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Slow whine away! I hope this helps ❤️What do you guys want to see next? #howtowhine #howtowine #winetutorial #whinetutorial #slowwine #slowwhine #fypシ #islandgyal🌴🌺👑 #jamaicatok #caribbeantiktok #jamaicatok

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TikTok video from King Adri (@theking_adri): "Use this sound and tag #bussitdown #bussitchallenge🔥 #bussit #fy #fyp #kingadri". Show us how she whines on you 😈🤩. Buss It Down.


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You guys need to learn this one for carnival/the summer parties coming up! 😩 #whinetutorial #winetutorial #howtowhine #howtowine #fypシ #caribbeantiktok #islandgyal🌴🌺👑 #yaadie🇯🇲🇯🇲 #jamaicatok #carnival2022 #islandgyal

54.6K Likes, 127 Comments. TikTok video from BRITT (@brit.ta.neee): "You guys need to learn this one for carnival/the summer parties coming up! 😩 #whinetutorial #winetutorial #howtowhine #howtowine #fypシ #caribbeantiktok #islandgyal🌴🌺👑 #yaadie🇯🇲🇯🇲 #jamaicatok #carnival2022 #islandgyal". How to Snake wine tutorial 🐍 | 1. Practice this front to back motion. It resembles the motion of a wave 🌊 | 2. Pretend like you’re drawing a circle with your shoulder, and rock to the side every time your shoulder reaches your neck. | .... Mamacita.


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The balance that this took 😂 Comment and share if you want a slow wine tutorial! 😊 #howtowine #slowwhine #slowwine #slowwhinechallenge #slowwinechallenge #fypシ #jamaicatiktok #islandgyal🌴🌺👑 #caribbeantiktok #islandgirl🌺 #howtowhine #jamaicatok

17.7K Likes, 170 Comments. TikTok video from BRITT (@brit.ta.neee): "The balance that this took 😂 Comment and share if you want a slow wine tutorial! 😊 #howtowine #slowwhine #slowwine #slowwhinechallenge #slowwinechallenge #fypシ #jamaicatiktok #islandgyal🌴🌺👑 #caribbeantiktok #islandgirl🌺 #howtowhine #jamaicatok". Wait for the “slow dooown” part 😏. Bun Fi Bun Slow Edition X Jazzy Vybz.


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"Na Adult Be This?" Soldier Shocked as Bold Little Boy Whines Waist for Him in Video

  • A video making rounds online shows the amazing moment a little boy showed a soldier his dancing skills
  • In the video making rounds online, the little boy danced and whined his waists like a professional
  • Social media users have shared their thoughts about the video with several people hailing the little boy

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A talented little boy has stunned many netizens with his hilarious but impeccable dance moves.

In a viral video spotted on Instagram, the brave lad stood in the presence of a soldier and twisted his waist for him.

Little boy whines for soldier Photo Credit: @mufasatundeednut
Source: Instagram

After sighting the little boy, the soldier folded his arms in awe as he stared at the dancer exhibiting his whining skills.

The little dancer was not shy or afraid of anyone as he continued dancing while the soldier watched.

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Netizens gush over little dancer

The amazing video has endeared many people as they expressed love for the little boy.

Agentteepee said:

"Small Yansh dey shake ooo."

Libertyglowskincare wrote:

"Wetin I just watch."

Gufty said:

"Let me see you wolololo let me see you wolololo BUGA ooo de learn work for this nyash rotation dance."

Endylight1 wrote:

"He nailed it, what a great move. TikTok you do this one."

Trendingarich said:

"My sticker always."

Mayorjnr_ reacted:

"Wetin be this haha. "

Captnocap stated:

"The face when you show to your girl friend whom arch game is wack. Emotional damage!"

Horpeyearhme added:

When you just dey your own,you no go know when you go open mouth waa."

Watch the video below:

Little boy impresses people with dance moves

Meanwhile, previously reported that a little boy has caused quite a stir on social media with his style of dancing. Many who have seen his funny dance are trying desperately to determine just how old he is.

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The boy moved his body like an adult, dancing with much understanding. He moved as if he knows exactly what to do with each lyric of the song. One other thing that surprised many is that the boy sang along with the singer as he dished the lyrics like he wrote the song.

