing them with V-Bucks or by completing Battle Pass missions. Each season features new emotes and dances.

Fortnite dance and emote categories

Each emote or dance is assigned a rarity and each category has a cost:

  • Green (Uncommon): 200 V-Bucks.
  • Blue (Rare): 500 V-Bucks.
  • Purple (Epic): 800 V-Bucks.

List of all dances and emotes in Fortnite

Shared dances and emotes

Currently there is only one shared dance/emote and that is “Dances”. This is the default dance you get at the start of the game.


Unusual dances and emotions

Each of these items will cost you 200 V-Bucks.

Breaking Point


Battle Call

Brush your shoulders


Bring it


Face Palm


Fist Pump

Finger Guns

Finger Wag

Go! Go! Go!

Job Well Done


Ground Pound

Hot Stuff


Mind Blown

My Idol!

Gun Show


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Red Card

Shaolin Sit-Up


Slow Clap


Take 14


Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

True Love



I don't know

Air Horn

Time Out

Rare Dances and Emotes

Dances and Emotes from this category cost 500 V-Bucks each.





boneless (without bones)


Clean Groove (GRUV)




9000 EAGL


Fancy Feet

Flippin' Incredible


Hand Signals


Sexy Flippin0005

Shake It Up

Rocket Rodeo


Squat Kick

Star Power

True Heart (in the heart)

Vivacious (movement)




000 9000

All the emotes and dances available in the Battle Pass are no longer obtainable.

Dances and Emotions Season 2

Wave - lvl. 5

Ride the pony - lvl. 20

The Worm - lvl. 28

Floss - Lv. 49

Dances and Emotions Season 3

Salute (military salute) - lvl. 10

Take the L - lvl. 31

Best Mates - Lv. 63

The Robot - Lv. 95

Dances and Emotions Season 4

Orange Justice - Lv. 26

Popcorn - ur. 31

Respect - lvl. 54

Hype - ur. 63

Groove Jam - lvl. 95

Dances and Emotions Season 5

Gentleman's Dab - Lv. 6

You're Welcome - Lv. 31

Swipe it - ur. 63

Calculated - ur. 46

Breakdown - lvl. 95

Dances and emotions of the 6th season

Regal Wave (Royal greeting) - lvl. 6

Running Man - Lv. 31

It's Go Time! (Unbearable) - ur. 46

Slitherin' - lvl. 63

Flamenco - ur. 95

Glitter Up - Giddy Up Skin

Season 7 Dances and Emotions

Golf Clap - Lv. 14

Shimmer (asterisk) - lvl. 31

Mic Drop - ur. 46

Get Funky - lvl. 63

Free Flow - ur. 95

Cat Flip - Lynx Challenges

Point It Out - Ice King Challenges

Promotional Dances and Emotions

Boogie Down

Freestylin '

TAKEE THE ELF 9000 9000

TAKE ELF Fortnite on Xbox One using keyboard and mouse adapters

It seems that Epic Games has begun to fight the owners of Xbox One consoles, who, using special adapters, connect a keyboard and mouse to the console and play Fortnite this way.

It seems that Epic Games has begun to fight the owners of Xbox One consoles, who, using special adapters, connect a keyboard and mouse to the console and play Fortnite this way.

Reddit user AlternativePlan98 noted that he had been playing Fortnite on a keyboard and mouse using a XIM adapter for the past six weeks. However, since October 12, he started having problems. He was "knocked out" from two matches in a row, and then a message appeared on the screen that the player was using a "different input method." AlternativePlan98 noted that now he is "thrown out" from matches immediately after he starts to move or shoot quickly.

In February of this year, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra was asked if the company plans to crack down on users of XIM adapters for Xbox One. At that time, Ibarra said that the authors have the choice whether or not to use tools to detect such adapters.

Many Reddit users greeted this news positively and hope that other companies like Blizzard in Overwatch and Ubisoft in Rainbow Six: Siege will also fight with the owners of XIM adapters.

2018-10-13 18:23:00

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