Many started to wonder how he learned the lyrics of the song. The video was shared on Instagram by @lindikejiblog. The video of the boy's dance has sparked mixed reactions on Instagram where it was shared.


How dancing helps boys grow into real men

Choosing the type of extracurricular activities together with their child, parents of girls often lean towards dance classes and choreographic clubs. After all, the ability to move to music brings up flexibility, grace, refinement, and these qualities are traditionally considered very important for future women. There are much fewer boys in such circles, unfortunately. But dancing is good for all children. What important qualities do they bring up in future men? Samira Filatova, a teacher-psychologist of the Academic Gymnasium of St. Petersburg State University, a sports psychologist, discusses this topic.

Samira Filatova, sports psychologist, teacher-psychologist of the Academic Gymnasium of St. Petersburg State University

Dances and choreography

In the lesson schedule of some Russian general education schools, you can find such a subject as choreography. There are circles with the same name. What do they teach there? Strictly speaking, choreography is not some kind of dance, but the basis of any dance direction. This is a broad concept, which includes, first of all, elements, movements characteristic of certain types of dance, as well as a scheme, drawing, staging. Very often this word is used as a synonym for classical dance. It is during choreography lessons that children get an idea of ​​the basics of ballet.

Why there are more girls in dance schools

When parents choose a sports section together with their child (and dance is not only an art, but also a sport), they are guided by a number of factors: the child's abilities; qualities that I would like to develop; technical ability to engage in any sport.

Dancing has many benefits. They not only improve posture, increase endurance, flexibility and other qualities that are important for many sports, but also develop a sense of rhythm, the ability to hear music and, importantly, coordinate body movements in accordance with the music. For creative children, choreography lessons, where artistry is important, are an opportunity for self-expression. Little dancers learn how to present themselves, and this skill is valuable for future professional activity, whatever it may be.

In girls of preschool and primary school age, the level of development of flexibility and object dexterity is higher than that of their male peers. And musical and rhythmic movements are also easier for them. This is most likely why there are fewer boys than girls in dance studios.

In addition, the stereotype that dancing is not a serious, not masculine occupation, that they do not develop those qualities that are important for the stronger sex, will not be eliminated. This is an erroneous opinion. Dance lessons can give boys a lot, in addition to physical activity, which is so necessary for a growing body.

What dancing gives boys

Dance classes are also moral development . After all, a partner in pair dances is a girl, and in order to work well with her, a boy needs to develop the skills of interacting with the opposite sex, learn to be restrained, behave politely and correctly. The boys I know who are engaged in a dance ensemble, I can characterize as real gentlemen. Moreover, they maintain a reverent and respectful attitude towards girls outside the classroom.

Not in vain in Tsarist Russia, future officers were taught not only to handle weapons, but also to dance. In those days, it was a mandatory skill for an educated and comprehensively developed young man. And now this tradition is being revived in many military educational institutions.

Dancing also involves aesthetic education is an important element of harmonious development. Such lessons are regular listening to high-quality music, the opportunity to wear beautiful clothes (now there is even a training uniform that is both comfortable and looks spectacular). Often classes are held in spacious halls and halls with a large number of mirrors. This creates a solemn atmosphere, and also, whatever the direction of the dances, a feeling of flight. Some dancers are especially lucky: they practice in the luxurious interiors of historic buildings.

Many parents perceive dance studios as a place where their child will open up, get rid of muscle tension, become more self-confident. This is possible, among other things, thanks to good posture and a beautiful gait, which are developed through regular exercise. It is the boy who leads in pair dances, he learns to take a dominant position, and after some time after the start of classes, even the most shy guys feel more confident.

A person with healthy self-esteem most often treats others with respect. I will tell the story of one schoolboy who was shy and at the same time conflicted. His parents sent him to the modern dance section. And somehow, at a New Year's party in the class, he danced a composition that he had learned in class. This moment became a turning point in his relationship with classmates. Some of them showed interest in his hobby, began to pay attention to a classmate. And this, in turn, strengthened his self-confidence, and he became much less likely to conflict with his peers. In addition, among other members of the dance ensemble, the boy found true friends.

It is traditionally believed that boys have more excess energy, which is important to find a peaceful use. Dance lessons can be a way to spend it usefully .

Of course, all these pluses, for all their obviousness, will not manifest themselves. The individual typological characteristics of the child, the general atmosphere in the dance class, the personality and qualifications of the teacher are very important.

At what age should classes start? This age is considered ideal for kids who are tipped to have a dancing or sports career. This does not mean at all that it is too late for six-year-olds to start. It's just that psychomotor development is not the same in different age groups. So, for example, at the age of 5-6, boys have a high level of speed-strength abilities, general endurance. At a slightly older age, at 6-8 years old, speed and accuracy, coordination of movements increase, orientation in space, balance and a sense of rhythm develop. If we compare two five-year-old boys with approximately the same inclinations, one of whom has just started classes, and the other has been dancing since the age of three, then the difference will be significant. The second child will be at least more flexible and flexible. But another 2-3 years will pass, and the first boy can show even better results if he practices intensively.

According to the guys themselves, for whom dancing has not become a professional activity, the optimal age to start classes is 7-8 years old.

Who can and should practice

In order to benefit from dancing, it is not at all necessary to have any specific abilities. Everyone can do it! Any person can develop a sense of rhythm, good coordination of movements, flexibility and other qualities. If the child is not in good health and is even exempt from physical education, dancing will help him become stronger and more resilient, providing an optimal level of load. Of course, we are talking about the initial stage of training and the usual dance circle: professional dancers train very seriously, like any other athletes.

Dancing is movement, an opportunity for creative self-expression, discipline and responsibility. And also a worthy and useful activity for little men. If your son is interested in sports, but he has not yet chosen a section, take a closer look at dance schools.

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5 types of children's whining and how to deal with it

Children whine. It is a fact. All children. And no one warns future parents about this. No one is saying that ever-smiling children are just a figment of the imagination of advertising agents, but in fact, children continue to whine, even when they grow up and begin to go to school and cook their own pasta. Inna Pribora, mother of two children, found out where to get mental strength and how to make it quieter.

Few things in the world sound as unpleasant as a child's whining. Only the creak of nails on glass and a neighbor with a drill in the night can compete with him, and even that is not a fact. Studies by American scientists prove that the sound of a running electric saw cannot be compared with the drawling: "Well, maaaaam ...". In the experiments, the subjects had to solve problems, trying not to pay attention to extraneous noise. The result turned out to be predictable: most of all, we are distracted by children's whining, it's just that nothing can be done ... Well, as much as possible! Stop it, it's impossible to work!

Psychologists who do not follow the development of scientific thought, in the old fashioned way, continue to advise such methods as time-outs, ignoring and other fanaticism. Other, more progressive researchers believe that a child locked in his room is not cured of whining, but, on the contrary, “hones” new furious intonations there. And in general, why treat a symptom if you need to deal with the cause, and whining has a reason, although not always obvious, but there is one.

1. Whining for physical reasons

Let's say you took a child on a hike, but already at the 17th kilometer he started to whimper and refused to carry the tent. What to do, children are not always distinguished by endurance. This happens not only in rough terrain: we walk around the store, choose the right kind of pasta, and the shelves seem endless and dreary to the younger, like the director’s speech at the school line. And this is where it starts!

Parents do not always have the opportunity to track when the child is tired, rubbed his leg, hungry or thirsty. And the worst thing is that the children themselves do not always realize what is happening: it's just bad and that's it. An elementary circumstance eludes them: the classes required a lot of attention, breakfast was long ago, and now the level of glucose in the blood has simply dropped. Experienced mothers in such a case carry three bananas, two apples, a pack of cookies, wet wipes, a first aid kit and spare mittens in their mini-bag. But it is more interesting, of course, to teach a child to understand the signals of his body and look for the source of discomfort. Let little Nadya know that her mood instantly deteriorates if she hasn’t drunk water for a long time, Semyon — that long sitting in one place brings sadness and melancholy to him, and Vitya suddenly realizes that his shirt is tight in his armpits.

What to do. While the son is moaning: “We are all going to die!” and does not know how to help himself, you will have to sort through different options. There is hope that the muesli bar will interrupt the apocalyptic tunes.

2. Whining, behind which the real problem

It seems that everything is in order, everyone is fed and washed, but we continue to hear complaints about the fate of the villain. Or there are no complaints, it’s just that the child speaks with such intonations that you can take out your soul with them at home and collect money in trains.

Nature, of course, provided children with such a powerful means of influence as whining for a reason.

Most often, adults really do not see point blank some important little thing that catches a girl and forces her to use ultrasound in speech

It can be childish jealousy, fear of separation, anxiety associated with a three-headed snake living under the bed. And again, the younger one may not fully understand the source of his own anxiety, then whining is a way to ease internal tension. The American teacher E. Le Champ in the book “When Your Child Drives You Crazy” describes such a case: a man by the pool holds a little girl on his knees, and an older boy whines endlessly next to him: now he wants to swim again, then he wants a new ball, he wants something unknown, but urgently. At this time, his gaze is riveted to his father's knee, and it becomes clear that the matter is not at all in the ball and bathing, but in jealousy for his sister.

What to do. The child does not calm down, although it seems to you that everything is fine: your grandmother completed a course of chemotherapy, your brother is about to return from a hot spot, and, in general, will there be documents about your divorce in a week? Uh, you seem to be extremely unobservant. Any of the family problems (yes, even those that you whisper about in the kitchen in the evenings) gives children a feeling of insecurity and sometimes even guilt. Talk to the child, calm him down, give answers to his tormenting questions, even if it's about "is it possible to die when a fly bites your forehead." By the way, the advice of the articles can be useful here: "How to talk with children about death / politics / divorce / war / the birth of a new child / emigration to South Africa."

3. Whining for attention

Most often, children who do not let them watch the series in peace suffer from a lack of attention. The fact that they are in the same apartment with us, and on Sundays we go to the park together, is clearly not enough for them. From the position of a person 130 cm tall, it is much better when they shout at you and advise you to shut up than when they do not notice you at all. This position is mostly unconscious, but the way it works. "What do you need?" - whining children are asked more often than those who calmly play solitaire for themselves in the corner.

What to do. For adults who do not understand how to behave in such a situation, the concept of "quality time" is suitable. It will be necessary to put aside gadgets, work and all attempts to cut potatoes, sit opposite the child and find out how he is doing, chat about aliens, play a board game, hug, wrestle, take a walk together. The option of putting a person on a swing and swinging it for an hour and a half, looking at the smartphone feed, will not work. “Quality time” means eye-to-eye contact and face-to-face communication. If in the next hour you cannot make time for the child, talk to him: “I would really like to play with you, but just now the client to whom I am trying to sell a batch of refrigerators is shouting all sorts of offensive things into the phone. If you wait a bit, we'll have a pillow fight tonight."

Or just sit him close to you, hug him and try to do your business in such an uncomfortable position.

4. Whining as a way of family communication

Mom complains to her friend, dad complains to mom, grandmother writes slanderous letters to the house manager, and the brother received the prize "Best Sneak 2" G. How to deal with "genes" here?

In fact, there are people who themselves rejoice twice a year, on vacation, and at the same time they expect constant joy and cheerful mood from their children, as if they were leading morning exercises.

What to do. Look at the children's environment. It is usually clear where the child gets new words from in the lexicon, who he copies when he hits the table with a spoon or asks everyone to go to a rally against the Russian Orthodox Church. Try to set your own example of contentment with life: “What a beautiful spring day! Let's go for a run!" And even if you find out that your car was stolen today, try not to get upset - what a sunny day . ..

5. Whining because of our inadequate expectations

We do our best for the children: we make money at the language camp, we take them to rhythmic gymnastics, we hired three repeaters and in the evenings we talk about high things. What he lacks, he whines again like a little one.

The secret of regression is that our "hope of Russia" is just a small one, and is afraid of not justifying our plans to conquer the world. The child may worry that he is not reading fast enough, jumping high enough, and forgetting to pack his bag for tomorrow.

What to do. Letting you be small. Help sometimes with packing a backpack. To say that we appreciate and love him in any case, even if he blunders in gymnastics competitions and takes last place in the "Hands from Shoulders" contest. Never say that the child is bad because he whines. The child is the most beautiful, just whining attacked him. And if his parents are at the same time with him, then he will be able to overcome this uncomfortable habit.

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